Dark October (2020) - full transcript

Four friends are heading to Salem for a Halloween rock concert event. An unexpected detour takes them down a dark path and the girls come face to face with a demon that could inevitably seal their fate.

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- Well, that's all I got.

I do not get paid enough
to deal with this shit.

- Hello?

- Hey, what are you up to?

- I'm sure a lot more than
your lazy ass is doing.

- Hey, listen. I've had a day from hell.

- That's your excuse every day.

Now, if I had to guess,
you're sitting at your desk

with your feet propped
up and a vodka bottle

is probably not that far away from you.

- You know me so well.

So, what are you up to?

- I'm at the market picking
up some wine for later.

- Do you think you can pick
me up another bottle of vodka?

- You still owe me from the
last bottle I bought you.

- Come on. You know I'm good for it.

- Mm-hmm.

- So do you think Piper is
enjoying her birthday present?

- I'm actually gonna give her a call

to see how it's coming.

- Skylar, drinking on the job again?

- Um, Maddie, I'm gonna
have to call you back.

- I mean your sales,

Frank down in accounting,

he's on my back.

I'm in charge of the sales floor here.

What am I supposed to do?

- Listen, just get off
my back for one day.

I'm having a bad day.

- I'm having a bad day 'cause
I have to deal with you.

I need more out of you.

Do you need to find another job?

Do you need to go to Alcoholics
Anonymous or something?

- You know what? Maybe I do.

- Listen, I really need
you to put, you know,

all your efforts into this.

I need you to get out there,

pound the pavement, get some new clients.

We have a ton of jewelry to sell.

This is a great opportunity, Skylar.

You know, it's almost Halloween,

and you know what's after Halloween?

The holidays, gift giving, Christmas.

Everybody's counting on
our department, you know,

and we're not gonna make
bonus for the holidays.

I really need your help here.

- You know what?

I really never liked you,

but I do appreciate you
giving me some leeway

and I'll try to cut back on the drinking,

but I'll make better sales
if I do it while I'm drunk.

- No, and you're gonna do it sober.

And I want a progress report
from you every morning,

Monday through Friday at 9:00 AM.

So I have something to give to Frank.

And I'm taking this with me.

- Now I really need Maddie
to get me that bottle.

- What color did you wanna do?

- Um, you can go ahead

and just pick out a purple color.

- Okay.

Do you like this one?

- Yes, that's perfect.
- Okay, awesome.

So it's your birthday.
Do you have any plans?

- Oh, me and the girls
are just going out later.

- That'll be fun.

My friend from work actually invited me

to a birthday party for her cat tonight.

So I'm not sure if I'm
gonna go to that yet or not.

- That sounds very interesting.

- Yeah, not sure what
that will all consist of.

- Hold on one sec.

- Okay.

- Hello?

- How's the pedi coming?

- Oh, It's so relaxing.

I didn't realize how bad I needed this.

- Well, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

- I so am.

- If you think this is good,

just wait until tonight.

- Wait, what do you mean?

- Well, just look in your purse.

- No fucking way.

You did not get us these tickets.

- I knew you really wanted
them for your birthday.

- Yeah, everyone knew I wanted them,

but Ghost Town Roadshow sold out

within minutes of going on sale.

These tickets are impossible to get.

- Not when your bestie's a slut.

- You didn't, you whore.

- Hey, the roadie was
cute. The sex was great.

So technically, the tickets were a bonus.

- Oh my God. You are so unbelievable.

But that's why I love you.

- Oh, I love you too.

Now, make sure you message
me when you get out of there

so we can get together
for pre-birthday drinks.

- For sure. I'll message you
as soon as I'm out of here.

- Okay. See you soon.

- Okay. Bye.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- $13.33.

- Here you go.

- Need a receipt?

- Nope, that's great.
- Awesome.

- Thanks.
- Have a good day.

- You too.

- I can't believe you got
tickets to that show tonight.

I really wanted to go
so I'm really jealous.

- I know, my friends spoil me so much.

What's your favorite song?

- I love "Grim Reaper."

- Oh, that's one of my favorites too.

- Hey.

- Hey, what's up?

- Hey, so your next one canceled.

And then I was wondering if you were maybe

gonna make it to my cat party tonight.

- What time was it again?

Like 5:00, 5:30.

- Okay, 'cause Josh wanted me
to go to the mall with him.

So I don't think I'm
gonna be able to make it.

- Oh, well, if you get back in time

and you feel like coming, you can.

I got a catnip cake and a bouncy house,

um, and I got little hats too.

So I'll bring you one
for your cat tomorrow,

if you want me to.

- I'm sure he'd love that.

I'm sorry I can't come.

I just have to go to the mall to pick up

the new slasher movie, but
next year, count me in.

- Okay.

I'm not going to any cat party.

- Excuse me.

I have a quick question.

- Give me just one minute.

- Okay.

- Hello. Sorry about that.

- Oh, oh, good.

So firstly, I wanted to say

this is the cutest
bookstore I've ever been in.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

And second, so tonight, me and
my friends are going to Salem

and I just wanted to brush up

on the town's local history and folklore.

So do you have anything like that?

- Of course we do.

We have plenty of books on Salem.

You know, it's always
nice to see young people

who are still interested in books.

- Oh, I've always loved books

ever since I was a little girl.

- Me too, I've always said that books

are like a window into a new world.

Oh, shoot.

- What's this?

- This isn't the book for you.

- But why not?

- This book is, it's special.

- "Black Rainbow."

What kind of book is this?"

- This is a book that's been written

by every person on earth.

Everyone's thoughts, dreams,

and fears make up "Black Rainbow."

- Well what is "Black Rainbow" all about?

- It is a collection of all
of the thoughts and vibrations

from every sentient being

that has ever wandered this dimension.

The information has been
collected for millions of years

through a practice. that's known

as thought pattern extraction.

- What is thought pattern extraction?

- Transdimensional fallen
angels gather this data

without the consent of conscious beings

and place it into a
collective that's known

as the "Black Rainbow" to be used later

in ancient blood rituals and
cannibalistic sacrifices.

- And how does something
like that end up here?

- "Black Rainbow" is everywhere.

You just have to know where to find it.

No, no.

This isn't the book for you.

- Hey, do you have
any books on the flat earth?

- These books up here are on Salem.

Let me know if you need anything else.

- Okay, thanks.

- Hello.

- Hey, where you at?

- I'm at this really cute new bookstore.

- A bookstore again, huh?

It's a wonder the boys
on the football team

always call you bookworm Betty.

- Yeah, well at least I didn't screw

the whole football team.

- Okay.

Well I was just wondering
if you were going

to meet up with us for
Piper's pre-birthday drinks.

- Yeah, absolutely.

I just have to go home
and change real quick.

Where are we meeting again?

- I was thinking that new place Lakeside.

- Oh yeah. I heard they
have killer mojitos.

- Oh, so you're actually
gonna drink today.

Well, just hurry up.

- All right. Sounds good.

What time should I meet you?

- Around two.

- Perfect. Sounds good.

I'll see you there.

Oh, damn paper cuts.

- Hey, you.
- Hey.

- I figured I'd find you out here reading.

- Oh yeah, I just went through
this new book store downtown.

It's really cute.

Just prepping for the Salem trip tonight.

- You gonna do some with witchy shit?

- Well, me and the
girls are actually going

to a concert tonight for Piper's birthday.

Here, come on up. I have Matilda out.

So the dogs can have - Come on.

- a little play date while we catch up.

Mathilda's so happy to see you, honey.

Mathilda, look who's here.

- Come here.
- Check it out.

- Russ is like, I want no part of that.

- Pretty girl.

Come here.

So who are you guys gonna go see?

- We're gonna go see Ghost Town Road Show.

Maddie scored us tickets
even though they're sold out.

- Oh, that's gonna be great.

That's like Piper's favorite.

- I know we also ended up
getting her appointment

to get her fortune told by Madam Sapphire,

this new lady from Ireland.

She's supposed to be like really good.

- Oh my God.

- So yeah, it should be
a pretty eventful day.

What's new with you?

- Well actually, I just got my nails done.

- Ooh.

Now that's some witchy shit.

- I know, right?

Tis the season. - Mm-hmm.

- Ooh, what kind of books did you get?

- Just a bunch of stuff on Salem

since we're gonna be up there.

Folklore, witch trial stuff,

but that one's called the "Black Rainbow"

and the bookstore lady
tried to freak me out

with a bunch of crazy stuff about it.

I don't know. I think it's
just a bunch of dumb stuff.

- That's kind kinda creepy.

- Yeah.

- So what even did she tell you?

- Well, she started spouting off about

it's made up of everyone's
feelings and dreams and fears

and then it ended with cannibalistic

and satanic sacrifices.

Yeah, I don't believe
in any of that garbage,

but the pages are
definitely sharp as hell.

So just be careful because I
cut my finger on it earlier.

- Oh fuck.

Well Oliver's obviously
getting pretty antsy

so I should probably leave,

if that's all right.
- Thanks for stopping by.

- Mm-hmm, definitely give me a call

whenever you get back.

- I will for sure.

Say bye, Mathilda. - Bye.

- Say bye.

- Now this is my kind of place.

- Yeah, you like any
place that serves alcohol.

- Right.

- You ladies have a
seat wherever you like.

- Well, nothing like getting
our buzz on at 2:00 PM.

I mean, I usually started at nine,

so it's really nothing.

- You're a fucking alcoholic.

- Well I never drink at all,

so this is gonna be a
whole new thing for me.

- All right, what can I
get you ladies to drink?

- Can I have a vodka on the rocks.

- Um, I'll take a Jack and Coke.

- I'll have a Bahama Mama.
- Bahama Mama.

- Skylar, any suggestions?

I don't do this very often.

- Just give her a vodka cran.

- Hey, I got their drinks.

- Thanks.
- Thank you.

- Have you guys ever seen
Ghost Town Road Show before?

- No.
- That's a negative.

- Me and Skylar went last time
and all I could think about

was how you guys would love it.

The girls are crazy.

- Yeah, they are.

And dude, Marshall is so hot.

I could stare at him the whole time.

- Well, you can talk about
Marshall all you want,

but the drummer's where it's at.

- You know how I said
that concert got crazy

last time we were there.

I definitely threw my bra up on stage.

- I will most certainly
not be doing that tonight.

- Dude, you, just throw your bra, come on.

It's your first concert. - No.

- Here you go, ladies.
- Thank you.

- Now that's fancy.
- Thanks.

- Yeah.

- So, Lilly, did you find anything cool

at the book store earlier this morning?

- Ah, some things.

Most of it was just written
about the witch trials,

which is pretty overplayed
'cause that's all

Salem is known for.

- Speaking of the Salem Witch Trials,

the place where I grew up,

it had a town called Hexi
and it was actually famous

for its witch.

So apparently when this
little girl was growing up,

her parents died and they
used to play doctor with her.

So I don't really know what that means.

But later on, as she
grew up, she, thank you.

- Thank you.

- She became a witch
and she cursed the land.

And actually this one family
died from drinking, the water,

the rabbits, the squirrels,
everything was poisoned.

And later the constable
found her in her house

with maggots in her head.

So yeah, that's where I grew up.

- I feel like you've been drinking

just a little too much, Skylar.

- No, I'm serious.

This happened.

- Well, if it is true,
hopefully there's a book on it,

'Cause I'd like to read about it

'cause that sounds right up my alley.

- What a nerd.

- Actually, this is really good.

Good suggestion, Sky.

- You're welcome.

- Piper, we have another surprise for you.

- What? You guys have
already outdone yourselves

with all this birthday stuff.

- Well, if you don't want the surprise,

we'll just go to the mall
and spend it on ourselves.

- No, no.

What is it already?

- Okay. Okay.

Are you ready? - Yes.

- Lilly, will you do the honor?

- So Piper, we are taking
you for a palm reading

at this new psychic over on 14th Ave.

She's supposed to be the best around,

and she moved here from Ireland.

- Jesus Christ.

I hope it's not that gook, Madam Sapphire.

- What the hell does her
moving here from Ireland

have to do with her being the best around?

I mean, who the fuck
reads palms in Ireland?

- Well, Miss Know It
All, it just so happens

that all the best palm readers
originate from Ireland.

I read it in a book once.

- Of course you did.

Guys, what does it matter
where she came from?

I'm just excited to get my fortune told.

- I knew you'd love that.

It's a real umbrella.

- Yeah, fuck this.

- Oh no, you don't.

This is Piper's present

and you're going to stick
with us until the end.

- How did you even hear
about this place again?

- I saw a flyer at the Chinese
restaurant outside yesterday.

- Thank God it wasn't
a flyer for a circus.

Don't even look at it like
anyone's even working here.

- Who has come to see Madam Sapphire?

- Oh, Christ.

- There's no taking the Lord's
name in vain in this house.

- You better not ruin
Piper's birthday present.

- Come this way, young
ladies, and enter my chamber.

Have a seat ladies.

So girls, let me tell you
a little bit about myself.

I was born in Ireland in the
middle of a beautiful meadow.

My mother knew I was gonna be special

because a morning star shot
from the sky that morning.

I always knew all kinds of things.

And I knew when my
mother was going to pass

and I really didn't want to tell her that.

So I hopped the plane
and I came to the U.S.

and that's why I'm here today,

to help people in distress.

So Piper, I hear it's your birthday.

- Um, I'm Piper, Madam Sapphire.

- Shouldn't you have known that?

- Well, do you girls have
your cell phones on you?

- Yeah.

- It's scrambling my psychic signals.

So you really need to turn
them off and hand them to me

so I can put them in the lobby.

- What, you mean your living room?

- Thank you.

So young Piper, let me see your hand.

Ooh, your heart line is very strong.

But your lifeline...

- What?

- Let's just move on to the tarot cards.

Shuffle the cards please, Piper.

Card one.

The rainbow.

Happiness, joy pleasure,

peace and contentment.

Sounds like a wonderful start to your day.

The hangman.

Transition, change and
reversal of one's way of life.

The falling tower.

Sudden change,

abandonment and end of long friendships.

The devil.

- What? Why are you
looking at me that way?

- Yeah, come on guys.
This place is bullshit.

- Wait, you have to listen to me!

You're in grave danger!

- Get off of me, you crazy bitch!

- Wait girls, you forgot your phones.

Please be careful.

- Thank God we're away
from that psychic bitch.

- I know, we came here for a good time

and she tries to soil our
evening with a black cloud.

- How you feeling, Pipes?

- I'm okay.

How long till we get to Salem?

- Well, the band starts at nine,

so we've gotta get on the road now

because we have dinner yet to go.

- Guys, I really
don't know how to thank you

for such an amazing birthday.

- Aw, oh, you're so welcome.

How has the pedi?

- Oh God, it was the
most relaxing experience

I've had in forever and
the lady, she was so nice.

She hooked me up with
a pumpkin spice latte

and an apple cider donut.

- No way, a foot massage and a free latte?

Sign me up for that shit.

- Sounds like a daydream to me.

- Well, you better take notes

because my birthday's in a few months,

but instead of pumpkin spice,
I want peppermint schnapps.

- Well, I really can't believe you guys

got us tickets for the show tonight.

It's going to be a blast.

- I cannot wait to see Marshall
and have him sing to me.

He's so fucking hot.

- You didn't happen to get
us backstage passes, did you?

- No, the 33rd row was
the best I could do.

- That's cool. I'll take
them any way I can get them.

- Hey guys, who's getting hungry?

- Me!

- You're a sinner and you know it.

You don't follow what's in here.

You have man on man sex.


You kill babies.

You do drugs and alcohol.

You vote for the wrong side.

That's what you do.




Are these things we need?

- What is he talking about?
- Or things we just want?

- I can't believe they
play this in restaurants.

- You're a sinner and you know it.

- You're a sinner

and you know it.
- Because you don't follow

- I know.
- What's in here.

- Well, according to the internet,

everything here's supposed to be amazing.

- I know, I love places like this.

- Small town charm, you know.
- These are things

that are only going to hurt you.

'Cause you're a sinner.

- Don't even tell me.
- Mm-hmm.

Mr. Smith himself.

- I thought you were done with Nick.

- I was, but we've just been
together for so long, you know.

- What do they even want this time?

- He's been after me all day

to go out tonight for my birthday.

But I said I had plans with the girls

and he's been texting me all day.

- Why do you
think that these are sins?

These are people who should be cast out.

Don't you understand?

I don't think...

- Is that what you want to drink?

- I'll have a diet cola.

I'll have a regular cola.

- I'll have a diet as well.

- Can I just have water?
- Sure.

- I'm just being from sin.

- Guys, she scared the shit out of me.

- Well online said the food was great

but they didn't say
anything about the service.

- Well maybe I'll hop online

and give them a little feedback.

- Oh man, look at all these choices.

Biscuits and gravy is calling my name,

but I think I'm actually gonna get

a ham and cheese sandwich.

- Biscuits and gravy at this hour?


- Hey, she's a big girl.

She can order what she wants.

- I think I'm getting a corn dog.

- If you can tell me

what's truly wrong with this world...

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Thanks.
- You gotta sacrifice.

- Thank you.

- Do you guys know what you'd like to eat?

- Um, yes, I'm gonna have

the ham and cheese sandwich

with beer-battered fries, please.

- I'll have a cheeseburger
with onion rings.

- What do you want on your burger?

- Ah, ketchup and mustard.

- I'll have the chicken sandwich
with beer-battered fries.

- Bread or a roll?

- Bread.

- Can I have a corn dog and a side of


- You got it.

- Guys, there's this frame over there

of this couple that says
customer of the month.

I wonder what that's all about.

- Hey, it's my birthday.

Can I be the customer of the month today?

- No.

- So how do you become
customer of the month?

- Whoever comes in the most
during the month previous

is customer of the month.

Graham and Emma are in
here almost every day,

having tea and biscuits for breakfast.

- Ooh, all right.

- Why did you bring that with you?

- Because it's a real umbrella.

- You're
gonna go straight to hell

at this point. - Yeah,

- And you'll deserve it.
- Maddie.

You're gonna go straight to hell.

- I'm really going to hell if
you can't have even one drink.

- Right, we were just at the strip club.

- What brings you girls to town today?

- Oh, just going to a concert.

- Concert?

There's nothing going on around here.

- It's in Salem.

You see, we're all going
together for her birthday.

- Oh, which way are you headed?

- Um, North 33.

About two hours away from here.

- Well, whatever you do, you
make sure you stay on 33.

Don't take any shortcuts

and don't go on School House Road.

You don't wanna end up there. Trust me.

Enjoy your meal.

- His house, you
don't follow the rules...

- What was that all about?

- I don't know.

- Hey guys. Mm.

- Funny.

- That's a sin.

Your life is...

- That was a really good home-cooked meal.

- Now all I need is a tall glass of vodka.

- That's the last thing you need.

- It feels like we've been
waiting for this check forever.

- No wonder, she's all over
that guy in the corner.

- Pay attention to me.

- Um, excuse me?

Could we please have our check?

- Thanks.

- Now remember what I said.

You guys wanna stay off School House Road.

- Thanks.

- Well, we better get going.

I'm not going to miss Marshall
singing his love songs

without a shirt on.

- I know he's so dreamy.

- Well there's still some
travel time left in the trip.

We might as well play a
game of truth or dare.

- What? How are we gonna
do dares in the car?

- Okay then. Truth, truth.

- I don't know about that guys.

- Why, do you have something to hide?

- Ha, ha.

We all know you have nothing to hide.

Well, who's gonna go first?

- Oh, me, me.

- Okay, Piper. You can go first.

- Piper, have you ever smoked weed?

- Who hasn't?

- Uh-oh, somebody better
call Rehab Anonymous.

- It's Alcoholics Anonymous, genius.

- Oh, okay. Act like you never did.

- Okay. Okay.

Who's next?

- Me, do me.

- Okay, Lilly.

Have you ever stolen a
book from the library?

- Why would I do that when
I can rent them for free?

- I don't know what kind of
twisted book fantasies you have.

- Good Lord, Skylar. All right.

It's your turn.

- Okay. Hit me.

- How many people have you slept with?

- Well, there was Cameron from last night,

Joshua from last week and
Kyle from this morning.


- Okay, who's next?
- Me, me.

- Okay, so we all know
you've been crushing

on that boy from the supermarket.

How far have you went with him?

- Could we ask something else?

- No. That's your question.

- I haven't even gone on a date with him.

- Any signs of life?

- Yeah, really. Aren't we gonna be late?

- Well, I really can't drive any faster

with the tires that I have.

Oh no.

- Are you fucking kidding me?

- What, what's going on?

- Stop it already.
- Hey, I'm not

fucking around this time.

We're having car trouble.

- You've got to be joking, right?

- I wish.

- And when's the last time
you put oil on this thing?

- Literally yesterday.

- Oh, so you can change your oil,

but you can't change your tires?

- So now what do we do?

- Well, I got nothing.

- Me, either.

- Guys. This is serious.

We're in the middle of nowhere,

we have no cell service and we
haven't passed a gas station

or anything in like how long?

- Good Lord. What a way to wake up.

Can we at least roll down
the windows or something?

Get some fresh air.

- Yeah, here.

- Guys, I have to pee

- Skylar, right now?

Really? - I'm sorry.

My bladder works overtime when
I'm nervous and when I drink.

- Okay. Just be careful.

- Okay. Thanks.

Guys, you will not
believe what I just found.

There's a building up there.

- A what?

- What type of building?
Did you see anyone?

Any lights?

- It's looks like an old school,

but not lights that I saw.

- What are we waiting for?

Let's get out of here.

- Well, it looks like our only option.

- Well, yeah, but I'm kind of scared.

- Yeah, I get that, but
someone might be up there

to help us with the car.

- Yeah. Come on, Pipes.

- Okay. Let's go.

- Fuck!

- It looks like an old school.

- Fuck.
- What?

- That crazy at the restaurant,
she wrote on our bill,

"Do not go down Schoolhouse Road."

Guessing we made a wrong turn.

- Oh my God.

- Well, we can always make the best of it.

It's getting dark soon.

We're gonna have to walk
for help in the morning.

Well, let's get walking.

Well, it certainly looks
like school's not in session.

- No shit. I'm not sure
if I should laugh or cry.

- I know, right?

- I'm just glad we're inside.

I could not be outside all day.

- Hey, birthday girl.

Why don't you go first?

- When you think the
last person was in here?

- Mm, from the look of it,

I'd say I have no fucking clue.

- Well, does anybody have
to go to the bathroom?

- Geez, I wish I would've known.

- By the looks of it, looks
like it's been a while

since the cleaning lady graced
the rooms of this place.

- Where do you think they go?

- How do you think I know?

- Well, they probably go upstairs.

We're not gonna

get anywhere just standing here.

What the hell was that?

- I'm not sure about this exploring thing.

- I'm sure that the
building's just settling.

- Shouldn't a place this
old have settled by now?

I don't think we should keep looking.

- Don't be such a pussy.

What the fuck was that?

- Maybe we should just go back to the car.

- And what? Get attacked
by bear in broad daylight?

- Well, if we stay here,
we might be dead too.

- It's fine.

Let's just keep going.

- Hey, wait up guys.

- Do you guys know those
sounds we just heard?

They remind me a lot of the sounds

I used to hear at my grandma's
house when I was little.

- What, did your grandparents
live in a haunted school too?

- Funny, no.

But when I was little
and I'd spend the night,

I'd hear these sounds
all the time at night.

And she explained to me that
they came from the pipes

from the furnace in the basement.

- What, do you think
this place has a furnace?

- I mean, probably.

So that's probably where
the noises are coming from.

Do you wanna go check it out?

- Well, maybe two of us should
stay up here and walk around

and the other two check the basement area.

- I don't know why someone always suggests

to split up at the dumbest time.

- Lilly, do you wanna come
with me to the basement?

Lilly? Hello?

- Oh, yeah, that's fine.

- Good luck, guys.

Lilly, what are you doing?

- Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

I just feel a little weird.

- I hope that world famous diner

didn't give you food poisoning.

- You think?

- All right, kiddo.

Some birthday surprise
this turned out to be, huh?

- I mean, there's no way that any of us

could have known this was gonna happen.

- I guess it's just the luck of the draw.

And poor Piper.

You know, I wanted
to see that concert.

I guess there's always next year.

There's no way we're
getting out of here tonight.

What do you think?


Hey, what are you doing?

- Ah, yeah, uh, I don't know.

- What the hell is wrong with you?

- It's nothing, I'm just stressed out

about this whole situation.

- Okay. I was just worried.

You really had me
freaked out for a second.

- Yeah, I'm fine. I'm sorry.

- Okay. Let's keep going.

We have to find the furnace.

It's gonna be a long, cold night.

- I'm sorry your birthday
turned out this way.

- Oh, it's okay. At least I'm
here with my best friends.

- Aw.

- I really hope the girls are
finding that furnace okay.

- Yeah, me too, I really wanna know

where those noises are coming from.

- Hey, look, another set of stairs.

- Hmm, this building
does not look that tall

from the outside.

- Do you wanna take 'em?

- I mean, we don't know
how far the others got.

We probably should have got a plan

to meet up with them later.

- Well, it's a little too late for that.

- No doubt. Well, let's give them a try.

- Ooh, look at this small space.

Oh my God. - What?

- Look what I found.

- What the fuck?

- How the hell did this get here?

- I have no idea.

- Do you think we should show Lilly?

You know how much she loves books.

- Hell no. She's been
acting all sickly and weird.

The last thing she needs is
to worry about another book.

- You're right.

Maybe I shouldn't

even touched it.

- I don't think touching it will have

any negative side effects,

but it should definitely just stay there.

- For sure, and we're not going

to tell the other two we found it either.

- Right, I agree.

- Hmm.
- It sounds like

I can hear a furnace.

- Yeah. Maybe it's already running.

- That's probably why the
lights and everything are on.

- That's true. So we'll get warm soon.

- Yeah.

It's so gross in here.

- When do you think this place was built?

- I don't know. Probably the 1700's.

- That's true.

Can you imagine going to school here?

- Yeah, I don't even know
what you would learn about.

What's history before history?

- Since we already found the furnace,

maybe we should go find the girls.

- Yeah, we should probably
start looking for 'em soon.

It might take a while with
how big this place is.

I feel like we're going in circles

and it's starting to make
me feel a little sick.

- Let's go.

Oh, my fucking God.

Found the coal for the furnace.

- Hey.

- Hey, hey, hey, what?

I'm covered in shit here.

- I'm gonna go get some help.

I need my jacket.

- Help? I don't need help.

Where are you going?

We need to stick together.


Oh, this is my good outfit!

Where am I supposed to get
cleaned up in a place like this?



What the hell's back here?

No fucking way.

I can't believe this shit works.

I feel so fucking dirty.


- Hello?

Can I help you?

Hey, um, what are you doing here?

- Oh my God. This place goes on forever.

- I know it's like a fucking labyrinth.

- Don't say that.

That reminds me of the one movie

where that guy chases the kid with the ax

in the maze in the snow.

Well, since you brought
up the size of this place,

I was thinking maybe we should just stay

in one place for right now.

We don't have the slightest clue

where Lilly and Skylar are.

In case they pass through.

- I know, believe me, I know.

I've been thinking about that.

- So what do you wanna do?

- What do I wanna do?

I wanna get a huge cheeseburger

and then get a foot massage

and then watch "Dark Shade Creek."

That movie scares the shit out of me.

- I know, right?

I watched that last Halloween

on the "Horror Movie Marathon."

- Oh, I love Halloween.

This kind of feels like Halloween,

except we're getting more of the tricks

rather than the treats.

- Hmm, this GPS tracker
took me right to her.

Where the hell is this?

I'm in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Well looky what we have here.

I knew I'd find her here.

Where the hell are they at?


What the hell's a school
doing all the way out here?

It's probably where the
Illuminati have their orgies.


Piper, I know you're in here.

- I have to pee so bad.

- Really, Maddie?

Right now?

- Well when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Plus I kind of overdid it
today with the sports drinks.

I was so hungover I'm
from drinking last night.

- I don't need to hear that kind of shit.

You're how old? You should be able

to handle yourself by now.

- I don't need your motherly lectures,

I just need a restroom.

- Well, what are we gonna do
if the girls come through?

I thought the deal was that
we were gonna stay in one spot

so we wouldn't miss them.

- Well would you rather stay here?

- No freaking way am I staying here alone

in this hell hole.
- Well then I suggest

you follow me.

- I don't remember any of this.

Are you sure we're going the right way?

- Yeah, it's right up here.

- We should just look
downstairs for a bathroom.

This is like walking in circles.

- Ah...
- What?

- Is that Lilly?

Lilly, what the hell are you doing?

Where's Skylar?

- Skylar!

Help me!



- Maddie, please don't run away.

I don't know what's wrong with me.

Maddie, I don't feel so good.

Can you help me, please?

Maddie, please!

- Lilly, what's gotten into you?

What were you doing with that ax?

Where's Skylar and Piper?

- Have you ever been in a rainbow, Maddie?

I have.

They're black inside
and that's where I am,

in the blackness.

In the black rainbow.