Dark Mountain (1944) - full transcript

A woman doesn't realize that the man she has just married is a gangster. When she is implicated in a murder he committed, she turns to an ex-boyfriend, who is now a park ranger, for help. He hides her out in a cabin up in the mountains, and her husband goes on the hunt for both of them.

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(dramatic orchestral music)

(siren wailing)

[Radio] 66420 to Sanford.

66420 to Sanford.

Mr. Sanford, hey Chief!

Sanford calling
66420, go ahead Bert.

[Radio] The fire
stopped at the river.

If you keep her backed
up in Buck Saw Canyon

she'll burn herself out.

[Sanford] What about
the ranch buildings?

[Radio] Wind's taking
her right to them,

no use trying to save them.

OK, we'll hold her here.

Better go in.

Hey Chief, we've gotta
try to get through.

You heard what he said,
we can't take any more risks

to save a few old ranch buildings.

What are you doing?

Susie and Joe are still in there,

I'm gonna try to get them.

You're staying here!

Listen, I said you're...

Oh my, the boss.

Move that hose over!


To your left!

(horse neighing)

- Come on boy.
(horse neighing)

Come on, Joe.

Come on Susie.

Easy now boy, easy.

(horse neighing)
Ho, ho!

Ho, Susie, come on
Joe, come on boy.

Easy now boy, easy now.

Come on, Susie.


Move in, this way!

Boss, don't you we ought...

Get back to work!

- Yes, sir.
- Go on.

I'm going in to help him.

Come on, Susie.

Hey, he made it!

He made it!

Hey, you're on fire.

Hey what are you
doing, Willy, cut it out.

Let go, what are you doing?

(orchestral music)

Who's this from, Willie,
the little woman?

Yeah, sent me her picture.

Hmm, quite a hunk of woman.

She's awful strong.

Funny, I always went
for strong women.

Where's she now, Willie?

North Africa.

I'll read you what she says.

"Darling Willie boy,

"who'd ever thought
when I met you that time

"on the streetcar that a year
later I'd be writing to you

"from North Africa."

She was a motorman in
Seattle when I met her.

Funny, I got on the car
to go see another girl.

I thought she shortchanged
me, so I told her.

She throws me off the car.

Right then and there something
happened inside of me.

She broke your ribs?

No, love.

Week later we were hitched.

Well, "I know how hard
it is for you at home

"dear boy I left behind me.

"When I get back we'll have
a little cottage of our own

"and maybe a couple of little
WACs running around in it."

Don't she write beautiful?

Yeah, just like poetry.


Well, "I hope you ain't
suffering too much with rationing

"and no gas and all
that, Willie boy.

"Don't worry about me.

"I just put two inches on my chest

"since I started driving
a transport truck."

Gosh, how I love that sergeant.

Sanford wants to
see in the office.

Yeah, what's he want?

I don't know, he's
on a rampage today,

you better step on it.

I guess this is it, Willie.

He hasn't spoken to
me since that fire.

Well, I got one
rule how to get ahead

in the Forestry Service.

What's that?

Never punch your
supervisor in the nose.

I've been avoiding
you since that incident

in Buck Saw Canyon, Bradley.

Yes, sir.

I know how the service feels
about unnecessary risks.

But I've been taking
care of Susie and Joe

ever since they were brought here.

And I felt that I just had...

It's a little late to
apologize now, Bradley.

Yes, sir.

I've waited this long to
talk to you because, well,

I was waiting for this, it
just came from Washington.

It's something I
asked for a month ago.

Your promotion.

My, my promotion?

From now on you'll be in charge

of the Dark Mountain District.

In charge?

Oh, that's great.

Willie Dinsmire goes
along as your assistant.

If that'll be satisfactory.


Sure, Willie'll be swell.

Oh, something else.

A week's furlough before you
take over your new position.

A furlough, well I'm just stumped.

It sounds like the furlough

is more important
than the promotion.

Oh no, sir.

Well that is, well I've
been waiting for a promotion

for a long time.

For a very special reason.

And a furlough works out perfect.

You have plans?

Well I don't mind telling you sir,

when I go up to Dark Mountain
I'll be taking along a wife.

That is, I hope so.

Well, congratulations
are in order.

Thank you, sir.

Well, I think so, you see I
haven't quite told her yet.

Well what are you waiting
for, go ahead and tell her,

- and good luck.
- Thank you, sir.

(Stanford laughing)

(gentle orchestral music)

(doorbell buzzing)

Good evening, lady,
could I interest you

in a subscription to
Girl's Life magazine?


I'm so glad to see you,
when did you get into town?

Came right here from the depot.

Well, aren't you
gonna invite me in?

Of course, come in.

You didn't mention a
furlough in your last letter.

Did I mention a promotion?


Yep, supervisor of the
Dark Mountain District.

Oh Don, that's swell.

Do I have to salute you now,
or is a handshake permissible?

You know the minute I got the news

I told my boss I was coming
right down here and propose

to the most beautiful
girl in the world.

And I wasn't exaggerating, either.

Don, before you say anything...

Don't stop me Kay,

I've been rehearsing this
speech all the way in.

If you stop me now I'll,
I'll forget all the words.

Don, I didn't know you
were that serious about...

Yes, I know Kay.

We've been friends
a long time, and...

I've never given out much
with the romantic talk.

But all the time I was
up there in the woods

I kept thinking about you.

I worked hard and I studied,
just to get that promotion.

I know you did, Don.

And you know why I
wanted it so badly.

Because of you, Kay.

Because when I got it then
I could ask you to marry me.

We have been awfully good friends.

Don, I don't quite
know how to say this.

You'll have to understand.

Kay darling, did you
see my pearl cuff links?

Oh, hello.

Steve, I want you
to meet Don Bradley.

I told you about him.

Steve Downey, my husband.

Well, the forest ranger.

I'm glad to know you.

How do you do?

Don got an unexpected furlough.

He surprised me.

No more than you surprised me.

Oh, you mean me?

Well it was rather sudden, but
that's the way I do things,

isn't it baby?

You got yourself quite
a gal there, mister.

Well I can't disagree
with you there, ranger.

Say, I hope you'll excuse
me, I have to get dressed.

Formal dinner, business
associates, I'm late now.

Well that's all right,
I'll be leaving in a minute.

Oh no, stick around, talk to Kay.

Say, if you're gonna be in town

let's get together tomorrow night.

No, I think I'll be busy.

Well the next night
then, you arrange it Kay.

Say, have you see my...

In the left-hand dresser drawer.

Thanks, well I'll be
seeing you, Bradley.

Make a date with him, Kay.

I was going to write you.

Well I guess you
can't expect a girl

to wait around forever.

Seems like quite a guy.

He is.

Way out of my
class, I can see that.

I hope you're very happy.


How about dinner Friday night?

Nope, I think I'll go
back up to the mountains

and get an early
start on the new job.

Then you won't change your mind

and spend some time with us.

Kay, if anything ever goes wrong.

I know, Don.

I always could count on you.

You bet.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

Nice guy.

Yes Steve, he is.

I wonder if I could be that
nice if he'd stolen my girl.

I'm going, you stay
till the truck comes.

Steve, you ought to be
here to check them in.

You handle it this time,

my wife has her yokel
relatives in town,

we're having dinner
at the Bandbox.

I'll see you tomorrow.

(big band music)

- Get up, here they come.
- Eh? Oh.

And remember Harvey, no smoking.

Aunt Pattie, Uncle
Sam, you look wonderful.

You look mighty
pert yourself, Kay.

Marriage is good for you.

Thanks, Auntie.

Aletha, Harvey, how are you?

Fine, thanks.

Put on a pound or
two, haven't you, Kay?

Oh, I don't know.

Don't mind me, I'm just a husband.

Steve, I'm sorry.

This is Aunt Pattie, Uncle
Sam, and Cousin Aletha.

Delighted, sit down, sit down.

Yes, please.

I'm sorry we're late.

Bates, Harvey Bates,
Aletha's husband.

Oh, I'm sorry Harvey,
didn't I introduce you?

I'm glad to know you, Harvey.

Would you like to
order now, Mr. Downey?

Oh, I think we should have
something to drink first,

what'll it be?

I could use a nice cold
sarsaparilla, myself.

- Sarsaparilla?
- Uh-huh.

Well, suit yourself Harvey,

but this is kind of a celebration.

Meeting Kay's folks for the
first time calls for champagne.

- Champagne.
- Say...

Your best year, a magnum.

Very good, sir.

I've been looking
forward to meeting you.

Well, we don't get
down to town often.

Randville's over
100 miles from here.

I come down to do some buying.

Oh yes, general store isn't?

Yeah, a little of
this, little of that.

How's business?

Well, I can sell
anything I can buy,

but I can't buy much these days.

(laughing) Cigarette?

Do you like cork tips?

I don't mind if I do.

Harvey, remember your asthma.

You know I wish I could
locate some radio tubes.

Half the radios up the
valley are out of whack.

I promised to bring
back some tubes.

Well, I think I can get your some.

You can?

Mother, he thinks he
can get us some tubes.

He can, our customers
ain't the same

when they can't
listen to Bob Hope.

Where can you get them?

Well if you have
the right connections

you can get anything.

Ain't that the truth.

Kay, whatever happened to
that Don Bradley from up home,

the forest ranger fella?

Oh, he's supervisor the
Dark Mountain District now.

I always thought he
was kind of sweet on you.

Well he was, but I
had more sugar stamps.

Would you like to dance?


Oh, thank you.

Smart fella you got there, Kay.

What business is he in?

Wholesale merchandise.

And doing mighty well
at it too, I can see that.

I think you made
a hit with Harvey.

That Harvey, there's
a talkative character.

Aletha does the talking
for the two of them.

Psst, hey Steve.

Oh hello, Whitey.

You looking for me?

Yeah, the truck just pulled in.

- It was hijacked.
- Shut up.

What is it, Steve?

Oh nothing, Whitey's always
shooting off his mouth.

Yeah, but boss...

Excuse me, honey.

Would you take care of the folks,

I think whitey needs a drink.

I oughta brain you.

The wife, ain't she hep?

No she's not, now watch
this about the shipment?

Bill and Jerry's just
pulled in with an empty truck.

What happened to the furs?

Hijacked, just
across the state line.

Who pulled it?

We're waiting for
you at the warehouse.

Go on, I'll meet you outside.

(audience applauding)

Must have cost a fortune.

I'm sorry folks, but
I'll have to break away.

Some business associates
just got in town.

Steve, at this time of night?

They're checking out in
the morning, Kay, I'm sorry.

Say will you pay the check.

Bye everybody, I'll see you soon.

Run up to Randville sometime.

Thanks, I will.

I'll see you at home
Kay, good night.

Good night.

Sharp fella, Kay.


(gentle orchestral music)

Oh, are you still up?

I've been waiting for you, Steve.

Why didn't you tell me what
your business really is?

Darling, I told you...

Don't lie, Steve.

Several things have
made me wonder.

And tonight Whitey said...

Oh, he gets excited
about every little thing.

I'm not that stupid.

That merchandising business
is nothing but a blind

for stolen goods.

One of your trucks
was hijacked tonight.


Why didn't you call the police?

Because it's none
of their business.

Now look darling, you know I
couldn't buy you those clothes

and those diamonds if I were
some two-bit shoe clerk.

I'm smart, and I get what I want.

Not always, Steve.


Where do you want it?

Wait'll I get the door closed.

- Morning, boss.
- Hiya Whitey.

Over by the office, Hunk.

Customer waiting to see you.


I told you never to let
anybody in here we didn't know.

He's OK boss, he's got a
letter from Dutch Huyser.

Oh Dutch Huyser, huh?

All right.

- Are you Steve Downey?
- Check.

I'm Dave Lewis.

The emporium up at Five Points.

Glad to know you.

Got a letter for
you from Dutch Huyser,

good friend of mine,
said you could fix me up.

Ah, sweet setup you've got here.

What's your interest?

Silk yardage.

Silk, huh?

Yeah, Dutch Huyser wrote that...

I'm afraid you made a
little mistake, Mr. Lewis.

[Lewis] What?

Dutch Huyser can't write English.

I guess I did make a mistake.

Now what's the phony front?

Oh, copper huh?

City's being flooded with
stolen merchandise, Downey.

Especially textiles.

[Steve] So I hear.

[Lewis] And you have quite
a large stock of textiles

over there.

[Steve] I bought them.

[Lewis] Then you perhaps
could explain to the DA

where and how much
you paid for them?

You know,

man like you probably has
a nice wife and family.

That's right.

A city job would pay
about 70 or $80 a week.

- 65.
- Oh.

Take a long time to
save a thousand dollars.

Living costs being what they are.

Oh, nice wallet.

Alligator skin.

My wife gave me one for Christmas.

Shall we take a
walk, Mr. Downey?

[Steve] I'm not in
the mood for walking.

[Lewis] It's only four
blocks to the courthouse.

You know a man like you
could have an accident.

(dramatic music)

Get that case off him
and back that truck up.

Mr. Lewis is going
to have an accident

on the highway tonight.

Hit-and-run driver.

Hello honey, you have a nice day?

Say, what's all this?

I'm leaving.

Oh come on Kay, forget
all that will you?

I'll ask you just once more.

I can't give it up, Kay.

What's more, I don't want to.

Then there's nothing
more to discuss.

Well you're not leaving.

Let go of me.

You love me.

You married me, what
kind of a dame are you?

You lied to me.

You think I'm sucker
enough to let you walk out?

So that's it, your pride.

No Kay, I'm crazy about you.

But you won't do
anything to hold me.

Well what do you want me to be?


A broken down sap,
that's what you mean.

Now listen honey, relax, I'll
give you anything you want.

When you're on top nobody
asks you where you get it.

I can't live that way.

Well I'm not going to let you go.

(door knocking)

Better see who it is.

I told you never to come here!

Steve, they got
Hunk, it's curtains.

Stop sputtering, who got Hunk?

The coppers.

We went through a red light.

[Steve] Of all the crazy tricks...

[Whitey] It was a tough
break, we had the stiff with us.

Shut up!

It's curtains, they
got Hunk, he'll sing.

Where have they got him?

I don't know, I lammed.

The DA's office, I guess.

If they make him
spill, it's the works!

We may have to make a
quick trip, pack me a bag,

I'll be back here
in a half an hour.

What are you going to do?

Never mind what I'm gonna
do you, you start packing.

(suspenseful music)

[Kay] Steve.

I won't let you do it.

Keep her quiet.

(gun firing)

(guns firing)

Let's get moving.

Steve, get me out of here!

If they sweat me, I'll
squeal, so help me, I'll rat!

Well darling, here's
where you and I part company

for the time being.

You won't get very far.

Don't worry, I've
got it figured out.

Now you take the car, find
some place you can hide out

for a couple weeks
till the trail's cold,

then get in touch with me.

Now remember this, Joseph Johnson,

care of general
delivery New Orleans.

I'm not running away,
I haven't done anything.

Tell that to the cops.

How do you mean?

You're tied up with
everything I've done.

Your signature's on the lease
to the warehouse, remember?

You were on the spot
back there tonight,

how far do you think an
innocent plea will get you?

I don't believe you.

OK, it's a murder rap.

Life in prison wouldn't be
very nice for a girl like you.

What do you want me to do?

What I told you, lay low.

In about a month write to me.

In another town, a new name,
our whole life ahead of us.

And remember this Kay, I love you.

And wherever you are
I'll come and get you.

All right, get going.

Don't worry about the license
plates, they're phony.

(dramatic music)

[Radio] Be on the lookout
for Downey and his wife Kay.

23, attractive, brown
hair, five feet five.

Approach with caution.

Downey considered dangerous.

(orchestral music)

Hey Luther, get the ball.

Go on, get it.

- You know he won't get it.
- Oh no?

How long have you been
teaching that dog, four years?

And he won't even shake
hands with you yet.

He's just particular
who he shakes with.

Yeah, then how come he
won't get your yarn for you?

You make him self-conscious.

He doesn't want to show
off in front of you.

Willie, how many cases of
dynamite did we haul up here?

Well, how many?

How many times have I told...

- Six?
- Cases of dynamite.

Stand up, will you?

Do you mean to tell me
your sergeant is that big?

Yeah, that's about it.

Hey, when's Joe and Ben been
gonna relieve us up here?


Oh, I'll have it finished by then.

She'll love it.

You know those nights in
Africa are pretty cold.

(telephone ringing)



Yeah, just a minute.

Hey a chick for,
uh, a girl for you.

What'll I tell her?

Bradley speaking.

Don, Don is that you?

Who is this?



Is something wrong?

I'm on duty here at
the lookout station.

Please, can't you get
away, just for an hour?

I've got to see you.

Where are you?

Briar Lake, at the
service station.

I'll be there in 20 minutes.

Hey wait a minute,

who's gonna take care
of the station here?


Now lookit, hey watch me,
this is what I want you to do.

Here, look, ruff!

(Willie barking)

Maybe I should have stayed,
maybe I should go to prison,

I don't know.

Everything's so mixed up.

I know I shouldn't have come here,

but you said if
anything ever happened.

That's right.

I'm glad you're here.

I'm frightened, Don.

I don't want them to
find me, not yet anyway.

Maybe, maybe when I
get over the shock,

maybe I can face them,
but now I've got to hide.


Let me think.

- Yeah, that's got it.
- What?

Up near the peak there's a cabin.

The folks who own it never
use it this time of year,

you'll be perfectly safe there.

Thanks, how do I get there?

Just follow me,

it's about a mile across
from the lookout station.

The road's straight up and
narrow, so take it easy honey.

(gentle orchestral music)


Don't let them find me, I...

Now take it easy, you're safe.

Don't try to get up
unless you feel like it.

I'll make it.

Well, this is all there is.

Just this room and
the bedroom, in there.

It's fine.

I hate to leave you here
alone, but I've got to get back.

I've kept you here
long enough as it is.

Oh, you'll need some food.

I'll bring some back.

No, not tonight, I'm not hungry.

OK, first thing in the morning.

If you need any blankets you'll
find them in the bedroom.

I'll be quite comfortable.

Hey, I better leave you this.


You can use it to
call if you need me.

Just step outside, point
straight up, and fire twice.

I'll come a-running.

Fire twice.

I'll remember.

Well, I guess I'd better be going.

- Don?
- Yeah?

You know how grateful I am.

Maybe someday I can repay you.

Look Kay, you're here where
I can see you and talk to you,

and take care of you, I don't
have to be repaid for that.

Hiya, Donsie.

Why aren't you asleep?

Oh, we were restless.



That lady that called.


Was that Kay Downey
you told me about?

What about it?

We were listening
to the radio and...

Well, what'd you hear,
come on, give out give out.

She's in trouble.

Yeah, I know.

Her husband's wanted
by the police.

He knocked off a couple of guys.

[Don] He what?

He killed two guys, that's all.

The police want him dead or alive.

She didn't tell me that.

It's a good thing
you didn't marry her.

Imagine you being
married to the wife of...

What am I saying?

If you was married to her,
she wouldn't be the wife...

Well, anyway, it's
none of our business.

- That's what you think.
- Huh?

I'm hiding her out in
the cabin up on the cliff.

Oh well, that's a
very good place to...

Wait a minute, you can't do that.

Why, she's a fugitive from...

Well she's a fugitive.

You know what that would mean
to you if anybody found out?

She hasn't done anything.

There's no reason for
them to hound her.

Don't get mixed up in it.

We're already mixed up in it.


What do you mean we, I
don't even know the dame.

Oh, go to sleep and
let me think, will you.

I've got to work this thing out.

[Willie] Don, you're still
in love with her, aren't you?

Go on, go to sleep will you.

You know, Luther.

Love's a wonderful thing.

(suspenseful music)

(door closing)

Who is it?


Hello, darling.


Well you aren't going to
let me stand here are you?

It's cold.

Well, very cozy.

What are you doing here?

Aren't you glad to see me, baby?

How did you know I was here?

Now wait a minute, you
didn't believe that line

about us splitting up, did you?

I knew you'd head for here and
use that ranger for a chump.

You married yourself a
guy with brains, Kay.

I know he wouldn't hide me out,

so I figured you'd get yourself
set, then baby'd walk in...

You've got to leave here.

(chuckling) You know honey,

you're much prettier
when you're angry.

You're gonna leave
here, I won't let you...

Give me that!

Drop it, I don't want to hurt you.

That's a fine way to greet
your husband, with a gun.

I was going to call for help.

Oh, the ranger, fire
two shots I suppose.

It's an old gag, forget it.

You're gonna hide me
here till the heat's off,

now come on, be a good girl.

- Don't!
- Well, all right.

For now.

You're upset.

But you're my wife, and
when I'm ready to leave,

we leave together.

No, Steve.

May take you a couple of
days, but you'll see it my way.

I'm crazy about you Kay,
but get this straight.

You give me away to the
boyfriend and I'll kill you both.

All right, let the pigeon in.

And watch yourself.


Good morning lady,
any vitamins today?

We'll get these
things out of the way

and you can whip
up some breakfast.

Here's some fresh eggs for you.

It's enough food for a week.

Take it easy, eggs
are scarce up here.

Sorry to be so clumsy.

Kay, you're shaking,
what's the matter?

No I'm not, you're
just imagining things.

Don't worry,
they'll never find you

unless you want them to.

(big band music)

Good reception for a battery set.

I hate to deprive you of it.

Oh we've got another
one over at the post.

If you get tired
of the soap operas

you can tune in on shortwave,
just press this button.

[Radio] Police are still
searching for Steve Downey

and his wife, who
disappeared yesterday

amid circumstances which
point to their indictment

for the fatal shooting
of two of his...

I'm keeping you from your work.

Oh no hurry, I'm
just dynamiting stumps

out of a firebreak.

I brought you another blanket,

that other one probably
scratched the hide off of you.

Oh don't go in there.


I'll take care of it.

No trouble, I'll just
toss it on the bed.

Please, I, I didn't get
a chance to straighten up

before you came.

Afraid I'll be shocked
by your housekeeping?

I wouldn't want
to disillusion you.

- Get rid of him.
- I'm trying to.

Well shake it up.

I feel guilty about
keeping you from your...

You don't have to
fix my breakfast.

Our breakfast you mean,

I haven't had anything but
a stack of wheat cakes.

Don, I can fry eggs.

I'm the best egg man
in these here parts.

The secret is shaking them

so they get plenty
of hot butter, see?

And so he says Don, you
know what I'm gonna do?

And I said what, go to
Africa to keep her warm?

He says no, I'm gonna
knit her a sweater.

And would you believe it, he's
been doing that ever since.

Well, I'll wash these
and be on my way.

Are you trying to make
me feel completely useless?

No, I'm just making
excuses to stick around.

I guess you know that.

You'd better go to work.


I'll see you tomorrow.

Think you can manage till then?

No, but I will.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

I thought that gilpin'd
talk your ear off.

I says this to him,
and he says that to me.

What a dope.

Well he's gone now, fix me
some chow, will ya honey?

Things are working out
just the way I figured

if we can keep that
squarehead from getting wise.

He's coming back.

Ditch the eggs.


[Kay] Did you forget something?

- I found this outside.
- What is it?

A half-smoked cigarette.

You know you ought to be more
careful where you throw these.

Oh, yes.

One snipe like that can start
the whole mountain blazing.

The woods are pretty
dry, you know.

I'm sorry Don, I'll
try to be more careful.

When'd you start
smoking cork tips?

Oh I, I picked them up somewhere.

Oh, I'm fresh out,
have you got a cigarette?

Yes, of course.

I guess I'm fresh out, myself.

[Don] That's all right,
I'll bring some tomorrow.


See you then.

What did he want?

You heard, watch those cigarettes.

That guy's too dumb to
come in out of the rain.

A couple more days
and our trail will be

as cold as an iceberg.

Then we can scram.

(dramatic music)

(orchestral music)

[Kay] Steve, stop,
stop that eternal pacing.

This place is driving me nuts.

Cooped up, nothing to do.

- Like a prison?
- What?

You didn't have to come here.

Never mind.

I figured it out right.

Couple more days, that's all.

(suspenseful music)



Coffee, coffee, coffee!

My nerves are like wires already.

I'm gonna miss these little
twosomes when you're gone.

You'll be leaving
pretty soon, won't you.

In a day or two.

You've made up your mind?

You know you always
were a good cook.

Remember when we were kids
up at your Uncle Sam's,

you made the strawberry shortcake?


[Don] And I got
the strawberry rash.

You said I got it on purpose

just to make fun of your baking.

Say, I'd better bring
in some more groceries.

Oh, there'll be plenty.

The amount of food you
put away, it's phenomenal.

[Kay] It must be the mountain air.

Yeah, it must be, you're
eating enough for two people.

Well, I guess I'd better be
getting back to the post.

You know Willie's
getting jealous of you.

I'd like to meet
Willie, he sounds nice.

I'll try to arrange it,

one of us has to stay at
the post all the time.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

(suspenseful music)

There it is Luther,
ain't it the cat's?

(Luther barking)

Oh well.

Maybe I shouldn't
have said that, huh?

Oh, she'll sure be
warm nights in this.

You know I wish I was the sweater.

Oh, hiya Donsie.

I got her finished.

Good, it's about time.

I'm glad you got back,
let's play some checkers.

Not right now Willie, I
got to work something out.

Every time you see that girl

you come back here looking
like a wet blanket.

Come on, checkers will relax you.

No thanks, Willie.

OK then.

(whimsical music)

I had my hand on it all the time.

He's on your side.

Ha ha.

How do you like that?

Ha ha, that does it.

- Who won?
- Who do you think?


Oh, no.

Ah come on, please try it on.

I can't send it if
it don't fit right.

All right, but this is
positively the last time.

Cross my heart.

A little tight.


Willie, what would
you say if I told you

I thought her husband was
up at that cabin with her?

I'm her husband, how
could I be up at...

It's been bothering me for days.

Little things.

You're just jealous.

I found a cork-tip cigarette.

She doesn't smoke them.

And she's used more food

than she could
possibly eat herself.

Gee, if she's hiding him...

Yeah, I wonder.

Well then she's still
in love with him

and she's been using
you for a chump.

No Willie, I don't
think she'd do that.

Oh boy, if he's there I'd
hate to be in your spot.

He's a killer.

Look, why don't you come
right out and ask her?

If he's there and she's shielding him,
she won't tell me.

And if he's not,

well I wouldn't want
to put her on the spot.

If there was only some way

we could get him to
come out in the open.

Uh, don't get me mixed up in it.

Well it's a cinch your
WAC'll never get into this.

Something's wrong.

You know, I got all
the measurements...

(suspenseful music)

What's that?

Only the wind, Steve.

(dynamite booming)

That eternal blasting,
what does he think this is,

the fourth of July?

It's his job.

Well, why don't he cut it out?

Why are you staring at me,
you think I'm losing my grip?

Well I'm not, see?

Got more brains in my
foot than a dozen coppers.

They're never gonna take me.

We're getting out
of here, and safe.

Why don't you leave, then?

I will, when the
time's right, believe me.

(dynamite booming)

(thunder rolling)

I'm sorry I can't
stay for dinner tonight,

but my state
supervisor's coming up

and I'll have to
make out a report.

Your supervisor, is he staying?

No, he's going right back.

He's sending up our relief to
the lookout station tomorrow.

Then you'll be leaving.

Kay, I'm worried about you.

I've made up my mind, Don.

I'm going to face it
and take my chances.

You know if there's
anything I can do...

(thunder rolling)

Hope we get some rain, we need it.

You know, there's an old legend
about the thunder up here.

It seems that when the
first Indian settled here,

all was peace and plenty.

(thunder rolling)

And then another tribe heard
about the place and tried to...

Uh, what do the
racketeers call it?


Well they tried to muscle in.

Well, this blitzkrieg
might have worked.

But the local medicine man

started praying to
their tribal god.

- And he answered.
(thunder rolling)

Just like that.

It all started with a
terrific clap of thunder.

(thunder rolling)

Just about like that.

And then the first lightning
bolt struck the enemy chief.

Ever since then, whenever
there's thunder up here,

someone on Dark Mountain
is doomed to die.

At least that's what they say.

Nice bedtime story.

Well the old-timers here
claim it never misses.

But we don't have to worry,

we're not Indians or racketeers.

No, no of course not.

What's the matter,
your supervisor due?

No, I've got a program
I'd like to hear at six.

Hillbillies, you like them?

Some of them.


If I don't see you again,

I want you to know that it's
been swell having you up here,

even for a little while.

I realize what a
terrible mistake it was.

Last month when...

I hurt you and I hurt myself.

If it weren't too late...

It's not too late.

Six o'clock, Don.

Your hillbillies.

Oh yeah.

You'll like these boys, they're
from way down in Arkansas.

[Radio] Calling all state police,

calling all state police.

Regarding Steve Downey.

Oh, I turned on the
shortwave by mistake.

Well let's hear it.

[Radio] Concentrate
on all highways

leading out of southern
part of the state.

Downey has been traced to Ferndale

and is believed headed
for the Mexican border.

Watch southern roads for a
dark gray convertible coupe.

Downey is five feet
10, broad-shouldered,

light complexion, curly hair.

May be accompanied by
his wife, Kay Downey.

Five feet three,
attractive, brown hair.

Approach with caution.

That is all.

If he gets over
the southern border...

Don, I've got to tell you...



Well, I guess I'd better
get back to the post.

I've got a truckload
of dynamite out there

and I'd hate to drive
home on slick roads.

It's liable to start
raining any minute.


If I don't see you.

Well I'll be up
to town pretty soon.

Goodbye and don't be afraid.


(dramatic music)

What was all that jabbering
about thunder and Indians?

It was just...

You don't believe that bunk,

that every time it funders up
here somebody dies, do you?

No, no of course not.

OK, get your things
together, we're leaving.


Right now.

You heard the radio, didn't you?

They're following a
false trail down south.

I told you I'd outsmart
them, we go north.

Now go on, get started.

I'm not going.

I told you we're leaving together.

I'm not leaving, Steve.

You've fallen for him, is that it?

You're hurting my arm.

You haven't squealed
to him, have you?

No, you wouldn't dare.

I'll make his thunder
story come true.


He's in love with
you, he'll come running

if you're in trouble, won't he?

(chuckling) Fire two shots,
that's the signal isn't it?

Now we'll just wait for him.

(suspenseful music)

Here he is.

Steve don't, I'll go with you.

Don, don't come in!

Kay, you fired the gun...

No, I fired it.

Oh hello, Downey.

I knew you were here.

- Yeah, with my wife.
- Don.

Now I'm going to take
care of you, ranger,

then we're leaving.

No you won't.

You plug Don, I'll
plug you, Downey.

All right smart boy, go ahead.

And I'll let Kay have it.

Take it easy, Willie.

So long, rangers.

(dramatic music)

I'll hit the tires.

That truck's loaded with
dynamite, you'll kill them both.

Come on.

(dramatic music)

(Luther growling)

(gun firing)

(door knocking)

Come in.

Your relief arrive?

Yep, all set, are you ready?

This is my wardrobe.

Hey, come on.

I thought I told you
to wait out in the car?

Well, shall we be on our way?

Come on, Luther.

(everyone laughing)

(dramatic music)