Dark Forces (2020) - full transcript

In search of his sister, a renegade criminal seeks answers at a sordid hotel where he encounters a sinister guest and romances a mysterious waitress.

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Good evening, sir.


I need a room.

That'll be 40 dollars.

For five more, you get a room with a TV.

There are also very classy women
that could pay you a visit.

It's really delicious.

It reminds me of mom.

I'm worried about you.

You have nothing to worry about.

I'll be fine.

So you're not letting it go?

At your service, sir.

What can I do for you?

I'm looking for a woman.
She's with an 18-year-old girl.

Her name is Julia.

Do you know her surname?


But I heard they've been staying here
for a while.

I think I know them.

Room 175.

May I ask about the people in that room?

That mustache looks good on you.

You must be careful,

because the singing girl is in there.

She'd better not hear you.

Please, let me go!

-Where is he?
-I don't know who you're talking about.

-Don't play the fool. Tell me where he is!
-I don't know him!

You're not going anywhere!
Come with me, damn it!

Let me go, please! I don't know him.

Take me to him right now! Where is he?

I don't know!

My room is on the first floor.

Will you check my foot?

Nothing's broken.

I was hoping for a sign.

And you showed up.

Will you pour me a drink?

For the pain.

I'm very grateful to you.

If you hadn't showed up...

who knows what would've happened.

My name is Rubí.

You'll never forget it.

And yours...

angel of the night?

My name is Franco.

I knew you'd come for me...


You're talking nonsense.

I can tell that you don't have
many friends around here.

You should come visit me.

I work 15 minutes away, on foot.

You can go to the reception and ask...

for the Eclipse Bar.

Last time, there was a rat's nest
inside the sewage.

We had to fill it with acid.

His sweet voice

You'll hear

And pain you will feel

Find her.

Find out where she is.

Do you know where she is?

Help me find her, please.

Help me.

I've told you a thousand times
not to come up here.

There's strange people.

And it's too desolate.

Wait, I have to talk to her.

You want to speak with the girl?

You'll have to wait for the full moon.

That's in two weeks.

It'll cost you $2,000.

And I warn you,
whether you get what you need or not,

you'll have to pay up front.

The beauty of your darkness

Fills me with black fire

From your heart

Stop your noise.

The girl and I have been waiting for you.

You look a lot like a lover I once had.

He was a very troubled young man.

Come on in.

Let me pour you a welcome drink.

There's no such thing as a coincidence.

If you've come to this door,
there's a reason for it.

Affinity and magnetism
are trying to tell us something.

You look pale.

You should get out of here while you can.

Don't feel sorry for me.
I've lived a full life.

When my time comes, I won't be scared.


This is my favorite book.

I wrote it many years ago.

Take it.

I won't pay you a cent for this.

You'll only be borrowing it.

I can help you...

if you let me.

How much will that help cost?

Everyone comes looking for the girl.

But she whispers to few.

Hi there!

My love!

Where are you going so lonely?

You could get lost.

It's so nice of you
to come looking for me.

I found the place by accident.

It may not seem like it...

but deep down, you're a gentleman.

You respect people.

That's uncommon these days.

I'm not this way with just anyone.

Do you have a family?

A wife?



I was married once.

Let's say it didn't work out.

But I'm eager to fall in love again.

You're wasting your time.

I think you've never been loved.

Don't you know what love means?

When I start loving you...

you won't stop thinking about me.

You need me as much as I need you.

The time is near.

We'll soon find out.

Who's there?

Strange noises were coming
from the hallway.

They seemed to be coming from here.

She seems to be in pain.

You're wrong.

It's pleasure.

Diva and I
have a complicated relationship.

She just took her dose.

It's better if she sleeps.

She enjoys it more that way.

What do you know about the psychic girl?

If you let me live within you...

you'll be able to meet with her
in your dreams.

In the city of the eternal night.

If you're not prepared...

the plans will soon be over.

If you want me to blow you away,
you'll have to pay me.

You and I come
from the darkest side of nature,

so go and do your job.

You should think of Mom more.

I understand it's a hunting night.

If you can bring me a souvenir,

I'll appreciate it.

The revolver fits my hand perfectly.

I'm glad you're starting your job.

I want to help you.

You won't stop following me, right?

If they catch you,
I won't be able to help you.

Don't hesitate.

And don't get us killed.

This is a heist!

If you cooperate, you won't die.

On the floor!

The stuff on the table.

Put your valuables on the table.

Heads down! What are you looking at?


My watch.

-No, not the watch.
-Give it to me!

No, please!

Is that what you want?


Stay down!

Don't move!

The way you say things...

with that violent tone.

One can tell how strong you are.

It's the only way
to make them respect you.

If you act weak...

you'll end up dead.

You must be willing to do anything.

It's either you...

or them.

That idiot...

jeopardized our entire future.

You did what you had to do.

We won't do this again.

I can't risk...

getting locked up...

or killed.

Where's the loot bag?

I've always wanted to carry out a robbery.

I feel the adrenaline running
through my body.

Let's make a circle.

Hold hands.

Focus on the image.

I ask for permission to lend this body

only to the invoked spirit.



come to 53, Rochester Street.

Hold her!

Rochester Street.

The person you're looking for is alive,
but in pain.

You'll have to come back.
My girl needs to rest.


She's not here anymore, Franco.

You're too late, as always.

Where's Max?

I guess you'll have to take me to him.

We're going for Sonia.

Move and I'll kill you.

Hands behind your back.


I told you she was
in a more comfortable place.


Was a girl named Sonia here?
Tall, dark and slender.

They took her away hours ago.

Are you looking for me, Franco?

Search no more.

Give Sonia back to me.

The only way to pay for your treason

is with your death.

You want Sonia back?

Then you'll have
to come work for me again.

I made you a lot of money,
I saved your life.

We're even.

No one walks out of here
without my permission and you know it.

Go fuck yourself, Franco!

Do you know her?


Did you find who you were looking for?

Not yet.

You're leaving soon.

I need to get going.

That's terrifying.

Those screams again.

There are many lunatics and addicts
wandering around this hotel.

You don't belong here.

I think you like playing the victim...


Like with the man in black.

You don't know what I've been through.

The pain I've felt.

It follows me wherever I go.

A ghost embraces me every night.

I'd like to go with you.

I travel alone.

I don't understand why.

Don't underestimate me.

I know how to survive too.

We can't be together.

In crime, whoever has your back today,
stabs you tomorrow.

You're wrong.

Together, we could do bigger heists.

And love each other forever.

You've no need to do this.

I'm willing to do anything
to change my life.

Then leave.

Go far away.

He has too much power.

He's taken all the hope in my life.

Who is he?

I'm trapped.

I know I need to leave this place
to feel better.

Take me away from here.


I feel I'm going crazy.

Watching my life go by in this place.


Dirty sheets, sir?

I'll help you take them out.

Let's hurry, Franco.

"I've traveled through the spheres,
crossed the portals,

descended to the abyss
and ascended to the mountains,

walked the seas.

The wind lords whirl around me.

The earth lords crawl,
full of wrath, at my feet."

Now I live inside your flesh.

You'll know what happens
both here and there.

I hold the secrets you're looking for.

The fate that awaits you is in my throat.

Our deal has been sealed.

I'll guide you

along the path of shadows.

Thank you. You saved me.

I've been his slave for years.

He's one of Max's hitmen.

I don't know what you're talking about.

All I know is...

a group of hitmen came to the hotel.

They took some people.

They took psychic girl too.

What do you know about them?

I've had enough.

I'm leaving with...

or without you.

You're going to tell me how you met him.

They have my sister.

The psychic girl was helping me find her.

I know a warehouse south of the city.

Take me there...

right now.

The warehouse in the back.

That's where they keep the girls.

It's time to go our separate ways.

You need to leave this place now.

Good luck.

I hope you find her.

Finally, Franco.

It's time to settle this once and for all.

I'll kill you with my bare hands.

I gave you a chance, Max.

Now, I'll kill you.


here's a proposal.

Let's start a new organization, you and I.

You won't escape this time.

Give me Sonia.



You're free.

They'll come back someday.

I'll always protect you.

You always protected me.

Now we'll be together forever.


tragedy is your fate.

Let's get out of here.

I'm okay.

You get out of here.

-Sonia, let's go.
-I'll take care of it. Take her, please.

Let's go.

Where did you leave your intuition
to smell danger,

-Evil has drunk from your blood.

You'll be next.

I'll prove to you those demons
are only in your head,

and they will never help you.