Dans le ventre du dragon (1989) - full transcript

A pharmaceutical laboratory, nutty scientists, and human guinea pigs. A Quebecois sci-fi comedy about three friends, one of them a test subject.

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In the Belly of the Dragon

Subtitles by Robert Gray
(Kinograph) Montréal

I'd go round the world.

I'd find my island.

Scientific Research:
Make Money Fast!

Missed it.

I know.

You're mixin' me up!

I dreamt all night.

- Yup.

I was on this planet,
with gardens everywhere.

The grass was as thick
as a Turkish carpet.


Wasn't it black last time?

It was another planet.

On this one,

it was so hot, Bozo,
we'd be dry in a flash.

The moon was scorching.

The sky was white.

These huge cactuses,

all kinds of'em,

some I'd never seen before.

It smelled so good.

I wasn' alone.

Was I there?
- Yup.

I saw you.

An' you,

with this babe...

Shoulda seen 'er!

Maybe it was my wife.


That's why
I didn' recogniz'er.

It was incredible,
like they'd mixed

Japanese gardens

an' Arizona.

It was heaven.

How come I never dream?
- Ya must.

I swear.
- Impossible.

Ya'd die
if ya didn't dream.

Once they stopped a cat
from dreamin'.

After two weeks,
it was a wreck.

Ya don't remember'em is all.

How come I don' remember?

You a dreamer, kid?

You a dreamer?

Better move.

Everybody here?
One, two...

We're here, so to speak.
- Okay boys...

We got two days
to deliver these.

Ya crazy?
That's a week's work.

So it's a two-day week.
Ya can work nights.

Eaton's is havin' a big sale.

We can't let'em down.

The entire capitalist system
depends on our flyers.

Remember that
an' ya got it made.

All aboard!

I'd take Siberia any day.

All aboard, kid.

Shut the door, Bozo.

Darnit, boss!

I spilled my coffee.

Coffee's 60 cents.

That's 30 flyers,
an' 30 doors.

You gonna deliver
my flyers?

Always bitchin' Steve.

If I drive slow
ya lose money.

Now I'm goin' too fast...

Think positive, Steve!

Wring my thing!


Wring my thing!

Just like a mop,
you like being wet.

Same as my wife.

What is?

She likes being wet.

No thanks to you, I bet.

3 days with her
an' you'd be a goner.

What's she got?

D'ya give her the clap?

Never the same gift twice.

Goddam Bozo!

Research is underfunded,

You don't appreciate
our worth!

You plan to ax this project?
Forget it!

I need the money!
- Lucas...

I'm on the threshold...
- Lucas!

...of a discovery
that will revolutionize medicine!

My work...

I'm here from New York
to see you.

This Centre was founded
over 80 years ago.

We've turned Dr Wells
two-bit outfit

into North America's
leading pharmaceutical consortium.

His two-bit outfit
developed Renovor,

the headache drug
that made this company.

Wells believed in research!

5% of our budget is devoted
to research. A huge sum.

Then why am I being cut off?

You can't use the old wing
for anything else.

Don't exaggerate.
You have no results to show.

And my brain-activated cure
for the flu?

Doesn't that count?

Dr Lucas, our goal isn't
to have the sick cure themselves,

but to market new drugs.

Why are geniuses
always unbalanced?

A genius but overemotional.

Wait outside.

I said wait outside.

I hope you realize

that your transfer
is not a demotion.

We value your services highly.

You'll be more useful here
than at HQ.

I need someone I can trust.

It's time we learned
exactly what is going on

with her research.

Watch her closely.
I'm counting on you.

I want a full report.

Stay away
from my goddam mailbox!

The sign says ''no circulars''.
Can't ya fuckin' read?

Next guy I catch

I shove'm down his throat.

Look fatmouth,

leave the kid alone.

Was I talkin' to you?
It so happens I read'em.

And no one's gonna stop me
from gettin'em. Ya hear?

If ya got nothin' better to do...
- Listen twit!

How 'bout gettin' a job
an' givin' our ears a break!

Eat shit!
- Fuck you!

Tell him where to go, kid.

You'll be fired
if ya don't deliver.

Then fatso there
won't be around to help ya.

I'll ram your cap...

Don' give my cap that crap.

You're lucky I'm in slippers,

Shut your goddamn mugs!

I'm no welfare bum like you!

I work nights,
an' days I want my rest!

Then go inside
and plug your dirty ears.

Ya ugly cow!

Dumb farts!
- Jazz lovers!

Here ya go, tits!

Eat shit!

Come down here!

That does it!

I'll show you guys!

I work nights!

You don' say much,
do ya kid?

Ashamed o'this job?

Well don't be.

How may jobs let ya dream
an' think? Not many.

That's what I call freedom.

- Yessir.

Mediocrity's more like it.

No way.

I prefer bein' poor an' free

than playin' slave
to some big boss.

You have a boss.
- Yeah, but he's okay.

He's a little boss.

Not like that.

Ya gotta keep'em up.

Like this.

You'll hurt your back
carryin' it that way.

'Scuse me, boss.

Hey Bozo, look.

He's helpin' the kid.

Steve's an okay guy really.

I used to be like him.

He'll go far too.

Ya like Steve,
huh boss?

When he's not in the truck.

He always wants
the last word.

That's true.
- You're right.

Sure, I just said so.

I just said what you said.

I did.
- What d'you say?

I said what we said.

Cut it out an' get goin'.

Okay, but I did say it.

We're here to eat,
not dance.

Ya got half an hour.

I wanna surprise my wife,

take her dancing
on her birthday.

Steve, come help.
- Nah, ask the boss.

Ask the kid.

He'll say no.

Ya'd do anythin' for her, huh?

That's love.
- Yessir!

Why're we out
by the prison?

What prison?

It's a picnic by the river.

I 'member when I was inside.

Christ I envied guys like us.

What were ya in for?

- Bombings?

I was out to change the world.
- You?

Ya can't even change socks!


even bosses
can only go so far.

That's the system.

Someone with power
always wants more.

He starts small
and turns into a monster.

Ya gotta chop off
the dragon's head

before it eats ya.

I blew up an arms factory
an' three monuments.

But no one was hurt.

They trailed me,
but I did my share.

An' boss,
lemme tell ya,

I'd start again tomorrow.

Damn leaf!

Count yourself lucky

that I even hired ya.

Hot darn.
- The system, as ya call it, works.

Even a loser like you needs it

despite all your bitchin'

Don't ya forget...

- ...without it you're nothing.

Y a can't buy me, boss!

Get that straight!

I'm an anarchist,
not a parasite.

I pay my way.

I got it!

C'mere Steve, I got it.

Let's see.
- Just a sec.


That's not it, Bozo.

Here, lemme show ya.



Over here.

You have to urinate here.

Don't collect at the beginning
or the end.

Then fill this out.

The toilets are down the hall
and to the left.


Now your other hand.

Squeeze twice.

That's it.


I long for a man
who's as strong as me.

It's so frustrating.

Hard as you can.

I've loved so many men.

At least...


They didn't live long.

They grew weak.

Okay, let go!

You're strong, Mme Côté.

Food for the vampires.

Above-average endurance
in number 2.

I've seen him before.
- The antidepressant tests.

I remember.

Never got past Phase I.

3's unusual. A perfect score
in concentration.


Rare powers
of concentration.

But a problem character:


undisciplined, impulsive,
rebellious, a dreamer...

Sounds interesting.

Rare powers
of concentration.

Funny name, Lou.

Have his file analyzed.

He may do the trick.

Do you think we can start him
in Phase II?

You haven't said much
about it

but I suspect
your hypothesis needs testing.

That's what research is for.


but you might fill me in.

So I can help.

We have work to do.

A buck,

another buck,

another buck...

Come back!

Let go o'him!

Get'em Bozo!

Did ya know that girl?

Didn't get to ask her name.

She needed help.

Reminds me of a girl
I knew in France.

She used to help people too.

Not your average chick.

We traveled to pick grapes
but were rained out.

Call this rain?

Call this rain?
- I didn' say nothin'.

It rained so hard
we had to fish for the grapes.

I wound up back in Paris
dead broke.

An' Paris is expensive
when you're broke.

Sure 'nuf.
- Lucky she was around.

What was her name?

Last time she wasn't French.

She was French.

She was, I'm sure of it.



Ah France, Bozo...

I oughta take ya some time.

The south, pastis,

red wine,

poire williams -
ya gotta try it.

Sure, but try this,
it ain't so bad either.

Why not, a little shot.

Easy does it.
- Lou, try this.

No thanks, I can't.
- Go on.

I have another blood test

A blood test?

Catch something?

Who was it?
- No one.

He caught it from himself.

A contortionist!

An' he looks so innocent.

I'm getting paid to test some pills
for a research centre.


Well, ya can buy
some new boots.

Not like these.
Know how much they cost?

Feet are important, kid.

How much ya need?

How much?

$6, 7, 8? You name it.

I need $64.

Are they by Chanel?

C'mon, out with your wad.
Cough up!

Hey, do I wear Chanels?
- Forget it.

We're a team
an' a team sticks together.

Do I live beyond my means?

It's a loan, you'll pay us back.
- Keep your money.

For sneakers yes,
boots no.

I told ya
never to touch the keys.

That so hard to understand?

Darnit, boss,

what's wrong?

What is it?
- Nothing.

You'll flood it.
Ya will.

He flooded it,
like ya said.


I lost St Joseph Boulevard.

For 3 years
I'd been dreamin'.

St Joseph Boulevard!

A lovely wide street

lined with little houses

with lots of little doors,

an' a few big buildings too.

A street paved with gold, boys.

I thought I deserved it.

It's a dog-eat-dog world.

No gratitude,

no loyalty.

- C'mon, boss...

- C'moff it.

You're the best, boss.
This'll pick ya up.

Gotta trust the system.

Rotten to the core!

What now?
- A calypso trio special:

Southern Comfort,

a drop of crème de bananes

an' green or white
crème de menthe.

Melon brandy ain't bad either,
for a change.

Bozo, your song!
- Turn it up!

This'll keep us busy
until 2000.

Speak for yourself.
I'll be long gone in orbit.

Watcha doin', Bozo?

Use your head.

Start in the front,
not the back.

I am startin' in front.

No, in the front o'the truck.

The front of the truck's
in back o'me.

In the front!
- Right,

in the front of the back.

Just get to work!

Hold it, Bozo.
I was just thinking, boss.

This here's your job.

You got up too late
to load the truck.


I'll spring you lunch.

- The best!

Back to work.
- In front!

Where's the kid?

Just think!

If this was piles of cash
and not goddam flyers...


French francs,

Canadian dollars,
U.S. dollars...

What would ya do with it?

Move my room to Miami.

A universe of cold cash,

a green sea of paper.

We'd cruise
in a sports rocket.

We'd rent a condo
with a view o'the Milky Way!

Huh, Bozo?

Sure 'nuf.

Lou! Lou!

Darnit al!

You okay?
- Yeah.

You okay?

Paper walls!


All I ever see...

When I go to sleep,
when I wake up...

My clothes reek of paper.

I gotta get outta this.

Take it easy,
you got time.

Guys? Lou? Steve?

Let's get some air.
- This is no time

to play around. We're late,
an' we got lots to do.

An' don't forget lunch.

Let's go.

Let's go, kid.

Finish it, why doncha?

He'll have another.

Thirsty, huh?

Sure 'nuf.

Thirsty hell,
he's just hoggin'.

One more, Pat.

One more!
- Hold it,

just one more, Pat.

Yeah, just one.

What's wrong, kid?
- He's outta sorts.

I never saw him in.
- Darn, boss.

At his age
the sky's the limit.

That's not true,

not anymore.

Kids today are such pessimists.

Think positive, kid.

Open your eyes,
look around.

The machine's too big,

you can't control it.

It'll self-destruct.

I'm just a realist.

You're feeling alienated.

So change the system.

It can't be changed.

We gotta start
from scratch.

I started from scratch.

I used to deliver flyers,

now I own a truck.

It better not self-destruct.

Woah, I'm the boss!

Here, Steve.

Great head.

I know I'm gonna die young

an' I won't be alone.

Cut it out,
I'm getting depressed.

A chaser, Steve?
- Not just yet.

I'll have one.

I'd take off
if I had the cash.

That's what I did,


I'd go round the world.

Been to Miami?
- 'Course.

I'd find my island.


Place looks like a bank.

It prevents
industrial espionnage.

The Centre is privately owned.

We're creating
the medicine of tomorrow.

You'll help science advance

and reduce human suffering.

We're studying the flu.

Never had it.
- Doesn't matter.

We'll inject you
with the virus.

Then we'll begin treatment.

You may experience
minor side-effects,


Does that scare you?
- What's it pay?

- A day?

Per week!
Plus room and board.

It may last 3 weeks.

Not enough,

not with all the money
you rake in.

There's another program.

What's it worth?
- $1000 a week.

But for that
you'll be really sick.

Nausea, diarrhea,

and under 24 hour observation.




Go on.

Sign here.

You start tomorrow.
- Why not today?

Don't you want to think it over?
Tell your family?

There's no one I have to tell.

Your future's on the line.

I know what I'm doing.

He's perfect!


This is it.

That's Jean.

You'll be sharing the room.

First take a shower,


put on this outfit

and these booties.

Throw your old clothes
down the chute.


Your bag.

I want to keep my boots.

Can I?

But don't wear them.

If you need anything

press this button.

That's not
where it belongs!

I'll be back for you in...

in an hour.

Your first time?

It's my third.

But I'm quitting,
before it gets to me.

This is our common room.

The new wing is further down.

It's a huge installation.

But here I can work in private.

All this for the flu?

No, we test all kinds of drugs.

You use old people?

I'm studying aging of the brain.

So people can heal themselves.

That's the program you're in.

How can we heal ourselves?
- Our brains.

A newborn uses
only 2-3% of his brain.

By the time we die,
we've used only 12-13%.

If I can activate
the dormant brain cells

God knows
what we can achieve.

The potential...

Nice dream.

You have to sleep,
Mme Côté.

Don't want to.

I want to see people.

It smells bad.
- Like any hospital.

It stinks of rotten fish.

Feel sick.

My skull's too tight.

We'll ease your pain,
I promise.

I'm tired of your damn needles,

of being locked up.

You feel locked up?

Where does it hurt?

I don't want to die here.

I want to die in a real house...
- Easy now.

...in a real bed...
- Calm down.

...with someone I love.

I'm fed up with being old.

Fed up...

Want to go!


That's enough!

She tried to kill me.
- Outbursts can occur.

She might have too.

She's outgrown
her usefulness,

almost uncontrollable.

When did she arrive?
I couldn't find her file.

I saw it in her eyes,
she wants revenge.

She's perfectly lucid!

I'm not sure.

Her reaction proves it.

Yes, maybe we're
on the wrong path.

Maybe I'm wrong.

We produce an excellent cure
for tobacco addiction.

It relaxes me!
- If you say so.

I want to die
in my own house.

You're fine here.

We're too far ahead.

Must be at least year 5000.

We're in a different world.

The dead will come back.

Evildoers will have
their own place.

We'll have our own place too.

Each of us will have

a real house

to love in peace.

A real house...

...a real house.

I'm almost cured.

I'll be out soon.

What a relief.

Don't wanna go back on the dole,
but what can ya do?

Can I ask you a favor?

Cash this for me.

Why do you get such big checks?

Give half to my ex-landlord

and $100...

no, $150 to my friend Steve.

You can keep the rest.

What disease did you get?

I dunno,
but it's taking hold.

Here, the addresses.

I want to die at home...

...lying in a real bed

with someone who loves me.

My father used to
tell me stories.

I'd ask him for the moon,

the real one.

One night he said he'd get it

just for me.

Nice meeting you.

If you want,
I'm in room 26.

It's easy to remember,

my last lover was 26.

He used to call me Dawn.


Whatever she has,
it's got hold of her.

She's beautiful.

Hasn't the kid finished
his tests?

We'll have to replace him.

Boss, we're a team,
same as in hockey.

Takes two wingers an' a center.

The kid'll show up.

Takes three to make a team,

you two an'another guy.

Reminds me of the one
about the 3 guys on a desert island.

Heard it, Boss?
'Bout the 3 guys...

Out with it.

Three guys were
on a desert island,

a Frenchman,
a Québecer, and a Newfie.

They were desperate.

One of'em finds this magic lamp.

An' each guy can make a wish.

The Fenchie says, I wanna go home,
an' he vanishes.

The Québecer says, I wanna go home,
an' he vanishes.

The Newfie says, it's boring,
I wish they were back.

''I wish they were back!''

That's a good one!

You're faking.

Tomorrow's the day.

Don't worry, I'll be there.

Do you trust me?

Test 57,
brain activitation.


Reduced muscular resistance.

Increased adrenalin.

Neurography stable.

10% of cells are functional.

Subject is ready
to enter Phase Yellow.

Heart 48.

Lou? Can you hear me?

It's me, Lucas.

Feel alright?


How old are you?

- Right.

Now listen,
you're twice that.

You're 40.

How old are you?

Brain activity rising.
- 40.

Activity only 14% of left
but 17% of right.

You are 70 years old.


Is the spread widening?

Yes, 16/25.

I'm 70.
- Right acid levels up.

It's working, Lucas!

Cell activity rising.

You're 100,

How old are you?

Blood profile deteriorating.

How old are you?

Heart 27.


I've lost control!

Computer's failing.
Heart 21.

87% or right is active.
Left stable at 47%.

Speech decoder.

I'm trying.

Switch to the mainframe.
- It's on.


behind the glacier.

We found it.

I knew the place existed.

A tropical sea
within the glacier.

Right stable,
left capacity soaring.

A tropical sea in the glacier

and an island.

Life started over.

Our children went
to the continents

in search of other survivors.

This place had to exist.

Why else would we have survived

till now.

Where are you?

Answer me.

Where are you?

Now I can die.

Now I can die.
- Why?


No pulse.

Emergency generators,

12. We have a pulse.


Just as I thought.

We attained
maximum brain activity.

But I see where I went wrong.

I thought the intellect
was the key, but no!

At first both sides
climbed equally.

Then the right lobe
moves ahead.

dominates rationality.

He was able
to create a new reality.

I saw the images
generated by his imagination.

We'll stop testing with adults.

We have to capture
the imagination

at its strongest and purest.

That's the key, Mireille,

the imagination.

We should work
with children.

Even newborn babies.

Yes, it'll be better
with newborns.

Imagination in its purest form.

The soul...

This imaged before black-out.

It's only a magnetic glitch.

It's the soul.

We photographed the soul.

I'm not supposed to go today.
I'm still sick.

You'll be fine.
No alcohol for 3 days.

After each meal.

What's with Lou?

He hasn't moved.
- He's recuperating.

Your last check.

See ya Lou.

This is from Lou.

I won't go till I see him.

No visitors just now.
Come back next week.

I know Steve. If he says
he won't leave, he won't.

So ya might as well let him in.

He can stay if he wants,
but he ain't goin' in.

- Huh? But Steve...

Was he in your dream?

It wasn't a dream.

It was a nightmare.

The second - an' I never
have nightmares.

Somethin's not right.

An' what Jean said
got me thinkin'.

Move it,
we're wastin' money.

Remember that boys,
time is money.

I got an idea.
- An idea?

An idea.

What's the boss gonna say

when he finds a note
'stead of his truck?

Quick, the door.

Here's Flipper.

Watch it, it's fragile.

It's fragile, I said!

Okay... Jean's map.

How's it go?

What's that?

It was in the boat.

What's it for?

If it rains.
I can't swim.

It's not deep.

I don' think.
- I'd feel safer...

Not now, okay?

Hear me? Not now!

Ya listenin'?
- Yeah.

If we get separated...
- Separated, right.

We won't,
but just in case,

ya wait 15 minutes,
then come here.

Ya don't wait for me.
Ya drive into town.

If I'm still missing
tomorrow morning at 8:30

ya call the cops.

Got that?
- If I'm missing, I call the cops.

No, then I call the cops.

You call the cops.

If one of us is missing,

the other guy calls the cops.

That's what I said,
me or the other guy.

The other guy's you.

That's what I said,
you call the cops.

That's what I said.

That's what ya said.
Right, now get going.


Over there.

Watch out!

It's fragile!

Ya wanna break it?
- It's slippery.

Ya still don't have to wreck it!

I'm slippin'!

Come on!
Get going, move!

Oh lord!

Gently now...


I've read your report.

Can we salvage the project?

I didn't see what she did.

Her claims are irrational
and unverifiable.

You mean she's out of control?
- Correct.

She's lost touch with reality.

I've discovered lapses
in her testing methods.

Such as?

I don't have access to her files
so I can't specify.

I see.

As of this moment
you take over.

Stop all testing,
send all subjects home.

I want all trace of the program
gone in 3 days.

I never want
to hear of it again.

Let me handle Dr Lucas.

I'll get there
as soon as I can.

I know I can count
on you, Mireille.

The Board knows it.

You have full powers.

We'll never get there
in this thing.

Ain't built for speed.
- You said it.

We'll get there.

Paddleboats ain't made for this.

They're made
for romantic outings on a lake

with your wife

under a full moon.

It's true.
That's what they're for.

Nobody's ever gonna believe this.

Bozo, it don't matter
if a story's true.

It's all how you tell it.

You'll see.

Just ask your wife.

Your wife...

Just ask her.

I will.
- You see?

Immediate application
of evacuation procedures.

Code 101.

I repeat,

for all Level A and B technicians,

immediate application
of evacuation procedures.

Code 101.

Nurses in test blocks C and D,

gather your patients.

Nurses in test blocks C and D,

gather your patients.

All work teams now on duty

in the common room,

report to your sections.

I repeat...



It's a secret.

I'm not supposed to have it.

My first lover took it.


Mustn't say it's me.

They'd take it away.

I was beautiful, wasn't I?

That's you?

It's all I have left.

It was so long ago.


They're coming!

She's scheduled
to leave tomorrow.

Take her to her room.
You come with me.

Cut the dragon's head off
before it devours the world.

I know how far it can go.

It's scary.


You mustn't be scared.

We have to go on.

If we can pass on
all our knowledge to babies,

they'll have their entire lives

to discover, to learn,

to become better...

A new race.

You have to help me.

Let me...

Get her out of here.

Grab her!

Search it.

Someone was here,
where is he?

Take her away.

You okay?

All clear.
Here goes.

Your foot's in my face.

Shut up
or I'll put it up your ass.


I told ya to tie it.
An' ya didn't.

Sure 'nuf.

Get moving.

That was the easy part.
- Think so?

Light up.

The map!

Wish I'd brought my camera.

This way.

Darn, Bozo.



This way.

- What?

I'm scared.
- Come off it!

Scared o'what?

What's that?
- My stomach.

We'll take the elevator.

- What?

I gotta tell ya...

In case somethin' happens.

Ya gotta know.

Spill it!

You're the best pal I ever had.

You're my only real family.

- Steve...

- Wait.

For years
I've been lying to ya.

I don' wanna die
with it on my conscience.

Ya don't deserve it.

Then tell me.

My wife...


It ain't true.

I never had one.

I don't believe it!

Are you for real?

Come on!
- You're surprised?

Hell yes.

Hey, I said I was surprised,
I'm surprised.

You believed it?

You thought it was true?
- Sure did!

It was perfect.
I mean...

'Cause on the lake
I thought...

No way!
- ...he's on to me.

It was perfect, Bozo.

Listen, Bozo,

we still got a lot to do.

You're gonna be a hero.

Sure 'nuf.

If I have to.

Let's go.


Look, the common room.


The common room.
We're almost there.

Ya keep sayin' that.

This way.

Over there.

Good lord!

Hide. Hide!

Lou, is that you?

I'm a friend of his.

Stay calm.

What room's he in?
Where's Lou?

- Yeah, where is he?

They took him away.

Like my other lovers.

He won't come back.

You know him?
- Listen.

Where'd they take him?
- Away.

None of them ever came back.

I'm too strong for them.

Jesus I was scared.

It's the wrong room!

Whatta we do?

We'll never find him.

We'll come back.

Help, a devil in my room!


Two of them, in my room!
I'm scared.

Open it!
- Locked.


Christ, where are we?

Somebody's following us.

Corridor 33.

Flat against the wall!

Expect me to go through it?

Where are we?
- Shh, they'll hear us.

We'll be safe here.

Sure 'nuf.


Do we take'em?

Or go back out?


They keep going.
- Wanna go back?

We can't.

We'll go home.

We're going home.

It's full of old folks.

Look at his hands.

They look so young.

I knew something wasn't right.

Lou may be here.


You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

This is disgusting.

It's inhuman
to lock'em away like this.

We can't just leave'm here.

Whatta we do?
Huh, watta we do?

Get goin' Bozo, move!

Let go!

The stench!

Just what is going on here?

Guinea pigs.

She's used 50 in 3 years.

The files show they were discharged
after 3 weeks.

But they're still here
rotting away.

No family,
no fixed address,

no one to ask about them -
like they never existed.

They're mine!

Clear out these filthy monsters!

They're repulsive.

Let me continue my work.

I can restore their youth!

You betrayed me.

You're a raving charlatan!

Obsessed by your project!

Where does that leave us?

If at least you'd had results.

Your time's up, Lucas.

Geniuses, artists, dreamers,

they should all be eliminated.

They create nothing but chaos

and disorder.

A snake!
- Run!

Run Bozo!

This way.

Down here!

If ya know a prayer,
let's hear it.

'Cause this time

I think we've had it.

Adieu, Bozo.

Adieu, Steve.

We'll go down fighting.

Hail our daily bread
full of grace...

Ya can stop,
I think we're dead.

Happy to see you guys.

Dawn, meet my pals,

Steve an' Bozo.

If you're awake,
hurry up an' wake me too.

It's him.
Look, his Chanels.

Whadda we do?
- Will we be like them?

Couldn't we talk later?

Let's go.
- He knows all the shortcuts.

He can see in the dark.

Before the fireworks start.

Lou, Lou!

Are you sure this goes somewhere?

My house maybe?

Your house, my house, wherever

just so we get outta here.

I sure am glad to see ya.

This way, fast!

It's my house!

My island.

My planet.

My wife!

- What?

I booked us on a freighter.

I'm takin' ya on a cruise.

Sure 'nuf.