Dangerous Love (1988) - full transcript

Someone is videotaping & killing members of a video dating club.

[soothing music]

I love the ocean.

It fills me up,
makes me feel so alive.

But like they always say,
you should never swim alone.

So, I'm looking for a guy
to swim with me...

and more.

Are you tired of spending

the evening alone again?

Tired of the hustle and hype
of the bars and clubs

of the single scene?

I'm trying to make
more friends and...

[woman] Unwilling to try
another blind date?

We just didn't seem
to hit it off.

[woman] Don't despair.

We can introduce you to the date
of your dreams.

Hi, I'm Susan.

I'm Felicity.

Call me Jane.

[Mickey] How did you find out
about our service?

[Gabe] Well, a friend of mine,
Jay Winston, is a member.

[Mickey] Ah, well,
good to have satisfied members.

Here at Dream Date, we have
the largest membership pool

of any dating service
in the country.

We like to say that we take
the time, the trouble,

and the danger
out of the singles scene

for young professionals
such as yourself.

[Gabe] Well, what danger?

Danger, Gabe, this is the 80s.

All members are required to take
bi-annual medical exams.

No exceptions, house rule.

Hey, we only want the best.

Which is why you're here,
isn't it?

Oh, no. Actually, I'm here
to appease a friend of mine.

who thinks that my situation
has become so desperate

that joining will save my life.

-Hey, gorgeous.
-Oh god, uhm...

Rob, you're just the man I...

Uh, Maude, this is Gabe.
Maude, give him a drink.

How do you do?

-Excuse me for one second.

Oh. No, thank you.

I'm sorry,
it's just not gonna work out.

Could I steal her away
for a moment?

I've got a prospective member
I want you to meet.

[whispering] I didn't tell him
what a cock-tease you are.

Well, I won't tell him
you can't get it up.

Gabe, this is Bree.

She has one of the more
enticing videos in the club.

[Bree] Hi, Gabe.

I'll show you mine
if you show me yours.



Need I say more?

Join the club.

You can exchange date tapes
with her and who knows?

You might get lucky.

completely confidential.

Phone numbers,
addresses, even last names

are released
only by mutual consent

through Dr. Florence,
our relationship coordinator.

Now, there's no
information given on the tape?

Well, no, nothing that personal,
you see...

all the personal,
confidential information

is in the master computer file
which only I

can get into without asking.

Now, you wanted to see Bree.

Actually, Mickey,
I'm not trying to be difficult,

but I really don't think
that this is...

Ah, now look Gabe,

why don't you just give me
a couple more minutes,

we'll put your bio sheet
into the computer and find out

who the computer
would match you up with,

what do you say to that?
All right, let's see...

To further expand your choices,
we can tap into the videos

of any of the regional
Dream Date offices

in the country.

We make a selection

with our modem activated
transmission system

and just pick them up over
the air waves.


the computer matches you up
with number 6733,

whoever that is.

[white noise]

[from TV] Hi, my name's Chris.

I'm just looking for
a man who, uhm...

isn't afraid of showing
affection and...[sighs]

showing his emotions.

And you don't have to be
gorgeous or rich.

I'm not. [laughs]

So, just bring along
your sense of humor and uhm...

maybe we can have some laughs.


I'm telling you,

if you doctor up
your bio a little bit

you'll do
a lot better than that.

No, I don't think so.

You don't think so?

Watch this.

I really liked that video,
you know?

Well, hang on.

I got something even better.
Watch this one.

[Gabe coughs]

[soothing music]

You know, there's something
so sad about eating alone,

especially late at night.

Now, if you're tired of raiding
the fridge at midnight,

and you're looking for a friend,
call me,


I take all major credit cards.

[tense music]


[dissonant sounds]

[dissonant sounds]


[crickets chirping
in the distance]

[Bree takes deep breaths]

[footsteps approaching]

[dissonant sounds]

[Bree] Who are you?

[music intensifies]

[indistinct chatter
in the distance]

That's great... that's great.
Hold it! Right there.

OK. It's perfect.

OK. Whenever you're ready.


That was perfect.
Thank you very much.

If you want
a copy of the cassette,

you can give me your address
and I can mail it to you.

Yeah, right.
Come on, let's get out of here.

Hey, Dave. How you doing, buddy?
Good to see you.

Gabe's looking for you.

Say hello to Florence
for me, OK?

-Here you go.
-Good morning, Joan.

You're looking lovely.

-Thank you, see you later.

[epic music]

[loudly] Gabe!

[music stops abruptly]

Girl-watching on company time?

Damnit, Jay.

I have a 5 o'clock deadline.
You just made me ruin this.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'll knock next time.

Besides you know,
I thought you needed to see me.

-I'm outta here.
-Wait, no. [laughs]

It's fine. Sorry.

Ugh. I just wanted
to tell you that, uhm...

I finally went in

and I went
to that video dating club.


-[Gabe] Yeah.

I can't believe this.
This is great.

Now you and I,
we can go together. Great!

No, no. I said I went.
You see, I didn't join.

[Jay] Gabe...

At this place,
you'll meet the type of woman

a guy of your echelon,
of your status needs.

Come on, at the very least,

you'll get somebody
for the reunion. Come on.

What do you get, huh?

A kickback for every sucker
you lure in there?

No, no.
Just a one-year extension.

I know you too well,
Jay Winston.

[Jay] Yes, you do.

But to prove
to your cynical little mind

that I am doing this
purely out of friendship,

I am gonna take you, my friend,

to the hottest club
in this city.

[harmonic beat]

All right, I admit it,
I broke my own rule.

Normally I wouldn't lay a hand
on any of my customers,

but Bree dated everybody.

She was that kind of girl.

You know what I mean.

I want a list.

A list?

A list?

Pick up a local phone book, man.

I told you,
Bree was very popular.

You get the idea.

[hesitant] I feel really
uncomfortable here.

Will you lighten up?

-Come on,

how often do you get to see
talent like this in a bar?

[Jay] Uh... Don't look. Be cool.

You're about to score, buddy.

Jay, look, it's her.

See the blond one,
right over there,

-sitting on the stool?
-[Jay] Yeah.

That's that girl from the club,
the one that I liked.

-Is she really a member?

Yeah, it's Chris.

Don't get too involved,
she's looking for a commitment.

That's OK.

[clears throat]

I think I'm gonna
go introduce myself.

No. You'd be much better off

waiting for the chick
over there on the blue dress.

She was undressing you
with her eyes. Look at her.


-Right there?
-[Jay] Yeah.

You're full of shit.
She's not even looking at me.

Look, come on.

Buddy, you're still
in your warm, sweet-hearted,

humble guy mode.

So what is wrong with that?

There's nothing wrong with that,
it's just...

the chicks here, they want
guys with cash, panache, condos.

I'm just gonna try
to be myself, OK?

That's what I'm afraid of.


You're Chris, aren't you?


My name's Gabe.


This is really hard for me,
but I just wanted to say hi.

How did you know my name?

Oh, well, you see, I have...
Do you mind if I sit down?

No, go ahead.


[indistinct chatter
in the distance]

[Mickey] Now, look, I'm sorry
that I couldn't be

more help to you.

If anything comes up,
you need to talk to me,

feel free.

Count on it.

[upbeat music in background]

[Gabe] Can I ask you something?

Why is someone
as charming and beautiful,

and down to earth as you are,

why do you belong to
a video dating club?

-Will you do me a favor?
-[Gabe] Sure.

Don't give me any more
lines like that.

I was just beginning
to enjoy talking to you.

That wasn't a line.

Can I do something for you?

No, but I'll call you
if I need any furniture moved.

Get lost, pal.
The lady is with me.

[Chris] Lay off, Rick.

Come on, let's get out of here.

I'll check out your video.

Thank you.

-[Gabe] Hi.

I'll look at your video too.

If you tell me your name.

-Are you a member?

-What's your name?

[tense music]

Fight! Fight!

[crowd cheering]

Hi. I'm Susan.

By day,
I'm a mild-mannered bank teller.

By night,
I'm a little more outgoing.

[laughs] As you can see.

Especially when I'm cheering
for the LA Stars.


if you think you can
give me something to...

jump up and down about,
call me.

[intriguing music]

[beeping sound]

[glass breaking]

[cat meowing loudly]

[footsteps approaching]

[suspenseful music]

[music intensifies]


-[breathing heavily]
-[man] What's the problem?

[man angrily]
Are you nuts, lady?

[panting] Sorry.

[deep breath]


[groans and sighs]

[tense music]

[dissonant sounds]

[gasps] Who are you?

[Susan out of breath]
Why are you doing that?

[Susan screams]

[car horn honking
in the distance]

[sighs] You know, Rick?

This is wrong.

It's been wrong
since the beginning.

Now even the sex is bad.

Well, I find
that very difficult to believe.

[Chris laughs]

[sighing] Oh, Rick...

It isn't as good as it was.

But you... you used to say
you liked everything about me.

Except your wife and kids.

There's nothing wrong with them.

[car horn honking
in the distance]

You're not being fair.

[police siren in the distance]

I've always been
up front with you.

I just can't leave
my family right now.

Boy, have I heard that before.

Don't kid yourself, Chris.

Down deep you're happier
with this arrangement than I am.

-Don't start with me.
-Well, it's true.

I just can't do this anymore.

I'd like you to leave now.

[alarm beeping]

-[voice on telephone] Taylor?
-Yeah, it's me.

What the hell is going on here?

The press is killing me
on this thing!

[voice] Stay out of her pants
and get to work!

Find him by Friday, or, Taylor,

I'm gonna bust your ass
down to a beat.


Right, I got it.

What is it?

Oh. Just another murder.

Hi, ladies.

I'm Jay Winston.

I used to wonder
what do women really want?

[soothing music]

They want the simple things.





If you think you need these
bare essentials, call me.

Jay Winston.

[Jay] Is that great?

[Gabe] That's incredible.

See how my buddy Brooks lets me
borrow the boat?


[laughs] Jay,
the tape is complete bullshit.

That's not the point.

What do you mean,
that's not the point?

It's the image, the aura, is me.

Do you know how many dates
I got after that thing came out?

Look, this may be good
for you, but, uhm...

I'm not gonna make a video lie.

Will you trust me?
[whispering] Trust me.

[jovial music]

Now you got... a look.

-Don't push it.
-[Gabe laughs] OK.

I like that.
Pose for me, yeah.

Oh, that's real smooth.
That's good, that's good.

Look up, look up. Yeah, yeah.

Good, serious.

Yeah, that's nice.
I think that...

Oh, come on,
I almost got that one.

-That's it. Natural. Good.

No, that's not it.

That's, it. Look up. Smile.

-Oh, man.

-[Jay] Come on, give me serious.
-No, wait.

-Oh, give me... Come on!
-I can't do this.

-Come on!
-I can't do this!

Come on, hold your back.

I feel stupid... I don't...
I don't wanna do this.

Come on, you gotta think
that this is like...

an expression
of your inner self.

Believe me, this is not
what my inner self looks like.

-Hey, buddy, you want Chris?

[Jay] Well, then you're gonna
have to play the game.

[rock music in background]

Hi, I'm Gabriel.

Let me tell you I am no angel.

Listen, why don't you join me
for a drink and, uhm...

maybe a little moonlight cruise
later on, huh?

[Jay] And... cut.

[music stops abruptly]

It was timely, it is tasteful,
it's great.

It's fa-- It is, it's fabulous.
Wasn't that great?

-Very sincere.
-Did it look good in there?

Looked great! Great, Gabe.

I've worked hard to get to
get to where I am today.

And now, I'm reaping
the benefits of my efforts,

and I'm looking
for a special woman to, uhm...

to share them with.

Someone I can form
a productive partnership with,

which will make us both
very happy.

[rock music in background]

[music stops abruptly]

Well, look at the bright side.
You got four tapes.

Four responses to those tapes.

That's great fishing
on your first cast.

I don't want the others.
I wanted Chris.

I mean, that's the only reason
I joined this place.

[crickets chirping
in the distance]

[female voice in machine]
Is that you, Gabe?

[clears throat] Yes.
This Gabriel Beck

for Dominique Lizzi.

-[voice] I'll be right down.

[Gabe hums an upbeat song]

-[Gabe laughs] Hi.

[relaxing music]

Was everything satisfied?

Yeah, it was great.

-Can I do anything else for you?
-No, thank you.

-Good evening.
-Thank you.


Gabe, there's
an old friend of mine, uhm...

Stay here, I'll be back.

[jazz music in background]


-You look terrific.
-Well, thank you.

There's a terrific party
at Jack's place tonight.

-Wanna join me?
-I'd love to.

I need to speak to Tom
for a minute,

-and then we can leave.

They're holding
my car out front.

-Dominique. Hi.

Uh... do you have time
to have a quick drink?

No, I don't. Thanks.

-Hi. Good to see you.
-[Brooks] Good to see you.

I paid the check.

-Oh, you forgot your purse.

-So, was that your old friend?

he's a really important agent.

Look, Brooks will drive me home.


Well, don't cause a scene,

I'm just gonna go home
with someone else.

I'm not causing a scene,
but you just, you can't do that.

take your hands off me, OK?


-Hey, Dominique.
-Don't touch me!

Dominique, just listen--

[door closes]

[tense music]

[dissonant sounds]


[door opens]

[dissonant sounds]

Is that you, Gabe?

[music intensifies]


You son of a bitch. [sighs]

Is that what turns you on?

Don't. Please, don't.

[white noise]

[white noise intensifies]

[footsteps approaching]

[Rick] Hello, asshole.

I found these in your car.

Remember me?

[hoarse voice]
Yeah, furniture mover.

Wrong. Homicide.


[police siren wailing]

[Rick] She was fortunate enough
to flag down a car and escape.

She says you attacked her,
because she rejected you.

And we have witnesses
that corroborate her story

that the two of you
had a fight at the restaurant.

I swear that is not me.

Look, do I have to watch
this thing anymore?

If you give me the cassettes,
I can prove it.

-I did not film these videos.
-[Rick] No?

Then, how did these handy
little video cartridges

which fit
precisely into your camera

find their way into your car?

I told you,
I do not lock my car.

must've put them in there.

And those tapes are generic.

They fit
all 8-millimeter cameras.

Who'd want
to plant them in your car?

I don't know!

Not good enough Mr. Beck.

I'm booking you for the murders
of Bree McCullough and Sue Lyons

and for the attempted rape
of Dominique Lizzi.

You don't have enough evidence
to hold him here.

I'll have him out
on the street in an hour.

I'll be right there
waiting for him.


[typewriter typing
in the distance]

[indistinct chatter]

I really appreciate
you arranging bail, Annie.

Thank you very much
for coming down.

I just don't understand
why you won't handle the case.


Good luck finding someone
to represent you.

[intriguing music]

[metal clinking]

[Gabe] Joanie...

what's wrong with the door?

-They changed the locks.

Mr. Platt gave strict orders

you're to be shown off
the premises.

Rick, it's OK!

Look, I'm sorry.

[intriguing music intensifies]

[ducks quacking in the distance]

[buzzer rings]

I'm returning your clothes.


[door closes]

You son of a bitch!

What are you trying
to pin this on me for?

-What are you talking about?
-Taylor hassled me.

I'm sorry.

Look, I wasn't trying
to pin anything on you.

What happened was,

he asked me if anybody else
in the office

belonged to Dream Date, right?

-What was I supposed to say?

What? I mean should I have lied?

That was it.
That's all that happened.

The guy's a maniac.

What are you so worried about?

They're totally convinced
I'm the killer, not you.

Well, are you?

[low voice] Thanks a lot.

[Gabe sighs]

[Jay] Come on, I believe you,
you schmuck.

-You sure?
-Yeah, you dope.

[Gabe laughs]

[Gabe sighs]

[melancholic music]

[Gabe] Oh, my God.



The high school reunion.

I totally forgot about this.

It's back over at Catalina.
Gonna take the boat?

"Come with your original prom
date and dance till dawn."


Gonna take some really
hot chick from D.D.

You should come.

No, I don't think so.

All right, let's stop talking
about this reunion OK?

What are you gonna do?

[animated music coming from TV]

[Jay] Talent.

Definite talent.


[seagulls squawking]

[Jay] What if somebody
dropped the Tapes in your car

while you
were in the restaurant?

Mmm. No. It's impossible.

The lot
is guarded 24 hour a day.

It had to be at the office.

[harmonica notes]

-You were there, weren't you?
-[Jay] Yeah.

Well, how late did you stay?

[Jay] I was there about till 6,
then Rob came to pick me up.

No, wait, wait. Rob Sklar?
That guy from Dream Date?

Yeah, but he's OK, man,
don't even consider it.

I didn't leave till 7:30 p.m.

Hey, look, I don't want
Taylor jumping all over Rob

-the way he jumped over me.
-Goddamnit Jay. Please.

Come on, this is my life
we're talking about.

I don't give a shit about
protecting Rob.

Why don't you protect me, huh?
Help me.

All right, all right. Calm down.
Sit down, come on, sit.

Now, I'm gonna fill you in
on everything I know, OK?

Rob came to pick me up.
I showed him around the place.


I told him
you were also a member...


Well, there's one thing.
When I...

told him that you were
seeing Dominique,

he said, "what a coincidence,"
and, uhm...

laughed about it,
I mean it's not...

No. It had to be Rob.
It had to be Rob.

-Slow down, pal.
-I don't have time to slow down.

I gotta figure out if Rob
was involved with those women.

-How are you gonna do that?
-Maybe somebody

at Dream Date will tell me.
Mickey, I don't know.

[scoffs] Don't count on it.

[Gabe] Look, I'll call you
if I need anything.

Good luck, all right?

[animated music]

[sighs] God.

[loud sigh]

Okay, Gary, I'm ready.
You can come in now.

[knocks on door]

[door opens]

[music stops abruptly]

[whispering] I think you better
come out here.

[indistinct chatter
in background]

-God, Mickey.

I'm glad you're here.

Oh, boy. [sighs]

Listen, I need
to talk to you about something.

Fine. Let's go in my office
where we can have some privacy.

-Maude, hold my calls.

[intriguing music]

I really
appreciate this, Mickey.

You know, Gabe,
you've got a hell of a nerve

coming back here after all this.

I'm running a class
fucking operation here,

not a supermarket
for psychopaths.

It wasn't me, Mickey.

I swear it.

Now look, all I want

is the chance to go through
these files

so I can find out
who the real killer is.

Is that possible?


Sure. [laughs]

-Why not? Why not?

Thank you. [laughs]

In fact,
why don't I just, uhm...

why don't I just give you
run of the place.

Here, you know what this is?
See that?

That's your membership file,

I already deleted you
from the computer files.

Now what have we got over here?

Yeah, there it is, see that?

That's your video tape, pal.

[upbeat music in background]

Excuse me.

Sorry to interrupt,

but do either one of you belong
to Dream Date?


Do you guys belong
to Dream Date?

Wait a second, I saw you,
I saw your tape there.

Thank you. Thanks for the help.

Looks like
you could use a friend.

Well, isn't this an honor?

I just thought
you'd like somebody to talk to.

Look, aren't you afraid?

I mean, I'm sure
your boyfriend, detective Taylor

told you how dangerous
I am, didn't he?

He's not my boyfriend.

And I'm not afraid.

You're very brave.
That's all I can say.

No, I'm not being brave.

I'm just not convinced.

Why not?

Because you just don't seem
like a killer to me.

Thank you.

Tell you what,
my girlfriend stranded me here.

If you give me a ride home,
I'll tell you what I can.

[gentle music]

Thanks for trying to help

You know... [sighs]

When this is all over,
maybe we could, uhm...

go on a real date.

I'd like that.

Ah, hell, why wait? [laughs]

Do you want to come up?

Are you sure you want

the video killer
in your apartment?

I like to live on the edge.

[Chris laughs]
I meant to throw that out.

[Gabe laughs] Thanks.

No, it's, it's fine.

[Gabe clears throat]

Actually, you know,
this place is uhm...

it's sort of what
I'd expect from your tape.

What do you mean by that?

Well, it's just that, uhm...


This is all coming out wrong.

What I mean is just that...

You're different.

You know?
That's what I like about you.

You're offbeat, I mean...

It's like I've always been
weird, people... you know?

[tense music]

I think that's...
It's probably why.

I think that's probably
why we're lonely.

Who says I'm lonely?

Well, you do.

No, I... [sighs]

I don't mean you say
that you're lonely,

I mean that's just what I get,
you know?

Yeah, and what about you?

You're certainly not
the ladies' man in your video.

Yeah, you're right about that.

Why not? Have a little problem?

[Gabe sighs]

-Thanks for the beer--
-No, wait.

Gabe, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it.
It was really out of line.

Yeah, it was.

[sighs] I can't believe
I even said that.

I can.

[sighs] You just...

you hit a little too close
to home.

And I'm not completely
at ease with you.

[Gabe scoffs]


You really don't trust me,
do you?

I'm trying to.

Get your hands off of her
or I'll blow your head off!

What the hell do you think
you're doing?

Backing up my partner.

I didn't ask for any back-up,
did I?

I heard something crash.

It was a bottle!

You're a cop.

And you've been setting me up
all this time, huh?

None of this has been real?

-No, wait Gabe...
-Don't lie to me!

Go ahead, asshole.
Show her how you really feel.

Save the taxpayers some money.

Go to hell!

Gabe, please, listen to me.


I don't want you to even
talk to me anymore.

[car horn honking
in the distance]

[tense music]

[Gabe] I owe you one.

Hey, what are friends for,
buddy, right?

Besides, I'm starting
to worry about you.

[intriguing music]

[dissonant computer sound]

Damnit! [sighs]

Forget it. It's protected.

they got a scrambler on it.

You know,
I think I can defeat it.

With what?

With a piece of code
that I kludged up last year.

[computer beeps]

[whispering] OK.

Keep your fingers crossed.

[whispering] Come on.

[dissonant computer sound]


[dissonant computer sound]

[laughing] You're unbelievable.

[computer beeps]

And, we're screwed.

How do you know the password?

I saw it
in Mickey's office one day.

Yeah, well I wouldn't tell
the cops about it if I were you.

Jesus. [sighs]


[keyboard typing]

That's right.

One thousand shares of Bioclone.


[Rob sighs]

Hi, I'm Rob.

And as you can see,
my life is very busy.

But I make time
for that special woman.

Here's a good tip.

Give me a call.
I've got a lot to offer.

[Gabe] Do you believe this crap?
I mean, the guy runs a gym.


[clears throat]

Bree McCullough.

Dominique Lizzi.

Susan Matley.

Son of a bitch! I was right.

Let's see what Taylor
has to say about this.

Hey, what he's probably
gonna say

is that we broke into
private property.

We illegally accessed
confidential files

and then we found a member
who happened to date

all three victims.

[Gabe] Shit. You're right.

The only way we can nail him
is by catching him in the act.

So let's find out
who his next victim's gonna be.

[crickets chirping
in the distance]

[faint upbeat music]

[door closes]

[car engine starts]

[romantic piano music]

[indistinct chatter]

[muffled rock music]

[gun clinks]


Can't even wait till
she gets home, can you?

How long have you
been following me this time?

Long enough to catch you here.

You bring your backup
with you, officer?

What makes you think I need him?

I don't know. Conning is always
more fun in pairs, isn't it?

You never gave me
a chance to explain.

Save it! I'm trying
to prevent another murder

and save my ass, OK?

So now you're the good guy, huh?

Look. Just listen to me, OK?

I ran a check on all the guys

who dated
the Dream Date victims.

Well, Rob Sklar,
the guy who's with Annette

he dated them all.

How did you find that out?

Never mind.

The important thing
is that you keep an eye on him.

Never mind?

What do you mean, never mind?

I could take you in
just for following her.

What, and let him kill Annette
while you're doing that?

Is that the idea, officer?

Look, you're gonna tell me more,

but I swear to God,
if you're lying to me...

Well, then,
we'd be even, wouldn't we?

If you think for one minute

that I would consider...


Good night, Rob.

Well, here we go.

[tire screeching]

I know where he's going
so let me drive.

[tire screeching]

This better be good.

[80s electronic music]

[tire screeching]

Oh good, he's got a red light.

[tire screeching]

[car horn honking]

[tire screeching]

He's heading right toward
Annette's apartment.

She's on Windward,
just off of Lincoln.

Hey, there's his car.

[muffled hard rock music]

The Brig, huh?
Does Annette live upstairs?

[hard rock music intensifies]

Tough night?

[Rob sighs]

[crowd cheers]

[music stops]

[laughs] Oh, God.

You think I'm out of my mind,
don't you?

[indistinct voices]

Well, your suspicions
about Sklar

are starting
to look a little shaky.

Thank you. [sighs]

[harmonic guitar music]

And that leaves me, right?

[crowd cheering]


It's been swell.

You stiffin' me
for a beer again, Beck?

[muffled music]

[crowd cheering]

You take care
of that thing. [laughs]

Hey, get your fucking hands
off of her!

Says who?

[man in crowd] Oh, oh.

-[Rob] Says me.
-Oh yeah?

[Rob grunts]

[man laughs]

[man] Punk,
what do you think of that?

[man 2] Hey!

[man] Come on baby,
shake those things.

[man and Rob groan]

[man] That was the biggest
mistake of your life, boy.

[man laughs]

[man grunting] Get in here!

[man in crowd]
Hey, pal, go get them!

[Chris] Drop the knife!

[man] Why the fuck should I?

[Chris] Because it just might
get your face blown off!

Now get up!

[man grunts]

[men cheer]

[Chris] Put your arms back.

What do you think
you're looking at?

[man grunts]

-[Rob] Thanks.
-[Chris] Call the police.

[intimate music]

I just love to curl up
with a good book in bed.

[birds singing in the distance]

But there are
lots of other things

I like to do too.

And, uhm...
most of them require a friend.


[tense music]

[crickets chirping
in the distance]

[dissonant sounds]

[stomping sound]

[dissonant sounds]


[indistinct chatter]

[distorted voice
in police radio]

Thanks for the tip, lady.

Where the hell have you been?

-What happened to your car?
-Lay off, Rick.

What happened?

Oh, your boyfriend just erased
another young lady's video.

Rape murder. Same M.O.

-How did you know?

Give me a ride home.

My pleasure.

I'm serious, Chris,
the separation's official,

but it's really hard.

Can I come in?

Oh, listen, Rick, [sighs]
I'm sorry.

I'm just really dead.

We'll talk tomorrow, OK?

Damnit Chris.

I know you think you know
what you're doing

with that guy,
but it's stupid behavior.

Now, cut it out
before you get hurt.

[Gabe] That guy
really doesn't like me, does he?


Chris. It's only me.

Put your hands up.

Come on, you can't be serious.

I'm very serious.
Put your hands up.

[tense music]

-That was some disappearing act.
-All right, look,

I admit I was wrong.
It wasn't Rob.

No shit!

Look, I wanted
to explain to you why I left.

I don't want to hear it.

Where's my car,
you son of a bitch?

I parked it around the corner.

when I realized it wasn't Rob,

I knew Annette was in danger,
that's why I left.

I never should've believed you.

She was dead when I got there.

I'm the one who called
the police and the ambulance.

You're under arrest.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can
and will be used against you

in a court of law.

[voice breaking] You have
the right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford one...

It wasn't me.

I don't know what else to say.

[gun clinks]

[dramatic music]

[seagulls squawking
in the distance]

[Gabe sighs]

OK, I'll be right down.

[car alarm in the distance]

[Gabe grunts]


Chris, why don't you
come back to bed?

What's the matter?


What's going on?

Hey, I thought last night
was pretty great.

I mean it was great, wasn't it?

Yes, it was great.

Do you need to ask?

Well, then, what is going on?


[hesitating] I mean... what...

Why are you acting like this?

Because I'm confused!

What are you confused about?

I can only work on
one thing at a time.

I see.

I didn't know
you were working on me.

[sighs] Look, Gabe.

You are in the way
of a murder investigation.

And I don't think you're telling
me everything you know.

Why the hell does everyone think
I know more than I do?

Well, maybe,
I'll just have to find out

what it is I'm supposed to know.

Oh, and just how are you going
to do that?

[baby crying]

I've got that Common Denominator
Sort that you requested.

They did have
something in common.

They were all cheerleaders.

How'd you guess?

I didn't guess.

I just did some
good old-fashioned police work.

[80s electronic music]

[Jay] Who would come here
on a Saturday?


[dissonant sound on computer]

Hey, thanks for sticking
your neck out again for me.

Hey, no problem, bud.

[dissonant sound on computer]


Well, I'll tell you one thing,
they were all gorgeous.

And young.

Let's see, "West L.A.",
"intimate", "sensual".

These words all appear
in their files

that they individually wrote.

"Dancer". "Cheerleader".

Yeah, but now what do we do?

I do a full tech search
which read all records

containing a few
of those common key words.

Let's say, uhm...

[Gabe] Cheerleader. West L.A.


[dissonant sound]

Only one of them matches
the other four girls.

[dissonant sound]

[soothing music]

Come join me
for a workout sometime.

I'm Felicity.

-[Gabe] Fits right in.
-[Jay] So, when's her next date?

It's tonight,
with a guy named...


[indistinct chatter
in the distance]

[typewriter machine
in background]

[slow footsteps approaching]

What do you have?

What makes you think
I have anything?

Oh, that big light bulb
over your head.

You still can't see
that's Beck, huh?

I'll tell you what.

At least leave
your evidence for me

in a sealed envelope, OK?

Then I can nail the prick
after he kills you.

[door closes]

[intriguing music]

[mellow music]

[whispering] What?

[Chris laughs]

Come in. You look different.

I like it.

[laughs] Thank you.

So what is it you wanna add?

Oh, just that I was
a cheerleader at Stanford.

I kinda went through a time

when I looked down
on that stuff and, uhm...

now I realize that guys...

seem to find it
a turn on, don't they?

[laughs] Works every time.
What is your membership number?

[children chatting
in the distance]

[tense music]

[knock on door]



Felicity? Hello?

[tense music intensifies]


[music stops abruptly]

[tense music]

Yeah, I need an ambulance

-at 1300 North Sycamore.
-[knock on door]

[Sam] Felicity?


Felicity, this is Sam.

I thought maybe
I'd come by early

so we could catch happy hour.

Can I come in?

She... She's in trouble.

I already called the ambulance
and I gotta go.

-You're not going anywhere, man.
-[Gabe grunts]

You're the fucking rapist.

Look, I'm getting out of here!


[Sam screams]

[distorted voice
in police radio]

[thrilling music]

Impound that car!

Search the area.

He can't be very far from here.

It was the guy on the news,
the video rapist.

Gabriel Beck?

Young, dark?

Yeah, that's him.

I tried to stop him,
but he got away.

Now what do you think
of your buddy Gabe?

[tense music]

[dog barking]

[officer] Hold it!

[Gabe panting] Jay!

I gotta lie low until tonight.
They took my car.

So, I'm gonna have to find a way
to rent another one.

Hey, listen,
I have to reach Chris.

And I can't find her.
Will you...

will you arrange with her
to meet me at your place

at, let's say 12 o'clock?

[dramatic music]

[upbeat music in the distance]]

[indistinct chatter]

Hi, Jay. How are you?

Hi. How was Club Med?

-Oh, it was great.
-Yeah, you look great.

-[Chris] Jay?
-Hi, uh, Chris?

-Nice to meet you.

-I'm sorry I'm late.
-No problems.

Where's Gabe?

We better not talk
about it here,

but I'll take you
to him in just a bit.

I wanna make sure we're not
being followed, you know?

Listen, Gabe said
that he can't surface in public

until he finds out
who the real guy is.

So, uhm...

What are you drinking?

[tense music]

[keyboard typing]

Now, if I pick just one field,
maybe I'll get more names.

[Gabe] Chris?

[phone dial]

[Chris] Hi, this is Chris,
I'm not here so, uhm...

[Gabe sighs]

Of course you're not there,
you're on your way to Jay's.

That's great.

[rock music in background]

What, are you going steady?

Who wants to know?

Just a friend.

[crickets chirping
in the distance]




[dog barking in the distance

Oh God, the high school
reunion's tonight.

"At the Catalina Casino
till dawn." Tonight.

[joyful music]

Nice car.

Yeah, it's pretty cool.

[clinking sound]

[tense music]

Welcome aboard.

Let me just...

[tense music]


[Bree groans]

[Dominique] Is that you, Gabe?

[Chris] Hi, Jay. It's Chris.

I'm just calling to confirm
for tonight at the club.

I'll see you there, OK?

[80s electronic music]

[tire screeching]

For you.
Look, let me just take this.

Put this away for you.
Keep it nice and safer in here.

-To Gabe.
-To Gabe.

Speaking of Gabe, where is he?

[80s electronic music]

[engine starts]

What are you doing?

I'm gonna take you to see Gabe.

Relax, relax.
Go sit down, come on.

[80s electronic music]

[Gabe] Jay!



[80s electronic music]

Can I smoke?

Not in here, but go on outside.

[intriguing music]

[engine starts]

[sighs] We're almost
to the end of the marina.

Just how far are we going?

[tense music]

Gotta turn around, captain.

Aye, aye, mate.

[boat accelerates]

What the hell
do you think you're doing?

I'm just taking you
on a cruise to see Gabe.

A cruise my ass,
stop this boat right now!

Look, I'm sorry if I scared you.
l was...

What do you think?
I'm kidnapping you?

We just thought
you'd like our surprise.

Oh, terrific. So, where are we
going for this little surprise?

Catalina Island.

Look, I can't do this.
I've gotta go back.

You do wanna help Gabe,
don't you?

Of course I do.

[80s electronic music]

Where's the bathroom?

Down there.
Wait a minute, uhm...

I have a sweater and skirt
for you to wear.

To the reunion, I mean.

I mean everybody's going

in their favorite
high school uniform.

I'm gonna wear
my letterman's sweater. So...

Why don't you just go down
there and try it on?

Oh, OK. Why not?

[80s electronic music]

[clinking sound]

[engine stops]

[tense music]


Rah-rah-rah. [laughs]

What do you think?

Pretty kinky, huh?

[tense music]


Who's Wendy?

Put this on.

Jay, I'm not Wendy.

[screaming] Don't disappoint me!

[engine starts]

[intriguing music]

[footsteps approaching]

So, where's Gabe?

[intriguing music]

Hey, listen, uhm...
Would you play something for us?

Hey, bub, I'm outta here.

What do you want, a 20?

Do you understand English,

I'm through for the night.

Going home to bed.

You should take that pretty
cheerleader home too.

No, you don't understand, bub.

Play something for us.

[footsteps leaving]

That's right.

Nice and slow.

[slow romantic music]

[music intensifies]

[music becomes tense]


[footsteps approaching]

[music becomes tenser]

[tense music intensifies]

[Chris groans]

[gun clinks] Don't move!

I'll blow her brains out.

[panting] I'm not moving.

I'm not moving, you see?

Now let her go, Jay.

You see? [sighs]

-Told you he'd be here.
-Jay, come on.

Jay, come on. Just let her go.

And we'll talk about it, OK?

Isn't that weird?

I mean,
how this place hasn't changed

in all these years?

Yeah, but you see,
some things do change.

Think tonight she's going away
with me. She's dumping you

[screaming] She wants me.
She doesn't want you.

That's fine, Jay. That's fine.

You're so self-righteous,
aren't you?

Get everything you want?

[screaming] Even Wendy!

-[Jay screaming] Wendy loved me!

And you took her away!

[tense music]

Is that what this is all about?

You have been setting me up
all this time,

because you think that
I took Wendy away from you?

Is that it?

It's all in your head!

I never took Wendy
away from you.

I never had anything to do
with Wendy.

We were friends.

And you're living in a daydream.

Because Chris
isn't in love with you, man.

Chris is a cop.

You fucking-- [screams]

[80s electronic music]

[Gabe grunts]

Are you OK?

[both panting]

Don't let him get away.

[80s electronic music]


[engine starts and fails]

[engine starts and fails]

[screaming] Shit!

[engine starts]

All right!

[Gabe] Jay, stop the boat!


Don't make me do this!

[gunshot echoes]

[gunshot echoes]

[Gabe] Jay!

A month ago, I wouldn't have
been caught dead doing this.

But life is change,
and, hopefully, growth,

even though it does get a little
difficult sometimes and painful.

Somebody I value very much met
a pretty terrific guy this way.

I figure having blown it
with her,

the least I could do
is benefit from her experience.

Hell, if you can't beat them,
join them, right?


if you're looking for someone

who's suffering
some growing pains,

but loving every minute of it,

give me a call.

I'm Rick.

Number 3579.

You get that?


[boat horn honks
in the distance]

[knock on door]

[whispering] Hi.


[exciting music]