Dark Habits (1983) - full transcript

Yolanda sings in a seedy nightclub. When her boyfriend dies of an overdose, she fears the police and seeks refuge in a convent that saves women from the streets. These off-beat nuns include a heroin using abbess who loves Yolanda, one who writes romance novels under a pseudonym, another raising a tiger in the convent yard, and one who designs fabulous fashions and is in love with the local priest. They plan an evening extravaganza starring Yolanda to celebrate the abbess's birthday and to convince their wealthy patron not to abandon them.

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Dark habits

Calm down, she's coming. Just look at me.

I've been waiting two hours.

- Have you got it?
- Yes.

I met Lali.

I haven't seen her in ages.

We spent the whole time talking about you.

Oh, yeah.

You know what she said to me?
She said I should dump you...

...because you look crazy...

...and you scare people.

Know what I said?

Lali thinks I should go back to teaching.

There's a job going.

She says that I'll get nowhere singing.

I said I didn't care,
I was just an adventuress...

...but she wouldn't understand...

...because she had no sense of humor.

Have you written about me again?

Give me that! It's none of your business!

Fuck it!

Forget about him!

- Elvira...
- What is it?

I got a problem.

So what's new? You just realized?

This is what I call a problem.
Same thing every night.

Don't joke. This time it's serious.

Tell me in a minute. I gotta take a piss.

- You got a light?
- Hunt around.

Yolanda's room?

It's across the hall,
but she's in the toilet now.


We'll wait there.

Good luck.

Community of Humble Redeemers.
Come to us.

Good evening.

Excuse me.

What is it?

I'd like your autograph.

- My autograph?
- Yes, I'm a big fan of yours.

I've often come to see you...

...and I'd love a signed photo.

Well, I've just started.
I don't have many photos.

But that's a personal one.

It doesn't matter.

My first autograph, and for a nun!

It's a pleasure.

Thank you so much.

Do you like it?

Our enclosed sisters make them to sell.

I love it. It's gorgeous!

It's yours.

If you need anything, come to me.

Any problem you have...

...l'll help you out.


A card. The Humble...


My poor daughter. It was her father's fault.

Don't say that.
He was a good servant of God.

So what!

As a father and husband, he was a monster.

He may have been a little too strict.

A fascist!

Since he died, I feel free. I can live!

If my daughter were alive,
she'd be delighted.

But anyway...

And your makeup classes?

They're wonderful! See for yourself.

You look lovely.

I do what I can.

I'm stopping your monthly annuity.

Your husband promised it to us.

It's not in his will.

He promised it.

And a dead person's wish is sacred.

He must have forgotten about it.

- You'd put us on the street?
- On the street?

Sell the convent. The site is worth millions!

I can't do that. If only I could!

But the Mother General
has been dying for months.

I can't bother her now
with these financial problems.

Face reality. Go back to Albacete.

- This is finished.
- The young need us.

The young?

They want to be left alone.

And anyway, I have no money.

You may not have heard here
about the economic crisis.

- You're a millionairess!
- To survive, one needs to be.

And I don't want just to survive.

I want to live life now!

My Fair Lady is on again.


You should see it.

We can't afford the cinema.

I'll take you. You'll love it.

Your cigarette, Father!

Cecil Beaton
won the Oscar for the costumes.

That man has such good taste!

If you saw the dresses. And the hats!

I love hats!

Audrey Hepburn wears a big white hat...

...with black ribbons, set at an angle.

And it's held in place by a white veil...

...all covered in tiny flowers.


You describe it so well!
I don't need to see the film.

You must see it. We'll go together.

Excuse me.

This armchair!

- Good morning, ma'am.
- Hello.

- What a lovely cake.
- I hope you like it.

Take it away, Sister.

The Marquise is on a diet
and doesn't want cake.

What a pity.

We'll eat it ourselves.

Well, I must go.

Take care. You don't look well.

Just now, how I look
is the least of my worries.

You're wrong.
A woman's looks are most important.

How are you, ma'am?

Aren't you staying for our Mass?

No, I've been to so many in my life...

...l'm sure God will pardon me
if I never go again.

- What's this?
- A present for you.

You really shouldn't have bothered.

How kind of you!

I knew you'd like it.

Multipurpose detergent. Biodegradable.
Open here.

It's great!

- How's the Boy?
- Fine, growing every day.

- Do you want to see him?
- Oh, no.

- He mustn't get out.
- No, he's so naughty.

I've forbidden him to touch the chickens...

...but he won't listen. It really is a problem.

Yes, but he's shut up in here
and never gets out.

He just wants to play.

Well, God be with you.
We'll see you again soon.

God bless you. I don't think so.

"This is the Lamb of God...

"...who takes away the sins of the world.

"Happy are those
who are called to His supper."

"Lord, I am not worthy to receive you...

"...but say the word and I shall be healed."

Master of my life...

...life of my love...

...open, I beseech You,
the precious wounds...

...of Your heart.

Most divine heart...

...sweetest Lord of Lords.

You are...

...the path...

...for the righteous soul.

Master of my life...

...life of my love...

...open, I beseech You...

...the precious wounds of Your heart.


- Do you remember me?
- How could I forget?

Welcome, Yolanda.


I found your card in my purse, and I...

Don't worry. Come with me.
I'll show you your room.

It's our best room.

I hope you like it.

It's really nice.

I could bring you
a poster of Mick Jagger, if you like.

No, I like it. It's just... I don't know.

Have a rest.

Have a rest first, and then you can decide.

Nobody will bother you here.

The Marquise has fallen to the worst vice.


She's withdrawn her protection.

And our beloved Mother General...

...our only support in the congregation...

...is dying.

Times are hard...

...but I'm not willing to give up.

We haven't redeemed anyone in ages.

But a new girl has arrived who needs us.

That's wonderful!

We must continue to fight sin...

...even if we only have God's help.

Be quiet.

Sister Damned!

If any of you wish to leave, I'll understand.

But I want to know how many I can rely on.

On all of us, Mother.

God willing.

- Until we're kicked out.
- Don't be so pessimistic.

Trust God.

- Who's the new girl?
- A singer, a very good one.

- Will she stay?
- Yes.

I'll introduce you, but don't bother her...

...especially you.

Very soon, this place
will be full of murderesses...

...drug addicts, prostitutes, just like before.

Praised be God.

Sister, go buy some food.

Get some steaks,
some good salami and cheese.

This won't be enough.

Say one of us is sick and they may take pity.

We should put some paint on the walls...

...before winter comes.

Forget it. This is a convent, not a palace.

All this cleaning,
as if we'd no other problems!

It must be done.

- We could sell a chicken.
- Certainly not.

- A rabbit?
- I said no!

Be careful with the Boy. Lock him up.

- The girl mustn't see him.
- Where is she?

I've put her in Virginia's room.

- In Virginia's room?
- Yes.

It's high time we started using it.

- Hello. Do you like it?
- Yes.

A nun painted it.

Your dress is lovely,
but this is more comfortable.

Don't worry about me.

Did you rest?

The bed's never been used.

The nun who lived here slept on the floor.

What is it?

I must go.

- Where?
- I don't know.

You can leave when you want,
but this isn't the best time.

- I've something to calm you.
- What are you going to do?

- Don't you trust me?
- No.

It's just heroin.

What is this?

I'll go first so you needn't be scared.

Now let me do it.

I brought you a new needle.

One day you'll get tired and leave.

So I must have my revenge before you go.

You're the highest price
I've ever paid for heroin.

I... am...



...has made me...

...kill myself.

- Did you bring it?
- Yes.

And there's a review too.

- How is it?
- So-so.

What did you expect? A literary prize?

- Is that all?
- For now, yes.

Got any new ideas?

They're waiting.

We're going through a bad patch.

There's a new girl, but I don't think it'll help.

I just don't know.

Sometimes I think I should give this up
and start again.

Don't be silly! It's too late to change.

Your place is here.

And where could you go?
You're 48 years old.

I beg your pardon, but I'm only 47!

Move over a bit!

The plant keeps hitting you in the mustache!

Sister, bring out the reliquary.

It's on the cabinet.

- The reliquary?
- Yes.

Times have changed. Life isn't the same.

Listen, all that is just a nun's fantasy.

You're all crazy. You never go out...

...so you think things have changed outside.

Nothing has changed. Not a thing.

Everything is exactly the same
as when you came in here.


Because I say so. I live outside, and I know.

Come in.


I'm Sister Rat of the Sewers.
I was keen to meet you.

You like painting?

It passes the time.

That's the painting Virginia never finished.

- Who's Virginia?
- The Marquise's daughter.

She was a nun in this convent.

Her father furnished this room...

...just like hers at home,
so she wouldn't miss anything.

But she didn't want to be reminded of him.

On the contrary.

Where is she now?

She went to Africa.

And the cannibals ate her.

Let's change the subject.

I know you're a singer. I'm glad you came.

I've never met a singer.

I'm the gardener.

Come and see me in the orchard.

I will. I love plants.

Before I became a singer,
I taught natural sciences.

You don't look like you did.

I don't like plants. They bore me.

And it's a lie that they communicate with us.

I don't smoke.

I'm going to leave you a book,
in case you get bored.

Tear off the paper.

"Get Out of Here, Swine!"

I love sensationalist literature.

So do I.

Don't tell anyone. It's a secret.

If they should find it, say you brought it.

I must go. I'm in a hurry.

Praised be God.
May His name ever be blessed.

- Coming!
- I'll get it.

I was expecting you
the day before yesterday.

There was a big fuck-up.

Hello, Lola. Lovely to see you.

Come with me.

Sister Rat was in Yolanda's room.

We'll talk later.


Remember the girl you liked so much?

She was a singer. Yolanda.

Yes. Well?

Her boyfriend's dead.

- Heroin with strychnine.
- Sit down.

Someone else died too,
and the cops are after her.

- But she's done a runner.
- Really?

We must be careful,
they're raiding everywhere.

I only hope they catch the bastard...

...who's pushing it!

You think she was involved with it?

I don't know. She was his chick.

And she did a bit of dealing.

So the cops...

...want to find her and rough her up a bit.

Is this all right?

One of my pals is a chemist
and he checks all my stuff.

- I'll snort some to prove it.
- No, I trust you.

- I will, anyway.
- How much did you bring?

Three grams.

They may be the last.

- How come?
- We've no money.

I daren't sell anything else.

I could fix up some deals for you.

- You?
- Sure. Bringing stuff in.

It would be dead easy for a nun.

- That's nonsense!
- Yeah?

"Get Out of Here, Swine!

"By the mysterious Concha Torres."

Drug addict found dead in his apartment.

Jorge Muelle, 33...

Come on, give me some acid
for Sister Manure.

She's still tripping?

These are just like in the '60s. Far out.

Like really far out.

- We must watch the cops.
- Don't worry.

We're real safe in here.


Why was she here?

- Do you know her?
- I've seen her before.

She was one of our girls.

They often come to see the Mother Superior.

She's still their spiritual guide.

So I see.

She saved me too.

Soon after I came to Madrid, I knifed a man.

She lied in court for me.

I owe her everything.

I'd do anything for her.

Why tell me all this?

Because I'm a murderess
and deserve no pity.

The Mother Superior
has put her hopes in you.

- Don't disappoint her.
- Me?

We'd like you to dine with us tonight.

I've baked a lovely cake.

We can't let it go stale.

Leave it.

Don't eat any more.

You don't like it.

Here, have this.

You must eat.

We have to do penance, but you don't.

One of the bases of our community...

...is self-mortification...

...and humiliation.

That's why
we have such bizarre-sounding names.

Sister Manure.

Sister Rat.

Your servant.

Sister Damned, Sister Snake.

Man will not be saved until he realizes...

...he is the most despicable being
ever created.

Here, Mother.

No, thank you.

Today's an exception.

- We have Yolanda with us.
- Leftovers will do me.

Just the cherry.

At this rate...

...you soon won't be able to eat.

I hope so.

She sometimes forgets she's human.

The simple fact is that she's a saint.

Saints have to eat.

Eating this is like taking communion.

Jesus appeared to me while I was making it.

He offered me his wounds to suck,
like a swallow.

That's called a hallucination.

May God bless that kind of hallucination.

I'll have some.

Then we'll have some too.

Sister Manure made it.

She can't do much else,
but she's a great cook.

It looks delicious.

She looks very pale.

And the other one...

I was afraid of this!

He's harmless.

Boy! What is this?

I told you not to move.

He's been locked up all day
and he's nervous.

Come on, baby. You just calm down.

I'll give you supper and we'll take a walk.

See the lovely lady who's come to see you?

She's a singer, you know.

Take it easy.

I'd be scared too.
Seeing a tiger in a convent!

- One of our girls brought him.
- I'll explain it to her.

He came here as a pup.

Sister Damned reared him.

A few years ago, animals were in fashion.

When the girl left...

...he was so big, we decided to keep him.

Sister Damned loves him like a son.

- Is he really harmless?
- Yes.

- Lf you don't attack him.
- I wasn't going to.

You'll get used to him.

We all did.

Pies! Cakes!

Miraculous cakes
made with the body of Christ!

Hush! They'll think we're mad!

- Cakes.
- Flowers.



...it would be better if you didn't come back.

Perhaps it would be better if you forgot me.

We'd only torture ourselves again.

Our love would only turn...

...into an everlasting hatred.

We've hurt each other...

...so very much...

...that loving each other is a torment.

Disillusion, forgetfulness and madness...

...are always around the corner.

We'll never change.


A love like ours is a punishment...

...that will continue until death takes us.

My fate...

...needs your fate...

...and you need me much more.

That is why we'll never say...


...and why peace will never be ours.

Pain will always find us...

...kneeling in life...

...in simple confrontation.

You've got my entire repertoire.

I love all that sentimental music.

Boleros, tangos, merengue, salsa.
All of that.

It's music that really tells the truth
about life.

Because all of us have been in love...

...or been deceived.

You look lovely this morning.

No, I look terrible.

No, not at all! I like you like that.

There's so much beauty
in physical deterioration.

As a child, I wanted to look haggard.

But I never could.

I was always very plump.

But when I was ill,
I'd spend the whole day...

...looking at myself in the mirror...


When I was little
they called me Snot, because...

...I was such a bad color.
- Really?

Some of this century's great sinners.

- You wonder why I have them.
- Yes, I do.

It is in imperfect creatures...

...that God finds all His greatness.

Jesus didn't die on the cross
to save saints...

...but to redeem sinners.

When I look at some of these women...

...I feel very grateful to them.

Thanks to them...

...God dies and comes
back to life every day.

- Any of the sisters do smack?
- No.

Only Sister Manure takes acid occasionally.

Yeah, I realized that.

Why do you ask?

When we threw up,
they didn't seem surprised.

But they don't know it's because of heroin.

They're used to seeing me,
but they don't know why.

Are you happy here?

Happy? I don't know.

- I do all I can.
- It doesn't depend on you.

One part of me needs you...

...the other hates you!

And I hate both parts.

Nothing affects you.

Not even drugs.

Am I disturbing you?

No, come in.

The Mother Superior sent these.

Where will I put them?

Put them under the Virgin.

There's a card too.

Leave it there.

I'm going to sit down for a while. I'm bored.

- Did you read the book?
- Yes.

Did you like it? It's very good, isn't it?

I'll hide it.

Do you need anything?

I'll go, you're not very chatty.

If you need anything, just tell me.

All right.

"There are as many kinds of kisses...

"...as kinds of love.

"The paternal kiss on the forehead.

"The kiss on the eyes...

"...full of peace.

"The amusing kiss on the nose.

"The friendly kiss on the cheek.

"All of these are somewhat anodyne...

"...but they could be taken
as tempting invitations...

"...to more perfidious ones...

"...such as the indiscreet kiss
on the throat...

"...or the coaxing kiss in the ear...

"...which is like being told a secret.

"And finally...

"...there is the kiss on the lips.

"'A kiss means nothing,'
say the thoughtless.

"Perhaps not...

"...if you are cold as ice...

"...and your companion, lacking in ardor...

"...lets you escape easily from his embrace.

"But if that kiss...

"...has filled you with delight...

"...bear in mind...

"...that it has moved him
even more strongly...

"...and awoken all the strength of his desire.

"Do not give a kiss, my friend...

"...without a ring on your finger.

"This is a piece of advice...

"...sung in Faust by the very Devil himself.

"The big offenses...

"Blond Elda and all her daughters...

"...easily fall for them."

They're up to something.

How do you mean?

Yolanda gave something to Sister Rat.

- What?
- I don't know.

She must have hidden it in her cell.

That's enough.

Now, meditate on what we have heard.

If I catch you at the hens again...

...l'll go to Albacete.

And what will you do then?
You're just a nuisance.

You like to hear the drums, don't you?

They remind you of Africa.

And don't scratch me, you hear?

See what you've done.

It looks awful.

I'm ashamed to go out.

The other day, the butcher
asked what had happened to me.

It was embarrassing.

And all the poor animals...

Now, I warned you! Take that paw back!

Sister Damned...

Would you give me some of his leftovers?

He doesn't leave any.

Then give me some now.

I can cook it now, the kitchen's empty.

All right, but don't make a habit of it.

No, give me that bit.

Look, he isn't pleased.

I'm sick of mortifying myself,
always eating vegetables.

Stop it! I've told you about that!

Like this?

Yes. You're getting better every day.

Why don't you learn to cut out?

- Hello.
- Hello.

May I have one?

Can you sew, Yolanda?

Sort of.

- I'll teach you, if you want.
- Great!

It's very good for you, calms the nerves.

I learned in order to stop smoking.

It kept my hands busy.

What's all this?

Of course, she's never seen them.

They're robes for the Virgins,
designed by Sister Snake.

They're out of sight, really.

Out of sight? Do you mean you like them?

I love them.

Our girls made them.

They have great sentimental value for us.

The Church has evolved in all aspects...

...except that of images.

Yet I think the ornamental aspect
is linked to piety.

Sister Snake has designed an outfit
for each season.

These are for fall and winter.

We must change with the times, mustn't we?

A purple Lurex cape...

...with a matching Lurex veil.

- And the skirt...
- Valenciennes, silver and gold.

For Our Lady of the Forsaken.

Our Lady of the Forsaken!

I'm devoted to her.

So was my mother.

Next year, metal fabrics
will be all the fashion.

What are you eating?

Me? Spinach.


I'm hungry.

We must suffer.

I'll suffer later.

Look at me.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Not again!
I cleaned the kitchen this morning...

...and now look at it.

That's enough. You've earned Heaven.

- Let's fix lunch.
- No, leave it to me.

I'll do it.

I feel a vision coming on.

Use this knife instead.

You'll cut yourself with that one.

What if I do?

Why punish yourself so?

Sacrifice is all very well,
but damaging your health...

I'm a murderess.

So what?

I'll pay for it in this life.

As you wish.

You're dribbling.

Come to the bedroom.

She messes up the whole convent.

So what? You're obsessed with cleaning.

It's not that.
What do we do if she gets an infection?

God be with you.

There's nothing in Sister Rat's cell.

Are you sure you saw something?


Maybe you just imagined it.
Had you taken anything?

I've just taken it.

I'm having a vision now.

I'll leave you, then.

Why are you up there?

No reason.

Get down at once!

What's this?

- A notebook.
- I can see that much!

"Virginia didn't use the bed,
but Yolanda does.

"They both like Lucho Gatica."

What is this about?

Thoughts of mine.

Leave Virginia's memory alone!

And what about Yolanda?


It's just that...

...as she's in the same room,
I think about her a lot.

Don't be so childish!

Move out of the way!

What is this?

"I Am Not A Dream."

"Lost In The Big City,"
"The Call of the Flesh."

"Secretaries Cry Too."

What are these?

They're novels.

Yes, but why did you hide them?

Well, I'm a bit embarrassed.


I'm taking them.

- What will you do with them?
- I don't know.

We'll talk tomorrow.

Your taste leaves a lot to be desired.

I never said otherwise.

Why hide them?

You always liked mysteries.

That isn't true, but I'm shy. You know that.

I wouldn't say you're shy.
Quite the opposite.

I try to overcome it.

I won't hide it any longer.
I wrote those books.


Yes, I use a pen name...

...and my sister deals with the publisher.

You're not a writer!
You've got no imagination.

I don't need any.

I used the stories of girls who stayed here.

Didn't they sound familiar?

How could you do that? You're just a leech!

Many nuns have been great writers.

That is not your case! If the girls find out...

Why not write about your own life?

My life isn't interesting.

Then why don't you leave the convent?

I intend to.

I'm going to Africa, to the missions.

To the missions?

Of course.
You'd be bored here or in Albacete.

Very well, I'll write to them.

Now, listen to me very carefully.

You're not to write a word
about Virginia and Yolanda.

Don't worry.

As a writer and as a nun, I'm having a crisis.

I'll never write about anyone again.

- How can I believe you?
- Just believe me.

The books...

If I were to tell the Mother General!

If she weren't dying...

...there's a lot she'd like to know.

Really? What do you mean?

I think you know.

- Are you threatening me?
- No, Julia, I'm your friend.

- We were novices together.
- Don't get sentimental.

I've often wondered
why you don't like me anymore.

- You must be jealous.
- Jealous?

Of what?

You didn't like the fact
that the girls preferred me to you.

That's enough for today.

Leave me. I have a lot to do.

- God be with you.
- And with you.

Why did you tell?

Me? Tell what to who?

You told the Mother Superior
it was my book.

- I did not!
- No?

- No!
- Then it was Sister Manure.

What are you at?

Burning these books.

Like the Inquisition! Who are they by?

Concha Torres, a dreadful writer.

Well, my favorite writer!

- You know her?
- Yes.

Let me see. I'd love to read them.

- But they're rubbish.
- That's why I like them.

Serious books put me to sleep.

All right. I'll burn them later.

- Is there any dope?
- Only enough for you.

- You'll have to buy some.
- Yes, I'll do it later today.

And get some coke.
It might liven the convent up.

Yolanda, don't think you're so important.

You're just one of my tools.

Sometimes you seem to realize that,
and I hate you for it.

- What are you doing there?
- Looking at you.

Don't! It annoys me!

I glad you didn't go with the others.

We can be alone.

I'm always alone.

Don't say that. You've got me.

- You?
- Yes.

You're in a bad mood.

You can't fool me.
I know your game very well.

- I don't know what you mean.
- Yes, you do.

You mean because I know why you're here?

I know why you're running away.

- What?
- They say you killed him.

- Who says that?
- Does it matter?

It's a lie. It wasn't my fault.

I know.

- Will you call the cops?
- I don't like them.

Go ahead. I don't care.

You think you're brave.

But you're just a poor, scared, drug addict.

- And you?
- I'm not scared.

I brought you a gift.

I thought you'd like something new to wear.

I'll be in the chapel if you should need me.

Look, I don't need you!

You're nothing
but an instrument that I'm using.

I know.

That's why I hate you at times.

Lord, I am calling you.

Hurry to me, Lord.
Listen to my voice calling you.

Let my prayer rise like incense to you.

I give you my hands in humble sacrifice.

Place, O Lord, a watch on my mouth...

...a sentinel at the door of my lips.

Do not let my heart incline towards evil...

...or commit evil deeds.

Do not let me break bread with men of evil.

Continue, Sister.

May the just man beat me.

- So, it's you.
- Hello, Mother.

Why are you here?

I wanted to see you.

Here I am.

Let me stay. I've nowhere to go.

You can't stay.

Please, Mother.

I promise I won't cause any trouble.

Stop that.

Don't you like me anymore?

I told you not to come back.

I swear I can't take anymore!

Let me stay here, just for tonight!

Isn't this a refuge for sinners?

I suppose so.

All right. But you must leave tomorrow.

We have enough problems.

It was horrible.

Try to get some rest.

Don't leave me alone. I'm scared.

What have you done?

Do you have a tranquilizer?
I'm too nervous to sleep.

Lie down. I'll bring you a tablet.

Have you nothing stronger?

I'll see.


- I love you.
- No.

You need me.

- Let me explain.
- You did that when you left.

I didn't forget you.

I forgot you.

Go to sleep. Don't make any noise.

- We're sorry to waken you.
- What is it that you want?

We want Mercedes Cora.

- I don't know her.
- We know that she's here.

- Only five servants of God are here.
- Please, Mother.

Have you got a warrant or anything?

We don't need one.
We'll look for her ourselves.

This place is a labyrinth. You could get lost.

We'll see.

Take it easy! You'll waken the sisters.

Wait! I'll tell you where she is.

Don't worry. The convent's falling down.


She's in her bare feet.

What did they want?

One of our girls came back.
They were looking for her.

- What are you doing?
- Breaking with my past.

I want to start again,
without drugs or memories.

Neither of them is easy to avoid.

But we're harming ourselves
like this, Mother.

I'm strong. Heroin goes well with my nature.

But not with mine!

I won't go through the same with you
as I did with Jorge.

- What will you do?
- Work in the garden.

I'm a specialist in hybrids.

- You?
- Yes.

You're full of surprises.

I don't talk about myself.

Do as you wish.

- I won't stop you.
- Thank you.

So you're going off heroin?

- Yes, and so should you.
- It won't be easy.

Just the first few days. I don't shoot much.

Offer up your suffering for our sins.

My only sin is to love you too much.

Don't talk like that.

- God helps those who love.
- And those who suffer.

Of all the women I've known...

...I understand you the least.

That's why you're hooked.


This can't go on.

Here's some food.

Thank you, Sister, but I'm not hungry.

You can't go on like this. You're sick.

The only jewels
which can adorn the brides of Jesus...

...are the thorns...

...and the cross.

I have sinned!

I must be punished!


God is merciful.


Where is He?

God has forsaken me.

I beg Him for forgiveness and shelter...

...but He hides.

If our girls could see you!

A woman of your strength!

I'm like them.

I admired them so much...

...l've become one of them.

We're going to give a party
for the Mother Superior.

Maybe you could sing.

We usually sing...

...but she'd be delighted
if you were to sing instead.

But I sing very badly.

And these...

- What are you talking about?
- The party.

- Is there one this year?
- Convince her to sing.

Yolanda, sing.

All right.

I'll sing!

Thank you!

Hello, Sister. You've a letter from Africa.

Thank you.

And how's Mercedes doing?

- She's taken the veil.
- Fuck me!

Give her my best wishes.

I will.

We've decided to give you a party,
like every year.

What an idea.

There's a surprise.

Yolanda will sing.


Did you ask her?

Stop worrying about money.

There's a letter from Africa.

We'll go to the market.

That's it. I can do some tricks.

I'll mortify myself in front of the crowd.

They like that.

We could put on a circus.

A nuns' circus.

You know, with the tiger and Sister Damned.

Sister Rat is a dead loss.

I could crucify myself in the market...

...for people's sins, and my own too.

It'd be really something!

I can't stay for the Mother General's funeral.

I must eat. I have to go out.

Shall I heat it up?

Don't bother me.

Blessed be God! What has happened?

Good news, Sister. We'll have a big party.

We'll show the new Mother General...

...that we're not beaten.

You'll have some acid tonight.
Now call Sister Rat.

I've had a reply from Africa.
You can go anytime.

I'll leave after your party.

- Julia, I bear you no grudge.
- And I bear you none.

Forgive me for speaking badly
about your books.

But you were right.

You have good taste in things like that.

Do you know what Yolanda's plans are?

For the time being,
she seems to be happy here.

Yes, but that will end someday...

...and she'll leave.

But if we even have her at my party...

The new Mother General will be there.
You know how she is.

It would be great if we could show her
at least one girl.

Yolanda will be here. She's going to sing.

- Really?
- Yes, honestly.

- Are you going out?
- Yes, I have to pay a visit.

Where to?

I'm going to blackmail the Marquise.

What a character!

The Marquise?

Yes, yes. Here I am.

Good afternoon, ma'am.

I'm going to an oleographic exhibition.

Would you like to come?

No, thank you. Can you spare me a moment?

- Just one.
- Yes.

Let's go in here.

Do sit down.


I've come to invite you to my party.

Forgive me, but I won't go this year.
I'd be so bored.

I only went because of my husband.

- Perhaps a contribution.
- No, I'm sorry.

Very well, then I'll get down to business.


I have something to sell.

What is it? Perfume?

about your daughter's stay in Africa.

Valuable information.

But you'll have to pay for it.

Buy my grief?

You have grief, and you also have money.

I only have this letter.

Get out! My daughter is dead!
What else can you say?

100,000 Pesetas.

Get out!

I'll write to the missions. They can tell me.

If you're happy to wait...

Out! I never want to see you again!

Very well. God be with you.

Well, well!

What a surprise, Mother!

Come in.

How are you?

Sit down.

A great crop.

No, you know I don't like soft drugs.

What brings you here?
You need some stuff?

Yes, but I need to borrow some money
from you too.

How much?

100,000 Pesetas.

You're kidding. I haven't got that money.

You can get it.

How would you pay it back?

I'll sell something.

The confessionals, for instance.

- Who'd buy a confessional?
- A lot of people would.

I know an easier way,
and you'll make a lot more.

Trafficking, I suppose.

Take a trip to Thailand,
make some purchases.


Set it up for after my party.

- You won't let me down?
- You know I won't.

Can I have an advance?

I guess so, but I have to make a call.

"Do wear it at my party."

See you later.

Good luck! And be careful.

Got everything?

Yes, we've got a taxi.

We're going to my sister's.
I'll try to pick you up.

- Don't be long.
- No.

Won't you come with us?

Do you agree that love
is the union of the slobber of two?

That's filthy!

And your favorite authors?

Harold Robbins, Vicki Baum...
But I don't read much.

- But I do.
- Yeah?

The house keeps me very busy.

- Do you like it?
- I love it.

The house is the mirror of the soul.

- See that fountain?
- Yes.

- It cost 100,000 Pesetas.
- Fancy that!

We'll take a picture later.

Who can that be?

Answer the door,
and say that Mom can't see anybody.

As I was saying,
I believe in the home and in...

But when do you write?

Well, I don't know.

When the mood takes me.

Hasn't your hair grown!

- Is your Mom in?
- She's busy.

- I'll wait.
- No, she can't see anyone.

Out of the way, dear.

- Hello, I didn't expect you.
- I can see that.

My sister, some friends.

- Hello.
- A pleasure.

This is Yolanda Bell.

- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.

Do you mind waiting inside?
I won't be very long.

Darling, go with your aunt.

I want to stay here.

Don't be so silly. It's your aunt.

You always talk about her.
Now go with them.

The family! They never leave you alone.

You've got a lot of new things
since I was last here.

Yes, we're doing well.

And my friends are very envious...

...because my mommy is a writer.

- Your mommy's a writer?
- Yes, she's very famous.

Is she called Concha Torres?

Yes, but that's a false name.
Her real name is Antonia.

I know that! I'm not stupid.

Let's see.

Look what literature can give you.

Let's see.

Cervantes, Gongora...

Just listen to how Gongora sounds.

And what's here?

The same.

Cervantes again.

Four Othellos.

And four whatever...

If you don't believe it,
I've got Mom's press cuttings.

- Where? Let me see them.
- They're here.

Let's see.

"Concha Torres, magnificent."

"A literary genius."

"'A sociological phenomenon.'
Gabriel Garcia Marquez."

Look at that!

Why did you never believe me
when I said the same thing?

I thought you were just being nice.

You're too naive. You never learn.

- She's in for it!
- That's the way!

Aren't you a nun?

No, I'm a whore.

Isn't that illegal?

I told you to wait for me!

Is the interview so important?

It's for a life-insurance policy.

I wasn't going to tell you,
but you're my beneficiary.

Don't forget to tell these gentlemen...

...that you've stopped writing!

This must have cost a fortune.
Where did you get the money?

God helps the needy.
I didn't think you'd come.

Neither did I.

- What do you know?
- I know so much...

...it would take days to tell.

I'm just interested in my daughter.

- Go to Africa.
- I've written.

- But mail is slow.
- You know the price.

I'll find out sooner or later.
Don't you realize?


Be patient.

Aren't you afraid I'll tell the Mother General?

She doesn't know anything.

They wrote to me,
and I was supposed to tell you.

You are disgusting.

Insult me if that helps.
Words don't scare me.

Now, excuse me.


Who's in my daughter's cell?

What's going on?

Calm down. It's only Yolanda.

Our latest girl.

- May I come in?
- Yes.

I'm the Marquise.

- You've heard of me?
- Of course.

I'm sorry to bother you...

...but I saw the light was on...

...and as this was my daughter's cell...

Why did she enter the convent?

Because of a boy.

My husband forbade them to marry.
The boy killed himself.

Rather unusual.

Such things don't happen nowadays.

But my husband was like that.

He had this room done
just like hers at home.

He gave money to the convent
so he could control her.

I'm sorry, but I don't want to think about it.

It's all too sad and...

- I'm a beautician.
- Really?

Shall I make you up?

- What did you do before?
- A bit of everything.

You were lucky.

I've only been Marquise, wife and mother.

They weren't expecting you.

I know, but the Mother Superior...

...got a letter from Africa about my daughter.

She hasn't told me yet.
Do you know anything about it?

I know she got a letter
from the missionaries.

- Where can it be?
- In her office, I suppose.

I'll speak to the Mother General about it.

That would be a mess,
with the party and all.

I know of a better and quicker way.

What is this?

I wanted some coke.

I haven't sung in ages, and I needed a lift.

I didn't dare ask you downstairs.

How did you get in?

With a hairpin.

Do you mind?

Did you find it?

No, I didn't.

Right, I have it here.

The Mother General!

Let her wait!

What are you doing?


Open up, Mother Superior!

I know you're in there!

Come on.

You're gorgeous!

- What were you doing?
- It's a surprise.

We have a lot to talk about.

I've come from Albacete just for that.

Later. I have a lot to do now.

Remember, I'm the hostess.

Do you like my party?
We spared no expense.

It's lovely, but you all seem a bit strange.

It's most disturbing.

Today's an exception.

Don't think we party every day.

The convent is in difficulties.

Where is the altar, the paintings?

- They've disappeared.
- What do you mean?

- Are you enjoying yourself?
- Much more than I expected.

I'm so glad.
Sister, take some cake to Yolanda.

Yes, this lot will eat it all.

What's going on? They all seem so vague.

They can't face the fact
that things have to change.

When the late Mother General was ill...

...this convent went haywire.

Look at this!

What will you do?

Close it.

The Humble Redeemers are finished.

- Will you sell it?
- Of course.

Someone wants to buy it.

But that's not the reason.

The Mother Superior
has gone way over the limit.

Those horrible names.

Sister Rat, Sister Manure...

- It's finished!
- I thought it was amusing.

I disapprove of humiliation.

The nearest thing to pride
is an excess of humility.

- So are you going to Africa?
- I suppose so.

I want a detailed report
on everything that happens.

I've heard things which disturb me.

Three women alone...

...in the jungle...

...with one chaplain...

...surrounded by savages.

The flesh is weak.

Reverend Mother, I've never been a spy.

I'm not starting now.

How dare you!

I'm in no mood to talk.

- I brought you some cake.
- I'm not hungry.

You're not dressed!

Do me a favor.

Give this letter to the Marquise...

...but make sure that no one sees you.

Can I read it?

I'll explain later.

Hurry up!

Don't open it here.

But I'm dying to read it.

Go into the toilet.

Good idea!

Could you tell me where the toilets are?

Use the one in my cell. It's cleaner.

Don't let anyone out. We're about to start.

- Where's the Marquise?
- She's gone for a piss.

Get everyone seated.

Yolanda will be down soon.

Come in, ma'am.

- I won't fall?
- No, no.

- Isn't this lovely!
- My animals...

I keep them in here.

They were a temptation for the others.

- There you have the washrooms.
- Thank you.

I must sit down, I'm so tired.

It's nice and soft.

- These high heels are really killing me.
- As you wish.

You lot aren't to bother the Marquise.

She wants to rest for a while.

I'll just lie down. Will you close the door?

This boy is Virginia's son.

We found a trunk of hers in his hut.

The Marquise's locket was inside.

The child's father
was the hunter she ran away with.

When the cannibals ate her,
the boy was still a baby.

The monkeys cared for him.
He grew up like one of them.

Give the photo and locket to the Marquise.

All kinds of women...

...have passed through our convent...

...but never a singer.

But a few weeks ago, Providence...

...sent us the gift of a singer.

In the name of all the women...

...who have found refuge...


...and fun...

...within these walls...

...Yolanda Bell, accompanied by us...

...is going to delight us with a lovely song...

...in homage to that woman...

...who has given herself, body and soul...

...to our redeeming work.

For her, our beloved Mother Superior...

...and for Yolanda Bell, a big hand!

Once again, without speaking...

...I walk that same old path.

Wherever my feet take me, I wonder...

...if I will ever find you again.

And once again, my dreams...

...will be filled with my illusions.

I'll love as much as I can love...

...and I'll forget as much as I should forget.

For you...

...I won't even have...

...one miserable look.

It was better to bury in the past...

...your forbidden love,
which should never have been.

Once again, I walk the same old path.

Once again, with a smile upon my face.

If I came to your love,
it was just because I did.

And if I left your love,
it was just because I did.

Again, I walk the same old path.

Again, with a smile upon my face.

If I came to your love,
it was just because I did.

And if I left your love,
it was just because I did.

I came here because I came,
and I left because I left.

I love all that I can, and keep walking...

...that old path.

I keep walking on that path,
walking where I want to go.

Nothing you say, Mother...

...can make me change.

Now everything is different.
Things aren't what they were.

I'm alone, I'm very happy,
and my life is all my own.

But life is a comedy.

This is the university.

If you don't know where you are...

...you aren't going anywhere.

You didn't wear the dress I gave you.

I thought you liked it.

I did like it. But I liked Sister Snake's too.

It doesn't matter.

Thank you for singing at my party.

You were...

...so obscene!

I'm glad you liked it. I sang it for you.


Let me help you.

What is this?

God forgive me
if I feel like another Veronica.

You're out of it.

Go away, I want to change.

Of course. I'll see you later.

Where's the Mother Superior?
I must see her.

I'll look for her. She must be praying.

Sister Damned!

Forgive me.

I haven't finished.

Gather up all your personal belongings.

I'll look after what little is left.

May I tidy up?

It's such a mess.

Poor girls!


I'd like to confess.

- Now?
- Yes.

Where are you going?

I'm going to confess.

There are confessors in Albacete.

- Can't you wait?
- No.

Where's Yolanda? I must see her.

She won't be long.
Do you mind if we take a walk?

What's wrong?

The thing is, I'm a writer.

- I used to have a pen name.
- What were you called?

Concha Torres. You wouldn't...

But I've read all your novels!
I'm a fan of yours!

I can't believe it! Concha Torres is a nun!

Yolanda, I owe you so much.

I can never thank you enough.

The letter, that song...

- You sing so well.
- I don't know about that.


...l'm leaving.

Why? What's happened?

Nothing. I just want to leave.

- What about Africa?
- What would I do there?

So where will you go?

I don't know.

Come to my house.
I'm alone, and I owe you both so much.

- Really?
- Really.

- For a few days?
- Forever.

Great! What about you?

I don't know.

Didn't you want to change your life?

I don't know. It's just that...

Well, I'm leaving.

We'll go when you want.
We can go right now.

I'll walk you to the door and decide.

Do come.

We must speak, Mother.

You won't slip away.

I didn't try to.

But I didn't want you to spoil my party.

In the future, there will be no more parties.

All this is over!

I've spoken to the others.

I know what you'll say, and my answer is no.

Yes, times are hard...

...but that doesn't scare me.

I'm your superior. You must obey me.

I've written to the Pope.

I'm going to found my own order.

I can find funds and followers.

Tomorrow I leave on a business trip.

- What business?
- I'm not telling you.

I'll give you three days.

I will come to get you.

I've nothing more to say.


Thank you for everything.

I'll never forget tonight.

Let's go to bed.

It's been a very busy day.

We'll discuss things tomorrow.
Have you seen Yolanda?

She went to her room.

Sister Rat? Sister Snake?

Sister Rat is with the Marquise.

Sister Snake is confessing.


Leave that.

- Leave it.
- It's such a mess.

You're impossible!

I got used to sewing with you...

...to taking communion with you...

...to worrying about you.

I hate the thought of being separated.

That isn't a sin.

God is love.

He made us to love.

I love you too.

I learned to sew
to spend more time with you.

To be closer to you.

But it's impossible!

I'm a nun and you're a priest.

We made our vows.

- Why are you afraid?
- I don't know, Father.

What are you doing with the tiger
in church?

I'm going to Albacete.

Will you take care of him?

I'll miss him so much...

...but I can't take him with me.

He knows you two.

You're going to be a family.

He'll have a home.

Everyone knew but me.

Even you, Boy.

Our love is like you.

A tiger that grew unnoticed
within these walls.

We'll love you like a son,
and you'll never go hungry.

I promise.

Well, I'm going.

And you'd better behave yourself.

God bless you.

Yolanda, it's me. Let me in.

I'm going to Thailand tomorrow.

I want to say good-bye.

We have lots to talk about.

Let me in!