Dark is the Night (2018) - full transcript

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Sir, Sir!

Save my Father-In-Law first...


It's dangerous! Don't go in there!

Save him first!

Call the ambulance!

Sir, please stay awake. Look at me.

- Take a deep breath.
- This is harbor road.

- There's been an accident here.
- We'll get you out of here.

Please get an ambulance here!

Yes, take a deep breath.

Sir, Sir!

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute.

Mr. Siang, it's Li Jheng-syong.

I want Mommy!

I want Mommy!


What are you doing? Don't be impulsive.

- Come back.
- Damn it!

Have you seen how he treats his daughter?

What can you do if you go out there now?


You'll save a little girl at the most.

What then?

We have to catch that prime suspect

and draw out their entire organization!

Why won't you approve?

Our superiors sent so much time

and efforts on making this plan.

We can't make any mistakes at this stage.

Li Jheng-syong is abusing his daughter.

The Social Service Bureau should intervene.

Beside, Xiang,

this might be Jia-jia's last chance.


do you know how much our colleagues

sacrificed and how long they persisted?

Can't you show some consideration for them?

How long can an 8-year-old girl hold out?

I've already made it very clear.

Before we officially
arrest the prime suspect,

no one is allowed to make any mistakes.


Captain, the Chief is looking for you.

I'll be there later.


keep your eyes on the long shot.

Don't just look at what's happening now.

When we crack this case,

you'll be the captain sooner or later.

Prefect, about the car accident report,

the Chief has been rushing us.

We have to deliver it to
the Traffic Division first,


Isn't it just a normal accident?

Why must we check on it?

The Chief said

our department must handle it first.

I found out later that

the deceased was the CEO of Cheng's Group.

No wonder.


Are rich people's lives more valuable?

Yeah, I think

the drug dealer thing is bullshit.

If you need our help on anything...

Is there anything?


The report you just talked about.


I was just kidding.

Help me find out where is Li Jia-jia's mom.

Yes, Prefect.

They are making a transaction now.

All of you, head out now.

Let's go. Why are you still standing there?

Take this.

What is it?

We have to record sound
besides taking photos.

Very professional.

That's so outrageous!

That heartless man.

How can he have a woman behind my back?

I'll kill him when I find him!

Mrs. Wu. This way.

Wait, wait.

What should I say when I go in?

Adulterers, you shameless bitch!

Adulterers, you shameless bitch!

Take responsibility for your action!

You shameless bitch!

Take responsibility for your action!

Take responsibility for your action!

Take responsibility for your action!

Film it! Film it!

You crazy woman! Who are you?

I'm sorry. This is not my husband.

You bastard, don't run!

You bastard!

Stop, you bastard!

Stop running, you bastard!

How much?



We only get 80,000 for this case.

Think of it another way.

Buy your safety with the 100,000.

You can earn the money back later.


I'm shit out of luck for knowing you.

You can't say that.

If I didn't take you in back then,

you'll just be nothing more

than an unemployed nobody.

Look at me. Look at me.

- There's been an accident at Harbor Road.
- Take a deep breathe.

Whatever, I don't want to talk to you.

Which one of us is the boss?

I can't even complain about you.

Boss, bills, bills.

What is this?

[Dark is Night-Dust]
[Cheng Yuan-fang Solo Exhibition]

7 pm tonight?

Isn't that soon?

Did you get brain damage from that fight?

That's upper class.

Are you going to act like a fool?

It's good to act like the fool.

I can even be a clown.

Aren't you interested in making money?

I won't be a male prostitute.

I will.

A lot of rich people have keep mistresses,

other men,

male cousins,

or female cousins on the side.

Tsao Kai-wun,

please wear formal attire.

What if I don't have that?

Wear whatever.

You look handsome in anything.

Me too.

I'm Tony Leung of private investigations.

Hello, you're here.


I really like this one.

I've been looking at it for a long time.

Thank you.

Yuan-fang is truly talented.

Hello. You're here too.

That's a really nice dress.

You look really nice today too.

Thank you.

Hello, please call us if you need.

Thank you.

Hello, please call us if you need.

Thank you. Thank you.

Here you go. Thank you.

[Kevin's Private Detective Agency]
[Come to Kevin Find Happiness]

You're leaving?

It's such a beautiful painting.

Thank you.


Bye. See you next time.

Do you like it?

Honestly, I don't really
understand painting.

But this one

seems a bit different than the rest.

There seems to give away
some kind of information.

I'm sorry.

Maybe I play video games too much normally.


People say painting is
the best healing method.

You can put everything
you want to forget in there.

Hello, I'm Cheng Yuan-fang,

the artist of this painting.

Hello, nice to meet you.

We haven't had any business in a month.

If this goes on,

we'll really go hungry.

Do something about it, okay?

Waiting is part of the job.

Play the long game, understand?

Maybe you can ask

any colleagues or officials

at the police station you used to

work at and see if they recommend

some jobs for us.

They are a bunch of weaklings.

Forget it.

Don't go if you don't want to.


Don't worry. Don't be afraid.

Don't feel embarrassed for coming here.

I never thought a beautiful girl like you

would be cheated by your husband too.

If that man isn't blind,

he must be gay.

Doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman,

we are very experienced in all fields.

If I dare say we're the
second best in the industry,

no one would dare to claim first place.

- Keven Tsao.
- This is over menu.

Filming, sound recording, photos evidence,

and our newest service,

high-def DVD.

We've hired directors
to edit it immediately.

Catch them in bed and
pick up your order tomorrow.

You'll surely have your
video when you go to court.

We will film with our sincerity

and film according to your intention.

Ms. Cheng,

can I help you with anything?

Have some water, Ms. Cheng.

I came to ask you to find
someone for me today.

She's my sister-in-law.

Her name is Ding Siao-han.

She was at the exhibition too.

I don't know if you remember.

I think I remember a little.

May I ask...

About the fees...

So, your brother and your sister-in-law

aren't sleeping in the same bed?

They've been sleeping apart for a while.

Is it an emotional issue or...?


my brother is very busy at work.

So, he often comes home late.

But my sister-in-law
is a very light sleeper.

You brother must work hard.

Any piece of clothing here costs

more than several months of my pay.

Don't tamper with other people's things.

Ms. Cheng, if it's possible,

can I talk to your brother?

But my brother...

he's been in a poor mental condition

since my sister-in-law disappeared.

Ms. Cheng, don't worry.

This guy may look foolish.

He's handled all kinds of criminals such as

drug dealers, rapists...

- Killers...
- Shut up.

Haven't you said you were

a reserve captain on
the criminal police squad?

You're the one to say.

No, wait.

We're supposed to demonstrate

our professionalism to Ms. Cheng,




Brother, you're drunk. Stop drinking.

Did she come back?


Give it to me. Give it to me.

Stop drinking, Brother.

Hello, Mr. Cheng.

Ms. Cheng entrusted us

to find clues on your missing wife,

Ding Siao-han.

I... I don't know.

But I already looked everywhere.

I can't find her.

I can't find her.

Alright, it's okay.

Mr. Cheng,

don't worry.

We're here to help.


I'm useless.

I didn't do my duties as a husband.

I don't know how to love her.

But I really can't do anything about it!

Alright, Brother.

It started with a few

hundred thousands,

the time was eight million.

Eight million! Alright, that's enough.

Where do I get eight million?

Ms. Cheng, be careful.

It's okay.

It's just my brother's medicine.

Leave it to us.

Let me. It's okay.

Be careful. Don't get hurt.

It's okay. It's okay.

Ms. Cheng, go take care of your brother.

Leave this to us.

You hurt your foot?

It's okay.

Ms. Cheng, we'll handle this.

Go take care of your brother.

You're just going to stand there?

Sorry, that's how my brother is.

If he's drunk, no one can stop him.

Your brother does this all the time?

I'll help you stop the bleeding.

But you still have to be careful
when you get home

and don't let it get wet.

Thank you.


Thank you.

Ms. Cheng,

take a good rest tonight.

If you have any leads,

contact us at any time.

We'll be on our way now.

Sorry to trouble you.

By the way,

don't be so formal later.

Just call me Yuan-fang.

Someone's elated.

You're overthinking.

Didn't she say

not to be formal

and just call her Yuan-fang?

Didn't you see the
wedding ring on her hand?

Oh, that's right. Why
haven't I seen her husband?

None of your business.

What's that got to do with you?

Sun Ming-yang,

I can't believe you
have such strange taste.

Maybe you'll be my client someday.


Trust Kevin, find happiness.

Take responsibility for your action.

I guess

everything points to disaster

for that Ding Siao-han.

Based on my intuition
from catching adulterers.

You heard that Cheng Yuan-jyun repeat

"Eight million,

eight million,

"eight million."

Let me tell you,

Taiwanese people value
money over their lives.

It's such a waste

if you don't become a cop.

You think I never thought about that?

If I didn't have trigger finger...

Look, look.


I'm telling you,


are based on evidence.

As long as we find the truth,

it'll be our best answer

to our clients and Yuan-fang.

Get yourself a rich girl.

You can save at least
30 years of hard work.

I, Sun Ming-yang, swear to God

I'll never let anyone get hurt again!

I miss Mommy.

Why can't you take me to Mommy?

I want Mommy.

I want Mommy

Where is Mommy?

Take me to see Mommy!


When we crack the case,

you'll be the captain sooner or later.


How long can an
8-year-old girl hold out for?

I want Mommy!

Xiang, you're here so early?

It's my day off today.

I just stopped by to see you.

Come in and have a seat.

That's alright.

How is it? Are you used to working

at the private detective agency?

What's the difference?

I'm doing almost the same thing.

Do you still have nightmares?

I know that you feel guilty

about that girl.

But no matter how guilty you feel,

it won't change anything.

Keep your chin up.

Come back to the squad

and visit the brothers who

fought along you when you're free.

Hello, this is Kevin's
Private Detective Agency.

Ms. Cheng.

Don't cry. Please calm down.

What happened?

Okay, okay.

We'll be there right away.

What's going on?

I don't know.

I thought I heard her voice at midnight.

I went downstairs and

saw my brother

with a knife in his hand.

I'll agree to anything you say.

I'll agree to anything you say.

Just delete the video.

Delete the video.

We can start again!

Start again.

Yuan-jyun, what are you doing?

Delete it!

Delete it!

Delete it!

Yuan-fang, help!



What are you doing
so late at night, Brother?



Why are you bleeding?

What did you put in the trunk?

Brother, are you okay?

Stay away!


That hurts!

So, Ms. Cheng,

did you see

what was inside that trunk?

I was sleeping when

I heard someone come back.

I rushed down and...

If you brother didn't kill Ding Siao-han,

why would he run?

That's not possible.

That's not possible.

Even though I don't know

what happened to them after my Dad left.

I know my brother is a good person.

Besides, he really likes...

he really loves her.

He would never kill her.

I'm begging you.

Please help me find my
brother and sister-in-law.

They are the

the only family I have left.

You two are nut!

This is totally different

from catching adulterers.

What if it really is a murder case?

Can you handle it?

But Xiang,

there isn't any definite evidence

that indicates Ding Siao-han was murdered.

Even if there were something in the trunk,

that doesn't mean it's
Ding Siao-hao's body.

Don't worry, Officer Huang,

we will do our best to find evidence.

Investigations are based on evidence.


can you ask the Traffic Department?

I think

the person involved doesn't

want to report the case either.

We can't file the case

without solid evidence anyway.

I can't do anything
about it. That's it then.

Xiang, sorry to make you come for nothing.

It's nothing.

If anything comes up,

remember to tell me right away.

Yes, Sir.

You're still wet behind the ears.

Based on my years of experience,

if it was really a murder,

there must be evidence in the house.

Don't say I'm an inconsiderate boss.

Enjoy your life.


You should go back to your office now.

Alright, I know I'm not needed here.

But you still have to be careful.

That maniac Cheng Yuan-jyun...

I better stay.

Don't worry. I won't be in the way.

Get out of here.

Where's your colleague and that officer?

They're not eating with us?

They... they had something else to do.

It's alright. I'm here.

Your wound hasn't healed yet.

Let me do it.

Let me.

Thank you.

I didn't expect the former reserve

captain of the police squad can cook too.

I thought you dined out every day.

Not really.

That's exactly the case.

So, I want to learn a few dishes myself.

As I continued,

I became interested.

I thought it could useful

when I have a wife in the future.

Don't misunderstand it.


the water is boiling.

Is that okay?

Let me do it. Go take some rest.

Thank you.


Yuan-fang, are you awake?



the CCTV at the intersection indicated

that Cheng Yuan-jyun's
car left in the morning.

Based on the CCTV footage,

Cheng Yuan-jyun's car

was last seen around Tamsui.

Yang, don't make a rash decision.

Don't forget that Cheng Yuan-fang

is also a major suspect.



Alright, Xiang. I've arrived.

Hello, Captain.

Give that to me.


the deceased was

discovered at 4:50 pm.

She was already dead when we found her.

Sir, you can't smoke here.

Which year do you belong?

I'm sorry, Prefect.

You really can't smoke here.

What now? You're looking for trouble?

Are you okay?

Damn it.

Go home and get some rest.

I'll get your statement tomorrow.

Come with me.

Let's go get some rest.

Mam, please calm down.

Standard self-debasing personality,

a psychopath.

That's alright.

I know investigations require talent.

Although you're not talented,

I believe you can follow my steps

as long as work hard.

Something just doesn't seem right.

What do you mean?


[CEO of Cheng's Group Died from Car Accident] This
was the article on Cheng's accident at the time.

[CEO of Cheng's Group
Died from Car Accident]

What does that have to do with us?

What does that have to do with you?

Does it have anything to do with you?


Someone spent time alone in a room

with a lady last time.


You didn't use it?

Sun Ming-yang,

explain to me why would

your fingerprints be on the murder weapon?

What murder weapon?

You don't know?

Let me ask you.

What's with the money Cheng Yuan-jyun

wired to your agency yesterday?

Cheng Yuan-jyun's account?

Wasn't it from Cheng Yuan-fang?

Ten, hundred, thousand,
ten thousand, million...

Why was it so much?

I don't know.

I really wasn't me.

With the fingerprints on the weapon

and the evidence of this transaction,

Sun Ming-yang,

the police now has every reason

to suspect you of committing a crime!


What's going on?

I don't know.

According to Cheng Yuan-jyun's statement,

he hired you to deliver
Ding Siao-han's body.

Officer Huang,

don't listen to Cheng
Yuan-jyun's nonsense and lies.

We just drank together that day.

What happened after you drank?

We fell asleep.

What else?

If you fell asleep, how will you

proof he didn't go there?

He already passed out from drinking!

How can he go move the body?

Stop arguing!

Here's 50,000.

Take it for now.

You have to find out the truth

and pay the 50,000 back to me.

What are you looking at? Go!


be careful.

Enough, Brother.

Everyone points to disaster

for that Ding Siao-han.

Save my father-in-law first.

I'm Cheng Yuan-fang,

the artist of this painting.

He loves my sister-in-law so much.

He would never kill her.

[Sympathy Sanatorium Room: 201A
Name: Cheng Yuan-fang]

Hello, Doctor.

May I ask about a

former patient called Cheng Yuan-fang?

I'm her friend.

She hasn't been in a
good mental state lately.

So, I want to understand her past

so I can help her.

Yuan-fang was admitted
here about six months ago.

At the time, the Psychiatric
Department made a diagnosis that

she had multiple records of self-mutilation

and suicidal attempts.

But honestly, her
conditions were very rare.

She continued to maintain stability

since she was admitted.

Show your consent in front of

God and the church.

Mr. He Jhih-lin, Ms. Cheng Yuan-fang,

do you promise to respect him

and stay loyal to you

regardless of any condition?

- I do.
- I do.

I put this ring on you to

symbolize my loyalty and love for you.

I put this ring on you to

symbolize my loyalty and love for you.


you were only together for 6 months.

Is it too impulsive to get married now?

You both saw that?

Sis, I think you should reconsider too.

What's there to reconsider?

We love each other.

Isn't that the best proof?

What's wrong?

What's with the long face?

Dad, they don't

support me and Jhih-lin.

Yuan-fang, Daddy undertand.

I watched as Jhih-lin

become firmly grounded

and gradually grow.

He's like my second son.

I believe he will never betray Yuan-fang.

Dad, with Jhih-lin's work abilities,

there won't be any problems.


since Dad already said that,

we are a family who
should support each other,



Daddy is going to plan

a grand, official wedding.

There's no need.

Yuan-fang, you have to
listen to Daddy for this.

Then I'll take it.


Thank you, Dad.

It's so annoying.

It's so much hassle to get married.

We didn't even pick a venue yet.


if I haven't met you before,

or if the Chairman didn't see

my efforts at the company over the years...

He Jhih-lin, you're so strange today.

I was just thinking,

destiny is such a fantastic thing.

I don't know what will
happen in the future.


This is not the company.

Jhih-lin, don't be so formal.

Dad, are you ready? Let's go.

Sorry, Darling,

Daddy just received a phone call.

I have to go back to the office now.

I can't go with you

to pick out your wedding gown.

Go with Jhih-lin.

Chairman, let me take you to the office.

Jhih-lin, take care of my daughter

will be your best payback for me.


Alright, work is more important.

Don't be so long-winded. Hurry.

Chairman. Let's go.

I'll drive you.

Be safe.

Yuan-fang, look at me and listen.

The car accidentally lost
control and flipped over.

The two of them lost their heartbeat

on their way to the hospital.

The doctors are rescuing them now.

Patients who suffered trauma like this

require more time to observe and track.

Physically, I will treat her with medicine.

But mentally...

With Ms. Cheng's current condition,

I think it's better to
send her to a sanatorium

to conduct further analysis.

It's also important for her
family to accompany her.

It might require a lot of efforts.

But I think there's a chance

for her to come back from this.

Yuan-fang, come on.
You're doing a good job.

You're painting it very well.

It's alright.

Come on, calm down now.

Yuan-fang, calm down.

Look at me.

Give me the pencil.

Give me the pencil.

Give me the pencil.

Okay, let's take a break.

Let's take a break.

Come on, let's take a break.

Take a break, okay?

It's alright.

Why did you kill Sister-In-Law?

You tried so hard to prove to your dad.

What happened then?

Your position was still snatched

by that new son-in-law.

It wasn't like that.

I must be demoted because

I wasn't good enough.

Cheng Yuan-jyun,

do you remember?

When we first met,

you bragged to me about

how the company will expand

under your leadership in the future.


what should I do now?

Pull yourself together.

Think about it,

what if something happened

to that He Jhih-lin?

Siao-han, you're back?

I missed you so much. Where did you go?

Keep pretending.

You think you can escape

if you hand the evidence to the police?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Where's the eight million?

Eight million?

The company isn't like what it was before.

Don't play that with me!

Be quiet. I'll agree to anything.

Be quiet. Be quiet.

Please be quiet.

I'll agree to anything, alright?

Don't let Yuan-fang hear it.

I'm loud because I'm reminding you

of what you have done!

You think you're off the hook

if you showed the phone to the police?

I already made a copy!

You can never rid yourself
of being a murderer!

And me? I'm the wife of a murderer!

Take your medicine.

It's okay.

Sister-In-Law will come back.

I can promise you anything
if you delete the video.

Delete the video

We can start over.

As long as you delete the video...

Delete the video

and we can start...

We can start all over again...

What are you doing, Cheng Yuan-jyun?

Delete it.

Delete it!

Delete it!

Delete it!

Cheng Yuan-jyun, have you gone mad?

I told you not to be so loud.


I'm sorry. I can't do it.

I can't do it. I can't do it.

Yuan-fang, help me.

Yuan-fang, Yuan-jyun...


here's your phone.

It's not my fault.

I just mentioned it.

I didn't know he would actually do it.

Of course he would.

Brother loves you so much.

But you never treat him seriously.

You even threated him at the end.

Stop saying that.

A rich girl like you

will never know my pain!

That's enough.

Ding Siao-han,

it's time to atone for your sins.

Do you think everyone is

fine with just love like you?

I just took back what I deserved!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

She kept threatening me.

It's my fault!

It's my fault! It's my fault!

It's my fault! It's all my fault!

It's all my fault!

It's all my fault.

I killed them!

It was me!


do you know what information

is in the painting?

I heard Yuan-fang mention

the Virgin Mary in her painting

is in the church where she and

her fiancé was engaged.

Why don't you go to the church?

Maybe you'll find an answer there.


You followed me?

The Captain told me to do it.

Prefect, I'm not here to arrest you.

This is the info on that
drug factory back then.

I think you have the
right to know the truth.

Have you liked painting
since you were little?

Actually, I've been in a sanatorium.

The therapists there recommended

that I start painting.

Does that work?

I think that where I started

to find my goal in life.

Maybe I should try it too.

Do you need it?

About a year ago,

we were investigating a drug factory case.

Because of the superior's orders

and my own selfish desires

to crack the case and get a promotion,

we ended up missing a chance

to save an 8-year-old girl's life.

Her name was Jia-jia.

Sometimes I just think,

if I insisted,

would she be...

alive and well now.

It's okay.

We all need to find new purpose in life

to go on with our lives.

Don't we?

All powerful God,

please guide me towards the correct path

like the dust that

wipes away the dark nights

and infuses fresh due into the air.

Our lives will

be quenched by the precious blood

through continuous and never-changing love

to obtain freshness and freedom.


Yuan-fang, listen to me.

That car accident will be reinvestigated.

We will surely return justice

to your father and your fiancé.

There's no need.

In God's presence,

no sinner can escape.

But we still have time.

As long as we hand over

Cheng Yuan-jyun's evidence to Police...

Do you really believe that the law

can uphold justice?

I discovered the video
as early as six months ago.

I handed the video to the police.

I waited and waited but

I only received "lack of evidence".

It's all because of that
damn Sergeant Huang.

The bureaucrats shield one another

and made a scapegoat out of retired cop.

That person was you.

Isn't this a normal accident?

Why must we investigate it?

It's all my fault.

If it wasn't for my negligence,

you wouldn't end up this way.

It's time for you to atone for your sins.

It's still not too late.

And that girl


I remember you told me

We all need to find a new purpose in life

to continue with our lives.

My goal was to make
you set your hatred aside

and live a good life.

What do you know?

Have you tried losing your lover

and your father at the same time?

I don't understand.

But will your father

and Jhih-lin

be happy to see you like this now?


set your hatred aside and live on.

Yang, let's put and end to this.

So, Cheng Yuan-fang was telling the truth.

There is no right and wrong in this world,

only purposes and choices.

Then I know what to do.

That's good.

If it were you...

what would you do?

What are these?

Yang, where did you get these pictures?

Yang, listen to me.

Let me explain.

What else do you have to say?

It's not the way you think.

Yang, don't! Yang!

What else do you have to say?

Yang, the eight million

from Cheng's Corp

wasn't for you. It was for me.

I promised Ding Siao-han
if this goes smoothly,

I can get this money.

She's already dead anyway.

If you don't tell,

I'll give you your share,

not a penny less.

Yang, let's put an end to this.

Are you trying to scare me to death?

By the way, didn't we

collect pills from the Cheng's?

I asked my friend to check it.

He said it's a type of stimulant.

It is ten times stronger than amphetamine.

It could be process from

some medicines for mental disease.

Cheng Yuan-fang said

that was her brother's medicine.

That's most likely a lie.

I'm thinking

maybe she did it to frame you.

It was Cheng Yuan-fang.


Does painting really work?

Latest news from our station.

Two gun-shot bodies were discovered

on the mountainous
region of New Taipei City.

Upon on-site inspections
and confirmation by the police,

one of the 28-year-old female victims

was confirmed to be Cheng
Yuan-fang of the Cheng's Group.

The other middle-aged male victim

was Criminal Police Unit
Captain Huang Jia-siang.

Our station received an
exclusive anonymous information

that indicates Captain
Huang has been involved with

receiving bribery from a drug factory,

connivance of drug
manufacturing and selling,

and involved in the brutal murder

of the Cheng's family not too long ago.

Did Captain Huang commit suicide

to escape investigation

or are there other factors involved?

The police will be holding

a press conference later

to make a unified
announcement to the public.