Daniel (2019) - full transcript

The story of Danish photographer Daniel Rye, who was captured by ISIS in Syria in 2013 and held hostage for 398 days.


Okay, focus!

Ladies and gentlemen. They are on their way
out into the world with their show.

Welcome the World Team 2012.



Hi, Daniel!
We miss you!

We're going with the pilot! Strange
to be here without you.

Hold the screw in the water.
Hello again. See you! Hey hey!

Then move to Copenhagen.
Why not? Frankly.

There is no room for two in the small one
apartment. Not for your sofa either.

That's a ridiculous reason.
Of course there is.

You would get spat on that I was lying
with that dung leg all the time.

And you have to read.

- You have to do something, don't you?
- What? I can do nothing.

It's frustrating to have trained up
for six years to no one's benefit.

- It was out!
- It was then totally inside.

- It was out.
- You're cheating, Grandpa.

- Do you not want to be a judge?
- Yes.

- It was totally out.
- What?!

- Maybe he wants to take an education.
- He says he wants to take pictures.

- He has always taken pictures.
- You can not live off that.

- Why are you always mad at Daniel?
- I'm not mad at anyone.

But you spoil him too much.

He's 23 years old, right?
Does he pay to live here?

Yes, he pays 80,000 a month.
Plus heat.

- I paid 700 to live here.
- But you also got SU.

You do not get that when you hit
weather turbines and not educating themselves.

Please just shut up!
How annoying are you.

- Do you mind setting the table?
- No.


- Have you researched any photography schools?
- No.

- Schools can not pay.
- You're already too good?

- It is better to go into master teaching.
- Who wants more hamburger backs?

Thank you, Susanne.

You should not eat so much,
now you do not move anymore.

- It's going very well for you.
- So so, Miss Næsvis.

- Thanks Dad. That was great advice.
- You can always come to me. Did you see.

- How many places have you asked?
- Do not be up my ass!

- That's not how you should talk to me.
- There are no photographers in Hedegård.

- Up in the ass.
- No. We do not talk like that.

I do not mind listening to that.
You can go to Aarhus.

- Is it perhaps too far for the prince?
- Stop it.

Mom jumps and jumps for you two,
and you take it for granted.

Should Daniel stay here another year,
so mom can service him?

Do not just need
to jump on farmerdating. com?

- You're kidding, huh?
- Find a plumber who is laying pipes.

You are funny.

If you want to know, move
I to Copenhagen with Signe.

- To Copenhagen? Reach.
- Good trip.

Can you have it here too?
And then you get just a little more. Here you go.

I'll take it.

When you finish reading, get
we work, get married and have children.

Then we get a bigger apartment,
maybe a house, cottage.

We have to have a new car every four years
just like your parents. Holidays.

This is how it runs until we
must retire. And then we die.

- You can make everything sound down.
- That's how it is.

That's damn megatrist.


(mobile vibrates)

(door slams)

- How did you get in?
- The door was open. Daniel Rye.

I was going for a job interview.

We had a deal.
The other places I was allowed ...

Yes hello.
Do I need to see the folder?

I'm damn happy about that.
Get it under control.

I'm paying you for that.

These portraits are piss boring.
Your pictures on the street can do something.

- I also prefer to take ...
- Wait a minute.

- Do you have a passport?
- Yes.

Forget it. I just found
an assistant. See you in Mogadishu.


It is unnatural with such
a pile of iron up here in the air.


Are you okay?

Yes. They're good enough young, huh?
They're just boys.

In war, they are veterans. We only have
paid them half in advance.

If we do not survive,
we save a lot of money.

Put it there. I do not need
you now. Shoot some pictures yourself.

This is it,
I'm going with my life, Signe.

I've never been
so sure of something before.

- How stiff are you?
- I am not.

Or maybe I'm moderately drunk.
But this is what I need.

Go in and sleep it out,
and come to my house.

Yes. Love you.

It is important that people know
what's going on down there.

- Well, Syria?
- Yes.

I want to document
how civilians live.

Everyday life continues,
even though there is war.

- It's too dangerous.
- We're not going to Aleppo.

It's a city
at the Turkish border.

As if I went to Tønder,
while there was war in Copenhagen.

- What does your teacher say?
- I'm taken time off. That's my idea.

I just do not have to stay
the same place for too long.

I sleep in Turkey like
the journalists I've talked to.

I'm just missing some money
the plane ticket and hotel and stuff like that.

- Maybe you want to buy the Taunus?
- Do you want to sell your car?

I do not use it in Copenhagen.
There it just gets parking fines.

- How do you come to visit then?
- Mother...

I do not know soon, Daniel.
What do you say, Kjeld?

So what should you have for it?

Just a 20,000 ... 18,000 maybe.

It's not even worth 10,000.
It is rusty throughout the undercarriage.

Dad, now just buy that car.
What about 15,000?

- 14,000, far.
- No.

- You can get 12,000 with a full tank.
- I'll probably pay for the tank.

- Top!
- Krejler.

- Next.
- Thanks.


Daniel! Daniel!

- My name is Aya.
- Daniel.

Jump in.

This is our security guard
from the Free Syrian Army.

He does not speak English.
That's our driver, Mohamad.

I can get you in anywhere. I have
contacts in Raqqa and in Aleppo.

I was a nurse there
and know the whole city.

You can get good pictures of the matches.

- No, I want to go to the city at the border.
- Azaz?

It's perfect.
I'm not looking for matches.

I want to portray people's everyday lives.

There have been fights in Azaz,
but some families still live there.

- Daniel?
- Thanks.

Good day.

Is that okay,
we take some pictures?

It's the hair salon.
You are welcome to take photos.

Cool. Thanks.

- Do they sell the stones?
- Yes.

- What are you doing here?
- He's a photographer.

You have no permission.
We have the power here. Give him your weapon.

- Open the tailgate.
- We have permission.

Who gave it to you?
It is us who decide here.

- Into the car!
- But we have received permission.

Get lost!

Then get in the car!
Come here!

- It's a misunderstanding.
- Mohamad, get Ayman!

In with you!

Where do you dare to take a photographer with you
without permission?

- The Free Syrian Army gave us permission.
- They have no authority anymore.

I drive you to them,
issuing permits.

- What happens?
- It's just macho Arabs.

We're going to the authorities
to get photo permission.

- It happens all the time here, Daniel.
- How do we get to Turkey again?

My friend Ayman is in Azaz.
He comes and helps us.

Nothing happens to us.

Out with you. Speed ​​up!

- We need a photo permit.
- The camera must not be brought in.

- Give me the camera.
- No.

- It's alright.
- You get it again afterwards.

Open the door. Then go!

Speed ​​up!

In here. You too.
Sit down. Both.

It will be OK.

Do not worry.

- Papers, pas.
- Here.

Did you bring a stranger?
without permission?

- The Free Syrian Army gave us permission.
- They have no authority here.

Do not oppose me!
You made a mistake.

What are you doing here?

I am a photographer from Denmark.
I want to portray the civilian Syrians.

I'm Aya's friend. We got permission
of the Free Syrian Army.

- That man is a war photographer.
- We believe you, but we have to be careful.

I do not understand...

They place tracking devices in
people's cars so the planes can bomb us.

- All westerners are dogs!
- He is a Danish photographer.

- Ayman!
- Do not move.

Get up.

- Where are you taking him?
- It is none of your business.

Then go.

This way. Continue.

- Mind your own business.
- Do not look back!

- Just do as they say!
- He's a spy.

Come on.

- What's your name?
- Daniel Rye.

- Where are you from?
- I'm from Denmark.

That's a misunderstanding.

- Hello, Daniel.
- Good day.

Do you know who I am?

I have come
to make you tell the truth.

I'm telling the truth.
I promise.

It will be OK.


We know who you are.

Well. Then I have to call home
and tell them ...

You must not speak now.
We already know the truth.

But you have to tell us yourself.

What do you mean? I...


I'm telling you the truth.

Tell us what you know!
Say it now!

- What is your real name?
- My name is Daniel.

I'm asking you again.

- What is your real name?
- My name is Daniel.

Where is it?
Is it the CIA's training camp?

No, it's my gymnastics team,
performing for the military.

I told you,
I'm a gymnast.

You are lying.
You're trained by the CIA.

No, I'm a gymnast. Look here.


Show more. Show more!

You already sound like a donkey,
Daniel. Now you look like one too.

Say like a donkey. Come on!

(says like a donkey)

Daniel Donkey!

- Yes?
- He was not on the plane.

It landed a long time ago.
He was not there.

I'll call you back,
when I have talked to Kjeld.

Should we report it? He has left
some papers if something went wrong.

There is a security expert,
his name is Arthur.

Send me his number.
I'll probably call, Signe.

We talk by. Bye Bye.

- Peace be with you, Ahmed.
- And with you.

Where is Kadir?

He was to meet with a source in
Aleppo regarding info about James Foley.

We stopped at a checkpoint.
Suddenly they opened fire.

It is sad.
Really sad.

But he was aware of the risk.

And James Foley?

The latest transport to Aleppo
was on Monday but no one saw James.

However, they saw two Italian journalists.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

Give this to Kadir's family.

For funeral expenses.

You are a man of honor. Thanks.


- Hello?
- Dav, my name is Susanne Rye.

I'm the mother of Daniel Rye.

- How long have you not heard from him?
- For five days.

But the mobile network can be down.
We had hoped he was on the plane.

The most important thing right now is,
that you do not tell anyone.

How many people know Daniel has disappeared?

My husband, Kjeld. He listens.
And me and his girlfriend, Signe.

- Let's keep it that way.
- We do not tell anyone.

- I'll call you back.
- We also have to hang up now.

- Why are you not on Fanø?
- Dad got a headache.

It's actually really bad.

- Are you not going to a party?
- Yes, I just need to change clothes.

- Do you eat with?
- I just said I should go.

- Yes, that's what you said.
- Weirdoes, mand.

I orient my contacts in PET
and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- But expect no help.
- Why not?

We suspect he has been kidnapped.

Denmark has a rock-solid policy
not to negotiate with terrorists.

But they can advise you. Unofficially.
They will not be able to go into the matter.

- What can we do to get him out?
- Find out who has Daniel.

I have people in Syria. We are looking for
an American journalist, Foley.

Our experience is that all media coverage
can damage the situation of the hostages.

- Why?
- They will appear as holy warriors.

And not just vile criminals.

You must hold
all communication channels open.

Phones, mails, everything,
that is about you on the net.

In case they contact you.

Then of course I have to enough
take over all communication.

- Pardon. Food, water.
- Thanks.



Come here!

Jamal, come here!

Pardon. Eat.


Shit, shit, shit.

Hey. Good day.

Will you not help me enough
to the Turkish border?

Can you drive me?
across the border into Turkey?

I'll pay if you drive me.
Do you not want enough? Do you have a car?

Wash them here.

Get some food
and some clothes, boys.


They did that to me.

And this.
Won't you help me enough?

Help me.

Thanks. Thanks.


Thank you, brothers. God will reward you.
You have done the right thing.

I'm taking over for Pernille
and reads. I eat there too.

- Okay, Chrisser.
- I'm following you straight out.

What's wrong with Dad and Mom?
They behave really strangely.

- Damn no more than usual.
- I think. Has something happened?

Damn, nothing ever happens here.
You forgot how asshole here is.

- See you.
- Yes. Bye Bye.

Put the crossword puzzle away,
while we are here.

It's not a crossword puzzle.
It's a sudoku.


Why are you looking
on that phone all the time?

- What happens?
- Nothing.

We're just relaxing.
It is Sunday.


Mom, is Dad sick?
Is it cancer?

No no, there is no one,
there are sick.

- Are you going to divorce?
- No.

It's Daniel.

- He never came back from Syria.
- Yes Yes. He is then in Copenhagen.

No, Anita. He has disappeared.

- We do not know where he is.
- What the hell are you talking about?

- I spoke with Signe last week.
- We're lying. We must not say anything.

- We think he's still alive.
- Are you completely insane?

How can you not tell me that?
What about Christina?

She's busy with school.
We must not tell anyone.

- We've hired a man.
- The police can not help us.

- Who the hell is he?
- Former military man.

His name is Arthur.
Specialist in hostage-taking.

How are you, Aya?

You need to know
that I could not line up anything.

What can you tell us?

I'm sorry,
has happened to Daniel.

I thought it was safe.
They said they were holy warriors.

They probably took the area
from the Free Syrian Army.

They tortured my friend.
I was also close to dying.

I barely escaped
over the limit.

Who were they?

I heard them only mention one name.

Abu Suheib?

You must help me out of Kilis.
I can not go back to Syria.

- I do not feel safe.
- I will help you.


The US intelligence service heard
reported on a hostage transport -

- two days after Daniel's disappearance.

It probably drove to Aleppo.

There are many groups in Aleppo,
but Emir Abu Athir is in control.

Abu Suheib's people control Azaz,
where Daniel was taken.

Maybe they work together.
The groups have started working together.

Abu Suheib is the key to this.

Should I buy us for a meeting?

It will cost us a quarter notebook.
$ 25,000.

It's too dangerous to cross the border
right now. We lost Kadir.

- Stay here and focus on Foley.
- There is nothing new in the case.

- Richard thinks he's in Damascus.
- Foley is like evaporated.

Let me go to Syria.
There is then something to work with.

It takes time to get a meeting in order.
I'm taking Ahmed with me.

Okay, we do.


The Dane is not well.
He may have typhoid.

Take the water hose.

- He has damn shit all over it.
- Shut up, he stinks.

He must not drink anything.

Use it. If you shit in
the pants again, you die. Are you following?

Take him to the cell.

To the corner.

Do not shit where I pray.


Welcome to our room.
You have to be careful with those wounds.

My name is Jérémy.

I have almost no accent,
but I'm actually French.


What's your name?

My name is Daniel.

You look like you've been here
a while.

Here. My name is Luis.
I'm also a French journalist.

Lie on this. The floor is cold.

Peace be with you.

That's okay, Omar.

- Peace be with you.
- And with you.

This is the new iPhone.
But the numbers are so small.

It is made for a woman's hand.
Not a man's.

Thank you for spending time
to meet with me, Abu Suheib.

- It's generous of you.
- How can I help?

Daniel Rye.
I want to bring him home.

Impossible. The Dane has confessed,
that he is a CIA agent.

He is executed.

Daniel is just a young boy there
did not know what he was getting into.

How much will they pay for him?

His parents are ordinary people.

So let the state pay for him.

Ten notebooks and an ambulance.
That's my price.

I'm sure you know it
Danish government policy.

Then you're wasting my time.

I should kill you both.

Seven notebooks.
That's my final price.

I also need information on
the journalist from the USA, James Foley.

I can not help you with that.


- How much is the requirement set for?
- $ 700,000.

$ 700,000. I guess it's ...
What does it say? 6.50?

Approximately 4.3 million Danish kroner.

It's much more
than the sum insured.

Yes. It is of course
your decision.

But the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
would advise against, -

- that hasty action be taken
decisions on such a loose basis.

Can we trust Abu Suheib?

He has a lot of balls in the air.

He's probably looking at Daniel
like a little fish.

And this is our chance.

Before you make a decision,
it must be said, -

- that these amounts
often up for negotiation.

This amount
is not up for negotiation.

It's hard to accept.
But we have been given a unique opportunity.

We must not miss it.

I'm pushing Abu Suheib
for a proof he's alive.

Is there anything,
only Daniel can answer?

Or does he have a scar?
A tattoo? A mother brand?

Hands against the wall!

Daniel, look away.

Then eat.

Take this.


Everyone here fears you, for in you see
they what will happen to themselves.

This is Arwel from Wales.
Wojceik and Raul.

And Alexei you have already met.
He is shown from Kosovo.

The only Muslim here.
He does not say much.

And it's Hans.
He has not spoken for four weeks.

They are normal men like us.

European journalists
and NGO employees.

The guards are not that bad, are they?

The British guys?

I do not know where you've been,

- but they are some
insane sadists.

We call them The Beatles.

The man with the perfume is John.
The little one is Ringo.

Paul is the preacher,
who teaches Islam.

George stabbed one down,
the day we arrived.

But John is the worst.

(door slams)



(throwing up)

Hurry up!

Lean up against the wall.



What color was the car that
you sold to your father?

- What?
- What color was it?

Green. It was apple green.

Have you talked to my father?

Yes. Here is as I said
the first proof he's alive.

A picture.

We have taken Hanne with us today.
She is our crisis psychologist.

- God, how thin he has become.
- Yes.

As you can see,
his skin is relatively clean.

He seems clear in his eyes.
That is very positive.

It means,
he gets roughly with water.

The bank has said yes to that we can
borrow 900,000 kroner in the house.

Susanne and I are raising our pensions.
That's a little over a million.

But we have to pay 60 percent in taxes.
Anita throws it in, she can.

I've talked to the insurance company

Unfortunately, the rest of
the sum insured earmarked expenses.

So converted we can with
need and hardly raise $ 250,000.

Just over a third of
their demanding.

Can't we offer it to them?
$ 250,000 is a lot of money.

I understand. But if we
offers less than the ransom, -

- it is perceived
as an insult.

- What do you mean?
- The decision is yours, Kjeld.

But the normal procedure will be
to negotiate.

There is no normal procedure here.

Things are happening in Syria now,
which no one has control over.

New groupings are forming.
Some of them are collaborating.

There are rumors that they are by
to establish an Islamic state.

They are driven by a hatred,
we have not seen before.

And they spare no means.

So I would urge you to wait,
until you have found the money.

Can not the state
give us a loan unofficially?

- It's unfortunately impossible.
- It's completely absurd!

If he was taken in Bangkok by two
kilos of cocaine, you had got him home!

But when it's an innocent young man,
who has done nothing, -

- You'm just shitting.
Shut up now, man.

The political line
is unfortunately unshakable.

I think,
we must offer them the 250,000.

It's better than nothing.

We can not let him sit there.
He is skin and bones.

I agree.
We have no other choice.

Signe? Are you going?

- Are we not done?
- We just wanted to have a cup of coffee.

- Are you okay?
- Yes, I just ...

There is a lot with my study,
and I do not sleep very well.

Why not use
the psychologist Arthur provided?

So do I.
But that does not help.

We're just talking about me. About
put words to and move on, -

- but I can 't damn well do that!
And it all takes time!

I have exams all the time!

Your family's offer
insults the Prophet.

In a day you will look like him.

Why did you go down here?
How stupid are you?

Your state is at war with the Islamic
people and have killed many innocent people.

- Pardon.
- No, Daniel.

You have to hang out here,
until you die.

Then I'll cut your head off
and sends the video to your parents.

Just kill me now.

No, Daniel.
You must deserve to die.


Come and help!


- Is all this for you?
- Yes.


- Sorry, but I have to take it.
- We are busy.

- Hi. I stand with customers.
- An email has arrived.

They are very angry now.
They want two million euros now.

If I have understood it correctly.
That is NOK 15 million.

- Does it say how he feels?
- No.

"The time is now against Daniel. It is
not likely he will survive.

Confirm payment on
2 million euros immediately.

Our conditions are:

No media coverage and cash payment
for Daniel's release. "

We can find the money.
Of course we can do that!

- People will lend us them.
- We know no one with so much money.

How would you get the millions

We could start a fundraiser.

Besides you can not tell,
what the money goes to, -

will a collection
at best be legal ...

... gray area. Denmark
does not negotiate with terrorists.

I do not care,
what Denmark does.

This is my brother!

Lots of people have money
and will help.

is like his family.

Of course, they will understand
they must not say it to the press.

We can not just give up.

If it gets in the press, it gets worse
it Daniel's chances of survival.

Someone wants to talk about themselves.

But Daniel's chances are already small,
if we do not find the money.



- Get hold of Abu Suheib's people immediately.
- Yes.

Make them understand that family
trying to raise 2 million euros.

But they only get the money if we
gets video proof he is alive.

Are we trying to buy time?
I can do it.

(car doors slam)

(Arabic language)

- Name?
- James Foley.

- What's your name?
- William Johnson.

James Foley.
The great James Foley.

Let's welcome them.

What the hell are you doing?
Come down!

Two new prisoners have arrived.


Do you remember Abu Ghraib, James?
That's why this is happening to you.

- Jim.
- Luis. I am French.

- Jim.
- Hi. Jérémy. I'm also French.


- Jim.
- Arwel. United Kingdom.

- Hi. Jim.
- Wojceik.

Hey. My name is Jim.

- My name is Jim.
- Daniel from Denmark.

I heard about you in Aleppo.

Is there anyone who wants to play chess?

I'm not very good,
so I'm easy to beat.

But I like to play.
I've made a chessboard.

- Who wants to play? I have pieces.
- Yes...

But I do not know the rules.

Then I will win.
At least first game.

Well. This is the king.
He is very important.

And the queens.

(door slams)

Up with you!

Where is the Spaniard?

Congratulations. You're going home.
Take him.

The men are starving.

We need ... more clothes.
And medicine.

Do you want to die right here?

William is ill.

If you want to keep us alive, we must
have food, water and antibiotics.

No one pays ransom for dead men.

Do you agree with Foley, Donkey?

Answer me!




You two are going to die here.
And also Arwel.

Your governments will not pay.

They bomb Muslims for millions,
but they shit on their own citizens.

(says like a donkey)

Then that's enough!

Look at me. Look at me.

If your family really loves you,
do you still have a chance, Donkey.

Unlike Foley.
Foley is evil.

His conversion to Islam is a hoax.
He is about to die.

Are you okay? It will be OK.
Come here.

What the hell was that all about?
Why did you play an animal?

It's just something I do.
They like when I'm a donkey.

- We've told him to stop.
- Then they kill me.

They will kill you if no one pays.
Not if you refuse to play donkey.

Next time, say no.

Or at least do it badly.

Be a less convincing donkey.

It made my life meaningful
to tell people's stories.

My mother understood that well.
Everyone accepted it.

Your family probably does too.

When I broke my foot,
everything just went down in pace.

Everything became so predictable.
I could see my whole life before me.

- Boring.
- Yes.

There is always a selfish motivation.

But that should not stop us from
trying to make a difference, right?

If we did not dare go down here,
how should the world be informed then?

I think all the time
on my parents.

- And my sisters and Signe.
- Yes.

- Do not try to think about them.
- I can not.

I've ruined their lives too.
I've ruined it all.

Our goal is to reach 15 million.

But Daniel's chances of getting home
rises for every penny.

Everything will take place anonymously
through a lawyer.

We can see the amounts
but not who donates.

Associations must not give money
to a ransom according to the law.

So we have chosen to sell Daniels
photographs of the world team, -

- which is allowed.

The letter on the table in front of you
goes out with the mail on Monday -

- to all the gymnastics association

Do you have any questions?

I think the intention is good.

But have you considered
the moral dilemma of, -

- that we support
a terrorist group financially?

We know well that the collection
according to Danish law is a gray zone.

But our lawyer will interpret that
as if we are saving a human life.

And it's legal.

But of course it's up to you,
if you want to help.

And we understand that, if any
do not want to support it -

- for moral or other reasons.

Although, of course, we hope
that you will join.

Well. Then close your eyes.

Open your eyes. Straighten in.

Focus. And close again.

Abu Suheib has allowed him to film
proof that the Dane is alive.

We have visited him.

Hands on the wall!

Donkey! Come here.

Wait. Make the donkey for us first.

Come on.

Do it then!

Come on. Do it now!

We do not have time for that piss. Come on!

So now we have 742,213 kroner.

Oh boy.

And one asks if he may
share the post in Rotary in Herning.

- It's called Rotary.
- Whatever.

- Is there anyone we know?
- His name is ... Peter Damgård.

- Is it too risky?
- They have many hundreds of members.

Let him do it.

(mobile calling)
It's Arthur.

- Hi, Susanne. How's it going?
- Fine.

I'll send you a little video, though
he is not allowed to say much.

So. Are you ready?


My mother's name is Susanne.

My father's name is Kjeld.

Christina and Anita
are my sisters.

And my girlfriend's name is Signe.

And the guy who came here,
is called Majeed.

Shall we see it again?

- Hi, Signe.
- Hi, Anita.

It's a little creepy that I'm sitting here
and waiting, but ... we miss you.

We have collected over 3 million.
I'm in touch with companies, -

- who are considering donating
larger amounts.

But it takes time
with boards and such.

I understand,
you're tired of us, Signe.

There is no,
who expects something from you.

But the worst thing you can do is
is to be completely alone.

He's not coming home, Anita.

- What do you say?
- He's going to die.

What kind of nonsense is that?

Is there something,
your psychologist has told you?

That you should think of him as dead
to move on?

Do not listen to it.
It's crazy.

- You can not lie to yourself.
- I'm not strong enough.

I'm not like you.
I think about him all the time.

I dream about what they do
about him. And I can not help him.

I know.

I'm going crazy over
that I can do nothing.

He's coming home.

Until then, you have us. One can not
choose a person you love from.

It is not possible at all.

He's coming home.

- Richard. It's Majeed.
- Arthur has told you about you.

Jump in.

I have lived in Raqqa
and know the area.

I recognized the Imam's voice
and then the complex from the inside.

It was a huge building.

It was once school.
That's where they have him.

Thank you for the information.
I'm letting that go on.

- Proceed?
- Yes.

What about Foley and the Damascus Trail?

I think it's a dead end.
Now we concentrate on the northeast.

- So you're giving up Damascus?
- Yes. So far.

That shit does not matter to Daniel.

If they fix a satellite
towards the building, I am satisfied.

- We have nothing new on Foley.
- At least they can lie.

A BT journalist has collected
the story of Daniel's collection.

They have not run it yet, but one
other newspaper may not run with it.

I'm talking to the editors.

This is not Turkey.
In this country, there is freedom of the press.

I fall to my knees and beg
a press blackout. Talk to you later.

Hands against the wall!

Wojceik, you're going home.
Your government has paid.


What the hell is going on?
We are constantly being skipped.

I can not stand it.

Poor Alexei. He's been here
eternities and has not been filmed.

They have no one to send the video to.
No family.

We will all die.
We're not getting out of here.

It will be OK. We will be there
soon back to France.

Think of something else.

I know.

You can handle it.

Okay, the latest news is that Ayoub
certainly was Syrian warrior.

- He was in Aleppo and Raqqa.
- I'm here now.

We have received confirmation that he
mentioned Foley during the interrogations.

- Talk to you later.
- Good luck.

If you just want to sign here.



Thank you for wanting to see me, Ayoub.

They speak really bad French.
Are you from the CIA, or what?

- No. The family of ...
- I prefer you speak English.

James Foley's family has hired me
to find him.

And I'm looking for too
a young Danish man. Daniel Rye.

When was the last time you heard about Foley?

They do not know at all if he is alive.

Is he?

You're wasting your time.
Foley is going to die in Syria.

They never let him go.

Who are they"?

Islamic State of course.
Or IS, as you call them.

If they sold the Americans,
the true enemies of the caliphate,

- everyone would see through their number.
Foley is sentenced to death.

I need names.

It does not help you.
People come and go.

I would like to help you
if I could.

I do not owe them anything.

They put a sack over my head -

- and beat me for weeks
to test my faith.

They taught us
to stab and slaughter people.

We were going to practice mannequins,
which they themselves had made.

They said that when we had committed
our first murder, -

- we would get it bad
and get bored of it.

But we were just going to get over it.

We did it in the name of God.

It would be easier next time.

You were lucky,
that you escaped alive.

Did you ever see James Foley?

He and the other prisoners
was taken away.

They were led to the four Britons.
The Dane was there too.

I do not know
the real names of the British.

So Foley and Daniel Rye
sat in the same place?

Yes. I'm sure
they still do.


- What then, Arthur?
- I have good news, Richard.

I finally know where Foley is.

15 more seconds.

- I do not feel so good.
- Come on.


Speed ​​up!


Come on!

Get up!

Lie down!


Lie down! Come on!

- So what?
- The school was evacuated.

A couple of wagons drove,
just before we arrived.

They disappeared in a cloud of dust,
probably from a Syrian air strike.

We think they were there. We have hair
and blood that the technicians look at.

- This is how the country is.
- Okay. Thanks.

Throw the clothes! It must be now!

Hurry up!

Listen up!

Americans, English, Danes:
Your countries are behind this.

I will treat you as your countries
treats the Muslims of Guantánamo.

Like in a concentration camp!

Come with them.

Take one. Hurry up!

Put it on.

Speed ​​up!

We start with a small appetizer.

One for you, my friend. And you.
And now the main course.

A ripe, juicy tomato.

We eat them out here
under the open sky, -

- and then we play chess
and pond and ...

Why so small?

- Why so small?
- What?

Why so small?
Give me big tomato.

- They are the same size.
- You are lying. You look down on me.

- You fucking shit.
- You have to get mine, Alexei.

You must not piss on me.
You show no respect.

You have no respect for those in power!

Stop! Sit down!

- What happens?
- Nothing.

He's pissing on me.
Gives me little tomato.


It's because he's evil.

He is manipulative and evil.


You will be free soon.

- Put him in the car.
- Came!


Go to the hole.

Stand along the side. Off.


Now you have to follow closely.

This is how it goes when you let one
evil man like Foley take control.


James, look!

Your good friend, Alexei ...

...is dead.
You are responsible, James.

You killed him,
and everyone knows it.



Down next to Alexei.
Hold it here. Look into the camera.

Look up!


Look into the camera.

Send the video to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
And to Richard.

I send the pictures to the family.

- You do not let them see the video?
- No. The pictures are enough.

After two days you must have
the full amount ready in cash.

They have not written more yet.
I'm sorry.

We have collected 10 million kroner.
It's not close enough.

You call the bank. They need to raise
the loan. We need more.

- They do not.
- Have you overlooked a business?

I have written to all boards.

All large companies in Denmark.

I do not know what to do.

- Where are you going?
- In bed.

- No you do not.
- I can no longer, Anita!

Won't you stay, Dad?

- We'll call you back later.
- It's alright.

What happens?

- Hey darling.
- What's wrong with Grandpa?

- There is nothing wrong.
- He is crying.

- Did you have a good day?
- Great.

Dav, Henning. My name is Susanne.
I went to school with your wife Mie.

I served for your wedding.

My daughter has written several letters
to your board.

I'm Daniel Rye's mother.

Do not want to hear,
what do i have to say?

Of course. Can't you call
and make an appointment with my secretary?

I've called you 20 times.
No one wants to meet me.

- It hurts me with your son ...
- Give me ten minutes.

I have nowhere to go.
I'm just asking for ten minutes.

Everyone has given everything they could.
Also smaller companies.

But we are still missing
5 million kroner.

If we do not find them now ...

... then they kill Daniel.

I understand it here
completely awful situation.

And I feel for you
and your whole family.

- But I can not help.
- I'm not asking for any gift.

I'm asking for a loan. I have
14 years left before retirement.

If I take extra shifts in
the holidays, I can work some of.

I swear. I'll probably find
the rest of the money in a way.

My husband drives a truck.
He will also be able to work extra.

I'm really sorry,
but it can not be done.

I read that you had last year
a profit of 6 billion kroner.

I have never tried to be rich.
But if I were, I think -

- that one of the things that would
make sense was to help others.

- Change another person's life.
- There's nothing we would rather.

But if the company goes that route,
the consequences become unmanageable.

- You have children yourself, right?
- Yes.

Two boys and a girl.

Thank you for listening to me
at least.

No, you do not have to pay.
It was me who offered coffee.

It is 46 kroner.
It will be OK.

- Greet Mie from me.
- Yes. I'll do that.

Jérémy and Luis, get up.
You're going to France. Up with you!

You're starting to get it, right? Some
of you come home to your loved ones.

While others...

You and your family
is a damn disgrace, Donkey.

- Good morning.
- Good morning. Make cornflakes for us.

In a minute.


Mother! Sheep! We have 15 million!
5 million have come in tonight!

- Just try to see!
Shut up, 15 million!

Six deposits of 800,000.

500,000! 1,000,046! 700,000!
400,000! 600,000!

- I'm calling Arthur.
- Wait. We just need to double check.

- Please just shut up.
- It was a strange amount.

One million and 46 kroner.
Who the hell gave it?

They say my family
has raised the money.

- That's great, Daniel.
- Congratulations.


- It's probably just something they say.
- No. You're coming home.

Daniel. Do you want to take a letter out?
to my family?

Yes of course.

- Maybe you remember it in your head?
- I will do my best.

What are you thinking? To take over
two million euros in hand luggage?

- Who brings from the family?
- Shall we go?

No, not all. But it is important
there is a familiar face.

- I'm suggesting you, Anita.
- Me?

Daniel and I are not ...
He is happier with Christina and mother.

I'm sure Daniel's happy,
when he sees you.


- Peace be with you.
- And with you. Turkcell?


"I think a lot about my brothers
and my sister.

I remember,
I played Werewolf in the dark with ... "


(Arabic spoken outside)

Now they're picking you up.

See you when you come out.

If not,
then it's okay.

I mean it.

You'll be back to
your boring, ordinary life.

I will be here
and get all the fun with.

I'll probably make it.
I mean it.

You must be scared too?

I'm more scared
to give in to their hatred.

And I do not have to,
for I only feel love.

Remember when you come back,
then you must forget them.

Get on with your life.
Do not waste any more time.


Then go.

Donkey! You're going home.



Daniel Rye?

My name is Arthur. I have come
to take you home to Denmark.

Take them here.

Came. You need to meet your sister.

Hi, Anita.

- May I have a beer?
- A beer? Yes, take just what you want.

Here you go.

What about ... What about Signe?

- I do not know, Daniel.
- No.

It's going to take some time.

- But everything will probably be fine.
- Yes.

- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yes. Good party.

And then I take a player out.
Good luck, girls!

Come on, we're playing on.
Then you get that goal.

For the first time, the United States launches
airstrikes against IS targets in Syria.

The mission is to shoot IS down.
The attacks are described as intense -

- due to cruise missiles,
fighter jets and bombers.

- Hello?
- Daniel?

- Can you speak?
- Yes.

- Is anyone with you?
- No, that's my family. So what?

There's a video coming out that might
is James. I'm sorry.

The Americans are asking us to
confirm that it really is him.

It's urgent.

You must go online and search
"ISIS video James Foley".

Just close your eyes
and listen to James' voice.

When he has finished speaking,
you just turn off the video.


Dear friends, rebel against min
actual killer, US government.

What will happen to me is the result
of their crimes.

Daniel? Can you hear me, Daniel?
Can you confirm that it's James?

It's James.

And you're sure?

- One hundred percent. It's James.
- Thank you, Daniel.

Just swallow. Look no further.

Power off.

I wish I could have seen
my family again.

But that race is over.
I just want ...

Now turn off the video.
You should not see it there, Daniel.

I'm James Wright Foley.

- An American citizen ...
- And that's what's power John.

- That fucking pig.
- Daniel, turn off the video.

You should not see it.

... who has accepted it
Islamic caliphates as their leaders.

Any attempt to refuse
Muslims their claim to life -

- under the Islamic caliphate will
end up as a massacre of your people.

No! No!

Daniel Rye was with James
in Syria for several months.

He was the last,
who saw him alive.

It's Daniel.
It's James' mother, Diane.

It's good to finally meet you.

Shortly before Daniel's release -

asked James Daniel to learn
a letter by heart to us in the family.

Here's James' words for you.

Dear family and friends.

I remember so many
happy family memories, -

- which gets me out of this prison.

Daydreams about family and friends
get me out of here, -

and my heart is filled with joy.

I think a lot about my brothers
and my sister.

I'm grateful for
all the good childhood memories.

I remember,
I played Werewolf ...

... in the dark with Michael.

And many other fun adventures.

And Katie,
I'm very proud of you.

You are the strongest
and the best of us all.

You work hard to help people
in your job as a nurse.

I'm so happy for the text messages we
managed to send before the hostage-taking.

I hope,
I can come to your wedding.

I know you're thinking of me
and pray for me.

I feel your presence.
Especially in prayer.

I pray to
that you remain strong in the faith.

I really feel
that I may touch you.

Even in this darkness ...
when I pray.

Daniel was held captive for 13 months
and was the last to come out alive.

Seven hostages were killed. Two hostages
no one knows where they are today.

After the hostage death, Obama issues
a decree to improve -

communication between the United States
government and hostage families.

American families have never
accused of having collected redemption.

He does not mention them
which contributes to the collection.

Denmark still has its policy on
not to pay ransom for Danes -

- who have been taken hostage
of terrorist organizations.

Over a hundred journalists have lost
their lives in Syria since the war broke out.

About 12 million people
has been expelled or moved.

Cirka 12 miljoner människor
har fördrivits eller flytt.

Daniel Rye works as a photojournalist
and still travels the world.

He and Signe have become a couple again
and has had a son.

"Many of those who come from
Syria to Denmark has experienced something "-

- "which is much worse
than what I experienced. "

Danish texts: Malene Hollnagel
Scandinavian Text Service 2019