Dangerous Touch (1994) - full transcript

Amanda Grace is an psychologist and a sex therapist with her own radio show, whose social life could be called "active". She meets the mysterious Mick Burroughs with whom she starts having an affair. It soon becomes clear that Burroughs has a criminal past and a personal hidden agenda concerning his relationship with Grace.


What you
have to ask yourself

is why you do things
you don't want to do,

things that are
bad for you.


Good morning, Los Angeles.
This is Amanda Grace.

What's on your mind?
What can I do for you?

If you think your husband's
having an affair,
why don't you just ask him?

You have to have honesty
and communication
in a relationship.

Why do you think you have
trouble with intimacy?

You're listening to
Ask Amanda.

Our phone lines are open.

I think we have an unrealistic
view of love in our society.

It's like some fairy tale.

Look, your depression
is nothing more than
unexpressed anger.

Let's talk about a subject
near and dear to all of us,
shall we?

You might claim
to understand it
or to have it in perspective.

Some even pretend
to be above it.

But when you get
right down to it,

aren't we all
interested in sex?








I guess I'll fix us
those drinks now.


Thanks, that's awfully sweet
of you, but I should go.

What, are you kidding?

It's 3:00 in the morning.

I work early.

May I use your bathroom?

Yeah. It's right there, just
past the big comfortable bed.


♪ Sexual healing, baby

♪ It's good for me

♪ Sexual healing is something
that's good for me ♪

Line three,
you're on the air
with Amanda Grace.

Hi, Doctor.
My name's Brenda.

I'm a really huge fan
of the show.

Thank you. So, now,
what's going on in your life

that I can help
you with, Brenda?


Hold a second, please.
Hold, please.

This is kind
of embarrassing,

but my boyfriend
liked to tie me up.

He liked to tie you up
during sex?




Did he want to do this
occasionally or...

No. I'd say
more often than that.

You had a problem with it?

You like to be tied up?

Yeah, we'll put you on next.

Tell me something, Brenda.

Do you feel in control
of your life?

I-I don't know.


Sometimes I don't.

But I-I don't...
I don't see what that
has to do with anything.

I don't think
being tied up

bothers you
because it's kinky.

I think the reason
it troubles you

is because it brings out
all your old feelings
of powerlessness.

I read in a magazine...

Don't change the subject.

Stay with me.
Stay with the feeling.

Feeling powerless

makes you uncomfortable,
doesn't it?

That guy's got my book.

Honey, a lot of people are
going to have that book.

Stop looking at his ass.

Why should I?

You should
take a peek yourself.

I'm pretty sure
he's not wearing underwear.

Yeah, well...

Could at least
be subtle.

You'll live, okay?

You don't have to seduce
all of them, you know?

You make it sound
like I have no taste.

Oh, no, no, no, kiddo.
It is not a matter of taste.

It is a matter of appetite.

So I've got
a healthy appetite.

it's going to get you
in trouble one of these days.

Besides, there are a lot
of inquiring minds

that are very curious
about your private life.

Sasha, you are
so paranoid.

I could help you
with that, you know.


Now, look,
I'm serious.

People listen.
People watch.

You know...

Excuse me, Ms. Grace?
I hate to bother you, but...

Of course.

I never miss your show.

Oh, thank you.
I'm sorry to bother you.

It's no bother.
Take care.

Okay. Okay.

You are not invisible

Look, Sasha, I love you,

but just manage
my career, okay?

I'll manage my life.


No, I can't use that.

I don't know.


'cause I'm Catholic.

Sometimes the guilt...

I can feel it
eating away at me.

Right here.

My stomach.

In my guts.

It's a very
destructive emotion, guilt.

That's what
I just said.

What I need to know
is what can do about it?

You can start
by forgiving yourself.

Some things are easier to
forgive than other things.

Could we close
the blinds?

Of course.

Thank you.

Thanks a lot.



I really loved
your first book.

I can't tell you how
much it's helped me.

Thank you.
I'm glad.

What's your name?


There you go.
Thank you. Take care.



What's your name?

Amie. A-M-I-E.

Thank you.

Thank you.


I know you, right?

Do you?

I'm thinking
we've met before.

No. No, we've
never met,

but you get that feeling
sometimes, don't you?

You meet a total stranger
and feel instantly connected.

Who should I
inscribe this to?

Oh, it's already

You're very confident.

That's nice.

I'm not nice.

I'm a lot of things,
but I'm not nice.

I'd like to see
more of you.

I'm afraid
that's impossible.

Thanks for buying
the book.

Hi. Who's this for?

Hi. How are you?

My niece Anne.

as well as confident.

Why am I not surprised?

I'm full of surprises.

Amanda, darling!

Robert, darling.

I was just about
to start worrying.

Don't be silly.
I'm exactly on time.

That's why I said
"about" to start worrying.

I brought a friend.

How do you do?

Nice to meet you.

Come along now.

There are a lot of people
for you to meet.




All right.
You've got
my curiosity piqued.

Who are you?

The name's Mick.

Stoli on the rocks
with two olives, please.

I'm beginning to wonder how far
you're going to take this.

You make it sound like I'm the
only one in control here.

You know
better than that.

ROBERT: I want to know
all about it.

Tell me, it was painless,
wasn't it?

You know how
I feel about book signings.

How do you feel
about dollars,

lots and lots
of dollars?

[LAUGHS] Robert...

You have a wonderful
house here.

Thank you very much.
I'm glad you like it.

I'd love a tour
if you have a minute.

Well, uh...

Well, maybe Amanda
could show me around.

I suppose.
I'm sure you
could use a break

from all of this
pressing the flesh.

Oh, I don't think it's...

Great. Great.
Thank you.

Let's start upstairs,
shall we?

By the way...

I caught your show today.

You didn't like it.

I thought it

a lot of empty talk.

I mean,
do you really think you
have an effect on their lives,

all those neurotics?
So many unhappy people?

It's not my responsibility
to make people happy.

Yes, but that's what they think
when they call.
Instant cure.

Take an Amanda pill.

So what's wrong with
a little instant gratification?

Excuse me?

An Amanda pill.

What's so bad
about that?

Well, it's wrong
to offer people false hope.

It's not false,

and what else is there
to offer people but hope?


I could offer you that.

Freedom always comes
at a heavy price.

What if I'm not
willing to pay?

There's nothing to pay.

It's a gift.


I can't.

I can't.

Yes, you can.


No, no, no, no.


Just let me touch you
with one finger.

Just one?

Just one.

Hey, hey.


That's two fingers.

Who's counting?







Amanda understands that you
need her to promote the book.

She just did a book signing
for you, didn't she?

You know how she
feels about those.

Christ, she'd rather
bungee-jump without a rope.

Yes, but this promotional
tour's only five cities.

Doesn't matter.

It would boost sales


Robert, what
can I tell you?

She refuses to take
any more time

away from her
private practice.

Maybe I'll have to get down
on my knees and beg.

Yeah, you
give that a try.

Hey, kiddo.

I'm so sorry I'm late.

No problem.

You look lovely.

Thank you.

So what did you think?

Oh, beautiful.

A lot of nice touches,
wouldn't you say?

Thank you.
I'm glad you like it.

Uh, I didn't
catch your name.

It's Mick.

Mick, this is
my manager Sasha Taylor.

It's a pleasure
to meet you.

Oh, I'm charmed,
I'm sure.

I'm afraid
I have to run.

Thank you for
a wonderful evening.

And thank you.

My pleasure.


I'll show you out.

Good night.

Oh, good evening.


Oh, you're
an animal.

I know.




WOMAN: There's a gentleman
here to see you.

Does he have a name?

He won't give it
to me.

Then I'm busy.


Is he still there?

WOMAN: Yeah.

Send him in.

You were right.

Ms. Grace said
to go right in.

I didn't expect
to see you again

after that disappearing
act last night.


I'm not saying.
What are you doing here?

I want something.
Of course.

I knew there'd be
a price to pay.

Oh, no, this is free too.
It just requires
a little bit of your time.

Time is something I have
precious little of these days.

It's because
you're a workaholic.


So what are you doing
this afternoon?

Another photo shoot.

Mmm. Sounds
like a party.


Things are closing in
on you, aren't they?

More meetings,
more appointments.

That makes it very convenient
for you, doesn't it?

It ensures that
you'll be the pursuer

and not the pursued.

Oh, there's nothing
convenient about you.

You're definitely

So why see me again?

I like the way you come.

Cancel your photo shoot.


Nice place you've got here.

Thank you.

How long
have you had it?

Not long at all,

You know,
if I were
the inquisitive type,

I'd say something like,

pretty large for a bachelor,
don't you think?

Perceptive and prying
all at the same time.

It is large,
but it's temporary.

You could've just
bought me lunch.


You know a restaurant where
we can sit on the counters
and fuck on the tables?

You think
that's what I want?

Yeah, I do.

How do you know?

I don't know.
Intuition, I guess.

You seem to intuit
a lot about me.

It's not hard
at all, really.

I just have to look very
deeply into your eyes.

And touching my thigh.
Does that tell you anything?

It just
turns me on.

You're going
to burn the veggies.

We'll order in.


What was that?

The garage door,
I think.

Don't tell me. It's your wife.

No, no, there's no wife.

Well, then,
who is it?

The guy who lives here,
I'd imagine.


You should've seen me
play Howie today.


I aced him so much,

he looked like he was
playing tennis underwater.

Smells good, baby.

You got a letter here
from your mother.

I hope she's not bringing that
dog. What's her name?

She messed up a rug.
I've to go out
and buy a new rug.

Okay, baby.

Hey, I'm going
to go take a show...


Who's here?

Who's here?



What just happened?

What was that
supposed to be?


That was a pretty stupid
stunt, you know.

Oh, I know.

He could've had a gun.

That's true.
He could've.

It was a stupid and
adolescent thing to do.

You're absolutely right.

I can't believe
I'm sitting here

with a guy who would
do something like that.

Neither can I.

Really, I mean it.

I know you do.

This doesn't mean
that I'm still not upset.

I understand



♪ Mmm-mmm-mmm
mmm-mmm-mmm mmm-mmm

♪ Mmm-mmm-mmm
mmm-mmm-mmm mmm-mmm

♪ Mmm-mmm-mmm
mmm-mmm-mmm mmm-mmm

♪ Mmm-mmm-mmm
mmm-mmm-mmm mmm-mmm

♪ Whoa-oh-oh
oh-oh-oh oh-oh

♪ Whoa-oh-oh
oh-oh-oh oh-oh

♪ Whoa-oh-oh
oh-oh-oh oh-oh

♪ Whoa-oh-oh
oh-oh-oh oh-oh

♪ Mmm-mmm-mmm
mmm-mmm-mmm mmm-mmm

♪ Mmm-mmm-mmm
mmm-mmm-mmm mmm-mmm

♪ Mmm-mmm-mmm
mmm-mmm-mmm mmm-mmm

♪ Mmm-mmm-mmm
mmm-mmm-mmm mmm-mmm ♪

♪ I'm achin'

♪ For the warmth
of your touch

♪ I'm shakin'

♪ I want you so much

♪ You're takin' me

♪ To the danger zone ♪

Mr. Rause, your
delivery's at the front desk.

Mr. Rause...

Hey, Maria.

Beautiful day out there.

Oh, this came in
for you this morning.

It's not ticking,
so I think you're cool.




WOMAN: Good evening.
How may I help you?

Messages for 517,

I'm sorry.
There are no messages,
Mrs. Burroughs.

Thank you.

What are you doing?

I was...
You scared me.

I was just
checking my messages.

Came here
straight from work.

did you
figure anything out?

What do you mean?

Oh, come on.

You had to have
looked around a little.

Maybe a little.

Well, ordinarily that
would be a good move,

figuring out a man
by what he carries,

but I'm afraid in my case,
it's a dead end.

Not at all.

Your clothes are all
new and expensive.

Some haven't even
been worn yet,

and you've bought everything
from stores here in LA.


So obviously
you're not from here.

and you're new to town.

The hotel room should've
tipped you to that.

Not necessarily.

A lot of people have
liaisons in hotel rooms.

That doesn't mean
they live there.

You live here,
which raises other questions.

Oh, really?

Like what?

Where you're from,

how can you afford this
place and these clothes,

and why does someone who
lives out of a suitcase

not have a suitcase?

Good questions.

What do you think?

Maybe you had to leave
somewhere in a hurry.

Maybe you were
forced to go

and so you had to leave
your things behind.

Jealous husband,
something like that.

Nice try, but no.

Maybe you just don't hold on
to anything for very long

and therefore don't value
anything all that much.

Much better.
Give me more.

You're nomadic
by nature

and probably
by necessity.

My guess is you're
some sort of upscale hustler.



Now take off your clothes.


You're getting a bit
overconfident, don't you think?

I won't ask you again.

Leave those.

Get on the bed.

What are you
going to do?

Spank me?


Give me your hands.


do you want me
to fuck you?


Beg me.

Fuck me.

Fuck me now.

Hey, I got a surprise
for you, kiddo.

Oh, yeah?
What's that?

Well, I just got you the
interview on Wake Up, LA.

You are taping
in the morning.

That's great.

Hey, wait a minute.
Give me something.

How about, uh,
"That's terrific, Sasha.

"You're a wonderful
manager, Sasha."

I'm sorry, Sasha.

My mind is elsewhere.

Oh, yeah?
What's his name?



You mean Mick, Mick?

Are you seeing
him again?


Well, that's...
twice, isn't it?

When is the wedding?



MICK: Come on.

Come on.

Come on,
let's see your face.


Hello, asshole.

Well, what do
you know, Dino?

Video equipment.

You're up to your
same old tricks, huh, Mick?

Arms out.

Come on. Is this necessary?

Shut up.

Got out pretty
quick, huh?

Yeah, time off
for good behavior.

We need to talk, Mick.

I'd love to,
but you guys
look like a couple of criminals,

and I wouldn't want to violate
the terms of my parole.

I wouldn't want to violate
your fucking face.

Come on,
let's go for a ride.

Let's not.

Oh, no.

Mr. Stone wants
his money back, Mickey.

It's not his money.
It's mine.

Mr. Stone doesn't
see it that way.

Well, obviously,
you fucking moron.

Mr. Stone has to account
for that cash to his partners.
You know that.

If you just give the cash back,
Mr. Stone says
all is forgiven.

Let me tell you

No matter
who gets the money,
all is not forgiven.

Your boss set me up,
and I did time for it.

Nothing gets forgiven.
You got that?

Seems to me like you're
in no position to be
talking like that.

Yeah, well, it seems to me
you're in no position
to be walking erect.

Suddenly he's
not so witty.


Six times.

Six times what?

What are you talking
about, six times?

Last night.



Six times?
In one night?


Oh God. I don't even have
the strength to get up and
pee in the middle of the night.

It's more than
just the sex.

He excites me,
you know?

Challenges me.

I never know what's gonna
happen next with this guy.



Painful, huh, Mick?


You know, I'd rather not
put you through this, Mickey.

I'd have killed
you right off, man,

but Stone needs
his money back.

Are you starting
to grasp that now?




You tell
Mr. Stone...


That I fucked his nephew
Bobby in prison,

and he liked it.


He's out. Great! Now
what's he gonna tell us?

What was he
telling us before, huh?

Dino, go get
some water, please.

We'll bring him around
and we'll start over again,
all right?

Go on!

Where the fuck am I going
to find water around here?

Just couldn't play the game
right, could you, Mickey?

Ah, fuck!

Mick, man,
talk to me now, man.


Hey, look, man,
I'll tell Stone anything
you want me to tell him, man.

Fuck you!

Yeah, fuck you, man!

Oh, yeah.

I'll kill you, Mick.


Hey, Dino.


Hey, don't do
nothing stupid.

All right.

For beating me up,
I forgive you.

But stealing hubcaps,
Dino, that we can't have.





♪ Aw, baby

♪ Let's get down tonight

♪ Ooh

♪ Baby

♪ I've got to start lovin'

♪ I need some lovin'

♪ And, baby ♪

You want some company?


Why not?

Oh, my God!
I'm sorry. There's been
some sort of mistake.


what is wrong?

What the fuck
is going on here?

Who is that woman?

Her name is Nicole.

Come here a sec,

Are those for me?


I think
I better be going.

I think you've got
the wrong idea here.

don't even fucking try.

I haven't touched her.

I bought her for you.

What do you mean,
you bought her for me?

Exactly what
I just said.

Maybe it was a mistake,
but I thought you'd be into it.

You're the one
who's into it.
At least be honest.

You'd like to watch,
wouldn't you?

Well, I won't deny that.

I don't believe this.

Look, if it makes you
feel any better,

she's not
a streetwalker.

She comes from
a very reputable agency.

Oh, come on.

Don't tell me you've
never thought about it,

what it might be like
with another woman,

especially one who
knows what she's doing.

Untie her.

She's not tied,
she's cuffed.

Then uncuff her.


Don't you touch me.

I know you want this.

And you're strong
enough to handle it.

I know you
better than anyone.

I can look
right into your soul.
Did you know that?

And I know
what your body wants,

things that your mouth
can't even articulate.

You do know that,
don't you?

You were wrong.
I'm not strong as you thought.


We've taken this as far as
I am willing to go.
It's over.

Do you understand?

Yeah, I understand.
But I don't agree.

You are mistaken
if you think it's over.

[SCOFFS] It is over.
It's over
because I say so.

MICK: I'll be in touch.


I have two tickets...

No. No, no.

someone left you a videotape.
It's on the console.


Nice show, Amanda.



Oh, it must be
Wake Up LA.

Well, let's take
a look, huh?

Holy shit!

Oh, Jesus!

Not a word to anyone
about this,
you hear me?

I'll take it to the grave.
It's okay.

How did you
get in here?

I can get in anywhere.
You should know that by now.

I got your message.

I don't understand!
I took the tape
out of the camera myself.

I destroyed it.

I was making a dub
in the wardrobe

at the same time
I was taping you.

You're diabolical!

I can't help it.

I'm a career criminal,
it's my nature.

I'm sure you're familiar
with the character type.

You know,
it's funny.
I wouldn't have minded

if you were
just a criminal.

But blackmail?
You might as well
be a rapist.

you see,
that's where we disagree.

I prefer to think
of myself as a...

a guardian angel.
I watch over people.

I see their
every move.

All those hypocrites who talk
one way and act another.

All those people out there
who do their dirty little deeds
behind closed doors

and then pray that
no one finds out.

You know, if people
just lived honestly, there'd
be no need for blackmail.

You heard of paying
for your sins?

Well, consider me
the bill collector.

I'm not rich,
you know.

I don't want your money.

Then what do you want?

I'll let you know.

WOMAN: I'm sorry, there's
no answer. Would you like
to leave a message?

No, thank you.
No message.




MAN: Hey!

You're Amanda Grace,
aren't you?

Yes, I am.

I called your show
a few months ago

about this problem
I have with my mother.

I'm having trouble
getting started...

Excuse me.
I'm in a bit of a rush.

I'm sorry.





Oh, hi.

I know the way.

Excuse me, you can't
go back there, sir.

Sir, she's not seeing
anyone today.


Thank you for coming.

Well, all right.

It's your meeting,
so you set the agenda.

I want to buy
the master copy
of that tape

and any other dupes
you might have made.

I told you,
I don't
want your money.

I think you do.

I'm impressed.

I thought you might be.

Even more impressive.

Will you consider
my offer?

I guess I'll have to.

All right,
I've considered it.


And you can
keep the money.

I've never objected to a woman
holding the purse strings.

Since you
really want that tape,

I'm sure we can still
work something out.

You're sick.
You need serious counseling.

You think so?

Are you kidding?

Well I think it's bullshit.

Psychological counseling,
it's a lot of nonsense.

Its whole aim is to
socialize the individual,

Well, I don't want
to be socialized.

I'm perfectly happy
the way I am.

There's still
the law, you know.
I can go to the police.

Go ahead.

And take your copy
of the tape with you.

[PANTS] Damn stairs
are going to be
the death of me.

Oh, God.

I'm being blackmailed.


I know.

But, I mean...

with what?

There's a video.


A sex tape.

Of you?

I'm with a woman.

I'm having sex
with a woman.

Who's the woman?

A prostitute.

Oh, my God.

I mean, that's illegal,
no matter what.

There could be
some charges, I guess.


And there's some...

bondage involved,
I think.

You think?
you have to be

very clear
about all of this.

I know.
I'm sorry.

She was wearing

but I didn't
put them on her.

Who would do this?

Who has the tape?

My new boyfriend.

Oh, honey, I'm...

I'm sorry.

Never mind all this.
What am I gonna do?

Pay him.
Pay the bastard.

He doesn't want money.

I don't know
what he wants.

What do you mean?
He's blackmailing you,
and he doesn't want money?


Look, this is serious.

We're gonna have
to talk to the police
about this.

I don't want
to go to the police.

You're late.

This place is
pretty hard to find.

A bit dramatic,
don't you think?


I see.

a devious bastard.

That's why I can do
what I'm about to do.

You're going to kill me?

The world will be
a better place without you.

Well, I'm moved
by your altruism,

but I'm not sure I agree.
In any case, it won't be
a better place for me.

You know, I'm sure you're
not a very good shot,
and I'm awfully far away.

Hold it right there!

Just trying to
be of help.

I said hold it!



There you go.

I think...

you've given me
a hard-on.

That's the second time this week
I've been hit with a gun.
Doesn't anybody shoot anymore?



How's that?

There is something
between us.

You know that?

It's okay.

It's okay.


It's okay.


Tell me something.


Even if it's
just this once,
I want the truth.

All right.

All along...

this has all
just been part
of your plan, right?

You've been
manipulating me
from the very start.

You really
want to know?


I wanted you
every time.

In the beginning,
I had to hold
myself back.

And now what
do you want from me?

I'm very interested
in a certain client
of yours.

A patient.

Actually, you've only had
a few sessions with him.

He only comes in
very late at night.

I bet you
don't know much
about Jasper Stone.

I bet he doesn't tell you
much at all.

Well, he's a mobster.
He's very well-connected,

and he's the reason why
I spent a few too many years
away from society.

You're saying he
set you up or something?

Three years
of my life
wasted in a cage.

That explains why
you have such trouble

playing with
the other kiddies.

Yeah, I suppose it does.

Tell me something.

Have you ever heard
of doctor - patient

Oh, don't pull that
tired old cliche
out of the closet, please.

I'm serious.

I categorically refuse
to betray a patient's

no matter who he is.

You're missing the point,

I don't want to
blackmail him.
I want him dead!

And to help cause
his death,

I need information
that only you can get.

You know, if you were
a real tough guy,

you'd kill him

Not if I want to
stay alive.

You see...

as much
as I would like to,

if I kill Jasper,

then his partners
will eventually kill me.


if Stone's business partners
can be convinced

that poor Jasper
is unstable,

well, they'll get
very, very nervous.

You see,
Stone knows too much.

He can take a lot
of important men
down with him.

If they think he's having
a nervous breakdown,

if they think that he's
an accident waiting to happen,

they'll take care
of the job for me,

and I go riding off
into the sunset.

You're leaving an
awful lot up to chance.

Listen, you know neurotics.
I know gangsters.

Trust me.
It'll work out.

I brought you a present.

Go ahead. Open it.

Nice, huh?

The bug is right there.

Get Stone as close
to it as possible,
but be discreet.

How do I know
that this is all
I'll have to do

to get
the tape back?

You have my word
as a gentleman.

So how are you, Amanda?

Well, thank you.
And you?

Well, I'm...good.


I believe
that last week...

we were
discussing guilt.


Are you okay?


You seem upset.

I'm fine.



[SIGHS] Guilt.

I guess what I never...

You were saying?

Saying that I guess
guilt is a...

terrible burden
to bear, then.

Each day I thank the Lord
my conscience is clear.

Why don't we talk about
your relationship
with your sister?

I'm going to have to
cut this session short.

I have some business
to take care of.

I'll walk you out.

Thank you for that.

It speaks highly
of your character.

I'm going to have to
know who planted
the bug, of course.

I'm very serious, Amanda.

I need to know
who it is.

I did you a favor,

but I'm being
blackmailed myself,

so I can't
give you his name

at the risk
of exposing myself.

you did me a favor.
I'll do you one.

You have 24 hours
to give me the name
of the responsible party.

24 hours, Amanda,

or else.

Why don't we talk

about your relationship
with your sister?

I'm going to have to
cut this session short.

I have some business
to take care of.

I'll walk you out.

Is that all
he had to say?

I told you.
it's taking me a long time

to draw him out.

Let me try this one.

Thank you for that.

It speaks highly
of your character.

I'm going to have to know
who planted the bug,
of course.

But how did...


I put a second bug
on you.

Just in case.

How clever of you.

Now, this...

This, Amanda...

This upsets me!


You betrayed me.

I couldn't do it!

I can't be an accessory
to murder.

I will not help you
kill that man!

Now what?

I said now what?




MAN: Dr. Grace?

Who's this?

I'm calling for your comment
on the videotape.


Do you have a comment
on the sex tape, Doctor?

I'm afraid you have
the wrong number.

[GASPS] Oh, no.


No comment.

SASHA: It's me, kiddo.

how bad is it?

Pretty damn bad.

Turn on your TV.

[ON TV] Oh, no! No!

Rocking in the wake
of the latest celebrity
sex-tape scandal.

The celebrity in question
is psychology maven

and self-help author
Amanda Grace,

whose latest book
is entitled
Guilty Pleasures.

While the source of
the tape remains ambiguous,

its contents
certainly do not.

Grace is shown in acts
of lesbianism and bondage
with an unnamed female.

The broadcast affiliate
which airs Miss Grace's
radio talk show

has declined to comment
on the scandal,

and Miss Grace has yet
to issue a statement.

Don't worry about this, kiddo.
We won't take this lying down.

We'll sue...

Sasha, I'm going to
have to call you back.

Coming up next on E!,

Stay tuned for Talk Soup.

Find out what happened
on today's talk shows.

♪ Sexual

♪ Healing, baby

♪ Is good for me

♪ Sexual

♪ Healing is something

♪ That's good for me ♪

Hello, Los Angeles.
This is Amanda Grace,

and you're live on the air.

WOMAN: Is this really
Amanda Grace?

Yes, it is.
Who's this?

This is Shirley.

Hi, Shirley.
What's on your mind?

I'm calling to comment
about the scandal.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
She lied.

All right.
I had hoped
that my personal life

wouldn't be the topic
for today's show,

but I guess there's
no avoiding it.

I mean,
we're all adults, right?

We can all deal
with the truth.

So I'll answer any question
you might want to ask me

as truthfully as I can.

Well, my brother got a
bootleg copy of the tape

from some guys
at his job.

And he showed it to me,
and all I can say is
I think it's disgusting.

Well, you're certainly
entitled to your opinion...

But let me say right now

that I'm not ashamed
of anything I've done,
and that includes that tape.

I may regret
that it's gone public,

but just like you,

I'm a sexual being,
and I accept that fact.


Oops! I'm sorry.

I'm looking for the guest
who's staying here.

Um, this room
is vacant, Miss.

How are we doing?

SASHA: Well, it's
a mixed bag.

The upside
is that your book
is selling off the shelf,

and I'm talking

Downside is that Wade,

that spineless prick
of a station manager,

he's decided to pull the show
and run your old tapes
till all this mess dies down.

Nothing I can
do about that right now.
Anything else?

I love what you did
on your show today.


Thanks for being
a friend, Sasha.

You need anything,
I want you to call me.

We're going to
weather this storm.

Listen, kiddo.

You're stronger
than you know.



I know you're in here.

You're usually more clever
than this.

Oh, I think
I'm pretty clever.

Where are
you going, lady?



Your time's up.
Mr. Stone says
he needs a name from you.

Fuck you.

You watch your tongue,

Or I'll cut it out.

I'm sorry.
I've had a rough day.

I'd be glad to help
Mr. Stone any way I can,

but I will only
speak with him in person.

Now, are you going
to take me to him or not?

That won't
be necessary.

I'm happy
to come to you.

Let's have a seat.

You got
a nice place here.

Just wait
in the car.

Go on.
Go on. Sit down.

I have been
watching the tube.

You had some trouble today.

I can't handle.

Well, enough of
the fucking pleasantries.

You got a name for me
or not?

I don't know
his name.

I figured you'd say that.

You know what
your trouble is?

You got a healthy

You didn't have to
protect me.

You sure as hell
don't have to
protect this other guy.

I'm not.

I'm just trying
to protect myself.

You think
I'm going to hurt you?

I'm not going to hurt you.

I tell you my deepest,
darkest secrets.

You know me.

No, I don't.

I don't really
know you at all.

Well, you're just going to
have to trust me then.

I don't trust people
just because
they demand it.

Look, I think you got
the wrong impression here.

This is not like
our usual meetings

where I'm asking you
for advice.

I'm asking you for a name.

Now, who is this guy?

Well, his job
takes him out of town a lot.

He's always
on the road.

Well, believe me,
I know how that can be.

I'm just surprised,
that's all,
Mrs. Armstrong.

I don't see how any man
could go away and leave you
for weeks at a time.

Pardon me, sir.

This note was left
for you at the concierge.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

I'm sorry.
Something has come up

that requires
my immediate attention.


Don't turn around.

Aah! Aah!

What did I just say?

Have you lost
your fucking mind?

Believe me,
I know the symptoms.

Well, what
do you want?

I'll let you know.

But for now,
you're coming with me.

You know, you don't
need the gun anymore.

I'm going
with you willingly.

I'll be the judge of that.

So how did you
find me?

I saw a brochure
of the resort

that night I went
through your stuff.

How sloppy of me.

I got your last name
from the hotel operator.

And when I got here,
I tipped the bellboy $100
of your money.

I hope you don't mind if I take
the credit for educating you.

In more ways than one.

Turn onto that
dirt road up ahead.

Pull over here,
and turn off the engine.

All right,
now what?

Put 'em on.

I don't think so.

Aah! Aah!

I do wish that you
would stop doing that.

Put them on.

Okay. Okay.

If only to save what's
left of my hearing.

Just like old times.

I knew it was you, Mick,

you fucking weasel.

You don't know
what you're doing.

Yes, I do.

They'll kill me.

I know.

Here he is,

signed, sealed,
and delivered.

Well done.
Good for you.

Good for you.

Step out of the car,

Old Vince here
used to be a cop.


Get on your knees.

You don't want
to do this.

Get down on
your fucking knees!

You're making
a big mistake.

It's a waste to whack me.
I'm a resource.

Shut up.


You're not coming back
this time, Mick.




Here's the money.

Remind you
that this is my money
in the first place.

Minus his expenses,
I'm sure.

We're even.

All of us.

Not quite.

Dispose of them.

Hold on here.
We had a deal.

I pay for him,
you scare him a little.
That's all.

I don't make deals.

I'll give you a choice.

You want to die now,

or you want to
watch this scumbag
get it first?

Do it. Him first.




I'm not moving.

I'm not doing anything
you don't tell me to do.

Any ideas?

Kill him.

Shut the fuck up!

You shut the fuck up, you fuck!

Shut up!


I'm just...

just waiting here
for you to tell me
what to do.

what we're going to do
is get the police out here.

Well, maybe
we could discuss that.

Amanda, You don't
know Jasper. I do.

You'll never be safe
as long as he's alive.

You don't know Amanda, hotshot.
She's got compassion.

She's not going to shoot
an unarmed man.

You don't have the balls
to shoot me.

It was for the best,

You'll thank me
one day.

Drop the gun.



It's okay.

It's okay.


Heard your radio show

It's good.
Really good.

I like that whole new direction
the show's taking,
you know?



What was that all about?

Are you thinking
what I think you're thinking?

I doubt it.
Get out of the car.


Come on.
We've played
this game before.

I'm not playing.

You seem to be forgetting
that this is my car.

I stole it, anyway.

Don't forget
your money.


And thanks
for saving my life.

Don't kid yourself.
I was saving mine.

You could have let him
shoot me first.

I probably
should have.

Need a loan or something?

I don't want
your blood-money.


suit yourself.

See ya.

No, you won't.

What are you losing?

Something that doesn't
satisfy you.

Let him go.
That's better than losing
yourself, isn't it?

WOMAN: But I don't know
if I can handle being alone.

I don't know if
I'm strong enough.

You're strong enough.

Sure, you'll
hurt for a while,

but you'll survive.

And believe me,

it's a good feeling
to find out
you're a survivor.

You know,
we're all a lot tougher

than we give ourselves
credit for.

We all have
tremendous reserves
of strength.

Sometimes you
just don't know
until you're challenged.

All I can do
is encourage you

to make a change
in your life.

Well, that's all the time
we have today.

Thanks to everyone
who called.

You've been listening to
Ask Amanda.

Respect yourself.