Dark Lies the Island (2019) - full transcript

The film follows the characters in a long standing family feud in a small Irish town over the course of a week.

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My daughter wasn't the
first one that lake turned into a spacer.

There was a wicked auld
draw for it always.

Turned half the place
crooked in the head.

I thought I'd never escape it.

I still don't know how much of
me self I left back there.

It mightn't look like it...

...but this is kind
of a funny story.

The way one thing
led to another.

And everything just went
phenomenally fuckin' mental.

What kind of
a night did you have?

Don't be talking to me.

Had you nightmares?

Wiggling around in my brain.

Are you going
to humiliate me, Sara?

I am, yeah.

This is Daddy Mannion.

I married the man.

I know, yeah.

Tell me about it.

You need to take
her to the head doctor.

You're not to leave me, Sara.

Sure, where else would
I be going at this fucking stage?

The Mannions
owned and ran this place always.

Kept it in the family.

So, did he have an
aul' go off ya last night, did he?

And how many times did you come?

Martin Mannion.

The younger of Daddy's two
sons by the first aul' bat.

God rest her.

Poor Martin
wasn't setting the world on fire.

Mr Mannion?

That's right, yeah.

I'm from
the Organic Certification Board.

The older son was my true love.

Doggy Mannion.

Ah, come on to FUCK!

Also known as 'The Dog-man'.


Nineteen ninety... six.

One thing you don't
ask is how he got the fuckin' name.

Nineteen ninety... October.

Nineteen ninety...!

Sara would've been...

He believes
the birds have plans for us.

Sara would've been...
What would she have been?

He believes
there are voices in the dark.

Too much love in me heart.

That's Doggy Mannion's
only problem.

And he believes in first love.

The poor Dog-man.

He couldn't even get out
of his own fuckin' shack.

You were warned!

You're very talented, pet.

But do you know what
I mean, like?

You going to make an appearance
at the school today?

I have the
aul' headaches bad again.

You've no temperature.

But I'll tell
you what I do have.

What's that?

Taste of metal in me mouth.

Want to play with this?


It's not broke, pet. Look.


I have no
interest in the fucking thing.

What kind of a child
can't get herself addicted

to the fuckin' internet?

Me head is raw, Tee-Jay.

Can you not give it a break?

Smoking that gange
morning and night.

How's that gonna get
us outta here?

There's nothing
gettin' us outta this place, Patcho.

D'ya know what you are, Tee-Jay?

A fatalist.

Would ya not smoke a joint
at least, no?

I would not, Patcho,
'cause me body is a temple.

I don't wanna go up there.

I don't
wanna go up there either.

No choice, have we?

Nine grand we owe the fucker.

But what
is it he wants us to do?

Can I just be lookin'
in the window at people?

That's not gonna clear us
nine grand of debt.

It's surveillance, Tee-Jay.

Anyhow, the Dog work
in strange ways.

Give it time; it'll wind up being
more than looking in at people.

I suppose.

The problem with Doggy is...

...he can't leave the place
on account of...

...his what-you-call-it?

An acro-type cunt...

An acrobat...

He's an agrophobe, Tee-Jay.

An acrobat is the cunt swinging
himself off the ceiling.

I don't care
what the fuck he is!

All I'm worried about is how we're
gonna clear nine grand of debt!

Sure, you'd have a man killed
around this place for 500 euro.

It's 400 in Mohill.

You heard that said?

In Mohill, they have
a kind of a twist in the mind.


Sure, didn't our own
uncle set himself on fire up there.

Oh Mulvihill's.

Treated wrong always.

How's business, Doggy?

Hoppin' off the
roads. Get into me! C'mon!

She's back
in the same bed as him?

And was he interferin' with her?

Could you see from where you
were hid? Or you don't want to tell me?

It's hard to say Doggy
from the angle that we were at.

I know she's your own
cousin. You mightn't want to look...

And, of course,
the lights were out as well and...

The lights?

Aw, well! She wouldn't want to
be looking

at a big, ignorant ape
like me father, would she?

Mannion Introductions.
Dog Mannion speaking.



And the name?

Okay, calm yourself
and listen to me, Rachel.

Mannion Introductions deals with
clients of all shapes 'n sizes.

What size of a girl are
you exactly?

And what class of a dress
size would you take?

Ah, for the love and hon our
of Jesus, Rachel!

Hold onto yourself
and listen to me.

I dealt with many's a 22
in me day and bigger again.

Stop it. There's no call
for tears now.

Ah look...!

I've a folder here...

...full of fellas whose tongues
would be hangin' out of their

heads for the size 22
of a dress size.

I've a fella here;
works in the forestry

although I need to ask you
a question, Rachel.

Have you a strong sense of

He's not a bad-looking man
by any means.

Not saying he's an oil painting,
but Jesus, God, Rachel,

when you're hammering around
the place in a size 22 of a dress size,

it's not gonna be George Clooney
landing in the door to ya

and a waft of Nespresso off him!

Was he interfering with her in
th e bed last night?

Honestly Dog, we didn't see.

Hold for me there
one minute, Rachel. Thank you.

Mannion Bet wise.
Dog Mannion speaking.


No, I'm taking no more bets
on the French dogs.

I'll tell ya why.

'Cause it's crooked fuckers
that's running the French dogs.

Have a think about Clooney from the
forestry and I'll come back to ya Rachel.

I'll fuckin' tell ye boys.

From the lake below there...

...across the woods up here, as
far as the Curlews on the far side,

as far as Mohill in the east,
it's all fucked.

It's all got the bad strain.

How do you get a
feel for this kind of thing, Dog-man?

By paying attention
to what's going on around me.

By using me fuckin' eyes.
By using me fuckin' ears.

But you don't leave this
place, Dog.

By using me fuckin'
feel, Tee-Jay.

It's the bad strain that causes
all the lies around here.

A woman saying one thing
and meaning another.

Not calling your cousin a
liar but...

But if there's lies being
told to me,

someone needs
to fuckin' bleed for it.

You're to keep an eye on
him for now.

That Tess Maguire, it is?

'Tis, yeah.

She's looking fabulous.

Best she's
looked for years, Phylis.

You had the work to do.

I had.

Poor dear. Fucked
herself into the lake.

That can give the green bloat.

Ah, she wasn't in
there long enough for that.

You've done her proud,
Mr. Mannion. She have nice colour on her.

It's the first bit of colour on
that poor woman's face since...

Since the days of ABBA
and discos, Phylis.

Poor Tess was 20 years dying.

Brains o' the operation into ya.

Lady o' the Maguires.

You've her got out great.

I've her got out
like a hoor's breakfast, Martin.

Sure, that's what they'd
nearly be after, the Maguires.

What are you doing here, Martin?

I think the chickens
are after going to fuck on me, Da.

And what's after happening is...

I'll tell you
what you do so, Martin.

Go out and ring Sky
Breaking News

and tell them there's shock
developments in.

Martin Mannion of Dromord
is after making

a pig's mickey of another

Da. Listen.

Through no fault of my own.

I don't want to listen to it.

Through no fault of my own!

Changing regulations
of organic certs and,

And the way things are
looking for me now,

Could mean I have to go and
lease a new...

I won't listen to
it, Martin. You're a half-wit.

All you do is go around
town following your lad.

Says he and he
took up with me brother's missus.

Leave it!

The town getting
the whole of it's mouth,

talking down Mannions like
we're fucking pieces of shit!

I took that girl off the roads!

And your brother went out to a
fuckin' shack in the woods.

Was mad before he got there!

We were respectable people.

With me mother still warm in the
grave, you went and you fuck in...


Let me tell you
the fundamental facts.

The best part of you
dripped down my leg.

You're worse than useless.

You had the deli and you ran
it into the ground.

You had your... what you call
it? fuckin' gastro pub

and you ran it into the
ground as well.

The tan shop went the same way.

You must be the only eejit
in the northwest region

that couldn't make a go
of a fuckin' tan shop

and the cunts out there screamin'
for a bit of colour on their faces.

I've bailed you out
again and again.

And again.

The bills you couldn't face.
The loans you couldn't pay.

And your mad brother above
in a wagon in Dromord Woods

and money horsin' in the door...

From drugs and whores
and robbed antiques and bettin'...

At least he can make a
count of it!

So what you're
saying to me basically, Da, is no.

That's what I'm
saying to you, Martin. Yeah.

I don't believe in God.

I don't believe in the
devil neither.

I don't believe in angels
or ghosts.

Or demons or any of it.

You never know what the road
will bring in.

You never know
what'll fall out of the sky.

I think I had an appointment.


Ah, yes. 11 o'clock - Mr Tobin.
Richard, is it?

Yeah. That, that's... Yeah.

Mr. Mannion isn't
actually here at the moment.

He has an old dear to lay out.

Lay out?

Saoirse, hush,
love. Do your sums.

I might have what you're
looking for, Mr Tobin.

No school today, no?

Taste o' metal in me mouth.

Bad dose.

I do.

And I definitely have the leases
here for ya, ready for signin'.

I'm after buying a chipper!


The money is cleared;
you're all set to go.

The very best of luck to you
now with everything, Richard.

I think I might be Richie.

Homework, is it? Fair play.

A woman with a future.

A man with a past.

What the fuck?!

St. Jarlath's Under-19s
1998 County Champions.

The hoors haven't won it since.

A lot of the lads
are dying off now.

Tommy Cryan drowned
in a slurry pit.

Alan Connellan turned a car
over outside Ballymoate.

Poor Phil Quelley had the

Can ya pick Martin out?

Mannion head on it!

Heads like boiled hams!


Can ya pick me out?

Dacent side, in fairness.

They can't even
kick a ball down there these days.

Sure, all the lads
are gone out foreign now.

They are, and the
cunts have Australia destroyed.

Th-This, this place, you see...

What it is, really, is, uh... it's
the inside of my brain, you know?

If I didn't have it pinned
to the wall...

...I might lose it altogether.

I know that.

They want me
to go to the head doctor.

They say it runs in the family.

There's no need for that.

Listen to me.

It's just the fear of it,
d'ya know?

They say things like,
'Madness, it runs in families.'

Or heart attacks or
cancer or... suicides,

it runs in families.

But often all that runs in families
is just a fear of those things

because they've happened before.

Do you understand me?


And fear is
the most powerful thing.

If you let fear into ya, you can
make a reality out of anything.

Do you want to come outside?


Do you want to come outside now?

Come on, Doggy!

It's been years since
I've been down in that town.

I'm sorry.

She's asleep.

I gave her a pill.

Get into the bedroom now.

Holy Mother of jaysus!

What the fuck, Patcho?!
Daddy's arse is white as the moon.

Do you like
humiliating me, Sara?

I do, yeah.

Mother of fuck!


Is it bigger than mine?

Oh, there's no comparison.

It's a wonder he can walk
around the place at all.

Will you bate me
like the fuckin' weasel I am?

Yes, Daddy.

Doggy's gonna go fuckin' mental.

You well, Dog?

No point complainin'.
Anything strange below?

The whole
fuckin' place is strange.

How's the love life?

Ah, nearly have it kept
in a jar altogether now at this stage.

You not steppin' out
no more with that girl from the Lidl?

What was it?
Belorussian, she was?

Svetlana. She was.

That's all over.

They make a fine tractor,
the Belorussians.

How are the chickens?

I'm hearin'
the cunts in me dreams.

Why are you here, Martin?

Look, what I
was wondering, Dog, is, uh...

Is there any chance you could
help me out with the...?

There wouldn't be, Martin.

How many times have
I bailed you out before?

The fella that never visited me
once when I was sick.

It's all a long
time ago now in fairness.

It don't seem long to me.


Maybe I can help you
out, you know?

Help me out?

Against the aul' fella.

Listen to me, Martin.

We're the Mannions.

We're the story
this place tells itself.

And what's between Daddy and me,
it's like a tight line.

It's like a length of wire
held at tension.

It has to be held fuckin'
taut, you know?

Because if either of us
at either end lets drop,

the whole fuckin' thing
comes down!

Sometimes I think, you know I've
held onto it for too long.

Maybe I might just let it
all come down.

I'll help you against him.

I'll keep that in mind, Martin.

Take me
serious for once in your life!

Look after yourself, Martin.

You could come back, Dog.

I could come back.

You could bunk up with me below.

Like when we were small?

Who's madder? Me or you?

Still doin' the
two-fers over Monday?

The what?

Two snack
boxes for the price of one.

Where does it say that?

You've a small amount
of blood on your head there, fella.

Sorry about that.

Should a seen the
buck who had the place before ya.

Bit of a knock you got
there at some point.

Some fella
come at ya with a hatchet?

Haven't a fuckin'
clue how it happened, lads.

Richie, where are you?

Please don't hurt yourself.

You can't run away from this.

You're not going to
find her there.

She's not coming back with you.

I can't swim over

And neither have I

The wings to fly

I wish I had.

Is he alright?

Ah, he'll be
grand again in a while.

My loving arms...

One, two!
One, two, three, four!

Amazing Grace

How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch

Like me

I once...

Mannion Introductions.
Dog Mannion speaking.

Oh, hello there.

How are you getting on yourself?

Not too great
now in all honesty.

I know the
way. I know it only too well.

Excuse me, are you at the Dew
Drop by any chance?

I believe I might be.

That's Phylis Cryan behind ya.

Doing her 'Amazing Grace'.

You wouldn't be in
the full of your health after Phylis.

No, but um...

Is Teddy Grehan in?


The little
birdy-faced fella having a weep.

Yeah, he's on a high stool.

That's his perch.
Makes a holy show of the place.

What are you lookin' for?

I, I'm sorry?

Man or woman, dog or cat?

I'm looking
for a friend, I suppose.

And what's your usual leaning?

You must have some notion.

I'll tell you one thing, though.

I don't want anything to do
with women with horses' tails!

You're in the
wrong neck of the woods, so!

When was the last time you were
with a woman?

I don't know.

I have folders here.
Can you describe yourself to me?

I'm an average
size cut of a gentleman.

Fella told me that once.

Turned out to be 24 stone.

Nearly flattened a poor
girl from Boyle.

I have scars.

And, em, kinda wounds.

It's very hard to
describe yourself.

I mean, how would you
describe yourself?

I was blind, but now I see.

A fuckin' maggot.

Ah now, come on.

A fuckin' maggot
that can't crawl out of its hole.

Take it handy on yourself?

'I can leave
whenever I want, ' she says.

'I can leave whenever I
want, ' she says.

'I can leave whenever I
want, ' she says.

I can't. I can't fuckin' leave.

I'm a pathetic fuckin' maggot
who can't leave his fuckin' hole.

You finding your feet?
You'd have to be born into it to love it.

The lake kind of makes it nice.

As long as you
don't fuck yourself into it.

Wind up with the green
bloat on ya.

Good day.

We've often put down worse.

Mr Tobin, is it?

Is right.

Mannion Auctioneers.

Oh right.

I was going to call in to
see you, actually.

I, eh, I was just wondering,

do you know how it came about?

How it happened?
Me buying the premises?

I'll tell you straight now, son.

The last thing this place needs

is another lunatic with
his head gone quare.

Things happen 'cause they
happen, son.

You're here in this godless
hole of a place.

Deal with it.

I have to see you, Sara.

Ah, don't mind
the aul' bollock-talk now.

Sara, listen. Is this a
life, do you think? That I'm having?

You're depressed,
Martin. This isn't the answer.

I'm in love
with you, Sara. Love!

You're an adult! Act it!

Stop going around the place
trying to convince yourself of nonsense.

Sara, I'll hurt myself.

Don't put this on me! I'm
up to me eyeballs with Mannions!

This is done with! It's the
answer to nothing!

I'll tell him. I'll tell him.

You'll tell him what?

I'll tell him about us.

Martin, do one
thing for me now, okay?

Turn around and fuck off.

There was
a tiny island out there.

Me self and the Dog
would go out there drinkin'...

...when we were kids.

Nothin' out there,
but it was a magic place.

Sometimes I just want to go
back out there again.

Bottle of vodka, packet of fags.

And feel the way I felt
when I was 17.

I don't want you lookin'
like a badger neither, Dog,

you know what I'm sayin'?

I won't look like
a badger. Lash it on goo do.

Your skin's
looking a bit better.

I haven't
been scratchin' so much.

Good man.

Haven't had the
rash so bad on me arm neither.

That'd be a great ease to you.

Damon Albarn, watch your back!

I missed you last week.

I can't come every week.

He has funerals out the ears
this week, it was handy.

How's his blood pressure?

Don't be jerkin' around
the place, that dye will float.

Remember that
song from the Debs, do ya?


You're goin' to have to let it
all go at some stage.

You know that, don't ya?


You might take
a seat for me there, Martin.

And what, why?

Now Martin.

Daddy, what are you doing here?

You rode your own stepmother.

Jesus Christ.

I'm sorry, Daddy.

You showed your colours, Martin.

Now get in the chair before
I'm dug from ya!

You might use that as
a gag for me.

I don't want you to
swallow your tongue.

Please, Daddy!

Please, Daddy!

Please, Daddy!

I'm going to dislocate your
shoulder now, Martin.

It'll give you something to
remember the night by.

I'm gone old-looking now.

You're not
gone old-looking, Doggy.

It's just that me, me
self-esteem is in a bucket, you know?

Shush, would ya?

You mean it?
Would you lie to me, Sara?

I'm gonna have to go home.


Tell me again
how it'll work out for us.

He won't live forever.

And it'll be just you and me?

That's all.

Are you back, are
you back in the same bed as him?

Doggy, stop. 'Course I'm not.

If you're lying to me, Sara...

Ah Doggy!

You don't need
me to leave this place.

You know that, don't you?

You can leave whenever you like.

Patcho, are we gonna
send the video to the Dog-man?

It's the proof he was after;
that she was doing the dirt on him.

Ah but, Patcho, can
you imagine where it sends him?

In the mental stakes!

I mean, you can make out the
brother as well.

Holy Mother of jaysus!

What the fuck, Patcho! Daddy's
arse is as white as the moon.

When you think about it...

...she's doing the brother and
the father at the same time.


Very effectively...

...by the looks of it.

Rough day?


Bag of chips, please.


What's wrong with your shoulder?

It's dislocated.

I think I can fix that for ya.


No, no. What do you
mean, 'fix it'?

Are you sure you know
what you're doing?

Give me your hand there now.

And you're going to take
a deep breathe for me,

and just hold it for me.

There's nothin' wrong
that can't be put right again.

I'd say you kept
some rough company in your day.

I wouldn't put it past me self.

Send the video now, Tee-Jay.

Holy Mother of jaysus!

What the fuck, Patcho! Daddy's
arse is white as the moon.

Is that the brother on the
computer, Patch?

She's gone, Richie.

You're to stop goin' up there.

It could be the
finish of him and you know it.

I don't give a fuck no
more what happens to him, Sara.

Don't go cruel on me!

Is she still up?

How are we now?

It's a little bit different to
the old house, Daddy.

Doggy, listen to me,
there's a child in the house.

You lied to me, Sara.

And I can't hear your voice now.


Sit down.

Everything is fuckin' ruined!

He can't do one thing right in
his life because of you.

You fucked it all up!

Our mother, why did she fuck
herself in the fuckin' lake?

Why did she die? Why didn't you
fuckin' die, huh?

She fucked herself in the
lake cause she's fuckin' mad, Dermot.

Don't fuckin' say that!

I'm only tellin' ya
the fucking truth, Dermot.

I told you not to call me that.

I know she goes
down to ya. I know her routine.

She does your hair.
She brings ya vitamins.

She brings ya skin cream.

Because she knows you're
mad, Dermot.

Don't call me that again!

It's your fuckin' name,
Dermot! You're a fuckin' Mannion!

Didn't I wet the head on ya
me self.

Doggy. Doggy, listen to me.

Shut up! I was 19 years of age

and you left me to rot in the
fuckin' mental...

...because you were ashamed of
what I said for the family name.

Eight months walkin'
that corridor

and did you come
and visit me once even?

Did me brother come visit?

Was he let?

He didn't want to go.

Was I let out
for me mother's funeral?

You'd have
jumped in the grave after her.

You remember
when I did get out, Daddy?

I was 19 years of age

and I went down to that lake
in the middle o' the night.

And put myself into the water.

I didn't want to be
taken out of it.

'Cause you know what it
felt like, the water?

A fuckin' kindness.

And then I'd be down there
with Mammy at least.

You could have had a life!

You had the brains for it.

You could have had the run
o' this town and not be

stuck in a wagon up
the Dromord wood!

Why'd you lie to me?

So you wouldn't
go and fuckin' top yourself!

Stop it, leave him alone!

Fuck you!

Daddy, leave him!

Are you fucking
savages altogether?!

Stop it!

Stop it!

Stop it!

Stop it!

Get off him, Doggy.


Oh for God's sake!

Jesus, Martin, let him go!

Me own fuckin'
brother! And you went at her!

For fuck's sake!

We were respectable
fuckin' people at one time, the Mannions.

you're a fuckin' half-wit.

You're from your mother's side.

And you, you'll be
back in an institution,

only this time, you'll die in

You don't think
there's been enough tonight!

Hold your
lip, you! I'm warning ya.

You're warnin' ME?

Remember who you are.

And what you are.

What's that supposed to mean?

You're a Mulvihill.
I know what you came from.

Watch your mouth now.

I rode your whore mother in 1992

and two of your three
whorin' aunts.

If I didn't ride the one
with the bockety leg,

It's because I didn't have the
charity in me fuckin' heart for it.

Fuck you!

Fuck you!


When I am laid

Am laid

In earth

May my wrongs create

No trouble

No trouble

In thy breast

Remember me

Remember me

But ahhhhhh!

Forget my fate

Remember me

But ahhhhh!

Forget my fate.

Look there's nothing we can do.

We're going to have to
phone the guards.

Is his head bad?

It's not good. Sweetheart.

We're all in shock now, but
we're gonna have to think this through.

Will the lake look after him?

Love, I know you're upset,
but we have to face a reality now.

Yourself in the women's jail?

And I'm doin' what? Smuggling
the Pinot fuckin' Grigio into you?

The child's right.

If he's long enough in
the lake, the green bloat kicks in.

He must have slapped his
head off a rock and he throwin' himself in.

And, you know, God help
us, he hasn't been great in himself.

This last long while.

What are ye like?


I tell ya one
thing he don't look... peaceful.

Easy, easy! For fuck's sake!

Hush, Daddy, hush.

What are you doing?


The man's dead as a stone.

Who ya tellin'! Isn't he
cold and clammy up against me face!

Doggy, this thing
now, I don't think we can do it.

We have to.

Listen to me, we owe it to Sara.

And we owe it to Mammy.

Yeah, let's do it.

Do you think it
will feel different without him?

Bit too early to tell.

Doggy! Dog-man!

Patcho, listen to me.

Imagine what he have in there!


It's our
ticket out of this place.

Wave it goodbye, Thomas John!

Woo hoo!


I never noticed that before.


Dromord... it reads
the same backwards as forwards.

Yeah, it does, yeah!
Reflects itself. It's a palindrome.

I don't
care what the fuck it is.

It reads the same backwards
as forwards.

There's a place up in the hills.

Up in the Dromord wood past
Doggy's old shack.

And when you're high enough,

you can see the entire town
reflected in the lake.

Every last stone and
brick of it.

And it makes me wonder, what if
we're only the reflection?

What if the real town is down
there in that black water?

These now would be
the executive homes, you know?

Oh right.

four-beds, underfloor heatin',

double-glaze aluminium,
keep the wind off ye.

Intelligent lighting. More
brains than me self, the lighting.

Open-plan kitchen spaces,
Scandinavian, how-are-ya,

and washin' machines
that'd nearly talk to ye.

And what's it
going to be called, the estate?

The, em... 'The Lake
View'. It's the way we're thinkin'.

Cor, the cops!

You never had a
cheekbone in your life, Maggie,

but you're getting one now!

Hey good lady

He just wants what
you got, you know

He'll never stop
until he's taken the lot

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey

Gonna stamp out your fire,
he can change your desire

Don't you know he can make
you forget you're a man

Gonna stamp out your fire,
he can change your desire

Don't you know he can make
you forget you're the man

You're a man

You're twistin' my melon man,
you speak so hip.