Dark of the Sun (1968) - full transcript

A band of mercenaries led by Captain Curry travel through war-torn Congo across deadly terrain, battling rival armies, to steal $50 million in uncut diamonds. But infighting, sadistic rebels and a time lock jeopardize everything.

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Your family?

No, Simbas.

All killed by Simbas.

Pass on, monsieur. Next.

Attention, attention.

Stay where you are.

Keep away
from the gateway and fences.

You will be informed
of transport later.

Stay where you are.

Do not, repeat,

do not rush the gate.

Stay where you are.

Keep away
from the gateway and fences.

Captain Hansen, United Nations
Peacekeeping force.

I'll take that gun
of yours.

Captain Curry. Congo Special
Force. No, you won't.

I'm sorry.
This is Sergeant Ruffo.

No mercenaries go through here
with weapons. I have my orders.

These are my orders.

If you check 'em, you see they're
countersigned by President Ubi himself.

Captain, you wouldn't want any shooting in
a place like this, crowded with civilians,

now would you?

When did foreign killers like you
start worrying about civilians?

You're a long way from home
yourself, Captain.

Now read the orders
and step aside nice and quiet.

Thank you.

One of these days, remind me
to load this thing, will you?

There's Ubi.
Good-looking guy, isn't he?

I wonder what the hell
he wants me for.

Well, we'll soon find out.

Posh, isn't it?

Very posh, sir.

I've admired this place
since I was a boy.

- How are you, Sagan?!
- Fine, sir.

You can wait for the captain
over there.

Yes, sir.

May I present Monsieur Delage
of the Belgian Mining Company?

Captain Curry of
our auxiliary forces.

Sit down, Captain.

Thank you, sir.

Sit down, Captain. We need a
well-rested man for this mission.

What exactly is
this mission, sir?

Monsieur Delage and I want
you to put a train together

and to go up north
to Port Reprieve,

and of course, come back.

It's a 300-mile journey
through rebel territory.

It also means busting
through UN Lines.

Port Reprieve.
What's up there?

People, Captain. Men, women and
children cut off for a month.

The idea is for you
to put together a force

that is strong enough to get
them and bring them back here.

Yeah, I understand that.
But why Port Reprieve?

There's lots of towns cut
off by the Simbas.

Is your mining setup
up than?

Yes, yes.

What are you mining?

No, no, diamonds,
but the big thing is people.

How much in diamonds?

In American money,
$50 million.

The diamonds are in the custody
of our manager up there.

Superintendent Bussier.

He had time to send them out
when things got impossible.

He used bad judgment.

Maybe he figured if
he sent the diamonds out,

you'd take your time
getting him and his people out.

My dear captain,
your trade as a mercenary

- makes you In your own way a
businessman like myself. - right.

Monsieur Ubi's government
needs help.

My company can give him help If
you bring back those diamonds.

His company will
allow me all I need,

for guns, planes,
medical supplies,

once they have the diamonds. but
I'm running out of time, Captain.

They've started
to pull the plug on me.

Those bankers
in Switzerland, Brussels,


Three days

to keep the Congo alive.

I must have those stones
here in exactly three days.

And one more thing,
the company has a man

halfway up to Port Reprieve,
a man and a woman.

His name is Caderet.

If you could just pick them
up, it's very important.

Wait a minute.
All this in three days?

Get them back in that time
with the people of course.

The people, of course.

And you'll get 125,000 francs.

In case your
arithmetic is slow,

that comes to 25,000
of your American dollars.

$50,000. That's double
in case yours isn't so hot.

A deal, Captain,
provided you make the deadline.

All right, sir,
now here are my provisions.

I do not wanna get shot at by United
Nations air and ground forces.

General Moses and the worst of the
Simbas are up around that area.

I'll have enough trouble
getting through there.

So if you can give me a letter
telling the United Nations

to let this train go unmolested
to Port Reprieve and back.

That's number one.

Number two, I want a letter giving
me command of Striker Blue Force

and an open order to choose
my own officers and men.

The essence of speed,
no fat on the train, OK?

Two flatcars, one coach,
one caboose, that should do it.

Hey, Curry!

You remember me. Jansen.
Life magazine.

Oh, yeah, how are you?

- Cochrane, Adams, international news.
- HI.

Captain Bruce Curry.

I've always wanted to meet
a real live mercenary.

- Have a beer or something. - No, thanks.
I'm having one with the sergeant.

He's a big ape, isn't he?

He said you're a big ape.

I guess if you think about it,
he's right, huh?

I better get started.
Gentlemen, excuse me.

Excuse us.

Why didn't you warn me
he speaks English?

He speaks four languages. He went
to USC as an exchange student.

For the people back home,

is it true you mercenaries
will do anything for money?

How much do you make
a month for killing people?

Lay off him, Ed.

I don't like mercenaries.

I'll tell you
what I don't like.

I don't like fat hacks who
sit on their butts in bars

waiting for trouble to start so they can
get it wrong when they write about it.

Just keep your mouth off me, 'cause
you're not in good enough shape.

He's mean, isn't he?

- Hey, way ahead of me.
- It's coming along pretty good.

That's good. .50 caliber machine guns.
five of them.

Two here, two here,
one on the caboose.

I'd say we need 40 troops,
20 in each flatcar,

guard post should be front,
rear, middle and both sides.

Good, good, sandbags
around the edge.


Ninety seconds
to talk about something else.



A hell of a lot of money.

Ubi's gonna give me $50,000 if we
come back with the diamonds on time.

Look, I know what you're gonna
say, and you keep the money.

Now if we do get
back here on time,

it'll be you just as much
as me that did it.

So you deserve part
of the dough.

Look, we don't talk about
these things too often, Curry,

and this is no time
to start.

You have your reasons for
being here and what the hell,

money's a big one. With me, it's simple.
This happens to be my country.

Happens to be your country,

You don't change, do you?

OK, next case.


You need him.

He's a dangerous son of a...

Ho's the best
available officer hero.

All right, I'll
go along with that.

I just he doesn't find out we're going
after $50 million worth of diamonds.


Hey, Curry,

it's awfully generous of you
to offer me one half of $50,000.

Half? Who said anything
about giving you half?


Hey, what's that for?

We mod a doctor.
Got it?

Got it.

- Hello, Curry.
- Captain.

Welcome to Striker Blue Force.
You know Lieutenant Surrier.

Hello, Lieutenant. We're leaving on a
mission starting at dawn tomorrow.

It's through country
so we'll need your help.

Check with Sergeant Ruffo here.
He'll fill you in.

- Yes, sir.
- Good.

Let's get something
straight right away.

When you are in my company, you
ask me when you want something.

Yeah, well, you're in my
company, Captain Henlein.

I'm in command.

I want 40 of your best men
from Striker Blue company,

I need 'em equipped for a
foray up country. Three days.

So they think you are a
better man than I am.

What do you expect
from a black army?

Do you know any other
reason, Curry?

Could be what's
on your chest.

Your picture was in every newspaper in
Europe last week wearing that swastika.

Didn't create
a very good impression.

I may go.
I may stay.

I will have to decide.

You just lot mo know. If you
do go, got rid of that.

It makes me nervous.

I forgot who I'm supposed
to be mad at.

I don't forget.

Where's this mission going?

I'll let you know
when the times comes.

That's if you're still
with us, of course.

Have a little belt, doc.
It's cocktail hour.


All right, Curry, let's have it.
What do you want?

Doc, I'm leaving on
a mission tomorrow.

I come in here to share a drink with you
and you behave like a district attorney.

What sort of mission?

The usual. Maybe a little
action, bring some people back.

Triumph of the distiller's art.

This mission, how long
are you going to be away?

- Three days.
- Important?


And usually hazardous.


I know what you're thinking.
You need a doctor with you

just In case tom-body has
to be sewn up

so that you can
get back safely.

That's a hell of an idea, doc.

Yeah, that's exactly
what I was thinking.

I'm beginning
to enjoy this visit.

You expect mo to go on a mission for
one lousy bottle of good scotch?

No, no, 12 bottles.

My God, Curry,
you've got a nerve.

Coming in here with all that
dreadful acting, trying

to bribe mo with a can
of scotch.

Case of scotch and three days
at $100 a day.

Can buy a lot of cans.

You're an evil bastard.

- You know the funniest thing?
- No.

We're supposed to leave
at dawn tomorrow.

- You wanna coma?
- I'll b. then.

Railroad yard 6:00.

Curry, what about the bottle?

I'll send someone for you.

- Come on.
- Piss off.

Captain, the doctor.

All present, Captain.

Ready for inspection.
Good men. The best.

I will be going, monsieur.

Wouldn't miss it for anything.


- It's all over town, Capt-In.
- What arc you talking about?

That we're going to pick up
$50 million worth of diamonds.

And I need him, right?


That's right, Colonel. Discipline
is the secret of military success.

He's going to attack.

I'm positive.
Man your weapons.

This is Charlie Red One.

Bandit train, sugar five.

I say again, bandit train.
Sugar five.

Shall I fire? Over.

Hello, Charlie Red One.
This is Bandit Train.

We have a pass from UN Headquarters,
a pass from UN Headquarters.

We are on a mission of mercy.
Acknowledge. Acknowledge.

Don't fire till
he's close enough.

I read you.
I'm attacking, over and out.

Stupid bastard!

I'll take the gun.

He's coming in again!

Ready, men.

Surrier! Surrier!

You son of a bitch!

Hey, Ruffo!

There's a tunnel coming up.

More sand! More sand!

How's the engine?
Is the engine OK?

Engine OK, sir.

How many dead?
Did you count 'em?

One. And this one's
in pretty bad shape.

Three in the flatcar. That's four.
What about the aircraft?

It's disappearing with
smoke coming from the tail.

We gotta keep moving. Ruffo,
tell the engineer to roll it.

Start the train.

This one's gone.

I could do with a drink.
Where's my whiskey?

The army of General Moses
advanced toward Port Reprieve,

leaving new terror
and bloodshed in his wake.

Moses and the Simbas are now
estimated to be less than 50 miles

from Port Reprieve.

Hey, where's my whiskey?

How's the soldier
you were treating up there?

He's dead. He just died.
And I need a drink badly.

Come on, where've you
hidden my whiskey?

I didn't hide it.

- Where's it then?
- I threw it over the side.

You what?

I threw it over the side.


There just isn't
a word for you.

You made a bargain with me.

For God's sake, Curry,
you know me.

Three or four days without
a drink, I won't make it.

Three days is not
the end of the world.

I'll buy you two cases
when we get back.

Oh, no, please, no.

You bastard!

Now wait a minute.

You think you have the right to spend
every day three parts full of booze?

That's none of your business.

You made a deal
with me and you welshed on it.

You really are a mercenary,
aren't you?

So help me, Curry,

I don't know how or when or where,
but I'm gonna make you pay for this.

I'm bloody well
gonna make you pay.

Put some sandbags here.

About what happened,
I'm sorry, Captain.

I lost control
of myself.

How long you been here,

I was born here. This is all I know.
I love this country.

That's not what I'm talking about.
How long you been fighting here?

This is my third mission, sir.

All right, on this mission,
don't ever choke up on me again.

If there's killing in the works,
I want some killing done.

No free rides.

It won't happen again, sir.

- Kataki, the bodies.
- Mon capitaine.

Every half mile,
throw one out. Space them.

Oui, mon capitaine.

We can't afford the time to
stop and bury them, can we?

What I can't afford, Lieutenant, is
to lose them in the first place.

Get going!

That is Caderet's house, right?

Certainly, sir.


Where's Caderet?

He's dead.

Get 'em moving, Ruffo.

Fire it up!

Were they Simbas?

Did you hear a dog bark?

Simbas. Do you know
if they were Simbas?

No, I don't know.

How many were there?
Do you know how many?

I don't know.
I don't know.

Curry, for God's sake,
please, come on.

Did I tell you
about Caderet?

We left him back there.
We have to get him.

Last night Caderet sent me down
to the hiding place

below the house.

And they came and they killed
him right in front of the house.

And then I heard them upstairs.

They were burning things

and looking for a woman. Me.


- Who's the smallest guy on board?
- I'd say Surrior.

Get some clothes from him on her, will you?
Pants, shirt and stuff.

Fine, Captain.

Where were you?

Where were you?
We waited for you.

We waited for you
and you didn't come.

Where were you?
Where were you?

You'll handle it.

All right, give her to me.
All right, all right.

Now. come on, now study now.

That's better.

Lot's put your foot up.

Try and relax.

I've got the shakes.

Welcome aboard.

- Guard.
- Hello.

How far to 'Msapa junction?

Almost three miles.

Let's take a look.

- Watch outside.
- OK, men, spread out.

Yeah, it's working. Don't lot
any of the boys touch that.

The line works all the way
to the border.

We don't want to let
anybody know we're coming.

- What?
- He says not to eat him.

Nobody's gonna eat you,
little baby.

I found them hiding.

They tried to get away
in the grass.

Ask them where
they're from, Ruffo.

She says they're
from down the road.

What about soldiers
the last few days?

Ask your lunch guests
about soldiers.

She says there are no soldiers.

Give them some more food and take
them back where you found them.

We're moving out as soon as
the engineer fills his tank.

Everything's ready
to go, Curry.

Get 'em aboard
and let's get out of here.

I got that funny
naked feeling.

What did you think?

I'd let them go back and tell
whoever sent them all about us?

You saw what
the Simbas did

at Caderet's place.

And what they did to him

just a few miles from here.

Just a few miles!

Why are you staring at me?

You have been deaf or asleep?

You never heard how
they use children to spy?

He's wasting time.

Let's get back on the job.

Put the swastika back on.


Put the swastika back on.

You've earned it.

What are you doing,
playing Mother Machree?

You have to eat. Hope you like
it highly seasoned, though.

We hit a bump back there
when I put the salt in.

I'm not hungry.

Come on, eat something.

You didn't pull that trigger.

Wise guy. You know
everything, don't you?

I know you.

How come you don't hate whites?

Because I'm good.

I'm always good.

Mostly because my mama,
she hit me over the head.

Till I was so tall,
she couldn't reach anymore.

My mama, she was tattooed.

Big tribal tattoos.

Dour. That's magic.

Lots of dour In my mama.
My papa, too.

His teeth were filed
when he was 12 years old.

When he laughs now, he puts his
hand over his mouth like this

because he's ashamed.

But when the time came, he
wouldn't let them file my teeth.

Still not getting
to the point, are you?

I come from a tribe that used to
believe, and a lot still believe,

that if you eat the heart
and brain of your enemy,

his strength and wisdom
will be added to your own.

Primitive savage tribal
beliefs, based on ignorance.

Black dour.

No different than Henlein's
primitive savage tribal beliefs.

His teeth were filed
by his mom and pop.

White dour.

Except Henlein
isn't ashamed when he laughs.

But you are.

What do you say we
settle for that?

Sometimes I get the feeling
you're the boss around here.

Now why is that?

Because I know what
I'm doing here.

To you, this is just a big hunk
of real estate called the Congo.

To me, this is our Bunker Hill.

Our storming
of the Winter Palace.

I thought you knew.

No, I didn't know.

Not like that,
not clear like that.

You're kind of dangerous,
aren't you?

I came down out
of the trees by invitation.

And I'll kill anybody who tries
to send me back up again.

Russian, Chinese,
English, Belgian,

all of the United States.
You take your pick.

Maybe you and I
will have to fight one day.

Ever think about that?

I hop. not.
I wouldn't like that.

I'd do it,

but I wouldn't like it.

I'd have to think twice about how
much I hated living in a tree.

Hell, probably go up
with you if it came to that.

All right.

Since you'll do that,
let's eat your soup.

There's too much salt in it.

Hey, Kataki, come on, we don't
wanna be here all night.

Oui, mon capitaine.

Would you like some?

No, thanks.
It's not my brand.

But you could get used
to it.

I have that feeling
about you.

You're a nice girl, Claire.

Look, do you mind?
I'm really very tired.

You heard her.
She's tired. Let's go.

What did you say?

The young lady says
she's tired. Let's go.

You are stepping
over the line.

There's no line, not on this
train or on our schedule.

If you wanna get romantic, wait'll
the job's over and you're paid off.

Let's go.

Don't cross swords with ma,

Let's go.

You're seeing me home?

Yeah, you might say that.

I have a certain
frustration, Curry.

- Yeah.
- Not the woman, no.

The thought
of fighting you,

hitting you, hurting you.

When I was a schoolboy and we
were reviving dueling societies,

we had a system.

We would go someplace,
have a good fight,

but only so far.

We knew we couldn't show

whether we liked
the other boy or not.

We had a common interest.

Well, it was at least
better than nothing.

Yeah, well, I wouldn't know.
I never played that game.

It's just a game.

I'll blow your head off!

Stop it!

Engineer, you ready to roll?

- Don't do it!
- Just about.

- I wanna fix something.
- right, sir.

Curry. Curry!

Get off of me.
Get off of me.

Come on, Curry.
We need him.

Take it easy, will you?
We need him, Curry.

We need him.

We got to use him.

I am Martin Bussier,
the superintendent here.

Captain Curry,
how do you do?

- My wife.
- Bonjour, Captain.

How do you do? The young lady
here would like some clothes.

I wonder could your
wife help her out.

Your people are glad
to see us.

You are sent from heaven,
you and your men.

Not quite from heaven. How
many people do you have?

62. There are another
12 within a few miles.

We sent for them this morning as
soon as we heard a train was coming.

You heard we were
coming, how?

On the radio.

The news this morning
from Brazzaville.

That was when I made
certain arrangements.

Moses gets his news
from Brazzaville.

Moses has been reported 300
kilometers north of here.

He'll be a lot closer
than that by now.

I want your people ready and
I want them to travel light.

Just personal belongings. There'll be
100 people on the train altogether.

Ruffo, you wanna get
the train turned around?

We leave as soon
as we get the people set.


Now how long
will that take?

For the people,
no time at all.

But for the other things

you have come to got,
three hours.

That's what I've been
trying to tell you.

Tell me what?

Well, the diamonds

are kept In the vault,
of course.

And I estimated the time it
would take you to get here...

...then I set the timer...

Wait a minute.
Back up a little.

What are you trying to say?

I had to estimate
when you would arrive.

I was three hours off.

It won't open till 6:00.

You mean dynamite, grenades,
nothing will open it?

No, not fill
the time lock opens.

Dynamite could jam the lock
and you would never open it.

Where is this vault?

I gotta see this.

It's this way.

Doctor, I almost feel sorry
that you lost your whiskey.


Why we don't try
the hotel bar?

What's this,
diamonds for whiskey?

I'm a fast dresser, Curry.

I'm glad you hurried. It seems
we only have three hours.

There's absolutely no way
to reset that?


Diamond companies, monsieur.

Normally we keep here the
diamonds from all the mines

in the northern part
of the country.

I am very worried
about the people at the mission.

- The mission?
- In the hills.

Father Dominic and some nuns.

I sent for them yesterday,
but they would not come.

- Why not?
- I don't know.

But perhaps Captain Curry
could explain the seriousness.

He could be more persuasive.

It's only a few kilometers. He
could drive there quite easily.

You could take
my land cruiser.

Yeah, well, there's nothing
else to do, is there?

Care to come along
and translate?

You turn to the left and
follow the mountain road.

Liston, will you tell Ruffo I'll
be 90:10 for about a half an hour.

Get the people on the train,
OK? See you.

I want those diamonds.

And if you join me,
we can have them.

And you could got even
with Curry.

No. Sorry, Henlein.
Wrong army. Not for me.

Think about it.
You don't have to love me.

No, I hate you.

But it could change your life.

Come on,
have another one.

Just simply tell
them they can't stay.

Wait a minute.
Excuse me.

Tell him that the Simbas
are on their way here

are the ones who murdered 12 Italian
airmen only a couple of months ago.

They cut the bodies into bits and sold
the flesh in the meat markets. Tell him.

What's he saying?

He says the body doesn't matter.
Faith does not die.

OK, let's go.

Ask them if they need
anything before we leave.

What did he say
about a doctor?

He says there's a woman in there who's
been in childbirth for three days.

- If she doesn't have a doctor, she'll die.
- Well, what did you tell him?

I said we have a doctor.

No, you don't understand.
We call him a doctor.

But he's not a doctor.

Curry, it doesn't matter.
He can help.

Wreid is fine sewing up soldiers
when they're hurt.

But childbirth, he probably
hasn't seen one in 20 years.

She'll die if she
doesn't have a doctor.

Give her a chance.

- OK, I'll go get him.
- Merci, Merci.

Now turn me.

Now turn me.

Open eyes!

I hit a bull's-eye!

That is good.
That is very good.

This way, you fool.

I'll bet you
couldn't do that.

- Wreid, huh?
- Yeah, it's better that I sent you.

I keep underestimating you,

Aw, come on, Curry. We're
only having a little fun

before the long night cometh.

Come on, I got
a patient for you.

Where? Bring him in.
Put him on the billiard table.

- I'm taking you to her.
- Her? Is she attractive?

She's in childbirth.

Childbirth? No. No.

Come on. Come on.

It's a breach.

It's a what?

A breach.

Nothing will come
through that pelvis.

She'll need a section.

Go ahead and do it.

Please, Curry, please.

No more jokes, please.

Look at my hands.

I need a drink.

One drink
and I'll see what I can do.

Do without the drink. Give
her some kind of a chance.

My God, Curry, you really
are a bloody limit.

You don't care
about this woman.

You're just trying to show
off in front of that one.

Why don't you just shut up and
try and do something for her?

Shut up, both of you.

Doctor, whatever you are.

Drunk man, foolish man.

Whatever you were,
do something.

Do something, try.

All right, but you get out.

You're not in command here.


- Do you want mo to help you?
- No.

No, please, no.

All right, sister.

Please, here.

Curry, the doctor
threw me out, too.

He just doesn't like
the company you keep.

Three bloody hours.

What the hell am I doing
on top of a mountain?

I haven't finished yet.

Just as well.

We can't hang around.

I know you can't.

I told myself you couldn't.

Now I go.
Now's the time.

I still thought
I could make it.

I rushed it a bit.
Made a mistake, a small one.

Took time.
”No hours I allowed myself.


Two hours.

Please, no more talk.

Tho least I can do
Is toll you,

you haven't got a chance
to stay alive.

Save yourself some
money, won't you?

You won't have to pay me back
for that case of scotch.

I'll give you two days.

Two days at the most.

It's not worth
dying for, Wreid.

Two good days

after all these years.

That's quite a lot, Curry.

I wish you the same

I'm going to stay.

Goodbye, Doc.
Good luck.

Goodbye, Curry.

Dr. Wreid.



Come on, children,
quickly. This way.

Daddy, where's Daddy?

Come on, darling,
you must hurry. Come on!

You brought no one back
from the mission?

Nope, not a one.

Ruffo! Simbas are coming.

Bring the machine gun.
Come on, quick!

Three minutes.

That was gunfire.

That's right.
Moses, he's here.

- Tho Simbas an hero?
- Mmmmm.

My wife's on that train,
Curry. I can't stay here now.

You said yourself
three minutes.

You're gonna wait here,
Bussier. I need you.

We're gonna wait here.

- Quick! Come on. You two.
- Come on, hurry it up.

Keep them back!

Start the train!

That's it!

Come on!

Here they come.
Let's go!

Start the train.

Keep firing!

Keep low and run like hell!

Run! Bussier! Bussier!
For God's sake.

Ruffo, help out!

Bussier, get the box in my caboose.
In my caboose!

- Martin!
- Honey!

500 yards, Curry,
and they'll be out of range.

Oh, my God.

The engine's finished. We gotta
stop the train. Come on!

Track two! Come on!

Grab a hold of me.

Como on, let's move.
Let's go!

Get those troops out of there,
Kataki, move! Get those people out.

Got 'em out of here.

- Coma on, honey, got 'em out.
- Move!

- Move, move, move!
- Move it out.


Keep 'em moving. Come on.

- Kataki, I mod you. Henlein! Ruffo!
- Come on.

give me the glasses.

They're going crazy down there. Full
of hashish, whiskey, everything.

Notice those
trucks outside the hotel?

What about if you and I
go in first,

get into that hotel?

Yeah, I think we can keep
them occupied.

Keep 'em occupied. As soon
as you hear shooting,

you're on the other side of the
square with some troops, come in,

get the trucks moving. We'll join you.
What do you think?

I think it stinks,
but it's the only way.

- Got 'em organized.
- All right.

He knows you.

You're known to quite
a few people in this area.

No, no, no, no, no!

Henlein, remember,
don't make your move

until you hear the grenades.
Then go, fast. Come on.

Get away!
Get away! Get away!

That's the hotel.
That's where Moses is.

That's where the diamonds are. but
how the hell do WC got there?

I've got an idea.

You've gotta trust me.

- Are you OK?
- I'm all right. Pick me up. Keep going.

Kataki, you'll take
the front truck.

The moment you get the signal,
90 like hell. Come on.

The diamonds are
on the table.



Hit the mercenary.

Cover me!


Oh, my God.

The gasoline truck.

OK, keep all the firepower
in the rear of the convoy.

Put the refugees in the truck.
They'll be safe.

Come back and ride with me,
Ruffo. Come on.

Look out for the kids
in the second truck.

Come on, move it up.
Come on now, come on.

Let's move, come on.

- Get 'em in!
- Come on, boys. lot's move.

OK, come on.

Come on, men.

- Let's go.
- It's Wreid.

I know it is.
He didn't got vary far, did he?

I think he did.

The gun's Chinese, Ruffo,

paid for by Russian rubles.

The steel probably came
from a West German factory

built by French francs.

Then it was flown out here
by an African airline,

probably subsidized
by the United States.

I don't think he got
very far.

Listen, Curry, I have to
know something.

I've gone along with you,

saying to myself about your
violence and your silence,

well, that's just
Curry's way.

But now I don't know.

Do you care anything about
the future of this country?

Or do you only care about
diamonds or about Curry?

Why don't you knock off the
Birth of a Nation stuff, Ruffo?

I don't wanna talk about it
right now.

This nation is important.
It's important to me.

Why don't you just write a national
anthem and I'll salute when they play it.

Sure you will, Curry,
if somebody pays you.

I'm a paid hand, Ruffo.

I'm doing a dirty job, and I
don't know why we're here

at the same spot
at the same time.

And I don't know
what Doc Wreid died for.

Or the men we lost last night.

It's a mystery to me. And if there's
singing in it, I don't hear it.

So that's all you know?

That's all I know.

Just a bystander,

watching the natives
and their colorful rites.

Well, that's sad, Curry.
That's very, very sad.

Get 'em all to bail out. We're
stopping here for a while.

Corporal, come on.

We're staying here a while.

Fall out!

Liston, our only chance
Is to get gas.

So I'm gonna drive back to Msapa
Junction and use the telegraph.

I'm gonna tell them to
airdrop us gas and supplies.

I want you to stay
by the radio receiver

to know if I got
through or not, OK?

Now tell Kataki to take any gas
left in these two trucks,

dump it in the back here.

Let's go.


What's eating him?


He's suspicious.

He's what?

If you take off
with all that gas,

you just might keep on going.

You just might leave the rest
of us stranded out here.

I'm taking off with all that gas
in order to be able to get back.

Since you already have the diamonds
are you sure you're coming back?

Toll Kataki ho's coming
with mo.

- Look...
- Tall him, I said.

I heard that.

Suppose I'd taken you with me, they'd
really suspect a double-cross,

wouldn't they?

You know, Curry, I just won't feel right
unless I'm saying goodbye to you two,

three times a night.

Ruffo will look after you.

You'll be as safe as
if you were back home in Paris.

Curry, why don't you tell Ruffo
you know you can trust him?

Was it Paris or Brussels
you'd came from originally?

- Antwerp.
- Antwerp.

Maybe we'll find the time and you
can give the $5 tour someday.

I'll be back
before you know it.

I'll know it.

Get in, Kataki.

- What's that? - A little food,
ammunition and a little spot of whiskey.

- I won't need it.
- You might, Curry.

I might at that if I'm gonna
cut and run, huh?

Listen, you stay by that radio.

I'll tell him to let you know
when to expect the airdrop.

Look, Curry, a few lousy worries
between friends...

Yeah, yeah, I'll see you.

Any luck yet?

Not yet, but I'm sure we'll
be hearing something soon.

Curry's a hard guy
to be away from.

He's a hard guy
to be with sometimes, too.

Between us, he's tough
and he's mean.

And he won't give you that
little extra part of himself

that you need and that hurts.

So what do you do?

Hurt. He's worth it.

This is NNA...

NNA calling
Striker Blue Force.

Striker Blue, we are sending
aircraft to your reported position.

Gasoline and food supplies will
be airdropped approximately

at 1000 hours. Standby.

They have to be here.

He hid something.

They have to be here.

In this truck.

Oh, my God.

Where are they? Where are they?
Where are they?

- Hey, you wanna drive?
- Oui, mon capitaine.

Let's go!

That's a boy.

There you go.

Where are the diamonds,
you bitch?

You got them.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Where are they? Tell me.
Where are they?

Toll mo.
I want to know!

Henlein, I don't have them.

The diamonds,
where are they?

Where are the diamonds?

Get away! No!

Kataki, we're gonna make you
number one driver.

Hey, you want a drink
to celebrate? Huh?

No, I drive.

I'll have one for you.
Maybe two.


I'm gonna give you a toast.

To the guy who's
a better man than I am.

To a guy with class,

who deserves a better
friend than me.

You get it yet? Huh?



Now you gotta have a drink now.
Come on.


Wait'll I get my hands on that
big sloppy-hearted son of a...



It was Henlein.

He's on a raft,

heading for the Uganda border.

Don't do it, Curry. Ruffo
wouldn't have wanted it that way.

What about all those people?
How are they gonna get back?

I'll do it solo if I can.

Don't do it.
Don't kill him.

I'm gonna cut Henlein's
head off!

Curry, Curry, you're mad!

You're mad!

No! No!

No! Curry!


No, no, no.

Huh? Huh?

Up here.

Come up here with me,
Kataki. Huh?

No, sir.

- No, sir.
- No, sir.

What's on your mind?

What is it?

We lose a Ruffo.


You H...

Kill like that.

Tragedy. Blackness.

We come from blackness.

Not go back.


I not walk with you.

Walk a different way.

We don't talk about
these things too often, Curry,

and this is no time
to start.

You have your reasons for
being here and what the hell,

money's a big one.

With me, it's simple.
This happens to be my country.

Because I know what
I'm doing here, Curry.

Maybe you and I
will have to fight some day.

Did you ever think
about that?

I hope not. I wouldn't like that.
I'd do it,

but I wouldn't like it.

Curry, what are
you stopping for?

Get Kataki, will you?


Corporal, I want to be stood
under court martial

for the murder
of Captain Henlein.

I will ride unarmed
in the truck.

You don't have to
salute me anymore, Corporal.

I know that, Captain.