Dark Obsession (1989) - full transcript

Hugo (Gabriel Byrne), heir to a fortune, is married to Ginny (Amanda Donahoe). They have a young son, and she seems devoted to Hugo, but jealousy wracks him. He imagines her in the arms of a colleague, he spies on her, he rages. One night, after drinking with members of his regiment, he runs his car over a woman: she dies, and all but one of his pals urge him to drive on. Why didn't he stop or swerve? She looked like Ginny. A psychological tug of war ensues: Peter (Struan Rodger), Hugo's business associate, wants to use the cover-up to leverage power over the estate; Jamie (Douglas Hodge), who's dating Hugo's sister, wants to go to the Police. Hugo's family closes ranks. As the Police investigation closes in, who wins the power struggle?

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[music playing]

[music playing]






The Queen.

[TOGETHER] The Queen.


Nice to see you back, Lord.

Thank you, Waldo.

Very nice to be back.

I take full credit
for that, Waldo.

He's my guest, aren't you, Hugo?

Oh, indeed, Jamie.

He used to leave whiskeyfor me in my tooth mug

when we were at school.

I think it was because hehad a thing for my sister.

Oh, Jamie.


Hard to imagine
you in the city.

What exactly do
you do there, Hugo?

What's the best buy now?

I'm not a stockbroker, Alec.

I, um, I'm more of an adviserto Peter here, really.

ALEC: Come on, you
can give us a hint.

No, I can't.

Of course, it's
damned hard to maintain

the lifestyle of theregiment once you left it.

Who pays the bills?

I do.

Peter does, of course.

He says it's worth it forthe uh, the letter heading.

He says the title looksawfully good on the stationery.


You were never in the
Army, were you, Peter?

None of the services?

In none of the services, no.

I went straight into the city.

We're, uh, we're aboutto go into South America,

aren't we, Peter?

We were in the Falklands.

You missed
something there, Hugo.

HUGO: Yes.


Hello, is that Mandy?


Has Lady Bruckton arrived yet?

Oh, I see.


Did she say what
time she'd return?

[music playing]


Are you on duty tonight?

Yes, won't be long.

Mind if I come along?


[music playing]

Here we go.

Let me drive, Jamie.

I ought to, really.

Oh, don't be prat, Jamie.

It's Hugo.

Let him drive!

Look after her.

[music playing]

[laughter and chatter]

[music playing]

Oh, wait a minute.

Hold on, chaps.

Hold on--



[music playing]

Say, Hugo, you are comingto my stag night, aren't you?

I'm best man.

Oh, God help us.

I don't suppose Alec's wifeis going to be much of a threat.

Got her well trained already?

Rather, eh?


[music playing]

[glass shattering]


JACK: And how's your wife, Hugo?

Delectable Lady Bruckton, hm?

I gather she's teamed
up with Raul Vargas.

You see, Hugo, I'd havethought you'd have been the one

to handle her business affairs.

Under the circumstances.

Come on, Jack,
leave him alone.


[music playing]

Hugo, watch out!



[tires squealing]

[music playing]

[dog barking]


Is she all right?

Come on, up you get.

Come on.

Are you OK?

Get her over there.

No, I don't think
she should be moved.

She should go over there.

That's not the
right thing to do.

Call an ambulance.

She's dead.

We've got to get the police.

There's nothing we can do.

- Get an ambulance!
- All right, quiet down!

What do you mean quiet down!

We can't just leave her here!

Get the police!

For fuck's sake, get
him back in the car.

I said she's dead.

Jesus Christ!


Get the fucking police!

Get back in the car!

What are you doing!

In the car!

Shut up!

[dog barking]

For Christ's sake!

Hugo, move over!

[music playing]

[glass shattering]

Hugo, we've got
to tell someone.

What does she look like?

She's dead!

She isn't anybody.


How can we just drive on?

What are we doing?

There's nothing we can do!

For God's sake!

We're in uniform,
for Christ's sake!

PETER: This hasn't happened.

Do you understand?

[dog barks]

[keys clattering]

[music playing]

[phone ringing]


GINNY [ON SPEAKER]: Hi, it's me.

I'm still at the party.

It's getting really late.

Look, I'll try and
get back if I can.

If I don't, please don't worry.

I'll probably stay
at Cordelia's.

Otherwise, I'll see
you down at crew.

Love you.




Yes, thanks.

I'll get back to you.

This one.

Reminds me of you.

Thank you so much.

My memory of you, anyway.

Can you hold those there?

Thank you.

Yeah, those are good.

Can you find me a copy
on those two, please?

Hi, mom.



Goodness, what a
sight for sore eyes.


How do you like
mommy's new office?

Are you going to drive
us down to the country?

Oh, Ed, I'm sorry.

I thought I told you I can't.

But it's the first
day at the holes.

I know.

I'm sorry.

Your mom is very
busy these days.




Don't worry.

Why don't I drive you down?

[music playing]



Why am I being roped off?

We are open to the publictomorrow, my Ladyship says.


They're here already?

EXETER: No, it's Master Edward.


Well, this is something.

This is indeed something.


Hi, grandad.


Hello, darling.

Hello, darling.

What have you done
to your forehead?

You all right?

Hello, Peter.

I hitched a ride with Raul.

I'm going on to the
Babberton's, so it's

no problem.
- Ah, good.

Come and have a drink.

You uh, you know each
other, of course.

Thanks, but I won't.

PETER: I heard all about you.

Still playing the polo?

RAUL: Anyway, better go.

I'll ring you over the weekend.

And do your homework.

Bloody Argies.

Still, they do breed goodpolo ponies, don't they, Hugo?

[car driving away]

I'll take our luggage in.

Bad for you, old boy.

I don't want to!

Put me down.
- Yes, you do.

Don't let him watch TV
for too long, Benny.

Oh, why on earth not?

Night, night, night.

Good night, sir.

Good night, Edward.

Sleep tight.


Hello, darling.

[classical music on radio]



You never told me
it was like this.

[music stops]

God, you've got
lousy selection, Jamie.

A telephone call for you.

Thank you, Mr. X.

Wonderful figure, that girl.

Absolutely miraculous figure.

I hear Virginia is becominga formidable business

woman, Hugo.

I do hope we won't
prove too dull for her.

[clunky car engine]

What on earth can be
making that noise?

Ah, Jamie Skinner.

Oh, yes, of course.

Rebecca's invited him
down for the weekend.

PETER: Poor old Jamie.

Shouldn't you get
that fixed, Jamie?

Hi, everybody.

Hello, darling.

You can use our
garage if you like.

Telephone tomorrow.


It sounded like an oldHook's clock coming to get you.


Peter Pan.


Old Hook's clock.

And he loves
his little Jaguar.

Um, sorry.

I was looking for Hugo.

He's not here, I'm afraid.

I'm just doing the uniform.

Excuse me.

I had such a good
time last night.

HUGO: Oh, really?

I really wish
you'd been there.

I'm so pleased with that office.

I really think it's
going to work, you know?

[music playing]

I thought you said it wasall going to be over by 10:00.

I telephoned.

We went onto
dinner afterwards.

I drank far too much.

Was Raul there, at dinner?


You left quite early.


[music playing]


Do you know what it's
like for me to love you?

Do you have any idea?


[music playing]

[gong ringing]

Well, here's to lots
and lots of tourists

and to lots and lots
of money for us.

Do be quiet, Rebecca.

The council have
this idea to buy

the lower section of Down Park.

HUGO: Do they, indeed?

What for?

A leisure center, I think.

It seems to me-- I
hope you don't mind?


Well, there may be advantages.

If the council wants
something from you,

well, it might help infurther plans that you have.

HUGO: What plans, Peter?

Who's that fellow
talking to my wife?

GINNY: Peter.


Does no one have a
surname nowadays?

GINNY: Peter Eggleton.

Rebecca, darling, youare doing the dress show,

aren't you?


I don't want to walk up anddown modeling silly clothes.

Who cares about their
clothes, anyway?

Who wants to be a clothes horse?

I'm sure if you
ask them nicely,

they'll let you model
the long dresses.

Ginny, my legs
are bloody good.

It's easy to tell when youstarted on the catwalk.

Got to start somewhere.

No, my dear.

Not all of us.

There is a story that
[clears throat] a young

Countess of Crewne
threw off all her

clothes except her
shoes and stockings

and danced naked on the table.


Not something that any
of us would wish to see

repeated now, of course.

Different mansionentirely when you inherit.



But then I wouldn't behere to see that, would I?

Worse luck.

[clears throat]

Couldn't we just
sleep together?

You'd better not be
here in the morning.

What is it, Jamie?


Worrying you?



What are you doing, Jamie?

Um, nothing.

Just to the loo, you know.

I thought gentlemen
went downstairs.


In my family, gentlemen alwaysgo to the lavatory downstairs.

Of course.

I knew some
Skinners in Cheshire.

Um, cousins, I think.

They're quite distant.


Hugo tells me you werequite a scholar at school.

Doesn't that mean you'resupposed to be awfully clever?

No, it wasn't that
sort of a scholarship.

It was more a sort of a bursaryfor, um, sons of old boys

if they found the
fees rather right.

I see.

Goodnight, Jamie.

Goodnight, Lady Crewne.

Yeah, well, I said that.



I've given up
on the little man

from the Coal
Board compensation,

but Peter says he
knows the minister.



Yeah, yeah.

Uh-huh, OK.

I'll see.

I'll speak to you soon.

Bye bye.

So who was that, then?

Cordelia inviting
us to supper.


[music playing]

EDWARD: They won't like meso they won't want to come.

GINNY: Of course
they'll like you.

Of course they'll like you.

Do you like it
when I tickle you?


Do you?

I'll miss it at
boarding school.

I'm sure you'll find
someone to tickle you.

But it won't be
the same as yours.

No, is it a special tickle?

Is it a special tickle?

Yours is.

I'll miss tickling you.

Jamie went away toschool, didn't you, Jamie?

What's that?



What's it like?

It's fine.
Tell you what.

Teaches you do to make a
go of things, you know?

Get on with people,
not make a fuss.

Where's Peter?

With mummy creeping.

Oh, Hugo, um, Raul rang,and I invited him to lunch.

JAMIE : Hugo!

Hello, Jamie.

It's in the papers.

I've been through them all.

She was alive for 17 hours.

Peter said she was dead.

[music playing]

Jamie, I didn't
mean to kill her.

Look, I know you
didn't intend to do it,

but I really think we
should come forward.

Come clean.

It's too late, Jamie.

Too late.

You can't be blamed
for blacking out.

No one can blame you for that,and you mustn't blame yourself.

But I don't blame
myself, Jamie.

[music playing]


What do you want?

[music on radio]


Hi, darling.

Are you all right?



[dogs barking]

You look so in love.

How long have you been there?

He told me, of course,about your first meeting.

Did he?

Winter collection
meets the chaka on ice.

A perfect coupling.

Look, Peter, I've got a lot ofwork to do, if you don't mind.

I came to say goodbye.

Oh, you're going?

Yes, I've got to
get back to London.

Exeter is driving
me to the station.

So you'll have the
car to yourselves.

Good luck with the homework.



Peter's leaving!

[music playing]


[music playing]


Perhaps we ought to movethe public lavatories over

to the west wall.

They seem to need
to go such a lot.

REBECCA: Well, perhaps weought to charge them for it

if there's such a demand.

I'm, uh, sorry
about this, Raul.

We, uh-- we're
open to the public

so we have to eat down here.

LORD CREWNE: : I hearyou've been up to no good.

Who says?

Cook says.

EDWARD: How many cigaretteshave you had today?

change the subject.

You know, I think
he's bloody unfair.

Hugo's going to inherit
the lot, and all

I get is some rotten littlecottage on the estate.

Rebecca, darling, we'regiving you a lovely party

for your birthday.

Just because he's got a prick.


REBECCA: Just because
you've got a--

Shut up, Rebecca!

REBECCA: Make me,
huggles, darling.

Go on, shut me up,
like you used to.

[dogs barking]

[music playing]

Where are the others, Edward?

Where's mummy?

They went over
to the orangery.

Were you with them?

Yes, but they wanted
a talk, you know.


Good boy.

[music playing]


[music playing]

Let him look if he wants to.

[music playing]

[dog barking]

I've, uh, got to
go back tomorrow.

There's a sword
drill in the evening.

Practice for the Queen's parade.


Do you think Edward
looks like me, Jamie?

JAMIE: Not especially.

You don't think we're
spoiling him, perhaps?



JAMIE: Short.


Yes, Jamie?

About the other night.

Oh, by the way,
I meant to say it

was very good of you to have,um, to have Peter along.

Most interesting for him.

Thank you so much.

That's all right.

Look, I don't know what
it is that's making

you behave like this, but--

Mind if we watch?

HUGO: Of course.

OK, well, I'll
see you at lunch.

All right?
- Yes, sir.

Sergeant Major!

Smoking, Jack?

No, thanks.

It's bugger it had to be
the Castlemere's cook.

They'd only had her a year.


Did you, uh, ever have
her cheese souffle?

No, can't say that I did.

Well, you won't now, will you?


We ought to make a
donation or something.

You'll do nothing of the sort.



No contact of any
kind beyond us five.

We agreed.

Coming Thursday?

Got something pretty
tasty lined up.

Any better now?


I'm afraid that's the
best I can do for you.

All right.

Bugger all.

I hope you're not going
to paint in the bruise.

It's, um, it's changing
color all the time.

[skateboard clatter]



How many bloody
times have I told you

not to do that in the house!

[clock chiming]

GINNY: Bye, Ed.

God, I'm going to miss him.

Off you come.

Oh, uh, by the way, aboutthe boy's prep school.

GINNY: Christ.

We have to talk
about it, you know.


I thought it had
already been decided.

Before he was born, beforewe even knew what sex he was.

Look, he's got a place
there, hasn't he?

Let's just hope someone dropsa bomb on it before September.

Darling, how do you
expect that you're

going to launch this magazineif Edward isn't going

to be sent away to school?

That's not fair.

I don't see why I can't workand have my son with me.

You know what your problem is?

No, what?

You want everything.


[music playing]


[music playing]

What the fuck was that for?

What is the matter with you?

Are you going to talk to me?

It's my work.

I don't even know what
your bloody work is.

Well, I'll tell you.

I'd love to tell you.

I don't want to know.

[music playing]


You must be--


You must be totally
bloody insensitive.



Yes, to begin working
with that-- with him.

- No.- Under the circumstances.

What circumstances!

How do I know-- how do Iknow that you haven't been

seeing him all the time?

How do I know that?

Look, I am not having
an affair with Raul.

Why do you allow yourselfto be so threatened by him?

I chose you.

Peter-- Peter
could have helped.

[music playing]


Look, I never meant
to hurt you by this.

You always said that
I gave you everything.

You do.

You do love me, don't you?

You do?

Show me.

[music playing]


[music playing]

What's happening to you?

What's happening to you?


Jamie Skinner?

Ah, I thought it was you.

I didn't know you lived here.

I'm just up the way.

You must come for
a drink sometime.

[music playing]

- Morning, Ken.
- Good morning, Lord.

How are you?

Very well, thank you.


Hello, sir.


Hello, Cord.

This young man, Luke,
needs a haircut.

He's off to his new schoolin a few weeks, so--

Jolly good.

-- don't spare the clippers.


So how do you do
to Mr.Luke, Edward.

How do you do, Mr. Luck?

How do you do, sir?

LUKE: Would you like somethingon his hair, my Lord?

Yes, why not?

Nothing to sticky, though.

LUKE: Very good, sir.


[burlesque music]

It was right outside
Raul Vargas's house.

Oh, really?

Did you think it was Ginny?

Did you think it was Ginny?

Did you?

Did you!

Piss off.


[music playing]



What you got there?


[dog barking]

She's caught a mole.


What is it?

Oh, it's a mole.

Somebody's caught a mole.


It's a lovely dog.

Lovely dog, aren't you?

[speaking japanese]

PETER: What we're
looking at here

is a 20% yield minimum for that.


Most of the heavy plant
here will be Herman,

and we're considering
the possibility of using

cane sugar by products.


And there's a ready-made road.

- What, all the way from there?- Yeah.

I don't believe this.

Glad you made it out, eh?

So, so, here's--
here's go you, Joe.

Joe, um, DiMaggio.


Uh, DiMaggio played ball.

Oh, really?

So will you, Joe.

So will you.

[water stops]

You stupid bastard, Hugo.

Why do I always have
to cover up for you?

Listen to me.

From now on, you do
exactly what I say.

Has that sunk in here?



Ah, yes!


I'm very sick.



You know that accident?


On Chesham Street?

Everybody's calling
it the wheels on meals.

- Christ.- What is wrong with you?


It wasn't an accident.

It was in this car.

I think Hugo was
trying to hit Ginny.

You're mad.

He was driving.

You're crazy.

I was in the car.

You've got the wrong person.


No, I don't see
any problem at all.

But, um, I'll get back
to you on it, all right?

Is he in?

Hugo, yes.

Thank you.

Hi, darling.

I've been thinking about you.

Right, bye.

I wanted to talk to you.

Are you OK?

Can I take you to lunch?

Have you got time?

I always have time
for you, my darling.

Do you?

I love you.

[door opens]

Just taking Hugo to lunch.

I'm sorry.

That's, um, impossible.

Hugo and I have got to goover tonight's strategy.

HUGO: Peter, I thought
you said we were

going to do that this evening?

I know, but I've
had to reschedule.

I really am sorry.

Uh, game for you.

Apparently, it's urgent.

[door closes]

You ought to tell
him to piss off.

Why don't you--


[bell clanging]


Hello, John.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Madge Castlemay!

This horrid business.

You know, this rumor about Hugo.

God knows how it got started.

Of course, it's
quite ludicrous.

Of course it is.

Jamie, I wasn't
even there that night.

I know, but couldn't he
have thought it was you?

Jesus Christ,
what are you saying?

This is nonsense.

[music playing]

[doorbell ringing]

OFFICER: Good evening, sir.

[voices talking]

[music playing]

The accident happened lateat night a few weeks ago.


But the woman was
taken to hospital.


The incident took placeoutside the home of Mr. Vargas.

I believe you know him, sir.

Former business
associate of yours.

HUGO: Yes, I know
Mr. Vargas very well,

but, uh, I fail to see whatthat has to do with me.


You've heard the rumor linkingyour name with the event?

HUGO: Yes, it's ridiculous.

OFFICER: Yes, sir.

But where were you that night?

HUGO: Well, as a
matter of fact, I

was having dinner with some offriends from my old regiment.



Lady Bruckton.

Forgive the appalling
venue and the wine list.

The Turf And White's would haveseemed a little conspicuous,

so I chose Soho.

Oh, come on, Peter.

It's obvious why we're here.

Someone's let the
cat out of the bag,

and it has to be one
of us, doesn't it?

Someone here has talked.

And we all swore not to.

Has anyone here saidanything to anyone about this?

- Yes.
- What!


- You?
- I said yes.

Oh, Jamie!

I'm sorry, Hugo.

I really am.

Well, go on!

What do you mean, go on?

Who did you tell?

You broke your word.

I suppose you've
told everybody!



I want tell you.

You bloody well will.


God, you little hypocrite!

Talk about double standards.

Little shit.

Have you been sendingme blackmail notes, Jamie?


Not very clever
of you, was it?

Considering you look
like the guilty party.

JAMIE: What do you mean?

What do you mean?

[dance music]




Oh, you bitch.

You bloody bitch!

I'm sorry, Hugo!

I'm sorry!

I didn't mean to do it!


It was a joke.

It was just a joke.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

I'm so sorry.

[music playing]

Do you know where
moles have their ears?


Under their armpits.


It's true.

John told me.

I don't know how
John knows, though.


Anyway, how many have
you had today, grandpa?





Let me see the packet.

How many were in the packet?


Oh, by the way, how is
the, uh, the new girl?


She's fine.

Edward seems to like her.



You going out tonight?


Why do you ask?

We-- we could have
dinner out if you like?

No, I-- I just thought thatif you wanted to go out, I was

going to have an early night.


I see.

Well, in that case, I thinkI'll stay at the club.

GINNY: "'I can't stand it.

I just can't stand it,' saidthe little boy as he was taken

to see the lions in their cage.

'I bet they'd be
more happy at home."

Every time he went
to the zoo, he

did his best to
talk them out of it,

but they only laughed at him."

Right, sleepytime.

[music playing]

[door clicks]

GINNY: Toby?

Toby, where are you?




Go on, bed.

[phone ringing]


Hello, darling.

No, he's out.

Listen, Cordelia,
I'm downstairs.

Let me pick up in
the bedroom, OK?

[hangs up phone]


Captain J. Skinner.

Yes, he was duty
officer that evening.

Now can you tell me
what this is all about?

Would his car
be kept here, sir?

His car?

Captain Skinner is afirst rate career soldier.

Actually, he's a fine officer.

I'm sure that in this
case there's a perfectly

straightforward explanation.

Well, I can't
believe he's your man.

The car?

Shall we look at the car, sir?

[music playing]


It clearly wasn't Hugo
who was responsible.

I spoke to Peter about it,and he tells me the rumor

was started by Jamie Skinner.

Well, I never did have
any confidence in him.

There's nothing worse
than being disloyal to--

Peter told you that that?

That is ridiculous.

But that's not the point!

The point is we must alldo our very best for Hugo

so that no one can be
in the slightest doubt.

Edward loves coming
here, doesn't he?



It's so good for him
to get out of London.

Yes, it is.

You gave everyone suchpleasure when he was born.

Oh, good.

Of course, I was alwaysa great support of yours.

It's so important whenthere are children involved.

It would be quite terrible--
unthinkable-- for Edward

if anything should
happen to Hugo.

Yes, so nice to chat
with you like this.

I'd been meaning to,
you know, for some time.

I want you to feel
that you really

are a part of this family.



It's me.

REBECCA [ON SPEAKER]: Jamie,for God's sake, it's only 7:00.

I've got to come in.


Please, I need to come in.

I've got to have
somewhere to stay.

The police are after me.

REBECCA [ON SPEAKER]: Oh,that's your own fault.

You shouldn't have gone tothem in the first place.

I didn't!

[music playing]

[band music playing]

Good evening, sir.

Mr. And Mrs. Horsley Stevens.

Good evening, Sir Brian.

Sir Brian and Lady Castlemere.

Colonol and Mrs. Smythe Jones.


Don't I get a birthday kiss?

Mr. Richard Lindley
and Lady Elizabeth f

Happy Birthday.

Are you coming
to the disco later?

It's in the stables.

We've called it
the eighth house.

You know, sex and death.

Don't worry, I'll show you.

EXETER: Brigadeer
and Mrs.Ethelridge.

Mr. David Steven and the
Honorable Miss Natasha


Captain and Mrs.--

What an evening.

It's absolutely enchanting.

Oh, thank you.

Good evening, sir.

I'm shaking too
many damn hands.

Above all, knickers.


Hello, Alec.

Ginny, darling.

Hello, Alec.


Oh, come on.

Save a dance for me, Ed.


Got you!

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

You're excused.

Excuse me.



[music playing]

[band music]

Good evening, Hugo.

Good evening, Lady Castlemere.

Brian, how are you?

You're looking well.
- You, too.

Thank you.

May I have my wife back, please.

Of course.

Thank you.

I think we should go
for a walk, my darling.

very inconvenient.

Two ghastly policemen.

I thought they'd come
about the parking,

but they want to interview Hugo.

They're most insistent.

I'll see to it.




An afterthought if
ever there was one.

I can't think what you
must have been thinking

of when you thought of her.

I must have been out of mymind when I thought of her.

Must have lost my mind.

Look, Hugo, it's
a bit cold for this.

I think we should go back.

I'm so sorry, my darling.


I want us to be alone tonight.

You look so beautiful tonight.

I've never seen you
look so beautiful.

Do you remember when
I first brought you

here, when you first saw this?


What have you done?

Please, Hugo, don't do this.

You're frightening me, Hugo.

No one will disturb us here.

Ginny, I love you so much.

GINNY: What are you--

Listen to me!

Listen to me.

I forgive you, Ginny,
just as you forgive me.

GINNY: Don't do this.

I'm scared.

Ginny, don't be afraid.

Come here, my darling.

GINNY: [gasps]

[music playing]

[music playing]


[band music playing]

Shit, Jamie's here.

Jamie, what the hell
are you doing here?

Where's Hugo?

You look dreadful.

I want to see Hugo.

You can't at the moment.

Come on.


Ah, Sergeant.

I'm so sorry to have
kept you waiting.

Rather hectic
evening, I'm afraid.

Sorry to drag you away, sir.

That's quite all right.

Are they looking
after you, Waller?

About the accident.

Oh, yeah?

We need to talk
to Captain Skinner

before we proceed further.

Of course.

Anything that I can do to help.


you heard from him?

Any idea of his whereabouts?


DETECTIVE: But presumably younow a number of his friends.

Will you excuse me forjust a few moments, Sergeant?

shouldn't take long.

Well, there are someguests who've just arrived,

and I must attend to them.

You know how it is.

Thank you, Sergeant.

Jamie, that the hell
have you been up to?


Oh, look.

We've got a gate crasher.

[inaudible] Jack.

Let's keep this to ourselves.

We've got a gate
crasher, everybody!


Skinner's trying
to worm his way in.

I understand from
our hostess you

weren't invited to this party.

For God's sake.

You're improperly dressed.

And you're drunk.

Look at him.

Stay there!


Get up, Skinner.

Up you get, Skintworm.

Up you get, worm.

I want to talk to Hugo.

Well, he doesn't
want to talk to you.

None of us do.

I just want to
talk to him, really.

Stand up, Skinner.

Your mother wants you, Hugo.


PETER: She's certainthey're going to arrest you.

Stand up, Skinner.

Stand up, damn you.

We know what to do withthe gate crasher, don't we?

We chuck him in the pond!





[music playing]

OK, Skinner.

Party's over.

Time to go home, now, eh?

Come on, upsey daisy.

On your feet, Skintworm.

Get up.

Don't look too
clever, do you old man?


Time to get him home, I think.

Yeah, come on.

Who's a brave boy now?

Come on, up.

Upsey daisy, come on.

Get up.

There we are.

Soon have you back
tucked up, my love.


Time for the party
poopers to go home, eh?

[music playing]

Oh, there you are.

I've been looking for
you all over the place.

Hi, Ed.

You've been crying.


[music playing]