Danika (2006) - full transcript

Danika is a thirty-five year old overprotective mother with a beautiful family composed of her successful husband Randy, two sons - the teenager Kurt and the little Brian, and one teenager daughter - Lauren. Danika is disturbed and near a breakdown, having dark and terrifying nightmares and daydreams; distracted in her work and consequently committing mistakes; and under psychiatric treatment with Dr. Evelyn. Her problems originated when her husband cheated on her with the nanny of their children, breaking her confidence in him. The lack of attention caused by her disturbed mind leads her family into tragedy.

[piano music]

I'm gonna be okay.

I'm going to be okay.

I'm fine.

I'm going to be okay.

I'm gonna be okay.

I'm going to be okay.

I'm fine.

[muffled voice]
I'm gonna be fine now.

[theme music]

[children's laughter]

Hey, baby.
How are you?

[Danika] Stressed. What else is new?

I know. Me, too.
It's crazy here.

Listen, I'm not gonna be able to make dinner tonight.

Why, what happened?

It's the Hansen's.
They pushed
the goddamn meeting again.

I have to close this deal.

Oh, Randy.
That's the third time
this week.

I know.

I'll make it up to you.
I promise.


Are you sure?
'Cause I can cancel this.

Are you sure?


[tires screech]
[Danika screams]

Oh, my God.



What happened?



Hold on.
Hold on.

What's going on?

No, no.
Someone was just...

It's okay.
Forget it.

It was just,
just scary.

I love you.

You just have
a good meeting, alright?

[male radio newscaster] I hope you're keeping dry on this bizarre rainy afternoon.

Unfortunately, we have
some sad news to relate

from the WRNN news desk.

The body of an eight-year-old girl was found today

in a soccer field
two miles from her home.

The police have officially identified her as the missing Lizzie Geralds...

[radio stops]


You waiting for somebody?

Where are your parents?

They're coming
to pick you up?

Well, there you are.

Come on, Lizzie.
Let's go.


Good afternoon, Danika.


Can I please
see you in my office?

Of course.

[sniffs and clears throat]

[knocking at the door]

Come in.

Close the door.

Please, have a seat.

I know I'm late.
I didn't think
it would take that long.

Just 15 minutes.
I had to drop my daughter off
at her piano lesson.

Did you hear
about the little girl
who was missing?

They found her body.

What does that have to do with anything?

It won't happen again.

It's not just
the lateness, Danika.
We have a problem.

Your calculations
are off again.

No. You're kidding me.

The figures are
what the figures say.
You are wrong.

I don't...

I'm very, very sorry.

I'll call the security board
and discuss it.
[telephone rings]

Yeah. Uh-huh.

I'll be right there.

Okay. You get on the phone
and work this out with them.

I want this settled
by the end of the day.

By the end of today?


I'll have it settled.

And don't bother them
with the papers.
Just use my office.

I'll see you later.

You all have a good day.


[thief #1]

Don't look at me.
Put the money in the bag.

[muffled screams]

[thief #2]

[thief #1]
Down on the floor.

[thief #1]
Alright, nobody moves.

You gonna do...

[thief # 2]
Nobody moves!

[people screaming]

[thief #1]
Don't look at me.

Or you're gonna get hurt!

[alarm goes off]

We're fucked!

Who's in charge in here? Huh?


[thief #1] Who's in charge?

I am.

Please, calm down.

Where's the monitor

Where's the monitor system?


[thief #1]
Come on!

[cries in pain]

Where the fuck
is the monitor system?

[thief #1]
Where is it, bitch?

In there.
In the office.




Danika, are you okay?

Are you alright?

What's wrong with you?

[soft music]

[opens cars door]







Happy birthday!

[Danika laughs]

I forgot
it was my birthday.

I forgot.

You forgot?

I forgot
it was my birthday.

Like the cake?

Oh, I love it!

I made it.

I helped, too.

I got you a scarf, Mommy.
It's over there.

Kurt and I got you
a gift certificate.

What is it for?

It's a gift certificate
to some spa.

Nice. Subtle.

Happy birthday, baby.

I feel lucky.

Who wants cake?

I do.
I do.

Let's get some cake.
Will you get up, please?

Why are you so tired?
Are you working?

You had a long day.
Come on!

How do we begin this?

Why don't you tell me
why you're here?

Oh, well. I...

I was referred to you,
Dr. Harris.

Please, call me Evelyn.

And I know
you were referred.

But why do you think
you're here?


I might be going crazy.

You're gonna have to do
a really good job
convincing me of that, Danika.

Let's start with you
telling me something
about yourself.

Mmm, excuse me.

How old are you?

I'm 28.


You just seem so young
to be a psychiatrist and I...

I...I was expecting somebody
that was older.

I got through school
very quickly.

Look, if you would be
more comfortable
talking to someone older,

that wouldn't hurt
my feelings in the slightest.
I could recommend a couple...

No, no. No. I mean...

We'll see.

It's alright for me
to trust someone.

Oh, you can trust me.

I haven't talked
about my feelings
in a long time. They're...

bottled up.

Why do you think
you're feeling this way?

That's what I'm trusting you
to discover.



[background pop music]

Yeah. Yeah, I noticed.

Hey, where did these glasses
come from?

[glass smashing]

You okay?


[Kurt's muffled voice]

No, no, no, no.
There's glass all over!

I see it.
I have shoes on!
My God!

Hey, uhm...

Can I have the car?

Where are you going?

Uh...You know,
I'm gonna have
to call you back.

Uhm, to the movies.

With who?

With Myra.

Who's Myra?

Uh, she's just a girl.

I don't know.

I'll finish this.
Give me this thing.

So, can I...
So, can I go, please?

I have to ask your father.

Mom, come on.
It's just a movie.

You're taking the car
with somebody
that I don't know.

Gimme a break!
Are you...


He's in the front yard,


[door opens
and closes]


What's up?

Oh, thank you.

Oh, how precious.

Oh, wish I could take
the credit.
She's not mine.


I'm just the nanny.


The Thomas'.
Just down the street.

Yeah. They both
work so hard.

Yeah. I used to work, too.
But kids really need
their parents.

Sure you do
a fantastic job for 'em.


Well, I have some errands to do. It was nice to meet you.

You, too.

She's so adorable.

I just meant that a nanny can't
take the place of parents.
That's all.

[knocks at the door]

Good night, honey.

Good night.


Turn out that light!

[Brian] Good night.

[woman's voice]
I miss you, too.

I miss you, too.


[hinges squeak]

Did you hear that?

Hear what?


It was horrible.

I couldn't tell her what
I saw. She thought
I was crazy.

That job stressed you out,


I guess it's for the best
that I take some time off.

It's what I've been telling you.

I can afford to have you
stay home for a while.


It'll make me
a better mother.

We won't need
that nanny.

Nobody could be
a much better mom.

There's so much bad
happening in the world.

You know, I was reading
in the paper today

how easy it would be
for a terrorist to drop
a bomb on the city.

This is why I say
you're so morbid.

What do you have
to worry about?
You've got three great kids.

Just relax until you feel
like going back to work.

You and the kids
are everything.

[telephone rings]




Who was that?

I hate that.

I just want this day
to be over.

I want you to make me
forget it.

Randy, do you think
I'm crazy?



I wanna make you
feel better.

That's a good start.

You don't know
how much I love you.

[girl's voice]
Hey, little girl.

You're getting me
so excited.

Come to me, woman.

What are you doing?
Who are you writing to?

[girl's voice]
I'm afraid my mom
will catch me.

She's very mean.

I miss you.

I want you.



[girl's voice]
Come with me.


What are you doing?

I had a dream.


He's not here.
He's not here.



[dog barking]


[Brian] Mommy!

[knocking at the door]

[loud barking]

What the hell is your kid doing
swimming in my pool
at 3:00 in the morning?

[dog barking]

Come here.

Shut up, Jackson.

The dog'll bite me.

Come here.

Go to your dad.

I'm sorry.
Kurt does it sometimes.

Look, boy, you could
have been seriously hurt.

Do you think you can go
in anybody's yard
anytime you want to

and nothing's supposed
to happen to you?
Suppose my dog bit you.

You know what they'd do?
They would take him away.

I'm sorry.

Mr. Johnson, I'm sorry.
We're gonna give him
a talking, too.

Three in the morning, for Christ's sake.

I know.
I'm sorry.

Have a nice night.

Come on, Jackson.

Nobody goes next door.

I don't want any trouble.
Brian could've been killed.

You're acting
like I made him do it.

Why are you acting...

Shut up,
and get into bed!

[soft music]

Can I help you?

Yes. I'm looking
for a game for my son.

He's going to graduate
to third grade.

He does deserve
something special.

He'll definitely like this one.

Is it violent?

No, no.
It's wonderful.
It's really fun.

You enter this fairy world
where nothing bad
happens at all.

Fifteen minutes ago

a school bus exploded
on Montgomery Drive.

No casualty reports yet. The bus was reportedly filled with school children.

Eye witnesses report
seeing a man
stepping onto the bus

shortly before it exploded.

What exactly happened
is still being investigated.

We'll stay with this story
as it develops.

[woman reporter]
Don, we now have reports

indicating that the man
may have detonated

some sort of explosive device that was strapped to him.

We have no idea what
the motive behind such
an horrific act might be,

but needless to say,
we are in serious chaos
here at the scene.

Parents are advised
to call their child's school
for more information.



[thriller music]

[tires screech]




[indistinct voices from TV]

I'm going to be okay.

I'm fine.

I hate the news.

What news
recently upset you?

Haven't you heard them? Completely insane.

Everybody else knows about it.
I'm surprised
it hasn't gotten to you.

You must not have cable.

You say you...you see things.

It's an understatement.

I have these visions,
but they're not really visions.

They...feel like
they really happen.


I feel like I'm cursed.

I think what you just saw


That's what people
used to say to my mom.

What do you mean?

[Danika] I was...

I was playing with my brother
in the yard when I was six.

[Danika] And my mom wasn't paying attention.

[tires screech]

[Danika] I never forgave her.

[music from the TV]

Mom, I'm reading.


No laughing.
I promise.


This is Myra.

Ooh, Myra!

Ooh, shut up!

Nice to meet you,
Mrs. Merrick.

Hi, Myra.
Nice to meet you.

Uh, Myra is from Spain.
She's a foreign
exchange student.


That's really interesting.

Your parents let you come over here all by yourself?


How old are you?

Mom, we really
gotta go. Okay?

So, we'll go.

You're going
to a movie?

Yes, and then we're going
to Andy's party.

His parents are home, right?


I have his number?

It's by the phone.
But, uh, please,
don't call.

It's my job to worry.

My mother don't care
what I'm doing.

I'm concerned
about my kids.

Look, we'll be fine.

I promise.

You just stay here
and I'll go
where it's nice and safe.


Be careful!

We will.

[door opens and closes]



What's a "cunt"?


A cunt.

What are you reading?

This is the book
our stupid English teacher,

Mrs. Zachary,
is making us read.


This is, this is too adult.
This is not appropriate
for sixth graders.

That's what I told her,
but she assigned it
to us anyway.

Mrs. Zachary?


Well, I'm going to speak to her
on Monday.

I'm sure her principal will
like to know what she's giving
the children to read.

I wish she were dead.


Don't you know
what an ugly remark that is?

Well, it's true.

I wish she would die
some horrible,
disgusting death.


Go to your room.
You don't make
such an ugly wish like that.


What was that about?

I can't believe
what she just said.

She just said that she wished
her teacher would die,
and she meant it.

It's the age.

When have you ever
heard Lauren say
anything like that?

Lizzie Geralds disappeared
from a playground

where she was playing
this morning.

A volunteer task force is assisting the Police in searching for the young girl.

Please, if you have
my Lizzie don't hurt her.

We'll give you
anything you want.

But I...
I saw her.

But she wasn't...

[Lizzie's mom]

But she's not, she's not,
she's not alive.

What are you
talking about?

She's not...alive.

I'm imagining it.
I must be imagining it.

...brown-haired girl.

Contact your local police

[Johnson shouting]

Now what?



[Johnson's muffled voice]

[muffled cheering
and clapping]


You okay?

I'm fine!

[blows whistle]

I'm starving.

We're gonna go
to the grocery store and have
something to eat later.

Lemme see your knee.

It's a good one!

It's a good one.
It might be the best one, yeah.



Do you wanna help me
make dinner tonight?


Because lasagna
takes two chefs.

[Lauren] Mom?


How big do you think
my boobs are gonna get?


My boobs.

Do you think I'll have
big boobs when I'm older?


Is that the book
that I told you
not to read?

What is going on
in this house?
What is all this sneaking?

I put that book
in the trash.

Did you go
through the trash
to get it?

Lauren, I'm talking to you.

Give me the book.


Go away.

I'm almost as mad at you
as I am at Mrs. Zachary.


Get out of the house.

Run, run!
Follow your sister.

Get out of the house.
[door closes]

Run! Just run!

Get out.

There's been a murder.


Call the police.
It's a murder!

There's been a murder
in the house.
Call the police.

[muffled voice]

[thriller music]

[sirens wailing]

[helicopter overflying]

[soft music]


We didn't find anything.

Everything appears
to be normal.

But I saw it.
It was in the house.
It was in the kitchen.

Sir, can I talk to you
for a second?

I'll be right back.

[muffled voices]

[Ryan] She's a normal person. She's in shock.

A little stressed.
It's the job.

I would maybe consider

hiring somebody
to look after the kids
for a while.

I think your wife
might appreciate
the time off.

Call me
if you need anything.

Thank you.

[soft music]

[Danika] What do you think is wrong with me?

I'm not a shrink, Dani.

Did it feel good
to talk to somebody?

Yeah, I like her.

She's very normal
and together.

Everything I'm not.

I think you've just
been under a lot
of pressure recently.

You need to clear your head.


I'm...a rational person
living in the real world.
I don't know how...

Let it go.

I'm really worried
about the kids.

Don't worry about the kids.
The kids are fine.

You just need to relax.


What do you think about maybe
hiring somebody to help you out
with the kids?

No. Uh-uh.

It's out of the question.

I thought it would be helpful
to you if you had somebody
to help you.

[Danika laughs]

Oh. Do you think
this will protect me?

From what?


What is that?

It's my science project.
It's this disease
carried by rats.

It killed thousands of people
in Europe in the 1920s.
It was crazy.

Can't you do a project
on solar energy?
Or how the lung works?

'Cause that
would be boring.

Oh. Hey.

Hello, Mrs. Merrick.

Oh. Myra.

I didn't know you were here.

Mr. Merrick.

Yeah. We...
We've been upstairs working.
She's doing a disease, too.

Yeah. Only mine
is more common.

Well, it's nice
to see you two

cooperating in solving
the world's problems.

Thank you, Dad.
Yeah, uh...

We are gonna go back upstairs
and do some work.

Isn't it late?

It's 8:30.

Thank you, Dad.
Good night, guys.

You're not the only
crazy one in this house.

You believe how hot
his girlfriend is?

They don't make them
like that anymore.

What 16-year old
wouldn't go nuts over that?

You wanna have
a chance with her.

Oh, come on!

I don't like
that kind of talk.

Dani, Kurt's gotta learn
about love and sex
eventually, okay?

You know, I don't want him to be hurt or lied to.

I know how that feels,
and I don't want him
to have his heart broken.

Why did you bring that up?
You're not gonna let me
forget that, are you?

I'm sorry.
It just came out.
I really am.

I wouldn't do that to you.
I wouldn't hurt you
like that again.

Come here.
Come here.

You never talk to her
anymore, do you?


She would've never made
a better mother than me.

[telephone rings]

Tell 'em that I'm out.

[telephone rings]



[line clicks]
[dial tone]

Who was it?

Nobody again.

[telephone rings]


Hello. Mrs. Merrick?

This is Mrs. Zachary.
Lauren's English teacher.

Oh, Mrs. Zachary!
Yes, I've been meaning
to speak to you.


I've been meaning
to talk to you, too.

I was wondering if we could
meet tomorrow perhaps.
Maybe after school?

Yes. I...
That would be great.
I would like that.

Great. I'll look forward to meeting you, Mrs. Merrick.

Good night.

[Mrs. Zachary]
Mrs. Merrick.

I'm so glad you could come
on such short notice.

Mrs. Merrick?

Mrs. Merrick.

Mrs. Merrick?

Mrs. Merrick.

Mrs. Merrick,
are you alright?

Are you alright?

Yes, of course.

I felt really dizzy.

Maybe you should
just go home.

We can have our meeting
some other time.

No. I...
Where's my bag?

It's this.

I wanna know
why you assigned this book
to my daughter.

I've never seen this book
before in my life.

Lauren says that you
made them read this.

No, never.

In fact, what I wanted
to talk to you about

is that Lauren is having
certain problems
in the class.

She's a very...
worldly young lady.

What do you mean?

She uses vulgarities.
I mean very, very bad words.

No, no.
Lauren never speaks
like that. Ever.

I promise you.

Well, it's probably nothing.

Unless there's something
going on at home.

Kids go through various
phases. Small rebellions.

Sometimes language
is their way of testing
the water.

No, never in a million years
would I allow Lauren

to have access
to a book like this.

Look, Mrs. Merrick,
I'm sure you are
a wonderful mother.

So don't blame yourself,
but this is something...



Come back!

Stop it!




Why didn't you try
and help me?

You knew,
but you didn't do anything.

Mrs. Merrick.
Is something wrong?

It's no secret your mom's been
under a lot of stress lately.

You think? I mean,
she's paranoid
over every stupid...

Put that away.


I think she needs
a little rest.

And, uh...she thinks too much.

Is she okay?

Yes, she's fine.
She's going to be fine.

But I'm gonna need you guys
to help out a little here,


Be helpful.

Just try not to get her
excited, okay?

Don't get her worked up
over anything.

If it was up to Mom,
she'd never want us
to leave the house.

She doesn't even trust us.

[door closes]

That's not entirely true.
I don't trust you
because you lied to me.


[raises voice]
You lied to me!

[Lauren] I'm sorry.

Randy, she lied to me! She chose that book. Mrs. Zachary didn't assign it!

I'm sorry.

"I'm sorry" isn't good enough.
Mrs. Zachary is gone.

When you're dead
you're gone forever.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

What's the matter with you?




Don't be mad, Mom.

I'm not mad.

I will never be bad again.
I promise.

I know, honey.

I know.

You know I'll always
protect you, right?


Is everything
alright in here?


We're fine.

Everything's really,
really fine.



You okay?

Yeah, Dad.

Will you take me somewhere?


To the hospital.
The hospital.

It's gonna be okay.


I wish I could stop time

at those moments
when everything is just
so happy and perfect.

This shouldn't have
to come up.

Well, medically you're fine.
There's nothing abnormal
that I can detect.

Are you sure?

The brain scan is normal.
Completely normal.

What's wrong?
You don't look pleased.

So that proves it,
doesn't it?

Proves what?

This is great news,
and you wanna go
to the dark side as usual.


It means that
I'm having hallucinations.
That's not normal.

Yeah, but it's treatable.
The drugs'll help you.

I can tell.

We'll go through this together.

[telephone rings]


No, I can't show
that house now.

Well, they'll just
gonna have to wait.

[soft music]

Do you trust your kids?

Your husband?



[Danika] It's hard.

The other day

Kurt was studying
with his girlfriend and I...

And I couldn't help myself.


Don't you knock?

My parents used to do
the same thing.

Always trying
to control my life.

Are you gonna make
Kurt hate...

Get out of my house.

[sighs nervously]

You spend your whole life

trying to protect them
from harm and evil influences.
I mean, just...

They don't understand.

They're too young.

They can't comprehend
how fast life can disappear.

Do you think...

Do you think that perhaps
maybe you've been
too protective of your kids?


You mean...

It's not possible.

Do you have kids?


Then you don't know.

Mmm, you don't know.

In this world
bad things happen.

That's life.

I don't like that.
I don't accept that.

I don't accept that.

You can only do
the best you can.

It sounds to me like
you're a wonderful
mother, Danika.

But you have to explain to me why are people lying to me.

Why did my little girl
make up that story
about that book?

My son is involved
with a predator.
My husband...

Stop it.

You cannot protect them
from everything.

It isn't healthy.

Maybe you should let
your husband
help you out more.

What do you know
about Randy?

Don't tell me
how to raise my kids.


[Randy] Okay.

Take these.

I'm scared.

Don't be.

Tell me everything's
gonna be okay.

Everything's gonna be okay.


Hello, Mrs. Merrick.

Sorry about that.

What happened to you?

I have AIDS.

You have to see a doctor.

For what?

You need help.



[echoed] What I need is a good fuck.

Good fuck. Good fuck.



I like Kurt.

[echoes] I like him a lot.

I'll see you later.

He's my baby.

He's my baby!

He's my baby!

[telephone rings]


They're in a motel.

The Cuesta Motel
on Frontage road.

Room two.
I'm sorry.

You have me on all kinds of medication, and I don't like it.

Drugs are never
my first choice,

but I felt I had
no other option for you.

Well, they're not working.

I'm having nightmares.
I feel worse.
I'm worried about my kids.

Your kids are fine,

You know what I heard
on the radio today?

A lunatic exploded himself on a bus.

Filled with little kids.

But you know
that isn't true.

I don't know that.

And I don't know
what I can do about it.

I could've helped
that little girl,

and I didn't know
what to do about it.

Stop blaming yourself,
Danika. You don't
have that power.

You have to stop worrying
about the outside. About
things you can't control.

And start looking
after yourself.

You have people
very worried about you.

And frankly,
your fears help no one.

I'm panicking everybody.

The kids.


Everybody said that he really loved me, but...

why would he go
to somebody else?

He had an affair?

It was with my kid's nanny.

That's terrible.


I really trusted her, too.

And I told her everything.

And she took care
of my kids!

How did you find out
about it?

I hired a detective.

So what happened
to her?

She's gone.

It was me
and the kids, or her.

Randy came back,
and he begged for forgiveness.

And did you give it
to him?


We're a family.

And I'm not throwing
all of that away
so somebody else can win.

I'm going to be okay.

I'm gonna be fine now.

I'm gonna be okay.

I'm going to be okay.

I'm fine.

[Brian] Mom?

Oh, baby.

Is something wrong?

Uhm, no. Mommy
just isn't feeling well.

I had your graduation present
in my hand and I forgot it.

Are you playing hide and seek?

Mommy? Are we going to McDonald's?

Yeah. Anything
you want today.

You're the best mommy in the world.

And you're
the best son.

[telephone rings]


They're in a motel.

The Cuesta Motel
on Frontage road.

Room two.

I'm sorry.

[dial tone]


[telephone rings]


Are you planning
on coming back in?

I can't.

[Patricia] Your calculations are off again, Danika.

You need to come back at once and take care of this.

I left Brian with my nanny,
but she's not here.

She was supposed
to look after him.

I can't come back
right now.

Then perhaps
you shouldn't come back at all.


Let's get out of here.

[male voice, over the phone] Freeze!

[over the phone] [bang]

Where are we going?

Gonna pick up Kurt
and Lauren at school.

[soft music]

[hinges squeak]

[shower running]


I miss you, too.
I do.

I miss you, too.


[moaning continues]


Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

Mrs. Merrick.
I am so sorry.

I should've said something.
This isn't the way I...

[shouting in pain]
Fuck. Fuck!


You want everything
to be perfect, don't you?

You wanna be safe.
Nothing's safe.

I'm sick of your paranoia.
I'm sick of your crazy
fucking fears!

Mrs. Merrick.

I am so sorry.

I hired you
to be my kid's nanny.
You should shut up, Evelyn.

I tried to tell ya
and you wouldn't listen.
You're afraid of everything!

What are you
talking about?

You don't get it,
do you?




Your kids
deserve better.



Get away from my kids!


[soft music]

Put on your seat belts.

[changing radio stations]

[folk music]

Are you okay, Mom?

Mom, what happened
to you?


Mommy, could we go
to McDonald's?

That's a good idea.

That's a good idea.

[soft music]

It's alright for me
to trust someone.

She wouldn't have made
a better mother than me.

You and the kids
are everything.


[horn honks]
[tires screech]

[tires screech]

[tires screech]
[horn honking]

[people talking]
[sirens wailing]

One more stretcher
over here.

It's just her.

[detective] Is she gonna make it?

Yeah, she will.


I mean, how do you wanna live after something like this?

I have no idea.

Let's get in the ambulance.

One, two, three.

Where are the children?

She's asking
about the kids.

Ma'am, listen to me.

We're doing everything we can right now. Let us take care of you.

Everything's gonna be okay.


Hey, Mom.

What happened?
You okay?

[soft music]

Help me up.

[Randy, muffled]
There have fire trucks
that are so big

that the driver
is in the back.

It's somebody's birthday.

Happy birthday, Mom.

[soft music]

[siren wailing]

You say you see things.

[Danika] I have these visions, but they feel like they really happen.

I'm a rational person living in the real world.

I don't know how I'm seeing these things.

You're gonna have
to do a good job

convincing me of that,

I feel like I'm gonna hurt my family.

I don't know what's happening.

I have all these things in my head and I don't know what's real and what isn't.

There's been a murder!

You understand that when you're dead you're gone forever?

I forgot it was my birthday.

I wish she were dead.

[Danika] I'm imagining it.

Will you take me somewhere?


[Danika] To the hospital. I might be going crazy.

You're a good mother,
Danika. You know that.

[Lizzie's mother]
Please, if you have
my Lizzie, don't hurt her.

I'll give you
anything you want.
Just bring her back safe.

I'm sure you're
a wonderful mother.

[Danika] I think I'm crazy.

I'm sure you're
a wonderful mother.

[soft music]