Dark Night (2016) - full transcript

The lives of six strangers intersect at a suburban Cineplex where a massacre occurs.

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All right, so Marilyn

can you tell me
about Aaron as a child?

As a child, he stood out

from the other kids,

he saw things differently

and had a real gifted--

well, he was very gifted.

He liked art.

And he...

spoke early.

And he noticed things

I think quicker...

than kids his age.

And you still care about art?


What-- why do
you say it like that?

I'm not like
an artist, you know?

I'm like-- I'm like a--

I'm not really
making art right now,

so, you know, it's not a-- yeah.

It's not like a big, you know...


But you don't stop
being an artist.

Eva, stay!


Come on.

Give me a kiss.

We're gonna go inside.

Hey, that Eddie truck!

It is.


Whoa, and I got this!

Hey, boy.


Tennis ball.

All right, come on.

Mommy has to go to work.

We're gonna take you
to Grandma's,

- come on.
- To Nana's?


I can't do this.

Hey, guys!
Welcome back to my channel.

Thanks so much for being here
and hanging out with me today.

I have done
so many vlogs lately

and you guys give me the best,
like, love.

I have no plans

on competing right now or ever,

I'm not really sure.

It's an idea that I've rolled
around in my head

and been curious about
because I have so many friends

who do compete
and they look like they have

just so much fun doing it.

But they also have

those really tough days
that look like hell.

So, I'm kind of iffy on it.

I think the only reason
I would compete

is just to prove to myself
that I can do it.

And that I could dedicate myself

to something
so structured and strict.

But, yeah, that would be
one of the main reasons.

For the jury,
the video is a brief look

inside the mind
of the alleged killer

taken during a mental evaluation

to help determine whether Holmes

was legally insane
when he opened fire

in a Colorado movie theater.

Ordered by the court,
Dr. William Reed

interviewed Holmes nine times

for a total of twenty-two hours.

Did you think
about hurting yourself

or killing yourself?


How about hurting
or killing other people?

I can't kind of sleep, so--

and I'm homicidal.


So we are in agreement
on this now?

Because this is the last
gentle warning I can give you.

- Are we in agreement on this?
- Yes.

All right.

I get a ton of questions

in Instagram polls,
Twitter, Facebook.

And, you know,
and a lot of them,

they had the same questions.

my friend's videos

when they ask specific questions

and then they

So, I'm gonna go
read your questions

and answer them.

So the first question
on Instagram is,

would you consider your vlog

a lot of work to do,
a lot of

and, yeah,

so I'm

every day that

so yeah, I'm definitely
considering it,

see if I want
to do it

I don't like being
around other people,

it's-- and I have confined
myself to my house.

God, for a long time now.

And how do you manage?

Like, who gets groceries?

I do, but I have to go

at like 2:00, 3:00

in the morning
to Walmart or somethin'.

The hardest the thing
for me was actually coming back

and learning
how to be a family member.

You've got a five-year old son

who can't--
I'm like, "Stop, now!"

And my wife's like,
"You can't yell at him."

"You can't grab him."
I'm like, "Ah!"

Or, "Look, he can't cry."

Over in Iraq,
the friends I lost there,

that sucked, it was horrible,

but you have a way
to-- you got--

you gotta do your job
so you kind of...

- Right, it's expected, I mean--
- And it's expected, yeah.

You know not everybody's
gonna come home.

But then you come home
and you're goin',

", man,
they're still fallin'."

- Yeah.
- "You know,

what is going on here?"

It's okay, calm down.

There-- I knew
there's always gonna be people

that are just
not gonna like you.

You know? They're not--
they're gonna call you

an behind your back

and you're never
gonna hear about it.

You know?

Unless it's like your--
like your best friend.


Do you have a best friend?

Yeah, over the--
over the internet.

And that's about it.

Because I-- we fight a lot,

we fight so much
but it doesn't matter,

- 'cause you know?
- Is it someone

who you've met
before in real life

- or just someone you know?
- Just someone

I started playing
with on the internet

and we just never stopped

talking to each other.

- That's good.
- Yeah.

No, I-- no, I get--
I get what you're--

what you're saying.

A long time-- a while ago,

while I was in middle school,
I remember, like,

what the teachers
were saying was,

what kids don't understand
is that when you--

when you shoot someone
in real life

they don't, you know,
get back up and respawn.

And... I think
that was a little--

that was a little harsh,
you know?

That was a little, um...

to just assume kids
thought like that.

No, it-- I--

kids can discern reality
from a video game.

I think people make
those assumptions

because, well, pretty much
they don't play video games.

Well, yeah, what is violence?
Just, you know,

the act of aggression

or the act...

of, you know,

blood coming out
of someone's body?

No, it's actually the opposite.

The people playing
are actually...

more immersed

in what life isn't
than what it is.

And that's pretty much
why people play video games.

It's just to explore their mind,
explore reality,

explore different possibilities.

Not so much...

to, you know,

be warped
in some twisted reality

where you get to kill people
over and over again.

turn to me a little bit, yeah.

Come this way.

I gotta get this side.

Here you take this.

I'll give you
a little head massage

while I'm at it.

He kept having to pee.
He peed on a tree

out front
of my apartment complex.

Hey, that's a boy's
thing, you know?

We can--

I don't even...

This guy.

Give me that actually.

No, I asked first.

Rock, paper, scissors. Go.

Bro, it's all right,
see my wand.

There two
for me to get up here?

Because I thought
there was only one.

There's my decent one and
then that one you have pushed in.

You have to talk about it.

Yeah, I'm gonna hit that once
and I've no doubt about it.

I know Cheeba.

Baby lungs! Baby lungs!

Seem like...

Yeah tastes--

- Tastes like candlewax.
- It's on my hand.

How do you know
what candlewax tastes like?

Because you can smell it.

Yeah, but that doesn't
mean you can taste it.

It's your instincts.



Lucas Fickle...





One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine, ten,

11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,

17, 18, 19, 20,

21, 22, 23, 24, 25,

26, 27, 28, 29, 30,

31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37,

38, 40, 41.

One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine, ten,

11, 12, 13, 14,

15, 16,


Do you know where
I can find the towels?

Aisle Six.

I didn't know you worked here,

- Aisle Six?
- I do. Yeah.

Excuse me, I'm looking

for a Fourth of July shirt
for my husband

can you direct me
to the Men's Section?

Yeah, last table on your left.

- Oh. Thank you.
- A few of us

are going to the bay later,
if you want to come.


Oh, man.

I think that-- it--

is that what school is though?
Is that what--

is school one on one
with a teacher?

No, it's a bunch of kids
in a classroom

and you basically ask
the smartest one, you know,

how to do this
and they give you the answers

and then, you know,
you get a B

or an A on the test.
And you move on, you know?

There's no connection
with a teacher.

I don't-- that never--
that never happened.

So, I don't--

I don't-- I don't,
you know-- it--

I don't see the-- I don't see

why college would be that hard

in that aspect.

You said something about,
"You learn from the world."

Is that about experience
or what is that about?

It's about just--

do you want to die--
live or die, you know?

Is-- do you want to survive?

Then, you will-- you will,
you know, eat this--

not eat this berry
and eat this berry.

You know, you will not eat
this mushroom and you will--

you will sleep here,
you will not sleep there.

You will not go to--
into that forest

because there's plenty of snakes
that will bite and kill you.

You will not, you know,
play with tigers,

you will not, you know,
do these certain things

that will literally kill you.

And that's just--
it's all about--

just one on one,
you and the environment.

And the environment
is not a person,

the environment is not a human
with a brain trying to--

trying to,

resonate their ideas
throughout the universe.

It's the nature is true,

nature is real.

You know, humans are not real,

Human-- humans are ethereal.

Humans, think they're real.

And it's just, you know,

it's just a bunch of bullshit.

Hey, Jumper.

You okay?


I stopped by a couple times
and you weren't--

you weren't around.

Yeah, I moved.

Been touring a lot, too, so...

Where did you move?

I need to get online for a lesson.

You can use my internet.

Are you Saiga 12?


What's that, Saiga 12?

It's a gun.


Do you want to sing it?


♪ You are my sunshine

♪ My only sunshine

♪ You make me happy

♪ When skies are grey

Yeah, just--
it's this one, right?

Oh, yeah, yeah, okay.

- Let's take it from...
- ♪ You make me happy

♪ When skies are grey

♪ You never know dear

♪ How much I love you

♪ Please don't take

- ♪ My sunshine away
- Let's try that again...

- Okay.
- So we can just...

♪ Please don't take

♪ My sunshine away


♪ I'll always love you

♪ And make you happy

♪ If you would only

♪ Do the same

♪ And if you leave me

♪ To love another

♪ You'll regret it

♪ All some day

Let's do that one again.

Just so you can get used to it.

♪ You'll regret it

♪ All someday

You want to just do it alone?

Can I just ask who I'm speaking with?

Hi, JoAnn.
I'm calling about Summer.

She just-- she just wanted--

she wanted to express
that it would be a total

and complete dream
to work on this project.

So, she's really excited

for Susan's take on it.

On-- I'm sorry the casting--

the casting yesterday.

Oh, Summer Young.

It's just she's--

it would be a total dream.

It would be, like, I mean--

this-- it's sort of,

it would be such
an amazing opportunity

and I just really want
to express

that on Summer's behalf.

If you could pass
that along to Susan.

Oh, actually, we sent a tape in.

If it's possible for Susan

to actually see her in person

that would be really amazing.

She's actually
at a casting right now.

She's-- it's actually a double--

or I'm sorry,
a second call back.


Sophia, you're such a bitch.

But she's
available this afternoon.

After maybe, I guess, 4:00 PM?

Do you think that you might have

anything available for
after 4:00 PM?

Oh. Well, do you think
anything maybe tomorrow?

Okay, yes. Yes, exactly.

So, it would be in response
to the tape

or if you just didn't even

want to watch the tape
and you just wanted

to have her come on in.

What the

Excuse me.

Oh, my God.-

I don't necessarily think,

he would have given me,
you know, like a--

like a positive structure

or a person to look up to.

I just think, maybe, you know,

things would be different
about my personality

and I'd have more self-esteem

or integrity, you know?

Do you agree with that, Marilyn?

Aaron's his own person
and I think that,

yes, it helps to have a father

as a role model in your life,


You know, I think
probably would change--

changed some things, but I think

he's done pretty well

growing up and making decisions.


What are some of
the qualities that you--

that you like about him?

- That you think are--
- I think...

his talents,

that he's very talented.


he's not been a problem

with drinking, or drugs

or crime, or anything.

He's not even close to that.

He's been very passive

and very, you know, interested

in the things he likes to do.

And he's been a good son.

I don't know
where they are, Robert.

Is John home?

He's overseas.

Do you want money?
I could get my purse.



Is that your movie star face?

I sure hope so.

No, I didn't like Brookside.

Why not?

It sucked.

You just didn't
like the teachers?

Or the people there?

No, it's just the kids there

were constantly fighting me.

Fighting you?

- Yeah.
- Why?

Because they're faggots

can't control their anger.

Yeah, it's all right,

I don't-- I don't care,
it was middle school.

But you don't want that
when you're growing up--

you don't want to feel isolated
when you're--

when-- you don't want
to feel like people

are against you
when you're growing up.

- Uh-hmm.
- Just it destroys

your personality.

Is that a tattoo on your eye?

No, it's just makeup.

- It looks cool.
- Thanks.

The most ungrateful
thing everybody's ever seen.

It's too shallow. I think...

That's really hard
and shallow water.

- Sorry.
- We're making it now.

- I know.
- Exactly.

I had it for three years.

Neglected for three years

And I was fine.

When he did give me
the antibiotics,

it was changing.

The color of the breast,

the nipple was coming back out.

- So, you know, it--
- So they thought

it was just the infection
that it was healing itself

and that you were young enough.

So they needed to find out

if they needed to take it out.

So that's when I went
to do the biopsy.

And when the biopsy results
came back

it showed that I have
breast cancer.

No blood.

Outside-- it was all in here.

Internal bleeding.

And I had a subdural hematoma

and two days later,
my brain hemorrhaged

and shifted on the axis

and they went in
to suction the blood out

and found it had
hemorrhaged so bad

that they had to remove

part of my right temporal lobe

and part of my frontal lobe.

My whole life,

and everything
I've been through,

that I've drawn strength
from that.

You know?

The number of those shot

is changing by the minute.

Did you know that three people

were pronounced dead on arrival
at the hospital

including the shooter?

Reporters say the shooter
then turned the gun on himself.

Live now
from Lafayette, Louisiana

in the press conference.

Any relationship
between the shooter

and the other victims?

We don't know that yet.

And we don't know
if this was just a random act

or there was
a domestic situation.

Do you still
have that sketchbook

that you showed us before?

- Yeah.
- Can you get it for us?

I mean, yeah, I guess so.

I haven't drawn
in a while on it, so...

I remember liking
the pictures a lot.

I would love to see them.


What do you think?

I'm learning a lot.

I'm listening to him.

It's painful for me sometimes.

I don't think it's fair that--

because I think
that he's missed out

on relationships his whole life.

And I think some of that...

stems from maybe me

being fearful too

of letting him go, you know?

And I have to--
I have to deal with it,

I can't be in denial.

And so, it's just all around

not a very comfortable place
sometimes for me.

What do you want me
to do with it?

Just bring it over and
look at them with your mom.

- Okay.
- There's a picture

of a girl in there
that I liked.

- You know--
- No, not-- no.


No. No!

Hey, come here.

- You want to go to Eddie?
- Yeah.


Uh-hmm. Okay.


Okay. Uh-hmm. Bye.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Okay. Okay.

Do you feel like you're dying?

Do you feel like
you're about to die?

That's the right feeling.


Okay, you can do it.

You can do it,
you can do it.

You can do it.
Okay, ten.

You can do it, you can do it,
you can do it.

We're gonna go to 20.

You can do it.
Keep the back straight.

Okay, already to 12.

Okay, 13.

Okay, 14.


Okay, 16.

Okay, okay.


Hey, Jumper.

- Hey, Dan.
- Where's the party?

It's at the movies.

Oh, you scared me then.

All right.

All right, see you, bud.

, man.

Your eyeliner looks nice.


This is going to be amazing.

♪ I'll always love you

♪ And make you happy

♪ If you would only

♪ Say the same

♪ You ever leave me

♪ To love another

♪ You'll regret

♪ It someday

♪ You are my sunshine

♪ My only sunshine

♪ You make me happy

♪ When skies are gray

♪ But you'll never know, dear

♪ How much I love

♪ You

♪ Please don't take

♪ My sunshine away

♪ Please don't take

♪ My sunshine away