Dangerous Snow Day (2021) - full transcript

When an au pair to one of the most well-known and wealthiest families in town rejects the father's advances, she finds herself blacklisted and in fear for her life.

Help! Help! Somebody help!

Do you think
we're getting the bunny?

I don't know, I hope so.

Pretend to be asleep.

Rise and shine.

Oh, no,
you guys aren't awake yet?

I hope I don't
have to tickle you.

Wow, you guys really are asleep.

I guess we won't have any
tablet time before school.

- No!
- Aha!

I knew that would get you.

Kohen, we were supposed
to trick her.

You can't trick trick me.

Now, come on,
it's time to wake up.

Good morning.

Morning, daddy!

Kohen, did you sleep

in your sister's room
again last night?

- Yes.
- Yeah?

You're getting too old
for that, buddy.


He was scared. I protected him.

Thank you, Maggie.

You look nice today.

Good morning.

Good morning.
I have your coffee right here.

Aw, Maggie.
That's so nice of you.

Sorry, I didn't
want sugar this today.

No worries, there's plenty more.

- Here you go.
- Oh!

Kids, are you gonna be good
for Maggie this morning?

Kaeden, Kohen?

- Yes.
- Yes.

So, what are you up to today?

Um, I think I'll go
to the square

and get some shopping done.

Maybe have lunch
with Adelaide. You?

I got that meeting with Weinberg
today. Wish me luck.

If we get this deal done,
we might be looking

at a new beach house.

Let's look into the Hamptons
this time.

I'm sick of running into Barbara
every time we go to the cape.

Ugh! She was..

Okay, kids, have a good day.

Alright, you two.

Love you. Love you.

- Bye.
- Bye.

♪ Take back
what you wanted to say ♪

♪ you know
it wouldn't matter anyway ♪

♪ oh no ♪

♪ and you you try ♪

♪ to work your way back
in to see my life ♪

♪ Blondie don't you believe ♪

♪ everything you read ♪

♪ in the newspaper ♪

♪ or on the TV screen ♪

♪ 'cause when the time comes ♪

♪ for you to go ♪

♪ will you know which side ♪

♪ you'll be fighting for? ♪

- Oh!
- Sorry.

- I didn't mean to scare you.
- It's okay.

I wasn't expecting you home
so early.

Yeah, looks like you're getting
a good workout in.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

You're welcome to use the sauna.

I might be hopping
in there myself

if, uh, you'd wanna join me.

'Honey, I'm home.'

'Honey, I thought you were
getting lunch?'

ugh, Adelaide cancelled.

It's fine.

She's been getting
on my nerves anyway.

Did the deal go through?

Let's just say you might have
to put up with seeing Barbara

for another summer.

Maggie, I got myself
some new dresses.

So, I want you to have
a few of my old ones.

Oh, thank you, Kristen,
but that's not necessary.

Well, there's nothing wrong with
a little update now and then.

Okay, yeah. Thanks.

Um, I better go get the kids
from school first.

So, um, for the party..


- oh, no.
- Oh, no.

Well, I guess that's it, guys.

We need to clean up
and get our pj's on.

- No!
- One more!

Hey, guys.
What are you still doing up?

I was just gonna
put them to bed.

Would you like to have
a glass of wine?

Oh, no, I’m-I'm okay. Thank you.

Ah, come on, just one glass.

Don't tell me
you're a lightweight.

Actually, I was going
to ask you guys if you're okay

with me meeting up
with my friend Hannah.

She just closed a house
and wants to celebrate.

Yeah, of course.

'I don't mind putting the kids'

'to bed first though.'

oh, please. Go on.
Enjoy yourself.

We'll put the kids to bed.

Kaeden, Kohen.
Tell Maggie goodnight.

- Night.
- Goodnight.

Goodnight, guys,
I'll see you tomorrow.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Here's to selling that house

and this new listing,
you're killing it.

Oh, thanks, girl,
I'm just happy

to finally have you out
for the night.

- Cheers to that.
- Cheers.

And to think some people think

a 40 hour work week
is full-time.

I'm one of those people.
But I get it.

I haven't seen you
in like a month.

How's it been lately? Is Kristen
given you any more bougie gifts?

Well, she gave me this today.

I was wondering
why you looked so gorgeous.

It's pretty cool that you get

all that expensive stuff
for free.

Yeah, it is pretty nice.
And I do love working for them.

But I just wish Frederick
would stop hitting on me.

Have you thought about finding
a new job if he keeps it up?

I mean, he hasn't done anything
overt worth quitting over it.

It's just the subtle things
he says sometimes.

Plus, you know those kids
mean everything to me.

I know you want to stick it out
until you leave for school

but that's not for a long time.

The thing is...I'm not sure
if I'm still going.

What do you mean? You didn't
accepted the offer yet?

I don't wanna leave the kids.
They make me so happy.

I'm not trying to tell you
what to do with your life, okay?

But as your best friend
I think I owe you my advice.

Those kids are gonna grow up
and they're not gonna need

an au pair.

Then what are you gonna do?

Find someone else's kids
to get attached to?

Over and over
for the rest of your life?

You have to plan
for your future.

And this master's program is
something you've always wanted.

You already rejected it once.

I mean I didn't have a choice
the first time.

- I didn't have the money.
- But now you do.

Maggie, you are
a selfless sweetheart.

But we have to focus
on ourselves sometimes.

You can always visit the kids.

But if you do decide to stay

can you ask Kristen if
she has any dresses in my size?

Maybe if you buy me
another drink.


- We need shots, right?
- Oh, my god.

Can we get two shots of Tequila?

I'm gonna go to the ladies room.
I'll be back.

I am back.

Okay. Where are the shots?

♪ Have to go have to go
have to go ♪

♪ have to go have to go
have to go ♪

♪ the end of the world
at the palm of my hand ♪

♪ when it all goes to hell
will you still be my friend? ♪

♪ Have to go have to go ♪

♪ my face to the sea
and my back to the land ♪

♪ if you can't come with me ♪

♪ I'll understand ♪

♪ if you can't come with me
I'll understand ♪♪

'Frederick, I don't...'

'Well, I'm not having this

'Frederick, I'm not.
I-I can't have.. Listen.'


'What was that?'

Kohen, is that you?

You better be in bed.

Not your sister's.


- I'm done.
- Me too.

- But you guys didn't finish.
- I'm ready to go.

Okay, just one minute,
I have to talk

to your parents
about something.

Kristen, Frederick,
would you guys mind

coming in here?

We're coming.

Hey! Is everything okay?

Yeah. I just wanted
to tell you guys something.

I have decided...

Oh, wait, before I forget..

♪ Ta ta ra ♪♪

This is our way
of saying thank you

for everything you've done
for us this year.

'You've been a big help.'

Kristen picked it out.

Merry Christmas.

Frederick, Kristen,
this is really sweet. Thank you.

Try it on.


Oh, Maggie, it's beautiful.

Oh, what were you gonna tell us?

I have decided to go back
to school in the fall

to get my master's degree.

So, you'll be leaving us?

But Maggie,
I don't want you to leave.

- Oh.
- Don't let her go.

No, I won't be leaving, sweetie.

I was just hoping
to cut down to part time.

Maggie, this is,
it's quite a shock.

How could you work part time
when we'll both be busy?

And what, you expect Kristen

to take care of kids
when you're busy?

You don't think I can handle it?

- I didn't say that.
- But that's what you meant.

Okay, let's not argue
in front of the kids. Alright?

Why don't you take them
to school?

I'm gonna talk to Maggie, okay?

Okay, kids, let's, uh,
let's get ready to leave, huh?

No! I don't want Maggie
to leave.

Me neither.

Kaeden, Kohen.

Come down here!

Can I speak with you
in the study, please?


Maggie, you know
how much we love you.

Please, stay.

It's not that I don't want to..

I just can't imagine
not seeing you here every day.

There's gotta be some solution.

Believe me,
I've thought about this a lot

but I've made my decision.

If you can't keep me
on part-time

you'll have to find
a replacement for me

in the fall.

Well, we just
can't do part-time.

Isn't there anything else
we can do?

I'm sorry, but no.


Anything I can do?

What do you mean?

I mean, sure, there must be
something we can work out.


Frederick, what are you doing?

I'm giving you a reason to stay.

Get out of my house.
Forget the notice. You're fired.

Frederick, I..

I'll send a driver
to deliver your belongings.


Here. You should take this back.

I don't want it.
Get out of my house.

I'm not gonna ask you again.

I'll go say goodbye to the kids.

No, you won't. You gather
your essentials and go.

Get out of here! Now!


This will keep you safe.

Safe from what?

You're leaving now?

Frederick couldn't
convince you to stay?

No, I..

Goodbye, Maggie.

Can I get you some more coffee?

Oh, yeah. Thanks.

I hope you don't mind my asking,
but is everything okay?

I'm okay. I can take the check.

No, no, I am gonna keep
this coffee coming

and it's on me.


Yeah, I insist.

Thank you.
That's really sweet of you.

The name's Ruth.
You stay as long as you like.

♪ Let all the elders say ♪

♪ but this love
was worth the wait ♪

♪ let go and hear the sound ♪

♪ pull all the barriers down ♪

♪ I'll Cherish
the one I've found ♪

♪ if this is my love for you ♪♪

'This is Hannah.
Leave a message.'

hey, Hannah, it's me.

Um, I know you're busy right now

I just, I was just trying again.

I could really use your help
right now.


- Can I help you, miss?
- Hi, uh..

I'm here to make a statement.

He can take it here.



- oh! Uh, hi. Uh..
- Hi.

Come on in. How are you?

Um, I called earlier about
the car that tried to hit me.

That was you?

Oh! Um, yeah.
Have a seat.


Okay. Um, so, uh..

What's your name?

Maggie, Maggie Ford.

Cool. Nice to meet you, Maggie.

I'm deputy Hayes.

So, uh, did you get the make
and model of the car?

It was a red sedan.

Uh, I'm not sure about the year.

And you're sure
it wasn't an accident?

It's pretty icy
out there tonight.

I don't think it was,
I mean, it seemed like

they were trying to hit me.

Yeah, okay, yeah.
I'm just being thorough.

Um, okay, uh, did you get
the license plate number?

No, it all happened so fast.

By the time I'd even realized
what had happened

they were already gone.

Yeah, I can't really blame you
there, you know.

But, uh, I can't really
put out an Apb

on every red sedan in town.

Yeah, I know.

But hey, you know we really are

uh, cracking down on
all the reckless driving

especially this time of year
when everyone's got

nothing better to do,
but drink, you know.

I mean, I guess
they could have been drunk

but it just seemed
so calculated.

Okay, yeah, um, alright.

Um, so do you know of anyone

that wishes to cause you harm?

Uh, well, I had an incident

earlier today with my boss.

My ex-boss.

Okay. What happened?

I was his au pair
up until today.

I gave him a notice
that I'd be leaving for school

again in the fall.

I don't wanna get
into the whole thing

but he was really upset
and fired me.

Kinda sounds like you're
having a bad day, Maggie.


Yeah, I, I guess
you could say that.

Well, um, do you think
this guy is the type of guy

that would try to attack you?

I don't know. Not really.

But I've never seen him
as angry as he was today.

Um, what's his name?

Frederick Cargill.

Frederick Cargill
of Cargill development?

The one and only.

Uh, look, Maggie, um

Frederick Cargill
is a very powerful man

and I can't really go around

accusing him of attempted murder

based on a hunch.

Yeah. I knew that
when I came in.

Just wanted to get it on record.

Well, guess I watch
too many crime shows.

No, no, no, I mean
you're doing the right thing

you know coming in here
and letting us know.

So, good that you came in.
It's good.

Um, look, take my card,
and, um, you know

you can just call me,
uh, whenever you want.

It's always on day and night.

So, won't be a bother
to hear from you for anything.

So, um..

- Okay.
- 'Okay.'

thank you, deputy.

'Yeah, you're welcome.'

you can call me Holden.

Hey, sorry,
I've had a really busy day

I didn't get your messages
until now.

- Are you okay?
- I don't know.

It was a crazy day.

I'm just ready to go to sleep.

Do you really think it was
Frederick that attacked you?

I don't know. I do know
it wasn't his car.

But he was so angry today,
he was my best guess.

Hey, how about you come on over?

You can stay with me
until you figure things out.

Uh, it's okay.
I'm on my way to a motel.

- Are you sure?
- 'Yeah.'

'you have a lot
on your plate'

with the new listing
and I don't wanna be on the way.

It'll only be a couple of nights
until I find a new job.

Have you been looking?

Yeah, I have a potential
interview tomorrow.

I'm just waiting to hear back.

That was fast. What is it for?

It's another
live-in au pair gig.

They're usually pretty hard
to find, I guess I got lucky.

Well, hopefully
you hear back soon.

That sounds like it could be
a great opportunity.

Yeah, at least I won't have
to worry about paying rent.

Not sure I'll ever find kids
as good as the Cargills'' though.

But you will find better
employers, that's for sure.

You'll be okay, mags.

Thanks, girl.
I'll talk to you later.


Hi, I'd like a room.

Just one night?

Yeah. Let's start with that.

Well, it's $60.

Cash or card?


I don't have my wallet.

Mm, I'm sure we can work
something out.

You know I-I might have
some cash actually.

I have 55.

Yeah, that'll work.

♪ My eyes are wide open ♪

♪ I see you clear ♪

♪ my toes touch the same floor ♪

♪ our world
has been shaking on ♪

♪ oh what's your soul saying? ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ is your world changing? ♪

♪ Oh what's your soul saying? ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ is your world changing? ♪♪

Wait, wait, what?
Where are you going, sweetheart?

What is it, honey? What?

Sorry, mags, I haven't seen it.

Ugh, the last time I had, it was
when we went out for drinks.

I called the bar
and deputy Hayes

and nobody has seen it.

Oh, Holden Hayes?

- 'You know him?'
- Yeah, I sold him his house.

And I'd gladly lose my wallet

if it gave me access
to that handsome man.

Wasn't he at the bar
the other night

giving you the googly-eyes?

You saw that?
Why didn't you say anything?

I'm not gonna let
no prince charming interfere

with the first girls' night
I get in a month.

Fair point.

Well, I guess that means
I only have

one phone call left to make.

Yikes. Have fun with that.

And good luck
with your interview.

I know you're gonna kill it.


If you're calling
to beg me for your job back

you're wasting your time.

That's not why I'm calling.

'Well, if it's about your
belongings, I have a driver'

packing everything up
as we speak

where would you like him
to drop it off?

'I'm staying at the pine motel.'

but again,
that's not why I'm calling.

- Well get to the point.
- 'My wallet is missing.'

I think I may have left it there
yesterday. Have you seen it?

Hm, I'm not sure.

Not sure?
Have you seen it or not?


Has Kristen or the kids seen it?


did you even ask them?

- Who was that?
- Telemarketer.

Poor lady was out here
walking her dog

when it started digging,
they found the bones.

How long do you think
she's been here?

About a year.

Clothing's still intact and
she was dressed for the winter.

Tell the me I want
the autopsy report asap.

You got it.

Johnny's seven,
we've already got him

playing soccer and football.

Tom's four, and before you know
it, he'll be out there with him.

Well, my cleats still fit so I’d
be happy to practice with them.

They would love that!

So, uh, Maggie, what got you
started in child care?

Well, I was in a foster home

and started babysitting
when I was 16.

After that I never wanted to go
into another field again.

You resume says that you got
your bachelor's in social work.

Why'd you go back to au pairing?

My end-goal is to work
in child protective services

but I need my master's degree
for that

and I didn't have the money
at the time.

However, I'll be attending

southern Connecticut state
this fall.

I hope that doesn't affect
whether or not you'll hire me.

Of course not, we would
never wanna get in the way

of you getting your master's.

'We'll worry about the fall
when it gets here.'

now, um, Jamie and I will
probably wanna discuss this

tonight when I gets home, but

it seems like you're really
a great fit for us.

Thank you, that's great.

Just a moment.

This is Mike.




Uh, thank you. Thank you.

Maggie, I think
you need to leave.

- I don't understand.
- Don't make this difficult.

Just please leave.

The victim is an unidentified
female in her 20's.

She's been dead
for about a year.

Now we don't have any
missing person's reports

matching her description,
so we think

she may be from out of town.

We're currently comparing
dental records

and trying to determine
the cause of death.

We have no suspects at this time

so I need all of you
on your toes.

We'll know more
once we ID the victim.

But, um, until then,
let's get out there

try to figure out
who killed this girl.


It was Frederick. I know it was.

'What do you think he said?'

I don't even want to know.

I can't believe
he's treating me like this.

'Did he ever find your wallet?'

nope. It magically disappeared
right after I rejected him.

'Why do you think he took it?'

'it's not like
he needs the money.'

no, it's power,
that's all he cares about.

Anything he can do
to get a hold over me.

Hannah, I'll call you back.


Maggie, it's me.

Hey, is everything okay?

I, uh, found your wallet.

Oh, great. Where was it?

In the trashcan.


Listen, can we meet
before I pick up the kids?

Are you sure Frederick
would be okay with that?

He won't know. Um, just come
by the school at dismissal time.

Uh, yeah. Okay.
I'll see you then.

Thank you so much.

I'm sorry he lied to you.

Doesn't that bother you?

Of course.
I know how Frederick can be.

But I also know
that he's a good father

he loves his children.

I need to ask you something.

Frederick doesn't happen to own
a red sedan, does he?

No. Why do you ask?

Someone's been following me.

And it's not just that.

I think they're
trying to kill me.

What? Maggie?

I think it might be Frederick.

That's ridiculous.

Is it?

No, I know he's not a Saint

but, Maggie, trying to kill you?

Why would he do that?


...the other day
when he took me into the study

he wasn't just talking to me.

He tried to..

Look, he already stopped me from
getting another au pair job.

I think he's angry at me
for rejecting him.

Did you contact the police?

Yeah, I filed a report

but they can't do anything
without evidence.

Listen, I believe you.

But you have to be careful.

He can be dangerous. Okay?

Is it okay if I say hi
to the kids?

Oh, honey, I don't think
that's a good idea.

I don't want them to slip up
and tell Frederick

they saw you today.

Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I'll-I'll go.

Uh, Maggie.

Just protect yourself.

♪ Stop that ♪

♪ stop that ♪

♪ stop that ♪

♪ yeah I am trapped
in the noise ♪♪

- Holden.
- 'Are you alright?'

somebody's at my door.
They're trying to get in.

- 'Where are you?'
- I'm at the pine motel.

Room four.

'Okay. I'm close.'

'I'll be right there.'


Whoa! Whoa!

Where is he?

- Who?
- The red car, it was just here.

I-I don't know,
I didn't see anybody.

He was just trying
to get in here!

- You just missed him.
- Okay, alright.

Okay, will you give me the bat


He was just here, Holden.

Okay, I believe you.

You're okay. Come here.

You're safe now.

You know whoever it was
did a number on your car

but it's okay,
we-we'll get it fixed.

It's okay.

How'd you get here so fast?

Uh, I was responding to a call
right around the corner.

Here, let's take a look at this

see if we can catch
this license plate number.

Damn it.

- What's that?
- What?

It looks like
some kind of sticker.

But I can't make out
what the symbol is.

Good spot.
That'll help us with our Apb.

Yeah, you might as well just go
straight to Frederick's house.

Maggie, we've been over this.

I can't just go around
pointing fingers

without evidence, alright.

He bought me that car when I
first started working for him.

Why would he destroy a car that
he bought with his own money?

Frederick has plenty of money.
This is just his petty revenge.

Revenge for what?

I don't wanna talk about it.
Not right now.

Alright, look why don't you
go back to bed

and I'll stay outside
and I'll keep watch?

We can go get your car fixed
in the morning.

Thanks, but, um

I think I'm just gonna stay
with my friend Hannah.

I don't feel comfortable here

Okay. I'll give you a ride.

Come on.

'Yeah, I can fix it.
Just give me couple of hours.'

great. Thank you.

What the hell happened?

Okay. Alright, whatever.

It's gonna be $980.47.

Hi, Ruth. I don't know if you
remember me from the other day?

Of course I do.
I didn't catch your name though.

- I'm Maggie.
- Well, welcome back, Maggie.

Can I get you something to eat?

Oh, no, thank you.

I'm actually here about
the sign out front.

Are you still hiring?

Well, I got one server
on maternity leave

I can definitely
use the help.

You have any experience?

I don't have any experience
waiting tables.

Most of my experience
has been in child care.

Well, that's okay. I can teach
anyone to wait tables.

The tricky part
is getting along with people.

Well, that sounds like
a great fit for me.

Okay. Well, you seem like
a sharp girl.

So, why don't you come back

and we'll get you trained.
Can you do that?

I certainly can.
Thank you.

- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay. See you then.

- Maggie!
- Maggie!

Hey, guys.
It's so good to see you.

Come on, kids,
we must get going.

- Ah, say goodbye to Maggie.
- Is everything okay?

Frederick will be
catching up with us soon.

- You better go.
- When are you coming back?

Oh, I don't know, guys.
But I miss you, too.

Okay, come on, kids,
time to leave.

I don't want Maggie to go away
like the last au pair.

What happened
to the last au pair?

Goodbye, Maggie.
Come on.

♪ I don't mind the slow down ♪♪

I'm concerned
for their safety.

What are you gonna do?

I don't think
there's anything I can do.

I know you love those kids.

But at a certain point
you might just have to move on.

They're not a part of
your life anymore.

I refuse to accept that.

At the very least,
I can make sure they're safe.

One sec.


it's Ruth from the diner.'

hi, Ruth. What can I do for you?

'Listen, you seem sweet'

'but I'm afraid I've had
to reconsider hiring you.'

'the position's been filled.'

oh. Uh, okay.
Can I ask why?

That son of a..

Miss, excuse me.
Miss, excuse me.

You can't go in there!
Miss, you can't be in here.

- No, no, it's...
- 'I'm sorry.'

- no, no, no.
- I tried.

She's come a long way.
Let's hear what she has to say.

Will you gentlemen excuse us?


Frederick, this needs to stop.

I'm afraid I have no idea
what you're talking about.

I've been blacklisted
from every job in town!

What are you telling
these people?

Nothing that isn't true.

Look, I'm sorry
how things turned out.

But I feel I was very reasonable
in giving you my notice

and just because I wouldn't
have an affair with you

doesn't mean you get
to ruin my life!

How am I supposed
to go to grad school

if I can't get
any work?

Well, I sure wish I had
an answer for you, Maggie.

That's quite a predicament.

Frederick, fix this for me.

I'm willing to forget

Just undo whatever
it is you told these people.

You know, it's funny.

Just a few days ago
I was the one begging you.

Now look at you.

So pathetic.

Get out of my office
before I have security

drag you out by your hair.

Boyd Thomas.

He's a local junkie
with a history of muggings.

They think he snuck in.

You know, it's a good thing
you know how to handle yourself.

That's not the same guy
from the motel.

How can you tell?

The other guy was smaller
and wearing a black hoodie.

Plus do you think some grimy guy
like that would own a red sedan

like the one we saw
on the video?

You know, you're right.

Boyd doesn't even have
his driver's license.

And the guy's
clearly on something.

He was wearing shorts
in the middle of winter.

By the way you look cold.

Do you wanna go get
a cup of coffee?

Are you seriously trying to hit
on me after I was almost mugged?

No. No, no.

I just, I-I just wanna
make sure that you're okay.

Relax. I'm messing with you.

- Coffee sounds great.
- Alright.

I know of a good spot
around the corner.

- Okay.
- Come on.

I'll do a coffee with
cream and sugar, please.

And I'll just have my black,
thank you.

Be right back.

- Thanks.
- Okay, thanks.

Anyway, I was in and out
of that foster home

for most of my life.

And that's where you met your
friend Hannah?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Hanna's parents died
when she was one.

We used to joke about
who had it worse

the one whose parents
perished in a car crash

or the one whose parents
didn't want her.

Okay. Well, uh..

I see where you get
your sense of humor from.


You know, in my experience, um..

...parents don't
abandon their kids

because they don't want
'em anymore.

They do it because they know
that they can't provide them

with the life that they deserve.

And look at you, huh?

You've got a good head
on your shoulders.

The foster program
done you some good.

Ah, Hannah and I
are the exception, believe me.

You should've seen some of the
other people we grew up with.

It's a terribly broken system..

...which is exactly why
I wanna become a social worker.

To help kids like me.

Well, I think you turned out
pretty great.

'A lot better than me,
let me tell you.'

- oh, yeah?
- 'Yeah.'

- what's your baggage?
- Um, you know..

Nothing except I'm an insomniac.

I'm a workaholic.

And I don't have a social life.

Hm. Didn't you kinda
sign up for that?

Yeah. Yeah. I guess I did.

But, um, you know,
no amount of TV

can really prepare you
for the reality of it.

It's like I'm working
on this case right now.

We're trying
to identify this Jane Doe

who is my sister's age.

And every time
I look at that photo

I can't help but think..

...what if that happened to her.

I don't understand
the evil things

that people do
in this world anymore.

Tough line of work.


At least I don't have
to work with children.

I'm kidding.
I actually love kids.

Well, I don't have to work
with kids either at the moment

because Frederick
has seen to it

that nobody in town
will hire me.

- Not even for a diner job.
- Yeah.

You know, I really wish
I could help you with that.

You know, you keep saying that.

But I think there are
things you can do.

Stop letting guys like Frederick
get away with this.

Maggie, I..

Thank you.

Look, Maggie, I wanna help you

but Frederick hasn't done
anything illegal.


...there's something
I didn't tell you.

What is it?

He...touched me.


I didn't wanna say
anything before.

I guess I was just scared.

'When did this happen?'

when I gave him
my notice for the fall.

He put his hand on my thigh..

...and he tried to..

Maggie...I'm so sorry.

Do you any proof to corroborate
his guilt on this?

Proof? How am I supposed
to prove something like that?

Maggie, you gotta understand
that in my line of work

I need evidence, and then I can
do something about it.

You're one of his,
aren't you?


He's got you under
his thumb

just like everyone else
in this town!

What're you talking about?

When you stop being
scared of Frederick

and wanna start doing your job,
let me know.

Maggie. Maggie, Maggie, wait.

Can I have the check?

- Hey.
- Hey.

You alright?

I don't really wanna
talk about it.



...i have something
that might cheer you up.

I got you a job.

- What?
- Yeah.


at my place.

no way.

And welcome to your new office.

It's a pretty easy gig.

The company is being growing
so it's starting to be too much.

We just need someone
to answer phone calls

respond to emails,
schedule appointments

stuff like that.

Hannah, I can't thank you
enough for this.

It's no sweat.

And the best part is
I have plenty of time

to find someone else
before you go to school.

You're the best.


And I'm literally just
right there if you need anything

but you're gonna do amazing.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Love you.

Autopsy report for our Jane Doe.

Dental records ID'd her
Ashley Coleman from Boston.

And strangely,
she was never reported missing.

Do you know anything
about her vehicle?

No trace of it.

My guess it's buried somewhere

in the Housatonic River.

Did you notify the family yet?

That's next on my list.

Think you've got enough
on your plate.

- I can do it.
- Let me know.

...hey! Ready to go?

- 'thanks for waiting for me.'
- Of course.

- You did great today.
- Thanks.

I could get used to this
for the time being.


I just want you know
how much I appreciate

you giving me this job.

Are you kidding me?
You know I have your back.

And besides I get to see
my best friend everyday

it's a huge benefit for me.

Still, I owe you one.

Yeah, you do owe me

and I'm never gonna
let you forget it.

Maggie, stop.
You're my best friend.

That's what friends are for.
You wanna go?

- Yeah, let's go.
- Let's do it.

Ashley was always
a troubled girl.

Um, Ms. Coleman, I just

have to ask why you never
reported her missing?

I didn't know.

We barely talked
after she ran away.

Do you know anything about
a 2020 blue sedan

that Ashley drove?

2020? No.

She could never afford
anything that new.

I just wish I could talk
to her one last time.

Please, find out
who did this, deputy.

I will, Ms. Coleman.

You have my word.

That was so good.

Dinner and a new job?

What did I do to deserve you?

I know. I'm kinda the best.

- Wait a minute.
- It's Kristen.

Put it on speaker.
Put it on speaker.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

- Hello?
- 'Maggie. I need your help.'

oh. Uh, what is it?

'My mother fell and I'm at
her house taking care of her.'

'but now Frederick says he needs
to leave for business.'

'can you come watch the kids?
Just for tonight?'

um, I-I don't know.

Last time I saw him,
he called me pathetic

and threatened me.

'I'm so sorry.'

'but we really need you.'

'and the children
would love to see you.'

'we'll offer your weekly rate
just for the night.'

'how does that sound?'

um, Kristen, I'm gonna have
to call you back.

Do you think it's a trap?

I don't know.
It's really strange.

He's never left
for business at night

not while I was there.

But if it were a trap,
I don't think

Kristen would go along with it.
I trust her.

Don't do it, Maggie.

I'm gonna keep
the kids safe.

Plus, I could really
use the money.

What if he tries
to pull something?

I have an idea.

Come on in.


Hey, guys!

Are you here to
live with us again?

No, Maggie is just here
for tonight.

- Aww.
- Hey, but don't worry.

We're gonna have
so much fun, okay?

Yeah, not too much fun.

I want them in bed
in an hour. Okay?

It is a school night
after all, right?

- I understand.
- Okay.

And, um, I don't know when I'll
be back, but it will be late.

So, if you get tired, feel free
to sleep in your old room.

Maggie...thank you.

Come here, guys.

I missed you.

What do you wanna do first?

Hey, guys, I need
to ask you something.

The last time I saw you

you said you didn't want me
to go away

like your old au pair.

What did you mean by that?

Well, when the last au pair
left us

we never saw her again.

Yeah, she didn't even tell us
that she was leaving.

Why'd you ask?

Just curious.

I made this special for you.

Aw, that's so sweet.

Thank you.

Now, who wants
to play some games?


Excuse me.

I didn't mean to startle you.

Um, I'm detective Hayes.

And don't worry,
you're not in trouble.

Um, I was actually hoping
you could help me out.

I'm sure you've heard
on the news

that we found a girl's body
in the woods

a few days ago?

Yeah, I heard.

It's a real tragedy.

Well, we've identified the body

um, as, uh, Ashley Coleman.

Ah, it turns out she was here

a couple days
before her death.

Oh, yeah, I remember her.

She was in last winter.

What do you remember about her?

Not much.

But she was probably rich.

She shelled out a lot of money.

It's interesting. Um..

Here, let me ask you,
do you remember

uh, what kind of repair
she had done on her car?

Oh, she didn't have
any repairs done.

It was a new paint job
from blue to red.

- Blue to red?
- Yeah.

- Thank you, Aaron.
- Sure.

Ha! Kohen, your turn.

'Sorry, I missed you.'

'leave a message
and I'll call you back.'

Maggie, it's Holden.

I know you're upset with me.

But you gotta call me

You might be in danger.

Oh, no!

Kaeden lost!

Alright, guys, time for bed.

But I'm not even tired.

I'm sorry guys,
you have school tomorrow.

Come on, let's go.

I miss playing with you,

Me too.

I miss playing with you, too.

Oh, my god.

Damn it, Maggie. Pick up!

'Hey, it's mag..'

- Holden.
- Oh, Maggie, thank god.

- Where are you?
- I'm at the Cargills''.

They asked me
to watch the kids.

Listen to me,
take the kids and go, now.

What's the matter?

That Jane Doe
that I've been trying to ID

she was Frederick's au pair
before you.

'And get this,
she drove a red sedan.'

I think Frederick killed her
and then took it.

'And you could be next.'

Hannah, this is all my fault.

I can't believe I put you
in harm's way like that.

I don't even know
what to do anymore.

If I knew this was gonna happen

I would have never given
the Cargills' my notice.


Hey, Maggie.

Thanks for coming.

Yeah, of course.

Are you alright?

I'm fine.
It's Hannah I'm worried about.

I'm sure she's gonna be okay.

- Did you find Frederick?
- No, we haven't yet.

But we do have
an Apb out on him.

And we will.
Trust me.

Did you bring those photos?

Yeah. Right here.

Yep. That's her.

Holden, I'm sorry for blowing up
on you the other day.

I wasn't even thinking straight.

You don't have anything
to be sorry for, alright?

I should have
listened to you.

If I had then, if I had

then maybe this wouldn't have
happened to Hannah.

This is not your fault.

- I gotta take this.
- Mm-hmm.



Okay, great.

I'll be right there.

We just arrested Frederick.

- Oh, thank god.
- Yeah.

I gotta go down to the station.

Yeah, okay.
Just drive safe, it's icy out.


Mr. Cargill.

What am I doing here, deputy?

This is absurd.

You're being accused of murder,
Mr. Cargill.

I suggest you cooperate

if you want this
to run smoothly.

I had nothing to do
with the death of that girl.

Where's my lawyer? He should've
been here an hour ago.

You don't need a lawyer,
Mr. Cargill.

You got nothing to hide, right?

'Just gonna ask you
a couple questions.'

and help me solve this case.

So, what was your relationship

with Ashley Coleman?

She was my au pair.

And how did her employment end?

- I terminated her.
- Terminated?

- I fired her.
- For what reason?

Do I need a reason
to fire my employees?

- 'No, I suppose not.'
- Thank you.

'But you fired her and two days
later she shows up dead.'

it's not a good look.

Well, what can I say?

She wasn't a good fit
for the family.

Is that why you fired
Maggie Ford?

What are you talking about?

Have you ever tried to have sex
with any of your au pairs?

I'm a married man, deputy.

Well, that never stopped
anybody before, right?

You got pretty girls
living in your place

'running around 24/7.'

okay, this is ridiculous.

Maggie put you up to this,
didn't she?

- 'No, she didn't have to.'
- You sure?


rich guy buys
his au pairs jewelry

and then he tries
to have sex with them.

It happened to Ashley.

Now it's happening to Maggie.

Ashley was murdered,
and now someone's after Maggie.

It's a strange pattern,
don't you think?

Where is the car, Frederick?

The red sedan.

What use would I have
with a beat up sedan?

I only buy luxury vehicles?

'You know what interests
me the most'

is what happened
with the previous au pairs?

It-it seems like they all went
on to live pretty normal lives

and ended their employment
with you quite peacefully.

'Why is that?'

are those the ones
that said yes?

I have never taken advantage
of any my au pairs

and I certainly have never tried
to kill them!

Well...you're gonna
have to explain these.

We got a little tip
that these were hiding

in your master bedroom closet.

I sent a squad car
over there today.

Are these your
previous au pairs, Frederick?

I'm not saying another word
until my attorney is present.

Maybe that's smart.

I'll let you look over these.

You want a cup of coffee?

'I'm good.'

Okay, come on, guys.
Hurry up.

I want you to get inside.
Let's go.

You're all bundled up, okay?

Is Hannah going to be okay?

Hannah's gonna be fine,
don't you worry, okay?

Now give me a big hug.

Oh. I want you guys
to have the best day, okay?

Go get inside. Hurry.

Bye, guys.


Maggie, I just returned
to an empty home.

I cannot get ahold
of my husband.

Where are my children?

I just dropped them off
at school.

Oh. I see.

I go out of town for one night

and now you're back
to replace me.

Put Frederick on the phone.

I'm not with Frederick.

'I'd like to speak to him.'

Kristen, Frederick isn't here.

Well, where is he?

'Wait. You didn't hear?'

heard what?

Deputy, you must understand
that these photos turn up

on the same night
that my disgruntled ex-employee

stayed the night at my house.

Surely, there's some
bias involved.

We're supposed to, what?
Just take her word for it?

Well, how else is she
gonna get pictures

of those au pairs
in that room?

Until the photos can be examined
for legitimacy...

Oh, give me a break!

You have no grounds
to hold my client!

Why don't you have an alibi
for this morning

when Hannah mcnulty
was attacked?

I mean, you told Maggie that
you were going out for business

but you didn't interact
with anybody?

The court of law
is only concerned with guilt

beyond a reasonable doubt.

Last I checked, lack of alibi
doesn't fit that criteria.

It's true.

Where are the children?

I told you
I took them to school.

How could you take
them to school

when their father is in jail?

Honestly, Maggie

it's like you're not even
thinking sometimes.

Kristen, wait.


How many of those
have you taken?

Not enough.

Look, let's just sit down,

I don't wanna sit down.

Has Frederick been hurting you?

How often does this happen?

What do you care?

You want him all for yourself.

What are you talking about?

He doesn't think
I'm a good mother.

That's why he hires
you and all the other girls.

They can never keep
their hands off of him!

Where is this coming from?
I already told you.

He is the one that can't
keep his hands off me!

Oh, please. You enticed him.

They always want him
because they're jealous of me.

Kristen, Frederick has been
gas-lighting you for years.

So much that you'll believe
anything he says.

Maggie, you silly little girl.

Don't you think
he's capable of murder?

You don't have to hide anymore.

Frederick is in jail.
He killed that girl!

I saw the proof in your closet.

You raided our closet?

Aren't you glad I did?

I can't believe that we let
someone like you into our home.

Kristen, listen to yourself.

I can practically hear
him in your voice.

Hello, dear.


What are you doing here?

What, you didn't really think
those photos

would be enough for them
to hold me, did you?


Go upstairs.

- But I...
- Now.

Do you have any idea
what you've done to me?


To my reputation?


I am Frederick cargill.

I control this town!

I will not be put away
like some petty crook!

That vase costs more than
your college tuition.

You know something, Maggie?

I didn't even kill that girl.

But I think I will kill you!

Kristen. Thank god.

come on, pick up the phone.

'Hey, it's Maggie.
Sorry, I missed you.'

'leave a message
and I'll call you back.'

Maggie, we had to let
Frederick go.

He could be after you!

Damn it!


Kristen, what the hell
are you doing?

I'm taking Maggie's advice.

'I'm standing up for myself.'

you think I don't know
about your affairs?

We weren't having an affair.

I saw the way he looked at you.

It's the same way
he looked at Ashley.

It was you.

You killed her, didn't you?

Even after he fired her

he was obsessed with her.

He couldn't let it go.

I couldn't bear
the thought of everyone

laughing over their shoulder

that you left me
for some young au pair.

I thought that
if I got rid of her

then things would
go back to normal.

I could be the perfect wife.

The perfect mother.

But then you hired Maggie
and the cycle repeated itself.

Because that's all you are,

Just a pathetic,
predictable man

who can only think with
one tiny little body part.

Did you predict this?

You should have
stayed away from us.

I can't believe
I ever felt sorry for you.

Maggie! Maggie!

You okay?

It's okay. I got you.

It's alright. It's okay.

Well, we found the red sedan.

It was parked
in the back garage.

I'm doubt even Frederick
knew it was there.

I've never met
a more toxic couple.

No wonder they fell in love.

Yeah. I guess some people
just get lucky.

You know, if we
never would've come together

we wouldn't have found
the killer.

We make a good team.

Hey, so, I know you're gonna be
busy with school soon

but I was wondering if..

You know,
I was gonna do that.

- Are they almost ready?
- Almost.

Guess who just submitted
their deposit?

Ah, congratulations!

- Eww!
- Ah, come on.

Does that mean
you're leaving in the fall?

Well, by then
we'll have found some

awesome foster parents
for you guys.

You know,
we don't have to rush all that.

I gotta take this.

Hey! How are you feeling today?

Better. Just ready
to get out of this place.

I'll be there in about an hour.

I just have to take the kids
to school first.

Okay, well, hurry up!

Because I have a really bad itch

that I can't reach.

Hang on,
I'm getting another call.

Okay, see you soon.

- Hello?
- 'Maggie?'

'Hey, it's Mike Milton.'

look, I just wanted to apologize

for the way the interview
turned out the other day.

We had no idea that
the Cargills' were like that.

I appreciate your call,
but it's okay.

Don't worry about it.

if you're still interested

in the au pair position,
the job is yours.

but I think I'll pass.

Alright, how are the pancakes,

They're delicious.
Did they pass the test?

- Did they? Did he burn them?
- Yeah, yeah.

- Do you want?
- Yeah, I love them.