Dark Harvest (2016) - full transcript

On the eve of legalization, a marijuana grower is brutally murdered. His best friend, against the advice of his mentor (Cheech Marin, Up in Smoke (1978)), teams up with a suspended narcotics investigator (A.C. Peterson, Shooter (2007)) to find the killer. Dark Harvest's lawless marijuana landscape creates a web of sexual intrigue and violence in which the cop and grower are forced to settle their moral differences to stop a cunning psychopath, and uncover a truth much bigger than the stolen drugs. This gripping independent vision is full of revelations and twists and marks Cheech Marin's first marijuana movie since his final 'Cheech and Chong' film of the 80's. Hugh Dillon accompanies the all-star cast as they race to find the killer in this action thriller.

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You gonna share that thing or

No, not really, but go ahead.

- I like this spot, man.
- Yeah, it's not...

I think you're gonna do well

- It's good.
- I feel it.

It'll be good.

Thank you.

What are you gonna do
if this shit goes legal?

More people growing,
more people buying lights,

electric, open up another store.

Maybe I'll be a big box
hydroponic guy.

High volume, low prices.

I'll tell you what, this
stuff goes completely legal,

you're gonna be the guy
that's in shit, man.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

My advice to you, if I was you,

I would get the fuck out of here

and start a new business with
a better class of people,

you know, go to some
place that's tropical.

- Okay.
- Where it's sunny everyday.

Away from people like you and

Far away.


You going back in?

Yeah, I'll lock up.


- I'm studying.
- Okay.

See ya.


- Where is it?
- Upstairs!

What kind of food do
you want to get into

to celebrate the new store?

I feel like Cambodian tonight.

- Okay.
- All right?

Ah fuck, I gotta roll, man.

So you going to
teach me some Spanish?

What's up?

Okay, let's do those numbers.

You gotta get the numbers down.

Okay, what's 14?

They're gonna be impressed
that you speak Spanish

and we're gonna need
it for this restaurant.

And then now we get into the
easy ones,

it's 10 plus the number.


How do you say marijuana in


- I've heard this before.
- He's smiling.

Seriously, that's what I'm

We're out and he's happy about

He's happy.
I can see that.

I know.

You all are crazy.
Is that purple king?

Purple king?

- What?
- That's what I smell.

That's nice.
It is nice.

This is the last crop.

Seems like I've heard that

You've heard it before
but this is the real one.

Wow, okay.

What are you gonna do?

You still on about the

This is the plan for real?
Yep, yep.

You guys are gonna open a

- Yep.
- We're done, that's it.

Nicaragua, you coming or what?

Yeah, what am I gonna do, flip

No, you can be the bartender.

Oh, the bartender, thanks.

I'll make you guys your sugary

Sea Breeze, anyone?

You too!

1333 East 20th.

He's got about 100 pounds in

and I'm sure it's Carter's.

I can't believe you're

I would have taken that
injury money and split.

Not my way.

Show him the scar.

Fucking scar, it's a fucking
bear trap.

Crushed my fuckin' leg bone and

in Carter's grow-op and got

- This it?
- Yeah.

Got two kids at home,
Bernie, Christmas morning,

let's fuckin' make this quick.

Yes, sir.

You're suck a fuckin' hotshot.
Carl, with me, let's go.

Stay in the back here
so that squirrelly whirly

doesn't find a hole to crawl out

Police, police!

Right there, right there, hands!

- Let me see your hands!
- Hands in the air!

Down on the ground now!

Put your hands behind your back.

Your hands behind your back.
I got him.

All right, I got him.

What the fuck is this?

What the fuck is this?

equipment, Bernie, really?

Where'd you get this

No go, bullshit!

And you've been watching this

Let's check the car.

Where is it?

Here, check out his

Fucking hockey equipment,
are you fucking serious?


Come on.

Yeah, stupid.

Fuckin' lie to me?

You fuckin' hold back on me?

You know what I can fuckin' do?

See what I can fuckin' do?

I can do fuckin' anything.


Bernie is gonna lose his
fuckin' mind.

Carl, Bernie is a useless
piece of shit,

you understand me?

Where's Carter growing this

Nothing, Bernie,

Where is it?

Where the fuck?

Where the fuck
Hey, hey, hey!

- Is Carter growing this shit?
- All right, all right.

Hey, let's go!

Get outta here!

This ain't the last time,
little bubba.

You're gonna be seeing us again
real soon.

- All right, on your feet.
- What the fuck?

- Come on, let's go.
- Fuck.

Tell Carter I'm coming for him.

Simon, you didn't see anybody
come around back, right?

No, no.

Bernie, I think you're
gonna have to find

this Carter character next year,


What do you think about
leaving earlier?

Like a week from now?

- I think I can't.
- How come?

I've got
the house to deal with,

and I've got to wait
on the divorce papers.

Forget the divorce papers.

You get the lawyer to
deal with it, it's done.

I can't do that.

Mark just lost his plumbing
license or ticket or whatever.

He doesn't have a job and he's

You're fired.

Hey, you got a second?

All right, listen, so the
hockey equipment got taken.

The bags are gone.

What does that mean?

Look, just, whatever you do,

don't go to the old spot, okay?

Move to a new spot.

We'll figure this out, okay?

But just...

My life's in those bags.

How's it going?

Hey, man, going well.

I'm excited, got my first

Oh, yeah, for what?

Mm, come see.

Get in there.

I haven't even tried it yet.

- You made that?
- Yeah.

You look surprised.

Why you look so surprised?

- Come on, man.
- What, you think I bought it?

- Yeah, you fuckin' bought it.
- I didn't buy it.

You didn't fuckin' shit.

I'm eating it.

It better be fucking good.
It's good.

I don't get sick.

So what you think?

Club Kamikaze?

And I know what you're thinking.

Raw fish in Nicaragua with that

that might be a problem, but
those cats have some iron guts

so we're in the clear.
I need you to do me a favor

and fire this back up for one
more crop.

This is the last crop, man.

I'm cutting it tomorrow, you
know that.

I know but I'm in a jam.

Zack lost all the weed.

A man's got to know
his limitations, Carter.

That cultivation license is
our ticket out of here now.

You got to call Frank about
his psychiatrist uncle.

We got to find a guy to grow for

and send us the money to

Frank, I just came from your

He wants me to come back down

I gave you guys $10,000.

You told me in and out no

I get the cultivation license.

I went in, I did my part.

He's saying he wants to me to
go back in there in a week.

I don't have a week.

Man, he's really nervous.

He thinks the place is being

Come on, man, buck up.

Go back in there and tell him
some real mental problems.

You gotta prove you're screwed

Go do it, one more
time, man, come on, now.


At the beginning,

you use this white light
when the plants are small.


When the plants get taller,

you switch from the white
light to this yellow light.

Oh okay.

Okay, so, white lights, 12

and then the yellow light, 24...

David, this is important.

You're going to fuck with
the universe of these plants.

White light for 24 hours, so no

Then the second and final stage,

12 hours of darkness, 12
hours of yellow light.

See, when you switch
from white to the yellow,

the plant panics and starts
producing buds

'cause they think that summer is

and it prepares to die.

How many phones you got?

- One.
- Give it to me.

A flip phone?
Yeah, why?

I don't know.

Look, this is a double
encrypted phone, here.

No photos, no personal

and you only use your handle.


- Yeah, your username.
- What's my username?

Carter said you're Italian.

- Italian Stallion?
- Yeah.

- What's yours?
- I don't have one yet.

These phones are new.

- How about yours?
- Latin Heat.

- Latin Heat?
- Look.

If the cops get this phone,
put in a wrong password twice,

it scrambles the network and
sends a message to the server

that it's been compromised,

So, if you get any trouble
and you need a piece,

come see me.
A piece?

I thought this was legal.
It is legal.

Yeah, it's legal, it's legal.

Just, you know, in case anything

You'll be fine.
Come here.

I bring you the fucking kid
and you pull out a fucking gun?

- You want him to be safe?
- Yeah.

That's why I brought the gun.

Look, this kid's no grower.
That's why he's perfect.

He looks innocent.

Yeah, innocent, that's
a good name for it.

Come on.

It's okay.

Got how it works over

- Yeah.
- Okay.

And you got a one-hour window

to leave and go get food.

No friends, no family, no
girlfriends, no ex-girlfriends.

Just be calm, cool, and

This guy I had a house with
set up a bunch of bear traps

around the place, and a cop
ended up stepping on one of them

and couldn't walk again.

So I don't want anything stupid,

you got nothing to be worried
about here, everything's cool.

The place is legal, I've
got the license, okay?

- Yeah, you got it.
- Okay.

- Let's do it.
- Okay, cool.

All right, brother, let's do it.

So, I'm in a fucking jam.

There's a delay with this shrink
that I've been dealing with

for the cultivation
license, and I was wondering

if you know somebody that knows

that can get me a different one

or if you want to get involved.

Look, if I were you I'd be
getting rid of this Italian kid

and laying low.

It's going to go legal.

I can't fucking wait, man.

If pot goes legal, the price
will tank and I'm done.

You know, I knew this one

and he was selling locations to

and everybody got robbed.

It's gonna go legal.

This is the worst time to
be doing what you're doing.

So just chill.

Make a taco.
You're killing me.

Where the fuck are you guys?

You said 8:30.


It's about fuckin' time.

I've been waiting here half an

No Vince?

This is Carter's spot?

Oh yeah.

Simon, around the front, fast!

Over here.

Black, 34 years old, deceased.


Earl Freeman.

Any cash?

No, nothing.



Yeah, I'm back.

I thought those guys shut you

with all the medical licensing.

Any cash?


This guy's been dead less than
an hour.

I'd say sometime around eight.

- You guys were here at 8:30?
- I was waiting around back

in the alley,

but we didn't come in
until a little after 8:30.

We were dealing with the
Sarge on the new postings, so.

- We were here 8:30 tops.
- And you were here?

Eight o'clock.


No, with my imaginary friend.

Yes, alone, that's my fucking

as lead investigator of
this here Green Team.

Hail Caesar.

Both the bear trap house
and the Freeman house

were run by Carter.

I just need a little
more time to corner him

with this phone.

There is no Carter.

And quite frankly,

I don't give a goddamn
whose grow-op it is anyways.

We have a homicide

and you were the only
one who was there alone.

So now we got two.
Two what?

We've got the three hockey

from Zack's place at Christmas,

and we've got the 105 plants
from the Freeman house.

There were no hockey bags at

and there was no pot there


So from where I'm sitting,

you're either involved
in the Freeman murder,

or I gotta ask myself,

what the fuck kind of
detective stakes out a house

while a murder is going down

Boss, come on, that thing

by the eyes in the back
of my fuckin' head.

These people are fuckin'
animals, you know that.

You're Internal
Investigations' prime suspect.


You're suspended.

That bear trap nearly
chopped off my fucking leg.

I turned down the payoff to get
this guy!



We were thinking it'd be great

if could get the divorce
papers signed today.

It's not really funny, Carter.

Can you witness them?

It doesn't matter who
signs them, it's just...

Your truck's leaking antifreeze
all over the driveway.


Hey, man, I'm glad you
decided to come by, but.

What, you wanna fight me?
Fuckin' right I fuckin' do.

Get the fuck up.

Stay the fuck away from my wife.

Are you okay?

Carter, are you okay?

Look at me.

- Hello.
- Carter?

Who's this?

Hands up.

You fuckin' deaf?

I'm a cop.

You're Carter Holmes.

You must be Alexis.

Now, your friend Earl
Freeman was murdered today

in one of your grow-ops.

Robbed then electrocuted.

And you're gonna help me find
the piece of shit who did it

or I'm taking you in.

See, Alexis's name is all over
the lease of the grow house.

And she's either gonna cut
herself a deal

or you're gonna come work for

I'm a mechanic, I fix
up cars and I re-sell them

Put on the jewelry, hon.


Here, put on the old Soviet

Do it.

I don't know anybody named


Don't try to run.

I'm a sharpshooter, baby, and
I don't give a fuck who I hit.

Come here!


Get me out of here!

Can I come in?

You okay?

Get out.

Fuckin' boy, you stay the
fuck back there, peppy.

I got an itchy trigger finger.

Get out, get her out of there.

This just might be your lucky

Get over there.

Keep moving, keep moving.

I swear there's nothing
fuckin' stopping me

from pulling a straight bullet

and fuck the both of you right

Kneel down right there.

Kneel down!

- Look, look.
- Kneel down!

Hey, hey, I know


Okay, you're the only connection
I got to Earl's murder.

You gotta help me fuckin' find
this guy.

I will, I will.

- You will?
- Yeah.

See how easy it is
when you're agreeable?

What's with her?

She's fainting.

Get her in the car.

Babe, babe.


Babe, I love you so much.
The fuck is wrong with her?

- A diabetic reaction.
- What, a dia-what?

Diabetic reaction.

What it take to put a fuckin'
candy bar in your pocket?

- Hey.
- You stupid fuckin' dumbass.

- Hey!
- You fuckin' with me?

Don't you talk to me like that.

Don't you raise your fuckin'
voice at me.

You don't think ahead at all.

You think about anybody
other than yourself?

Let's just drop Alexis off at
her house

and I'll help you find the
people that killed Earl.

You don't need to hold us

I'll do this with or without


Okay, I gotta find the

who's doing all this
pillaging or I'm fucked.

You understand, I'm totally

You fuckin' look at me when
I'm fuckin' talking to you,

you fuckin' understand?

Open your mouth.

Open your fuckin' mouth.

All right, and I don't
give a fuck if this thing

goes down in flames, 'cause
I got nothing to lose.

So you sit there like
a pretty little kitty

and don't cause no fuss

or I'll blow your fuckin'
girlfriend's head off.

You got that?

Stay put.

Come on out, honey.

Come on, let me help you out.

You're going home.

You're gonna help me find

who turned your friend into a
shish kebab.

And when we're done,

I don't want to hear the
name Carter Holmes again.

You got it?

And you're going shut
down all your grow-ops.

They're all done, that was the
last one.

You smoke?


I thought you smoked.


Fuckin' cocksucker, you're
smoking now, you piece of shit.

Don't fuck with me.

Don't you fuck with me,
you be straight with me.

You got a sweet deal here.

You could be in the pen sucking

and getting fucked up
the ass, you understand?

For the pain.

Let's take a look inside.

Get out of the car.

Door was wide open.

Anybody else you know have a


So what are you

Well, you say the door was
wide open,

so obviously someone was let
in unless they picked the lock.

Does anybody other
than Alexis

know about this place?


There, wait, all better.

This here's Earl's phone.

There's only two calls on the
call log,

one of them is yours, do you
recognize this other one?

This call was made four
hours before Earl was killed.

Why don't you dial it up and
see if you recognize the voice

on the other end.

Hi, you have reached

Leave me a message and
I'll get back to you.

Thank you.

I just found Earl's phone.

You can give me a call
back at 113-725-7522.

Thank you.

Sound familiar?


You hang on to that
in case they call back.

There's a sushi spot up the

that Earl kept going to,
let's check that out first.

Can you take these off?

We are not open yet.

Oh no, it's okay.

We're just looking for a
friend of mine, Earl Freeman.

Black guy with a beard,
comes in here all the time.

Ah, yes, with the beard, Earl.

You seen him lately
at all?

A few days ago.

Was he with anyone?

Just by himself.

Does he usually come in here

or does he come in here with a

or a friend, or someone?

He always sits there
watching him make sushi, alone.

Another man looks for Earl too.

You have a friend.

What do you mean?


The other day, white guy like

What kind of a handyman?

He came in here asking if
his friend Earl was here,

then tried to fix our fridge.

He said this was dangerous,

said he was a fridge repairman,

You notice what kind
of car he was driving?

Color, no?

It's that number from Earl's


- Mm, what is your name?
- Carter, yours?


So, he told you the
deal, 200 for one hour,

300 for any fetishes, anything

You go up there,

you tell her you want to set
up a threesome with Earl.

See how she reacts.

Then you fuck her.

Whoa, you want me to bang this

Handjob, blowjob,
footjob, whatever you like,

so she's convinced of your

Then make sure you get her
outside and we'll follow her.

Good dog.

You nervous?


The crazy ones are always

When's the last time you saw

I don't know.

Let's not talk about Earl.

You have a girlfriend?

When's the last time you saw

Come on, play.

When's the last time you
talked to him on the phone?

Room service.

Get off me.

Room service.

Who the fuck are you?

Where do you live?

I have never been to
your friend's place.

Are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

Let me see your immigration

Come on.

Yeah, go get them.

Look, all I know is
that he was complaining

about a windowless van following

He thought it was a cop.

Following him?

Regina Vesela?

Regina Vesela, that's my
Slovak name.

Regina, with the G, the V, the

How do you get Candy out of

Where'd the Candy come from?

Where you hiding the candy?

Have you been keeping up your
appointments with immigration?


How do I know these aren't

of a forged document?


Yo, yo!

Yo, yo.

Go get her, tiger.

How long you been seeing Earl

I don't know, about a year.

He only meets me at the hotel.

All I know that he was excited

about getting out of the growing
for good.

He said it was his last crop.

I find out you're lying to me,

I'm going to shake this fat
fuck, I'm gonna come back,

I'm gonna fuckin' kill you

and whoever the fuck you're
working with.

You get that?

Do you get that?

I'm not lying.

Fuck, my neck is so tense.

Need a fuckin' massage
with a happy ending.

It's cheap.

What's the matter, why you so

So what's the plan now?

The plan.

We watch.

We watch this fleabag hotel

and see if little vaginita's
boyfriend shows up.

He just might be our perp.

Just in time.

Hey, Skeezy.

You wanna get up, you
wanna knock it down?

I'll knock it down, buddy,
gimme two 10 packs, percs.

This your new partner?


- I got some killer Kush.
- Right.

- You a cop?
- Yeah.

You need any weed?


What do you need, man?

I got the killer.

There you go.

See ya.


You just gave me one,

Don't fuck with me.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

No, I'm not fucking with you.

I just, I had it.

See you later.

What happened to your


What happened to your leg?

I was eating pussy.

You know, all those
plants at Earl's house,

they weren't cut, or pruned, or

they were just raw plants.

What do you think about me
looking around a little bit,

see if I can find somebody's
trying to sell them?

You got two hours.

I'll meet you back at the boat.

morning, Centennial Hospital.

Hi, do you have an Alexis
Caine in?

She was admitted this morning.

One moment,

She was released at eleven.


It's Alexis, leave a

Hey, babe, here's your phone.

You heard of anybody robbing
any growers at all lately?


Vietnamese guys that sold you
the store,

any chance they've got
fuckin' surveillance

or something going on on the
street here?


Bikers come by and shake you

- You okay, dude?
- Yeah.

The biggest problem is the

They surveil people coming
in and out of the store.

I tell them don't park on
the street, park in here,

I got cameras, but they know
better so they park out there

and the cops follow them and
put a magnetic tracking device

under their thing and goodbye.

I've been waiting around for

I was supposed to give him this

but I don't know where the fuck
he is.

He's dead.


Ah, Christ.

Oh, dude.

I gotta go.

All right.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

I'm so sorry.

I can't do this anymore.

Can we just go now?

Look, I'm packed.

I packed up our shit, we'll just

Let's leave town now.

Come with me, okay?

I gotta find out who killed

and then we can go.

- Okay?
- I need to feel safe.

- You're safe.
- I don't feel safe.

- Tell me what I can do.
- Leave with me.

I can't, I can't leave.

Not yet.

I can't do this anymore.

I won't do this anymore.

I'm sorry.

I've got a surprise for you.

Recognize those?

I told you the cops had them.

Check this out, so two days
ago, a cop pulls me over,

that's one of the three
cops from Christmas,

tells me that they've been
trying to sell

these three bags on
their own and they can't

'cause it's too heaty or

don't have the connections.

So he gives me all this Kush

tells me to sell it and they
want half.

This isn't the cop that
was hunting me down, is it?

No, it's the bald-headed titan

Your guy's the wandering poet

Crazy, right?

It's fucking crazy.

Earl was killed.

Some thugs.

I need you to find 105 Kush

- They killed him?
- Yeah.




Your hearing is in two days,

It's Tuesday at one o'clock.

I would recommend that
you consult a lawyer

and try not to cowboy this

♪ Space to Bakersfield

♪ Are you listening

♪ Are you willing

♪ Are you able

♪ Two hits in digital

♪ Space to Bakersfield

♪ Space to Bakersfield

♪ Are you listening

♪ Are you listening

Who was at you girl's place in
the van

when I pulled up?

Her husband, her ex-husband.

Are they living together?


Are you sure?


This friend I was talking to

was telling me some cops you
might know

stole 106 pounds of Kush
in three hockey bags.

Oh yeah?

He's saying that this guy

brought the bags back to him,

wants him to sell the weed for

- Yo.
- Hey.

What the fuck?

What's he doing here?

- Merry Christmas, Zack.
- Yeah, Merry Christmas.

What the fuck is going on?

Open your mouth, open wide,
stay still, open it wide.

Say ah.

Say hiya, hiya, hiya,
say it.

- Ha, ha.
- Hiya, hiya, hiya.

Who brought you these bags?

Santa, huh?


Who else?

The young kid with the red

Anybody else?

I think the black guy was

See, next time you just
fuckin' tell me.

Don't make me fuckin' ask so
many questions, all right?

When I ask you a question

you give me the fucking
details, all right?

Don't make me ask, and ask, and

We're part of the team now,

Blow your fucking nuts off.

How's this deal supposed to go

They want 100 grand within the

I'll just call him when
I get all the cash.

I want you to call Vincent.

You got his number, right?

Yeah, I have his number
but he's not fuckin' around.

I need the money.

Just pick up your fuckin'
phone and call Vincent.

Tell him you have the money

and you need to see him
right here, right now.

Pick up your phone.

And you find out if he's
got those 105 plants.

Just call him.

Tell him you've got the dough.

That's right.

See, that's working together.

It's Zack.

So, good news, I just sold
the bags, I've got your money.

Where are you?

I'm at the parkade
on Union in Chinatown.

Meet you there.

You got the money in your
pocket, what?

Holy fuck, what?

Fuck, I had a buyer lined up

and he didn't fuckin' pull

- Really?
- I'm sorry.

- Really?
- I'm sorry, Vincent.

I'm gonna meet him a little

Shut up.

Where the fuck does this leave

Now what do I do?

Put your head down there, look
at that.

Yeah, you don't wanna get
Vincent mad.

What happened?

You did good.

Good job.

He doesn't have the plants.

Now he wants all the cash.

All 200 grand and he wants
it in the next 48 hours

or he's gonna stuff me in the

and bury me in some fucking peat

Oh yeah, the peat bog.

I know that peat bog very, very

You did good, you're on point,
on mission.

Now what you need to do

is find out who's got
those whole Kush plants.

What are you gonna do
with the hockey bags?

We're keeping them.


I'm sorry.

You sit on the bags.

Yo, forget about Vincent.

Keep your phone on.

How's it going?
Hey, good.

The thing you were telling me

about the cops following people,
did you get a look at them?

No, the owner of the
restaurant told me.

Did he say what
they looked like at all?

Goofy and Donald Duck, how
the fuck am I supposed to know?

You got a spot to hold on
to a couple of bags for me?

Will you listen to me?

This is the cops' last
chance to settle old scores.

Anybody on their shitlist

is gonna get charged or ripped

So get your girlfriend and
get the fuck out of here

or you're gonna end up like

Grab one of those.

This bear trap thing is
coming down on you, brother.

You should've left town a
year ago like I told you.

- Yo.
- I've got some good news.

I sorted it all out.

You got the license.
Oh yeah?

What's the catch?

Is that you?

Is that you out there?

- No.
- You fuckin' with me?

What do you mean, am I there?



What's your name again?


You got any really good weed?

Really high-end sativa?

No, I just got the heavy

Sativa, no.

But, hey, I got some of this.

Help yourself.

- Are you sure?
- Sure, go ahead.

This is good.
All right.

Hey, do you know of anybody

trying to unload some full

No, that'd be pretty weird,

No, I haven't seen any.

Yeah, weird.

You know of any grow-ops
being broken into lately?

Grow-ops being robbed?

No, I haven't, not
here, not that I know of.


You know, Carter, he's a good

I've known him since he was a
little boy.

He would never hurt anybody.

- Not at all, no.
- No.

I told you not to come here.

Where the fuck is Mark?

Where does he live?

- Where does he live?
- Why do you need to know?

Because he just killed Frank.

You tell him where the spots

You tell him where everything


Hey, I want you to cut all
those plants down right now.

- Wait, what?
- Cut them down!

I'm gonna call you in two
minutes, okay?


Hey, it's Mark, the

He just killed this friend of
mine, Frank.

I've got this other warehouse

and he's on this way down there.

It's at the corner of Brandon
and Hewitt.

Don't fuck this up.

Don't do any hotdogging,

I need this guy in one
piece or I'm fucked.


The guy who electrocuted Earl

he just murdered another grower.

His name is Mark White.

He's heading over to take down
another warehouse right now

and I need you to catch him at

and bust his fuckin' ass, okay?

You got anything real, Bernie?

Anything real I can use?

This is legit.

It is, huh?

Look, I'm not gonna follow

one of your fuckin' barnyard
hunches here, all right?

Do your job, gimme something I
can use,

I need pictures, something,

I'm doing you a favor, man.

Listen to me, you
useless fucking cripple,

you're not doing me any favors,

Well, maybe I should take
those three bags of weed

and take them down to Sarge,

that'd make my life fuckin'
easier, wouldn't it?

Wouldn't it, huh?

Bernie, where the
fuck are my hockey bags?

I'll give you the bags
once you bust this guy.

It's the corner of Brandon
and Hewitt, northeast corner.

And you got the bags, right,

'Cause I'll tell you something,

we're not going anywhere unless
you have the fuckin' bags.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Come on, where you at?

Come on!

You know why they make you wait
a year

for divorce to go through,
Carter, huh?

It's 'cause the people
are still usually fucking.

She's makes a good partner, bro.

I didn't even have to hit the

to tell me where the junkie

Okay, buddy.

What, no!


Fuck you!

Gimme a sec here.

Carter, you fuckin'.

Fuck you, you fuckin' piece of


Hey, you gotta help me, man.

He's fuckin' crazy, dude.

He's fuckin' trying to kill me,

Shut up, I'm trying to save
your ass.

Easy, easy does it, Carter, come

You gotta help me.

Carter, listen to me.

You fuckin' piece...

Put the gun down!

Put it down.

Put it down or I'll blow
your fuckin' head off.

What the fuck have you done?

What do you mean, what
the fuck have I done?

It's an accident.
That's no accident.

- Yeah, it's an accident.
- Yeah, right.

Like my leg in your bear trap.

Bernie, you know I didn't do

It was your grow-op.

No, it was my grow-op but
it wasn't fuckin' bear traps.

Put your hands on your head.

Bernie, this is an

- No, no accident.
- He fell into the...

I saw you fuckin' do it.

Put your fuckin' hands on your

Don't fuckin' move.

Don't you fuckin' move.

Bernie, he was dead when you
got here.

Shut up.

Shut up.
You didn't see anything.

Trust me.

You never met me.

You don't know me, you got it?

Bernie, trust me.

Shut the fuck up.

You don't know me.

Here's your guy, your grower,
take him.

The killer's underneath the
panel, he's dead, he's fried.

I gotta go.
Where are the bags?

We'll do this later.

Bernie, where are the fuckin'

- Later, we'll do it later!
- Yeah?

Okay, all right, cut him loose.

I gotta go!

Ah man.

Now, there
were 196 OG Kush plants

missing from that chop room.

Do you know what happened to any
of them?


You ever seen that
gold Caprice

cruising around the warehouse?


Have you ever seen him


So, Mr. Holmes,

when you showed up at the

just tell me what happened.

Take me back through.

I came through the warehouse,

I went into the back part of the

he jumped me from behind,
we got into a fight there.

The fight spilled out into the
main part of the warehouse.

I didn't know what to do, I went
the door.

When I went to the door,
your cop was there, yes.

And then what happened?

Detective Watts, we
agreed to participate

in a non-custodial interview,
not an interrogation.

Now your evidence situates the

in two identical robberies.

My client was lucky enough to

without being another victim
in this string of murders.

I secured Carter, I cuffed

And then I discovered Mark
White's body

lying underneath the electrical

It looked like he had been

An accident?

As far as I could tell.

And have you ever seen that
other officer before today?


And that detective,
Detective Bernie Coulson,

you've never seen him before?

He's already answered the

Counselor, you got a

Hang tight.

He said you'll be subpoenaed as
a witness

in Detective Coulson's
murder trial in a few weeks.

So we got a suspended

in the middle of a crime scene,

where 196 OG Kush plants are
missing, and a dead body.

You know what I think, Bernie?

I think you didn't accept

that compensation package for
your leg

because you wanted to go back to

and you figured you could make
more money

ripping off the growers

and that you and Mark White were

And that somewhere you've
got those 196 pot plants.

And not to mention the quarter
million dollars worth of weed

in them hockey bags.

Yeah, I don't know if
I should be calling you.

All right, man, here's the

I saw this guy and he
seems really suspicious

and he's loading a bunch of
garbage bags and hockey bags

into his SUV.


Well, it smells like marijuana,

He had a shaved head and a
black jacket and a ski hat.

Yeah, okay, just trying to help.

Okay, all right, thanks.

We found the plants
from Frank Becker's grow house

in Mark's van,

but we didn't find any of
Carter's weed from the warehouse.

Mark White was working
alone robbing grow-ops

and then killing the growers.

The guy's a psychopath.

When's the last time

you seen Vincent around the

Call my lawyer.

Yeah, Sarge, got the 100
pounds in the hockey bags.

And we have 196 plants.

I'm bringing Vincent in now.

What do you
want to do about Bernie?

Cut the bear loose.

Here's the license.

It's good for 200 plants.

You can fire things up
with the Italian kid.

If you don't want to do anything
then I'll find someone else

and take 10%...
This license is useless.

In two weeks the government's
going to announce

that it's totally legal.

- Says who?
- Says me.

I'm working for a pharmaceutical

and training them.

They're already starting a farm,
it's a government contract.

So why didn't you tell me

Because I can't bring you on

You have to go!

Don't you get it?

How have to go.

You pushed it too far.

Look, I know this friend in San

and he runs a language school.

You could teach English.

You want me to teach?

I want you to get in that cab
and go.

I lost fuckin' everything.

The cops won't let
this slide.

I'm sorry.

Will you come and visit me?

Of course.

Good thing you
taught me how to make tacos.

Jesus fuckin'

What a crazy fuckin' kid.

♪ Your children

♪ Had it rough

♪ Ain't no fooling

♪ We're back in school

♪ Ain't no fooling

♪ When you've been fooled

♪ Ah

♪ Ah

♪ Ah

♪ Ah

♪ Ah

♪ Ah

♪ Mothers

♪ Of the sun

♪ Your children

♪ Had it rough

♪ Ain't no fooling

♪ Let's come together upon
heaven's ground

♪ We're back in school

♪ What you've been schooling
has messed us around

♪ Ain't no fooling

♪ We've seen the white
light and crimson ball

♪ When you've been fooled

♪ While all confusion sours us

♪ We've seen the white
light and crimson ball

♪ While all confusion sours us

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