Dark Impulse (2011) - full transcript

Eva, a judge with a great future, has for years given exclusively to his profession. Believes strongly in justice and not willing to make concessions, wherever they come from. One day it's up to instruct the murder of a stripper. And she appears before a witness in the case, the victim's boyfriend, Rocco, a caring and friendly gigolo who is willing to help. In return, Eve will have to give some clues of his own identity. But the inner life of Eva is a mystery, a safe that nobody knows how.

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To reduce the function of a
judge to one mere activity

Is to impoverish it, to make
it sterile, to dissect it.

Justice is something better.

It's a creation that comes
from a living conscience,

Sensitive and vigilant... Human.

It's precisely this vital heat...

This sense of continuous awareness...

If they had let me choose
what to do in life

I would never have been a judge.

But for me there were things
that could not be chosen.

I had to do them as if scheduled.

It was my destiny...

I spent four years locked away studying.

Because I had to pay for the tests.

Because I must memorize codes, standards...

Entire laws!

Four years without boyfriends...

Four years without a social life.

It's hard to become the first of her class.

But for me it was easy.

At home, I only learned to judge,

And never forgive.

Acquit or condemn. But...

Always judge.

I spent two years building theft cases,

Family disputes, cases of mistreatment...

Then came the first murder.

Liuba Matawski.

She was 22 and a dancer in a nightclub.

She reminded me of myself 10 years ago.

A girl full of problems but
willing to solve them.

Without friends, but with
desire to have them.

Surrounded by people...

But always alone.

A witness said that on
the night of her death,

Liuba met a stranger.

Everything led to Alvaro Pena.

A businessman with various
enterprises open for extortion.

You were swimming in the pool?

Yes, Your Honor.

Until almost 1:00 a. M. In the morning?


The witness must tell the truth even
though the accused is her spouse.

I told the truth, Your Honor.


Her testimony is over.
You can wait outside.

And my husband?

Wait outside, thanks.

Mr. Peña, I request your
imprisonment without bail...

- How?
- Your Honor...

The prosecutor asked and
I think it reasonable

Since there is risk of
destruction of evidence.

Your Honor, the witness said it all.

Your client is indicted for murder.

But there is confused testimony.

For someone having noted the license plate?

My client's car was stolen and he
didn't know until the following day.

Yes, I have it in my report.

At exactly 7:49 a. M. In the morning?

It's the hour that I leave for work.
Before that, how would I know?

We have a physical description

And pending identification by the
witness, he will be detained.

Your Honor, with all due respect.
It seems a little excessive.

And what did my wife say?

We're done, thank you.


I figured you'd be here.

Did something happen?

There's a buyer for Dad's house.


This is serious.
In addition I was recommended.

Thus, so urgent?

We anticipate that the papers, signatures...

- Need money?
- It's not that.

I don't need anything, Eva.

I just want to sell the house soon.

I don't want to wait.
I'm not like you.

Like me?

You can go for years without seeing Dad.

And what this has to do with the house?

Who knows...

Let's go.





Would I be stupid enough to pick her
up in a public place and screw myself?

- Then who was it?
- If I was there I'd know!

You see, there is a witness who saw your car.

You're lying.

It was the judge who said.
Damn the judge!

We can try to claim incompetence.

Let's see...

What's known of the last 20 years...
- I don't understand...

What you've done for her, to help.

It's hard to say so.

...but you can understand.
And who else would?

- The jury.
- The jury...

Yes, people like you and me.

When told where Liuba was found,

From where was she taken...

The things that made her
family and how you paid.

You must go after this witness.

If found, that would already be the case.

- Listen to me Peña...
- Listen to me Toni...

- Focus on the witness.
- And where do I look?

It could be anyone.

A girl's club, a neighbor or a passerby.

At least if we had something more concrete.

There is no way of refuting?

- To who?
- To the judge, who served you...

You know her father, no?

They don't exclude a judge due
to her father being a bastard.

But you should know if
she's mixed up with bingo,

If she owes money to someone, if
she is betrayed by her husband.

She has no husband.

- She does not have a boyfriend.
- A lover?

Is she a lesbian by chance?


Good evening, I am Rocco.


Rocco, of the agency.

What agency?

Yes, but I don't know of any agency.


No, I'm sorry.

There is a service request for 22:00.

Burgos street, with Marina...

I don't know what service
you're talking about.

An escort.

You are mistaken.

You know of no Marina here?

No, sorry.
Are you sure?


Sorry to bother, but might
you get me a towel?

I will call the agency.
I came on a motorcycle...

And there is a thunderstorm.

No, I'm sorry.

Okay, thank you. Thank you very much!


Dude, this is Rocco.

I'm here on Burgos street and it's not...

Not here, no. Wait...

Check one such Marina at 22:00.

Take a look because it's not here.

OK, then call me back.

I'm here soaked, on a
motorcycle, in the rain...

Okay. You call me...

Thank you, really.

You don't know what a
favor you've done for me.

It's nothing much.

Only a minute until the agency calls me.

And you don't want a service?

- No.
- I know...

Sorry ma'am.
But it's a favorable night.

And who does not open the door
at night for a guy like me?

Only you open the door to the garden.


And then?

Ah, "twelve"...?

Inform her that in 5
minutes I will be there.

Okay, thank you.

It was number 12.
But the girl was foreign

And I understood "two. "

See you later, thank you very much.
I will leave my card.

- No need...
- One may need me...

- Really, no.
- You never know...

It was very brave for letting me enter.

Let's see if it's also true
for the most important things.

Who are you?

If you really want to do justice...

Justice of truth...

Call me.

Here is my phone.

- Morning.
- Morning.

Sit please.

How are you?


The other day in your testimony
you seemed resentful.

What do you mean?

I don't know.

How many years have you
been married with Mr. Peña?

- Eleven years.
- Eleven...

And you have a child of nine?

- Seven.
- Seven, pardon.

Have you told him what is occurring?

Should I answer that?

I've been checking the
credit cards of your husband

And thousands of euros were
spent in massage parlors.

You know what a massage parlor is?

Of course.

And do you care?

That does not mean he has killed someone.

I'm not talking murder.

Your husband spends 8000 with
prostitutes and you don't care?

Are you afraid, Berta?

I understand this is something
difficult to accept.

My son has a bone disease.

Doctors say that in 4 years
he will be in a wheelchair.

You want to talk about fear?

This is all we found.

- His name is really Rocco?
- Yes.

The guy is clean.

He only has a history of
marijuana possession.

Been a gigolo since he was 22.

Other remarkable hobbies?

He was an underwear model and escort.

And it must pay well as his home
and sports car are all paid for.

- What does the IRS say?
- Everything is declared.

Anything that stands out?

He studied veterinary medicine,
abandoned it in the fifth year...

Women, I suppose, and swimming.

He was champion in Alicante in
the 100 meter backstroke...


Rocco Almagro Pedrosa.

You have been investigating?

Just like you.
You know where I live, where I work.

Where you run, where you
eat, where you studied...

I have everything written down on you.


To find out if it's worth
helping you with Liuba.

What do you know about Liuba?

She was not a whore as the newspapers say.

She was a child.

- A child?
- Yes.

Until that son of a bitch
Peña fucked with her.

If I can do something to
condemn him, I'll be happy.

And why not say it that evening?

Because I still don't know
where I want this to go.

What do you mean?

I'll tell you when I must.

If you know something, you should tell me.

I know many things, Eva

For example that witness
that nothing will come of.


You think what a prostitute
says will put Peña in jail?

She will not dare to testify against Peña.

What makes you think it's a prostitute?

In this business we protect each other, Eva.

When one gets in a car,
another writes down the plate...

You know something more of this prostitute?

Rocco, I can force you to testify.

Forget me, please.

As you wish.

What happened?

I'm not so sure.

It was very dark and I was nervous.

Don't worry, we have plenty of time.

The truth is that I don't remember.

You don't remember?

- In your deposition you said that...
- I made a mistake.

I'm not sure.

Have you been threatened?
Are you scared?



I seriously don't remember.

Look into my eyes.

Your Honor, I think that
the witness was clear.

I'm not speaking with the doctor.

Look into my eyes.

I was very nervous.

- You could be indicted for perjury.
- That's enough already, Your Honor.

I'll complain to the Prosecutor.
This is intolerable.

Do you know what perjury is?

I have done nothing.

I have done nothing.

The witness did not recognize the accused.

But she identified the plate.

It does not justify prison.
Set bail and send him home.

He was indicted for murder.

Such cases need intelligence.

How so?

He is a "showman" and
can fuck with the press.

- So I must drop it?
- Listen...

Badia, of the 9th, is a commentator
for channel 5. We are familiar.

Carmelo, are you trying to discourage me?

I'm telling you how things are.

Whether we have a witness or not.

I need to speak with the staff
about the sale.

You should go through the house to
to see what you wish to to take.

There are a lot of things from you.

Come to the office tomorrow morning.

And ready...

If we signed this week the
documents would be ready.

One would need to get in
touch with the buyer.

For me there is no problem.

I need to talk to you about
something serious...

They exchanged his doctor for
another one from a football team.

Can you believe it?

- Are you listening?
- Yes.

Dad's new doctor came from a soccer team.


- Sister, what's wrong?
- Nothing.

You look like a zombie.


You put out four plates?

Because there are four of us.

Carlos is bringing his friend, Javier.
The one in the photo.

- You're continuing with this?
- He is very friendly, Eva

You need to connect.

He tells every joke...!

- You don't like it?
- Yes, I liked it.

Invite me to dinner at your home.

You're crazy!


You want everything on a silver platter?!

If you don't trust me, how can I trust you?

And why in my house?

What do you lose in doing so?

If I talk nonsense, relieve me in 5 minutes.

But if you want something real...

Something potent against Peña...

Like what?

Liuba and I were lovers.

- Were lovers?
- Yes.


Liuba told you something about Peña?

- What about dinner?
- There will be none.

- You are afraid to talk to me?
- Afraid, no...

What is it? Are you nervous?
Look how you are!

You are so hunched up!

Is it that you have boyfriend?

That question is inappropriate.

Forgive me, as it happens I'm intrigued.

"What's with her?"

You are beautiful...

You're a judge, lifetime salary...

Has her life on the right path, but...

What do you lack?

What do you think is missing?

I take it seriously what I devote myself to.

And the very fact that I know a lot
of women, is something you lack.

What did Liuba say about him?

You know what I think it is?

You spend time preparing, but
you lack contact with people.



You never thought about hiring a gigolo?

What's so funny?

You understand nothing.

No, what is it?

Why do you think it's so funny?

I'll never pay a man to fuck me.

Of course.

You were educated in a Catholic school?

What did Liuba tell you?

She told me she Peña was obsessed with her.

A year ago he brought her to Alicante
and paid her a monthly salary.

Do you have proof?

I am proof. Invite me for dinner.

He killed your girlfriend and rather
than testify against the assailant,

You ask me for a dinner?

What kind of person are you?

And who are you?

A daddy's girl who did just
enough studying to be a judge.

If you want something from
me, invite me to dinner.

If not, you already know the outcome.

- Where were you?
- Sorry.

An hour ago I was calling you!

The phone was off.
I just saw the message.

What happened?

He suffered a hemorrhage and is in a coma.

- Hemorrhage?
- Yes.

In other words, what happened?

A burst vein in his head.

He fell?

No, he is 74 years old and never
cared for himself in his life.

You want to see him?


What are you doing here?

My father is in ICU and they
just told me. And you?

My son is under observation,
he had an episode.

Can I help you with something?

I can apply for a permit for
medical reasons for your husband.

I'll take care of these things.

How old is your father?

Seventy... four.

Well, he will recover.

For years he has not recognized anyone.


I'll ask if I can get in to see him.

- I hope your child is better.
- Thank you.

What the hell do you want?


When I saw your call I thought
you wanted to detain me.

Don't discount anything... come in.

I brought you something.


You will like it.

- Where did you get this?
- I took it.

Valentines Day of last year.

This shows that they already knew each other.

This is just a photo and
it could be a montage.

Check it out.
Send it to an expert.

Even if it's real, it proves nothing.

This is not enough to condemn Peña.

And what is needed?

- Your statement.
- My statement?

And a confrontation.

A confrontation?

A confrontation between you and Peña.

This is a request.
I want to assure myself.

You don't trust me?

I know you, you always say that.

Ah, but this is different.

You know the risk involved to ask me this?

Did I not invite you to dinner at my house?

And when would it be?

Tomorrow at noon if it's good for you.

It's good.

You will have your confrontation,
but with a condition.

For the rest of tonight let's
not talk about the case.

Not Peña, nor Liuba or anyone.

I want a normal dinner.

Between a man and a woman.
What do you think?

Yes, of course.

Her name was Denise Palmer
and she was from California.

40 years old and well preserved.

Very much so.
She was a friend of my mother.

...We dined

My mother,

Denise and me.

My mother opened a bottle of wine

And started drinking...

Talking and drinking...

One time my mother went into the kitchen

And that left me alone with Denise.

Suddenly she put her hand on my knee

And then started moving up her hand...

It was rising... I started to get nervous.

And I looked at my mother in
the kitchen collecting things.

She kept on moving her
hand up, it continued...

Then, in comes my mother, "Rocco!"

"Honey, finish your drink
and go to your room

Because I want to talk to Denise. " Right.

We finished dessert, I went to
my room, closed the door...

It's not even five minutes

And the door opens.

And who is it?

Denise Palmer?

She said nothing and laid down on my bed.

The next morning upon awakening
I knew she had gone, but...

She had left me 10,000 pesetas on the table.

And a note.

And so it began... it was my first time.

And your mother, what did she say?

Well, my mother...

Got 10,000 of the old pesetas.

It was money...

- And your family, what did they think?
- Well...

My family...

My father went to Nigeria 20
years ago to care for monkeys.

Okay, so you no longer have family?

No. I am my family.

My father, my mother, my
grandfather, my grandmother, all...

And you?

Your father the prosecutor?

I see him little.

- And your mother?
- She died.

I'm sorry.

- You have siblings?
- One.


So the older, she went to be a judge
so not to disappoint her father.

And the reason you became a gigolo?

To screw with your family because
they did not take care of you?

No, I got into it because I liked it.

And besides it still paid me.
I wish I had been swimming...

But I fucked up my back at the
Hungary Worldwide and had to stop.

What about serious work?
You never thought about it?

My job is not serious?

Yes... No... Sorry.
A normal job...

How normal?

- As a judge?
- I don't know.

I love horses.
Someday maybe I'll be a breeder.

Someday, I don't know.
Buy a cottage in the countryside.

We shall see.

That's why you studied veterinary medicine?

- I have not finished veterinary school.
- I know. - And you?


If not a judge?

What would you like to be?

- I don't know.
- You don't even know?


I don't know...


I loved to dance, but...

What happened?

Nothing, really.

Girls must learn to use the
head and not the body.

My father said that.

Your father was a son of a bitch.

Or is...

"Not with the body... "

I am sometimes mesmorized looking at
the children who dance in the park.

It seems incredible.

Spin, and...

So cute.

Enjoy the moment without
thinking about tomorrow, right?

Liuba was a dancer.


I know.

Her training was in ballet.

So she would be upset, right?

Why didn't you finish the
veterinary medicine?

You refer to the title?

I did not want a title but
to learn to care for animals.

You know how to care for animals?

It's what I concentrate on.

- Healing animals with sex?
- Yes...

Well I would not call it that.

I say "channel the energies. "


The libido is the most important
energy that we have in the body.

You can do amazing things with it.

Not everyone can.

- You don't say.
- It's true.

Yes, I know what to do with my libido.

Eva, and you?

- Why don't we change the subject?
- And why?


- Do you feel afraid?
- No.

I think you are.

It seems to me...

You have an idea in your head of something...

That simply will not happen.

It's not going to happen?




And why not?

Because I never lie with a gigolo.

In fact you would never pay a
guy to have sex with you...

But with a title it would be easier.

I would not charge you.

- It would be a favor?
- No.

It would be a pleasure.

It would just be for the
pleasure of fucking.

You better go now.



I think we should see each other again.

We cannot. Starting tomorrow
we will be parties to the case.

You want me to be contested?


You know what it is to be
banned from something, right?

To have it taken away.

Thanks for dinner.

It's better this way.

- Bye.
- Bye.

A gigolo?

It's so strange to see the house this way.

You dined at home with a gigolo?

Didn't I already tell you?

Hell, you are not like this!

Like what?

No, I know.
Relating to a stranger.

At your home and they still over charge.

And the cost to you, to meet someone.

Nothing happened.

You were talking about laws?

Do you think I'm going to mess
with a witness? I am not crazy!

Is he cute?


What is normal?

- Like who?
- I don't know, normal.

No gigolo is normal.

Turns out he's a gigolo, but...

He studied at a university.
That's interesting.

Are you in love?

How so?

I know nothing about law, but...

Boys yes, and you're enjoying it.

- I don't like him!
- Like...

At 12:00 I meet with him in court.

He will be part of the case and I will
see him no more. Are you calm now?

But one day the case ends.

I know what I'm doing, Marta.

Carlos, my love...

Why was it locked?


I was distracted looking at the toys.


Ours... I don't remember most of it.

The toys that Daddy bought us

When we were children.

- You'll miss this house?
- No.

Neither will I.

Ma'am, we're going.

- Okay, thanks.
- Until Monday.

I don't even know this gentleman.

You need to talk.

- He knows perfectly well...
- Tell him.

- You know that photo.
- That is a photo montage.

A montage is the excuse used whenever
someone is accused of something.

Who is this person?

Look into my eyes and tell
me you don't know me.

- Huh?
- Here! Look into my eyes!

- Tell me that you don't know me.
- Your Honor...

I need to answer?


And control your tone, please.

I don't know you.

You never saw me with Liuba?

- I don't know who Liuba is.
- Say it to my face.

I don't know who Liuba is.

Do you happen to know who I am?

I said I don't know you.

You've never talked to me?

You've never had a drink
with me, motherfucker?

As you said those words?

You took us to dinner at "Casa Parrondo"

"Sweetie I will leave my wife

And buy you an apartment... "
On St. Bernard street.

You forgot?

Don't interrupt, please.

Tell me I'm making all of this up!

Say it to my face, if you have courage.

This is to your face...
you have courage to kill a woman!

Control yourselves, please!

- Enough!
- Motherfucker!


Control yourselves, please!

Take the accused and pass through the ward.

- You will die in prison!
- Mr. Almagro!

Very well.
Can you let me go, please?

I am here as a witness.

Stand down!

I'm sorry.

Do I need to sign something?

No, you will be quoted in the deposition.

For now, that will suffice.

If you need some kind of
protection, hotel...

Beginning today you are under directive.

I am going to a house
that I have in the field.

Stay in touch with this court.

And if you change your mind,
you already know where we are.

Thank you, Your Honor.

"Given your insistence on hindering the work of this judgment

Your visits will be suspended indefinitely. "

This is your fault!

- My?
- By accepting the bloody confrontation.

Can I finish reading?

"And from now on, if you want to
communicate with your client

You should apply in writing. "

"I also decree the transfer of
Mr. Alvaro Peña

To an isolation cell. "

You know something?

I'm going to meet with Carmelo.

I've talked to him.

He can help us.

- Peña...
- Peña... the fucking...

Nobody realizes what this brat is up to.

Aggression means nothing,
your witness insulted him.

Peña is not 15!

Any judge will not condemn him
for lack of a confrontation.

It's not confrontation, it's testimony!

Of a prostitute?

What has that to do with it?

Please, Peña is a public figure.
He has many friends.

And yet you build your case
upon the testimony of a gigolo?

His testimony is worth
as much as any other.

That's the theory.

No, that's the truth.

What truth?
Yours or mine?

The truth of the case, Carmelo.


And what kind of truth is this?

Absolute truth?

"Judicial truth?"

"Probable truth?"
The "divine truth?"

Be careful, Eva.

You will not want to be deified
and lose sight of the north.

- You know what to do.
- No, I don't know.

If I knew you would not
be arguing with me.

I would look for better proof.
That is what I would do.

Hello, Berta!

- Hello
- How is your son?

Already in school.


I brought a gift for him...

- Don't bother.
- It's nothing.

It was a gift from my father when I was

10 years old.

- And how is your father?
- The same.

You didn't come just to bring this, right?

You know Alvaro Peña better than
anyone, so I will be honest.

I don't think that he is the type of
person who will change at this point.

What do you mean?

Are you willing to continue waiting
alone at the door of a hospital?

When I need to.

Do you think that's fair?

- That is not the issue.
- No?

The issue is that your husband never
supports you and you're alone.

And you still protect him.

Faced with evidence of the
murder of an 18 year-Old girl.

- You'll excuse me, but...
- Certainly,

His guilt is proved.

You could be accused of complicity
and lose custody of your son.

He will stay in a community guardian center.

You want to know how it is there?

- For a healthy child already and...
- Listen...

Why are you telling me this?

I want you to think of your son.
Think about yourself and wonder.

Wonder what?

Is it really worth it?

But what makes you think that
I know something?

Think about it.

Thanks for the coffee.

I found this in one of dad's boxes...

What should I do with it?

I don't know, but don't
keep it in my house.

I should keep it with me?

No, you could take it to the court

And say it was your prosecutor
father's and he does not need it.

We must take it to a police station.

Why not leave it where it was?

Why... it's a gun!

That does not work anymore.

But why not just fix it?

- Because I am a judge.
- Why did dad have it?

It costs a lot to make an effort?

You will never see him
and you don't even try.

Marta, he is in a coma!

And before, you also would not!
And you think I like that?

I like to wash him?
Clean his shit?

I spent hours in a room that
smells of disinfectant!

Well, I could...

Could, what?

Be like you!

On cruises...

They almost always ask for
these kinds of repertoires:

Things like "Julio Iglesias", "Guantanamera,"

"Boleros", "La Bamba"...

- I don't think so.
- Eva...

I didn't want to answer it.

Excuse me...

Forget my testimony.

What did you say?

Forget my testimony.

They're after me.

You understand?

Should I call the police?

Tell me where you are and I will be there.


You're okay?
What happened?

...What happened?

How many people knew that I was here?

- Nobody.
- No one knew anything.

You and your secretary.

- You just gave me the address.
- You knew I was here!

Has something happened?

Come in.

I went for a walk

And upon returning I came across that.

- Someone knew I was here?


Nobody found out from me.

By Carmen much less.

Because they are spying.

I said Peña knew many people.

They will not spy on my court.

Please don't be naive!

I'm not, but I refuse to
enter into this paranoia.

And that's paranoia or what?

- I did not mean it.
- We must find a way to these people!

- Calm down...
- Either him or us!

- Rocco, calm down.
- Promise me you'll be able to nail him.


- Promise me!
- I promise.

One phone call and we
will have another room.

- Don't call anyone.
- You cannot stay here.

Don't worry about me.

- I'm sorry about this.
- You can go if you want.

I feel very sorry to have bothered.

- It was nothing.
- Yes It was.

You said we could not
see each other any more.

But it was an emergency.

I'm sorry, Rocco...

I cannot.

Cannot what?

I'm sorry.

- Eva, wait.
- I cannot.


I desire very much...

I'm sorry.

- Me too...
- I'm sorry, I cannot...

- Because you're a judge?
- No.

You were hurt before?

If you don't want me to touch
you, alright... I don't touch.

Why did I do this?

I don't know, but this not does not solve it.

Does not solve what?

I don't know.
You should know.

You are afraid...

Afraid of yourself... to feel.

That's not it.

Why leave?
Why run?

I'm not running.

What do you think you're doing?

I should not have come.

What tasty perfume.

This cannot happen again.

I'll ask for protection and
you will be taken to a hotel.

No, I don't want any hotel!

What will you do?

Continue with my way of life...

I don't want anything to happen to you.


Because I am your witness?

And why not?

"... This cannot happen again. "

"I'll ask for protection and you'll
be taken taken to a hotel. "

"No, I don't want any hotel!"

"What will you do?"

"Continue with my way of life... "

"I don't want anything to happen to you. "


"Because I am your witness?"

- Morning.
- Morning.

Why didn't you tell me you were coming?

My son is out there.
I decided to do it now.

Decided what?

Tell you everything I know.

Carmen, can you bring us water, please?

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

That night he didn't sleep at home.

I heard...

Noise from the shower and found
him in the downstairs bathroom.

He said they had stolen his car and...

Was closing a contract and...

Does not remember anything.
And if asked...

I should say that he slept at home.

The next morning he burned all his clothes,

Cleaned the ashes and asked
me not to say anything.

That's what he did.

I don't know what happened to that girl.

But if his alibi was that he
was with me, that's a lie.

You would be willing to
declare that before a court?

- And my son?
- Don't worry about that.

He is the only one that matters.

I can request treatment
under witness protection.

What does that mean?

Currently, you would be taken
to a hotel and then...

We will look for a place for you to
live, a new identity, a house...

- I can choose?
- Pardon?

The house where we live
needs to be near a hospital.

Of course, we will try.
Now you must go home and...

My employees...

They will help you pack the suitcases
and to take them to the hotel.

I recommend you take the
minimum and anything mobile.

If you need to talk to someone, call me.

It can be day or night.

And if you want to talk to me?

I call the hotel.

And ask for me?

You can change your name.

Trust me, Berta.

How are you?

I have good news.

We have good reasons to condemn Peña.

You don't say...

I cannot give you details, just...

Stay calm...

Everything's okay.

Just wanted you to know.

Everything's okay.

Finally, everything is fine.

Thank you!

I'm much more relaxed.


Very tasty, huh?

It's a shame that this
video serves no purpose.

If Eva has a new witness
we need to know who it is.

- There are none.
- She said she did.

It makes no difference.

I did what you asked me and you
already have a recording. I'm out.

This does not serve, Rocco

I don't want to burn, lñaki.
Even though I know I will.

You remember what you told
me when we first met?

"Leave it to me!... "
"I don't want to get burned"...

- You will not do this to me.
- I am.

It seems you have no memory,
that I have been screwed before.

And I've already been screwed too many times.

And then I have to give explanations.

Rocco, don't forget who you are.

The strength and the rod.

There is a limit, lñaki.

There's a line and we cannot cross it.

- You told me that.
- Yes...

But the line moves...
Don't you realize?

One day is here...
The other is right here!

Until when?

Until I say.



- What are you doing here?
- I don't know where to go.

Peña's people are following me.

I swear.
I'm going crazy!

You said you didn't need help.

But I was wrong.

I thought I could stand
alone but I cannot.

- Quiet.
- All day stuck in my car.

The whole day going around...

I cannot concentrate nor work.

Let's go to a hotel.
I don't want!

What do you want?

Let's go to your home!

No, my house is not an option.

- Not an option?
- No.

- It makes no sense.
- You prefer not to risk it?

I trust you, Eva

I need you to help me, please.

I cannot take you to my house.

But of course... of course...

There's another witness, right?

That's not so.

Please don't lie to me.
It's another prostitute?

- A pimp?
- I cannot give details.

I am passing for an idiot!

Get what you want and then
throw me in the trash!

For you it provides the same
and I live on the street.

Did you also give yourself
to the other witness?

You have no right!

Of course...

Because you're a judge
and I a simple gigolo.



It's my dad's house.

It was, because we are selling it.

Monday I will take your statement and
then you can go wherever you want

Until the trial and you'll
be called as a witness.

You grew up here?

It's strange to have a man
here other than my father.

You never bring any men here?

I'm the first?


Now you go away?

I need to buy something.
There's nothing to eat here.

And a few blankets or something...

Come dine with me.

On Monday in the morning the sale
takes place and we'll take what's left.


As long as no one is there
over the weekend...

Are you crazy?

All I ask is a little cooperation.

Then ask for the police.
You are a female judge.

We cannot trust anyone.

That's your problem.

I cannot abandon him.

- You're not his mother.
- Marta I don't...

I'm not asking permission, okay?

I put him there.

What are you getting into?

It'll be okay.

- What will be okay?
- Trust me.

You fucked him?

I was wrong.

- What's got into you?
- Nothing.


Strange to be doing it here.

I like to be here.

Why are you called Rocco?

You've seen "Rocco and His
Brothers" with Alain Delon?

Of course.

My mother loved that movie.

- We're so different.
- Why?

For starters, your life's not
worse than anyone else.

That's what you think.

I don't need a prosecutor
father to screw up my life.

I never said that he screwed it up.

There are things that
don't need to be said.

What do you mean?

It's carried inside.

And according to you that would be?

- Rancor...
- Rancor?

- No...
- You don't blame him for anything?

That's from a book of self-Help therapy?

I never read anything like that in my life.

I enjoy listening to the women and...

When they speak of their
parents, they feel better.

Tell me about yours.

You don't blame him for anything?

It's complicated, Rocco.


If I had to blame him for something
I would not be for who I am.

A Judge?

Have you told him that?

You should.

Now is the time.

People who are comatose can listen.

That's what they say.

You know the first thing I
thought when I saw Liuba dead?

Not "how beautiful she was"...

..."how horrible to die. "

It was...

"Poor thing, no more time
remains to solve anything. "

I'm sorry.


This new witness...

You know this exposes them
to be tampered with by Peña?

Yes, you know.

- I'd like to meet her.
- Why?

To be sure that nothing
has been invented...

Small details are...

I did not invent anything, Rocco.
I don't to want talk about it.

Will I have to shut up again?

Will I have to?



Yes, pardon.
I told you I'd call...

But I did not...

You called a doctor?

I'll send an ambulance.
Be calm.

Stay calm.
I'm going there.


- Something happened?
- I need to go.

Some problem with your father?


You can't tell me now?


You gonna take long?

I don't know.

I'll leave money in case you
need to buy food or...

I'll be back as soon as possible.

Be very careful...


Wait a minute, please...

Trust me. It'll be all right.

I withdrew money from the ATM.

And bought Japanese food.
You like?

No need to.

It's our farewell...

What is it?

Nothing, but...

You left and I got to thinking...

About a few things...

What things?

You'd come back and I would be
sitting here waiting for you

As if we were a normal couple...


Nothing... It would be very nice.

I'll take a shower.

- You think it's a punishment?
- Why?

Your father was a prosecutor and
ordered many people to prison.

Me too.

- But you're different.
- How do you know?

Because I know.

You don't know.

You don't know anything.

I know nothing about you...

How is it nothing?... if you investigated me?


I read a mountain of papers
but the things are not there.

What would you like to know?

What do I want to know?

Who are you.

The truth.


Come on.

Come with me.

That'll do until tomorrow...

- What?
- Once you take my statement.

I go to the airport and catch
a flight to Edinburgh.

- Edinburgh?
- I have a half-Cousin there.

He's cultivating mushrooms
and I will help him.

It sounds good.

You are going to live on that?

I have some savings, too.

You will cease your career as a gigolo?

I am who I am, no matter what my career.

In truth, in the heart.
You are a judge.

Tomorrow you may not be, but the
important thing is to be you.


Yes.. It's a figure of speech.

I find it very cool, but you
didn't have to go that far.

I give faith that everything I said is true

And that I don't encourage
any type of revenge against

Mr. Alvaro Peña.

The only thing I want
is that justice is done

And he pays for everything he did.

- Want to add something else?
- No, Your Honor.

You already communicated your new
address to the secretary of the court?

- Yes, Your Honor.
- All that remains is your signature.

Thank you, Carmen.

- I need to sign all?
- As if it were a contract.

You may be required to go before the court.

Take it.

Thank you.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Thanks for everything.

Goodbye, Your Honor.

With this, that concludes the testimony.

Not missing any documents?

I expect the defense to provide
their allegations to Carmelo.

We'll get together then.

Look where you're going!

I don't know what to say.

Think you're ready to go to trial?

I am also impressed with this
case, I want you to know that.

I understand.


Yes, she's here.

It's your secretary.

Tell her I will be down soon.

She said it's urgent.

Your Honor, through here.

It's through here.

Berta's death changed the whole procedure.

Peña was released for lack of evidence.

The case was shelved...

Without culprits.

Without anyone having to pay.

I decided to take a break.

Request a transfer...

Start over.

But I could not.

I got suspended,

Removed from office...

And stopped being a judge.

Hello, good afternoon.

Room 212, a young lady?

- Go up the stairs to the right.
- Okay, perfect.





Don't do it!


No! No!

There are things that don't depend on you...

That must be done...

It is your destiny.

You did not raise me to forgive, Dad.

You always taught me to judge!


Now I'm willing to judge and condemn myself.

You said that in the laws,
are the best of each one of us.

But you made a mistake.

The best of me is not in the manuals of law.

Not in any laws or anything we learn.

The best of me...

Is in a life that I haven't had.

The one that I didn't dare to live.