Dark Mirror (2007) - full transcript

The housewife and aspirant photographer Deborah Martin is strangely attracted to a house and convinces her husband Jim to buy it. They move from Seattle with their son Ian and Deborah takes a photo of a mirror in the bathroom. She soon discovers that her neighbor is snooping on her family and a stranger is stalking her. She researches the house history and finds that it belonged to a painter who might have killed his wife.

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You promise to give this one a chance.

I'm not promising you nothing.

Come on, Deb.

14 houses so far.

This cannot last forever.

I just know what I like.

Just because you don't mind
living in some piece of shit...

I don't want to live in a piece of shit.

Well, thanks to Mommy,
you won't have to.


I'm sorry.

Here we are.

You're in for a treat.

It's not listed yet.

The family's out of state.

A famous painter once lived here.

Oh, yeah?

Yes, Rupert Wells.

Maybe you've heard of him.

I wouldn't.


Name sounds familiar.

Are you an artist?

I'm a housewife.

Uh, no, no,
she's a great photographer.

She just hasn't had time lately.

I can imagine.

Two bedrooms, 13/4 baths.

It needs a little fixing,
but it's got some charming features.

Original hardwood floors.

The cut-glass windows

were imported from China,
and it's got built-in cabinetry and...

hey, hey, hey!

We're still painting!

Come on, Ian.

Hey, hon.

Uh, we're still painting.

Do you want to see
the rest of the house?

It's a little small for the price.

We'll take it.

Are you sure?

Yeah, yeah.

What, you want to move back to Seattle?

No, no, no, no, no.

No, I don't.

We'll make an offer.


We'll go back to my office
and get started on the paperwork.

All right.

No, no, no, I'm not playing.

No, Jim, I'm not playing.

Stop it!

I see you.


God, you're such a dick!

What happened?

Nothing, baby.

Your dad just scared me.

I got her good, Bud.

Did you see that weird guy outside?

What guy?

He was out there.

He was... he was watching me.

Hmm, probably just a nosy neighbor.

I'm hungry.

No, he... I'm telling you,
he wasn't just passing by.

He was... he was casing the joint.

Hey, we better get some pizza.

I got to get back to the office
for a couple of hours.

Oh, tonight?

I'm sorry.
I told you.

The weeks leading up to this project launch
are gonna be crazy.

"Casing the joint."


I'm going to bed, baby.

Don't stay up too late.

I'll be there soon.

Hey, don't worry.

They're gonna love all your photos.

Good night.





Have a good day.

You too.

You nervous?

Me too.

But we're tough.

We'll be all right.

You're supposed to agree with me.


Okay, let's go.


Ooh, wow.

Mmm, this is nice.

This is really nice.


Thank you.




It's a great portfolio.

Thank you very much.

I'd like to see a few more product shots.



But it's great.


Thank you for stopping by.

So is that it?

Yeah, we can call you
if we need anything.

Oh, okay.

- All right?
- Yeah, great.


Okay, terrific.




I'm so sorry about that.

I hope you got my good side.

- Really great.
- Thank you.

Thank you for coming in.

Sorry about that.

What the fuck was that?
Can you believe her shit?

Use the freakin' focus ring, right?

Goddamn art photos.

Oh, God.

Oh, man, I'd fuck her, though.


That's really disrespectful.

Get the hell out of here.




Oh, baby.

Thank God.

Hi, I'm Tammy.


Nice to meet you.

I was just finishing up.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to look in on you.

I was just...

That's okay.

I'm a bit of an exhibitionist anyway.

Oh, right on.

You need anything to drink?

No, thank you.

I'm good.

You do yoga?

It looks like you got an okay body.

I run sometimes.


You know, I saw you move in the other day,

and I've been meaning
to come over and say hello.

I've just been so busy.

Oh, what do you do?

Well, I'm an actress

and a model.

I also do some singing
but not professionally.

Wow, sounds exciting.

Mmm, oh, it is.

So why did you move here?

Oh, my husband got a job offer.

He's a computer programmer.

It's good money.

I just don't get to see him much anymore.

Yeah, yeah.

Wow, computers, huh?


Hey, do you know that lady
that lives right across from me,

my next door neighbor?

Oh, God, Mrs. Yoshida?

Has she been watching you?

Yeah, she has.

She's obsessed with your house.


Well, because of that painter

that used to live there.

What about him?

Was she in love with him or something?

Oh, God, no.


It's 'cause he disappeared.

I mean, he and his whole family.

They never found any of 'em.

Yeah, you didn't know that?

Oh, yeah.

Well, it must have happened
when she lived there,

I mean, because she watches
that place like a hawk.

Come to think about it,

she kind of watches
the entire neighborhood,

but, I mean, especially your place.

Does she watch you too?

Oh, yeah, like, all the time.

It doesn't bother you?

Oh, well, I mean, it used to.

But after a while I was like, whatever.

Fuck it.

Let the bitch look, right?

I mean, she wishes she looked like me.

Are you listening to me?

You know, babe, there's something really
strange about this place.

We have some weird neighbors.

I was talking about the assholes at work.

I'm sorry.

Well, there's always at least
one asshole in every office.

And if you don't see him,
that means that you're the asshole.

Weird neighbors...
you mean like Tammy?

You've met her?


Ian and I were cleaning out the garage
the other day,

and she came by and said hello.

That's funny.

She didn't mention that,
and neither did you.

I didn't think about it.


Is my massage done already?

So what did you think of Miss Tammy?

What do you mean?

Did she tell you she was an actress?

Honey, she is so hot
I forgot everything she said.

You are an asshole!

I'm the king of all assholes!

Of course Matt doesn't like it.

He's an idiot.

His parents are probably idiots.

The guy has no freakin' taste.

Yeah, would you shut up
and listen to me for a minute?

We'll pitch it to the client, okay?

Let him decide.

He's gonna love it,
and then Matt's gonna take credit

for the whole freakin'...

Yeah, I'm listening.

Look, can we
talk about something else?

Thank you.

About how we're gonna... yes.

Where are we goin' tonight?

What's the plan?

Hang on a second.




Come on, I'm trying to work.

Go outside.

Stay right outside.






There you are.

Yeah, Mom.

Here I am.

What are you...

Have you seen Ian?

He's out there.

He's so cute.

Why didn't you call
and tell us you were coming?

Because I wasn't sure
what you would say.

Oh, please, Mom.

It was one argument.

It's not like it was our first.

Besides, it doesn't mean
you can't come and visit.

You're smoking again.

Not really, just once in a while.

Is Jim...

No, Mom.

Everything's fine with Jim.

Ian, Ian.

Hey, baby, come in here
and say hi to your grandma.

Come on, come here, baby.

Go give grandma a kiss.


I'm sorry.

He just gets shy sometimes.

He's wonderful.

These windows are beautiful.

The glass is imported from China.

Oh, then it's Fun Shooey.


You should try it.

It's the ancient Chinese art
of furniture arrangement.

Oh, feng shui.

I have a book on it.

Did you know that they

put mirrors along the window ledge

to scare the evil spirits away?

Well, in some more remote parts,

the glass was
also considered to be

a vessel for the spirits.

You see, a spirit would be
attracted to the glass,

but when it got close to it,

it would get trapped inside,
and then it couldn't get out.

This way, it couldn't hurt anyone.

So this glass will protect your family.

Isn't that nice?

Are you doing some research?


All these library books.

Oh, yeah, I guess I am.

A famous painter lived in our house.

In this house?

Yeah, there's, like,
a mystery about him or something.

A mystery?

Oh, look.

That must be him

In front of this house.

The whole family disappeared.

Wonder what happened to them.

And her name is Eleanor.


Oh, Ian.

The door's locked!
I can't get out!

All right, honey.

Hang on a second.

Just hang on.

The handle came off!

Oh, my God.

Don't laugh!
Help me!

Okay, baby, don't worry.

We'll fix it.

Open the door!

Jesus, kid, take it easy.


Baby, baby, listen to me!

The handle on your side of the door,
slide it through.

The handle,

put it through
the hole in the door!

Oh, baby.

It's okay.

Oh, God.

Why'd you laugh at me?

You're mean.


Come on.

Come on, please?

Look in the mirror for me.

Do we have to do this right now?

It's been a long day.

I know, but when else am I gonna do it?

You're never home.



All right.

All right, look in the mirror
toward the hallway now.

Do you see the door?


This is stupid.

Okay, come on.

Now just put your head closer.

- Stop, stop, that tickles.
- All right.

Just put your head closer to the wall now.


What do you see now?

I see the door again.


Yeah, but it's not the same door.

It's a different door.

All right, just pull away from it
and then lean back in.


Our hallway has one door.

This one, right here.

The hallway in the mirror

has two doors.

The other one should be here.

Just look in the mirror for me.

I'm confused.

What are you saying?

Honey, the hallway in the mirror
is not our hallway.

Well, whose hallway is it?

Babe, I'm telling you there's
something strange about this house.

I've seen...

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

This isn't about the door.

All right, there's nothing wrong
with this house, okay?

Do you...
do you hear what you're saying?

It's crazy.

No, it's not.

It's not, baby, if you would
just take another look.

Deb, will you please...
I'm fuckin' tired, okay?

Will you drop it?

I'll look at your
imaginary door tomorrow.

I promise.

And you have to promise me
that you're gonna get out of this house.

Hi, I wanted to speak with Chad Walker.

I had interviewed with him last week,

and I just wanted to follow up
and see if he had any photo jobs

or help with anything.

Actually, it doesn't look like
he works here anymore.

He hasn't shown up to work
in over a week.

No one knows where he is.

I think he embezzled some money
and ran off with Stacy from Finance.

Thank you.

I got to go.

Look, I'm going
a little stir-crazy at home.

I just want to get back to work.

Look, I run a very small operation here,

and I got a couple of guys
that do most of the work for me.

So, spread it around a little, you know?

Throw some my way.

I got to fix this piece of shit.

What do you say?

You know, I'd like to help you out.

So help me out.

Well, actually,
"I'd like to help you out"

Is a bunch of bullshit
that most people say.

Look, even if I could hire you,

this is about all I could afford
to pay you.

That's less than the cost of day care.

If I go back to work...

Well, I told you the pay was crap.

Besides, I got the guys I need.

You know...

In the meantime, it's, you know,
know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...

I have to go.

I've got a lot of meetings.
I'm sorry.


Hey! Come on!
Oh, my God.

Look what you did to my car!

Look at the car!

There's no damage.

No damage?

You get out!

I'm gonna bash your fuckin' skull in!

What do you think you're doing?

Oh, now, what are you doing?

A camera?

What are you gonna do with a camera?

Stop with the camera, bitch!

You fuckin' ruined my car!

I'm telling you right now,

get out of the car.

I'm gonna bash your skull in!

Am I late?

I'm sorry, honey.

I'm so sorry.

It won't happen again.

I know I haven't been the best mom lately,
but that's gonna change.

I promise.

You scared the...

you scared me badly.

What's up?

You're vacuuming.




The fireplace?

What about it?

Oh, baby.

You're afraid of it?

That's just the wind.

When the wind blows through the chimney,
it makes that sound.

If you'll come take a look over here,
you'll see there's nothing there.

Come on.

Come look.


Actually, there is something up there.

It's on the ledge.


Don't worry.

It's okay.

Oh, got it.



Pill for weight loss,

and soon consumers may be able
to get it over the counter.

On tonight's health report,

a drug that blocks
the body's absorption of fat.

Overweight patients say
it's changed their lives.

The prescription version of the drug

has more than double the dose
of the over-the-counter,

which might cause some negative reactions
to the pill's availability.



Ian's asleep.

A Northridge woman has gone missing,

and Los Angeles police are asking
for your help finding her.

Oh, shit.

42-year-old Mallory Kuttner

was last seen
leaving her work around noon.


I've seen that woman.

Her vehicle is still at the parking lot.

What are you talking about?

But there is no sign of her.

Police are investigating
the woman's disappearance

but have not ruled out
kidnap or murder.

Although a ransom note
has not been found,

police agree Kuttner disappeared
under suspicious circumstances.

I've seen her.

That woman?

She was screaming at me.

That woman?

You sure?


I found out some more
on your painter, Wells.

I do love a good mystery.

Mom, I'm really not in the mood.

Listen to this.

"Wells had a hard time
establishing himself.

None of his early work
was taken seriously."


It was when he'd gotten married
and moved into your house

that his style changed.

The paintings became completely different.

Critics started paying attention.

Got you, bitch.

What was that?

Nothing, Mom, nothing.

His painting style changed so much that...
and I'm reading here...

"Some members of the press suggested
he was in some way possessed."



Mom, I got go.


I'm sorry, Mom, I got to go.

There's more...

What you up to?


Okay, one minute.

Come on in.

I'll fix us some drinks.

So what are we taking pictures of?


Apple martini okay?

Oh, yeah, that sounds
really good right now.



Yoshida still bothering you?

Kind of.

But it's... it's not just her.

I've been seeing things:

someone, this guy,

I guess you could call it
"lurking around."

But I mean,
I think he's stalking me.

No shit.

Oh, wow.

That is scary.

You know, there are a lot
of stalkers here in L.A.

I mean, trust me, honey.

I've had my share.

Have you?

Oh, yeah.

You know what you need?

What's that?



Yeah, it's cute, isn't it?

Do you know how to use that thing?

Shit, yes.

I go to this little gun range
in the valley all the time.

You should come with me.

It's a lot of fun.


Fuck you, asshole.

Give me the money.

That's very convincing.

That's really good.

Yeah, pretty cool, huh?

So how's Jim?

Is he getting along any better
with those assholes at work?


Mmm, excuse me.


Oh, hi, honey!

It's my agent.

I'll talk to you later.


Hey, babe.


We're off to work.

Is Mom okay?

She's being kind of weird.

Don't worry.

She's fine.

You got everything you need
for the sleepover?

Yeah, yeah.

Oh, no.

Mrs. Yoshida?

Are you okay?

Mrs. Yoshida?




You been sleeping all day?

What's going on out there?

Cops were just next door.

Miss Yoshida's gone missing.

Her son called 'em
when he couldn't reach her

on the phone today.

Did you see her leave?

I had a weird dream.


Um, no.

No, I didn't see her leave.

She probably wandered off.

Shouldn't have been living alone,

not at her age.

His wife painted this.

That explains why his style
changed so much

when he moved here.

She painted all of them,
and then he took the credit.

Until they disappeared.

Until he killed her.

There was a sketchbook behind the frame.

It's like a diary.

Eleanor was afraid of her husband.

At first she was happy
to just have her paintings seen,

but then she wanted to stop.

She was frustrated,

but she was afraid
of what he would do to her

if she tried to leave him.

He couldn't live without her paintings.

She was miserable.

She became more and more
frightened and paranoid.

Mom, she actually believed

that she could make things happen
by drawing them.

She writes about sketching things,
events, objects,

and then they come true.

Which makes you wonder,

why would she paint this?


You're gonna think I'm crazy.

But just go through the pictures.

I wouldn't know how.

All right, first of all,

there are all these pictures
that I didn't take.

I mean, maybe I left my camera on.

What do you mean?

That's Mrs. Yoshida.

She's the next-door neighbor,
and she's missing.

Her son's going nuts looking for her.

And then that's the woman
from the parking lot.

Gone; nobody knows where.

And this one... that's the first guy.

I mean, he was a jerk but...

Debbie, what are you saying?

Mom, everyone I photograph
with this camera vanishes.


What does Jim think about all this?

I haven't told him, Mom.

He thinks I'm crazy enough as it is.

Debbie, I don't know.

This is all so...

Mom, listen to me.

Rupert Wells is out there.

He took Eleanor,

and now he's taking everyone
that I photograph.

Forget about the camera.

No, Mom, you're not listening to me.

You have a nice house,
a wonderful family.

Take care of them.

If you take care of them,
everything will be all right.

You're bad.

You're terrible.

You're a doll.

Oh, get out of here.

You are dangerous.

It's really weird about Mrs. Yoshida, huh?


Hmm, well, I'll see you soon.


I'll see you around.

See you.

Deb, I'm home.

Just for dinner, though.

I got to back to work
and work an all-nighter.

And I work tomorrow too.


You home?

Didn't you hear me?



What are you doing?


Okay, don't tell me.

There's nothing to tell.

I'm just gonna...

I'm gonna go start dinner now, okay?


Oh, my God.

It worked.

Where's that camera?

Where is it?



You get away from us!

Ian, come on, we have to go.

Ian, now!

Let's go inside!


It's okay, baby.

The pictures are gone.

They can't hurt you now.

Look, Mommy smashed them to pieces.


It's all right!


It's all in the glass.

There must be a way out.



You stay away from him!

It's all right.

Stay right here.

I don't want you to move.

Stay there, okay?


Baby, are you okay?



Ian, are okay?

Deb, go back to sleep.

I got to think.
- Mommy?

I'm scared.

Stay in your room, Ian!

Everything's gonna be okay, baby.

Jim, listen, we need to get him safe.

You got to listen to me, baby.

You got to trust me.

Our baby's in danger.

You're in danger.

I didn't believe it at first.

Then I found you lying in
Yoshida's blood, unconscious.

I had to cover for you.

I had to protect you.

You think I killed her?

You think...

you think I killed her?

You think I'm crazy?

No, no, it wasn't me.

It was Rupert Wells,
the painter that lived in this house.

He killed her.

I just need to know.

What did you do with the bodies?

No, listen to me.

He was taking the credit
for his wife's paintings,

and when she tried to leave him,
he killed her.

He killed all of them.

Tell me what you did
with the bodies!

Tell me!

All I did was take pictures of them.

I didn't do anything.

We're going back to Seattle.

We're gonna find you help.

No, no, no, no, we can't.

Jim, we, we can't go back there.

He'll find us.

He'll get us.

No matter where we go,

he'll find us,
just like he found Eleanor

and everybody else.

There is no Rupert.

There is no Eleanor.

You are sick!

You're sick!

Listen to me.

We can't leave this house.

This is the only thing
that's keeping us safe.

The glass is protecting us.
- Stop it!

We have to find another way out.

Shut up.

We have to find the door in the mirror.

Stop talking like that!

You're freaking me out!

Call my mother.

Call my mother.
We did the research together.

She has proof.



your mother's been dead for five years.

I know that!

She killed herself.

My mother killed herself.

I know that.

Wake up.

We better hurry
before they wake up.

Wake up.

Eleanor was a prisoner in the house.

When she couldn't get out,
she found another way.

Deeper into the house.

Into her own world.

It's kind of funny.

What is?

You and I getting along.


It was you.

You killed them.

You were trapped in the house.

Rupert made it a prison.

The glass wasn't meant to keep evil out.

It was meant to keep you in.

So you went crazy,

and you killed them all

with my hands.


No, no, no!




Oh, no.



No, no!


No, please don't.

I don't want to wake up, Mommy.

We don't know what happened
to the bodies.

Did you follow the blood trail?

Look at this.



Neighbor trying to take a look.

It's your reflection.

Dumb ass.