Dark Future (1994) - full transcript

In the 21st century, most of mankind has been wiped out by a plague. The few remaining people are forced to live in an underground world, serving as prostitutes and slave to cyborgs that now control them. When the first baby in 30 years is born, a bartender leads a revolt against the part-man, part-machine creatures that seek to capture the baby for their own ends.

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(digital tones typing)

(eerie music)

(breathing heavily)

- Yeah, he's headed your way.

(lasers exploding)

(high pitched digital wave)

- [Female] You have
entered the Forbidden Zone.

You have 10 seconds to identify yourself.

Please begin.











(electrical zapping)

(gasping in pain)


You may not enter the Forbidden
Zone, without authorization.

- I hope you haven't been waiting long.

- No, not long.

- [Man] Thank you Nero.

Things have really changed inside.

- How so?

- Improvements.

I think you're going to enjoy yourself.

We do our best.

- [Hagen] I was down to
the park not too long ago.

- [Nero] Yeah?

- [Hagen] Had a great time.

You'll see.

- [Nero] Okay.

We'll have a great time,
don't worry about it.

- [Hagen] Well, it better be
better than the last time.

(high-pitched digital wave)

- [Female] You have
entered the Forbidden Zone.

You have ten seconds to identify yourself.

Please begin.

Identity confirmed.

Please have an enjoyable time.

- I've waited a long time for this one.

- [Female] And let us know what we may do,

to make your visit more pleasurable.

- [Nero] Let's go.

- [Hagen] Wait 'til see this place, man.

It's unbelievable.

- [Nero] Great, that's great.

I was down here about four months ago.

- [Hagen] Yeah?
- [Nero] Told you that.

- [Hagen] What was there?

Anything good?

- [Nero] It was great.

Alright, yeah.

Come here.

Come here.

- Thanks, thank you.

- Used to be like this everywhere.

Poor bastards.

Let's go.

- No, no, it's over here.

- This wasn't here before.

(vintage jazz music)

Hm, what's this?


This is much better.

- I knew you'd like it.

- Good evening, gents.

What can I do you for?

- Pep ups.

Make 'em doubles.

- Two Pep Ups coming right up.

Good for ails ya.

- I'm not ill.

16th Century.

I love it.

- 1930's actually.


- Whatever.

Argentina, my favorite.

- United States.

Yeah, but that was a different world.

A different time.

We thought that air had...

(laser pulsing)

- Kendall, you were in
maintenance 12 years.

Promoted behind the bar.


- Thank you sir.

- You could be demoted just as easily.

- I'm very sorry.

I didn't mean to offend.

I just wanted to make sure
that your stay here was

enjoyable as possible.

Look, if there's anything that I can do.

- Have a look.

- [Kendall] Oh yes sir.

Birch, that's a fine choice sir.

She's one of our best.

I am sure she'll please.

- Thank you sir.

Trouble's bad for business.

- And for me?

For you, something special.

Collins, Wheeler.

(suspenseful music)

- [Hagen] What's going on?

What's the matter?

- [Nero] You don't hear it?

- [Hagen] No.

Hear what?

- [Nero] A crying baby.


(baby crying)

(dishes breaking)

- No, no!

My baby, no!

- Who's the seeder of this child?

(choking and gasping)

- Hey, easy easy, easy.

- Why?

- 'Cause the child needs its', um, um...

- Mother.

The word is, mother.

Are you sure the child needs its' mother?

- I'm not completely sure but...

(bones cracking)

- The child is all we need.

(baby crying)

Shut up!

(muffled crying)

I could kill it.

- Better not.

I'll take it.

Which way to the barrier?

(digital tones)

(laser pulsing)

- The barrier's this way.

(aggressive bold saxophone music)


(glass shattering)

(baby crying)


(glass shattering)


- Hagen, look at that.

No more rules.


(laser reverberating)



Another hero.


(flesh snapping)

(electrical sparking)

- Hello.



Put the weapon down.

Just put it down.

- You're not thinking clearly, human.

You don't have the brains

to operate sophisticated equipment.

(laser sparking)

(wood breaking)

(fading digital tones)

This can't be.

We're perfect.

We don't die.

- Everything dies.

Welcome to the club.

- I'll make your death
slow and painful, human.

- You were like me too once.

Can't you remember it?

You were human too.

How long ago was it, 30, 40 years?

- You'll pay.

The whole park will
pay for your rebellion.

(electricity sparking)

- We're through lying down
for you and your kind.

- The sniveling, whining human race.

All we see are frailties.

All we hear are complaints.

- You've already broken the rules.

Your rules.

All of us will be left for your pleasures.

(jolting electricity sparking)

Look before the Black Death,
the world was full of humans.

You know that as well as I do.

- There is no world.

- Yes there is.

Beyond the barrier, and
there's still humans there.

- Oh no, no, no.

You and your sniveling
lot are all that's left.

We'll be better off without you.

- Why don't you join us?

Think what we could accomplish,
together, out there.

- There is nothing beyond
the barrier, human.

Console yourself with
that in your last moments.

- Your death is inevitable.

Life always triumphs.

- But I am alive.

- Oh, you were once, like the baby.

Now you're just a bunch
of steel and wires.

(angry groaning)

(electricity sparking)

(grunting and screaming)

Shocking, wasn't it?

(baby crying)

- Hello little one.

(baby crying)

Now what?

- Come on, she won't bite you.

- I don't want to.

- Look, all you have to
do is give her this, okay?

Come on, she'll be fine.

Just go on take a look.

It's alright.

- Oh, she's beautiful.

This has never happened to us before.

We were told that we were--

- Yeah, we were told wrong.

TomeRock was her father.

The Synths almost found this
place, but we distracted them.

I ran him down and fried him the barrier.

- He was the one that was--

- Yeah.

He was my best friend.

- How many know about the child?

- Just us.

And those that gave their lives tonight.

It's much too risky to tell anybody else.

The Synths even killed the mother.

- She's all alone.

- Hey Perrine?

You know how these
synthetics got this way?

- I don't wanna know.

- Security.

In the 2050's there were a
lot of people with power.

Well, they were in the government,

they just owned a lot of things.

My father said it used to be

because of something called money.

- Never heard of it.

- I think it was a drug or
an aphrodisiac, or something.

- Sounds dangerous.

- Extremely.

Anyway, these people have lots of money,

all started to band together
for self preservation.

Violence was very dominant in the society.

They wanted their own security force.

So they started giving

a lot of this money for young specimens.

Babies started disappearing.

They took away these
babies from their parents.

Completely controlled them.

Began to brain wash 'em, even
before they learned to talk.

Trained them for their own private army.

Exchanged human body parts with machinery.

Until eventually, they replaced

most of their body parts with implants.

- Sure, sure Kendall.

- [Kendall] I don't know.

By the time they were in their mid 20's,

they were mostly machines or synthetics.

But they never could
duplicate the human brain.

They still have human
desires, human wants.

Now, what do you suppose this could be?

- Put it back.

- No no.

This must be their power source.

Now, let's see what this Nero's got.

(digital tones)

It likes it near this transformer.

- Get away from there.

- [Kendall] No, do you
know how much energy

goes through this panel?

Enough to run the whole park.

(digital tones increasing and decreasing)

(people chattering)

- [Computerized Female] You
have entered the Forbidden Zone.

- See you guys, see you later.

- Great having you hear, we love it.

You have a good night tonight?

Hope so.

- Wise guy.

- I guess not.

Well look, come back tomorrow night, okay?

I'm sure we can fix you up better.

Yeah, well, we'll see you all later.

Take care.

Come again.


- Come on, let's get outta here.

- Alright, when two are reported missing,

they're gonna start
asking' a lot of questions.

We have 10 hours until the next shift.

- What do we tell them
about the dead Synths?

- Nothing.

We act as if nothing unusual happened.

Maybe they'll think they malfunctioned,

or failed to report.

- They never malfunction.

- No, and they never die either.

But tonight, we killed two of 'em.

And we have their neutralizers.

At last, we have power.

- We can't fight the patrons, Kendall.

- They're not patrons, they're Synths.


They're not people any
more, they're machines.

And we must destroy them.

- How could we live without them?

- This isn't living.

We're like the sewer rats.


At least they get to come
and go as they please.

- I don't want to see you die.

- You won't.

At last, you're all starting to live.

I knew she'd like you.

- I never dreamed anything
could be so beautiful.

What is she called?

- Well, she's the first baby
born, since the Black Death.

I think we'll call her
TomeRock, after her father.

- TomeRock?

Come on.

She deserves something
much prettier than that,

don't you sweetheart.

- You see this book?

This is what the world used to be like.

Outside the barrier.

- There's nothing beyond the
barrier, but the patrons.

- No, all this is there.

It has to be.

- Once it was ours.

Human's ruled.

- It's so beautiful.

If only it were true.

- Believe me, it's true.

It's still there.

It has to be.

Oh look.

That picture there?

That's a bird.

I think they called it a Robin.

- Robin?

You like that, little one?


- [Computerized Female] You
have entered the Forbidden Zone.

You have 10 seconds to identify yourself.

Please begin.

10, 9...

Identity confirmed.

Please have an enjoyable time.

And let us know what we may do

to make your visit more pleasurable.


(upbeat dance music)

- Turn it off.

- Cut the music.

Cut it!

Hey guys.

Guys, we won't be open for a couple hours,

but if there's anything you guy want,

anything we can do.

- Last night a Nero 5
and a Hagen 4 were here.

Where are they?

- Last night?

- Were you here?

- Well yeah, man, I'm always here.

- They did not return beyond the barrier.

Where are they?

- Well, we see so many
patrons who look the same,

it's hard to say when...

- A Nero 5 and a Hagen 4.

Like me, I'm a Nero.

He's a Hagen.

I'm a Nero.

He's a Hagen.

You got it, human?

- Man, really, I don't know.

I don't know, man.

- Nero, you hate the music here.

- I hate everything about this place.

- [Hagen] Any Nero would.

I know where he would go.

- Show me.

- Gentlemen, you're awfully early tonight,

but I think I have a
couple of Pep Ups here.

- Have we met?

- Well, I'm not sure.

- But you've seen others like me?

- Well, yes, of course.

But, not too many.

You're one of the top-flight patrons.

Very limited edition.

- Who are you talking to?

Who tells you about us?

- Well, nobody.

No, I just mean since
there's fewer of your model--

- What happened to the Nero 5

and the Hagen 4 who were here last night?

- Well, I can't really say.

I don't like to intrude
on patron's privacy.

Perrine, did you see any of these patrons

in here last night?

- I don't know.


I deal with music here.

- Step back.

- Hey, wait a minute.

Look, we obey the rules here.

We take care of our patrons,
they like to come back.

We're clean, we're orderly,
we don't cause any problems.

We expect--

- Shut up, human.

Where are the Nero and the Hagen?

What did you do with them?

- Do with them?

Well, I don't know what you mean.

What could we do with them?

- Alright.

Your people will pay.

- No, no, wait, wait.

Yeah, a couple of you did
come in here last night.

But, they left before the second shift,

and I never saw 'em after that.

- Why do you try and deceive me, human?

- I didn't try and deceive you.

I uh...

I get a little confused.

I mean, you know how we are.

We're not too smart.

I didn't mean any disrespect, sir.

- You're lying, human.

- No, I swear by all the
rules, I'm not lying.

But look, if any of your patrons are lost,

we'll help you look for them.

We know this park like
the back of our hand.

Maybe they just got lost or something.

(laser zapping)


(lasers pulsing and exploding)


(electricity sparking)

(exploding laser beams)

- It's all over now.

Our lives are over.

We're dead.

For sure, dead.

- No.

Now we have to fight.

(electricity sparking)

- [Computerized Female] You
have entered the Forbidden Zone.

You have 10 sec--

Identity confirmed.

- Alright.

Now, we've already done

what everybody thought was impossible.

We have killed Synthetics,

and we have taken their neutralizers.

I can show you how to use this.

All you have to do is point it,

and pull this lever.


(fire crackling)

At last, we have some power
against the Synthetics.

- [Man] The patrons will kill us all now.

- No, not if we fight back.

I've prepared my whole
life for this moment.

Together, if we work
together, we can be free.

- It's against the rules to
not do as the patrons wish.

- Whose rules?

Your patron's?

They have kept us for
slaves our entire lives.

Before the Black Death,
they worked for us.

They're machines.

Humans made them.

Humans can destroy them.

We can take control.

- Kendall, man, don't be stupid.

They bring us food and water.

We'd die without the patrons.

These nutrients are not food.

Food is what our parents grew,

and prepared with love.

Food does more than keep your body going.

It's something you eat around the table.

It brings you joy.

Now I know, that some of you
still remember your parents.

My father used to always
tell me about how it was

before the Black Death.

Yes, billions died.

But we survived.

No one knows why the children survived.

But, we did.

There are other humans,
that are still out there.

We can find them.

- Out where man?

There's no where else.

- [Kendall] Who told you that?

- Everyone knows it.

- Yeah?

Where do the patrons live?

- They just live,

somewhere else.

- Exactly.

And why won't they let us go there,

beyond the light,

beyond the barrier?

Why does a barrier keep
us in, and them not?

What else does everyone know?

That's Synthetics are superior to humans?

That the whole world consists of the park?

We are not Synthetics.

We are not made of steel
and wire, like them.

We are made of flesh and blood.

We are alive.

And we were also told that
humans could never have children.


That we were the last of our kind.

A dying race.


Go on, take a look.

She's just a little baby.

Birch has named her Robin.

Go on, take a look.

This child is our future.

This child proves that we are not sterile.

We can have children.

Just the way our parents did,

and their parents before them.

The human race will not die out.

Now, your precious patrons,
that you revere so much,

have already killed her
mother and her father.

And they'll take her too if they find her.

Now, who among you, is
willing to fight with me,

to help keep her safe?

(baby cooing)


Don't you understand?

When the Synthetics come back,
they will murder all of us,

just to find this child.

- Then just give it to 'em, Kendall.

They'll leave us alone,
if you give them the baby.

- Are you really willing to sacrifice

this innocent, little child?

Who of you, is willing
to sacrifice this child?

- [Man] We can't fight
the patrons, Kendall.

- Alright.

Alright, fine.

If that's the way it is, at
least go protect yourselves.

Go hide in the deepest
recesses of the park.

Go on, hide!

Save yourselves.

(crowd chattering)


Alright, we don't have much time.

They'll be back soon.

- [Perrine] Come.

- Perrine, you sure about this?

- Yeah, absolutely.

Don't worry.

(slow, apprehensive music)

- What shall I do?

- Hide, they'll be coming soon.

Just hide yourself.

- But, I don't understand,
what's going to happen?

- Kendall, we're counting on you.

- I'll do the best I
can, but you better hide.

We don't have much time.

- [Perrine] It's only a little further.

Come on.

- Are you sure it'll be okay?

- If Perrine says it's safe, I trust him.

(soulful saxophone music)

- Come on.

- I never even knew this room existed.

- Yeah, I found it when I was a boy.

- My own mother died
just after I was born.

At least that's what they told me.

I don't remember.

- My father was the last adult
to survive the Black Death.

I consider myself lucky,
I had a father to talk to.

- I don't remember any old people.

Except the patrons, and
they're always the same.

- [Kendall] Yeah, they never change.

I remember my father.

He used to tell me how the
patrons set up the barrier,

the Forbidden Zone, to keep
the survivors in the park.

They said it was for our own protection.

- But the patrons need us.

They use us for their pleasure.

- Yeah well, that's over now.

- This is what you meant
by a family, isn't it?

- It's a start.

- I like it.

Feels nice.

Is it still there?

- What?

- The world beyond the barrier?

- I sure hope so.

- I guess we'll have to
find out for ourselves.

- Yeah.

I guess we will.

Thanks, you did good.

- She'll be alright.

- Collins, make sure you stay low.

Merritt, move in a little bit.


- [Carson] Yeah.

- Make sure you wait 'til I fire.

- Alright, Kendall.

- Everybody, wait 'til I fire first.

(digital wave)

Here they come.

- [Computerized Female] You
have entered the Forbidden Zone.

You have 10 seconds to identify yourself.

Please begin.

10, 9, 8,

7, 6, 5, 4...

Identity confirmed.

Please have an enjoyable time.

(lasers firing)

- Come on.

(lasers zapping)

(high-pitched digital reading)


(high-pitched digital reading)


- No!



- No Merritt, go back!

Go back!


Alright everybody, go back.

Go back!

(lasers exploding)

Wait 'til they leave the barrier.

It's the only way.

- No, Kendall, wait.

This is never gonna work.

- This will work.

It'll work.

It's gotta work.

Come on.

(high-pitched digital reading)

- Come on.

Spread out.

We're beyond the shield.

Be careful.

(apprehensive music)


(laser reverberating)


- [Man] You alright?

- Yeah.

Thanks a lot.

Come on.

- [Man] Alright.

- Damn.

Kendall's gonna get us all killed.

- No, no, no, no, please.

Please don't shoot.

No, no, no.

(laser exploding)


(fast-paced music)

- Hey you.

(laser exploding)



- [Male Synth] You go on that
way, I'll check back here.

- Alright.

- Alright, okay.

- The patrons won't
underestimate you again.

Next time, they'll send an army.

- No, we have shown the
people that the Synths

can be defeated.

They'll join in the fight.

- We should try and talk to the patrons.

- That's suicide.

- So is what you're doing.

- Look, I think I figured out a way

to get through the barrier.

- You're crazy, you're crazy.

Nobody's who's tried it has survived.

You'll be fried.

I don't want to see that.

- He's dead.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey hey hey, look.

I got his weapon.

Let's get outta here.

- Listen.

Go on.

(glass shattering)

(high-pitched digital tones)


(bones cracking)

(elevator humming)

(lasers exploding)

- [Birch] See Robin, they
used to call those mountains.

The wind blows the clouds over the tops.

And that's sky.

Blue sky.

- No, wait, please.

Don't shoot.

I'm here to help you.

- How can you help me?

- The child has been born.

I can take you to it.

- Can you help me?

Can you help me?

Can you help me?

- [Hagen] Go ahead sir, do as she asks.

Kill her.

(cracking bones)

- [Birch] And that's called the sun.

I can read the word, but I
can't understand what it is.

- If you deceive me, I will kill you.

- It's only a little further, I swear.

The door is over there,

behind the wood.

I'll move it.

(lasers exploding)

- The child is not here.

Why did you deceive me?

- I don't...

I swear, I swear they were here.

They were here.

(baby crying)

- Hush baby, be quiet.

Be quiet just a little bit longer, please.

- [Hagen] That's far enough, human.

What's that you've got?

Put them down.

Move away.

- We'll win, eventually.

No matter how many of you
come, we'll find a way.

- We will destroy all your kind.

- What will your kind do for fun?

Admit it, life wouldn't be worth living,

if you didn't have your stock of slaves.

- And you are a fool.

- [Kendall] Really?

And here I though you
were starting to like me.

Humans built you, and we'll destroy you.

- [Hagen] We are perfect.

- Is that what you think?

How can you be?

You have human brains.

You're still ruled by
human desires and wants.

- No.

- You're an experiment gone wrong.

A footnote in human
history, as an organism.

You're a failure.

(laser exploding)

- Nero 5 has the child.


(baby crying)

- Quiet down, baby.

Be quiet.

(baby cries echoing)

- [Nero] They're up there.

- No.

They have Birch and the baby.


(baby crying)

- Don't!

Perrine, you bastard, I'll get you--

- Shut up.

- [Birch] Stop.

No, you can't take her in there.

- No, don't hurt her, no.

The child needs its mother.

- But not its seeder.

- But, you promised to save me.

You said you'd take me with you.

- Go ahead, kill him.

- I have no use for you.

- You're wrong.

I can help.

I can help take care of the child.

(rapid footsteps)

(laser exploding)

- Go.

Get him.

- [Computerized Female] You
have entered the Forbidden Zone.

- Come on, let's go.

Identity confirmed.

- What is this place?

- Just shut up.


Listen, come on we've got--

- Get away.

(baby crying)

- Is it really a child?

- [Birch] Kendall was right.

Please don't hurt her.

- Let's go.

Here, take this.

- Hurt her?

No, never.

It's a miracle.

The first birth since the Black Death.

- What of it?

- No one thought possible.

The women were sterile.

We had given up.

- I was instructed to bring
the baby through and I did.

One of the humans,

thought the woman should
accompany the baby.

Yes, the child would
suffer without its mother.

- But I'm not its'...

Who are you?

What are you?

- Just a human being like you.

And a old one,

who hasn't much time left, I'm afraid.

- What will happen to my baby?

- I'm sure the child won't be harmed.


- That is not going to do any good.

- Go on hurry, get back.

Stand clear.

- Wait, this is crazy.

What if this doesn't work?

- You got any better ideas?

(laser shooting)

(loud electrical devices exploding)

Come on!

Come on!

(fire crackling)

We're through.

We're on the other side of the barrier.

Come on, we made it.

Come on, come on.

(ethereal music)

- [Birch] What's he doing with my baby?

- [Nero] None of your business.

- You so much as touch
my baby, I'll kill you.

- Oooh, you got me shakin'.


(door slamming)

- Give me my baby!

- Come on.

(birds chirping)


- [Perrine] How much of this is there?

- [Kendall] Ah, more than
we could ever imagine.

- I don't believe people lived out here.

- Here and everywhere.

- The light is so harsh.

- It's called sunlight.

- It's terrible.

- Get used to it.

(baby crying)

- The human rebellion is under control.

My men will kill all who rebel.

The barrier contains all the humans.

You are safe.

- Come on.

- I bring to you a child.

A human child.

The human women can be
impregnated, and give birth.

They are not sterile.

- Give me back my baby!

- Look, that must be where congress sat.

- The, the what?

- The congress.

They ruled this area
before the Black Death.

They ruled from a big, beautiful building.

- [Perrine] Let's go back to the park.

It's safe there.

- No, we're never going back.

This is our home now.

First we have to find
Birch, and then the baby.

And then we can look for other people.

Other human beings.

- There aren't any.

Just patrons.

- You're wrong, my friend.

We are not alone.

(baby crying)

- I await your instructions.

- Don't you think the material
from the medulla alone

should be suitable?

- No, no, no.

I suggest the cerebral cortex.

It's the center of higher learning.

- The cells, they are robust in newborn.

They should give all of us,
at least, another 50 years.

- We expected never to
see another newborn.

Perfect for harvest.

- Enough.

The child is ours.

We'll remove all the brain cells,

and clone them immediately.

Each day the child ages, makes
her less valuable, for us.

Nero, take the child
to the extraction room.

- [Nero] As you wish.

(baby crying)

- [Computerized Female] You are perfect.

You were created from mankind,

but you are triumphal over mankind.

You have eternal life,
and eternal strength.

Nothing can harm you.

You are the destiny of all things.

You live to serve.

The choice is your own.

You are free.

(exhilarating music)

- [Kendall] Shh.

- Why didn't you shoot him?

- What and have 10 of
his friends after us?

No thank you.

We're here to find Birch and the baby.

Not kill another Nero.

- No.

We can't go up there.

There's bound to be more of them.

- Yeah, and hopefully Birch and Robin.

Now, come on.

- [Birch] Give me my baby!

Give me back my baby!

Give me back my baby!

- Here, hold this.


- Kendall!

I never though I'd see you again.

- Can't get rid of me that easy.

Look at you, you're a block of ice.

- [Birch] With Robin, there
was nothing I could do.

- Don't worry, we'll find her.

- Perrine and I'll search--

- Perrine?

- Yeah, he made it through with me.

- He's with them.

I saw him.

- What are you talking about?


What are you doing?

We've known each other our whole lives.

- You've made the wrong choice.

You're betraying
everything we know is true.

- [Kendall] Truth?

All the Synthetics taught
us, was how to be slaves.

They're gonna kill you when they find you.

- Patrons will reward me.

When they understand.

From now on, I'll be
running the whole park.

- There's no going back.

- No, not for you.

- Being human doesn't mean
anything to you, does it?

- I want to stay alive.

I really regret doing this Kendall.

I really do.


(thudding against flesh)

- No Perrine!

(wood cracking)

(fists smacking and thudding)

- Enough Perrine!

- No!

(wood cracking)


I'm sorry.

- It's Nero.

Bang on the wall.

He must've heard the fight.

- I want my baby.

- Louder.

- Give me back my baby!

Give me my baby!

Give me back my baby!

- It worked.

- [Computerized Female]
You've served the human race,

and you are its masters.

- The child is ready.

- [Computerized Female]
Your body is steel.

Your brain is steel.

Your will is steel.

You are the savior.

You are the future.

The human race is weak.

(door opening)

- Robin might be up there.

- [Computerized Female] You live to serve.

You have no fear.

You are perfect.

You were created from their kind,

but you are triumphal over their kind.

You have eternal life,

and eternal strength.

Nothing can harm you.

- Kendall, they're not moving.

What's going on?

- I don't know.

- [Computerized Female]
The choice is your own.

You are the destiny of
all men and all women.

Your power is absolute.

The human race is your domain.

You serve the human race,
and you are its masters.

Your body is steel.

Your brain is steel.

Your will is steel.

You are the savior.

- Why don't you just shoot them?

- And take a chance on waking them up?


We need to find a way to keep
'em just the way they are.

Looks like there's some kind
of control panel back there.

Come on.

- [Computerized Female] You inspire fear.

You create terror.

You demand the frailty
of all men and all women.

You are correct in all that you do.

No one can harm you.

No one can contradict you.

To do so is a crime.

You are the only law, and the final power.

There is no God.

You are God.

You have no fear.

You live to serve.

You are free, free, free,
free, free, free, free...


- What's happening?

- The neutralizer circuits
are shorting the panel.

- [Computerized Female]
Free, free, free, free, free.

- If we leave it here,

we could leave those
Synthetics locked up for good.


- [Computerized Female]
Free, free, free, free, free.

- What about Robin?

She's gotta be in this building somewhere.

- I know.

Don't worry, we'll find her, okay?

Let's go.

- What about the weapon?

- No, if we remove it from the panel,

we could wake 'em all up.

We can't risk that.

Come on.

- [Computerized Female] Free,
free, free, free, free...

free, free, free, free, free,
free, free, free, free...

free, free, free, free, free,
free, free, free, free...

free, free, free, free, free,
free, free, free, free...

free, free, free, free, free,
free, free, free, free...

free, free, free, free, free,
free, free, free, free...

free, free, free, free, free,
free, free, free, free...

free, free, free, free, free,
free, free, free, free...

(baby crying)

(liquid bubbling)

- Extract her.

- [Nero] 10 percent effectiveness.

- [Man] Move to 20%.

- [Nero] As you wish.

Moving to 20%.

(laser pulsating)


- Wha?

(laser zapping)


(grunting and groaning)

- You're human?

- Yes.


- This is gonna be fun.



- Forget him.

Get the child.

- Stop.



(laser reverberating)

(digital tones depleting)

- Your day's done, old man.

We're free.

It's over.

We're all free.

(emotionally-rich music)

Free, free, free, free,
free, free, free, free, free,

free, free, free, free, free,
free, free, free, free...

(saxophone music)