Dark Intruder (1965) - full transcript

The story takes place in 1890 San Francisco, where a series of gruesome murders attracts the attention of Brett Kingsford (Leslie Nielsen), a playboy detective with a secret crime lab, a library of occult tomes, and an invaluable dwarf assistant (Charles Bolender). His friend, Robert (Mark Richman), soon to be married to Evelyn (Judi Meredith), keeps having trance-outs at the oddest times, and looks to be a likely suspect - especially since he knows the victims. However, the killer growls like a beast and kills with a set of murderous bestial claws, two attributes which Robert lacks.

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Oh, no, no!

"Throughout the city, alarm is mounting
to panic proportions,"

recalling Jack the Ripper's
recent reign of terror in London.

He claimed 5 victims in 10 weeks.

"Our fiendish assassin
has claimed almost as many."

Don't fib to me, I know he's in.

Mr. Kingsford never left the house
before noon in his life.

Ms. Evelyn Lang, sir.

Thank you, Nikola,
that much I had uncannily intuited.

I knew it, still breakfast.

I've been up and out
for absolutely... hours.

Shopping, fittings, I'm still
picking up things for my (indistinct).

there is this much to be said for you:

You don't just enter a room,
you invade it.

You saucy thing, you'd turn
any girl's head with your flattering.

That'll be all, Nikola, thank you.

I declare, every time I see him,
he's shrunk another inch.

Yes, poor chap, destined for
ultimate evaporation, I'm afraid.

The penalty for telling a dynamic
witch doctor to go jump in a lake.

- Brett, you're incorrigible.
- Well, I try to be.

Seventh son of a seventh son
has a certain tradition to uphold.

Tell me, where is the future groom

this gruesome morning?

I stopped by the showroom,
but Robert was out.

Another one of those ghastly murders
when Lilly Ann,

they're making an absolute sham
of the San Francisco nightlife.

Where did you get this marmalade?

It's divine!


- Everything ends in mystery.
- Everything except marriage.

Oh, Brett, have you noticed that Robert's
been acting a little queerly lately,

- like his mind is somewhere else?
- Well, I expect it is.

It's a fatal step, marriage.

Is that an unholy stench?

What is it?

That is a mandrake plant.

They say that it will scream
if you pull it out by the roots.

I wouldn't dream of touching it...
What makes it tremble so?

It's reputed to be sensitive
to occult influences.

It is probably sensitive to my hangover.

I wish that you were, Evelyn.

You would lower your voice a few decibels.

"Demonology and the Black Arts."

"Encyclopedia of the Occult."

Brett, it's a good thing we're such old friends,
anyone else would think you took this seriously.

I do wish you'd stop shivering,
nobody's going to harm you.

You'll never get me to believe in the
supernatural, a thing is either so or it isn't,

and no amount of superstitious mumbo jumbo
is going to get me to... ahh!

I beg your pardon, miss,
I didn't mean to give you a start.

This just arrived by messenger, sir.

I knew you'd wanna see it right away.

Thank you, Nikola.

The way he just materializes at times.

I have realized
it's impetuous of me to ask, Evelyn,

but you did come here for a reason,
didn't you?

Did I?

Yes, I suppose I did.

But, I can't, for the life of me, think...

Let me see.

Why did I come by?

It'll come to me.

There's Friday,

and the wedding rehearsal at St. Anthony's,
black tie.

You're the hasher, so be there.

Now, let me see.


Certainly, now I remember: Robert
and the odd way he's been acting lately.

Brett, if there's something...




Excuse me.

- I'm to see the Commissioner.
- Uh-huh, and what's your business?

Well, you see, it's this dancer
friend of mine, she's, uh...

- She's in a bit of trouble.
- Yeah, bucko, vice, robbery,

down the hall, you'll see a sign,
just ask 'em in there.

I rather think the Commissioner
would like to see me.

This dancer is a friend of his,
too, you see.

Man here, sir, about a dancer in trouble,
says you know about it too.

What's he look like?

He's sure spiffed up, I'll tell you that.

- Claims he knows me?
- Yes, he says you're expecting him.

- Send him in.
- All right, sir.

- Go right in, sir.
- Awfully good of you, old boy.

- Good afternoon, Commissioner!
- Take a seat, sir.

Thank you.

You couldn't dream up something
a little less provocative?

Say, a stolen umbrella?

"Lady dancer, “
they'll think I'm taking bribes.

I've avoided coming here in the past,

and I intend to avoid it in the future.

You know as well as I do it's too risky.

Afraid your name will be
stricken from the social register

if you're seen entering
police headquarters?

My, we are touchy today, aren't we?

I'm afraid the consequences
are far more dire than that.

I do not wish to jeopardize
my sources of information by coming here.

Any petty thief should see me and suspect,

you can imagine the doors that would
automatically be slammed in my face.

For me to be of any value to you at all,

the company of a narcotics addict
is preferable to that of a police officer.

But, this is an emergency, man.

Or haven't you been
keeping up with the newspapers?

Yes, you do have a way of lighting a fuse
under the local journalists.

It was five minutes
before my men even got word of that murder.

They took two, maybe three minutes
getting over there.

Now, everybody, everybody.

Mayors, counselors,
all the second guessers.

They're saying that we were slow.

How the devil am I supposed to know whether
this infernal killer's gonna strike next?

This case has got me talking to myself.


No animal left these behind.

Yet, how do you explain the claw marks?

Can't be human.

Which one is from last night's episode?

You got it in your hand.

Did you notice this, Commissioner,
this ugly brute coming out the back here?

It's on all of 'em, they're all alike,

except that it emerges
just a little further each time.

- Ah, yes.
- I've had experts in here.

They claim it's an
ancient god of some sort,

but from where, nobody seems to know.

These are too good to be voodoo,
and they're not Egyptian.

There are certain religions
in the Hogar region.

The crimson desert, Azathoth, Dagon.

You'll wanna look at these.

Homicide and coroner's reports
on all four killings.

this wasn't mentioned in the papers.

A link between two of the victims.

Nurse Hannah Nelson once roomed
with that landlady Eva Partridge.

Victim number two.

Of course, it may be pure happenstance.

If you have no objection, I'd like
to take one of these along with me.

I may get a line on it from a...

An obscure acquaintance of mine.

You seem to specialize
in obscure acquaintances.

Yes, fortunately for you, Commissioner.


Well, Robert,
I was just thinking about you.

Oh, working for the police now, eh?

Oh, well as a matter of fact,
I did have a talk with the Commissioner.

Did you? You're going to help him
with all these murders?

I offered to, but he insists
that he's not permitting them.

Brett, I'm told you breakfasted this
morning with a very attractive young lady.

And you'll be breakfasting with the same
young lady in about a week permanently.

- That's right, I will, won't I?
- I have a feeling she came

to talk to me about you this morning.

She tiptoed around the subject,
never quite keeping grips with it.

Robert, anything wrong?


That's right, I will, won't I?

- You will what?
- I will be breakfasting with Evelyn


Well, I have to run now, but I'll see you.

- Where are you off to?
- My showroom, it's inventory day.

That's the wrong direction, isn't it?

Oh, so it is.

I, uh...

I, uh, was thinking I suppose,
and turned the wrong corner.

See you.

Robert, I had a date this evening,
but she canceled out.

Some flummery about an act coming to town.

Why don't I stop by your showroom
and pick you up for dinner?

Yes, uh,

make it 7:00, why don't you?


I'll be waiting for you.


There are four like
this carved in old ivory,

and four killings.

You've read the paper,
you've seen pictures of these heads.

What's it all about?
How bad is it?

How bad?


This is a Sumerian god.

Ancient, before Babylon, before Egypt.

It is the essence of sublime evil,

with its demons and acolytes so cruel,

so merciless.

All were banished from the earth,

and they are forever struggling to return.

In the old days,
people were possessed by demons.

- These demons.
- An eldritch legend.

You should know better than that,
you of all people.

I will show you something.

My gods are different from yours.

It is wise to invoke their protection.

Play by the house rules, I always say.


That's a Sumerian wheel, isn't it?

But, I know of no other,
I've never even heard of another

that had seven spokes.

Those spokes have meaning.

And what about this?

A Sumerian demon.

It is, if you will,

the legend that once such a fiend

secures lodgment on the earth,

that is, takes possession
of some animal or human.

It may then complete a ritual of killings.

One for each spoke of the wheel.

In this matter,
it obtains sufficient unholy power

to enter into possession
of some other being,

which may better serve its designs.

And these ritual killings,

is there any specific time table?

They are governed by mystic periods

known only to the demon itself.

Don't touch it!
Put it down!

I certainly felt hot.


Look, that blasted thing scratched me.

That thing felt like it was alive.

- Hard to believe it's only a carving.
- But, it's not.

It's mummified flesh and bone.

Once it had life.

A rare thing, old beyond belief,

and unnatural.

So, I lock it away in this dark place,

where all such unearthly things belong.

You would do well, my friend,

to lock your curiosity away
in this same dark place.

And send that back
to where it came from,

lest you become one of the spokes
on the demon's wheel.

"Brett, Back shortly. Wait for me. Robert."

Here, a thief in here.

Come with me, come with me, come!

Someone tried to rob your showroom,
Mr. Vandenburg.

- Real roughhouser he was.
- Brett!

Brett, what happened?
They said it was a thief.

- Was there a thief?
- I don't know, I'd better say that anyway.

Look at your shoulder.

- Did he have a knife?
- No knife did that.

He had claws.

No, you're wrong.

You must be.

- Did you see him?
- It was dark, pitch black.

And then, there you are.

It couldn't be what you're thinking.

I mean, uh, why would it go for you?

Well, why did he go for the others?

- No sign of anybody, sir, he got away.
- Funny smell in here.

It's kind of musty, ain't it?

Like something's been
packed away a long time.

Look at all that blood, will ya,
how did ya get that?

I was trying to remove a car buckle.

Would you mind, whistle up a cab, please?

Brett, you have to have this looked at.

It's bleeding badly.

I'll take you to Dr. Burdett.

He's our old family doctor.

Oh, those are my case books, Mr. Kingsford.

The tales of every
patient I've ever attended,

full of people's earthly
comings and goings,

and all of their ailments in-between.

- I'm in there too, I suppose.
- That you are, Robby.

Just lift your hand, will you?

That priest,

that's, um, Sumerian, isn't it?

Why, yes, I'm surprised that you know that.

- It's extremely obscure.
- Doctor, didn't you know,

Brett's a chronic dabbler?

A smattering of this
and a small some of that.

Have neither of you noticed?
These scratches are exact miniature

of the shoulder wound, extraordinary.

They look like tiny claw marks.

I'm afraid I have claws on my mind.

Nurse Hannah
and the way she was murdered last night.

- Oh, you knew her, Doctor?
- Yes, Robert and I both knew her.

She's in that photograph there,
I took it myself.


That's one of the famous
Vandenburg archeological teams,

- near Baghdad.
- September 3rd, 1860.

That must be about the time you were born.

Six weeks later, to be exact.

Yes, that's why Nurse Hannah was along.

Oh, Hannah was the family nurse then?

No, but she was a good nurse.

Didn't come back with us though,
stayed on in Baghdad.

Did very well for herself, I'm told.

Well, if she didn't come back
with the expedition,

when did you get to know her, Robert?

Um, 10 years later.

She brought back a little boy
that she had adopted.

Um, Robert,

did you ever make friends with that boy?


No, that's the odd thing,
I never saw him.

I don't think anybody ever did.

She kept him locked away,

or so it seemed at the time.

It's funny though, wasn't it,
how he ran off like that.

He just disappeared.

Ah, wasn't very funny for Nurse Hannah,
nearly destroyed the poor woman.

Now, that should do it. Stop by in a couple
of days and I'll change the dressing.

All right, thank you, Doctor.

I see I'll have to get this coat changed.

Robert, what do you say
to dinner at my place?

We go out on the town afterwards.

It's quite elegant, don't you think?

But, the real problem is whether to have the
ribbing on the cuff or on the lapel here.

That started up when you
and Mr. Vandenburg came in, sir.

Robert, I say, this is a new style topcoat.

Ideal for town, why, don't you think?

Mr. Vandenburg,
may I refill your glass, sir?

- Mr. Vandenburg?
- Wait, Nikola.

Let's see what he does.


Where are you going?


Wake up.

This is Brett.

Well, do you do this often?
I mean to say I realize

this evening hasn't been that stimulating,
but still,

to go sleepwalking out on me?


- I did that?
- Well, you're halfway to the door, man.

Nikola, would you bring some more coffee?

They keep coming back, these spells.

Sleepwalking, you said?

If it were only that.

It's like something pulling,

pulling me.

I try to resist.

I fight it, l do!

But, in the end,

it's as if I were sucked under,

actually sucked into darkness.

A horrible darkness.

And at the other side of it,

I remember nothing.

Nothing between going off,

- and coming round again.
- Oh, Robert, that's...

That's your diet, too much witch food,
you're having nightmares.

No, no, they are not nightmares.

I've come round sometimes miles away.

Hours later.


Brett, I feel as though
there is some secret part of me

buried, buried deep inside,

trying to come to the surface.

I've kept this all to myself,

but I feel I can talk to you,

- and I must!
- Well, yes, Robert, please do.

Brett, there's something else.

Nurse Hannah used to room
with that landlady who was killed.

Well, everyone knows that,
it was in the evening paper.

Yes, but was it in the papers that I knew
them, both of them, when I was a boy?

And both were killed
by the thing that went after you.

You could've been killed, too, you know?

Oh, Robert, I once had chicken pox.

don't tell me you were behind that too.

And the boy Nurse Hannah adopted...

he was sickly.

So, she engaged a tutor for him.

He had taught at my school.

I knew him too,

and he was killed last month.

Well now, what about that seaman
that was first killed?

You didn't know him, did you?

But, he came from Levant,

east of the Mediterranean,

the place where I was born.


if I'm here one minute,

and then I find my self somewhere else,

and it's hours later,

don't you see?

Suppose it's me.

Oh, Robert, really,
aren't you becoming tiresome?

I mean to say, I've seen cases
of premarital jitters before,

but you're overdoing it.

- You think that's all it is?
- Of course, what else could it be?

You're as sound as a dollar, man,
blood on your hands, rubbish.

Now, why don't I make a fast change,
we'll go out on the town.

Don't you ever listen?

You can't be serious for one minute,
can you?

Brett Kingsford, the hon vivant,

the rake, the darling of the social set.

Always good for a laugh, aren't you?

Aren't you?

I come with a problem.

Try to unburden your heart.

I may as well tell my
troubles to a stray cat!

But, you've taught me one thing, my friend.

If it's answers you want,
you have to find them out for yourself!


You heard?
Follow him.

I want to know where he goes,
what he does and who he sees, everything!


"Professor Malaki, Mantologist,
Psychometrist, Seer

uncovers the past, foresees the future,
and all questions answered."

It's just as I say,
he's not himself anymore.

This morning, when I saw him he was so
jumpy, I don't know what's come over Robert.

Well, now, here's his new phaeton.

Right where Nikola said it would be.

Do you think we should?

Indeed we should,
why should Robert have all the fun?

Well, uh, what are we waiting for?

The arrival of your friends.

What do you mean?

What friends?

What the devil do you
mean by following me here?

We were envious, darling,
Professor Malaki's all the rage.

He's booked up months in advanced
and people are clamoring for appointments.

The appointments are
supposed to be private!

- You see, Brett, he is angry.
- He is not.

Not our jolly Robert,
now you go ahead, Robert.

We won't intrude,
you can't be mad at Evelyn, can you?

My apologies, Professor Malaki.

This is my fiancé,
Ms. Evelyn Lang and Mr...

And Mr. Kingsford, a great pleasure, sir.

Well, not an unexpected one apparently.

I would hardly be qualified, sir, could I
not foresee the events in my own future

as well as those of my clients.

And while we're talking, sir,
let me ask you, why are you not dead?

You ought to be, you know.

There is an injury on your shoulder.


How could you know that?

It is in the crystal,
how else could I know.

I have no idea, unless you can read minds.

- Can you professor?
- Would you like me to demonstrate?

Oh, well, now, don't, stay clear of mine
it's usually blank.

Mr. Vandenburg,
think of a color, any color.

It is blue.

The blue in the sky.

That's right, azure blue.

you got it the moment it came into my head.

That's amazing.

There is a scar low down on your back,
a long scar.

It is old, this scar,
but for an hour as old as you.


There was a lumpy kind of patch on the skin
when I was born.

Doctor Burdett removed it
when I was hardly an hour old,

a nevus it's called.

- What do you make of this, Professor?
- What is it? Let's see.

This is old, it's old, yellow with age.

A great tooth, no, no, no, a tusk.

Think of it in connection with time,
periods of time.

Time, time!

Folding into itself, periods in proportion
getting smaller, smaller.

- What is this?
- Thank you, Professor Malaki.

Time folding in on itself,
getting smaller and smaller.

That does have meaning, doesn't it?

If I was skeptical about the Professor's ability
before, my doubts have been completely disbound.

You have an extraordinary gift, sir.

- That is all.
- But you've told me nothing.

I wanted to know about Robert and me.

You will know only happiness, both of you.

Be content with that.

What bride wouldn't be.

Extraordinary gift, sir.

Delightful meeting.

And me, what of my questions, please?

There are things I must know.

There are answers I must have
before I go out of my mind.

Everything will be answered
before the day of your wedding.


And what is everything?

I'm sorry, I can say no more.

Did Vandenburg give you the slip?

There's something else, happened about
a half hour after I lost Master Robert.

Doctor Burdett, the one that did
your shoulder, he was murdered.

All right, boys.

He had driven up on his broom
and I was at the window just looking out.

And where it came from I'll never know,

I didn't get a clear
look because of the dark

but the way it moved, it was on him
before I could shout.

He screamed and it was over.

Thank you, thank you.

(indistinct singing)

- What?
- You can't go in there.

Can't go, can't go, I walked
all the way from Fogs Street

with bunions bursting the seams of my shoes
and you say I can't go.

It's a doctor I'm looking for

and it's a doctor I'm going to see.

All right, never mind, Sergeant.

I've handled his sort before.

All right, my Scandinavian symphony.

Tell me all about your bunions.

Look at the gargoyle now, Commissioner.

It's almost free.

Our killer's nothing if not industrious,
want and destruction's probably a cover up.

Took what he wanted and then did this
to hide the theft.


Maybe we can figure out what's missing.


there are strong psychic
emanations in this room.

Try to introduce that as evidence in court.

Sh, sh.


These homicide cases always make me edgy.

Imagination works overtime.

Notice anything special?

They're Doctor Burdett's case histories,
he made a record of every case he attended.

Ah-ha, one seems to be missing, 1860.

Perhaps that's what our killer was after.


That's the year Robert Vandenburg was born.

I told you on my last report he's convinced
he's been doing these killings.


How I wish I would agree with him.

With the newspapers crawling down my throat

I could do with a strong suspect.

But unfortunately,
we have proof of his innocence.

What's that?

When Nurse Hannah was killed,
knowing that she lived in Bagdad,

I cabled inquiries about her
and about that seaman,

he was from Basra,
that's the port for Bagdad.

There was a killing there six months ago.

Here's the date.

March 9th, same modus operandi.

Claw marks and all, even the ivory carving.

It's still unsolved

and Vandenburg was here in San Francisco
at the time the murder occurred.

Here take this almanac.

Count the days from the
death of the seaman, June 25th

to the date the woman was killed.

See if it comes to 108.

Three days plus fifteen weeks.

Six killings now, not five.

You're right, it's 108 days exactly.

We're on to something!

One-hundred and eight days between
the first and second killing.

Half that, 54 days to the third.

Half again to the forth, twenty-seven days,
nine days to the fifth murder.

That's not a half, it's one third.

And one third that brings
us to tonight's murder.

Periods in proportion.

Getting smaller and smaller.

Six killings that we know of
and seven spokes in the Sumerian wheel.

That's one spoke left.

One third of three is one.

- So tomorrow the seventh killing.
- Before midnight.

Guilty or not, we can't ignore the fact
that these killings have a pattern

that seem to involve Robert.

Are you thinking that it could be
his fiancé who's scheduled next?


And tomorrow night's
their wedding rehearsal

with a supper dance
after in the social hall.

Oh, wow.

We can protect her without disturbing
those proceedings.

We'll lay a trap for him.

We'll put men inside the church.

Vergers, Deacons, guests

and at the dance, two or three waiters,

a man in the orchestra maybe

and there's no need for her nor anyone else
to know anything about it.

What the devil's that smell?
Haven't you noticed?

- Lodoform perhaps.
- No, no, no, no.

It's more like geraniums, clay.

Musty like a graveyard.

Maybe it's just the lantern.

Commission, it's in here.

He was here all the time.

An obtrusive rascal, isn't he.

Good evening.

It was easy to watch
the bride during rehearsal

and nobody knows we're on the job
except the vicar

and he thinks there's a gang
after the church in all of this.

Did you notice Robert
Vandenburg at rehearsal?

He didn't seem like himself.

Sort of like he wasn't really there.

- How's it at your end?
- Nothing, sir.

Nothing anywhere and
it's after eleven already.

I'll look around, you take over in here.


Well, come on man, men have gone to
their deaths with braver smiles than that.



And I feel better because Robert's
more like his old self, skiddier.

Yes, he's probably petrified with fear.

Oh, Brett, you would say that.

No, I mean, seriously.

Robert's always been so strong minded
and inscrutable.

I never knew what he was thinking
but when Malaki I could read his thoughts.

Well, that's a stunt,
it's a power of suggestion.

Well, I've never seen anything like it.

Except at school, there were twin sisters
and they always seemed

to be able to know just what the other one
was thinking except one dominated the other

but I guess that's always
that way in such cases.

I'll be back in a minute.



Misbach, did you get information
about that boy Nurse Hannah adopted?

Yes, he was deformed in some way.

She brought him from Bagdad
but he was not levity.

Ah, if only we'd seen the
case book of the doctor.

- What are you driving at?
- It's Robert.

He has a scar on his lower back where a
nevus was removed shortly after he was born.

At least he was told it was a nevus,

but if it was something else,
like an attached twin, a Siamese twin.

- Now wait a minute.
- You know, they're often joined

at the sacrum, the sacrum bone
and once in a million times

one is perfect, the other is wizened,
misshapen without independent life.

If Doctor Burdett separated them,
Robert the perfect one, the other not.

And if Nurse Hannah, lovely,
tender-hearted Nurse Hannah

while clearing up later found life
in that ugly, helpless thing

and stole it, nurtured it.


That's what kept her in Bagdad.

Yes, and she brought it here to be educated
but he ran away.

He wanted a different kind of education.

Which he could only get in the east.

Mastering the occult sciences, something
he could use to gain his own goal.

Which is what?

To take over the mind and body
of his perfectly formed twin.

Yes, Misbach,
trade places with him, possess him.

How he must hate Robert for his good looks.

This alleged twin,
he's been committing these murders?

Systematically destroying every trace
of his own existence.

Everybody who knew, spokes on the wheel,

dead in the same way by the same hand.

Even the case book that told of his birth.

Oh, Commissioner.

The seventh victim, the seventh spoke,
we've been guarding the wrong person.

- Do you know this chap?
- What's more, I know our killer,

quickly, we have no time to lose.

Has anyone seen my future husband?

Yeah, he went into the service room.

Professor Malaki, you promised
me the answers, I felt your summons.


Because I summoned you, you came.

You shall have the answers.

All of them at last.

I was born when you were born.

I have a scar that mirrors yours.

I am a wonder and a
monster at the same time.

I have the power to abandon this body
and into yours

in exchange, my brother,
you will have mine.

It's better to surrender.

The wheel is complete.

The final spoke has shattered.

You are the hub.

Oh, U'Tok, God of the night.

Rusha, ruler of the east.

Emonous, Modeus, Azazel, Muskine
and the banished Gods,

Ni'Uch'Tha and Uga'Roth, aid your servant

in the name of Sayitan and Opath.

Father and mother of mindless chaos.

- Kingsford!
- The bell tower, they've got to be there,

it's the only place left!



Are you all right, sir?

It was completely crazy.

Some nonsense about our being twins.

As if I could be a twin to that monster.

I don't know how I managed to break loose.

I kept thinking of Evelyn.

She's alright, isn't she?

Well, she is a bit peaked her fiancé
vanishing on the eve of their wedding.

That's just not good form, Robert.

Good old, Brett.

What would this world be without you?

Keep those.

Mementos of another
case we pulled off together.

Have we pulled it off?

I can't shake the feeling it's
not finished, not complete.

We've got our killer,
that's tidy enough for my needs.

Suppose he had been
able to do what he intended.

Are you asking me to admit that it's possible
for one person to swap identities with another?

The killer believed he could
and he was thorough, right.

Oh, he was thorough enough all right,
I'll give him that.

So if he could do it.

What about Evelyn?

He could fool you, me,
Robert's acquaintances

but he could never delude
his brother's sweetheart.

He'd have to dispose of her
or she'd be a constant threat.

- That's water under the bridge.
- Is it?

If Professor Malaki failed why has
this piggyback parasite fully emerged?

I don't know what I would have done
if I'd lost you, darling.

I imagine you would've
called off the wedding.

But would I?

He would've been you,
how would I have known the difference?

Hold me, Robert, hold me close.

Darling, kiss me.






Back so soon from the funeral, sir.

I was ejected, forcibly!

Can you imagine, those stupid fools.

I arrive there to find the wrong body
laid out in the casket.

It was Robert's body to be sure.

What I could not make
those idiots understand

was that he was no longer
occupying the body at the time of death!

So they're reverently burying a murderer
in the family crypt

while the real Robert Vandenburg lies
moldering in Potter's Field!

- Disgraceful, sir.
- Scotch and soda, double.


And my delightful friend,
Commissioner Misbach,

you'd think he'd stand behind me despite
the evidence of his own eyes.

Just stood there,
refused to commit himself.

Apparently, by his silence subscribing
to the preposterous theory

that Robert simply ran amuck.

Convinced through the power
of the hypnotic suggestion

that he was Professor Malaki.

Did you ever hear such rubbish.

I'll attend to it, sir.

- To what?
- A few hours work, some moonless night,

your friend won't stay
long in Potter's Field.

They looked at me as if I was demented
to even suggest such a thing.

Men of vision champions of unpopular causes
have always suffered,

Socrates, Galileo, Copernicus.

Ah, Nikola, if only the rest of the world
knew what we know, huh?

If they did, sir, nobody would get
a decent night's sleep.

Oh, shut up.

No one asked your opinion.