Dark Mirror (1984) - full transcript

After attorney Frank Girard is murdered, Detective Al Church (Vincent Gardenia) suspects that Ms. Leigh Cullen (Jane Seymour) is the perpetrator, as she was supposedly last seen with the man. However, after Leigh's alleged twin sister, Tracy, shows up at the police line-up with Leigh, Church is left puzzled and with no specific suspect to pinpoint. Therefore, Church asks Psychiatrist Dr. Jim Eiseley (Stephen Collins), an acquaintance of Leigh's, to evaluate the sisters and run tests on them in hopes of filtering out the murderer. However, Eiseley's increasing involvement with Leigh complicates things with Tracy in the picture.

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that's gonna happen


when do you give up my dad is your

parent funny other ones angry well okay

here it is over the name again for all

frank-walter tourney corporate law very

well off no kidding Sid the monk I

divorce baka blimp in here our

housekeeper found him there this morning

probably been lying there all weekend

bottom of the 18th right all right says

here dinner Erica and it says whoever

you are I told that mean guy spent a lot

of time at the jeweler's purchase lips

turn slip check it out huh there was no

struggle wallet launch things looks like

he turned his back on somebody new who

do you think it is I think we killed

them in like the tony was playing about

what time was this Oh 930 what would you

say with 9 30 games yes sasaki so when

you were getting off the elevator oh no

no no we were getting on they were

getting off Master mrs. Bennett this is

lieutenant church would you please tell

him about the woman you saw with mr. /

alpha Friday nights well she was about

five foot five or so no not that tall

brunette dark brown eyes lovely evening

gown practice oh you know you should

talk to his secretary miss passes she

might help you think you'd recognize if

you start again oh I would yes and she

was beautiful

mr. Higgins we tell the kid at church

here about the last time you saw mr.

paratha life sure it was friday evening

he came in with a lady who recognized

her again yeah um yeah we've got a

slo-mo video tape here yeah he did yeah

take a look for yourself she's very

beautiful and dressed to kill take it

out of the station pull up on the

monitor no thanks I'm trying to quit

I know this is a difficult time for you

miss Frances Specter looking for a

specific young lady who was with vista

Peralta by the evening this private life

was his own business attractive brunette

brown eyes medium height built he saw a

lot of women the name erica mean

anything to you Erica Colin he was

dating her all right she was quietly

driving him crazy up when i'm in it down

the next smiles one day and the next day

she pretend she didn't even know you

some kind of split personality if you

ask me you have an address or phone

number for this Erica tellin ya

she runs the gift shop the University


and the rest of them back you're sure

that thank you


good choice and fresh this morning call

what do I owe you three dollars they're

so beautiful very beautiful and

therefore you

miss erica Cullen yeah my name is Joyce

I'm with the police

you mind if I ask you a few questions

first that knowing that you may remain

silent and anything you say can be used

against you in a court of law what's

this about

but the Frank Peralta was murdered Oh

Aaron by her witnesses that will testify

that you were seeing him pound the night

of the murder there must be some kind of

mistake huh excuse me Eric I forgot my


can I help you

who are you

my name is Jim Isley I'm a psychiatrist

I have a professorship here I'm proud of

his colon who are you

from the police where you were the

friday night

oh then you can't help

Kevin off to lunch sign I want to take

it on top of some questioning

I wasn't with him

have any proof any witnesses I run a

dance studio after I close up here from

about 5 on I was there friday late

working on a recital for next week

check it out but what's going on here

the murder mr. Frank Peralta



where'd the karmis a time of death

friday between 10 15 and 10 45 p.m.

fingerprints on the knife now they're

working on it story about working friday

magpul dump yeah receptors confirmed it

she worked all evening out but that's

impossible there were a bunch of teenage

ballerinas are there to check him out

they can all be lying uh check out the

time I think overall for the price of

dance can you maybe she stepped out

doing a break and make sure you have all

the witness from example the lineup I

don't get it I guess don't get it it

makes less sense to me than Chinese


I'm sorry about Frank bro

but I didn't kill him

and I'm sorry to inconvenience you but

you like to stay a little while longer

you see you're the only suspect I have

and there are certain formalities we

have to go through Oh like confronting

the witness in alignment

if you see the woman you saw it to see

our apartments in the preds amidst the

Frankfurt altar on the night of februari

18th Friday night please indicate by

running down the number above her if you

see the woman who was working with you

at the dance studio friday night

februari 18 please indicate by writing

the number down your pants will you all

please pass me your numbers

number three please stay the rest they


my problem is obvious how can one woman

be in two different places at the same

time I think you could a bigger problem


I was talking the distance from

Peralta's to the dance studio what who

drives up well he can't be working for

just owner than Hugh

is there a remote possibility that any

one of you might be able to tell them




I can't said you all happiness makes me

enjoy it it isn't do a laugh Tracy so

you're Tracy and you're pleased three

and Tracy and whose error you don't have

to ask me this question sleep people

Erica's and I didn't do you assume when

you're working we only did it so we

could take time off of me wanted to or

and one of us was sick or covering for

one another I want to see our lawyer

Holly who is working friday and who was

it was the broad

one of us was working

and the other one was home in bed if you

don't like that try the Fifth Amendment

why is there other sister why did you so

have streetwalkers welcome I'll walk

around obstructing justice you'll never

make that stick will


I know you didn't

ah alcolu 12 welcome the other what

about benefits identical twins of

similar but not identical prints labs

Byrnison over an analysis and there was

a long shot but if only one set of

prints and sub maybe we'll have

something oh yeah receipts were the Jews

scored engagement ring wanted one day

return to three days later strange only

because we can't figure it out yes

I don't worry about a thing you'd be out

of here by lunch why we go



diately psychiatrist you know the cone

sisters and he's an expert on twins oh

it's just a second I'm hardly an expert

I've done a little research in the past

I didn't even know they were twins I

only knew one of them which one well I

knew that you would have a problem which

attacked well thank you for joining us

dr. Isaac all right enough lieutenant

you just grasping at straws all this dr.

Isley do you know the woman alleged to

be Erica Cullen I'm not sure I know one

of them look we met at the University I

see her shop every day she came to me

once with some sleeping problems i

prescribed some sleeping pills and

that's the extent of our professional

relationship well couldn't the court

order a series of tests to determine

their personalities and dr. Isley might

even agreed to admit it to them this

farce has gone on long enough lieutenant

you know damn well the inner court going

to accept the personality test unless of

course they throw out the doctor-patient

relationship and then let everybody just

testify against her cell counsel for the

defense is right thank you for coming

down dr. Isley I hope we have an

intravenous do too much not at all

there's any way i can i really would

like to help thank you

I take it the fingerprint analysis was

inconclusive both their fingerprints

were found in brought this apartment but

the knife fan who was smudged

iowa state doesn't have a case you're

not gonna let them walk out of here the

issue of reasonable doubt will

continually undermine the case

gentlemen 33 years I've been a cop I've

ever see such a thing no one should be

able to beat the system I like a

professional trainer in books I

especially oh I can't do that somebody

could beat a better ride I'd say what

you do I'll take a couple of weeks off

I'll tell Stan are you working on

special assignment see what you can dig

up give me something concrete something

I can use in court prosecute them to

hell and back



my keys anywhere thank you don't think

you should go out me I'll go crazy if I

have to sit around here it's a murder

investigation Tracy and I don't pick the

police that can give up so easily when

you turn down that music I'll go crazy

but they haven't got a case nothing you

hope so you'd better hope so oh let's

mess wouldn't have happened if it

weren't for you just because you didn't

have the guts to face prank yourself and

meet all his fancy friends you get me to

go do it how I got all screwed up big

deal it's not my fault look I told you

before I wasn't having any fun so I came

home early it's all right Tracy all this

is getting is nowhere you don't believe

me I can see it in your eyes me it was

our game

game we always play Tracy I do believe

how can I not believe

did you kill her

no I couldn't

and that's how I know you couldn't kill


since you found me you've always said

would be stronger together than we will

be alone it's true

let's stick together through this to


no matter who comes between us


i dot mommy sure sure cop with lots of

evidence and no case come on inch thanks

what can I do for you you know that this

case is really driving me crazy do you

realize that one of those girls to Matt

and I hope on the corner forty-second

Street and Broadway with thousand

witnesses and we spooked him hanging on

it hmm I could be standing there myself

see a plan tonight with my own eyes I

still could make a thick unless unless I

grabbed it by the wrist and held down to

it until I hydron solitaire I don't know

I thought by now you have an angle so I

could do something anything like what I

don't know i don't i don't know

what what have you did give my series of

personality tests but not anyone can

commit murder my name is science fuck

good turn up something that would hold

up in court yeah suddenly would tell you

categorically if when I'm is a killer

that's it I don't think

now besides identical twins are usually

only of interest of science that they

were raised apart nature versus nurture

heredity versus environment that kind of

thing you know it's funny you should

mention that yes I brought you a little

research that I did in my own those

trials were orphaned at two months

adapted to different families raised an

entirely different environments Tracy

she had her up the talented the God the

lost his job and took the drinks the

mother had some sort of a nervous mental

break out and Tracy's out the house for

good which was 15 years old a li li

different upbringing all together nice

caring family good rage at the state

university by shiva spent the summer in

europe and then she found out about the

sister and it became an obsession to

find her which she did now I don't know

you're gonna say I'm crazy but I think

they'd be perfect for science

but I rupture little donation for the

psychology department has to cover

expenses $2,000 lieutenant I can

appreciate your position

I interesting a man was killed I'm sorry

but his death murder murder

get up in please

nice of you to stop by

I like from those girls I thought you

did too

something nice about

ki which one though

goodbye lieutenant

one of those girls is living with a

killer you could kill again


so beautifully

so much more beautiful to me

that's hardly possible no

what I mean it

I would've be more like


who was it crank you see my pills

anywhere no sorry my nerves are getting

worse and worse because you're not

getting enough sleep you sure they're

not in your purse they're not here now

maybe the medicine cabinet



holy writer


I don't know why I take him didn't work

at all you wake me up more than they

relax me how many of you take it maybe

five or six does it seem to matter

tries to more you look like you need the

rest how do you think of dangerous

what's dangerous is no sleep getting

over tired

I'm like hell

it's just too much

those guys

just remember I'm with you

what happens


Lou what suicide

how is she all right sorry I cannot take

it easy got another danger that Apapa

stomach where's your sister I'm there

with her no God who calling this a

suicide attempt what if we're wrong


all right I'll uh I'll try to talk him

into taking the test but I can't promise

you I'm gonna give you anything on the

other hand you might give me a budget



well worth you here well I was on my way

home I thought I'd stop in and see how

he's doing she's fell at home they said

to take a week of rest think she should

be home alone come on just cuz they call

it suicide oh she did was take a couple

too many pills you know she's uptight

with all this place thing it's really

not that serious no I guess not she is

depressed but you're right now to that

extent I'll tell you what I think I

think she should come in and start some

kind of therapy

why not well you know you could help if

you were to come in and sit through a

couple of sessions with her and give her

confidence well I'm willing to do it but

uh we've got look for new work we don't

run this place anymore and we got to

find a way to pay a couple of bills well

you know maybe I could help you there

too there's a couple of grants I know

about it to college that might be

available we could do some tests on

twins let me look into it how much you

might pick up thousand bucks maybe two

really it sounds okay to me I'll talk to

me well great let me know what you find

out sure

you know you really make a sensational


what if Tony Danton

yeah a little I never got into disco or

anything I think it has an adverse

effect on the metabolism I'm strictly an

oldies but goodies type of guy well uh

maybe I'll be the judge of that


see your stuff




my way


put it on

I can feel



I'm really told me we should be doing

this let's hear what he has to say

anyway penis mystery nothing we could do

the moment

by the time you were up and out of the

house I do

I just don't know monkey this friend you

like you just wants to help sighs I've

always thought it was kind of cute

for you and you

I fell madly in love with the last guy

that gave me flowers on the first date

thank you they're beautiful Oh tell us

professor what kind of test you want us

to take standard personality tests I

hope I get me hey Tracy let dr. Isley

continue now you know who's in charge

big sister Lee here well Lee it's all

pretty straightforward afternoons and

evenings would be best for me we could

be done in a couple of weeks and your

PIN yes thousand dollars each I'll do

anything four thousand dollars EEO

psychology departments will endowed this


study of identical twins raised apart as

always of great interest to the

scientific community you're not doing

this please

I'm doing this because twins interest me

hey lighten up this should be fun right

fun for you work for me I'm here




you're right yes no I don't know which

is the most horrible pain in my arm it's

probably just a bad dream or a cramp

she'll be okay

relax go back to sleep okay

love you

I know

yeah time for fun and games

alright have some cards here may have

some in blossom I'd like you to take a

look at them and just tell me what you

see there's no right or wrong answers

can I beat them yeah how long do I have

as long as you'd like

this looks like a mask you know

gargoyles mask these are the eyes these

sir is slanting halls your eyes

anything else can turn it yes

wow wow even when I turn at those eyes

keep looking


this looks like a rocket ship blasting

off and these are the flames shooting

down and it's going out is going up

through a through a heart

well how am i doing gonna pass me

I once failed yep but do I get that a

I'm gonna make you happy this looks like

two people fighting over something man

or women


yeah they're fighting over an animal

and they're pulling the animal apart

pulling out the organs that prey

winning material ha da passionately

think I'm beautiful

no question about that more beautiful

than league

how could anyone ever choose between

good answer

when's the dancing again

this looks like a face um or maybe a

jackal and anything else yeah sorry

um it's like two bears dancing bears um

or maybe the playing patty-cake

two women and they're holding the basket


well I

I thought it went well

you're the expert

Lee what is it what's the matter you

seem very uncomfortable

just don't like

these tests looking into our minds

making judgments

well so I don't know if I can trust you

monozygotic twins raised apart yet both

had the same number of cavities in

exactly the same places both had

emergency appendectomy when they were 12

several years ago Tracy had an abortion

on the same daily was hospitalized with

severe undiagnosed abdominal cramps it's

the Corsican brothers all over again

both had a pet cat named pinky bo that's

what Peralta both conspired to kill him

you don't know that oh come on Doc will

you for all we know one of them or even

both could have been knocking all people

for years running at a time doc I need

something from you oh yeah well I don't

have anything uh-uh took my money your

vault right where I think you left this

last time by mistake and your next line

is don't come back right you got

ah you know doc we all gotta die some

more later in your case I was working on



you know every time you come home you do

exactly the same thing it's like some

kind of ritual really yeah you started

get comfortable for yourself a glass of


begin to unwind and when you come out

into the balcony leaned against the

railing and look out of the view

I guess we're all creatures of habit

Tracy don't answer it I don't want to

know one of those crank calls but why

did it don't answer it

I never getting worse


I'll get you another

what do you think dr. Isley think of

them I think he's sexy Tracy you mustard

mustard wha you mustn't get involved

with him we don't have complicate the

situation I like him so what's wrong

with that enough or I'll call the whole

thing off who in the hell are you to

call up anything look at the mess with

Bragg 4lb just because you had to get

involved I don't argue sometimes I think

you're losing it Lee honestly sometimes

I think you don't even know where you're

at I think the police are watching us

all the time godley you're getting

paranoid they can't touch us not unless

you do something stupid like tell him

that you were working for me the night

frat was killed nothing will happen

because you're not even sure yourself

what happened


what are you doing

the TV was on

music didn't you hear it Oh music I

didn't hear a thing she was on so you

turn it off I must have left it on I'm

sorry I didn't turn it off it just went

off okay come on V let's go to sleep

just your nerves again sometimes I think

I'm going crazy

once again Tracy uh there are no right

or wrong answers no time limits I just

want you to look at the pictures and

tell me a story about no good at stories

can I stand up move around your life

tell me a story about that picture well

wonderful it's dying she needs a heart


and only her sisters hartal match one

behinds willing to give her heart but

one front can't take it

one of this gun die

this is only enough for one not two

it's at the end of the story that's

always the end what's the relationship

between the two minute Oh should I know

what are we trying to it's warm in here

now take off my sweater sure go ahead

it's better

they met in a bar

she bought him a drink with her last


they were

bringing attracted to one another

took him back to his room and he made

love to her such fury

but she died

oh please to accuse him of murder but

actually she died from his passion she

died happy


she liked my story yes should we try



likes to burn on the kiss

kiss was nice but kisses aren't allowed

during work hours hmm what about after

work look trying to be somewhat um well

we we fish with you silly test will you

take me out of it think about

you know there's not much to choose to

UM between layin me you know it always

happens what the guys who meet us they

always fall for me not her

I've had to make such sacrifices to keep

us together

I was going to be her heel trap he was

crazy about me really disappointed

league cuz naturally she liked him too

you wouldn't marry me


Frank Peralta of course

this one's very


great draft


clean look these tests aren't that

important what's important is that we

talk no I'm sorry

well then I found out I had a twin

sister I couldn't believe it and he make

perfect sense to me

so you set out to find her

took me three years I looked a good job

fiance who didn't understand

I spent a whole lot of money

see Jim it may be hard for you to

understand but

but once I found out about Tracy

I didn't have a choice

never did

it became an obsession

yes sir

are you looking at me like that all

right all right

hold your breath close your eyes



we'll work


because right now Tracy comes first I

can't lose her I think you've

underestimated the situation I'm not

interested in test results on

professional observation but it's not as

simple please



scared me sorry

did you hear me come in no

you notice Israeli seems looser Lee it's

always been that way you getting

paranoid again it's your imagination

you've been having problems with it



you're supposed to be home at five

you didn't the gym

I took another one of those silly chases

that's what you mean


you didn't go anywhere with it


I went window shopping

go we don't want another one of those

messy situations like four why are you

talking about

he made a pass with me today

kiss me

you speak again

distant owl

I'm crazy about me

this could be the one way

this could be the one

I give up




I asked you not to bother me anymore and

I really met eyes the Isaac mom I like

you you like me sure yeah the other kids

a researcher oh thank you exploring the

frontiers of the mind me what am I an

old top was into a little voyeurism yeah

what do you want one maybe both of those

women are extremely dangerous if I guess

up in any trouble give it yeah I'll be

close by you don't want to be the next

Peralta to you these women is kill

she doesn't need a cop chasing around

after she needs psychiatric help which



all right Tracy this is called the draw

person test which is pretty obvious does

it have to be a person yes

any more than one person no just one

then it can't be me and you test wasn't

designed that way I don't want to play I

don't want it played me me and you

slay his neck

that's a problem

Lee has nothing to do with it hey lay

lay lay lady eldest need a perfect one

neither smart will lead a nice one think

they fall in love with me they hit on a

doctor first adopted bet on sick of it

I love her

we want you to

what did you want me back Tracy

you're beautiful

but I can't let my feelings for you

interfere with our work

and you care about me

of course when all this testing stuffs

over there go out together

have dinner go dancing tomorrow

if you like

just two

we have to promise me that you're going

to continue to cooperate with me

are you gonna tell her about us when she

comes by the day

yes I will

I speak to her

what's wrong I want to stop these tests

I need to get away from here


first we have to have a talk about us

and Tracy no I don't want to hear all

right look

look I want to stop this testing two I'm

becoming involved i'm losing all

objectivity i find myself very attracted

to you and I think you tell her the same

things Tracy is clinically ill she's a

date don't fit treated fit you say

I could be insane to the moment it's

Tracy not you who needs help institution


she doesn't get help she's got to

continue to deteriorate you could do

wrong fight everything I don't think so

look I'm very confused about my feelings

for you but but I'm absolutely convinced

she's a danger to herself to others and

particularly to you no I can't

she's incapable of harming me

it would be like self-destruction her

she's very capable of it

if I got our way from here

to Kristen we're safe quiet

give her the love and caring that she

never had as a child it wouldn't make

any difference

it's may be hard for you to take

you're a part of the problem

you're the constant reminder of

everything she isn't and wants to be

no still at it huh taco no

you know I think they're both sick I

want a sicker and I'm going to nail her

hello Jim

Beulah yes me


or come by the office

I like you right now

I no way for you

what's your on balcony

she wasn't watering the plants

at least we know we're both of them are

yeah but only one comes which one

are you sure it will ya no I don't mean

to complain and don't get me wrong I

don't mind sharin just can't stand it

when you throw them away without smoking

him I mean these things are roebuck a

pack you the same one could last all day

it stops me from eating with this either

taka would you please

just came in once she won back out beats

me water Taylor no you know i think the

real sick one is Tracy it's still up





I want to be beautiful for you

glad you decided to trust me


I need yourself

your strike

can you really tell the difference

between us


so close the lips touching bodies

accounts together

can you tell the difference between

Tracy and me

but a good know in my heart

what's important right now is tracy's

help me I'm you she couldn't have me

would you be just as happy with Tracy

he said like a ritual drinks the wine

things against the railing

kiss man please kiss me


hello lease up on the balcony we try to


how did that happen

are you sure I mean I can't

how is she exactly

yes yes of course

will be the right thank you

there's been an accident

sisters fallen in the balcony she's in

critical condition

ok boys let's do something terribly

sorry sure to make it and then I'll take

you downtown but first I wanna talk to

you too doc but I want to be with you

there's nothing you can do baby please

few minutes

miss Cullen were you aware that the

balcony railing was loose

yes we both were idea

I mentioned it to the superintendent

several days ago

Tracy was certainly aware Tracy Amelie

I'm we


I think I never tell you two apart

so uh he was saying she was feeling

troubled guilty over recent events see

I've been dating Frank for several

months and I was madly in love with him

and one day he asked me to marry him

well I was flattered but I don't know I

just wasn't ready to be tied down I

didn't know how to say no and they're

important didn't came up to meet all of

his friends he invited me well I got so

excited I I think I made myself sick so

instead of turning him down

I said Tracy instead

um did he notice a difference yes

at first he just thought I was Moody and

then she began to drink oh she's not

used to drinking so she made a complete

fool of herself she was dancing on the

piano home grabbing husbands and

pharrell yanked her out of the party and

took a back to his place

he's bad

Tracy just thought it was funny she

apologized and then tried to calm him

down he didn't care

I said he was over and he never wanted

to see her again

he said it just like that not any


and he sat down the piano

started to play

Tracy decided to punish him

she did the knife and stabbed him with


and she left him to die

please he told you all about this that's


she was uh

disturbed that way

dr. Isley's tests only confirm this

so Tracy killed

that's right

Breaking Bad




you're so beautifully you so much more

beautiful than me

we're identical

you're the same

no no what I mean is I want to be more

like you

I'll always take care


it's nothing to worry about

she found me

you've always said would be stronger

together than we would be alone that's


we stick together through this too won't


no matter who comes between us

I probably said take care

I'll never leave

we'll never be apart again