Danielle (2017) - full transcript

A beautiful alien lands on earth and discovers love in the form of a Madrid native named Daniel. Realizing she can't make it on her own, he takes her in. From there, their relationship ...

State Lottery

Spanish Christmas Lottery

What's going on?

There's no signal.

Is it a UFO?

What did your mother say?

Nothing. Something about the moon!

Yes, Mom, I'm getting in line now.

But if they don't have that number,
I'll take what they have.

Okay, love you!

This is the line, right?

He reminds me so much of mine.

He died last year.

Which one do you want, honey?

As you can see, there's a line.

Are you feeling okay?

Which number would you like?

What number do you want?


This one?

I'll take two, please.

You can pay me back later.

Shouldn't you put a collar on that doggie?

I'm Daniel.

... I'm Danielle.

Your name is "Daniel" too?

Oh, right, Danielle with two Ls, right?

Pleased to meet you!

Sorry, sorry, in Spain we kiss all the time.

Here's your ticket.

And good luck.

To us both, right?


How weird.

And to your right you can see
the famous park El Retiro.

Called "Retiro" because
the kings used to retire here.

Okay, and also to your right...

Oh my... Marga, cover for me.

Wait, I only speak Japanese!

It doesn't matter!

Wait, you have to pay!

Don't make me call the police over two euros!

Don't worry, sir! I'll pay
the two euros. My apologies!

I can't believe you stole this junk.

What did you say...?



You like it...? Yes...? No...?

Gimme a break!

So, this is a typical bar.

You'll find bars on every corner here...

Look at yourself! You really
enjoyed it, didn't you?

I don't know what you would do without me...

You'll have to take me to your country.

Well, if we win, of course.


Yes, the Christmas lottery.

And when you win, it's very typical

to hug each other and pop open
a bottle of champagne

at the place where you bought the ticket.

It's very nice.

I've never won, but that's what they say...

My name is Daniel.

My name is Danielle.

Great accent!

My name is Danielle.

Mine's Paco!

These are the Christmas lights.
They haven't been lit yet.

I bet in your country...

Well, today's your lucky day!

Let's get a coat from my house.
You must be freezing.


Edu, I'm home!

Wait here!

Let's hope my ex-girlfriend's coat fits you well!

Guess who just fixed the toaster?

Your friend here.

She looked at it as if he had never seen
one in her life and then... Ping!


How did you manage to bring her home?

Where is she from?

Is it possible to share dreams?


Edu, I had a very strange feeling last night.

It was as if she and I...
as if we both had the same dream.

Ah, maybe she's an alien on a sightseeing tour...

and she decided to visit Spain... Of course!

And now the two of you are telepathically connected.

I want to help her. I think she's completely lost.

Okay, but only for a few days.

If that dog poops in the house, you're cleaning it up.

Of course!

By the way, tell her to fix the game console.

Ala, Ad?u!


This is my subway stop.
You always have to come back here, alright?


Yes, good! I have to go to work.

Remember: "Esperanza".

And please, don't steal anything!


She may be weird, but she's definitely not stupid.

I know you will leave soon,

or they may come from your country looking for you.

I don't even know if you can understand me.

I love you, Danielle.

Look at the birds!

Now you can't see them,
but they will come in the spring!

And what about the sky? Look up! Look up!

I tell you, Spain is...

This planet is total! Total!

Excuse me miss, the subway is closed.

Hey, hey, hey... CLOSED FOR WORK.

There's a replacement bus service...


Hope? Yes, we hope to re-open in 10 days.

Will she know how to get back here?
It must be confusing to her.

She's a foreigner, not an alien.


No thanks.

Staring at it won't make you win!


Dude... She's gone.

And then you take the churro
and dip it in hot chocolate,

and you eat it.

Very typical.

The Christmas lottery.

They are announcing El Gordo.

Very typical.

Four million euros!

In fact the winning number was sold here.

But tell us Daniel, how many tickets did you buy?

I bought one. I bought one.

But a friend of mine took one
and I think she got lost.

For me...?

Yes, Mom, we won...

Of course I'm happy.

I'm on my way home right now.

We have been so lucky!

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