Daniel Sloss: X (2019) - full transcript

Daniel Sloss discusses a variety of topics, from his love of children, to being a man, in this tastefully dark comedy special.

A man offered us
a billion dollars.

- Bolt the doors.
- We could all go to prison.

Enjoy the injunction.

Did you just try to punch
the wall and miss?

No. I clipped it. I got it.

♪ And there's only one crown ♪

♪ And there's only one king ♪

♪ And it's looking like me ♪

♪ So you better start running ♪

♪ So you better start running ♪

Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome to the stage

Mr. Daniel Sloss!

♪ 'Cause there's
only one king ♪

♪ And there's only one crown ♪

♪ And there ain't enough room
for us both on the throne ♪

♪ So it's 'bout to go down ♪

♪ So you better start running ♪

♪ So you better
start running... ♪

Hello, Sydney.
How are you?

Good. It's fucking
lovely to be back,

uh, genuinely,

that's why we're filming
this here again:

'cause it was so good
fucking last time.

So, don't screw this up.

Uh, get comfortable.

And if you're not comfortable,
don't worry about it too much.

I'm about to provide
plenty of material

that's going to make most of you
very fucking uncomfortable.

Let's crack on.

I love kids.

I do.

Love kids, love babies,
I love toddlers.

I love tiny little children.
Love 'em.

There should not be this much
tension in the room.

I haven't said
anything bad there.

I said something nice,
something sweet, something endearing,

but most important--
something legal!

I love kids.

Some of you
still don't trust me.

That's fine, I get that,
that could be my fault.

I'm a comedian that's got a reputation
for having a "dark" sense of humor.

Maybe you expect me
to take that premise,

turn it into an
offensive punchline,

all for the sake
of shock comedy.

I promise you that's not
gonna happen with this joke.

Maybe it's another factor
that I hadn't considered.

Maybe it's the fact
that I'm a white man

and we don't have the best
history with... children.

I can't say for certain.
All I know for certain

is that whenever I proudly
declare that I love kids

at least half of you fuckers go "He-he-he."

Every gig without fail,
no matter where I am.

I love kids!
"He's gonna fuck one."

I'm not.

I'm not gonna fuck one.
Why would I fuck one?

They are not my type.

I have three younger siblings,
I've got nine younger cousins.

From the age of two, I've been raised around kids.
I love kids, I really do.

And I hate the fact that I have to qualify my love of children.

'Cause I don't have to qualify
my love of anything else.

I love dogs.

None of you are like,
"He's gonna fuck a poodle!"

It's not...

And I would fuck a poodle.

I absolutely would.
It's small, it's on a leash.

Where's it gonna go?

I love my mom.


None of you think
I'm gonna fuck her, do you?

And I've been inside of her
and I've sucked her tits.

Not at the same time.

That's when Dad gets jealous.

It's not good being a man
and being paternal.

I guess if you're like-- maybe like a father,
you got kids that's cool.

But if you've got no kids
and you love kids,

some people find it weird.

I noticed it 'cause my friends
are having kids now,

so I get to go and play
with their kids, you know,

running round a park,
chasing them around the place.

Again, not in a creepy way.


I mean, don't get me wrong,
on a technicality,

I am technically
chasing them round a park

while they scream and beg me to stop.

But I promise you that
that is part of the game.

When chasing children,
hand position is very, very important, right?

Funny monster, actual monster.

There is...

There is a subtle difference
between "I'm gonna get you"

: and "I'm gonna get you!"

Kids are intuitive and they can tell the difference.

I get jealous
of women sometimes.

Women, you're allowed
to be openly maternal

in ways that
I'm just not able to be.

Women could be like,
"I was on a train the other day, and I saw a baby,

"So, I smiled at the baby,
and the baby smiled back.

"And then I waved at the baby,
and the baby waved back.

And, oh, my ovaries exploded."

"Oh, my poor explody ovaries
have done a 9/11 in my belly."

I get those exact
same emotions,

but I'm not allowed to express
them in that way.

Or I go to jail!

Do you want proof of that claim?

Fine, I have a goddaughter,
her name is Ava.

She is two-and-a-half years old.

She is without a doubt
the dumbest fucking moron...

...I have ever had the--

Oh, man, she's thick as shit, man.
She's so great.

And I know there'll be
parents in the room,

they'll be like, "Oh, Daniel,
all kids are stupid."

Oh, I know they are.
This one takes the biscuit.

And shoves it in her fucking ear.

She is...

She's about this big,
everything in her life is a corner

that exists directly
at eye height,

and she sprints in every
direction, full speed,

without checking her periphery

because she doesn't know
that she can die yet.

I love her unconditionally,

but I don't think
she's gonna make it to ten.

It would be nice, but it might not happen.

She does have an older sister.
I should point that out.

But her older sister
is not my goddaughter,

so I haven't learned
her fucking name.

Her parents made a shitty
decision on her behalf,

and she will suffer the consequences.

I'll play with Ava,
and Slagathor can play with her godfather...

...whoever he may be.

Ava's the best, man.
She's so fun.

Always excited to see me,

'cause, you know,
we play games together.

Her favorite game in the world is hide-and-seek.

Uh, she thinks
I invented hide-and-seek,

and the reason she thinks
I invented hide-and-seek

is because I told her that
I invented hide-and-seek.

And she's the worst
hide-and-seek player.

And I know there's
gonna be parents in the room

who are listening to me,
be like "Oh, Daniel,

"Of course she's bad
at hide-and-seek, all kids are.

Let me guess, she hides
behind the curtain and giggles."

That is a Harvard graduate compared to my fucking moron.

Let's just pretend
that this is just, like,

a chair in the middle
of the living room, right?

I'll be Ava and you be me,

and let's see how long
it takes you to find me.

If indeed you can.

Allow me to just get
- fucking moron.

Did you find me?

Please note that
she doesn't hide like this.

She hides like this because she likes to maintain eye contact!

For the duration of the game.

Now, I love this moron.

I don't want her growing up
knowing she's a moron.

I want her growing up feeling confident,
so I have to call her a genius.

So, I have to spend five minutes
not fucking finding her,

which is way more difficult.

Then, the second
I can't find her,

she starts laughing,
now I can hear the bitch.

That is two senses

I can now use to work out
where in the room she might be.

Then she gets so excited
that she shits herself.

Three out of five.

One of the reasons
I love her so much

is because she's got that, you know,
that kindness that only some toddlers have,

just that pure kindness.

'Cause eventually
whenever I do find her,

she's proud of me.

Like, I'll eventually turn around and be like,
"Oh there you are!"

And she's like, "How did you--?"
You were fucking there!

She's so precious,
I'm gonna die.

Her older sister, by the way,
is very good at hide-and-seek,

but that's mainly 'cause
I never fucking look for her.

I'll still count and tell her
she's playing,

and then once she's gone,
she's God's problem.

Ava sucks at seeking as well.

She sucks at both halves
of the game, right?

The last time when I was
round visiting her,

we were playing hide-and-seek,
she looked in a drawer.

It was the one and only
place she looked.

She walked into the kitchen
confident as fuck.

She was like, "If I know
my godfather, and I think I do,

he'll be in the knife drawer."

"That's where I would be."

She opened up the knife drawer,
I wasn't in there,

she forgot she was playing,
and then she fucked off.

Just me and her sister
hiding under a table.

Like, "What the fuck
is this shit?"

Her sister was like,
"Annoying, isn't it?"

Shut your whore mouth! I fucking swear to God.

Love being a god-dad,
love being a god-dad.

Uh, it's good fun.
I don't see--

I feel guilty sometimes 'cause,
I travel a lot with this job.

I don't see Ava
as much as I'd like to.

So, whenever I do, I spoil her
just so she still loves me.

Not with like treats and stuff,
like, you know, physical things.

I like to take her
on experiences

so she's got positive
memories of me there.

So, I always take her to farms 'cause she loves horses,
they blow her mind,

and she loves feeding them,
and the last time we were feeding horses--

Her dad trusts me
'cause I'm a good god-dad,

and he's like, "Can you look
after her for five minutes,

- and don't fuck this up?"
- And I was like....

And then...

...while he was at the toilet,
I took my special time with her

to just teach her
just how to, uh...

Not to people.
Never, never to people.

Just to horses.

I looked my two-year-old goddaughter in her perfect blue eyes,

and I said, "Ava, this means
I love you horsey."

Why? Because
who's the victim?

There isn't one.
I've triple-checked.

She doesn't know
what she's doing.

All she knows is that
I am crying with laughter.

The horse doesn't know
it's offended.

It's a fucking horse.

And now she thinks that
is what you do to horses.

And it is never not funny.

Nobody in this room has
the ability to watch

a two-year-old flip off
every horse she sees,

and go "No, I don't understand
why that's amusing."

It gets funnier every time,

'cause you see the horses
before she does

and you know it's coming.

Her dad still sends me videos of her being driven past fields of horses,

and she's just like "Horses!"

So good!

Why would you not want
that in your life

at every available opportunity?

Free serotonin!

I love spoiling her.
I shouldn't do it, but I love doing it.

Be a Tuesday night at
like 9 p.m., I'll be visiting,

I'll be like,
Ava, do you want some ice cream?

She'll be like, "Mum says
I'm not allowed any ice cream."

I went to high school with your mother and I've seen her get fingered.

You can get some fucking ice cream.

You let me deal with mommy bear.


I also hate saying
goodbye to her,

'cause it makes her sad
and I don't like seeing her sad.

So, I just leave.

Last time I left,
I grabbed my suitcase--

I was visiting her before I came on this trip-- and, uh,
grabbed my suitcase.

Now she must've remembered the last time that I left with a suitcase

that she didn't see me
for a couple of months.

'Cause the second
I grabbed the handle,

she stopped what she was doing,

she ran as fast as she could
across the living room,

just daring any table
to end her life.

By some miracle she got to me,

she wraps her arms
around my legs,

she squeezed as tightly
as she possibly could,

and she looked up
and she said "Bye, Dan-Dan."

She calls me Dan-Dan.
"Bye, Dan-Dan. Love you."

And my balls exploded.

Why is that different?

It's the exact same sentiment!

That's also where
they come from!

Everyday sexism.

I want to be a dad, not yet.
I know I'm not ready to be a dad.

If you want proof of that,
listen to the last fucking joke I told.

I want to have daughters.
I just think I'd be better with daughters,

because I've got
two younger brothers

and I spent most of my life just
beating the shit out of them

'cause that's what you do
as a big brother.

I'm nice to them now
but, you know,

I've just never learned
how to be nice to boys.

'Cause after my sister died,
I had two younger cousins-- female cousins turn up,

and I really sort of attached myself to them.
I was really nice to them.

So I'm just-- I'm just worried
that that will sort of actually

manifest themselves
into my fatherhood.

Like, I'll have a daughter and I'll be like,
"You're the best, I love you."

My son'll turn up,
I'm like, "You can fuck off."


I'm very aware that
that is a me problem.

And... I am working on it.

I think it's called
toxic masculinity.

Now, I don't know much
about toxic masculinity.

First I heard of it
was last year.

One of my friends she said
to me, she was like,

"Do you know
that you're a toxic man?"

And I was like, hmm,
doesn't sound like me, you dumb bitch.

Why don't you speak
when spoken to?

How about that? That sound good?

And then I read a bunch
of articles about it,

and I was like, oh boy!
Fucking oh-ho-ho!

Somebody's been following me.

I'm not gonna change, but at least I'm self-aware.

And that's half the battle.

But not the half that matters.

First became aware of it
when my friend, she said to me,

she was like, "You know, you're
quite bad with your emotions."

And I was like, "No, I'm not.
You're bad with your emotions,

because I know
when you're having them."

I just don't think my emotions
are anyone else's responsibility

other than for my own.
So if I have a negative emotion,

I'll just bottle it up
and keep it to myself.

And, apparently,
that's quite unhealthy.

And turns out
I also do the same

with positive emotions
a lot of the time,

and I just come across
as a miserable bastard.

And I don't want that, man.

I want my friends that I love
to know that I love them.

I don't wanna be one of those
fucking closed up people.

So I'm trying to, you know, get
better at saying nice things,

but it's tough when you're just not,
you know, fucking used to it.

Like, to the men in the room,

if you're anything like me and you're struggling with your emotions--

I do recommend you get
in touch with them.

'Cause it's not like
having a super power,

but it is like having
every other man's kryptonite.

Like, you can ruin
any man's day with emotions

and it's the most fun
you'll ever have.

Women, I finally
understand your games.


Next time you're with
one of your guy friends,

if you want to fuck up
his whole afternoon,

like really throw him
into disarray,

look him dead in the eyes
and tell him that you love him.

And just watch him not be able to process that...

...with any level of maturity.

Hey, Mark, I love you.


You're one of my close friends,
I love you.

"Are-- are you dying?"

No. "Am I dying?"

Why would I know that?

"Are you trying to fuck me?"
No, I'm not trying to fuck you!

"Yes you are.
If you love something,

you fuck it.
You know the rules."

It's cliché to say, women,
you're better with your emotions,

but generally
you sort of tend to be.

You create positive experiences
with each other,

you're very kind to each other.

I love watching women
compliment each other.

Sincerely, I find it
very empowering.

Especially if
they're shit-faced.

There is nothing better

than two drunk women
at 3 a.m. being like,

"Oh my God, Sarah,
I absolutely love your tits!"

"Shut up, Jessica.
I would cut off my tits and give them to you

if I could have a day in that."

It's very, very empowering.

And you're not really allowed
to do that as a man.

Just, "Hey, Steve, nice dick!"
Doesn't work.

Doesn't work
and that's a real shame,

'cause Steve's got
a real nice dick.

He's got a real nice dick and he won't let me see it anymore.

So, you know,
I'm trying to, you know...

I'm trying to read
a bit more about it.

It's a bit tough reading
about toxic masculinity,

because in all honesty,
I like being a man and I think it's fun,

and up until now, like, I didn't
realize any of it was shit.

'Cause for me,
all masculinity means to me

is it's just me
and ten of my friends

drinking until one of us dies.

And the one that does die,
we won't attend his funeral,

because he died like a bitch
and we don't honor bitches.

I don't know how you expect
me to pay my respects

to a man that can't
handle the sesh.

That's not something...

...I have within my repertoire.

Like, what do you want
me to do at his funeral?

Pour a drink out in his grave?

Be like, "Still can't
handle it, can you cunt?"


Your father was a pussy.

I feel like there's a lot of shit that's not toxic masculinity

that's currently being thrown
under the toxic masculinity bus.

I see it happen
on Twitter a lot.

People say like, "This is what
toxic masculinity looks like."

I'm like, no, no, no, that's
just a thing that cunts do.

Now, I'm both
a toxic man and a cunt

and I'm willing to give up one of those.

Here's a thing that I do not
think is exclusive to men.

I think bullying is one of the funnest things in the entire world.

Now, allow me
to clarify that statement

for all of you nerds currently
getting PTSD flashbacks...

...to the wedgies you rightfully
received in high school.

When I say bullying, I do not
mean in any way, shape, or form,

bullying someone society deems
weaker or less than you,

and I especially don't mean ganging up on somebody you hate or dislike.

I mean bullying your friends.

I think there is
no higher form of love

available as a human being

than staring your best friend
dead in the eyes

and just destroying
every life decision

they have ever made
up until that moment in time,

with no mercy, no remorse.

And the entire time,
they're just sat there being like,

"My turn soon, cunt.
See if I give a shit."

"Think you're perfect
do you, princess?"

And that's not
exclusive to men.

If you're anything like me,
which I'm going to assume most of you are

since this is how you choose to spend your time...

...you're quite a nice
person consciously.

It's an active decision.

But your internal monologue
is the most barbaric roast

of any human being
that has the audacity

to walk into your field of vision.

It's not even
a conscious thing.

You're just walking down the street,
being like,

"I'm in a good mood."
And your brain's like,

"Wrong. Cunt, cunt, cunt,
ugly baby, shit dog."

And you're like...

"Why am I like this?"

"Who hurt me?"

I would never ever, ever, ever

say any of these
horrible thoughts out loud.

But I do know five cunts
who would love them!

Group chat! And then...

I'm in a WhatsApp group
with ten male comedians,

so yeah.

Our banter is unforgivable.

I say genuinely
career-ending things

in that group every single day,

and all for the sake of getting
three cry-face laugh emojis.

Is it worth it? You're goddamn fucking right it's worth it.

Couple months ago in our group,

one of our closest friends,
his dog died,

which is obviously devastating.

But not as devastating
as the memes we made.

He didn't even tell us
his dog was dead,

'cause he knew
we'd make fun of him.

We had to find out from
his wife's Facebook page.

She did a sad
little post about it,

we all screen grabbed it,
put it in the group.

We're like, "Hi, is your dog dead?"

And he was like "Yeah,"
and we were like,

"Aah! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

That'll teach you
to love something!"

And then we made fun
of his dead dog for an hour.

Now, the reason we made
fun of his dead dog

isn't 'cause we were glad
the dog was dead.

We loved that dog.
He was such a good dog. I miss that dog.

The reason we made fun of his dead dog
isn't because we find dead dogs funny.

Very rarely do we find
dead dogs funny.

The reason we made
fun of his dead dog

is for the same reason that
most people make horrible jokes

after something bad happens.

And it's not
because they're evil,

and it's not
because they're malicious,

and it's not
because they're heartless.

It's because the joke
pops in to your head.

And that's it.

Something bad happens,
and you go, "Oh, no!"

And your brain goes,
"Say this, though."

And that's it.

And if you don't say the joke,
it's not like it fucks off.

It just sits there getting
funnier and funnier

and funnier and funnier
and it begins to rot your brain,

and that's how
you get brain cancer.

I am a scientist. It's...

It's like having diarrhea,

holding it in doesn't achieve anything.

You just have to admit
that you're unwell

and be like, "I'm very sorry.
I'm incredibly sick.

"I have to get this
out of my system,

otherwise I might explode."

"Thank you for your patience.
Sorry for your loss."

So, we spend an hour just making
silly jokes about his dead dog.

I say "we."
I didn't.

I spent 45 minutes of that hour

very carefully
photoshopping an image

of Thanos clicking his fingers and his dog...

...disappearing from the arms
of his four-year-old daughter.


You'll-- you'll never
convince me that

that's not the funniest thing I've ever done in my goddamn life.

Five cry-face laugh emojis
from all my boys.

I bowled a perfect game.
You never see that.

Never happens.

But eventually,
at the end of the hour,

all the horrible jokes were
out of our system.

I was straight in.

I was like, hey man,
we hope you're okay.

We hope the kids are okay,
and we hope you know we're just joking.

And he was straight in. He was like,
"Don't fucking condescend to me."

"I'm very aware they were just jokes.

"I appreciate your attempts
to cheer me up.

They did work.
I love you, boys."

And we were like, "Ew!" And then...

And I was like, can I ask
how the dog died?

He was like, "Yeah man, we just,
we had to get it put down."

I'm like, man, I'm genuinely
sorry to hear that.

Having a dog put down,
it's a horrible thing to go through.

All jokes aside, why did you
have to get the dog put down?

"Oh, it was showing signs of dementia."

Boys, come back.

No, it gets so much better. It gets way better.

I'm sorry.
Dogs get dementia?

"Yeah they do, Daniel. It's pretty serious."

Can you just--
can you--? I'll ask!

Can you just describe the first symptom please?

I just-- I really just need to understand the moment when you realized

that your dog had
the human disease dementia.

Just talk me through that.
What was that like?

"I'm gonna take
the dog for a walk."

"Oh, that's fucked!"

"I think it's best we kill it."

I didn't realize that
the male ego was fragile.

Like, I'm quite
a confident person,

and I always thought that was quite a
fucking strong thing that I was secure in.

And then I was just in a conversation with a bunch of girls,

and one of them was like, "Fucking hell,
the male ego is so fragile!"

And I was like, no, it's not!

Oh, there it is.

Ah, I see.

I'm the problem.

To me, like, masculinity it's--
it's the caveman in our brain

that we've not been able
to breed out through evolution.

Evolution is an incredibly
slow process,

so we still have some instincts
that are so fucking ancient.

Like, if you take a baby--
like a brand-new baby,

a freshly squeezed baby
straight from the tree...

...if you press the palm of its hand,
it will instinctively close.

This reaction exists from
when we used to be apes

and our mothers
used to have fur,

and that's how we'd
hold on to our mothers

as she swung from tree to tree.

That reaction is still
like a baby's now.

So, there's a lot of stuff in there that we don't need anymore,

'cause we're not

We don't need fight or flight,

for an example,
as a reaction to things.

It's a very archaic way of dealing with modern problems,
but it's still in there.

As a man you have
to learn to not listen

to a lot of
the caveman instincts,

because this isn't
the smart caveman.

This isn't the one
that discovered fire.

This is the one
that worked out it was hot.


He shouldn't be running the ship at any point.

I'm slowly coming to terms
with my caveman nature

of understanding his bullshit
reactions to things.

He sees masculine
things as strong

and feminine things as weak.

And for most of my life,
it stopped me doing things

that society deemed feminine.

And it's such a fucking pathetic
way to deal with things.

And I'm getting better at it
and I want to,

'cause there's a lot of shit
that society deems feminine

that I fucking want.

For example, ladies you, uh...

you get to go
to the bathroom together.

I want that.

And it's nothing
you can give us.

You as a gender,
you have decided that you go to the bathroom together,

'cause of course you do.
It makes perfect sense to do it that way.

Men, for some reason, we insist
on going to the toilet alone.

And nobody has ever been able
to rationally explain to me why.

Have you ever seen women
going to the toilet together?

Like, it's fucking incredible!

They'll just be sat there
drinking cocktails,

talking about science--
hashtag feminism.

And then... halfway through,

one of them will just go,
"I'm going to go to the toilet."

And immediately three of her friends will go, "Ah!
We'll come too!"

And they get up, and they skip,

and they link arms, it's like
the start of The Hobbit.

It's beautiful!

Yet when I want to take a piss,

I gotta do a goddamn
Frodo solo mission.

It makes so much sense
to go the bathroom together.

And I've been doing a lot of research on this.

And by research, I mean staring
at women going to the toilets.

To the men in the room,
I don't know if you know this--

'cause I fucking didn't--
but there's a lot of the time

two women will go into
the same cubicle together,

only one of them
needs to pee.

The other one is just there
to keep her company.

"Are ya having a good pee?"

"I am having a good pee.
Yeah, thanks."

"How's Darren?"
"Oh, you know."

I want that!

I've had some of the most
brutal shits of my entire life

in public bathrooms that would
have been made way easier

if one of my bro's was there
holding my hand!

"Come on, Daniel, push!"

But it's so painful!

"Come on, breathe!
Just like we practiced."

Ha-ha! I'll name it after you!

Do you wanna hold it?

Obviously there are other reasons why
women go to the bathroom together.

One of the main reasons being
sometimes one of you is wearing

a playsuit or a romper and you need
your fucking Formula One team there.

Oh, I know your secrets, ladies.

To the men that might not
get that reference,

if you ever see more than
two women going to the bathroom,

nine times out of ten
it's because

one of them is wearing
an all-in-one monstrosity,

and she needs at least
three of her sisters to be like,

"Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go!"

Because without them there,
she can get out of it

and then she's just naked
until the bouncer arrives.

And I've tried, man.

I have tried getting my guy friends to come to the toilet with me.

Does not work.

It makes them very uncomfortable.

If you thought me telling them
I loved them scared them,

try inviting them to the bathroom.

Don't do those two things
in a row, by the way.

Hey, Mark, I love you.
I'm going to go to the toilet.


"But I don't need to pee."

You don't need to need to pee.

Just come be with me
while I pee.

I'll miss you.

Once, it's worked.

I remember the day so vividly.

November 22nd last year,
Queens Arm pub in Edinburgh.

I turned to one of my boys
and I was like, hey man,

I'm going to go to the toilet.
Do you want to come?

He was like, "Fuck yeah, Sloss,
I'll join you."

I was like...

I'm making a difference!

You should have seen
the disappointment on his face

when I did not have cocaine.

He was a very angry man.

"Why is your dick out?!"
Why is your wallet out?!

I am not that type of lady.

Just trying to fix
the shit in my brain.

I'm still not 100 % happy
with who I am as a person.

Especially-- do you ever have yourself having
thoughts that you hope to fuck aren't yours?

Like, I can find myself having opinions that I don't even agree with,

and I don't know
how that works.

Just be sat in my house
being a nice person,

then just something horrible
will cross my mind.

I'm like,
fucking some cunt better have walked by with his Bluetooth on.

Like, and I don't think-- I don't think it's
like-- I don't think I'm a bad person.

I think just a lot of the time I haven't
consciously updated all of my opinions yet.

Like, I still have
some opinions from 2005,

and occasionally when I'm drunk

my brain will just go,
and here's the classics.


They're not necessarily
hateful opinions.

They're just shitty opinions
that a 15-year-old has.

Like, the first time I became
aware of one, I was at a party,

and I was talking to this really
fucking interesting girl.

We had a good conversation,

and then in the midst of it,
she was just like,

"What is it that you
do for a living?"

And I was like,
oh, I'm a comedian.

What do you do for a living?

And she was like,
"Oh, I'm a footballer,"

as in she was
a professional soccer player.

And I was like, oh, cool!

But my internal monologue
was just like,

"I'm a much better
footballer than you!"

And that is not true.

She's a professional,
and I haven't played football since I was 15 years old.

But I also haven't consciously
updated my opinion

of myself playing football since I was 15 years old.
That's what I mean.

I would argue these aren't
even my opinions.

They're more like the echoes
of a less educated me.

They are the residue
of ignorance.

Now, every single one of us
has ignorant opinions.

And if you think you don't
have any ignorant opinions,

it's because you've not said them all out loud yet.

A lot of the time most things
sound fine in your head,

but when you say them out loud
for the first time, you're like,

aah, fuck!

That's definitely wrong.

I'm going to have to stand
by that for three weeks

for no other reason other than pride.

And then pretend I read
a book that changed my mind.

Takes being involved
in a conversation with someone

where you're talking about
something that, you know,

that you haven't thought
about for ten years,

so of course the opinion
is ten years out of date.

I was talking to one of my boys,
one of my WhatsApp boys,

one of my boys, right?

And he'd been seeing
a girl for, like, ages.

They'd been on, like, ten dates
and they'd only kissed,

which is fine, that's fine,
that's fine, that's fine.

And after, like, the tenth date
of only kissing, he was like,

"Man, I think
she really likes me."

And I was like,
she fucking doesn't, man.

"Oh, how can you tell?"

Because your nose still
smells like your nose.

It's a very simple equa--

First of all,
if you get that reference,

you're not better than me, okay?

You don't get to understand the reference and then be upset

because I know how you understand the reference.

It's the same way I understand
the fucking reference.

You don't get to sit there
being like, "Sir, how dare you?"

"How dare--

"Barely were the words
out of your mouth

before my mother was like,
'Yeah, done that!'"

Look, I respect her.

Uh, I respect her
for having boundaries

and I respect him for
respecting her boundaries.

I'm still going to make fun
of him though because fuck him.


Eventually they had sex,
and I was happy for them.

And I was talking
to him afterwards

and I was like,
how was the sex?

And he was like, "Oh, man,
it was the best sex ever."

I was like,
it wasn't, but okay.

He was like, "Yeah, it was, right?

At one point we were making love."

I'm very mature.

"So, at one point
we were making love.

"And while we were making love,
she shoved her finger up my ass, right?"

And then he kept talking.

And I had stopped listening.

The second he said she shoved
her finger up my ass,

my brain just went, "Hey Sloss,
you have an opinion on that."

And I was like, do I?

Oh, I wonder what it could be.

I bet it's progressive.

Now, all my newer opinions--

all the ones I've developed
in about the last ten years so--

they're stored at
the front of my brain

in the easily accessible
part of the library.

You walk into
the front of my brain,

all my opinions
are laid out there

in easily digestible
brochure format.

There's a comments section,
they can all be updated at a moment's notice.

It's a very, very
efficient system.

All of my older opinions
are stored

in a fucked up warehouse
in the back of my brain.

Understand I do not want any
of these opinions anymore,

but my brain has decided to hold
onto them for no other reason

than it's an overbearing mother
being like, "You never know!"

It's a ramshackle clusterfuck
of different horrible opinions.

Some of them are set in stone,
and that's annoying.

But the whole place is run
by a lovely old man.

His name is Nigel,
he wears a monocle, you'd like him.


Occasionally I've got to pop up to the back of my brain to talk to Nigel

to find out what
my old opinions are.

So I pop upstairs--
he's always happy to see me.

I'll be like, hey Nigel.

And he's like, "Mister...
Mr. Sloss, how are you?"

I'm good, Nige. I'm just--

just looking for
an old opinion of mine.

"Oh, you've certainly come
to the right place.

"What older opinion
can I interest you in?

Oh, is it your crush
on the Olsen twins?"

Oh, no, no.

That is fucking old though.

You can actually just
throw that out, Nigel.

I think they're dead.

"Oh, okay, well,
what opinion is it you're after then, Mr. Sloss?"

Well, Nigel,
it's just I'm talking to one of my boys out there,

and I was just wondering,
do I have any opinions on, um...

: Do I have any opinions on stuff going up my butt?

"Stuff going up your butt?"



"Aye. Aye, you do.
I can't see it there.

"But if I remember correctly,
you definitely thought about it.

"It was only once
and it was either 2004 or--

"My memory's not what
it used to be, Mr. Sloss.

"2005, yes, that was it. 2005.

"You were 15 years old,
your parents had gone to the cinema,

"and you had to babysit
your brothers.

"Once you put
your brothers to sleep,

"you were watching porn
on the family computer.

"And in one of the pornos,
the woman shoved her finger up the man's ass.

You were very confused.
You thought she was trying to reset him."

"Here you go, Mr. Sloss, 2005.

"It'll be in here somewhere.
Just give me two seconds.


"Stuff going up your butt...

"Stuff going
up your butt...

"Stuff-- Oh, your favorite Pokemon!

"No? Well...

"Jigglypuff and...

"Oh, here we go, 2005. Here we go,
Mr. Sloss, 2005. 15 years old...

"Stuff going up your butt,
stuff going up your butt...


Aah, no!

Nigel, I can't have that
be my opinion on that.

"Oh, why ever not, Mr. Sloss?"

Because it's fucking
homophobic, Nigel.

"But, Mr. Sloss,
you are homophobic."

I beg your pardon, Nigel.

I am absolutely not homophobic.

"Mr. Sloss, 28 years of people
using the word gay as an insult

has done some pretty
lasting damage up here."


Real-- Real-- Oh! I just--
I just-- I-- No, come on!

Surely, we must have got rid of
all the homophobia back in 2007.

Surely, there must've been
a clear out.

Remember? Seventeenth birthday,
we were in St. Andrews.

We got really, really drunk,
then we went outside and we shared a joint with that guy.

He leaned in,
then you leaned in,

and we kissed
for at least a minute.

And I thought in that moment,
we realized

that maybe sexuality
was more of a spectrum

as opposed to a binary thing.

"Oh, no, Mr. Sloss,
that's over there in issues."

Oh, cool, leave it there.

Anyway, Nigel,
I'm not really comfortable having a homophobic opinion anymore.

So, if you can just
throw this one out,

and I'll give you my new
non-homophobic opinion,

and I can move on with my life.

"Eh, that's not really
how this works, Mr. Sloss.

"You see, you developed this
opinion before you were 18.

"When we're young,
our brains are very malleable, responsive,

"we're very open and receptive
to new bits of information

"'cause we're essentially
blank slates.

"So, nothing's really
right or wrong for us.

"But when we become adults
and we're finishing puberty,

"our brains solidify in a way.

"Things that were originally just opinions cement themselves as fact

"because we've believed
them for longer

"and we think that gives
them more credibility.

"That's why the older we get,
the more stubborn we are

to new ideas
and new ways of life."

And I'm like, that is
absolutely riveting, Nigel.

Change the fucking opinion.

Nigel, I can't have
a homophobic opinion.

It's 2019,
and I'm not even trying to virtue signal at this point anymore, Nigel,

but in the past five years,
I've actually been

to more gay weddings than
I've been to straight weddings.

"But... but, Mr. Sloss,
all weddings are gay."

Fuck, that's not still in there is it?

You have to be able
to change your old opinions.

It's hard, but you have
to be able to do it.

I struggle with it sometimes.

I'm a fucking
stubborn motherfucker.

I'm trying to get better at it.
The way I'm getting better

is I'm just trying to talk
to people who I disagree with.

Like, 'cause either
they strengthen my argument

or they change my mind,
and neither of those things are bad.

It's just-- somebody can say something from a different perspective,

and you go, oh, fuck, okay,
I hadn't taken that into consideration.

You're still wrong, but thanks.

But then there's other times people will do
something-- and not even say anything--

but just through a simple action,
they'll change your opinion.

You'll just go, holy fuck,
okay, I was wrong.

For example, a couple of months ago,
I was having sex with a girl

and she shoved
her finger up my ass,


...it was a lot like
being in the Matrix,

because I learned karate
in two seconds.

She just shoved it up there,
and I was like,

No, no, never! Hi-yah!
Be gone! Never! Ooh, ah!

Ooh, ooh, ooh.
Ooh... ah!

Oh! Ha-ha-ha! Ho, ho!


And that lack of applause
you hear is coming from men

who've never taken
a digit up the shitter.

And to the men who've never
taken a finger up the tailpipe,

all I have to tell you is,

it's your own time
you're wasting.

You are punishing no one
apart from yourself.

And you can sit there
being a fucking "man" about it,

be like, "Oh, no.
No, it's not for me."

Scientifically, it is.

Scientifically, it's right up
your alley, no pun intended.

That's where your clit is.

It's a shit clit, but it's a clit nonetheless.

Just a little button
halfway up there

that makes everything
taste like ice cream,

except the finger obviously.

To the men in the room that are too scared to take a finger up the ass--

and I will not change
my choice of words there--

- to the men in the room that are
- scared...

too scared to...

...too scared to take
a little finger up the ass,

I can tell you exactly why you're too scared to take a finger up your ass.

It is because deep down,
this is what your insecurity is.

Deep down you don't think
it's a button up there.

You think it's a switch.

That's it.

That is all your pathetic
little insecurity is.

You reckon she's going to shove
her finger up your ass

and you're going to start
singing Elton John.

And that is...

so homophobic even Nigel's
like, "Jesus Christ."

So, I don't necessarily
like, you know,

the narrative that we pitch
about pensioners nowadays.

You know, all old people are racists,
all old people are bigots.

Like, yeah, sure, half of them are,
but they'll all be dead soon.

Just a little bit, of course,
they've got out-of-date opinions,

they're fucking ancient.

Like, I think you should
be nice to old people,

treat them with respect,
make them cups of tea,

and then when they
tell you their opinions,

just go "Uh-huh," and then
never mention them again.

Let them die with them.

Old people will have opinions
that are just so out of date

that they'll just say them
and you're like,

fucking when was that valid?

They'll just say things that aren't even hateful,
they're just, "Blah.

"Back in my day we didn't
have depression or anxiety.

We just called it being sad,
and we got on with our days."

All right, cool,
that's a medical misdiagnosis.

That's the equivalent of saying,

"Back in my day we didn't
have breast cancer.

We just called it itchy tits
and we died at 37."


Yeah, well, now we have
medicine and names for things

and the world is largely better.

Oh, and by the way,
if you hate my generation as much as you claim to,

how about you stop using
our doctors and medicine?

See you in the ground, cunt.

But... I want you to understand,

when I bring up these shitty opinions that I once held,

I don't bring them up to let
them see the light of day again,

to reinvigorate them,
or to give them any more credibility than they're due.

I bring them up to show you that
I used to be a piece of shit.

I mean, I still am one,
but I'm getting better.

And that's allowed.
Like, I have opinions now

that I would have disagreed with five years ago,
and that's allowed.

I have opinions now that I might disagree with in five years' time,

and that's allowed.

Just because you've
become an adult

doesn't mean you stop
growing and learning.

And if you do,
you fucking suck.

We live in a society now

where people are
being held accountable

to things they said
ten years ago,

as if that's who any of us fucking are anymore,
and I find that ludicrous.

Understand, I don't think you should carte blanche fucking get freedom,

but just understand,
whenever I catch myself thinking

something sexist or homophobic
or even sometimes racist,

I am ashamed, I'm embarrassed by it,
I truly, truly am to my core.

Because that's not who I am,
that's not who I want to be.

The solace I take from it is,

I realize that none
of my shitty opinions,

they've never come
from a place of hatred.

They've only ever come
from a place of ignorance,

which isn't much better,
but it is better.

Hate and ignorance
go hand-in-hand,

but ignorance is
more easy to cure.

And everyone is fucking ignorant.
I don't give a fuck who you are.

You've lived one life,
7.5 billion are available.

You don't know shit
about everyone else.

Like, not something
to be proud of.

Even now, like, women,
I've known you for 28 years

and I've still got fucking
no idea about half your issues.

I'm trying to get better, I'm trying to learn,
but it's a slow fucking process.

- I'm going to talk to you. What's your name?
- Nick.

Nick. Nick, can
I ask you a question?

If you don't know the answer
to the question, Nick,

that's fine,
that's the point of the routine.

I also don't know the answer,
we can be idiots together.

If you do know
the answer to the question,

I'll look like a fucking moron.

It's win-win for you.
Are you happy to participate?


Nick, how do tampons work?

Not a fucking clue?
I admire your honesty.

And your girlfriend's like,
"What, why would he know?"

Okay, I'm with you,
I'm with you.

Um, I'm saying I know how one form of sanitary product works,
and that is the Moon Cup.

Now, do you know about
the Moon Cup, Nick?

Little bit? That's cool.
I'll explain.

Strap in, uh...

Those of you that don't know,
men, uh, the Moon Cup is,

it's a small silicon
menstrual cup

and it's a reusable form
of sanitary product.

And the reason it exists is because women don't get free tampons.

Because as we all know tampons are rightfully classified as luxury items.

Uh, sitting on your
thrones of joy!

Oh, as a man, I dream
but to one day afford a tampon.

Ah, how the other half live!

Women, you truly do get it all.

So, women of lower income
families and homeless women

wouldn't get free tampons and they'd have to use rags or nothing.

And they'd get infections and
there's a high mortality rate.

Then an amazing woman
called Leona Chalmers

invented this small
reusable cup.

And the only reason
I know anything about this

is because one of my friends
walked in one day,

she was like,
"I use the Moon Cup now."

And I was like, "Ew!"

And then she hit me,
and that's fair.

And afterwards, I was like, okay,
can I ask you a bunch of questions about it?

She's like, "Of course you can.
That's the only way you'll stop being ignorant.

What would you like to know?"

And I was like,
how do you...?

How do you actually--
How do you get it up-- I just--

How do you get it up there?
I just don't--

How do you get an open end
up an open end?

Like, I just...

Like, that's not how
you stack cups.


Like, that's how you make
horse noises in Monty Python.

Like, that's not...

I don't...

And she was like,
"It's very simple, Dan.

You go Italian
and then you appreciate."

I was like, ah-ha-ha. Okay.

Then apparently to get it out,

all you have to do
is just go...

And then...

And if you do that
over a canvas,

a vegan will buy it.

You do one 15-minute
vegan-hating routine,

and suddenly you're
the vegan hater.

But it's when we get
to the other forms

of sanitary products
when I'm with Nick,

I just-- I don't know--
I know which types you've got,

I know what they look like,
don't know what they do.

I know you've got the,
uh... You've got the little fucking free-range bullets.

I know those ones just, uh...

the wee sad ones at the bottom of your handbags.

Those are the ones that leave--

There's a-snake- in-my-boot string.
I know that.

Uh, and then
you've got the fucking--

the weird fucking
Apollo 13 syringe thing.

Like, it expands-- It's like the memory thing from Men in Black.

Like, pew. I don't--

I've got theories
on how that works.

I think it's like a--

I think it's like
a push in and scoosh.

But even if that is the case,
I still got more questions.

Like, does it feel good?

And women are disgusted by
the concept of that question.

Every time I'm like, they're like,"No,
no. Why would it feel good?"

Fine. Jesus. Okay.
Here's why me, a man,

would assume that it
might feel good

to shove something
up your pussy.


you obviously don't know
what it's like to have a dick.

And dicks are morons.

Every morning
I pull on my boxers,

and occasionally my boxers
will brush the tip of my dick,

and my dick will be like,
"It's a pussy!" And I'm like...

Where do you see a pussy?

"I thought I felt one."

Mm-hmm. And where is it now?

"You must have scared it off."

Oh, ho-ho-ho.

I'm gonna beat you to death.


So, I was like learn--
just learn how the tampons work.

So I was talking
to my friend Jean,

'cause I'm not going
to google that

'cause I don't want to be
on a fucking list.

And I was like, Jean,
how do tampons work?

And she was like, "Please tell me how you think tampons work."

And then seven days later
when she had stopped laughing...

She was like,
"You're a fucking moron."

And I was like, well,
I'm not a total moron.

Like, I know how the pads work.

Turns out I don't know
how the pads work.

What's your name there?

Alex. Lovely to meet you, Alex.

Very simple question
for you, Alex.

Uh, you know
the sticky bits on pads?

What do the sticky bits
stick onto?

On to your underwear, correct.
Not what I thought.

I am 28 years old...

...and up until
January this year,

I had always believed that
whenever you got your period,

that you just...

...closed up shop.

Like a Texas farm during a hurricane.

"Storm's a coming!"

"Oh, it's going to be
the largest one since 1979."

Honestly, I just-- I honestly
thought you were just like,

"I'm bleeding,
this is a plaster,

I'll deal with that..."

"...on Thursday.

Pick the scabs on Monday."

Aw, write a fucking
blog about it.

Now, I will point out,
it's not my fault I don't know that.

I was never taught
how tampons work.

Not only was I never
taught how tampons work,

I was actively excluded from the moment
that young women learn about them.

Now, when we get
sex education in Scotland,

we get it from about
the age of ten years old.

And they do teach
about periods and stuff,

but when they teach
the girls about tampons,

they take the girls through
to another room with a nurse,

so she can explain how the tampons work.
And I get that.

You don't want the ten-year-old boys in that room,

because they're fucked little creatures.

But I think that while they're in that room being taught tampons,

just also teach us
the same lesson

instead of fucking maths.

Because like I want--
I do-- I should know.

We should all know
how tampons work.

'Cause I'm going to be
a father one day,

and I'm going
to have daughters.

My daughters are going
to get periods.

I don't know when,
they don't know when.

That's the fun thing about periods.

But their mother might not be
around for their first period.

She might be at work,
she might be dead.

Who knows what
the future holds?

Hey, itchy tits is very common.

I want to be able to explain
to my daughters

how to use tampons, man.

I don't want to be
crouched in a bathroom

with a 12-year-old,
holding a tampon going,

I don't know.
Take a run up?

And I'm not criticizing
sex education.

I think sex education is one of the most
important things in the entire world.

Sex doesn't need to be terrifying the first time we have it.

I believe the reason most of us are terrified the first time we have sex

is 'cause we know
so little about it.

'Cause even when you are
given sex education

in countries like Scotland
and over here,

they'll teach you some bits,
but not everything you need to know.

Like it's-- it can be
terrifying and stuff.

Like, 'cause even with all
the sex education I was given,

I was still fucking
freaked out, man.

The first time I fingered
a girl terrified me.

I was 16 years old, right?

And the reason it scared me
is just because, like,

the vagina is just
way, way, way, lower...

than I had anticipated because...

'Cause it's, it's fucking--
it's right under there.

Like it's-- 'cause my dick's on the front.

That's where my dick is.

So, that's where
I thought the pussy was.

I didn't know you'd
hidden the thing.

So, cue the most confusing
seven seconds of my life,

where I'm like, here we go,
about to become a man,

can't wait to tell
the boys about this.

Where the fuck is this thing?

Are you a Barbie?
What is this?!

Must have been worse for her,
just lying there like,

"Is this cunt trying
to make me piss myself?"

Even some of the subjects
they teach in sex education--

They will teach you things
in sex education

that has nothing
to do with sex.

They will teach you things
that only doctors need to know.

"All right, boys and girls,
pay attention to this diagram,

"'cause this diagram
is crucial to having sex.

"This is the labia...

"This is the vulva...

Uh, this is the vuvuzela."

"These are the fallopian tubes."
And you're like, cool!

What do you want me to do
with that information?

"These are the ovaries."

Listen, if I ever see
the ovaries, I've fucked up.


I fucked up quite substantially.

If I ever see the ovaries,

I can assure you,
I'm not going to be like, well, those...

...are your ovaries.

I'm gonna be like...

What have I done?

Where's the clit?
I'm gonna google it anyway!

But they don't want to teach
teenagers about the clitoris,

and if they do, ironically,
they brush over it,


I think they don't want teenagers to learn that sex is fun,

'cause the fear is
that if teenagers learn

that sex is fun,
they'll have it more.

Now, as with all fears,
it's fucking horseshit.

When you don't teach teenagers enough about sex,
they become curious.

We're naturally
inquisitive creatures,

and they are filled
with hormones.

So what you're actually doing

is you're giving them
limited knowledge

on something that they are
inevitably going to experience,

and that is incredibly
fucking dangerous.

Stop teaching children
that sex is for reproduction,

because we all know that
it fucking isn't, right?

Reproduction is one percent of what sex is actually used for,

and I am rounding up
heavily there.

Most of us have had sex.

Some of you will have
had sex to have children.

Those of you that have
had sex to have children,

I hope will be willing to admit

that most of the time
you've ever fucked

was explicitly to not have children!

Teaching kids that sex
is for reproduction

is like teaching them
that food is for sustenance.

Like, yeah, at a base level
millions of years ago

when survival was
our only purpose,

of course that's
all it was there for.

But it's grown and evolved
and changed with us.

And we've changed the way
we speak to kids about food,

so why aren't we changing the way we speak to them about sex?

When you teach
your kids how to cook,

you just don't teach them
how to make oatmeal

and only fucking oatmeal.

"All right kids, gather round,
this is the one and only

"recipe you'll need for
the rest of your lives.

And even then only
when you're starving!"

"Don't google any others,
you filthy little pervert.


"What you do is you get the oats
and you get the water."

"My mom makes chicken wings."
"Your mother's a whore, Jason."

Sex isn't for reproduction.

Sex is for love, lust, revenge.

Boredom, lost a bet, won a bet,

order a Dominos, see if you can
beat it to the front door.

Also, I'm not suggesting you
teach the science side of sex.

The science side of sex
is absolutely fucked, right?

The science side of sex is-- Here's what I was told when I was young.

Man gets an erection,
man shoves his erect penis inside of a lady's vagina,

at which point his penis
is stimulated enough

that he ejaculates semen
up into her vuvuzela

where a goblin then hoards it

and turns it into
gingerbread men.

Who gives a shit?

Only a doctor and midwife
need to know about that.

Because when I was 12 years old,

all that manifested itself in my brain as was,
women are vessels.

Because what I was told was,
here's what sex is.

Man gets an erection,
man shoves it in,

man comes,
that's the definition of sex.

By the sounds of things,
she's just lying there the whole time like--


"That was real nice of you to do that for me."

"I'll just go turn this
into an Uber driver, shall I?"

I was never taught
that women enjoyed sex.

So, the first couple
of times I had sex,

I wasn't trying
to make it enjoyable

for anyone other than myself.

Thank God for
my first girlfriend!

First time we fucked,
she was like, "I didn't come."

And I was like,
"You fucking come?"

I was never taught
that women enjoyed sex.

You never taught me
that a lot of the time

women have a higher
libido than men.

You never taught me that
some of them like to be choked.

That was a weird day!

I could have done
with that information

a lot fucking sooner
than I got it!

You want me to what?
What? Do I like this?

And I'm not suggesting we get teachers
to teach this type of sex education.

We do not pay teachers enough
money to say the word orgasm

50 times in front of
a bunch of 12-year-olds.

But just 'cause you can't
get teachers to do it,

doesn't mean you can't get
somebody from the outside.

Somebody that's going to be
fun and engaging with the kids.

Somebody that they know is there to talk
to them openly and honestly about sex.

Someone they're not scared
to ask questions to.

Someone that's sort of fun, charismatic,
with stage presence.

I'll do it.

I'll do it for free. I'd fucking kill for that job.

Hi, boys and girls,
my name is Daniel Sloss,

but the girls call me Daddy.
I'll get onto that in a second.

All right, boys, first things first,
the vagina way lower.

Way... lower than it has
any right to be quite frankly.

Just keep going,
and if you go too far,

trust me,
she'll fucking tell you.

Second thing second,
some of them squirt.

It might be piss, but none
of us care at this point.

And you then have to get
a female in to talk to the kids

with a female
perspective on sex.

She can go on before me,
after me, doesn't matter.

She'll be, "Hi, boys and girls,
my name's Miss Jack.

"I need to talk to you about the woman's experience during sex.

"And to the young boys in the classroom,
this can be quite nerve-wracking.

"You're going through puberty,
your imaginations are running wild,

"you've got hormones
running around your body.

"Probably sitting there
quite nervous going 'Oh, God,

"this is going to be so nerve-wracking.
What do I do, what do I do?'

"Well, let's get all
the curiosity out the way

right up top,
because it's all natural."

"There you go, that's a vagina.

Look at it!"

"Now, boys pay attention,
this is a real pussy.

"This ain't one of those
porno pussies.

This one's been to 'Nam, okay?"

"This is the labia,
this is the vulva,

this is the vuvuzela."

"This is the, um...

What the fuck is that?

"Oh, that's a tampon string, I apologize."

"Sorry. No, no, boys,
it's not disgusting actually.

"In fact, it's perfectly natural.
In fact, any volunteers?


"No? Real men
do it with their teeth?

"All right boys,
get your notepads out.

"Just up here, look boys.
This is where the clitoris is.

"It's actually surprisingly
easy to find.

"But here's the insider tip:
just because you found it,

doesn't mean you have
to beat it to death.

"Be gentle! It's not Osama Bin Laden.

"Just because you found it,
doesn't mean it has to die.

By the way, if your girlfriend
laughed at that joke,

you can't eat pussy for shit.

I think sex education
needs to be improved,

and I think it needs to be made
compulsory around the world.

If you want proof of why sex education is needed now more than ever,

look at the current sexual
climate that we live in.

Things aren't going very well.

A lot of people don't
seem to know the rules.

Or if they do know the rules,
they don't seem to care.

It's very, very easy to not
sexually assault someone.


Nailed it. Now...

I'm very aware that my industry,
the entertainment industry,

is a massive part
of the problem.

It's where the MeToo
movement started.

Now, although I don't have
direct experience in it,

it doesn't mean
I haven't heard the stories,

and it doesn't mean it hasn't affected people that I know and love.

My agent/manager,
who I've been with 11 years now,

ten years ago
she was told by somebody

very, very, very high up
from the BBC

that if she wanted her TV show
for one of her clients,

she had to suck his dick.
Right? Yeah.

And she said no, which makes
me question her commitment.

But, um...

But-- but despite
her selfishness,

my career has flourished.

I'm assuming Netflix was anal.

Mainly because I gave Netflix anal.

Look, I've made horrible
jokes about it now,

but she didn't tell me about
this when it happened.

She told me about this last year when I was writing this show

and she saw the content,
or some of it, and she told me.

And I was like,
why didn't you tell me about this when it happened?

And she was like, "Well,
there's nothing you could have done,

"there's nothing
you would have done.

And why would I tell you
about one in ten experiences?"

And that was a moment that really fucking hit me in the chest.

Well, oh, Jesus Christ, I...

I didn't know
it was that common.

Now, regardless of what your
stance on the MeToo movement is,

the conclusion everyone has
to have arrived at by now

is that this shit
is horrifically common,

'cause that's just
there in the stats.

Like 50 women came forward
about Bill Cosby.

Eighty women came forward
about Harvey Weinstein.

Yet there are still some people
who will look at that and go,

"Well, I guess we'll never
know what happened."

Fucking hell, I bet you were
shite at Blues Clues.

Man, if 50 women accused me
of sexual assault,

I'd think I'd done it.

It's too many to not be true.

If 50 women are like,
"You sexually assaulted us,"

I'd be like, fuck, did I?

I must have!

There's no other reason
why you would all say that.

Unless you all had a meeting in the bathroom-- I know what's up.


Certain men-- not all, not most,
but definitely some men--

felt attacked by
the MeToo movement,

which is an incredibly
interesting stance to take.

If you feel under attack by the MeToo movement,
here's my question for you.

What have you done?

Like, what alarm bell is going
off in the back of your head?

'Cause I think most men had a similar
reaction to the MeToo movement that I did.

Which is, you sat there
watching Facebook, Twitter,

the news, wherever it is that
you get your information from

and you're just sat there
being like, oh, fucking hell.

Okay, I knew it was a problem,
but I didn't realize it was this big.

Oh, my God, okay,
this is everywhere.

Oh, my God, I didn't realize it
affected that many women I know.

Fucking hell, I feel a bit closed-minded.
Jesus Christ, I didn't--

And then very secretly
and very privately,

we all went upstairs to visit
our very own Nigels

to run a quick background check on ourselves.

Zero shame in double-checking.
That's the first thing I did.

I ran straight upstairs
and I was like, Nigel!

And he was like, "Mr. Sloss!"

I went, zero time
for that shit, Nigel.

There's some very serious
stuff going on outside.

I need you to run through every single sexual encounter I've ever had

and make sure it was all
above board and consensual.

And he was like, "You know,
that might take a while." And then we high-fived.

And then...

And then seven days later...

He was like, "Mr. Sloss,
just double-checked.

As we thought,
you're all in the clear."

I was like, that's
excellent news, Nigel.

I'm going to go
assist the movement.

But some men went
to visit their Nigels,

and their Nigels were like,

"Burn it down!"

And these are the men
that are trying

to change the narrative
of the MeToo movement,

and they're doing it in
a very, very intelligent way.

They're doing it via deflection.

They're bringing up things
that are important

but not necessary to what
the discussion is about.

They'll say things like,
"What about men?

Men get sexually assaulted too."

Yes, yes they do.
By men.

Eighty-four percent of male sexual assault
survivors were sexually assaulted by men.

"But what about
all the false allegations?"

Well, less than one percent
of rape allegations are false.

"Well, it's a witch hunt!
It's a bloody witch hunt!"

Well, it's not.

Mainly 'cause witches didn't exist.

That's why witch hunts were shitty.

Every single woman that was burned
alive for being a witch was innocent,

because there's no such thing
as fucking witches.

There are such things
as rapists.

It's not like
in 200 years' time,

we're gonna find out that rapists were also mythical creatures.

We're not going to glorify them

in the same way that
we've glorified witches.

In 50 years' time, you're not
going to see a bunch of kids

running around on Halloween
dressed as R. Kelly.


If you've ever seen
my live shows before,

you'll understand that they follow a very similar format every year.

I do about 70 to 75 minutes
worth of jokes.

Jokes that I enjoy telling,
jokes that I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to.

And then at the end,
once I've legally fulfilled

my contract of
being a comedian,

I do a sad
15 minute TED talk.

Now the reason I do this at the end is just because, like,
my stand up, it's just--

it's me talking to you about
all the stuff that's on my mind,

and I'm a fucking silly moron.

But sometimes I think
about serious things,

and it feels disingenuous

to not talk to you about
everything that's on my mind.

So, normally when I talk
about serious issues,

I'll talk about something
I've got an experience in.

I don't think that's crucial.

It's just a choice
I've made so far.

That's why in the past,
I've done jokes about death,

because I had a sister that
died when I was eight years old.

I've done jokes
about disability.

She had cerebral palsy.

I've done jokes about
having a giant dick.

It's a burden I must bear.

But when it comes
to sexual assault,

even though I've never
been sexually assaulted

and I've never done
a sexual assault,

to say that it doesn't affect
me just isn't true,

because it affects
people I know and love

and that in turn affects me.

Like one of my closest friends
for five years,

she's been sexually assaulted.

You don't get to tell me
that this isn't a me issue too.

A little bit of
a backstory to her.

The reason we became friends is because she drinks more than I do,

she swears like a trucker,

and she's the only person
that has ever told a joke

that made me go,
Jesus fucking Christ!

And she's done that on
three separate occasions.

And I will tell you all three.

Me and her were having
a dinner, uh, last year.

Just we happened to be
in the same city.

I was gigging, she was working there,
pure fucking coincidence.

Went out for food
after the show.

While we were out having food,

second coincidence
of the day happened.

Two of my guy friends walked by.

I'm like, what the fuck
are you cunts doing here?

They're like, "We're getting shit-faced.
Do you want to come?"

I was like, uh-huh.

And they were like, "Who's that?"
And I introduced them.

And it was one of those
nerve-wracking moments.

I don't know if you've ever had
two social groups meet before,

but it's kind of like
an Avengers movie

where you're like, fuck,
I hope they get on.

And they did, and they got out,
we went drinking.

Now, about one or two
in the morning,

I decided to go home just 'cause
I had a show the next day

and I don't like being
hungover for shows

because I'm a professional--

Well caught. That is the first lie of the show.

Somebody gave me a joint,
and I went home for a wank.


I had a great wank. Thank you for asking.

Two days later I met up
with her for breakfast,

and I was like, so how was
the rest of the night?

She was like,
"I'm not telling you."

And I was like,
Oh, ho-ho-ho-ho. Fuck yes!

It's the international
sign of gossip.

She goes, "I'm not telling you."
And I'm like, oh, you will.

Tell me, tell me, tell me,
tell me, tell me.

Eventually I managed
to get her to crack.

It turns out after I'd left,

one of my closest friends
of eight years raped her.

Which is not information that I wanted to receive over breakfast.

Uh, or at any meal.

It's not like I was
sat there being like,

well, this could have
waited until lunch.

I was horrified, I was shocked,
I was angry, I believed her.

Uh, I asked the questions
that I think you want to ask

when you're in that situation.

I was like, are you okay?
And she was like,


And I was like, yeah, no,
fair point, stupid question.

Can I have another one please?

And then I asked a question
that I didn't want to ask.

Now, in hindsight I understand that I should not have asked this question,

but I'm not going to lie to you
and tell you that I didn't.

It was a ignorant question and
it came from an ignorant man.

I asked the question.
I said, I have to ask,

I've known this guy for eight years.
Did you... did you say no?

And these are
her words not mine.

She went, "Yeah, more times
than the 2 Unlimited song."

To which I said...

Fucking wh-- Fucking what song?

And she was like,
"Oh for Christ-- You know the...

♪ No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
there's no limit ♪


I'm with most of you.

As a human being that
makes me immeasurably sad,

but as a comedian, muwah!

That is such a stunning joke,

and I can't express to you
how hard I laughed

because it caught me off guard.

I'd heard the worst thing
I'd heard in my life,

and then this joke
sidelined me.

And I saw the look in her eyes.

I know that look of
"just fucking say it."

Like, it made me laugh so much.

'Cause I understand making
jokes about a serious subject

does not mean that you
do not take it seriously.

It just means that for
a brief moment in time,

you are not allowing it to have
all-consuming power over you.

I understand the catharsis
of laughing at trauma.

So, if her way of dealing with
a trauma at that moment in time

is to make jokes about it,
you bet your fucking ass

I'm going to allow
her to do that.

Now, allow me to try
and alleviate some of the fears

I imagine some of you have

when I enter into
this type of routine.

First things first,
I've asked if I can tell her story on stage.

It's one of
the first things I did.

Since she's been through this,
we've been spending a lot of time together.

She goes to therapy now,
and we do a thing that we like to call second therapy,

which is after first therapy,
she comes to mine,

and we drink 17 bottles of wine.

And we get high
and we play computer games

and we make fun
of her therapist


It's actually better
than real therapy,

despite what her therapist
will tell you.

But what the fuck does she know?


As a man, talking openly

about something I've never
spoken openly about before,

rape, my understanding of it
went through the roof.

And that's not a bad thing.

I understood when I was
talking to her afterwards,

this makes so much
more sense to me.

I think I should talk
about this on stage,

but obviously I won't do it
unless you want me to.

Can I tell your story on stage?

And she said, "Yes,

but when has my permission ever
been needed for anything?"


Except I didn't do that.
I laughed at that joke for 25 minutes.

Once I was done laughing,

and once she was done doing laps of victory...

She was like,
"Yes, not only can you,

I think that you should."
So, I'm going to.

And this is when we arrive
at this point in the show.

You've all paid to see
a comedy show,

and I'm now talking about rape.

And some of you, rightfully,

do not want me to try
and make that funny.

So here we are...

I don't know if you've seen me before,

but I'm quite good at dealing
with uncomfortable situations.

Mainly because I create them.

Gonna ask for
a little bit of trust here.

Remember at the start of the
show when I said I loved kids

and you thought that was
going to be a pedo joke?

Turns out it was a nice joke about how much I loved my goddaughter.

Gonna ask for the same
type of trust here.

Trust that my heart's
in the right place.

And also,
understand that for the first time ever in my fucking career

I do not hold a controversial
opinion on a subject.

Not only that,
it's the first time ever

I can confidently say,
I'm telling a joke where

we're all on the same side.
We're all on the same side.

We all agree that rape is
the worst thing you can do.

It is the worst thing
you can do.

Murder is justifiable.

Of course it is.

Not legally but to us.

If I was to talk to you
after this show,

it'd be like, "Hey,
does anyone deserve to die?"

You'd be like, "Daniel!
What a horrible thing to say!

Why on earth would you ever--?
Yeah, who's on your list?"

You can under some extreme
circumstances justify murder.

You cannot under any
circumstance justify rape.

That's why you've never been asked the moral question in philosophy,

"Hey, if you could go back
in time, would you rape Hitler?"


"No, but like when he's a baby?"
That's much worse!

Rape is the worst
thing you can do.

So what do you do
when you find out

that one of your closest friends
is not only capable of doing it,

but has done it to someone
that you love dearly?

Um, I didn't handle it well.

I'm still not handling it
that well to be honest with you.

It's a tough thing to process.
It's a hard thing to come to terms with.

He was one of
my closest friends.

My initial reaction wasn't
a fucking strong one.

It was one of, you know,
toxic masculinity, one of violence.

The caveman in my brain
was like, "Shall I take over?"

And I was like, 100 %.

If there was ever a time to hunter-gatherer,
it's fucking now.

All I wanted to do
was just find him

and just pin him down and put
his head on the side of the curb

and just stamp on his head
repeatedly until he was dead.

I'm like, that's the dictionary
definition of justice

if you own a Russian dictionary.


I stood up and I was like,
I'm going to go beat him up.

And she was like,
"Oh, for fuck sake.

"No, you're not,
because if you beat him up,

all you do is you
make him the victim."

And I was like, I dunno what
to do with all of this anger!

And she was like,
"Now you know how I feel."

And I was like, whoa, I'll just
get back into my place.

I'll be here when you need me.

Do you know the WiFi--
doesn't matter.

She let me confront him,
I was allowed to do that.

I wanted to-- It wasn't going
to change my opinion of him.

But, yeah, I wanted to hear
what he had to say for himself.

I wanted to hear the words
of a man I thought I knew.

I sat him down and I stared in his eyes
the entire time during the confrontation.

I didn't break eye contact
at any point.

It was a lot like
a game of hide-and-seek.

I looked dead into his eyes,

I accused him,
and he admitted it.

He fucking admitted it.
Oh, he made his excuses.

"Oh, man, it was an accident,
I didn't mean to.

"I was drunk, it won't happen again.
Just back me up this once."

I sort of removed myself
from the situation,

and then I had to be the bearer of bad
news to the rest of my guy friends,

let them know that they were
friends with a fucking beast.

They reacted with the same
level of maturity that I did.

They were like, "We should
beat the shit out of him."

And I was like, we can't
beat the shit out of him.

Apparently if we beat the shit out of him,
he becomes the victim.

And they were like,
"We don't know what to do with all this anger!"

And I was like, now you know how women feel.

And they were like,
"Fuck, that's deep."

And I was like, I know,
I thought of it myself.

I'm just so woke, ugh!

We sat down, we discussed it
with each other.

It wasn't a long discussion.
It was--

We decided to do
what we thought was right.

I don't know if this was right,
but this is what we did.

We basically said to him
what you've done is unforgivable

and we don't intend
to forgive you for this.

Like, we don't have
your back throughout this.

You're not our friend anymore.

We want to believe this isn't
who you are, but clearly it is.

So, go away and change
every single part of you

that ever allowed that
to take place.

Stop drinking, stop doing drugs,
go to therapy.

And even once you've done all those things,
continue to fuck off

'cause we just don't want
to hang out with you anymore.

We found out two months
after that had taken place

that he was still drinking,
still doing drugs, hadn't gone to therapy.

And we now know that it was
not an isolated incident.

And he's still out there.

People have asked if she's
going to go to the police.

That's her decision.
I've encouraged her to go to the police.

The reason she's decided
not to is just because

since this has taken place,

he's now accusing her
of being a liar.

He's changed his story.
He's now accusing me of being a liar.

And because I didn't record the conversation when he admitted it,

there's no hard evidence
of what happened.

And it's one of those horrible
moments when, you know,

the police have
to scrutinize things.

And for her,
it's just not something that she wants to go through.

And she was like, "Look,
I don't want to go through this.

"It's just like-- I've got to get past this as much as I can myself.

"And I don't want to be seen
as a victim if it goes public.

'Cause I'm not a victim,
I'm a survivor."

And I was like, well that is
a bit of an understatement.

I've been with you through
most of this process.

You've made two
of the funniest jokes

I've ever heard
regarding the subject.

I have never seen
strength like it.

You took a rape on the chin--
not my finest comment.

And she was like "Actually,
I can't remember where he finished."

I'm going to need you
to stop doing that.

"That's what I said."

She is funnier and stronger
than I'll ever be.

She's also not wrong.

If every single woman who has experience
of sexual assault was to go to the police,

there are not enough police
officers or courtrooms

in the world to deal
with the problem.

And that's not even
taking into consideration

that the problem goes
all the way to the very top.

And that's not my way of saying
you shouldn't go to the police.

It's just my way of letting you know how big this fucking problem is.

Ninety-seven percent of rapists will not spend a single day in jail.

That is a real statistic.
That is fucking abhorrent.

So how do we fix that?

How does society-- how do we fix this?
How do we stop this happening?

It's all I've been thinking
about for the past year.

Over and over and over again.
How do you fix this?

How do you stop this? How do
you prevent this from happening?

And I've got no answers, man.

The only thing I can think of
is it has to involve us.

And by us, I mean men.

Now, to the women in the room,
I know you know this.

None of this is new
information to you.

You've lived your life,
you've got your experiences,

and your voices
are more important

and necessary in this
discussion than mine.

That being said,
I would still like to lend my voice to the discussion.

And to the men in the room,
I want to make something crystal clear.

This isn't an attack.
I'm not accusing you of anything.

And more importantly,
I'm not accusing your friends of anything.

I'm just trying to tell you
my experience,

and this is my experience.

I knew this man for eight years,
and he fucking did it.

There are monsters amongst us,
and they look like us.

If you are sick of the narrative

that's currently
going on about men,

feel free to change it,
but you have to get involved.

Don't make the same mistake
I did for years,

which was just sitting back
and being like,

well, I'm not
a part of the problem,

therefore I must be
part of the solution.

'Cause that's just not
how this fucking shit works.

I believe and deep down
I know that most men are good.

Of course we are.

But when one in ten men are shit
and the other nine do nothing,

they might as well
not fucking be there.

Being good on the inside
counts for absolutely fuck all.

You have to actively be good
and get involved.

Instead of having this
fucking hero complex

of being like,
"I'm going to beat up a rapist,"

fucking prevent one, stop one,
because I know it can be done

because I know how
I fucking failed at it.

Because if I'm being
100 % honest with myself,

were there signs
in my friend's behavior

over the years towards women
that I ignored?

The answer is yes.

And then he raped my friend,

and that's on me
until the day I die.

Talk to your fucking boys.
Get involved.

'Cause I'm going to be
honest with you lads,

women are trying their hardest
to not get raped.

Like, every day,
they try to not get raped.

I think it's their priority.

Mine's is WiFi.

I can't do much.
I just won't do nothing anymore.

And I'm just suggesting
that you do the same.

Now, my friend, she's been
helping me write this end bit,

'cause it's a very
sensitive subject

and I want to try
and do it justice.

And after the first preview,
I was very, very nervous.

And I ran up to her and I was
like, what do you think?

Do you think I'm making it
too much about me?

And she was like "Yeah,
every second of every day."

"That's what you're doing
right now, you fucking moron."

And I was like--

It means I love you.

She was like,
"That's the only way you can do it.

"Only talk about it
from your perspective.

'Cause men will listen to you."
And they will.

Because I look like them.

And that's not fair,
but it's true.

So, maybe we can use it
to our advantage.

There's a very famous
experiment several years ago.

Scientists worked out that if you take a
frog and you put it into boiling water,

the frog will
jump out immediately

'cause it knows
it's about to die.

Whereas if you take
the same frog

and you put it
into cold water,

if you slowly heat the water up,

the frog is unable
to tell the difference

in the change in temperature
and it slowly boils to death.

I'll be the water.

Ladies, you're boiling as you have every
single right to be at this point in time.

So, what I'll do is
I'll put on a little comedy show

and I'll spend the first 75
minutes starting off very cold,

getting the men on side with jokes that I know they'll agree with.

I'll say things like,
all right boys,

do you like kids
and you're not a pedophile?

And they'll be like, "I do like kids and I'm not a pedophile."

"That's very well observed."


I want to listen to more of what
my twin brother has to say."

I'm like, all right, boys,
do you like drinking?

They're like, "Fucking hell,
I'm a complex individual,

but that's two for two. He's absolutely nailed me."

"This is unbelievable.

Is he a psychic or a comedian,
what is this show?"

Come on!

"There's no way
he'll get the third thing.

The third thing
would be impossible."

Pussies are confusing.
"Fuck me dead."

"Never has a man seen
into my soul so much."

And then I'll slowly
turn the temperature up.

Now, don't worry, I will leave
on an actual joke,

so we don't all leave here sad.

But before I go,
just to the men in the room,

I want to make
something crystal clear.

This is not meant to be
a fucking lecture

or someone on their high horse
telling you something.

It's a man who fell off
his fucking horse.

It's a man who fucking failed,
and these are just the things

I wished I'd known
a couple of years ago.

If you think this does not
affect the women in your life,

talk to them after this show

and watch your world crumble
before your very eyes.

If you think this does not
affect the women in your life,

it's not because
it's not happening to them.

It's because they don't
trust you enough

to talk to you about it.

And that's
the single worst thing

I ever learned about myself.

Now, one of the main reasons

I still want to change
sex education

is 'cause I'm still
very traumatized by mine.

Because when we were
ten years old,

we were given
the birthing video.


Oh, you've seen it?

Maybe you were in it.

Now, I actually I have
no problem with teenagers

being shown the birthing video,
but not when I was ten.

I was scared of the dark, never mind vagina.

The first pussy I ever saw looked like the door from The Shining.

And our head teacher, right?
She gave our teacher, like,

the full video to take
home the night before

just so she could
watch it herself,

just so she didn't
freak out in front of us.

Which does make sense,
but it meant the next day

our teacher came
into school visibly drunk,

as she has every right to be.

She gathers us
all round the telly.

She's like, "Come on,
you fucking, yeah."

She gets the VHS,
sticks it in the video player,

presses play,
very quickly realizes

that it's still at the end
from the previous night,

and then pressed rewind.

Some of you clearly remember how VHS works.

It's not like Netflix or DVDs.

It doesn't go straight back
to the start, does it?


So imagine, to the horror
of 20 ten-year-olds

when you were learning
about the miracle of life,

how you were brought
into this world.

And it opens up
with a beautiful image

of this mother cradling her newborn baby.

Staring into its deep blue eyes,

sharing a loving gaze
with her husband

who's just standing there
in awe of the miracle of life.

And then this
fucking doctor just--

Moonwalks in, confiscates the baby.

Pries it from its mother's
loving embrace,

shows it to the father
one last time,

as in "Say Goodbye!" And then...

Still a better hiding place than anything Ava's ever found though,

so I guess...

Sydney, you've been a pleasure.
I've been Daniel Sloss.

Thank you very much, good night.