Dark Justice (2018) - full transcript

Jake De Long is one of the top computer programmers in the world. Hiding in an abandoned warehouse in Luxembourg, he is working on a secret website to be launched soon. As he does, he is warned that the police have discovered his whereabouts and are about to storm in. He manages to escape and fly back to Canada, where his colleague Valérie is waiting for him to get on with their life mission: the kidnapping of four very influential personalities. An oil tycoon, a renowned businessman, a minister of the environment and a very secretive foreign woman. The goal is to make them admit to their environmental sins, while being broadcasted live through a major website created by Jake and called: JUSTICE.NET.

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I can see you're getting
the word out.

In two days.
With a the link to the website.

You got it.

How about you?

You going soon?


Everything ready your side?

I'm good.

I gotta go.
See you soon.

You're done?

She's finished.

Looks great.

You know, the promo I posted
to the website yesterday?

Four million hits already.

I haven't even seen it yet.

Hi, I'm Sophie.

Follow me to Kronos.

We should celebrate.

Isn't it a little
early to celebrate?


- Have a nice flight.
- Thank you.


Yeah, that's me.

Little Abraham.


You coming?

Where's Jake?


It's a big decision.

Once I commit,
there's no going back.

He's on the list.

Alain, so nice to see you.

Good to see you
again, Priscila.

Welcome to my home.

Jean and Ning Tang are already inside.
Come and join us.

You have a beautiful home.

Oh, it was once owned by an
original Montreal robber baron.

A bootlegger?

Oh. After 9/11
I installed a panic room.

This way.

- Good to see you again, Jean.
- Hello.

- Ning Tang.
- Hello, Mr. Jarnac.

Want to take a seat?

- Anything else, Madame?
- No, thank you.

Please close the door
on your way out.

I want to thank you all
for making time for me.

Yeah. But why are
we here?

Mr. Jarnac's servers
at Vialette in Europe

as well as his personal computers
have all been hacked last week.

And you're only
telling us about this now?

Ms. Tang, what is your role
exactly in all of this?

I'm an associate
of Mr. Jarnac's.

Under the circumstances,

We didn't think
it prudent

to contact you
through phone or email.

I've been hacked
as well.

The ministerial office
in Ottawa, my home.

My mobile, my email.



Any idea who it is?

We have our people
looking into it.

I've got my suspicions,
but nothing I can confirm yet.

Be careful.

Don't talk about anything
we've been involved with

on any digital platform.

Cell phones.

Nobody move.

Meet my bodyguard.

All of you on the ground.


What did they do to us?

This is what
we know so far.

Four hostages.

Two businessmen,
the Canadian Minister of the environment,

and a Chinese

Alain Jarnac, CEO of the $64
billion Vialette Corporation.

It's a multinational company that sells
processed foods, beverages and desserts.

Jean Dubois,
CEO of Cadara Oil.

Also involved in the construction
of pipelines and refineries.

Priscila Spencer-Kraft is
an ex-journalist,

on-air personality,

Canadian Minister
of the Environment.

And Ning Tang,

CEO of something called
JPPC Investments.

What are their demands?

The kidnappers have yet
to make direct contact.

Are they terrorists?

- Not sure.
- You said they haven't made direct contact.

Well, this is
a teaser commercial

for the new Kronos

It's been hijacked
by the kidnappers

and it redirects to...

Well, just watch this.

Kronos is a state of mind.

But this is going to
become very real.

Follow me to justice.

Let the trials begin.

So, by hijacking Kronos,

they have immediate access
to millions of viewers.

Not to mention it's on Facebook,
Twitter, and all the social media.

What do they mean trials?
What trials?

Where does the signal
come from?

As far as we can tell,

from Spencer-Kraft's
panic room.

Well, then,
why don't we just go in?

You mean
breach the panic room?

Is that possible?

Yeah, it's possible, but,

probably ill advised
at this point.

We don't know what they want,
what they're capable of.

Until they make direct contact,
I think we should wait.

Welcome, everyone.
Thank you for being so patient.

What do you want
from us?

For over a year now,

we have anonymously
set up a website

to express our

and bring to light the
environmental and general crimes

of corporations and governments
from around the world.

For our troubles,

we have been targeted by
governments and law enforcement

who are attempting to
silence our right to speak.

We have tried to
do things legally,

along the lines of what would
be deemed acceptable by society.

Despite the fact that the
crimes we have been reporting

are atrocious.

We have now
been pushed too far.

We are forced to take
more extreme action.

What do you mean?

You've been brought here

so that you can
answer for your crimes.

What crimes?

You are not a court of law,
and we haven't committed any crimes.

The evidence we are
going to present

will prove otherwise.

Why are we talking to
a cartoon character?

Who are you?

I'm not a cartoon character.

I'm Sophie from Kronos.

I right wrongs.

What evidence are you
talking about?

This is ridiculous.

Vialette will pay you
to let us go.

How much do you want?

That's not how it's
going to work, Mr. Jarnac.

Well then,
just so you know,

none of us is going to
participate in this charade.

Who put him in charge?

Who else would it be?

Mr. Dubois,
please step forward.

Don't move, Dubois.

No. This conversation
is over.

Then I suppose we have
nothing more to discuss.

Isn't there any way
to shut this website down?


You've been briefed?

How long to shut
this thing down?

I just want him off the Internet.
I don't care how you do it.

Okay, let me know.

Stop it!

Stop it!

Shut it off!

Are you
ready to talk, Mr. Dubois?

What do you want
from me?

I said no!
We have to stay united.

Then what?

Do you think loud music is
going to be our only punishment?

I'll answer your questions.

Oil is something we all
use and need to survive.

Are we too dependent on it?


Mr. Dubois is a majority
shareholder in a number of pipelines

that are projected to crisscross
Canada and the United States.

They will run from
the oil fields of Alberta,

through the Rocky Mountains,

across the Prairies,

and through the US.

Out of 27
developed countries,

Canada is 27th

with the worst
environmental record.

How is that possible?

Well, look who
you have in power.

Politicians who promised a change
from a decade of Conservative rule

have proven that they also
answer directly to big oil.

Ms. Spencer-Kraft,
if you'll join us.

Go on.

I'm not participating
in your game.

But you're usually so eager
to appear on camera.

Let's watch.

What about the deadline?

The contractors are
ready to go.

We need to get
the pipelines approved.

I've set the deadline.

I have everything
lined up.

We're just waiting on approval from
a couple of hardliners, that's all.

When do you think
they'll give in?



Just trust me.

This is outrageous.

Where did you get
that video?

You should ask your
good friend Mr. Jarnac.

What is she
talking about?

Where is this coming from?

Where is it coming from?

I'm not responsible.

Try and find a peaceful
but quick solution to this.

Yes, Ma'am.

After so easily bending
the laws for Mr. Dubois,

the next big problem for
him and Mr. Spencer-Kraft

is that there is a growing
segment of the population

that believes it would
be better for the environment

to ship this dirty oil
by train

rather than scar the
countryside with more pipelines.

But it would be more expensive
for Mr. Dubois and his friends.

I had nothing to do
with that.

No, you didn't directly.

But like most great politicians
and business leaders,

you saw an opportunity

where others might just
see a devastating accident.

And who could you get to
capitalize on that opportunity?

Perhaps a man who
wanted something from you.

Stop it!

You took advantage
of the fallout.

You're broadcasting us.


Smile, Mr. Jarnac.

You're going out
to the whole world.

Your every word and action.

Our audience is being asked to
vote on your guilt or innocence.

Quite simple.
Maybe even a little bit fun.

To anyone who can
hear us out there,

we need help!

We're being held
against our will here

by some communists,

bent on some
twisted revenge.

We've all been drugged.

All of us, yes.

And we're being deprived
of water and of food and...

Ms. Spencer-Kraft.
Still a hypocrite, I see.

Unless we get some water
right now,

we're not going to answer
any of your questions.

Play all the loud music
you want!

You're going to let them
dictate terms to us?

Jarnac wants water.

Screw him!

Let's punish them.


The average person can survive
three minutes without air,

and, um, three days
without water.

Let's give them some water.


But wait!

What about Dubois
and Spencer-Kraft?

We're just getting to the
best part of their trial.

We're gonna hold 'em off
for a minute.

You realize that by
bringing up water himself,

Jarnac's playing right
into our hands?

Bring it in.

I won't drink this.

What's this vehicle
doing here?

We've got company.

I'm Brad Smith.

Blackhawk Security.

Well, you have to leave,
right now.

We've been dispatched here to
facilitate the release of the hostages.

Dispatched by who?

A private security firm
has no jurisdiction

on a Canadian
police investigation.

Stand your men down,
Mr. Smith.

Everybody, relax.

I'm only going to ask you
politely one more time, Mr. Smith.


This is Blackhawk November.

I have a senior
police officer here,

you need to bring her
up to speed.

Thank you.

I call the shots.

If you step out of line
once in my investigation,

I won't care who you know.


Who was on the phone?

The goddamn
Minister of Justice.

What the hell is this?

It's Vialette Life Water.

One of your most
popular brands.

This is not Vialette Water.

It comes from
Lahore, Pakistan,

where your company has
depleted the water table

by bottling all
the available tap water

and selling it back to
those who can afford it.

That's misinformation!

This is what the people who can't
afford Vialette Water are left to drink.

It's been brought in
specially for you, Mr. Jarnac.

At great expense.


Are we hooked up
to the CCTV yet?

Yes, Ma'am.
I will load up the video.

They've just logged
into the video network,

and we've got an image.

Find out where this
website is coming from.

I can tell you that
right now.

It's Jake De Long.

He's an underground hacker within
certain radical environmental circles.

Hacks into private servers,

gets access to
classified information,

puts it on his site.

He's wanted by any number of
governments for treason and espionage.

Find out everything you can
on Jake De Long.

Why don't you
show yourself,

so we can
start negotiating?

You know we've got to
end this soon.

I'm not risking lives.

Listen, Helene,

why don't we work
on this together?

I'll tell you what I know
about Blackhawk.

You are a private
military contractor,

that despite working under the
umbrella of the US government

in Iraq and Afghanistan,

have acted like cowboys with
total disregard of local laws.

So why would I imagine you'd act
any differently on my investigation?

I'm here to do a job
for my employer.

You're here to
uphold the law.

What do you know?

Two days ago, Jake De Long was almost
apprehended in Luxembourg City.

But he managed to escape.

What was he doing
in Luxembourg?

He was on the run.

No more porous borders
than in Europe.

On the run from who?

Take your pick.

Once he's caught,
the US are eager to try him for treason.

But his website has
an environmental focus.

We just accessed this
information 10 minutes ago.

He entered your country using
a fake passport and airline ID.

Moments later,
he was picked up by...

This woman
in a stolen van.

We're still trying to figure out
who she is and where she comes from.

Probably French.

Anything on the
two other kidnappers?

Not yet, but it'll come.

How did you get this
information so quickly?

Blackhawk has contracts
with US, Canadian,

British and French
governments for security.

So, how do we
shut this down?

Although the signal's coming
from inside the panic room,

it's been onion routed
times a thousand.

It's designed to make it practically
impossible to close down.

But you're sure it's coming
from inside that house?

Do you doubt it?

Where's the black van?

I say we go in,
breach the room.

Gadget here can get through the
computerized lock in a couple of minutes.

And what, we go in
guns blazing?

I'm sorry, I'm not handing
this over to private military.

Now that you've
been give your water, Mr. Jarnac,

let's resume.

Mr. Jarnac...

Vialette produces
processed food,

sells water and
soft drinks,

has a capitalization
of $64 billion,

boasts 300,000 employees

and has a beautiful
head office in Geneva.

Why are we judging
Mr. Jarnac?

Water is his obsession.

Vialette has 80 different
brands of water

that it sells worldwide for
a market share of $9 billion.

Let me illustrate to you how
Mr. Jarnac views the world.

There will always be people
who want something for nothing.

Certain liberals want to
give water away for free.

These people say
that water is a right.

I was brought up
to believe

that rights are earned,
not given.

Our company gives
value to water.

Now, here's where it gets
a little tricky.

Much of the planet
is facing a water shortage.

More children in the world
die of dirty water

than HIV, traffic accidents,

malaria, and wars combined.

There are close to
40 states in the US

that are experiencing
a water crisis as we speak.

But Mr. Jarnac has come up
with a solution.

Canada's lakes
and rivers.

They have fresh water
to spare.

And Mr. Jarnac now has
rights to 30% of that water.


Through his friendship
with one of our other guests.

Minister of the Environment,
Priscila Spencer-Kraft.

But what did he have to
give her in exchange?

Let me ask you something.

Do you think I'm stupid?

We don't think
you're stupid at all.

Perhaps just... unaware?

Well, let me tell you what
I'm aware of in this situation.

You're just a mouthpiece,

and behind you
is the man

who is controlling and
guiding everything you say.

Can't believe it took him
this long to confront you.

He's been stalling for time.
Ask him why he thinks that.

Why do you think I'm not in
charge, Mr. Jarnac?

How are you doing, Jake?

Jarnac likes to be
in charge.

Don't underestimate
De Long.

You know him?

We've had a couple of run-ins.

What did you think
I was going to do

when I discovered my
computers had all been hacked?

Not find out
who had done it?

Why don't you tell our audience
how you found out it was me?

Because I make it my
business to know my enemies.

And why don't you tell everybody what
it is you keep whispering to Ning Tang?

And while you're at it,

tell them who
her father is.

You're just a middle class
moralistic little thug.

I've shown that
Ms. Priscila Spencer-Kraft

has worked for the benefit
of Mr. Jarnac.

That's ridiculous.

All these environmental
laws should be challenged.

But you've rigged the game.

You think you speak
for the common man?

I don't speak
for anybody.

But if I can
show them the truth,

isn't it my obligation?

I would caution you to be very careful
what you say next, Mr. De Long.

Oh, Ning Tang, please.

I guess now's the time I
should explain to our viewers

just who
Blackhawk Security are,

and what they do.

The Blackhawk
footage, please.

Join the first private army...

Blackhawk Security are a
private military organization

owned by JPPC Investments,

and fronted by Ning Tang.

But just who is
this enterprising young lady?

Would you like
to explain?


Can we pull up
the emails, please?

These emails show

that Mr. Jarnac

personally funded the
acquisition of Blackhawk Security

through JPPC Investments.

That way, Mr. Jarnac keeps
his greasy fingers clean.

But Ning Tang is the daughter
of the number two man

in the ruling Communist Party
of China.

I've built a brand!

I've made something where
there was once nothing.

What have you done,
Mr. De Long?

Shown us your outrage?

You've heavily
destroyed the planet.

What are you
talking about?

The planet is
my market.

Why would I destroy it?

You're so naive.

You're worried about
the future of the planet.

Blackhawk Security, Climate Change...
It's all bullshit.

Well, I can see that
a lot of you

are already voting on
Mr. Jarnac's guilt.

You're owned by
the Chinese?


This one's for you.

I'm not touching that.


Suit yourself.

What did you say?
Three days without water?

So, not only
the Canadian government,

but also the USA, France,
and Britain

have been signing
security contracts

with a company
owned by the Chinese?

What difference
does it make?

To me, none.

To those governments,

Don't be naive.

You know they are
only business transactions.

Well, business transactions
don't usually involve spying.

So, tell me,

how did you get that
hotel room video?

What do you think?

I needed insurance.


You are a son of a bitch.

We've been more
than patient.

I'm not going to sanction
storming the castle.

You might get away with that
behavior in Iraq, but not here.

You have no idea.

You'd better come
and see this.

As we get inside,
main hall, go right.

Panic room is
on the left.


Two, two. Go.

You can't do this.

Stand down.

I can do
whatever I want.


Here they come.

Looks like everybody
isn't on the same page.

Is everything ready?

We're good to go.

Oh, shit.
Hold your fire.

What the hell is this?

It's an old
bootlegger's house.

Escape tunnel.

We should have
known this.

Sorry to disappoint you.

You didn't think we were
gonna stay there, did you?

You can't get away
with this, Jake.

Oh, good, we're on first name basis.
And you are?

I'm Deputy Commissioner
of the Canadian Police.

- Helene Langelier.
- Oh, wow.

The big guns.

Well, you see, Helene, the thing is,
I'm already getting away with this.

We're closing in
on you, Jake.

Oh. Hey, Brad.
How are things?

For the record,
you almost caught me in Spain.

It's only a matter of time.

Says the guy who's
running out of time.

How many governments do you think are
gonna cancel their contract with Blackhawk,

now that they know you're
owned by a Chinese company?

I'm gonna get you,
you little prick.

I'm sure we can find
a solution to this, Jake.

Got to go.
It was nice to meet you, Helene.

Can you believe
that bastard?

Openly threatening you!

Threatening us.

That guy sounds scary.

He sounded angry
to me.

The Brad Smiths of this world
will always be angry.

How are we gonna
get out of here?

Starting to feel the heat?

If it weren't for you,
none of us would be in here.

You believe that?

Listen, there's four of us,

and only ever two of them
in the room at the same time.

What do you suggest?

Overpower them.

I don't think
that's a good idea.


You don't seem too worried
about getting out of here.

Are you nuts?

You think he's finished
with me?


Assume that Jake already
has everything on us.

I didn't know half of the stuff he
told us about you and Ning Tang.

Let's try to stick together
through this.

Oh, yeah.

A united front.

Look at this comment.

"Don't leave us hanging.

"What's the connection
between them all?"

What do you think
is going through their heads?

I've only got a minute,

So, Valerie Gauthier worked
for you. Is that right?

Worked for us?

She stole from us.

She took Sophie from us
on the eve of our release.

She violated our business.

With all due respect,
I have greater concerns right now.

I'm Laurent Legault,
B-Wave's General Council.

Sophie is
the lead character

in what is a sequel to one
of our most popular titles.


We've discovered our audience is overwhelmingly
in support of Jake De Long and his gang.

We agreed not to
call them a gang.

Jake De Long and
his colleagues.

Many of our gamers
are now seeing Sophie

as a co-conspirator.

Why are you
telling me this?

As a courtesy.

We're gonna make
a statement to the press

in order to protect
our brand.

It's a billion-dollar title.

You're gonna come out in
support of Jake De Long?


You know I could arrest you for
hindering an active investigation?

One of my colleagues will
release our statement anyway.

Why can't you see that we are the
aggrieved party in all of this?

Give me a day
before you do this.

Rise and shine.

I don't want
people to think

we've forgotten about Jean Dubois and Ms.

Let's get back to you now.

Brought you
a peace offering.

I could arrest you for
storming Spencer-Kraft's house.

As we were saying earlier,

Mr. Jarnac now has the rights
to 30% of Canada's water.

They're back
up and running.


Through his friendship with Minister of
the Environment, Priscila Spencer-Kraft.

But what did he have to
give her in exchange?

Following that original disaster
of an oil train crashing

exploding and almost
taking out an entire town,

there have been five other derailments
of trains transporting oil.

Why would this be of
concern to us here?

Or of benefit to Mr. Dubois?

What's the alternative to
transporting oil by rail?

A pipeline.

But how can they put
a pipeline across a country

that has strong
environmental protection,

that includes millions of
rivers and lakes?

Do you realize in Canada we've gone from
2.5 million protected lakes and rivers

to just under 159?

All to make life easier for
Jarnac, Dubois and their ilk.

But what I
really find interesting

is that each of these men

were in each city on the
day of the five derailments.

I have a meeting.

Stay a minute.

What is so suspicious about
these five men, you ask?


All of these names are
aliases of Brad Smith,

who's a top lieutenant
of Blackhawk,

which we all know
is owned by Ning Tang

and indirectly Mr. Jarnac.

It's all about the oil and
water for these people.

In exchange for his and Blackhawk's
help with the derailments,

Mr. Jarnac was given
valuable water rights.

Are the droughts around
the world simply propaganda?

Is Nevada, California,
Texas propaganda?

Here's the contract that Vialette
has with the state of California

to purchase groundwater

so that they can bottle it
and resell it.

They pay 65 cents for
each 470 gallons it takes.

At an average cost of
$1.22 per gallon,

consumers are spending 300
times the cost of tap water

to drink bottled water.

There is nothing illegal
about that.

After a 14-year drought

to be able to take 80 million
gallons of water a year is a crime.

A pipeline in exchange
for water rights.

Oil for water.

Climate change is threatening
our very existence.

Fake news!

What are you going to
do about it?

I've had enough of
your preaching.

Shut up, Jarnac!

Well, what do you
think, big man?

Piece of shit thinks
dirty oil's okay,

and that people should
pay him for water.

The oil sands is the dirtiest
type of extraction possible.

Not what we need
at this time.

And Mr. Jarnac, I believe
you're beginning to see

that life is rather
unpleasant without water.

And if you think the oil
sands is pure enough,

then here you go.

Yeah. Fuck them.
Do it.

Dorothy, give me some
good news.

- We can shut them down.
- Do it.

Do your thing, Patel.

- What happened?
- Give me a second.

Any time I type
a website name,

I'm being redirected to
Jake's site automatically.


- Turn it off.
- Help!

What do you think, Big Man,
should we turn it off?

You're killing us!

It does look like the girl
is having an asthma attack.

- You're killing us!
- Don't do this, Jake.

Turn it off.

You're killing us!

You're kill...



They're gonna kill us!

You gotta see this.

Switch to channel four.

I'm Gerald McNulty,
founder of B-Waves Games.

Our character Sophie
from the Kronos series,

the new title
out in two weeks,

was hijacked by Jake De Long
and his associates.

Despite this fact,
we want our gamers to know

that we support Jake De Long
and his attempt

to right the wrongs
of a political system

and a corporate culture
gone mad.

As does Sophie
from Kronos.

Goddamn it!

They were supposed to give me a
day, not just a few hours.

Are you
watching the press conference?

Yes, Commissioner.
I just saw it.

Have you got any news
on the investigation?

We're doing our best.

We need to find
a solution to this soon.

Yes, I know.

I'll keep you posted.

I wouldn't trust
eating those.

Maybe they want to
poison us.

The water they gave us
was clean though.

How many days do you
think they'll hold up?

We've got time.

We can't hold them

How far are we gonna
take this?

Until we're finished with them.

I get Dubois.

What makes these
other three so special?

I've got my reasons.

That's it?

We're in this together.

We go back a long way,
you and me.

And I'd hope you'd
fill us in a little more here.


Don't be like those
assholes in there.

What are you
keeping from us?

I'm not keeping
anything from you.


Are we not in this
for the same reasons?

We've each got our
part to play.

But what about you?

Why do you are
about all this?

I think about my ancestors.

What the Jarnacs of history
have done to my people.

So this is your revenge?

It does make me
wanna kill them.

Then what's stopping you?

Just say the word.

Fuck yeah.

These people are a cancer.

I don't think we should be
talking about killing people.

There you are.
You got my De Long info?

Some interesting stuff.

Give me
the Coles Notes version.

Grew up on a farm,

went to MIT
when he was 15.

A math, physics
and computer prodigy.

Spent the last years in Europe
working as a security researcher.

But what's interesting is...

What happened after
he left the farm?

All this on
his father Gary?

First he lost
his water rights

on the farm
to a company.

Jarnac's company.

Then, the farm board was sold by
the government to the Chinese,

who didn't care that Gary
couldn't bring in the crop

because he had
no irrigation.

Foreclosed on by the bank.

Bought at rock-bottom price by
a corporate farming operation.


Then, one night,

Gary De Long ran the new head
of the farm board off the road,

killing him in
an accident.

He just ended his
sentence for manslaughter.

Great work, Elisabeth.

Hi, Helene.
How's the investigation going?

- We're close.
- You think?

Turn yourself in.

I can't do that.

What's the point of
all this?

Well, like I said,
we tried to

shed a little bit of truth on
the matter with our website.

But nobody seemed
to care.

That's it?

Forget about me
for a minute.

You gotta
ask yourself why.

Brad Smith, Ning Tang, Jarnac?

Why does a food and water company like
Jarnac's need their own private army?

I'm sure you've
got an answer for me.


It started with Jarnac
in the 90s.

He got screwed when the water
in Bolivia was privatized.

Then he bought it and started charging
peasants who earned $100 a month

$20 a month to buy his water for
their farming and their personal use.

They rose up
in a revolt,

and eventually the Bolivian government
had to cancel their contract.

It's a bit of a leap from
that getting your own army.

I have emails where Jarnac vows
he'll never be screwed again.

So, who's the enemy?

You, me, anybody who
wants water for free.

Most of the wars in the
20th century were about oil,

and the wars in the 21st century
are gonna be about water.

And Jarnac wants
to be ready.

He is ready.

And he'll do anything
to protect his market.

Nobody will take anything
from him again.

And you feel the same?

That nobody will take anything
from you or your father again?

So you've been doing
your homework.

What did you expect?

That we wouldn't
look into your past?

That has nothing
to do with...

Don't bullshit me, Jake.

Your father lost his
water rights to Vialette.

Then the farm board was sold,
and the bank foreclosed.

Your father was in prison
for manslaughter.

It was an accident.

His only crime was having a bad
reaction to having his life destroyed.

Tell me about him.

He's a good man.

A hard worker.

Maybe another time.

But I'll tell you
who's not a good man.

Brad Smith. And I don't think
he's gonna spend a day in prison.

Don't be so sure.

What's gonna
happen, Helene,

if Brad Smith and
Blackhawk find me first?

Are you afraid of him?

Aren't you?

I can't arrest somebody
because you posted

five photographs of him
on the Internet.

Of course not.

You ever heard of
the Peer Group, Helene?

They're a company that's
mapped the entire Internet.

They can identify and get
clients, individuals

into particular servers,

individual terminals anywhere.


Well, I see
that Blackhawk Security

just paid $500,000
to Peer Group.

Do you know what
that means?

Brad Smith is gonna be
knocking on your door.

What's happening?

Go see what's wrong.

She... She needs help.

Get back.


Tell me where you are,
and I promise I'll give you due process.

Jake! Jake, look.

You stay here.


Drop it.

Get the first aid kit.

I'm so sorry, guys.

Valerie, no.
I should have gone in.

What the hell
were you thinking?

I'm the only one doing
the thinking, that's what.

No, you're the one who
got us into this shit.

You were gonna beat them
all to death with a pipe.

Do you have a better idea?

- You picked him up?
- Yeah.

- His mood?
- Pissed.


What the fuck
is this?

You can't just
hold me hostage.

Listen, Brad,

at this point I can do
whatever I want to you.

With one call I can unleash
a shitstorm on your life.

The Peer Group.

What did they tell you?

You've been speaking
to Jake.

You know where he is.

Let me out of here
right now.

I can speak to my people.

I'm not letting you out unless
you give me Jake's location.

I'm not giving you a location
unless you let me out.

I want to talk to you, Jake.

We're sorry about
what happened.

What are you doing?

Saving us,
you dumb son of a bitch.

Just shut up!
I'm handling this.

You're not
handling anything!




What do you think
you're doing?

You said Jarnac
would pay.

Why didn't you warn me
about the pipe?

- There was no time.
- We've got to get her to a hospital.

- Is she gonna be okay?
- What do you think?

Now you know
how it feels, huh?

- If she dies...
- She knew the risks.

If it weren't for my money, you wouldn't
be here. None of this would be...

You think I care about you
more than Jarnac?

Spencer-Kraft, Ning Tang?

We made a deal,

and I expect you to
live up to it.

Or you'll what?

You want Jarnac to pay?

Then you do it.

Get him out of here.

We've got to get
Valerie out of here.

I feel like
I walked into a bus.

She's gonna
need stitches.

I'm sorry.

I fucked everything up.

No, you didn't.

It was time to leave anyway.

You guys should get out of here.
They're on their way.

That's it?

We're done?

Get her coat.

No, Jake.

Come with us.

I've got something to finish.

I'll see you soon.

See you on
the other side, bro.

What did he do to you?


Everything will be okay.


It's not, Priscila.

Although we've
run out of time,

I want to acknowledge
our voting audience.

The message is clear.

The world has been convinced
of your collective guilt.

If you want
to punish me, come

and face me...

Like a man.

What are you doing?

Whatever it is he's forcing you to
do, we can...

Shut up!

Where did you get that?

This is for my boy.

What are you talking about?

You killed my boy
and you know it.

My son was protesting
at a pipeline in Alberta.

Your men treated them
like terrorists.

They were only kids.

So because you're a bad
father, that's my fault?

What the hell!

Look at you.

Pillars of society.
The best and the brightest.

Your corruption,
self-interest and greed is so entrenched

that no matter how hard
you try to rationalize it,

this is what we get.

Let the people of
this world judge you.

Where are they?

Signal's coming
from in here.

You go through,
we'll go up.

No cowboy shit.


Let's go.


Betrayed me.

It's time for you to go.

Let's go.

Let's go!


Where's De Long?

He's inside.

You picked the wrong man
to fuck with, Jake.

Go ahead, Brad.
Shoot me.

For the whole world to see.

Fuck it.

Lower your
weapon, Mr. Smith.

I will not hesitate to
shoot you.

Why not make my night and
give us a full confession?

Without my lawyer present?

You haven't asked
for a lawyer.

What do you wanna know?

Tell me where I can
find your accomplices.

Don't you wanna know
why I did it?

What's your connection
to Dubois?

Why did you give him
that gun?

Why did he try to
kill Jarnac?

Was it because of his son?

You're gonna have to
ask him that.


And I wanna talk
about your dad.

I don't believe in all this bullshit
about truth and what's right.

There's more here.

And you're gonna
tell me.

You know the people
behind that glass...

The Brad Smiths,
the Jarnacs.

They're not like us.

They're just happy
to take the advantage

work the system.

I can stay here all night.

We don't have
all night, Helene.

Time is all you're
going to have, Jake.

You really believe they're
gonna let you charge me?

What are you
talking about?

Go ahead. Charge me.
See what happens.

The US wanna make
an example of me, Helene.

They don't care that you caught
me for a crime up here in Canada.

What are they
doing here?

Helene, we're handing him
over to the FBI.

But you can't do that.

It's out of our hands.

This came from
the very top.

You're the very top.

President and
prime minister.

The US want him and we
have to hand him over.

He committed a crime
in our country.


You're gonna have to let this one
slide, Deputy Commissioner Langelier.

That's an order.

You guys got the FBI plane,
or are we flying commercial?

For you...

We got the plane.

This is a nice car.

What year?

Looks new.


You know how many
computers it has?

This one and
the one tailing us,

they have 38 computers that control
everything from the steering,

the brakes, acceleration,
seatbelt, horn,

lights, speedometer,
gas gauge.

They call it the ECU.

What's going on?

Don't stop.
Let's just get him to the airport.

What the fuck?


I'm Helene Langelier.

I know who you are.

I'm looking for Jake.

He's not here.

He said you might
drop by.

So, he knew
I was coming?

You know that Jake was on
the wrong side of the law?

So were the others and nobody
was willing to make them pay.

Nobody but Jake.

I'm proud of my boy.

Even if there's a price
on his head right now.

Sometimes you have to take
matters into your own hands

for the greater good.

It's nice up here.

Open. Big.

I've lived from the land
a long time.

It's always been
very giving.

It's the people that
do all the taking.

Because of Jake's little
stunt, I got my farm back.

Vialette lost billions.

Blackhawk is out.

had to resign.

And Jarnac will never recover
from the public opinion.


He left something for you.


He wanted you to have this.

There's a lot more in there
to incriminate them.

And some others.

Said you'd know what to
do with the info on there.


I'll go fetch us
some coffee.

Hi, Helene.

I'm happy you found a way
to my father.

I thought you might know
what to do

with the information
he gave to you.

We need and deserve
a better world.

The fight goes on.

See you.