Dangerous Methods (2022) - full transcript

An ambitious Hollywood assistant finds herself in a hellish, live-or-death situation when she agrees to live in isolation with an overbearing Method actor who wants an extreme experience far from civilization while preparing for his next role.

No, no, wait.

Hey, what's going on?

You guys talking upstairs?

-I'm okay.


-Speaking. Who's this?

Alicia, Hi,
this is Sharon Warman.

Mrs. Warman?
I'm sorry, I didn't realize.

What can I do for you?

this is kind of last minute

but Peggy's father, I think
he's had a stroke or something.

Anyway, she's had to fly back
home, so opportunity knocks.

Okay. How can I help?

Well, we kept this hush
hush in the agency but

a high profile
client needs an assistant,

someone with discretion
and zeal.

Peggy says you're it.

That's kind of her.
Who is it?

It's Desmond Gage.

Desmond Gage?

Yes, but he's in Green Valley
and we need you here today.

Green Valley?
Where's that?

Close to Arrowhead,
the middle of nowhere.

Let me get you the address.

[bell dings]

-Miss Warman?


You made it.

Yes, thank you
so much for this opportunity.

Oh, don't thank me.
Thank yourself.

You made quite the impression
on Peggy.

Hollywood 101: build bridges.

-Come this way.

Well, there he is in the flesh.


I'm sure you've
heard the rumors.

Are they true?

Desmond is very private
and he doesn't like labels.

But if he likes you,
he'll let you in.

Oh, okay.

Let me pull this out and
I will show you your room.

Oh, um, does that
thing even work?

Oh, yes. It worked so well

that it drives
him off his rails.

This cabin is so cute.

Your bathroom is here.

Oh, okay.

I get my own bathroom?

Wow, nice.

Okay. You need to
hide this somewhere.

Obviously, use it if there
is an emergency.

But if Desmond hears this
ring, he will go ballistic.

Oh wow, okay.

Is the signal
really that bad here?

Well, just go ten
miles in either direction,

and you'll be golden.

-Would that be a problem?

No, no.
Totally fine.

Where can I put this?

-Is under here, okay?

And where is Desmond's room?

Downstairs in the living room.

You walked right past it.

I actually have
to get back to the city, but...


This is the movie's
press release,

as well as a copy of
Inside Hollywood.

I don't know
if Desmond wants to see it.

It's been hard
to figure out these days.

Should I be concerned?

No. An actor is an actor
is an actor.

Just keep him company,
and clean up after him and

two of these a day.

Oh, two a day. Got it.

They're for his stomach.
He always forgets.

I don't know.
He's sampling something new.

Oh, and don't
let the cat starve.

Think I can do that.

-Follow me out.

Well, welcome
to the big leagues, kiddo.


Could you introduce us?

Oh, he's actually
focused right now,

but I told him about you.

Oh. Okay.

Thank you.



Hey, buddy.

Do you want some food?

Come here.
Come on.

Yeah, that's what you want.

Okay. Here we go.

There you go.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry,
I was just feeding the cat.

Oh, it's fine.

You must be one of Sharon's.

Yes, Melissa,
I mean, Alicia.

Did you just get
your own name wrong?

What I meant was my
friends call me Lacy,

and I know
we're not friends yet,

but if you wanted to
call me...


Thank you so much, Lacy.

I know this was
very last minute.

Yes, but super happy to be here.

Come here.

Oh, uh...

I promise I will
give you everything I got.

Okay, I see you met Sylvester,
that's good.

Thanks for feeding
the old devil.

-Oh yeah.
-You hungry?

No, I'm fine.

Let me get you something to eat.

Let me just get the door.

Can I help you with

Yeah, you can help me with this
thing, I'm burning up.

Oh, okay.

Oh good.

Oh, do you mind?

-It's so dark in.
-Oh yeah.


All this stuff
is organic.

Sharon buys it at
the farmers market,

I think it's just down
the street. Delicious.

Can I get anything else for you?

Just... yeah, tell you what.

-Why don't you get a carrot?
-Oh, okay.

There we go.

-Yeah, one more, okay.
-Here you go.

Great. You like carrots?


Mmm. Mm.


What are you making?

Everything the body needs.

I drink two of these a day.

-Are you a vegetarian?
-[blender roars]

There we go.

-Oh, thank you.

That's dinner.





So, what's Sharon
like as a boss?

Oh, just great.
Tough, but... thorough.

You must know her
assistant, Peggy.

Yes. Technically,
I'm actually her assistant.

Look at Sharon. You're the
assistant's assistant?

Well, I mean, it's not bad.

I mean, a few months ago, I was
driving tractors in Arizona.


Well, that's a change.

Yeah, I needed one.

What's that mean?

Well, I was just so done
with the farm life,

and last spring we lost
a lot of money and it...

Timing just seemed right.

I do really want
to be like Sharon,

you know, follow
in her footsteps.

Are you going to drink that?

Oh, yeah, of course.


You're a terrible actress.


Don't worry about it.

We're going to work on that.

In this town, everybody's got to
act their asses off to survive.

I know this stuff
tastes like crap.

I only drink it
because of the screen.

Got it.

Speaking of the screen,

do you understand
what we're doing here?

Yeah. Well, I know that
you want to do

some preparation
for your next role.

Preparation's cute.

I prefer immersion.


Yeah, I have to immerse myself
in my character, Lennox.

So Desmond disappears.

See, the audience has to forget
every other role

that I've ever played.


Yeah. This is going to be
the role of a lifetime.


I love this picture of mom.


Million dollar smile.

Do you think I have her smile?

Of course you do.

You've got quite a few
of her qualities.

Really? Like what?

Her eyes.
Her skin.

you're cursed with my nose.

I'm going to move
to Los Angeles.

Not today,
not tomorrow.

-Not for ten years.


I made a promise to her.

She loved Arizona
but she missed Cali.

I know.

I love you, coach.

I love you, too.
And your nose.







-Uh, um...
-Shh, it's okay.

It's just me.

Uh, sorry.

Did you need something?

You said you're
from Arizona, right?


I was thinking about giving my
character an Arizona backstory.


So I need to know how
they kiss over there.

Um... I...

I imagine that it's just
like everywhere else.

Oh, come on,
I'm being serious now.

There's so many
different variations.

Like, intensity...

And wetness.


And flavor.


Yeah, you know?

Come on, don't be modest.

I know you just kissed
hundreds of guys.

Actually I... I've just been
so focused on my future,

I really...

You're so funny.

So tell me...

Is this authentic?





No, no, no.

Please, take my health,
but don't take my service.

Ugh, damn it.



Well, good morning.

Good morning, Sleepyhead.

What are you making?

My favorites, banana flapjacks.

I learned how to make these
from a Brazilian chef

who put his own divine
twist on a French recipe.

That sounds amazing, actually.

You have no idea.

One time in Rio de Janeiro
I ate six of these

-in one sitting.

Oh, that reminds me before
I forget I have your pills here.

So let me just
get two of them for you.

Thank you.

These are a lifesaver.



So, how did it go last night?

Um, good, I think.

You mean, you can't tell?

Not until the dailies.

Like I said,
I'm no longer Desmond.

Can I ask
what's the movie about?

Oh, oh.

You'll have to try this.

Oh, okay.


Aren't they lit?

-So good.

Oh yeah, I can't believe
you made those, you know.

I feel like
I should be making these you.

You don't want all
of them, though?

No, no, no.

Are you sure?
I don't want to take...

Oh, okay.

So, you know, I do
follow you on social media.

200 Bucks says that I know where
this conversation is going.

You want to know
if the rumors are true.

I mean, if we had service,
I would totally Venmo you.

I just love how you Gen Z brains

get all lit up at the prospect
of any frivolous meme.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Is that... is that
really all it was?

Just a meme?


No, not this.


His name is Philippe.

We met when I was on vacation.

He was a barman
on a cruise ship.

-No way!
-Yeah, way.

I get so tired of hiding.

Hollywood can be so suffocating.

This is crazy.

I'll let you know...

I mean, I...

I grew up watching
you all the time.

And I would have never known.

Well, it's not like
we all wear pink.

Look, it's not something
that you can really tell.

I mean, obviously not.
I couldn't tell.

But... but you were engaged
to that Italian actress, right?

-Mirabella Anatusa?

That was a lifetime ago.

I was very young and
very confused.

But look, it's not like I can't
appreciate the female form.

But truth be told,

Sharon choreographed
every step of that,

all the way to the altar.

-No, she didn't?
-She did. Every detail.

She would always say,

Look, kid, it's the facade
that pays the bills.

And she's right.

I just don't think that my fans
would fall for a gay Romeo.

Well, you never know.

Look, I know
it's a backwards thought.

But back then,
it seemed to make more sense.

Wow. I just
I cannot believe that

she faked an entire wedding.

Oh, believe it.

You'd be smart
to learn from her.

She's very good
at managing my career.

I guess so.

Are you ready? Set?



Hey, wait up.



Where are you?



[cat meows]

[phone vibrates]


Hey, Coach, it's me.

Lacy, where are you?

Oh, I'm in the mountains
for work.

There's no signal here.

That sounds isolated.

I think that's kind
of the purpose.

Have you got a number
I can contact you on?

I have an unknown here.

It's actually...
it's better if I just call you.

Like you did yesterday?

This is not exactly
a vacation, Dad.

Look, I just want somewhere
to reach you at.

I won't call you.
I won't harass you.

Do you promise?





Was that so hard?

Did your lips fall off?

Oh my gosh.

Who else is up there with you?

Um, okay,
you can't tell anybody,

but it's Desmond Gage.

Desmond who?

Desmond Gage, dad.
He's a huge actor.

Mom loved him.

That's nice, hon.
Who else is there?

Honestly, this is
a huge deal for me, Dad.

It's like the planets
are aligning for me.

I'm happy for you.
But who else is there?

Um... Well, it's
actually just us two.

-But it's great.

He's so nice, Dad.

You're up there alone with him?

You know how volatile
these Hollywood types are.

Yeah, but he's not like.
He's so nice.

They all act nice.

Look. Why don't you go back to
L.A. or come back home, please?

Are you kidding me?
My boss would kill me.

They'll find someone else.

No, I can't do that.

Like that is
out of the question, okay,

but just... just know that
Desmond is great and I'm good.

And if I do a good job at this,
I will get a huge promotion

and I'll be able to
send you money

so that you don't
have to sell the farm.

I appreciate that, hon.

And I thank you,
but don't act like I'm wrong.

They are volatile.

Okay, you're not.
You're not wrong.

But I can handle myself.

[vase shatters]

I got to go, Dad.

You call me tomorrow, okay?

Okay, I'll try, coach.

Okay, listen, I l--

Damn it, Sylvester!


Stupid cat.

Run away.

[bell rings]


-Oh, hey.

You're back fast,
what are you doing here?

You know, just...

took a shortcut.

[phone rings]

Oh, uh...

I'm so sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.

I just really wanted to call
my dad really quickly. I--

Did Sharon not tell you?

No, she did but I just...
I was going to unplug it,

but you were gone.

No, you don't understand!

What if this had gone off
when I was in character?

I know, like I said, I
was going to unplug it

so you would never hear it, but
I just didn't get there in time

because the vase broke.

Please. Please.

It's fine.

You know, I'm--

I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.

I... I didn't mean...


God, I'm such a screw up.

[music plays on phone]

[bell dings]

[insects buzzing]

[fire crackling]

[twig snaps]



[Desmond groaning]


Are you okay?


Oh my gosh, what happened?

Are you okay?

I think I drank
too much wine.

Are you sure
it wasn't something else?

What? I don't know.
I don't know.

I was immersing.

It's like a black out.



Okay, I'm going to call Sharon.
This is nuts.

No, no. Please.

Don't bother her, please.

I just need to rest.

Please, help me.

Let's get you up.

Okay, okay.

Come here.

I got you, I got you.

Let's just get you
to your room.

All right, almost there.

[Desmond groans]


Get under the blanket.


Oh, I have your pills for you.

What pills?

For your stomach.

No, no, thank you,
No, I'm fine.

Um, okay.

Is it okay if I just
run to Arrowhead?

I just want to
call my dad real quick.

No, just sit down here,
sit down here for a second.

-I just want to rest.

-Just for a minute.


You're a good assistant.

I'm so glad you're here.

Thank you. Thank you.

[clock ticking]




Good morning, miss.

Morning, officer.
Is everything okay?

Certainly, it looks that way.

Excuse me?

Rangers saw
smoke here last night.

They thought this place was

so I thought I'd
give it a checkup.

Yeah, we just arrived
from L.A. the other night.

And you come all the way out of
here, why would you do that?


75 degree weather in L.A.
isn't amazing enough for you?

Yeah, just for work.

You know, me and a friend.

-Fun times, fun times.

All right.

Well, you and your friend
stay warm.

-Oh, we'll try.
-Okay, now.

-Good day.

You too.


...you have dialed
has been disconnected

or is no longer in service.

DESMOND: But yes...

In all honesty...

I just want to get...
Desmond, stop resisting.



Oh, ah!

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

I just was...
I heard voices and I...

I should... I better go.

No, no, it's fine, please.

I'm glad you're here.

Can I show you something?

-Come here, come here.

I don't want you to get
your expectations too high.

Look, this is really
dumb and silly,

but I know you're bored
out here, as am I.


See, I told you it was
pretty damn stupid.

-No, no, not at all.

It's stupid.

No, I mean, there's only so much
outdoor stuff you can do.

You're just trying to
protect my feelings.

No, I really actually
love puzzles.

So... Come on, let's do it.

-You sure?

I haven't done one
of these in years.

I know, me neither.

Can I get you some wine?

Oh, no, I...
I shouldn't drink.

-Water's great.

No, I must insist.

This calls for a celebration.



I've been saving this
for a special occasion.

Thank you.

So what should we toast to?


To new things.

Yeah, to new things.

Not bad.

Yeah, I... I detect a hint of...


Maybe, you know,
just a little bit.

Did you miss me?

I sure as hell missed you.


It gets pretty
lonely up here,

as you well know.


You make me so...

I don't mean to, uh...

-I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

No, no, it's okay.
What? What are you saying?

Do you know the story
behind the Taj Mahal?

No, I don't, actually.

An Indian emperor
built it for his wife

who died in childbirth.

Most people think
that it's a wedding gift.

But in fact, it's a tomb.

Which I think
makes it even more romantic.

Yeah, I guess it does.

When the emperor died, he was
laid to rest next to his wife.

Now they're together forever.


Um, wait, wait, um...




Are you...

Are you sure about this?



When we're together...

the world stops.

And life is complete.

Hey, there.
I'm looking for an address.

I do have a phone number
for the person I'm looking for.

Um, can you help me with that?

Name's Harry Johnson.

Looking for my daughter,
Lacy Johnson,

she's working out there,

and there seems to be some kind
of complication with the phone,

and I'm getting a little
worried, to be honest with you.

It's 909-555-0143.

I appreciate this.

Mighty kind of you.






[bell rings]


Buongiorno, Bella.

How are you doing?

-Really good.

Could we, um...

Can we talk about last night?

Yeah, what about last night?

Did something happen?

You're joking, right?

All right.
You have my attention.

You don't remember.

Remember what?

You don't remember anything?

Okay, you know, it wouldn't
be the first time

that I offended someone
while I was immersing.

I know I can be insufferable.
I just don't remember why.

So if I said something

that was rude or

I apologize.


I'm stupid.

Damn it!

Please, please, please, please.


[bell dings]

Come on!


Best I felt since
I've been back from the war.

The best I've felt since
I've been back from the war.

The only love
that I've felt

since I've been back
from the war.

Back from the war.

Back from...

It's the first time
I felt love

since I've been back
from the war.

Why the war?

How about ever? Ever?

Honestly, honestly, sir.


Sir, I think we got started
on the wrong--

No, no.


In all honesty, sir,
she deserves happiness.

I just want to get...

Desmond. Stop resisting.


My friend...



It's okay, I got ya.
Just let go.

And trust me.


[cat meowing]

[music plays on phone]


745, wellness check.

[police radio chatter]

I was in the area.


Hello, miss?


Excuse me, sir.

Why don't you come out here?

Sir, I just want to talk.

Sheriff's department.

Come on, let's have a talk.


Hey, show yourself.


Dispatch, come in.


What are you doing here?

Just got a call about the
girl that's staying here

from her father.

That old bastard.

He's trying to take her
away from me.

He's just worried.


Any updates, officer?

All clear.

Copy that.


Hey, you don't need
to do this, okay?

No one...
No one needs to know about this.


It's nothing personal.




[music plays]

[singing in Italian]

Last night was a lapse
of judgment.


Can you turn it down?

Dance with me.

I just tried to say that...


Dance first.
Talk later.

Can I just get something
off my chest? Please.

[music stops]


Last night.

It was a mistake.

Did you not enjoy yourself?

Well, I did, I just...

I think I'm...

I'm the problem.

Come on, don't
give me that crap.

Be straight with me.

I'm sorry, I'm just so confused.

I don't know what you want.

I want last night
all over again.

I just don't think that I do.

I'm sorry, I just...


I'm just trying to make...

I know we shouldn't.

I know it's wrong.

Do we always have to be
so logical?

What was that thing you said
the other night?

About the world?

When we're together,
the world stops.

And life is complete.

What's the history of that?

Oh, that's...
that's my friendship bracelet.

My best friend gave it to me.

Can I try it on?

You want to try on
my friendship bracelet?


I want to keep it.

I want to remember this.

Remember you.

And what do I get?

What do you want?

Your underwear.

No, really?

Oh, you're a kinky one,
aren't you?

And can you sign it?

Okay, I was wrong.
You're not kinky.

You're deranged.

Come on, let's see.
Let's see.

Okay, just be really careful
with it,

its super special to me.


I like it.

I love you.

A lot.



[phone rings]


Lake Arrowhead Police
Department, please hold.


Thank you for holding.

Yes, my name's Harry.
I called yesterday.

Sir, we left you a message.
Everything's fine.

And I requested that my daughter
call me right away.

Did the officer
tell her to do that?

Sir, please calm down.

I'm trying to stay calm, sir.

I haven't spoken to
her since Tuesday.

It's now Friday.

You get it?

As I already told you, sir,

Green Valley's
a couple of towns over.

They don't have a police force.

It requires coordination.

I'm not asking
you to cure cancer.

Sir, have you considered
that maybe she's just busy?


Yes, I have.

Now, can I speak to someone
who can chew gum

and walk at the same time?


What now?

I can't find Sylvester.

What do you mean?

What do you mean
what do I mean?

Is he in your room?

-No, no, I was just there--
-Go check!

I was just there,
he's not there.

You must have left him outside.

No, did you check under
your bed?

I checked everywhere!

What did you do last night?

Were you in your room
at all times?

Lacy, answer me!

Well, after we fooled around,

you took me to your room
and I was there for a bit.

Then I went upstairs.

What did you just say?


Did you interact with me
last night during my immersion?

-Well, yes, we... we...
-We, we what?

We fooled around,
you know, that.

No, I don't
and no, we did not.

Stop lying.

If I was lying, how did you
get my bracelet on your wrist?

You took advantage of me
when I specifically asked you

to stay in your room
and out of my way!

I, you're...

Please just shut your mouth.

Your conduct is unacceptable.

I have no choice
but to tell Sharon.

You know, I'm just going to
go look for Sylvester,

because I bet you
I can find him.

Here, Kitty, Kitty.


Here, kitty, kitty.

Damn it.



Do you...

Can you help me
change my flat tire?

You didn't find him yet,
did you?

No, I'm sorry.
I looked everywhere.

I need you to call Sharon.

That's a great idea.

I need you out of here.

Clean up this mess
and pack your bags.

I said, call Sharon.

I can't because you
broke the phone jacks

when you ripped it
out of the wall.

You don't need the phone jack.

All you need
is to connect the wires.

I'm going to be in my room.

Would you just have this
cleaned up before nightfall?

Or just be in your room.

Wait, you're rehearsing today?

No. I'm going to quit acting and
move to the Alaskan wilderness.


I'm sorry, but I really...

Have you packed yet?

Just really need your help
to either fix the phone

or help me fix my car.

This may surprise you,

but assisting the
assistant assistant

who was supposed
to be assisting me

is not part of my job.
Figure it out.

Please just help me
fix the phone,

I just... I just want
to call Sharon,

and I'm really, really sorry

that obviously I'm not
a great match for you,

but I am just
a glorified receptionist.

You know, I...
I answer calls.

I manage schedules.

I obviously do not
belong in Hollywood.

Okay, tomorrow.
If I feel like it.

I just want to call a cab.

You know, like I will
literally send a tow truck

for my car,

and I just want to be back
in Arizona with my dad,

and you never have to
hear from me ever again.

I said tomorrow, okay?

Okay, if you're not going
to help me,

I will literally
walk back to L.A.

Why wait?


I don't know what kind of sick,
twisted games you are playing.

But there is no way that you can
be blaming all of this on me,

Immersing and completely

like it's
an out of body experience?

Whoa, that is my job.

You know what, if anything,

you have been
taking advantage of me

and I've just been too blinded
by your stupid status

to even realize,
but you know what, I...

I am going to tell
Sharon everything.

And I am leaving tomorrow.

That girl's gone crazy.

Can I help you?

You must be, uh...

Darn, I forgot your name.

You must be trespassing.

This is private property.

Name's Harry.
Lacy's father.


You're lost.




Hi, sweetheart.

What are you...

How did you find me?

I'm just passing through.

I'm so happy you're here.

Just wait for me in the car,
I'm going to get my stuff.

I'm leaving with you.

What's wrong?

I'll tell you when
we're on the road.

Now you're leaving?

I'm sorry. We just...
We have a family emergency.

I have to go.

Are things always this
strange around here?

No, it's fine.

We're great together.


She never takes this off.

She's never this flustered.

Look my friend,

I think we got started
off on the wrong foot. Hmm?

I'm allergic.

I want to make your daughter
very happy.

What do you mean?

Well, look...

I'd like to ask for your

for her hand in marriage.

Is that a joke?

No, of course not.

I realize there is
an age difference.

Listen, you may be
a nice fella and all that,

but I need to get her back home.

You understand?







Where is my dad?

Do you really want
to walk away

from everything
we have together?

Did you not hear me?
Where is my dad?

You are my soul mate.

What are you talking about?

Wait, wait.


We're destined to be together.

No. No, we're... you,
you're freaking crazy.

Let me go!
Let me...




[bell rings]



Do you know the story
behind the Taj Mahal?

And here I thought our age
difference would be a problem.

When we're together...

the world stops.

And life is complete.






You down there?



Can anyone hear me?

Please. Please, help me.




Are you down here?





[engine sputters]



Run, Lacy. Run!

Her name is Angie!



Where are you going?

Come back.



Dad, Dad.

Dad. Daddy.


Daddy, wake up.

Daddy, you're okay.
You're okay, Daddy.



Why did you run?

I'm sorry, Leo.

You're my angel.


...if you run...

I don't care.

You and I were meant to be.

We're soulmates.

When we're together...

The whole world stops.

And life is complete.

I love you so much, Angie.

My name is Lacy.

Suspect down.


Oh, hello, I'm Dr. Baggett,
I'm the attending physician.


The nurse mentioned
someone was here.

Are you a
relative by any chance?

No. I am her boss.

Oh, okay.

How's she doing?

She's stable.

We had to induce
a coma for the surgery.

A projectile penetrated
really close to her heart.

Bottom line, she's a
really lucky young lady.

Yeah, it's good.

Don't worry,
we're monitoring her.

We'll probably bring you back
in a couple days.

Oh, by the way,
I wanted to wait for a relative,

but since you're here,
maybe you can help us.

We found this in her possession.

Two of these a day.

They're for his stomach,
he always forgets.

I don't know, he's sampling
something new.

What's that?

It's an antipsychotic.

It's normally used in the
treatment of schizophrenia.

These are a life saver.

I had never heard of that.

Was there a name on it?

No, I checked the system
and didn't see any

outstanding prescriptions,

but you know what? It's probably
samples or something.

-You know, and it's all good.

I'll just ask
her when she wakes up.

Yeah, but I do have
to get back to my rounds.

But if you need anything

nurse's station is right there,
downstairs is the food court.

But don't worry,
she's in good hands.

Thank you.

Lovely meeting you.

You have a great day.

So sorry.