Dark Harbor (2019) - full transcript

Olivia, a pregnant woman approaching her due date, returns to Maine for the funeral of her father, but while she's there her fathers well-kept secrets come after her.

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(suspenseful music)

- [Child] APS Films.

- [Man] Another glass?

- [Woman] I had one.

- [Man] Today?

Just don't understand
why you have to drink.

- I'm not drinking.
- You just had another glass!

- [Woman] Why do
you feel this need

to control everything that I do?

- I am concerned.
- Oh, really?

You're concerned?
- Here we go.

- Don't do that.

- I have given you no
reason not to trust me.

- Really?

Because I see the way that
you talk to your co-workers.

- They're my co-workers.

- And your texts back and
forth, what's her name again?

- These are your
own god damn issues

that you have to get over.

I have been faithful
to you, Olivia!

- Yeah.

For now.

- Okay, so you're
gonna crucify me

for something I have not done.

Meanwhile, I come in
here, and you're drinking!

(glass smashes)

I'm done.

(door clacks)

(muffled scream)

(whiskey splashes)

(phone vibrates)

(Olivia sighs)

- Happy birthday, Dad.

- [Father] So I have
to call you, huh?

- I'm sorry.
- No, no, I know you're busy.

Too busy for your dad.

- How was your day?

- How was my day, well,

your mother's taking
me out to dinner.

- Lucky you.

- So how about you, kiddo?

Are you doin' okay?

- Yeah.

Yeah, I'm fine.

- Are you sure about that?

- Miss you.

- I know, I miss you, too.

Look, why don't
you come home, huh?

- [Olivia] You know
I can't do that.

Can't be around her.

- Yeah, I know.
(muffled footsteps clack)

(knocks on glass)

Hey, sweetheart,
hold on one sec.

(window whines)
(suspenseful music)

Yeah, can I help you?

- Dad?

(phone bleeps)


(phone rings)

(phone bleeps)

- [Man] The search
continues for famed

children's book author,
Stanley Prescott.

- [Woman] We all
love him so much.

I pray to God that he's okay.

- [Man] But how does somebody
like Stanley Prescott

just go missing?

He's the most important
person on the friggin' island.

- [Man] I mean, he's definitely
the wealthiest. (chuckles)

- [Man] But him and his wife

always give back
to the community.

- [Man] They do, they do.

- [Woman] I spoke with
Father James yesterday.

He said "don't give
up on Stanley."

- [Man] I'll be honest with you,

I don't think he's
on the island.

- [Man] You think he took off?

- [Man] I'll be surprised if
his body washes up on shore.

(ominous orchestral music)

(distant boat horn blows)
(wings flap)

(crickets chirp)

(door creaks)

- She's a good picture-taker.

Olivia's in New York now
and she is taking pictures,

which is some sort of hobby.

(coughs) There she finally is.

- Hello.
- Olivia.

Look at you, you have
that wonderful baby glow.

- Beautiful.
(Olivia chuckles)

- I thought you would
be here by three.

- Any word?

- Nothing, no.

They're still searching.

- They're going to find
your father, I know it.

- (laughs) Well, probably
run off with some whore.

- [Woman] Jesus, Susan,
don't say such a thing!

- [Susan] He's never home.

(water splashes)
(footsteps clack)

- [Woman] Hey, you
shouldn't be doing those.

- It's fine.

- You know, I remember
when I was pregnant,

I used to send Chris out
in the middle of the night,

because I was
craving pineapples.

He'd play music for Darren
when he was still in my belly.

He'd sing to him.

- Thought about adoption.

- Oh, well, you know,

there's a lot of couples out
there that can't have children.

A baby is a blessing from God,

and God gave him to
us for a reason, so.

- I have to go to the bathroom.

(dark orchestral music)
(footsteps clack)

(bulb buzzes)


- Yeah.

I know.

(knocks on glass)

(window whines)

(phone bleeps)

- Do you really think he'd
run off with someone else?

(Susan chuckles)

- We went out to dinner once
and um, this fan of his,

some fan, she was old enough,
I mean, she was Olivia's age.

The way they talked
to each other.

- Mom, you have no...

(suspenseful music)

- (sighs) Okay.


(door creaks)

Thank you so much, sweetie,
you remember Olivia?

- Thank you.

(solemn piano music)

(inhales sharply)

- They used the wrong shade
on his face, it's too dark.

It's so sweet of you to come.
- I'm so sorry.

- Thank you, you know Olivia?

- Thank you for coming.

- Thank you.

I can't bare to talk
to anyone else, I...

- Why don't you get some air?

- Because I have
to be a good host.

Olivia, people came all this
way to show their respects.

- Okay.

(door slams)

- Who is that, Olivia, do
you know, standing there?

- Nope, I don't know her.

- (scoffs) Were we not just
talking about bad makeup?

Caked on like a French hooker.

- Don't do this.

- It's offensive.

Presenting herself that
way at my husband's wake.

(woman sobs)

She was sleeping with him.

- I can't believe you'd
bring that up again.

- She ignored us completely.

(door slams)

(Olivia scoffs)

- He would never do that to us.

- You didn't know
him like I did.

He became disinterested in
me after I gave birth to you.

(phone vibrates)

(woman sobs)

- Who shall separate us
from the love of Christ?

Shall tribulation?

Or persecution or famine?
(camera snaps)

Or nakedness or peril or sword?

As it is written for thy sake,
we are killed all day long.

We are accounted as
sheep for the slaughter.

Nay, in all these things,
we are more than conquerors,

through him that loved us.

For I am convinced that
neither death, nor life,

nor angels, nor demons,

nor powers, nor things present,
nor things things to come,

nor height, nor depth,
nor any other creature

shall be able to separate
us from the love of God,

which is in Christ,
Jesus, our Lord.


("Moonlight Sonata")

- Your father was such an
extraordinary man, Olivia.

He touched so many
others with his work.

I'll always remember him
at the children's hospital,

reading from his books.

- (chuckles) Yeah, me too.

- How long is it you stay home?

- I'm actually leaving tomorrow.

I'm having the baby in New
York and I'm due in two days.

- Two days?

Gosh, that soon.

(Olivia chuckles)

Well, congratulations.

A baby is a blessing from God.

- So I've heard.

- You know, I don't mean
to be presumptuous, but,

as you may or may not know,

your father was a big
contributor with our church.

We'd be fortunate,
fortunate and grateful,

if that were to continue.

- I'll talk to my mother.

- She stopped coming
a few years ago.

- She didn't say.

- I know the relationship
that Stanley had with Christ.

It's what he would've wanted.

- Then I'm sure it'll
be in the will, Father.

Thank you for the
service, it was beautiful.

- I'm surprised you
haven't poured yourself

a glass of wine yet.

- Don't worry, I
won't embarrass you.

- What did the priest want?

- Tried to shake
me down for money.

Said Dad always
made contributions.

- Why didn't he ask me?

- [Olivia] He said you don't
go to the church anymore.

- No, I do not.

Did he tell you why?

- Didn't ask.

- Well...

(footsteps clack)

You know, I still care
about all of these people,

even if they want nothing
to do with me. (chuckles)

- Everyone's here
to support you, Mom.

- It's for your
father, not for me.

- Funerals are for the
living, not the dead.

(somber orchestral music)

- That is the silliest
thing I've ever heard.

(Olivia chuckles)

(phone vibrates)

(Olivia sighs)

(car approaches)

(suspenseful music)

(engine hums)

(camera snaps)

(engine roars)

(distant boat horn blows)
(gulls squawk)

(background chatter)
(distant music)

- The town's getting
zoning in place

to put a statue up near
the ferry terminal.

You should be proud.

- Listen, the last
time I talked to him,

our conversation was cut short.

- Yeah, I saw that
in your statement.

Listen, his death was
ruled a heart attack.

There was no evidence
of foul play.

- It's just that it...

It seems strange.

- We both know how awful cell
service is on this island.


- [Man] (chuckles) Hey, Chief!

Good to see ya here.

- Kellen.

- Miss Prescott.

I just wanna say, I'm so sorry.

Anyone that goes through
something like that, but

especially you, I mean, Stanley
was an inspiration to me.

I grew up reading him books.

- Thank you.

- What brings you to
this side of the bay?

- Farmers' market.

- Well, thank you, Kellen.

- Yeah.

All right.

It's good seeing you,
nice to meet you.

(bell rings)

- I imagine this kind of thing
happens a lot these days.

- Yeah.

I like hearing from
people who admired him.

It's nice.

(door creaks)

(clock ticks)

Mom, are you okay?

- Olivia...

(clears throat)

How did the funeral
pictures turn out?

- I don't know, I haven't
really gone through them.

- I was thinking about
what you said yesterday,

about Father James shaking
you down for money.

What an awful thing to say,
with everything he's done.

- Okay?

- I'm gonna make a
sizeable donation to them,

after we sell the sailboat.

How much should we give
them, do you think?

- I don't know.

How much is the sailboat worth?

- Ah.

(distant boat horn blows)

I have no idea.

We've got all these
things now, Olivia,

and I don't know how or who...

Who'll have all
that he's left to...

What do you want for dinner?


That was fast.

Your father's barely
cold in the ground.

- I'm due any day, and I'm
having the baby in New York.

- Yes, well, you've
cut your mother

completely out of that
process, haven't you?

- God, Mom, not
everything is about you.

(somber orchestral music)

- I am all alone.

I'm all alone now.

(Olivia sighs)

- I'm taking Dad's car.

(footsteps clack)

(clock ticks)

(water splashes)

(distant boat horn blows)

(background chatter)
(faint string music)

- Good evening, miss.

Can I grab you a
sparkling water to start?

- Actually, could I
grab a glass of Malbec?

- Yeah, sure.

- Hi!


We met earlier at
the coffee shop.

- Farmers' market?

- Yeah, (chuckles) yeah.
- Right. (chuckles)

- Small world.

You know, the ferry
doesn't run after seven.

You're about to be
stuck on the mainland.

Mind if I sit?

- [Waiter] We have a
Malbec for the lady.

And will you be joining us
this evening as well, sir?

- Um...

- [Waiter] All right,
how about a drink?

- I'll have what she's havin'.

And an order of the ricotta
and braised leek crostini.

- [Waiter] Perfect.

- How's that sound?

(Olivia chuckles)

Look at you, you
are just glowing.


And you have a lovely smile.

God, I'm making it awkward,
all right, tell me.

You're not going back to the
island, where are you goin'?

- I live in New York.

- New York?
- Mm-hm.

- I've never been
there, how is it?

Do you love it?
- It's, uh, you know.

- No, I don't know,
(chuckles) what else?

- I don't know, it's a big city.

Lots of buildings
and subways and...

- You are so descriptive.

(both laugh)

- A Malbec for you.
- Awesome.

- And a menu.
- Thank you.

Well, what now?

How about a toast?

To men like your father,

who've changed the lives of so
many people around the world.

Including me.

(glasses clink)

- Thank you for saying that.

- Well, it should be said.

You're gonna have to
forgive me when I say

I really envy you.

You're about to start
this incredible journey.

There's something about
being a parent I've noticed,

especially in mothers.

They possess this
unconditional love.

It's really incredible to see.

I hope to one day
have that for someone.

I'd do anything to
be in your position.

To be a...


- If you'll just excuse me,

I'm gonna use the
restroom really quickly.

- Oh, right, baby
bladder, yeah. (chuckles)

I'll save your crostini.
(Olivia chuckles)

(ominous tones)

(water splashes)

(somber orchestral music)

(Olivia sighs)

(Olivia chuckles)

(Olivia giggles)

- You're crazy,
that's funny. (laughs)

I gotta say, you have
lived a full life.


And now you're
gonna be a mother.

- Yeah.

- You're gonna be a great one.
(Olivia chuckles)

And your daughter is gonna
get the best of everything.

You know?

Experiences and schools,

and she's gonna
travel the world and...

- Not end up in Maine.

- Yeah, that's what I was
trying to say! (chuckles)

- Oh, it's not a bad place
to come back to, though.


- Sure.

And she will

go back to

the city.

As her...

Gosh, it's strange
to think about.

Which, who knows, well,
it's not what you had.

(Olivia chuckles)

And maybe better.

- Yeah.

What I had.

I am bringing a baby
into this world...

And I don't wanna end up
like my mom. (chuckles)

And Greg.

Greg is great, you know,
he's a really good guy

and he's gonna be a good dad.

But, you know, it would just
crush me if I broke him.

Like my mom broke my dad.

There's just a lot
of unhappiness there.

That's the first time I've
ever said that out loud.

- Well, it takes a lot
of strength to say that.

I've always believed that
strength is something that...

(heartbeat thuds)
(muffled chatter)

(Olivia breaths heavily)
(tense music)

You okay?

- Yeah.

Oh, Jesus.

- You know, the Lord
cries when you say that.

(cutlery clinks)

Oh, um, hey, can we get a check?

It's okay.

- [Manager] Is everything
okay here, sir?

- Yeah, everything's
just fine, thank you.

- [Manager] How much
did she have to drink?

- She had one glass of wine.
- One glass?

- All right, just
relax, come on, honey.

- Sir.
- Oh, right.

This should take
care of everything.

I think she's going into labor.

- Labor?

Should we call an ambulance?

- [Keller] No, no, no,
I have it, thank you.

- I guess she's
going into labor.

She's gonna have a baby!
(patrons applaud)

- Okay, right through
here, honey, let's go.

Shh, shh.


24, please, thank you.

Okay, honey, we're
gonna get you home.

You'll be fine.

- Is she okay?

- Yeah, a little pregnancy
sickness, thank you.

That's us.

- Oh, no.
- Come on.

Right in there, honey.

All right, watch your head.

It's gonna be just fine.

(tires screech)
(engine roars)

(tire bangs and hisses)


(door creaks)
(dark orchestral music)

(keys clink)

(door creaks)


(car approaches)

(siren wails)

(door clicks)
(hushed chatter)

- [Radio] Copy that, 10-four.

- [Officer] How's
it going over there?

- It's going good.

(bolt clunks)

- You okay?
(suspenseful music)

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
it's just, you know.

- [Officer] You had
anything to drink tonight?

(tools clang)

(Kellen sighs)

- No, sir.

- Who's this now?

- I was just taking her home.

We were having supper
at the restaurant.

She fell asleep, she's pregnant.

- She's a friend of yours?

- Yes, sir, family friend.

- What restaurant?

- [Kellen] What's that?

- What restaurant?

- Oh, de Lucio's, de Lucio's.

- They make a mad chicken parm.

- Yeah, yeah, I haven't
had anything there

that I didn't like,
actually. (chuckles)

- Hey, you know, I got
a friend over there.


- Yeah, Steve, yeah, oh man.

He makes a Manhattan out of
this world, I'm tellin' ya.

Not that I had one
tonight. (chuckles)

(officer chuckles)

- Hey, you mind
if I wake her up?

- No, I don't mind.

Sure, go ahead.

She might, though. (chuckles)

- (grunts) I'll
let the lady sleep.

Save you some trouble, right?

- Oh, appreciate it.

(officer chuckles)

- All right, you
got it from here?

- Yeah.

I think so.

- [Officer] All right, I'll
wait over here till you're done.

- Appreciate it, thank you.

- You have a good night now.
- You too, officer.

(door thuds)

(engine starts)

(dark orchestral music)

(door slams)
(bulb crackles)




(wind blows)

(muffled classical music)

How you feelin'?

There's a glass of
water next to ya.

- What happened?

- You got sick.

At the restaurant?

- Sick?

- Yeah.
(distant clang)

Oh, that's my mother.
(distant scraping)

I would've taken you home but
I didn't know where you lived.

You couldn't tell me.

- I'm sorry, I don't
remember what happened.

- Tell ya what, we'll talk
everything over breakfast.

- Where's my purse?

- [Kellen] Let's talk first.

- I have to go.

(Kellen sniffs)

- Mm!

You smell that?

(eggs sizzle)
(spatula scrapes)

- Not there.

(spatula scrapes)

Not there, either.

Back to the window.

(spatula scrapes)

- Thank you.

- Uh, Regina?

(pan thuds)

- What?

- Olivia said thank you.

- Yeah, I heard her.

(door creaks)

- I apologize.

- [Boy] Paper's on time.

- Charlie, this is Olivia.

- That chair's always empty.

- [Kellen] It's okay, Charlie.

She's gonna be joining
us for breakfast.


- Is she your friend?

- She is our friend.

- Well, we know one thing,
you didn't get her pregnant.

(tense orchestral music)

- That's not appropriate.

- (groans) I'm sorry.

- That's okay.


(Regina pants)


Let's pray.

Dear Heavenly Father.

- Why have you
been following me?

(Kellen sighs)

- I haven't been completely
honest with you and I apologize.

That is to say, (chuckles)

I knew your father.

Regina knew your father.

Charlie is your father's son.

- I swear to God if you talk...
- Please.

Do not use the Lord's name
in vain in this house.

- Jesus, okay, I'm leaving.

- Damn it, sit!




I'm so sorry.

Listen, I know this
is hard to hear.

Especially that Stanley's
been paying us off

to keep this quiet.

As you can see, it
hasn't been much.

Though we're humble servants
of God, we don't need much.

Do we?

But the fact remains, Charlie,

has a legal right to
what's been left for you.

He is Stanley's flesh and blood.

- Bullshit.

- Okay, well, I'd
say the same thing,

if I was sittin' where
you're sittin' but,

imagine what the headlines
would say, if we went to court.

I didn't wanna do that,
I came to you first,

because I think that you
deserve the courtesy of choosing

to do what's right, and...

The opportunity to meet
your brother, face to face.

One way or another,

you're gonna give me
half of that inheritance,

so I can give Charlie
the life he deserves.


(door slams)



- I told him it was a bad
idea to bring you here.


Soon you'll find
out what it's like

to bring a child into
this world alone.

The only difference is,
you'll be able to afford it.

- I'm truly sorry about the
pain of your father's betrayal.

I pray God gives you the
strength to do what's right.

Give place unto wrath,
vengeance is mine to repay.


Your father was a monster.

But he's given you
an incredible gift.

This opportunity.

- I was 15 when I had Kellen.

Did my best.

(water splashes)

- Any bruises?
- No.

And I checked the baby's
heart rate, it's fine.

- [Chief] Your ordered
a blood and urine test?

- Of course.
- Okay.

Listen, Olivia, I'm sorry.

I gotta run through
this one more time.

When you woke up, you
were fully clothed?

- Yes.

- [Chief] And then
what happened?

- And then his mom
made me breakfast.

- Regina?
- Yes, Regina.

- Why didn't you leave then?

- Because he didn't give
me back my purse yet.

- And then what?

- [Olivia] And then
he threatened me.

- How so?

- (sighs) He said "vengeance
is mine to repay."

I think it's from the Bible.

He wouldn't stop
talking about it.

- Why would he say
that, "vengeance,"
"vengeance is mine?"

- I don't know.

- Hm.


Okay, look, I gotta be honest.

I don't have enough to
charge him with anything.


I'll do what I can to make
sure he leaves you alone.

(door slams)

(lock clicks)

- Olivia?

What're you doing here?

I thought you were going to
New York to have your baby?

Am I to simply expect
to see you whirling in

and out of my house
whenever you feel like it?

You know, I deserve some respect
and a little consideration.

I have just lost my husband.

You have always been the most
competitive, manipulative,

you pitted your father and me
against each other for years.

- You did that.

That was you, Mom.

God, you even blame me
for Dad cheating on you.

- Your father hated
me, because of you.

- No, he didn't.

- Yes, he did, because
he wanted a son.

And after you were born,
I couldn't give him one.

- Then why'd you stay?
- Because it was my duty.

I sacrificed everything for you.

- Well, I didn't ask you to
do that, so you don't get

to hold that over my head
for the rest of my life.

- When you have your child,

then you will know

how I feel being your mother.

(Olivia scoffs)

(distant dog barks)

(lobster shell cracks)

(lobster meat squelches)

(Kellen chuckles)

- Hello, Chief.

- Kellen.

(clears throat)

Thank you, Susie, and um,
a beer for the young man.

You need to leave
Olivia Prescott alone.

- I don't know what
you're talkin' about.

Did I do something wrong?

(Chief clears his throat)

- So what happened last night?

- Oh, I ran into her at supper.

- You just happened
to run into her?

(Kellen chuckles)

- I go to de Lucia's
all the time.

Great chicken parm.

You know Steve, the bartender?

- Okay.

- Well, okay, so let's
get one thing clear.


asked me,

to join her.

I didn't wanna be
rude, I obliged.

She's very pleasant.

Couple laughs, she's
really charming.

Then she got sick.

And I took her home.

(lobster shell cracks)

- She thinks you did more than
just take her home, Kellen.

(lobster meat squelches)

- Chief.

What could I possibly do?

- Old habits die hard.

- I've paid for my sins.

I've changed.

- She went to go see
Dr. Baker this morning.

They called me.

You better pray to god those
tests come back negative.

You understand me?

(tense orchestral music)

Enjoy your beer.

(phone rings)

- [Greg] Hi, you've
reached the law firm

of Greg Barner and Associates.

Please leave a message.

(phone vibrates)

- Hey.

- [Greg] Hey, is it time?


- No.

- Is everything okay?

(Olivia sighs)
I've been trying to call you.

- I know.

- Do you need anything?

- No, I'm fine.

I'm sorry.

- [Greg] Me too.

- Goodnight.

(Greg sighs)

(clock ticks)


(footsteps clack)

- Good mornin'!

- Good morning, can I help you?

- Yeah, uh, so sorry to
bother you, Miss Prescott.

We haven't actually
formally been introduced,

but I'm a friend of Olivia's.

- Uh-huh.


- I know it's early, again.

- Yes, it's quite early.
(Kellen laughs)

- Again, I apologize.

You see, there was this
misunderstandin' the other day,

and I wanted to come by,

and I'd love to talk
to your daughter,

and just clear everything up.

And those are some lovely
earrings, might I add.


- Oh, thank you,
they were a gift.

Olivia is asleep right now,
so I will tell her that...

- Kellen.

- Kellen, I will tell her
that Kellen stopped by.

- Great.
- Good to see you.

- Oh, you know
what, Miss Prescott?

I got on the first
ferry over this mornin'.

(laughs) It is not easy
gettin' on this island.

- No, the ferry's
the only way, yeah.

- Yeah, so if you wouldn't mind,

I'd prefer to just
come inside and wait.

I hadn't gotten in my
prayers yet this mornin',

and I won't be any
trouble, I assure ya.

- I'm sorry, you wanna
come into my house to pray?

- Yeah, I'm a member of
the Mother of Mercy Church,

right across the bay, perhaps
you know Father James?

- I do know Father James.

(clears throat)



(lock clicks)

(door creaks)

- He's a mentor of mine.
- Is he now?

Well, please, come in.

(door creaks)


- So sorry to hear about
Stanley, he was quite the man.

- [Susan] Thank you.

- I've heard this
property is breathtaking,

but the rumors don't do
it justice, Miss Prescott.

- Well, it was Stanley's
dream, his design.

(clears throat)

Feels empty without him in it.

- Oh.

I'm sure the Lord will find a
way to fill it with comfort.

Yes, Stanley was the
pride of Dark Harbor.

(chuckles) Wasn't he?

- Yes, he was.

Did you know him?

- Who didn't know Stanley?

- And how do you know Olivia?

- Long-time friends.

- Really?

She never mentioned you, but
don't take it personally.

She doesn't tell
me much. (chuckles)

- Oh, it's okay, I'm sure
she's under a lot of stress

with the baby soon to arrive.
- Mm-hm.

Well, I don't think a baby
was much on her agenda,

whatever she thought
her agenda might be.

I don't think she would've
continued the pregnancy without

the influence of the boyfriend
who is now the ex-boyfriend.

I think, I don't know,
it's hard to keep track.

(joyful piano music)

(Kellen chuckles)

It's nice to meet a young man

who has such an
appreciation for music.

(Kellen chuckles)

- Well, I'd love to
play another, but,

that's the only song
I know. (chuckles)

- It's a good start.

You know, when I
play, I try to imagine

that each of the notes
is my innermost feelings.

(muffled chatter)
(tense orchestral music)

- Hello.

- I'll make some coffee,
I'll be back in a minute.

(Kellen chuckles)

- You went to the chief.


- What did you do to me?

- I took care of you.

I was concerned,

about the baby.

(music swells)


- It'll just be
another minute or two.

- I'm afraid I have to go.

I'll tell Father
James you said hello.

It's a pleasure meeting
you, Miss Prescott.

- I'll walk you out.

- [Kellen] I didn't know
what else to do, Father.

I've never seen a
sign so clearly.

- I don't think you understand.

- No, Father, I
understand everything now.

- If you have respect
for the church

and you have respect for
me, then you'll do as I say

and you'll leave
the Prescotts alone.

- How can you side with them?

- I'm not siding with anyone.

I'm protecting you.

- [Kellen] From who?

- From yourself.

- Hah!

You think you're my savior now?

(Father James sighs)

- Faith is something that
takes a lifetime to understand.

- I'm beginning to question
your convictions, Father.

Let me ask you somethin'.

I was three months in.

I had a bullseye on
my back from day one.

The woman I raped had a
brother in my cellblock.

What're the odds?

On Sunday mornin', they
cornered me in the showers.

I figured I was gonna
catch a beatin'.

Maybe they'd teach me a lesson.

Then they may even
have their way with me.

But instead, I saw a blade.

It's funny, at first I
couldn't feel a thing.

I just watched the
blood flood down my leg.

Has anything like that ever
happened to you, Father?

- No.

It hasn't.

- So when you talk about
understanding faith,

no amount of time compares
to an experience like that.

You have a lot to learn, Father.

(muffled door thuds)

(door creaks)

- [Chief] Hey, Regina.

- Robert.

- What happened?

- I fell.

- That so?
- Yeah.

What can I do for you?

- I spoke with
Kellen last night.

I need to talk to him again.

Is he here?

- No.

- You call me immediately
if he stops by.

- Is he in trouble again?

- Call me, Regina.

(door thuds)

(engine starts)

(gulls squawk)

(distant boat horn blows)

- I didn't wanna believe a
single part of what he said,

but when I looked into
Charlie's eyes, I just, I,

I saw this piece of myself.

- What do you suppose
it is that frightens you

about the idea of Charlie
being your brother?

(Olivia chuckles)

- My entire life
has been a betrayal.

And I never really knew
the man that I loved most.

- You know, Olivia, you...

Your father was protecting
you, he knew what having

an illegitimate child would do
to your mother, and in turn,

how that would affect you.

Your father wasn't perfect.

He loved in ways
he shouldn't have.

He, um...

He asked me to set up a
trust for Charlie, and I did.

You see, your father was
concerned that Regina

wouldn't be able to manage
the money herself and...

I kept your father's secret.

That's why I approached you
the way I did at the funeral.

And I'm sorry.

I'm sorry you had to
find out the way you did.

- It's not right, Father.

- It's not always about how
others define what's right.

Humanity is choosing
what's best for others.

Now, if you want, if
you're not comfortable

with the situation, you
can build your own trust.

- It's not about the money.


I have a brother.

- Yeah.


(phone vibrates)

- Hello?

- [Robert] Olivia, hi,
it's Chief Sanders.

Listen, Dr. Baker
got the results back
from your blood test.

They did find traces of
rohypnol in your system.

I'm sorry.

- Okay.

(door creaks)

- We need to talk about Charlie.

(door creaks)

- I need to make sure that
Charlie is provided for.

- I'm gonna do everything
that I can for him.

- The child support?
(tense orchestral music)

- It will continue.

But I wanna do more for him.

(sighs) We want Charlie safe.

Just until Kellen is in custody.

It's not safe here.

(Regina sobs)

- You know, I offered to
have an abortion when I got

pregnant with Charlie, but
your father wouldn't let me.

- Did he love you?

- He loved you.

Okay, you take Charlie.

I'm gonna stay here and
I'll call Chief Sanders

as soon as Kellen gets home.

- Okay.

- Thank you.

(door creaks)

- Oh. (pants)

- [Regina] Are you okay?

- Yeah.

Yeah, I'm fine.

(tense orchestral music)

(wind howls)

(fire crackles)

(classical piano music)

- (scoffs) Where's Charlie?

- Chief Sanders is
looking for you.

- Oh, okay.

- He's gonna put you
away for good, Kellen.

- I'm tryin' to get this
family what we deserve.

- You're ruining
everything for Charlie.

- Charlie needs a father!

- You're not his father!

(Kellen chuckles)

- [Kellen] Charlie!


(muffled clattering)

- No, no, no!

- Where's Charlie?

- He's not here.

- You gave him to the
Prescotts, didn't you?

- [Regina] Yeah, I did!

- [Kellen] Why?

- I'm not gonna let
you ruin his life!

- Olivia doesn't even
want her own daughter.

They're sinners!

- Yeah, look at
you, casting stones!

(tense orchestral music)

I wish I had aborted
you when I had a...

(Kellen grunts)


No, no!

(oven clicks)
(gasps and chokes)

(fire crackles)
(classical piano music)

(door creaks)

- [Olivia] Mom, this is...

- Hello, Charlie.


I've known for years.

About all the money and all
the lies and all the women.

And you two thought you
were so clever, didn't you?

That son of a bitch
was never faithful.

You knew.

You knew and you
covered it up for years.


Shame on you.

(somber music)

He was brilliant and he
meant so much to so many.

He lit up every room
that he walked into,

and everybody loved him.

And I loved him.

So I kept it quiet, I
didn't say anything.

But it was my silence that
started eating away at me,

until it hurt you.

As you grew up, I grew
more and more distant,

and you didn't deserve it.

You didn't deserve it.

I'm sorry.

Oh, God, I'm...

I, I'm sorry, I...

(Olivia sighs)

- I'm sorry, too.

- You have nothing
to be sorry about.




I'm Susan.

(phone vibrates)

- [Olivia] Hello?

- Charlie, why don't
you come over here

and look at these books?

I think you'll find
them very interesting.

- [Robert] Olivia,
where are you?

- I'm home.

- Listen, we found Regina

almost beaten to
death at her home.

They're rushing her to
the hospital right now.

Kellen's still missing.

- What?

- [Robert] She has another
son, Charlie, he's missing too.

- [Olivia] He's here.

- [Robert] Excuse me?

- [Olivia] Charlie's here,
I have him, he's safe.

- [Robert] I'm on
my way, don't move.


- Yeah.
- Stay inside.

Keep the doors locked, I'll
be there as soon as I can.

(Olivia sighs)

(footsteps clack)

- [Susan] What's happened?

- They're taking Charlie's
mom to the hospital.

And they're still
looking for Kellen.

- Kellen?

Who was here?

- Yeah, he's Charlie's

Chief Sanders is on the way,

so we should be ready
to go when he gets here.

- My mom used to read these
to me when I was younger.

I don't think we have
any of them anymore.

(suspenseful music)

- [Kellen] Your
father was a monster.

- No, no, no.

- Olivia!
- Oh, no, no.

- Come with me, come on.

Come on, keep breathing.

Breathe, sweetie.

(Olivia groans)

Breathe, breathe with me.

Just breathe,
sweetie, just breathe.

It's okay, it's okay.
(Olivia pants and groans)

It's okay, it's okay,
I'm here, I'm here.

(door rattles)

- Charlie.

Come lock the door behind me.

- It's okay, I've got you,
I've got you, I've got you.

(door creaks)

(locks clicks)

- [Father James] Kellen?

Can we talk?

(wind whistles)

(Olivia groans)

- I know, sweetie, I know.

Just breathe, short,
quick breaths.

(both pant sharply)

You're doing fine, Olivia,
it's gonna be okay.

Here it comes again, okay.

Okay, hold my hand, hold
my hand, now squeeze.

(Olivia groans)

- Kellen?

Can we talk?

- Hold my hand,

I'm here, sweetie.

Squeeze my hand, Olivia,
it's gonna be okay.

She's coming, she's coming.
(Olivia groans)

You're doing fine,
you're doing fine.

- [Father James] There's
nothing to be afraid of.

(wood creaks)

- It's about time,
it's about time.

Look at me, I want you to bear
down and I want you to push!

I want you to push!

Push, Olivia, push!
(Olivia grunts)

(siren wails)

(Olivia groans)
You're gonna be fine.

(giggles) Here she comes!
(Olivia pants)

(Olivia groans)

(baby cries)

(warm orchestral music)
(baby cries)

Say hi to momma.

(baby cries)

Oh, she's beautiful.

(Olivia chuckles and pants)

(door creaks)


- Everyone okay?
- She's fine.

They're fine, everything's fine.

(ominous orchestral music)

Oh, oh!

(Kellen grunts)
No, God, no!

(blood splashes)
(Robert chokes)

(body clunks)

- Kellen.
(Robert groans)

(suspenseful music)

What have you done?

(Kellen pants)

- [Kellen] Hey, Charlie.

Why don't you come over
here and stand with me?

- Let's leave the
boy out of this, hm?

- I'm not talkin' to you.


Come over here.

- No, no, I wanna go home.

- I wanna show you
somethin', buddy.

- Leave the boy alone.

- Father, you don't
know what the boy needs.

God knows what he needs.

And I'm doing God's work.

- Do you really believe that?

- Once upon a time, there
was a boy named Kellen,

who took beatin' after
beatin' after beatin'.

Needless to say, his daddy
was a real piece of shit.

Then one day, along came
a man named Stanley.

Stanley had the
opportunity and the means,

to help Kellen,

and he chose not to help him.

Why not?

What kind of sick prick
immortalizes a kid as a worm?

I ask you.


And the days rolled on until
Kellen came to collect,

and Stanley was eaten by worms,

and breathed his last.

That's a good one.

- You killed him, you
killed my husband.

- Oh, I wanted to.

The old coward had
a heart attack.

It was a let-down.

But God knew what a man he was,

and delivered him to
me, as an offering.

And all was made right.

(Susan grunts)


- No!


- Listen, put it down.

Just put it down.

That's enough.

I don't want to do this.

- You're so weak.

You're not gonna
pull that trigger.

- Kellen.

Let's stop, hm?

- I'll put it down,
I'll put it down.

(metal clangs)
(Father James yelps)

(metal thuds)

This is God's plan.


That baby

has been delivered to me.

I'm the father.

- [Susan] Dear God, no, no.

- Move, move.
- Oh, dear God, no.

- No, no.

(guns cocks)


- Move!
- No!


(knife scrapes)

- Let the children,

come to me.
(knife slices)

Do not hinder them.

For the kingdom of heaven

belongs to such as these, shh.
(baby cries)

(baby cries)

Charlie, can you go
fetch us a bowl of water?

Priest James, I'm gonna
need you to get up.

Olivia, you too.

It's time for the baptism.

(baby cries)

Come on, come on, come on.

Good boy.

Olivia, I'm gonna
need to stand, please.

(baby cries)

Come on up.

Join the family.
- Oh, no.

- We're a family now.

We're ready.

Isn't she precious?



Bless my baby.

- Yeah.

And even as John the Baptist
came forth from the water,

they thought him mad.

(music swells)

(flesh squelches)
(Kellen groans)

(sharp thuds)
(Kellen groans)

Stay back, stay back.

(Olivia grunts)
(sharp rapid thuds)

(flames roar)
(sharp rapid thuds)

(Olivia pants)

(peaceful orchestral music)

And so, in the
name of the Father,

and of the Son, and
of the Holy Spirit,

I christen you, Charlotte
McKinley Prescott.

(door thuds)

- Charlie.

- She's a beautiful girl.

So how are ya, are you okay?

- Still having nightmares.

- I think we always will.

- Look after my mom for me.

- Of course, of course I will.

How about your father?

- What about him?

- You think you'll find it
in your heart to forgive him?

(distant boat horn blows)

Forgiveness, Olivia.

It's the best medicine
for the heart.

You be well now.

You take care of yourself.

- You take good pictures.

- [Olivia] You all
packed for the city?

- Yeah.

- Hey, Charlie, can I see that?

(peaceful orchestral music)
(camera snaps)

(Charlotte babbles)

(camera snaps)

(somber orchestral music)