Danny's Game (2020) - full transcript

Danny Bishop is a gambling prodigy. After exiling himself to prison, he returns to his brothers home only to find himself back in the game because of a large debt for his protection in ...

Best thing in life is
taking what's not yours

and getting away with it,

and getting a good
night's sleep.

Show time.

Kiss my ass, Bishop.

You boys gonna miss
me while I'm gone?

Kiss my ass, Bishop.

Potty mouth.

Don't forget to tell your
wife I said hi, will ya?

Yeah, screw you Bishop.

He's gonna be back in a week.

Give your little
brother a hug!

Oh, why?

Making me drive out here.

Besides, you're up to no good.

Missed you too.

Put your shit in the trunk.

Sure thing, chauffeur.

Don't start, it's
a long car ride.

It sure is.

How'd you get the limp?

Another inmate stabbed
me in the hamstring.

I'm sure he had a good reason.


Quit monkeying with your hair

and put your belt on, jackass.

You're starting
to look like Dad.

Ha, just couldn't
resist could you, Danny?

Well I saw your
grays coming in.

Are you dying your hair?

You're dying your hair!

Shut up.


All right, you know what, no.

When are you gonna
grow up, Danny?

Aiming for late
40s, early 50s, Dad.

Dad, huh?

Am I sounding like Dad now, huh?

Watch the road!



You visit Mom and Dad?


Did you put
tulips on the grave?



Can we stop by the liquor store?

Whoo doggie, it
just starts right up.

I hope to God that
you're kidding.

I just got out,
I just wanna drink.

Yeah, just
fresh outta the joint,

let's go to the liq.

Tell you what, I'm gonna

lay some ground
rules, butt hole.

Number one, no pool halls.

Number two, no women.

Don't be bringing any of
your dirty little tarts

over to the house.

Number three, no booze.

Four, five and six, no cards.

No cards, no nothing.

Good to be home.

Yeah, welcome
back, Mr. Kotter.


Danny, it's 11 a.m.

Get outta bed already.

Come on, you can
box the clown later.

I'm goin' to work.


Can you watch Lisa
while I'm gone?




Yes, god!

Good, when I get back
you should look for a job.

Okay, Dad.

Smart ass.

And Danny, stay out
of the pool halls.

Sure thing, Dad.

Piece of shit.


Good morning.

I've taken the liberty
of making us coffee.

French-press, if
you would like some.

Yeah, sure.

No smoking in the house!

There's a porch outside
where you can smoke.


Shouldn't you be in school?

It's Saturday, Danny.

Sorry, I'm still
adjusting to society.

I know, Dad told me
to keep an eye on you

while he was gone.

Hm, he did did he?

What else did he say?

Your mouth gets
you into trouble.

That you usually have an
excuse for everything.

How'd you get the limp?

Bookies took a
hammer to my kneecap.

Is there anything
to cook around here?

You don't know how to cook.

I know how to cook.

You want pancakes, I'll
make some pancakes.

There aren't any eggs.

You want eggs and pancakes?

No, you need eggs to
make pancakes, Danny.

Okay, is there any
cereal to eat around here?

There's some Trix
in the kitchen.

Fine, fake processed
food to start my day.

How long were you in jail for?

Three glorious years.

What did you do wrong?

Well, I got caught.

What law did you break?

Well, I was like a
modern-day Robin Hood.

Except I didn't give the
money back to the poor people.

Danny, cut the crap.

Okay, okay, okay.

First, I hot-wired a
red-hot muscle car.

Mm, then I took a gorgeous
blonde as my hostage.

Got in a shoot-out
with the cops.

Turns out that
gorgeous blonde though?

She's an undercover cop.

Put a gun to my head, said,
"Darling, you're going down."

Dad said you
robbed a gas station

and left the gas
hose in your gas tank

as you took off.

You sold your car and the
police caught you on foot.

Well I like my story better.

Oh you remind me of your mother.

You knew my mother?

Oh, I knew your mother.

I knew her before your dad did.

What was she like?

Well, she was a tornado
of beauty and hell.

She was certainly a life force.

She was pretty though, right?

Yeah, she was pretty.

She was a lot like you.

But do me a favor,
don't tell your dad

we talked about
your mother, okay?

Don't worry, I
won't say anything.

Do you know about the
secret Bishop talent?


Oh that's too bad.

Why is that?

Oh, just
for a few reasons.

What reasons?

Well, every adult should know

this rare and unique talent.

What's so unique about it?

Oh, I don't
know if you're ready.

It is very special.

How do I know if I'm ready?

Well, seven pancakes.

So, if I make seven pancakes,
I'll know if I'm ready?


You're lucky I hid some eggs

in the back of the freezer.


Seven pancakes.

Seven pancakes.


So, you wanna play poker?


Of course not.

Most important thing
to know about poker

is it's not gambling.

It's deception.

Who taught you all of this?

A special friend you
might meet one day.

Well teach me!

Lisa, let me eat my pancakes
first, please thank you.


Now, if I have a
flush and you have

a straight, who wins?


Very good, and what
is the highest hand?

Royal flush.

Also very good.

Speaking of royal,
there is mail for you

from the Queen, whoever that is.

When did it arrive?

Yesterday, it's in this stack.

My dearest Daniel.

Oh, how I've missed you.

Welcome home.

Time flies by when
you've got my boys

protecting you in
prison, doesn't it?

I'm sure you're
reading this letter

wondering why I sent it.

Well Daniel, you're
too good at what you do

and I want you back.

I've been patiently
waiting for you

to come home and
play in my sandbox.

Not to mention, we've
got unfinished business.

Oh, now be a good boy

and come visit me tonight.

Don't make me come
find you, Daniel.

A lady never likes to wait.

You're truly mine, Alex.

What's wrong?


When does your dad get back?



You still wanna play poker?

No, you've learned
enough for today.

I need to go, are
you gonna be okay?

You must be joking.

Of course, we have
HBO Go and I need to

get caught up with "Real
Time with Bill Maher."

What the hell is HBO Go?

A network streaming
platform, Danny.

Get with it.

Right, whatever.

Oh, and don't you don't
tell your Dad any...

Relax, I won't say
anything about poker.

How did you know I was...

Danny, I got it.


She's so nice.

I've talked to her before.

Come on, we can get
you the best tuxedo.

You're gonna look amazing.

Okay, it's to the right.

This is
a outfit.

Come on.

How 'bout this?

When you were my
age, did you think

you would be where you are now?


Why don't people just
let other people be happy?

What do you mean?

Louis's family has a
sign in their front yard

that says, "One man, one woman."

What does it matter to them?

Well, do you want
the simple answer

or the brutal answer?


Well, they have a
self-centered, simplistic

ideology, they have
a very crude view

that's black or
white because it's

easier to differentiate.

Cognitively, they can't
understand being gay

because they
themselves aren't gay.

Therefore, being
gay is different

resulting in that being wrong.

From an intellectual
standpoint, they lack

the ability to
understand that we live

in a colorful world, not
a black or white one.

What's the brutal answer?

They're assholes.

I see, sounds about right.

I inherited a small
plumbing business

from your grandfather.

I don't make a lot of money.

I enjoy working in this country,

and I cherish the diversity
that I'm a part of.

If I can teach you anything,
it'd be to do the same.

Sometimes Louis
makes fun of Shawn

at the bus stop because
he has two moms.

He says he won't be
a real man because

he doesn't have a father
to play sports with.

Did Shawn tell
your teacher this?


I think he's embarrassed.

Poor kid.

Well Louis is probably
like that because

his father used to
do the same thing

to Danny and I when
we were your age.

I tell you what, next
time Louis does that,

I want you to pick up a rock,

and smash it in his face.

You want me to assault him?

No, on second thought, I
can't afford the insurance.

Just kick him in the balls.

Bishops stand up
for what's right.


Come in.

Oh, Daniel, I've
been expecting you.

Take a seat.

Do you have any
pet fish, Daniel?

I avoided ownership
after seeing "Free Willy."

I see.

My sister and I, we had
many and always betta fish.

Are you familiar?

Yes, also known as
Siamese fighting fish.

Ah, there's that
flash of genius.

See me and my sister,
we'd take the two males

and we'd put 'em in
the bowl together

and watch 'em
fight to the death.

We didn't have a TV growing up.

There can never be two bettas.

As a child, I never
truly comprehended that

until I
killed my sister.

See, we were in love
with the same girl.

It was an odd feeling
when I realized

I was the betta.

And that's when I
took over my entire

neighborhood, and then
alternately the city.

It's always been my destiny
to rule this city, Daniel.

Daniel, you're a
good poker player.

But you never know when to quit.

And you're an even
better con man

but you never wanna quit.

You owe me
too much money, Daniel.

What am I gonna do with you?

Well, you could
start by sending me

to bed without dinner.

Or you know what, you could even

pull down my pants and
give me a spanking.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Your mouth is always getting
you into trouble, Daniel.

However, your mouth isn't
the problem, Daniel.

- Do you know what it is?
- Danny!

My name is Danny, not Daniel.

Daniel, do you know
what the problem is?

Enlighten me.

Yes, Violet?

I'm going shopping.



Visa's on the nightstand.


I don't want the Visa.

Can I have a black card?

Come here.

Ah, ah, ah.

Love you.

Oh, I see you got
the gift I got you.

I did.

When you gonna grow up, Daniel?

Stop acting like a child?

Finally mature,
take responsibility

for your own life?

Quit with all the shenanigans?

You're very
inspirational, Alex.

Your smart ass
jokes are funny.

I'm not denying that.

See, you made me a lot of money

with all that charm.

Mm, time marches on, the
days get long, Daniel.

And you still owe me a debt.


So if you don't give me my
fucking money in 72 hours,

I'm gonna take that
little niece of yours

and I'm gonna put
her in a barrel

of fucking acid
and make you watch.

And I think you know
who she reminds you of,

don't you?

How many days is that, Daniel?

- Three!
- How many days?


One more time.


Oh good boy, Daniel.

That's enough
reading for today.

Did you have a
good day, or what?



Get some sleep, Sweetheart.

I'll see you in the morning.

But Dad, can I
ask you something?

Of course.

Any new girls?

Ha, Jesus.

Did we not just have this
conversation yesterday?


Why not?

I don't know.

Mom passed away
a long time ago.

You need to put
yourself out there.

Take some ownership
and ask a girl out.

I'm working on it, Sweetheart.

Well, I'm
not seeing results.

I can't believe we're having
this conversation again.

Maybe you should
try a dating website.

Little Jimmy Taylor's
dad found a wife

on Christian Mingle.

Paul Taylor found a wife?

That's the word at
the bus stop today.

Ah, shit.

I do need to get out there.

Look, thank you for
the information.

Get some sleep, Sweetheart.

Don't forget to
brush your teeth.

Yes, I
know, goodnight.


You're late.


How bad?


much do you need?

100 K.

Jesus, Danny.

You asked!

Danny, Danny, Danny.

What am I gonna do with you?

Well Merchant,
Merchant, Merchant.

Daniel, don't mock me,
you little smart ass.

Sorry, old habits
die hard, you know.

Recite the rules, Daniel.

Merchant, I'm not 17 anymore.

The rules, Daniel.


Rule number one, know the
beginning before the ending.

Rule number two,
there's no such thing

as gambling, only deception.

Rule number three,
the true art of a con

is creating the
illusion you're behind

when you're really ahead.

Number four, there's no
such thing as bad luck,

only bad people.

Rule number five,
I live for myself

and I answer to no one.

Five rules you executed
all too well, I'm afraid.

You sound like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

When are you gonna grow up?


You know, Daniel?

You shoulda been a prima donna.

But instead you were a prodigy.

I taught you
everything you know.

I found you when you
were just a bus boy

in that dumpy casino,
going nowhere.

I taught you how to play poker.

I taught you how to con.

You were the greatest
student I ever had.

I've never seen anybody
with as much skill as you.

I know your family must
have been hell, but.

And I may have been the only
parent figure you ever had.

But it's time for
you to give this up.

So what are you trying to say?

You need to pull
off one more con.

One more big round
at the poker table.

Settle this debt
you have with Alex.

I'll front you the
100 K to pull it off.

- But...
- But what?

Once you win,
and you will win,

you'll leave and you stay
gone from the city forever.

Arthur and Lisa don't need you.

You're only gonna get them hurt.

They can't afford to be
put in danger anymore.

Those are the terms.

You watch over
them while I'm gone?

Of course!

After all, Lisa is
my granddaughter.

It's the least I can do.

You know, Alex is
gonna come after you

if she finds out.


I'm the merchant of the city.

I'll be fine.

So that's it.

That's it.


Good luck.

Fucked up, huh?

Get over here.

Fucking did this to yourself.

Get in there.

You hear that?

That's the sound of my
bank account going down.

Not a pleasant sound, is it?

Get in there.

Excuse me, Sir.

Loaned you too
much, too many times.

Excuse me, Sir.


Henry's on the phone.

Oh, he is?


And Danny Bishop
just got outta jail.

Ah, the plot thickens.

What should we do with him?

What do we do to
people who don't pay me?


That's right.


I thought you said
you never wanted

to talk to me again.

I can hang up if you want.

I'm glad you called,
just please, don't.

So I've been thinking.

Have you given thought
to what I said?

Henry, I can change.

It just, it just takes time.

How long as it
been, two years?

Where were you just now?

Just here at the
club, making a drink.

You're lying.

I can always tell
when you're lying.

That's because you love me.

Loan shark.

Does that mean
you're coming back?

I don't know.

I need more time.

I have to go.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Tell me, is there someone else?



I'm gonna hang up now.

Don't get mad and
throw the phone

across the room, okay?

I won't, I'm a changed man.


Bishop is here.

Of course he is.

I sense a disturbance
in the force.

I'm sorry, Sir,
I don't follow.

It's a "Stars Wars" reference.

Sorry, Sir, I've
never seen "Star Wars."

Never mind, just
give me a few minutes

and send him in.

Yes, Sir.

You hear this?

The music?


Yes, I can hear the music.

Jazz music's my favorite.

With jazz music you can wake up

with a hangover and
still enjoy the day.

You know what else
I like about jazz?

The tone?

I never know how
it's going to start,

but I do know how
it's going to end.

However, with you,
Daniel Bishop, I never

know when it starts, but I do
know how it's going to end.


Danny, my name is
Danny, not Daniel.

You only live once, Danny.

Yes, well listen,
Jazz Boss, I pulled off

a very big con for
you in the past,

and I'd like to
think I've developed

a very good line
of credit with you.

Yes, a quarter of
a million dollars

made off of a real estate con.

Perhaps you've had too
much success, Daniel.

People put their
money down on you

and you crumble
under the pressure.

You ran away,
to prison.

I know you wanted to get caught.

Took the easy way out.

Yep, well as much
as I enjoy your

rousing pep talk, Tony Robbins,

if you're not going to help me

then I will find
someone who will.

I'm a loan shark,
Danny, not a bad guy.

Ah, she gave you the betta
fish speech, didn't she?

Yes, she did.

Jesus, Danny, she'll destroy
your entire family tree.

I'm well aware.

There's only one thing
that God and the devil

have in common.

They fear Alex.

Yes, I know.

So, who else have you gone to?

The usual.

I heard you went
to the Merchant.

How much did he give you?

Hm, not enough.

How the hell did you
know that anyway?

Word travels fast
in the city, Danny.

How much do you need?


Hm, I'll front you the
money, with interest.

Thank you.

A very large interest, Danny.

I wasn't expecting
anything less.

Under one condition.


I wanna dance
with your fine ass.

What, no.

Look, I'm not twerking on
you, or grinding on you,

or whatever the hell
they call it nowadays.

Oh shut up, I
just want a normal slow dance.

One dance?

One dance.

And then I get my money?

get your 100 K.

Shit, fine.

Mm-hmm, yeah.

Lucky I got a drink in me.

Oh, that's fine.

Oh my god, really?

I knew you'd like it.

Odds are against you
this time around, Danny.

Well I never knew
you were on my side.

This is going
to be the biggest

poker match of your life,

and you won't even make
a penny, win or lose.

Yes, well it's the
simple things in life

that keep us humble,
so I'll gladly

accept a moral victory.

Well, at least you haven't
lost your smart ass abilities.

Indeed, so I heard Henry left.

How are you holding up?

How the hell
did you know that?

Word travels fast in the city.

Of course.

Well, you know me,
Danny, being a criminal

comes so natural, it's
difficult to depart.

Yeah, I can relate.

Mm, I wish I was
as good as you.

Everyone does.

Too bad you're a bad dancer.

I'm rusty, thank
you very much.

Well, I appreciate
the dance, Danny,

but that's all the time I have.

You know me, crimes are
committed, people are beat.

Imagine that.

By the way, how did
you get that limp?

Sky diving incident.

Ah, of course.

The money will be
wired to you tomorrow.

Thank you.

Take care of
yourself, Jazz Boss.

Mm-hmm, good luck.

Thank you.

Hey Arthur.

Get you another one?

I'm good.

All right.

Hey you.

You owe me a drink.

Excuse me?

I heard your brother
got outta jail.


And I was the pool hall.


This afternoon he conned
me out of all my money.

Best pool player I've ever seen.

He hustled me.

I'm sorry.

Where you goin'?

Your brother's a marked man.

He threw himself in prison
to escape everything.

They're gonna kill your brother.

Here, that's for your trouble.

Somebody call this guy a cab.

He's had too much to drink.

man, you all right?

Anything good in here?

Nothing of
your taste, unfortunately.

Oh, that's too bad.

Yeah, that's a shame.

Word around town is
Danny Bishop's back.

You don't say.

Have you
heard from him?

Have you?

He's playing in the
high rollers game.

And I'm wondering who gave
him the money to enter.

Well, I'm sure a
very nice, generous man

gave it to him.

You're probably right.

You know what I'd like to
do to that generous man?

I'd like to skin him alive.

Taste him.

Well I sure hope
you find him, Alex.

I'm gonna play in
that high rollers game

myself and beat Daniel.

Why do you like to
see people suffer?

Oh honey, I get off on it.

That and my two girlfriends.

You're insane.

So I've been told.

I sure would like to be there.

For what?

To see your face when
Danny drops the hammer.

He's the best.

And he's 10 times the
player you'll ever be.

What makes you so
fucking confident?

I taught him.

Place looks like shit.

I've been told.

drinking alone, huh?

Oh my favorite way, Arthur.

Yeah, you
sound just like Dad.


What'd you do?



Promise you won't get mad?




When I was in prison,
I was being protected

and I owe these
people a large debt,

and if I don't pay them,
they're going to kill me.

Oh, and you and Lisa too.

How much do you owe?

Just under a million.

God damn it, Danny!

Would you calm down?

Do you have the money?


Do you have a way
to get the money?

Of course, poker tournament.

Jesus Christ, are
you outta your mind?

Would you calm down, Dad?

Don't call me Dad.

Then quit acting like him.

You need to leave.

Look, I'll be able
to pay them back.

I think.

You enjoy ruining this family?

Or is this just a game?

Well, Arthur, I was the
black sheep of the family.

I never did fit in, did I?

Oh yeah, that's right.

Bitter and sweet, just like Mom.

Yep, bitter and
sweet, just like Mom.

And you were the golden child.

Hm, yeah.

It was equal until you chose
the life that you have now.

I have never asked
you for anything.

Just please trust me this
one time, I am begging you.

I can't.

I have a daughter to protect!

Your daughter, is
that right, Arthur?


You stole her from me!

That's 'cause
you're a criminal.


Enough, you two!

What the hell is going on?

Watch your mouth!

Why are you fighting?

It's adult
stuff, Sweetheart.


No, children,
that's what you are.

Both of you need to
realize you come from

the same flesh and same blood

and should rely on each other.

Only then will I
consider you men.

He started it.

You had it coming.

Enough, you two!

If one of us is in trouble,
we're all in trouble.

We're family, we're Bishops.

We'll make it through.

Arthur, treat
Danny with respect.

Danny, no more drinking
under this roof.



Tequila on the rocks
with a lime, please.

You'll have to forgive
me, but we're closed.

Are you sure?

I wouldn't want this place
going out of business.

I so do enjoy coming here.

So spoiled.

I know.

I see you brought a date.

She's venomous like her mama.

Ain't ya, Dolores?

So, what do you want?

I heard Henry left you.

Everybody seems to know
about my personal life.

I feel like a fucking celebrity.

Yeah, he'll be back.

Mm, of course he will.

Who could resist you?

Try Catholics.

You always do
know how to make me smile.


Anyways, you
know why I'm here.

Yes, I helped him.


Maybe I like to watch
the thrill of the spill,

just like you.

How could a girl like me

get mad at an answer like that?

Well, I guess we're done here.

Ah, ah, ah.

See if you ever
help him out again,

I'm gonna burn this
place down to the ground,

with you locked inside of it.

And I'll enjoy every last
ash fall to the ground.

Some violence, Alex, ooh.

Relax, I won't help him again.

Thank you.

I know you're going to play
in the high rollers game.


Danny's the best con
man and poker player

I have ever met, Alex.

He walks in with 20,
walks out with 20,000.

Are you trying
to intimidate me?

No, no, no.

You see, Danny's blessing,
his gift if you will,

is his curse.

Remember that.

Duly noted.

Place really does look great.

Don't give me a
reason to ruin it.

And will you be attending
the game tomorrow?

No, I'm going to find Henry.

Oh, so I'll
see you when I see you.

Try knocking next time, Alex.

Daniel Bishop.

Heard you just got out.

It's Danny, Frank, not Daniel.

Anyways, how've ya been?

Get outta my way.

Wait, I have a little
business offer for you.

Whatever it is,
there's no way in hell

I'm cooperating.

There is nothing you could
say in the entire world

that would get me involved.

Nothing, point blank, period.

Two minutes.

Last time I saw
you, you rivered me

on the tournament
and ruined my life.

And you had the same
shit-eating grin on your face!

I saw those photos on Facebook

of your family's
little Hawaii trip.

They looked very nice.

Would've been Europe if
someone hadn't screwed me.

I also saw some
other photos of you

I decided to print out.

You know, Frank, a
20-year old I could see.

Even get behind, literally.

16-year old, nyea.

For Frank, 12 years old, 12?

You know, I know
Alex's brothel is fun,

don't get me wrong,

but I thought that

had a height requirement.

I would really hate
to see these photos

get in the hands of the
police or even your wife.

You bastard.

High rollers
game this weekend.

You will help me.

And after you do, I
will burn these photos.

Then I will leave the city,

and you become the number
one player in town.

Why can't.

Oh well, it's the
Merchant's terms, not mine.


I'll do it.

That's a good boy, Frank.

Dan, Dan!

If I find out
that this arrangement

gets leaked to the
cops, so help me God,

your body will be in the
bottom of the Mississippi

before you even
realize you're wet!

You just cover my
ass, and I'll make sure

nothing gets up yours.

We'll talk more
details this weekend.

Don't be late.


Hi, what can I do for you?

I'm a friend of
your Uncle Daniel's.

Is he home?

No, but I've
been expecting you.

Oh you have, have you?

Yes, I assume
you're Alex, correct?


Danny told me
you'd be stopping by.

Oh he did.

Yes, he also said
you're very pretty

and manipulative.

sounds about right.

He said you're like an evil
queen from a Disney movie.

Pretty on the outside,
but ugly on the inside.

Well I'm flattered.

Lisa, do you know
why I'm really here?

Well, to get at me, of course.

Use me as leverage against Danny

at the poker
tournament, in hopes

it will psych him
out so he loses.

Did he forget to tell
you that if he does lose,

I'm gonna put you
in a barrel of acid

and make him watch as your
skin falls off your bones?


Anyways, we're wasting time.

We should take highway
69, less traffic.

We wouldn't want to
be late now, would we?

I can't decide whether
to give you a job

or kill you now.

The feeling's mutual.

After you, Alex.

That was Louis!


I hate him.

He makes fun of
my friend, Shawn.


Because Shawn has
two moms without a dad.

Driver, follow that boy.

Get in front of him.

Cut him off over by the tree.

Hello, Louis.

What do you want?

I heard you've been making fun

of my friend, Shawn.

Yeah what, are
you his third mom?

No, I like my women
a little more venomous.

I'm what you call the
negative side of karma,

in the flesh.

What do you mean?

Oh, don't worry,
I'll explain later.

So, why are you
making fun of Shawn?

Because he's a pussy,
like his dyke moms.

Oh, I
remember kids like you

when I was growing up.

Used to pick on me because
I fucked.

See, most of those
children, fortunately Louis,

are no longer with us.

Whatever, I'm outta here.

Louis, wait, I have
something for you.


A $20 bill, and I
want you to have it.

Really, why?

I'll give it to
you, but you gotta

promise me something first.

What do you want?

Come a little closer
and I'll tell you.

I'm close enough.

Louis, come a little closer.


If you ever make fun of
Shawn or anyone ever again,

I'm gonna cut off
your mother's head

and I'm gonna rip your
father's intestines out

and hang you by the roof.

Let me go!


I promise!

Here's your 20.

I don't think he's
gonna be making fun

of anyone ever again.

Driver, door.

Ah, best thing in life,
taking what's not yours

and getting away with it.

And getting a good
night's sleep.

Show time.

doin' okay, Frank?

Hiya Frank.

Miss me?

How were the girls last week?

Nearly broke my chair.

Oh so you nervous?

Big game, lots a money.

I'm sure I'll do fine.


Wouldn't it be
better to be great?

Don't you play to win?

I mean, you do have
a family and all.

And a business, I might add.

How's that going anyway?

Stocks are up.

Too bad they weren't always.

Too bad.

Hm, what if I told
you I had a magical wand

that could take
care of that always?

Not interested.

Frank, I thought you
were a businessman.

I wouldn't want a man like you

to be made a fool of by Daniel.

What, you care about me now?

I care about the
same thing you do.

A bottle of gin and
a one night stand?


And I have all the money
you could ever imagine.

You know Frank, me and
you, we're the same.

We play to win.

So many Americans
play not to lose.

Do you think that
Carnegie, Rockefeller, Jobs

play not to lose?

No, they play foot to ass
and they take no prisoners.

Go on.

We all know Daniel
likes to drink.

Do me a favor, put
this in his drink.

And this is?

Just something to
make him a little loopy.

I mean, nothing more
than a truth serum.

Do this, Frank, and you'll
never need to work again.



Ah, the life.

Oh Frank, I really
do hope this is

a long, prosperous
business plan.

The girls will be waiting.

So next Thursday?

As always.

Frank, you good-lookin' SOB.

How'd I know you'd
be at the bar?

Can you just do your
thing and we'll be fine?

Oh I will, looks like
you need a little help.

What, I'll grab you a
drink, just go grab a table.

What was that?

Go grab a table, Dan.

All right, all
right, all right.

Don't take too long.


Can I get a double scotch
and another one of these?


So you're probably
wondering whether

I'll be able to pull this off.

And you're probably
wondering how good

I actually am.

Well, I had a good teacher.

And what you should
also be asking is,

"Danny, how did
you get so good?"

Well, main thing
to always realize

is it's not gambling,
it's deception.

You can play the math and
the odds all you want,

but the one thing
that always gets you

to the final table is your
image and table presence.

For example, this old thing.

She's looking to get a flush

and she currently
has two spades.

I know this because
she can't take her eyes

off the two on
board as we speak.

Her tell is, well,
it's the fact she keeps

stroking her stack of chips.

It's not smart to
give your chips

a hand job while staring off.

You see, if you're
holding two spades

and there are two
more on the board,

along with the other
card, that leaves

52 minus five, between
47 cards, of which

13 minus four equal
nine more spades.

The chance of hitting
the flush on a turn

is nine divide 47,
equaling 19.15%

which is about one in five.

If you don't hit on the turn,

your chance of hitting the river

is nine divide 46,
equaling 19.57%.

So with all those variables
taken into consideration,

roughly she has a 35%
chance of getting the flush.

Now her next step
is to raise gently.

She doesn't want to come
across too confident.

And I'm gonna go all
in because I'm buying

my way out of my bluff.

That's right, I have nothing.

And she wants to
call, but that little

cautionary voice in
her head won't go away,

and in five seconds,
she'll fold.

four, three, two, one.

I fold.

Thank you.

I knew
you had the full house.

Oh, of course, you made

a marvelous decision,
let me assure you.

Ah, so as I said
earlier, table presence,

image, is what matters.

Math comes second.

I mean, just can't you tell
by the stack of my chips?

Oh, and as the old bag
illustrated earlier,

easy tell is don't give
your chips a hand job.


So this is it, boys.

This is it.

Just before we start,
aces are good, right?

Only queens,
Daniel, just like your niece.

Right, Lisa?

That's the rumor.

Oh yes, queens, dames, always

getting the best of me.

That's because you're no ace.

I know, I'm
I'm a magician.

Oh really, do tell.

All right
ladies and gentlemen,

can we please focus on the game?

Well, I wanted to
be, but my father

didn't approve and I
begged and I begged

and then he broke my leg.

That's how I got the limp.

That's it, that's the story?

Dealer, I've become
bored with Texas Holdem.

I'm feeling a little
bit more nostalgic.

Five card draw?

Any complaints?

Hey, it's your world,
we're just living in it.

Sure, why not?

Dealer, you can deal now.

I'll say, I'll say when
you can do it, Dealer.

You can, you can do
it, you can do it.

All right, ladies
and gentlemen.

This is the final table.

We'll conclude with
the five card draw.

Aces are high, ante, $10,000.

You know, Daniel, only a
monster can out-monster another.

I mean, it only makes
sense we collide,

being the two major
forces in the city.

Bless you.

Thanks, Alex.

There's only one
monster in this room.

That's why I run the city.

Whoever said I was
talking about you?

I bet $15,000.

I'll raise you $30,000.

I can do that.

You know, Alex, we're
not so different.

I mean, we were both
rejected by our families

and misunderstood.

I mean, we're survivors.

I didn't know you were
such an intellectual.

Dealer, give me two.

I have my moments.

I'll take, dealer,
I'll take three.

Three, dealer.

I know you're
getting bored, Lisa.

But this will all be over soon.

Daniel, do you
know what we really are?

Criminals, uh, gamblers?

Apex predators.

We're at the top of
the food chain, honey.

We control the eco-system
and we maintain the city.

You sound
like a politician.

You shoulda ran for office.

Don't need to.

They're already
all in bed with me.

And you watch too much
"National Geographic."

This is
gonna be a long game.

Dealer, you can give me three.

You two are both wrong.

You know what you are?



Yeah, Buckthorn.

It's a tree that kills
other trees in the forest

by spreading itself
around like a cancer,

out-competing native
plants and trees for sun.

It thrives on weakness and
prospers without any shame.

Yeah, I'm goin' all in.

I'll call.

Alex Buckthorn, oh I do
like the sound of that.

However, Frank, what
does that make you?

Just a simple Irishman
trying to make his way

through the storm called life.

All right,
show me what you got.

Before we show our
cards, do you feel that?

Feel what, Frank?

That edge-like feeling
of being in control,

yet you don't know
what the future holds.

And at any second you could
gain or lose everything.

The home of the unknown.

That's what drives
me to this game.

Just call, show me.

My favorite, full house.

Four fours.

Pair of kings.

Well, that's the end of me.

I suppose there's always
next year, right Danny?

Ta ta, everyone.

It's you and me now, Alex.

Time to remind you what
a betta fish is, Daniel.

Tell you what.

I do like climax, so
I'm gonna make this

interesting and quick,
like my Brazilian wax.

You get a full house,
I'll let you live,

but little Lisa here will die.

You get a four of a
kind, I'll let you live

and Lisa live.

I'm all ears, go on.

But then there's a choice.

Daddy, Daddy!

Shut her up!

Shut her up.

Everybody shut up.

Nobody moves, we are
finishing this god damn game.

Arthur here will die.

And in the rare occasion
that you beat me,

and I mean rare, I'll
let you all live.

See how Democratic
I can be, Daniel?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'll stop.

Are you done?


So what's the catch,
Richard Nixon?

I'll call and you
show me your cards.


As I once said, I
am the betta fish.

Aces high, Daniel.

I think I should just kill you

and your whole family
out of principle.

Well what do you have, Alex?


Four of a kind.

Uh ma'am,

you have nothing.

This is
my favorite part.


This isn't over, Daniel!

His name is Danny.

Eh, I think
I called your bluff.

And it's over.

It was a pleasure
meeting you, goodbye!


What the fuck happened, Violet?

Was anyone watching
that fucking

Sure glad I called her bluff.

God damn it, who
was watching the little girl?

God damn it!

Did you have fun, Arthur?

Fuck you.

Oh you know, I would
really like to untie you,

but you still look a
little wound up right now.

So I'm just gonna
leave you tied for now.

You can consider
that payback for when

you used to fart on me
when I was a little kid.

All right, Bishop
family, let's go.

Party's over, Danny wins again.

Just joking, come on.

Not funny.


I need to know something.

Oh, I know.

You're wondering how
I won so effortlessly.

Well I guess I just didn't
know you were that good.

How did you know?

I mean, how did you win?

Well big brother, I have
a rare and unique talent.

But to describe it to
someone such as yourself,

I'd have to do it in a
very rudimentary way.

Essentially, I just rigged
the game in my favor.

You cheated.

Well yeah, of course.

I mean, I wasn't
gonna risk losing,

if it meant that
they would kill me.

Of course, you and Lisa as well.

Jesus, Danny,
you're a cheater?

Well yeah!

I mean, you're alive,
everything's okay.

You're welcome, by the way.

Have you always been cheating?

Yes, Arthur,
sometimes but who cares?

No honor.

Honor, who the hell
are you, the Dalai Lama?

Look, how did you know
it was gonna work out?

How were so damn certain?

Well, when I was prison,
no one laid a hand on me.

Which I found very odd,
considering how good-looking I am.

And I knew once I got
out I'd have to pay up

because I was being protected.

You're not that good-looking.


Wait a minute, you
said that you were

stabbed in the leg
when you were in there.

No, I was limping around

so everyone would
feel sorry for me.

You are sick.

Oh I'm a natural
born con man, Arthur.

What can I say?

Yeah, how can I forget?

Anyways, back
to my explanation.

So I had a hunch Alex
was gonna threaten

me and my family.

Of course, she would love
to see me suffer agony.

I figured what better
way to lure her in

than a high stakes
poker tournament.

I knew her jealousy
would fill her with rage

and fuel her to try and beat me.

Naturally she would try
and rig the game, too,

by buying off Frank.

So I made him a better deal.

For leverage, I
knew she would try

and kidnap Lisa,
but I knew she would

never harm a little girl.

See, Alex rose to power
by human trafficking.

My favorite part is, Lisa
did most of the work.

I taught her how to play
poker when I got out of jail.

My instincts also
told me Alex would

keep Lisa close
for intimidation.

That played
beautifully in my con.

You see, when Alex
had a high hand,

Lisa would scratch her nose.

When she had a low hand,
Lisa would sneeze and yawn.

Alex had a low-level con,

keeping extra
cards in her purse.

Really bad move.

I had Lisa make the pull
right under her nose.

She waited until the final hand

to replace Alex's
cards with useless ones

to ensure that I won ace high,

obviously leaving Alex
with absolutely nothing.

The hardest part,
Arthur, honestly

was just keeping a straight
face through that whole con.

Not laughing.

The funny thing, too,
is I had all the money

to pay off Alex 10 times over.

It's buried under the
tree in the backyard.

How much?

Well, if you wanna
know, you'll just

have to dig it up and find out.

Of course.

Hey, there's something
in the glove compartment

I've been meaning to give you.

This is from Christmas!


You remember when you
fell through the ice

with your brand new
skates, playing hockey?

Yeah, you came and rescued me.

I've never seen you so scared

in my entire life.

I was sick for a week.

But as a bonus, it was worth it.

I got to miss a week of school.

It's not easy being
brothers, huh?

No it isn't.

But we make do, don't we?

Bishops always do.

That's right.

Well, thanks for the ride.

Hey, is there really money

buried under that maple tree?


You boys doin' okay?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.

All right, what do ya got?

I have a pair of twos.

I have a 10 high.

Double ace.

- Double aces?
- You got a pair of aces?

Are you serious?


What do you mean, again?

- You just had aces.
- You just had that.

Double aces.

Hey, you in the fancy jacket.

You know how to play poker?

We need one more.

Well, it's funny you ask.

I've been told I'm okay, but I

personally don't
think I'm that good.

Oh really?

Well, you got any money?

Just a little bit.

Just a little bit.

Just a little bit.

Hm, it's a $50 buy-in.

I think I can manage that.

- Have a chair.
- Manage that.

Come on, hm.

How'd you get your limp?