Dark Nature (2022) - full transcript

The story of a therapy group that is forced to confront the monsters of their past when an isolated weekend retreat tests their emotional resilience and ability to survive.

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No Carmen
I'm not avoiding you.

Then what's been up?

Nothing, I've
just been, you know,

I've just been a little
busy, that's all.

Where are you now?

I'm at home.

Whose home?

I got to go.

Let's hang out
soon, okay, bye.

You're early.


It's your favorite.

Well almost.

Souffle's got a
little burned.

You made dinner?


I thought we can have date
night early this week.

Something special.

Why is my
mother's silverware out?

I'm being an asshole
again, aren't I?

Come here.

I've just got a lot
going on right now.

I'm a bit overwhelmed.

I just find it
really hard to,

you know?

I understand.

Just talk to me.


Don't stop.

I said I'm sorry.


I'm just so disappointed.

Well you're always
so disappointed.


Open the fucking door.

Leave me alone.


We're not early, right?

Definitely not.

How long has it been?

A fucking decade.


She's not
normally like this.

Fucked up?


Joy what's going on?

Let's go.


That's Tara.

Looks like you
didn't sleep again.

You still know the
small tracks, yeah?

Can we just get out of
here before

I change my mind.

Good morning to you, too.


Did you like
the flowers I sent you?

You didn't
need to do that.

Yes I did.

Six months free
from that asshole

a celebration.

How about the vase?

Was it hideous?

Looked like something
my mom would buy?

It is beautiful.

It was heavy.

When's the last time
you left your home?

I don't know.

Okay, you're wearing the
exact same clothes that you

wear when I FaceTimed
you two days ago.

I'm fine.

All right.

Whatever's up you need to
get that shit in check.

I said I'm fine.

20 years into
this friends,

I think I can tell

when my friend is
having a meltdown.

Wherever you are you need
to come out quick

because this weekend is not
gonna be a walk

in the park.

Maybe I don't need
help getting over it.

Maybe it just takes time.

You ever think about that?

Don't let Dr. Dunnley hear that

You guys talk about her
like you're in a cult.

Everybody needs help.

I'm still trying to get
over that shit

with my jujitsu coach.

I know.

And that is nothing
compared to what Derek

did to you.

I'm trying to stay open.

I just, I think there's
something sick about going

back into your past again
and again

when no one really knows if
that even helps.

What if doing that
is more traumatic?

But if you face it head on

you're less likely to repeat it.

Yeah Freud.

Maybe, but sometimes
it's just enough already.

We're just asking
for one weekend Joy.

I know.
That's why I'm here.

A group is annoying but
Dr. Dunnley is a queen,

a mind queen.

So what do you think?

Are you gonna try or not?



I will face my
trauma or whatever.

That's the spirit.

Okay now leave me alone.

Let's go.
All right.


How long have you been coming on
these retreats?

You're new so
I'll break it down.

All we're gonna do
this weekend is talk,

talk, talk.

So we're not in
group, we got to go do it.

Is it fun?


He has this
system, wears a hood.

If the hood is
down, talk to him.

If up, leave him alone.

Where did you hear that?

Drive past the sign

and keep driving for 20 minutes.

This place is more butt
fuck nowhere than usual.

Ackma's have her reasons.

Don't know why this
retreats can't

ever have running water.

Watch out.

Oh my god.

For a second I
thought ghost.

Oh God he's coming over.

Sorry to scare you.

I'm looking for my dog.

Any chance you saw it?

No, sorry.

The camp is just down there

if you happen
to need anything.

That's sweet.

Thank you so much.

Dream the fuck on buddy.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.



Oh my god.

Are you okay?


Very good.

Keep listening
to your body.

Whatever it's saying.

It's saying don't stop.

Not too late to turn back.

Don't be scared.

It's just a
release exercise.

Helps get tension
out of the body.

That's Dr. Dunnley.


No signal.

Welcome to the
Stone Age baby.

You can do this.

He can't hurt
you out here.

I know.


This is gonna be fun.


Unless you have a problem
with shitting in the woods

in which case it's
gonna be pretty horrible.


Let's let the
healing begin.

That's right.

He's not here.

You've arrived.

You must be Joy.


I'm sorry you couldn't
make it to orientation

but I appreciated your letter.

Dr. Carol Dunnley.

It's nice to
finally meet you Carol.

Dr. Carol or Dr.
Dunnley if you don't mind.

Nice to meet you, too.

Welcome to our group.


I just hope I can keep up.

It's not easy to leave the
comfort of your lives behind.

But risk equals growth.

Keep that in mind.

We're really
glad you're here.

Me, too.

That's where we're going?

That's where we're going.

That's pretty steep.

By the end of the
trip you'll see,

you're far more capable
than you ever imagined.

That's what I
always tell her.

I want to believe you.

So what's stopping you?


There's someone

Just one.

You're out of

I don't want to
leave anybody out.

Alcoholic, sex
addict, drugs,

coke, no coke.

Okay, something easier.

I'm a psychopath.

What's your deal?

Oh you don't get to hear
about my shit

until you share about yours.

Okay Shaina, she's new.

It's all good.

Okay, fine.

I guess I'll go first.

I used to be in the

three tours, Afghanistan.

I've been with Dr. Carol
the longest

and I'm the only one with a map.

I'm bitter, full of
rage and self-aware.

Your turn.

Oh Jesus.

My ex was a dick.


He attacked me.


What is this, the
trauma Olympics?

Oh, you wouldn't
make it past regionals.


What is that?

Maybe they were
attacked by a bear.


That reminds me, heads up.

Bear spray?

Worst case scenario
that's our best defense.

Did you put that here?

What do you mean?

I mean, is that part
of the treatment?

Does it scare you?


Then it's part
of the treatment.

Let's keep it moving.

Being in nature, I felt
that it would have just

fixed the situation
right away, right?

But that's,
like you said,

it's all a process.

I've done all
the exercises.

I've taken everything.

I'm doing the work.

I don't know what
you want me to say.

It's getting really hard
to be there for her.

But she was there for me
and I don't know,

I'm really angry about him.

And I don't know
what's best.

I don't know.


Hi Joy.

Come on.

Get moving.

It's a big day.

Let's show the past
who's in charge.

Come on.

We're going that way?


Is it gonna stay quiet?


Hurry up.

Let's move out.

I'm coming.


Hey guys stop.


Do you hear that?

Why in the hell?

Smells like hell.

What's wrong with it?

It's just natural gases.

Is all the
water like that?

We only brought a few
bottles and one filter.

Oh my god, it's fine.

Let's just keep going.

This place is
full of water.

What if it's gone.

There's gonna be
another creek up ahead.


Come on.

It's a trust exercise.

You got to trust me.


Put it up you fucker.

Shaina, what
are you doing?

It really concerns me
that you don't

know that sound.

I want some quiet, shh.


What do you do if
you hear that noise

in the forest?

You do nothing,


You know why?

Because it's cougar.

I really fucked that up.

Careful a foot.



Joy, hey.

Are you okay?

You didn't hear that?



What happened?

This whole
thing is fucked.

I can see you're angry.

Do you even know
where we are?

Have you even
been here before?

Not to this exact spot,
but I know these parts

really well.

I think it's important
for us to experience

something new together.

This is not what
I signed up for.

Joy, there's no coming
to consciousness without

pain and discomfort.

People will do
anything to avoid it.

What was that?

Are you always
comfortable not knowing

where we are?


If you want to go
back we can go back.

But if this is about
something else?

Why did you yell
out Derek's name?

If this is about him
it's not gonna get

better back in the city.

That is why we are here.

Listen, I think he
might be following us.

In the forest back
there I heard him.

Like he was right there.

Joy I was right
beside you.

I didn't hear anything.

We both know that you've
been having flashbacks.

So what?

So is this
any different?

Glad I joined this
support group.


Joy that's not
what I meant.

Joy come back.

Where's Tara?

Tara, are you okay?

Are you okay?

There's someone
behind me.


He was there.

Who did you see?

No one.
Tara who did you see?

Well just a shadow
Joy, it's fine.

Are you sure?


All right.

I used to see things.

I used to see
him all the time.

It's probably just an
animal or something,

I don't know.

I heard something.

Earlier I heard

It feels like
something or someone

is watching us.

Carmen was right.

You're a good friend.

See you at camp.

Oh my god.

What happened to it?

It might have been dead
before whatever got it

got it.

We shouldn't be here.

It's nature.

We're not here to
interfere with it.

We just stick to
our protocols.


No food in the tents.

We all stick together.


The thing is I would
prefer to die.

I would.

I wouldn't do anything.


What happened to her?

It's not really my
business to tell you.

It's really fucked up.

Carmen, what's
taking so long?

No, I'm not telling you.

I'm not telling you.

I'm not.

Come on.

No, leave me alone.

It's gorgeous out here.

Yes it is.

Keep up ladies.

Come on.

Just follow my lead.

Come on.

I don't think I
want to do this.

I think that's
the point Joy.

Let's go.

Come on.




It seems like you have
something on your mind.

Getting done laid.

She needs it.


Are you ready?

Can I ask you something?

Of course.

Is this whole trip an
elaborate way for you to

scare the shit
out of us?

Do you know what
my biggest fear is?


Doing harm to
my patients.

I would never do that.

All right.

And also I can assure
you that this place

is safe, sacred even.

People have been coming
here for thousands

of years.

It's very special.

What do you mean?

Well it's my
understanding the people

always came here to
do healing ceremonies.

They believe there was
a powerful spirit here.

And to keep in good
relation with it

they made offerings.

More generations than
we can even imagine.

Why did they stop?

The only reasons I
suppose, name any part

of the colonial
shit show.

What happened
to it then?

To what?

The spirit without
the offerings?

Good question.

Attention everyone.

We're gonna head
up this mountain.

There's a river
on the other side.

We leave in 10.

We could find some flat
surface to set up

a camp on before dark.

So get your water
bottles get some water

and let's get going.

Hey, oh never mind.

I'm sorry doctor.



Will you come with me
and hold the bear spray.

I have to pee.

I would be honored.

Look, I found your
giant ass cap.

Okay, just hold it there,

make sure it's connected.


And then you maintain a
stance of superiority.

Turn around.

Are you sure?

Turn around,

I'm good.

Okay fine, I'll
turn around.



Okay fine.

Okay, here I go.

Oh my god.

Get out.

Get lost.


Okay fine.

Good luck.


So I just had
a weird thing.

Like I saw, you know,
stuff from before.

Yeah, okay.

Can you tell me more?

It won't make
sense if I explain.

Just, I don't want the
feeling back there.

And you're always saying
that we should listen to

how we feel.


Yeah, that's my bad.

I freaked her out
talking about

cougars earlier.

You did not.

Are you afraid
of the climb?


I would be too if I
had those shoes on.



Thank you.

So how are you
feeling now here?

I like it here.

A lot better
than back there.



Joy, Joy, Joy,
Joy look at me.

breathe, breathe.

What's the matter?

What's the matter?

Look at me.

Joy, Joy, what, what?

What is it?



Oh my god Joy, what?


Help us.

Guys help please.

Tara can you
get a blanket?

Yup, got it.

Okay, okay, okay.

Breathe, breathe.


We'll get you warm.

It's okay sweetie.

There you go.

Take a breath.

It's okay.

It's like it
was in my head.

Was it a bear?

It's completely natural
to back slide after

you've made
some progress.

You don't understand.

This has never
happened to me before.

There's something
out there.

Something caused this.

The same thing happened
to Tara, I saw it.

Is that true?


It wasn't like a
normal flashback.

It felt like something
was being

pulled out of me.

What was pulled
out of you?

Joy, listen.

I know it doesn't feel
like it but you can

overcome this.

If it has a scent it
goes in the bag

even toothpaste.

Toothpaste, seriously?


Bears can smell it.

And we didn't do this
last night because?

We should have.


Joy where are
you right now?

I thought things
could get better

if I tried harder.

How many second chances
did you give him?

You don't know
what I did to him.

I deserve to
feel like shit.

Joy you've made major
strides here

this weekend.

Nostalgia is
the devil man.

You left him.

I'm proud of you.





We were calling you.

You know my dad
gave me this knife.

I used to go camping all
the time with my parents

when I was a kid.

My mom hated it.

Me and my dad
loved going.

So she'd just tag along
until they got really

mad one day and
said that I hated

family trips.

And then we never
went camping again.

What are you guys
doing out here?

We couldn't sleep.


Me, too.

I had this dream.

There was a man but he
wasn't really a man.

It was, it was
this thing.

All I could make out
were like a bunch of...


Rotting wounds.

I had the exact
same dream.

The thing I
encountered today,

I think it's causing this.

Okay, we've all been
talking about a lot of

scary shit.

Maybe you guys are
just processing it.


It's like just
being here does

something to us.

Not me.

You're not as
fucked up as we are.

So, what do we do?

Okay, let's talk to
Dunnley and Shaina

first thing in the morning.

Can I sleep with
you guys tonight?

Yeah, of course.

One scout.

Fuck you.


Hey, did you
see Tara get up?

Did you see Tara get up?

Okay, thanks for
your help.

Wake up you vermins.

We can hear you.

Good morning.

Good morning.


Have you seen Tara?

She's usually
the first one up.


That fucking mall rat.

There goes all our food.

But there's no
way Tara did this.

You don't even know her.

I'm sure there's
another explanation.

Face it.

Tara's back to her
old pranks again.

I thought she was
past all these games.

Something must
have triggered her.

No, something
is going on.

We were up late last
night, Carmen too.

We all had the
same nightmare.

She was so scared she
slept in our tent.

So you're
gassing her up.

Excuse me.

None of that
matters right now.

We have to find Tara.

Well she can't
have gone far.

I'll go find her
and we'll get

to the bottom of this.

Wake up people.

The food is gone.

The trip is over.

We need to get
out of here.

That we agree on.

I think I know
where she is.

I'll come with you.

No, no.

It's not gonna help
if we bombard her.

I need to speak to her
for a few minutes alone.

I don't think it's safe.

I'll make a
lot of noise.

I've got my bear spray.

I'll be okay.

This isn't fucking good.



Dr. Dunnley.

Shaina, Shaina wait.

We need to
stick together.

Slow down.

Come on.

Slow down.

We have to
stick together.

Hurry up.

What the hell
happened here?

We need to slow down
and make a plan.


Dr. Dunnley.

Over there.


Oh my god.

We have to go.

We have to go back.

We have to get help.

We have no time.

It's not safe.

She could be up
there somewhere.

Shaina, look,
there's blood on

the fucking rock.

We can't go up there.

How would you feel
if it was you

and that was your blood?

We have to go back
Shaina, we have to.




Shaina wait.

Shaina come back.





Let him go.

Oh my god, Shaina.

Where the fuck is she?

Where is she?

Carmen I don't see her.

I saw her fall.

I don't understand.

Oh God.




Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Oh Joy.


What is that?

Do you smell that?


If there is something
in there we can

hear it right?

Not if it's hiding.

It's Tara.

Tara's here.

Hey Tara, where
are the others?

He's here.

I'm gonna go.

I'm gonna go.

Take her now.


Joy just take her.

It's fine.


I'm down here.


Hey, hey.

Dunnley, can
you reach me?

Oh my God.

Hey, I'm gonna
come down.


Go, go, go.



Go, get out.




Let me see.







Joy, he's behind you.


Go, go.

Get in the water.

Get in the water.






Maybe it's giving up.


It's bleeding us out.

Oh God.

I'll die here Carmen.



It will wait
until we come out.

Until [Indiscernible].

Get the
hell out of here.

You're not gonna die.

You won't die in a cage.

No way.

Anything but that.

You're not gonna die.

Give me some space.

I'm warm.


Come on you fucker.

Go, go, we have to go.


Joy I don't think
I can go much

further like this.

Oh god.



In case we'll get out of
here, there's something

I want you to know.

Joy this isn't
what I want.

Oh god.

It hasn't been six months
since I saw Derek.

He was on my place
the morning we went.


Six months of freedom,
so proud of you.

XO, Carmen.

I have to go soon.

Where are you going?


I just think that
maybe we shouldn't

keep working things
out, you know.

I don't think so.

Last night shouldn't
have happened.

Well you seemed happy.

You invite me in.

No, I didn't
invite you in.

You showed up at my door
crying and I thought you

just wanted to talk.

And then, and...



How long have you been
fucking lying to me

about seeing him?

I haven't lied.

I wasn't.

It wasn't like I
was seeing him.

It was just, he kept
calling, and calling,


I saw you block his
fucking call Joy.

I did.

He kept showing up and
begging to talk to me.

He feels so bad,
it's killing him.

And he just wanted
me to hug him.

I don't know.

I don't know.

I still love him.

He killed your dog Joy.

Okay, you know what
I have a confession

of my own.

This was your
last change Joy.

I told myself I would
not stay in a friendship

where I care about
your wellbeing

more than you do.

It's too
fucking painful.

How can you say that?

I just, I just really
want to go home.

It's okay.





Joy help.


Joy, no.


I'm okay.

I'm okay.

I'm so sorry.




You still have
those pain killers

We're not going
to my place.

We're going to
the hospital.

If he's still there
you have to know.