Danur 2: Maddah (2018) - full transcript

Risa (Prilly Latuconsina), a teenage girl who has 3 ghost friends named Peter (Gamaharitz), William (Alexander Bain) and Jhansen (Kevin Bzezovski). Risa now lives with her sister Riri (...

Please state your name to the camera.

My name is Ahmad Mufraeni.

How old are you?

I'm 63 years old.

When was the first time you met her?

In the pavilion in the backyard.

Can you describe her?

She was beautiful...

with long wavy hair,
and she smelled good.

She always smelled good
when she showed herself to me.

Like the smell of tuberose.

Anything you'd like to add?

She always played
the same song on the piano.

This is a true story.

Experienced by my Uncle Ahmad.

His love story...

with her.




Have a doll

Risa, it's almost noon.

Sis, you said you'd set your alarm.

Wake up!
My last rehearsal is today.

We'll be late to Uncle Ahmad's house.

Sis, wake up!

All right, all right, I'm up.

Hurry up.

Take a shower!

I brought the piano from Grandma's house.

I want you to visit often.

Of course we will,
now that you live in Bandung.

Play a song.

Don't. She might play it
to call her "friends."

That's all right.
That way you can befriend them.

- Where are you going?
- I want to play games upstairs.

- Let's play here instead.
- Okay.

Since your parents are not around,
you should come here often.

I'll cook you delicious meals.

- Okay?
- That would be great.

Because we only eat meatball soup
day in and day out.

Do you mean from Bakso Arief's?
Andri said that's Risa's favorite food.

It's the best in Bandung.

Your father said this is
your senior year of college.

How is it going?

I'm writing my final essay.

Eat more, Ri.

Remember your tutu.

I'm just kidding. You can eat.
I'm sorry.

Don't forget to come with us
to Grandma's grave tomorrow.

- Okay, see you guys tomorrow!
- Bye, Auntie!

See you! Drive carefully!


I'm already in the theater building
where Riri's doing her final rehearsal.

All right, I'll send you photos.

All right, I'll send videos, too.

All right, Mom. Bye.

Swing it.

You know what?
I was so embarrassed.

They said, "What's wrong with your sister?
Is she crazy?"

Can't you be normal like us?

I don't want you to come
to the show.



Time to wake up, honey.

Yes, I've just finished my class,
and I'm on my way to pick you up.

There's no God but Allah

There's no God but Allah

Grandma said we shouldn't
bury the dead in the afternoon.

She said the spirits
would join the ceremony.

Hey, Aunt Tina.

- Hey, dear.
- Hey, Aunt Tina.

Where's Uncle Ahmad?

He's at... Can you call him again?

He's not answering.

And he didn't read my text, either.

Where is he?

I don't know.
He left home this morning.

There he is.

Hey, Uncle.

- Where have you been?
- Working.

-I saw you on the street with...
-I was alone.

Let's pray for Grandma.


Let's take a picture
and send it to Mom.


Can you imagine?

I was doing a final rehearsal
for the ballet show.

And suddenly Risa screamed really loudly.

I was so embarrassed.

We had to stop rehearsing.

She didn't interrupt
your rehearsal on purpose.

But still...

This room is for you and Riri.

Both of you should spend
the night here sometimes.

This house feels empty
without Andri around.

We will.

That pavilion is my dad's workstation.

Let's go downstairs.


Look what I've got for you.

- It's cilok.
- It's special cilok.

Sit here, sweetie.

Risa, can you call Uncle Ahmad?

- He's on extension four.
- Okay.



Riri's been waiting for you.
We're snacking on cilok.

I already ate.

Sis, look at this.

This is an app to estimate your age.
And this is your age estimation.

This is mine, and this is Angki's.

This is Aunt Tina's,
and this one is Uncle Ahmad's.

Do you know which one of us
is 113 years old?

I also appear older here.

Maybe your app has an issue.

It only misjudged
the age of the people in the picture.

But it never miscounted the people in it.

I think you've got a faulty app.
Believe me.





- Hey.
- Hey!

What are you doing here this late?

I'm just making myself a coffee.

Why do you need coffee this late?

Where's your father?

I don't know.
In the pavilion, maybe?


Don't forget your evening prayer, okay?

Peter, William, Janshen!

How many times do I have to tell you?
Put away your toys after you're done.


Have a doll

- Hello, I'm Hendrick.
- I'm Hans.

We're Peter's friends.

Can we be your friends, Risa?


Aren't you going to answer Angki's call?

You have to spend the night here tonight.
I'll tell you everything.

Promise me, okay?

Okay, bye.

- Who was that?
- Risa.

They're coming here tonight, right?

She has to pick Riri up at school first,
then they'll spend the night here.

I'll cook them something.


What's wrong, Ki?

What's Dad doing there?

Why is he acting so creepy?

And why is he planting
tuberose in the garden?

They say if you can smell
flowers in your house,

then it's haunted by a female ghost.

You're not supposed to say that.
It will bring bad luck.

Let's go, Risa!

I left school in a hurry for this.

Let's go!

This is my house.

If you want to invite your friends here,
always ask my permission first.

And don't make a mess in the house
while I'm away, okay?


Let's go. We're going to be late.


Please don't go there, Risa.

Why not?

Last night, I heard
the piano playing by itself.


And when I was in the bathroom,
I saw a scary woman's face in the mirror.

Are you sure you're not sensing
anything in this house?

Every house has its ghosts.

But I haven't seen one in this house.

And you know what?
Dad is acting weird lately.

He put tuberose flowers
in every corner of the house.

Sorry, Ki.
I can't tell you anything yet.

I think your father is having an affair.

- You can't do that.
- Are you sure?

- Are you sure I can't do that?
- No, you can't.

I lose, then.

It's almost dinnertime.
I'd better start preparing the food.

- Okay.
- You will have to play alone now, okay?


- Can we eat now?
- Wait for your dad.

I've called to let him know
it's dinnertime.

Wait for him a little longer.

The flowers smell stronger at night.

Yes, because it's tuberose. Right?

They bloom at night,

so they smell stronger at night.

What is it, Sa?

You don't like the smell?

This is not the smell of flowers.

This is the smell of...

Okay, the family is complete.
Let's eat.


Can you sense something strange
in this house?

Why, did you experience something?

When my ball bounced away
under the chair...

I felt something grab my hand.

Let's pray.

Sis, don't you think
that looks like a grave?

Did you see something?

You didn't see that?

So it's true, this house is haunted?

Who are you?

Go away!

Oh, my God.




- Mom!
- Aunt Tina. Oh, my God. Aunt Tina!

- Mom, it's Angki.
- Aunt Tina, it's Risa.

But nothing's wrong
with her health, right?

Her vitals are normal,
and the X-ray came out fine.

There's nothing wrong with her physically.

So what's wrong with my mother?

Maybe she is stressed about something?

You can take her home tonight.
But you need to look after her.

Let's do the morning prayer first.

Ri, please hold this for a moment.

Uncle Ahmad.

Let's do the morning prayer together.

Dad, let's pray.


Let's pray.

Let's go!


Wash yourself, Dad.

Just walk him to the prayer room.

Let's go.

Risa, where's my Dad?

- I will look for him.
- Okay.

Hello, Mom?

The doctor said she's okay.

Riri and I spent the night
in Aunt Tina's house.

Uncle Ahmad?
He's fine.

Okay, don't worry.

Okay. Bye.

Hello, Ki?

You found Uncle Ahmad?

All right, I'll meet you there. Bye.

Where am I?

This is the smell of danur.

But I'm guessing...

you're not unfamiliar with the smell.

I smell danur...

almost every day.

That flower is strong enough
to mask danur's smell.


Actually, I'm used to seeing them.

But is it possible to not see them,

even if I smell danur?

They can choose
if they want to be seen or not.

Just because you can't see them,
doesn't mean they're not there.

Go away!

Maddah means you should read carefully.

In this case,
you should focus on their presence.

Eat, Aunt Tina.

Just a bite, please?


You should eat.

What's going on with you?
Why are you behaving like this?

What happened to you last night?

Please answer me, Mom.

Stop it, Ki.

Could you feed her?
And give her her pills after that.

Aunt Tina, I hope you get well soon.

What should we do now?

I knew it, there's something creepy
about this house.

The devil did that to her, right?

I know it has something to do
with that pavilion.

Have you noticed

my dad's strange behavior
since he started staying in that room?

I went to the pavilion last night.

And I found this diary.

You might find your answer in here.

"Especially for you, Elizabeth."


"I can see your beautiful face."

With your gown,
you walk just like a princess.

This place will be the silent witness...

of how you've made me
fall in love with you, El.

You told me...

that I looked like
your lover from decades ago.

I don't care, El.
I'm falling in love with you.

You smell as good as the flowers
I planted in the garden.

Next Thursday is your birthday.

You said the day after your birthday...

your lover left because of you.

"I've promised you that I will go
with you forever, haven't I?"

"Thursday, March 29.
Elizabeth Verjaardag."

Verjaardag. What language is that?

It's in Dutch.

It was taken on Elizabeth's 23rd birthday.

You didn't see that?

I know this house is haunted.

Who are you?

What is it?

Look at this.

The app shows an age estimate
of 113 years old next to Uncle Ahmad.


If you calculate the year...

that means she was born in 1905.

So the app is correct.
In 1928, it was her 23rd birthday.


So all this time, Elizabeth was...

I thought Uncle Ahmad was cheating.

But I was wrong.

Are you saying that my dad
fell in love with a ghost?

"Next Thursday is your birthday.

You said the day after your birthday,
your lover left because of you.

I will go with you, too, El.

I've promised you..."

Do you think my dad
is willing to die for El?

I should ask my friends.



Have a doll

How beautiful

And cute it is


I gave it a skirt

The skirt is so beautiful

Please, look

At my doll


I know you're Elizabeth.

What do you want from our family?

He'll die.

Your father will die.

He's going with her.

What do you want from my father?

He's handsome.

He looks like my beloved brother.

His name was Dimas.

He was murdered!

She's going to kill him tonight.


Risa! Risa!


Go away!

- No.
- Go away, Ki!


Risa, Risa, Risa...

What happened to Risa?

You stay here. Watch Riri and Aunt Tina.

I have to help Uncle Ahmad.



Don't go there, Risa!

He's going to die...


Uncle Ahmad?


Uncle Ahmad, it's me, Risa.

Uncle Ahmad...

Uncle Ahmad!

Her soul is trapped inside that book.


I'm not Dimas!

My name is Ahmad.

I don't love you!

I don't love you,
and I will never love you!

Please forgive me, Tina.

Please forgive me.

Forgive me, Angki.

Thank you, Peter, William,

Janshen, Hendrick, and Hans.

Her name is Ivana.

Elizabeth was my best friend.

She was in love with Dimas, my brother.

Elizabeth's father didn't approve
of their relationship.

I was no longer best friends with El.

Your uncle looks like Dimas.

El wanted your uncle to go with her.

Thank you, Ivana.

Excuse me.

I'm sorry, I'm saving
these seats for my friends.

It's okay.

- We're sorry.
- That's okay.

Next, a ballet performance

from a beautiful and talented girl.

Riana Rizki!




A doll



And cute it is

My name is Canting.