Dangerous Intentions (1995) - full transcript

A man stalks his wife and child when they leave for an abused women's shelter.

** [Multicom Entertainment
Group jingle]

* [music]

[children playing]

[parents yelling upstairs]

[Beth] You didn't tell me you
had a game this Wednesday. You
usually play on Saturdays.

[Tim] It's a tournament, you
idiot! I called twice. Where
the hell were you?

[Beth] At the grocery store
and the dry cleaners--

[Tim yelling] I've told you a
thousand times! I got to know
where you are!

[Beth] I can't believe I missed
your game! Who pitched?

-Tim? No. Please, I said I
was sorry!
-[Tim] You're always sorry!

[Laurie] As I was going
to St. Ives, I met a man
with seven wives.

And every wife had seven cats.
And every cat had seven kits,
kits, cats.

[Tim] I didn't know you
were home, Sweet Pea.

Hi, Daddy.



Did you paint me
a picture?

Yes, Sir.

Oh, that's beautiful!

You're getting so good,
daddy may have to make
you a partner.

Like an artiket?

Yup. Tim Williamson and
Daughter, Architectural Design.

Listen. I've got to get back to
the office. I have a very
important client who's waiting.

Why don't you get
yourself a treat.

Bye bye.


* [sad piano music]

[Laurie] Mommy? Mommy!


[Beth] Hi, sweetie.

Did you get to be line
monitor again today?

I hate when you
and daddy fight!

I know, honey.
Me too.

But grownups fight sometimes.
It just happens.

I'm sorry.

You know, Daddy loves us very
much and so he works very
hard, and he gets tired.

You understand?


We're going to Grandma's so
why don't you go change
your clothes.

* [sad piano music]

Your sister's bringing
homemade ice cream.

Man, that hair
stuff stinks.

-Hi, Dad.
-[Andrew] Beth.

Andrew, see what
Laurie is doing.

She's coloring in
front of the TV.


Tim called a little while ago.
He's very hurt you know. He
feels you take him for granted,

that you're never around
when he needs you--

Why does he always
tell you these things?

Well maybe because
I listen.

He works night and day to
give you the life you have.

I appreciate everything
he does, Alice.

He says you get into
these moods...

I'm not the one
with the moods.

[Alice] When Andrew gets into a
state, I just stand aside and
give him a wide berth.

A man needs to have some
breathing room.

How curly do you
want this top?

All right.

Remind me for the
thousandth time I'm
just your stepmother.

But I'm telling
you, Beth,

you've got a
lot to lose.

You know, I think the top should
be a little bit curlier than the
sides and the back.

It'll give you
some height.

If you don't appreciate him,
somebody else might.

[Laurie] May I feed
her, Uncle Ronnie?

[Ronnie] Sure, Laurie.

[Terri] Just don't give her
too much. Okay? So who
wants some more?

[Laurie] May I please have
some more, Aunt Terri?

[Beth] That's very good
manners sweetie.

-[Ronnie] I'll have
some more hun.
-[phone rings]

[Beth] I'll get it.

[Beth] Honey, I told you
we'd be here!

[Tim on phone] No.
No you didn't.

-Really I did.
-[Tim] Really you did not.

-Yes, I did.
-[Tim] I want you here
by 8:30 sharp.

I don't think I can make it home
by eight-thirty sharp. I haven't
finished Alice's hair yet.

[Tim] Well when are you
going to be home then?

-I told you, when I'm finished.
-[Tim] I want you home now.

No, not until I'm finished.
[Beth hangs up the phone]

What, he's got you on
a time clock now?

[Beth] I better get Alice's hair
out of those rollers before--

Before what? Before

Beth, you keep doing the
same thing expecting
different results.

Look, Terri, I know Tim has his
faults, but he has a lot of
good qualities--

Buried someplace very,
very deep no doubt. My
God, Beth,

how can you defend a
man who hits you?

Once. It happened
once, Terri.

This is me you're talking
to. You expect me to
believe that?

You have to think
about Laurie!

Oh god, I do think
about her.

[sighs] This is her father
we're talking about.

Listen to me, Beth. You don't
have to live like this. You
have a choice!

I can't just give
up on him.

I can't.

* [sad piano music]

[engine stops]

[Beth] Tim?


[Laurie] Where's Daddy?

I don't know honey, maybe he
went for a walk. Come on,
let's get in bed.

* [suspenseful piano music]

[Beth gasps] Oh, God,
Tim, you scared me.

[Tim] I wanted
to surprise you.

Aw jeez, you're shaking.

Oh honey please don't
cry. I didn't mean to
frighten you.


-Come here. Come on.
Take a look.
-[Beth sniffling]

Do you
like them?

I'm so sorry
about today.

The pearls come from the
Sea of Japan.

They look
beautiful on you.

You're beautiful.

* [sad piano music]

It'll never happen
again, I swear.

We've been down this
road before, Tim,

I can't do
it anymore.

I know, I know...

It's not just me,
it's Laurie.

She's not a baby anymore.
This hurts her.

I'm going to
get help.

You've said
that before.


It's different
this time.

I'll do whatever
it takes.

You haven't heard me say
that before have you?

it takes!

Could we go and see
someone together?

Whatever you say.

I can change, Beth.

I want to

I have to change.

I can do anything if
you believe in me.

I believe in you. I
believe in you.

I always believed
in you. [crying]


Honey, could you color
in the other room?

[Laurie] Okay.

-Hi, Daddy.
-[Tim] Hey, sweetpea.

[Tim] Babe, the
coffee pot's empty.

Gee, that's a tough one.
Can't dump coffee into a
filter by yourself?

What do you think I'm a cave
man? I can make coffee. I'm
happy to make coffee.

-Would anybody else like some?
-[Beth] Be nice.

Yes, I'd love one.
Not too strong.

Yes, ma'am. Now will that
be in a silver chalice or
an antique cup?

Oh, I think a pottery
mug will suffice.

I have to go get the cake. Do we
need anything else?

[Beth] Yeah, uh,

Some ice cream.

-[Terri] Oh I brought three
kinds of ice cream.

-[Terri] Dad hates pistachio.
-It's Tim's favorite.

[Terri] So it's Dad's birthday.
Do we all have to have our
favorite flavor?

All right. Fine. Don't
bother. I'll get it.

Look. It's
no problem.

Then don't make it one,
then, Terri.

[Terri] Wanna ride to the
store with me Laurie?

[Laurie] Okay

Terri, don't worry
about it.

-We'll be right back.
-[Laurie] Bye mommy.

[door closes]

You want some help...

[Tim smashes glass
against the wall]

Now! Make me
some coffee!

[Beth] Tim.

[Tim mocking her] "Tim has to
have his pistachio ice cream.

-God knows what he'll do if we
don't get it."
-I didn't say that Tim.

-Then why the hell did she give
me that dirty look?!
-I don't know!

What's this garbage,
potato salad?

-I hate potato salad.
-[dish crashing]

[Beth crying] No!

-And what's this crap,
three-bean salad huh?
-[dish crashing]

[Beth crying] Don't, please!

You call this food!

This is garbage.

And I hate your disgusting
congealed salads too--

Laurie made that
special for her grandpa--

-[food smashes against wall]

[Beth crying] Oh God, Tim...

-See what you make me do?
-[Beth crying]

Now, I want you to
clean this mess up.

I said clean it up! You like it
so much, you eat it!

[Beth screams]

And don't you ever bad-mouth me
in front of that smart-ass
bitch sister of yours again.

You got it?

[Beth crying]

[Beth] Tim. No Tim. No Tim
don't please! Tim...

-Please, please--

[Beth screams] Don't Tim. Please
don't. Please don't. No, don't
please. Ahh!

-[Tim screams]
-[window smashes]

* [scary piano music]

[Tim dialing the phone]

Clean up this mess.

[Tim into phone] Andrew! Happy
Birthday, Old Man!

Listen, a little problem has
just come up with a client,

I'm afraid I'm going to
have to bow out.

I was thinking, you should
really treat yourself.

Go to that Italian
restaurant you like so much.

No, no, no, no. It's on me.
Well sure I'm sure. It's
your birthday.

You just enjoy

Happy Birthday
Pop. Bye-bye.

* [scary piano music]

[Tim] I want this mess cleaned
up before your sister gets back.

[Tim's car squeals away]

[Beth cries]

Okay. Can you get the
door there sweety?

Laurie, you go and play in the
living room and you stay there
until I come get you, okay?

Thanks, good girl.

-* [sad piano music]
-[Beth crying]

[Laurie] Hi, Grandma.

[Alice] Hi, sugar!

[Alice] What started it
this time?

-[Beth] Pistachio ice cream.
-[Alice] What?

[Beth] I asked Terri to go out
and get some pistachio ice cream
for Tim. The next thing--

[Alice] I will never,
never understand you,
Beth Williamson.

[Terri] You just don't get
it, do you, Alice?!

[Alice] I wouldn't take
sides if I were you.

Aw, man...


[Tim dialing]


[Tim] Hi Mom, how
was dinner?

Why not?

Beth didn't feel
like it?

Well, it's not
her birthday.

Aw, aw gee. Gee. Well listen,
could I have a quick word
with her?

Okay, just...

[Alice] Beth. Sooner or later,
you're going to have to talk
to him.

[Beth] Not now. Alice.

[Tim] What?! Aww that
was an accident!



[slams down phone]


[Tim dialing]

Yeah, you want to put Miss North
Pole on. Thanks, Mom.

Beth look, honey, you've got to
face the facts. I'm not the
only one to blame here.

You've got to take some of
the responsibility.

No, no, no. You come home first
and then I'll see a therapist.

Beth! You've got to
come home now!

No, you're not hanging
up. No, you're not
hanging up! Beth?

-Beth! Aagh!
-[phone slams down]

[Alice] I'm not saying that
you should let Tim get away
with it.

I'm just saying that you have to
go home and lay down the law and
make it stick.

I'm afraid to go
home, Alice.

I've been afraid to go
home for a long time.

[Alice] Well...

I must say this is a lovely
birthday present for your

Always got something to
say, don't you, Alice?

[Beth] I'm going to bed.
Goodnight, Dad.

[Andrew] Goodnight.

[Terri] Goodnight, sweetie.


[Terri] Try and get
some rest.

[loud knocking]

[Andrew] A little late to come
calling, isn't it?

[Tim] Mom, Pop, I'm not going to
stand here and lie to you.

I lost my temper. I acted
like a complete jerk.

[Alice] What happened?

She got into one
of her moods.

Nothing I do pleases her. And
I'd do anything for her. She
knows it!

[Andrew] She says
you hit her.


She threw a bowl of potato salad
at me. And I admit, I shoved
her. I admit it, but--

You ever hit her and
I'll break your jaw.

And I'd want you
to. Jeez, Pop,

what do you
think I am?

Look. She's in bed asleep.
Come back tomorrow.

She should be
in my bed.

[Alice] Oh for heaven's sakes,
Andrew. Let him in.

[Tim] All I want to do is tell
her that I love her.

Come on, Pop.

You telling me you never
lost your cool?

Don't be all night.


Hey, let's go.

I'm not going anywhere.

Oh, come on honey. Just put
on your clothes, and let's
go home.

Just get out
of here.


I want you to get dressed, put
your arm around me, put a
smile on your face,

and walk out of here,
or so help--

Heyyy. Hey,
Sweet Pea.

-Go call grandpa.
-No, Laurie I want
you to get dressed.

-We're gonna go home--
-Go on. Do it. Go on. Now!

-Hey Laurie!
-Go on. Now! Hurry!

[Tim] Laurie!

* [tense piano music]


[Beth screaming, grunting]

Why do you to turn
everything into a war?

[Andrew] Beth?!

[Door closing
and locking]

-[Andrew] Beth?!
-* [tense music]

Oh Beth...

[Andrew] What's going
on in there?!

-[punching impact]
-[Beth moans]

[Andrew] Open the door!

[Tim] Look at me!

-[punching impact]
-[Beth screams]

[Andrew] Alice get
the police!

-[repeated punching and
-[Andrew screaming from outside]

-[Andrew] The room's down here.
-[police radio]

-[Police from outside] Police!

You've got
five seconds.

-[Tim] I'm coming!

[Police from outside] You've
got five seconds and we're
coming in.

Get your hands up!

Alright. Whatever you say.
Whatever you say. This isn't
what it looks like. Pop, Pop.

-[Andrew] You sorry son of
a bitch!
-It isn't this Pop!

-[Beth crying]
-[Officer Lawson] It's alright
ma'am. It's okay.

[Alice screaming]

-[Officer Lawson] You think
anything's broken?

-[Beth crying]
-[Tim sobbing] I, I'm so sorry.

[Officer Lawson] Can you move
your neck from side to side?

[Beth] Yeah.

[Officer Lawson] Think
you can stand up?

[Tim] We were just kind of
talking, and things got
out of hand--

way, way way out
of hand.

Beth, please I am
so sorry.

[Officer Lawson] Let's
go. Outside.

I will spend the rest of my life
making up for this, I swear.

[Officer Lawson] You won't
get the chance.

You do want to press
charges, Ma'am?

Oh yeah.

Beth! All I ever wanted to do
was love you. Don't them do
this to me. Beth. Beth!

-Mom! Pop! No! No!
-Get outta here!

Pop! Stop!
Beth! God...

[Officer Lawson] Okay. Let's get
her to the Emergency Room.

[Beth] No. I don't
want to go.

[Officer Lawson] You'll need a
medical record for court.

If you're really gonna
to push this.

[prison sounds]

[Tim] Hey, Buddy.

Got a smoke?

[Guard] I don't smoke.

[Tim] That's alright.

Man, What a

I've never been
in jail before.

Nobody in my family has ever
been in jail before.

[Guard] What did they
bring you in for?

[Tim] It's stupid.

I caught my wife
cheating on me.

And we got this little girl, and
I begged her to come home for
her daughter, you know?

And she went
nuts, and...

I tried to
protect myself.

[Guard scoffs] Women.

[Tim] I sure would like to
talk to my little girl.

You got a phone or somethin I
could use to make a quick call,
you know, say goodnight to her?

I've never spent a night
away from her before.

[Guard] Yeah sure. Why not.
Everybody gets one phone call.

[Phone ringing]

[Beth] Hello.

Honey? Sweetheart?

[Tim over phone] I am so sorry,
So very very sorry...

I need help
Beth, please.

[Tim over phone] I just want to
be next to you and touch you

and know that everything is
going to be all right with us.


I'm nothing without
you Beth. Nothing.

I know that I need
to change.

[Tim] I'd die
without you.

I don't want to
talk to you.

Fine. Uhh. Could I talk
to Laurie, then?

[phone hangs up]

[phone rings]

[other phone rings]

[Beth groans]

You force me into court,

and I'll paint a picture of the
most unfit mother you can
possibly imagine.

Drugs, whoring around...

-[Tim] That's what you
do, isn't it?
-[Tim dialing]

[phone ringing]

[Tim over phone] Everybody knows
that you're a whore--

[Beth hangs up and hits a
button on the phone]

* [tense strings plucking]

[Policeman over phone] 13th
Precinct, Officer Thompson.

This is Beth Williamson. You're
holding my husband Tim for
assault and battery.

And he keeps
calling me!

[Policeman over phone] Calm
down, lady.

How can he be
calling me?

[Policeman over phone] He must
have a phone.

Well take it away
from him!

[Policeman over phone] There's
nothing we can do, lady. He's
allowed to make a call.

-[Beth slams down phone]
-[Phone rings]

-[Tim sniffling]
-[Phone ringing]

* [dramatic music]

-[Tim screams]
-[phone crashes]

[Tim crying]

[Tim yelling]

* [somber music]

* [sad music]

[Laurie cries]

You're never gonna have to
see this again.

[courtroom noise]

[Martin] Timothy Williamson?

[Tim] Yeah.

[Martin] Marty Atwater.

[Tim] Hey, nice to
meet you.

I hear you're good.

I hear you're
in trouble.

No prior arrests or
complaints against you?

Oh, no, no sir. This whole thing
is so bizarre. It was pure
self-defense. My...

My wife she came at me with a
knife. I had no choice but to
swing back.

Did you break anything?

[huffs] I think maybe I
dropped a bowl.

A nose?
An elbow?

Are you kidding? I
love my wife.

If you plead "no contest,"
the judge gives you two
years' probation.

He sends you to a batterer's
group once a week.

With any luck, you're out in
two or three days.

A batterer's group?! I
didn't do this.

Emergency Room reports.
Police reports.

[sighs] They're lies.

[Judge] Mr. Timothy

Let's get on
with this.

[secretary] Department of
Social Services?

[Beth] As you can see
it's pretty much an
open-and-shut case.

It's obvious he's guilty. He
should go to jail.

[Nancy] Well, the Court doesn't
see it quite that way. They gave
him two years' probation

and he has to attend
group therapy.

Two years' probation?

He'll probably be
out today.

I thought they'd put him away
for at least a couple of years.

[Nancy] Well you've never filed
a complaint with a lawyer or
medical professional

about the fact that your
husband was abusing you.

You never went on record, so the
court was lenient with him.

They'd probably be lenient
with him, even if you did
go on record.

He'll do it again.

[Nancy] I know. Believe me,
I know.

What's this?

This paper provides
documentation that you can
have your husband arrested

if he comes within 100 yards of
you or your daughter.

I need that?

[Nancy] Well, you said your
husband's been terrorizing
you for years, I mean...

You said that uh,

he's been beating you up,
trashing the house, making you
report on your whereabouts...

He doesn't know I said all
that, does he?

[Nancy] Well it all came out
at his arraignment hearing.

Oh, God, if he knows
I said that,

he'll to come
after me.

I can get you in
a shelter.

I can't do that.

Let me at least tell you
how to do to protect
yourself. Okay?

[Beth] I've got to get out of
here and get to the bank
before it closes.

Can you stay here and wait
for the locksmith?

Yeah. Of course.

Do you want these?

Oh yeah.

It's hard to believe we were
ever these two people.

-* [sad music]

Terri, you know he wasn't
always the way he is now.

Well what was it?
What changed?

I don't know.


Didn't happen all at once.
Just kind of happened in
stages, ya know.

* [sad music]

Started yelling a lot.

Then he started
putting me down.

Then shoving.

Then hitting.

Beth, we don't have to get
into this now.

I just wish I could
have helped him.

Don't blame yourself.

This isn't
your fault.

-[phone ringing]
-[office noise]

[Teller] I'm sorry ma'am,
those accounts are closed.

How can they be closed? I didn't
authorize anyone to close them.

[Teller] All the funds were
withdrawn. So the bank
closed them.

[sound of phone dialing]

-What's the matter, Sweetie?
-[Beth gasps]

How am I supposed to take
care of Laurie?

Maybe you should've thought of
that before you had me
arrested. Huh?

Get this through your head,
Tim, it's over.

You're going to find out what
it's like to have everything
you ever cherished

taken away from you.


-Don't bother
looking for your car.
-[keys jingle]

[Laurie yelling] Mommy! Mommy!

Honey? What is it,
what's the matter?

It was the monster.

[Beth] Oh, I hate
that ol' monster.

I heard a noise and I woke
up. It was crawling
through the window.

[Beth] Baby, remember
what I told you about
bad dreams,

they can seem very real, but
they're not and they can't
hurt you.

I think this was a real dream,
Mommy. Because when I screamed,
he went back out the window.

[Beth] Oh honey, ohh, shh.
I'll look for him. Okay?


* [sad piano music]

Ahh. No monster here.

[sound of opening closet]

And no monster there...

* [dramatic music]

[Beth] Get dressed. We're
going to Aunt Terri's.

[Ron] So what did
the police say?

"You're going to have
to work this out with
your husband, lady.

We can't arrest a paper
cup and a cigarette."

Look he's just trying
to scare you Beth.

Well he's succeeded.

[Terri] You get a lawyer.

File for divorce. Let him know
how serious you are.

He'll back off.

[Ron] You had him thrown in
jail. His ego is wounded.
He's playing games.



is this make-up
covering enough?

You look wonderful.

[sighs] Jeez, where's
my resume?

It's right here next to
your purse.

[phone rings]


[Tim over phone] How's the job
market? Tell her to try on her
pearls. It might help.

[Terri] Go to hell!

[Tim] I'm warning
you, Terri,

if you don't send her back home,
you're gonna exactly what she's
gonna get.

What'd he do-- Did
he threaten you?

It doesn't matter.

I hate dragging
you into this.

It doesn't matter. We'll just
get an unlisted number,
that's all.

Look, this morning I talked to
Nancy Boyle, that social worker.

She thinks Laurie and I ought
to go into a shelter.

You have all the shelter
you need right here.


You better get to
your interview.

It'll be fine.


-[crickets chirping]
-[owl hooting]

[car pulling up outside and
driving away]

[phone crashes on ground]

[door opens]

[Beth] Oh, Ron,
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I woke
you up.

-[baby cries from bedroom]
-It's okay. You alright?

[Beth] Yeah.

[door closes]

-[window smashing]
-* [dramatic music]

-[sound of fire]
-[baby crying]

[Ron] Get the baby!

[Ron] Oh fuck me!

[sound of fire

[Beth] I can't do this to you.
We're going into a shelter.

[Terri] You don't have to do
that. Ronnie tell her.

[Ron] Terri, we've got the baby.

What kind of a life will you
have in a shelter?

What kind of a life
do I have here?

At least in a shelter
we'll be safe.

You know, it might be
best for awhile.

[Beth] He's right.

He is.

* [sad piano music]


[woman at door] Oh hi, Nancy.


[children talking
around the house]

[Nancy] I'm gonna take
you upstairs.

[Nancy] Hi Kaye.

-[Kaye] Oh hi, Nancy.
-[Nancy] This is Beth
and Laurie.

-[Beth] Hi.

I hope you aren't up all night
reading. My last roommate was
a regular vampire.

[Nancy] I'll go get you
guys registered.

[Beth] I didn't know we had
to share a room.

I know, Beth. It's
not a hotel.

[Beth sighs]

[Laurie] You're Greg and
you're Bonnie.

Greg, why don't you and Bonnie
go and show Laurie the play
room, okay?


You can
have these.

[Beth] Great.

-Do you play cards?
-[Beth] No.

[Kaye] You will.

Is this your
first shelter?

[Beth] Yeah. Have you been in
more than one?

From sea to
shining sea.

They're uh,

trying to help me find a place.
I shouldn't be here more than a
couple weeks.

Is your husband
looking for you?

Is water wet?

It's so unfair.
Isn't it?

Yeah. I know.

I wrote my congressman all about
it. Haven't heard back yet.

He's probably off
beating his wife.

Just a joke.


Why don't you make life easy on
yourself and drop it.

Drop what?

The "I'm not like
you" attitude.

[Beth sighs]

I'm sorry.

Hey. Unpack later. Let's go play
a game of gin rummy. Hmm?

Great. But you'll have
to teach me.

I'll teach you.
Come on.

[cartoons on T.V.]

So you gonna play that
card today or?

[Beth] I just can't figure out
how I ended up here.

Did he have fangs?

Did his eye teeth stick
out after dark? No.

He looked normal, he
sounded normal, right?

He loved kids.

He was the greatest guy in
the world according to
everyone else.

Am I right? Did I
nail it?

[sighs] What is it? Do they pick
us or do we pick them?

I know I should have left him a
long time ago but I kept...

thinking it was
my fault.

Yeah, well, when you're trying
to get through the day without
getting your neck broken,

you don't have a lot of
time for reflection.

I should have left him.
No, I should have.

I think first we stay because we
think we can change them.

And then we stay because we
know if we try to leave,
they'll kill us.

Is that what
you're afraid of?

Five emergency rooms, one
intensive care unit and
nine shelters.

Oh my God.

[Beth sighs]

* [sad music]

Where's daddy? Isn't he going to
live with us anymore?

No. Not anymore.

Laurie daddy loves you very
much. You'll always have to
remember that.

He just has a very bad temper
and it scares me.

It scares me
too mommy.

I know.

That's why we're going
to live here.

Where's daddy
gonna live?

In our house.

We're going to be fine. I can
take care of us. It's just
going to take a little time.

I love you, mommy.

I love you, too.

Mom, mom hi.

Yeah I called to um, to let
you know how sorry I am.

I can hardly live with myself
knowing I've hurt you.

There's a lot of
hurt, Tim.

I'm in therapy, now it's
uh, opening my eyes.

This whole mess
is my fault.

I, I, I, just want to let her
know that, you know, just
talk to her on the phone,

or maybe even write her a
letter. I just want to let
her to know how sorry I am.

We don't even know where she
is. They won't tell us.

Look people change, Mom.
I know I have.

[Tim] Please would you
just help me find her.

I'm no good
without her.

She's no good
without me.

I know you didn't want things to
turn out like this. It's not--

[Andrew hangs the
phone up]

[children playing]

[Kaye] They found me an
apartment in Kendall!

[Beth] Alright!
That's great.

It'll be fine for awhile, until
Joe shows up. He always does.

Oh, I'm going to
miss you!

Come with us.
There's room.

Oh Kaye that's really sweet,
but I don't think I'm ready
for that.

They're gonna kick you out of
this place anyway before long.
They need the space.

[Beth sighs]

Yeah, or Tim shows up.

They always come looking for
you. It's why you have to grab
what life you can in between

[Kaye] Now I can't promise you
the Taj Mahal, but I can
promise you

it'll be a helluva lot
better than this.


Alright, why not?

[Kaye] Yeah?

-Okay, roomie.
-[Kaye] Okay.

Now don't get too
carried away,

The way I figure it this way
it'll only cost me half as much.

[Beth laughs] Oh I see. It's not
my charming company you're
interested in.

Oh by the way it's
not half.

Why not half?

-You have two kids.
I only have one.

-And that boy of yours.
He's a big boy.
-He's a big boy.

-Let's go tell 'em.

* [happy music]

-[Laurie] Oh it's so tiny.
-[Beth] I love these
kind of houses.


[indistinguishable chatter]

[Laurie] You know what, Mom? I
really love this house.

[Beth] I'm glad sweetheart.

-[Kaye] Tada! Look at this.
-[everyone in awe]

I'm afraid you're gonna have to
do the honors, Beth. Joe always
carved the turkey.

[Beth] Oh. Well, we never
sliced the turkey at our
house anyway.

"His Majesty" liked it torn.
Preferably before it was
brought to his table.

I don't care if you dice it,
let's eat. I have to be at
work by four.

[Beth] Okay.

You know what?
This is nice.

This is really nice.

-[Laurie] Yeah.

[restaurant noise]

[Woman 1] No, no, no. I
asked for the Chardonnay.

[Woman 2] We asked for
more garlic bread?

Could we get some garlic
bread please?


[Joe] Kaye.

Hey, you know what they say
about a bad penny...

I knew it.

Well what kinda father and
husband would I be if I

didn't check up on my kids and
wife once in a while? Hmm?

You leave
us alone!

I'm sorry. It's no
harm. Honestly.

Just go, okay?

Maybe in our next
life, huh?


Did he follow you?

I don't know.

What should we do? Should we
call the police?

No. They can't do anything or
they won't do anything. I
don't know.

Well then let's
call Nancy.

No. I don't want my kids to
spend Christmas in a shelter.

You can't stay
here though.

I mean if he knows where you
work, then he probably knows
where you live.

Beth I'm so tired,
you know.

I think if it wasn't
for my two kids

I'd stand in the middle of the
street and tell him to come
and get me.

Don't talk like that.

You duck in and out of holes
like a scared rabbit for
nine years

you'll talk just like
that, believe me!

-[sound of children playing]
-[traffic noise]

[knocking on door]

Who is it?

[Joe] Greggie?!


-[Joe] Long time, no see.
-[door closes]

[Joe] Merry
Christmas, Slugger!

[Bonnie] Daddy?!

[Joe] Hey, hi
there gorgeous!

Why don't you run
out the back.

Go ahead.

Go to your room, kids.
Go on. Go on.

[Beth] Laurie. Come here.

Go inside. Go
ahead sweetie.

Just let me see
'em Kaye.

Okay, you're here. So you can
have half an hour.

but you'll have to promise me
you'll go and there'll be no
trouble. Alright?

I'll put my hand on the Bible
and swear on it if it'll make
you happy.

Who's the
lovely lady?

This is my
friend Beth.

Hi, Joe.

Um, could you excuse us,
just a minute.

This is insane. I'm going
to call the police.

He's always okay
the first visit.

We're going to get
him out of here.

-I know what I'm doing, Beth.
-Look, my daughter is in this
house, too.

We're going to get him out of
here now. Then we're going to
get you out. Alright?


[Kaye] You're going to have
to go now, Joe.


We have an appointment.


Well, I'll stay and
watch the kids.

No. Um. They're going to stay
with Mrs. Miller upstairs.

Sorry Joe.

Whatever you say, Kaye.

-[door closes]
-[Kaye] I'll get the kids.

[Kaye] Get inside before you
catch a cold.

We're in a hurry, Joe. We have
to catch the bus.

[Joe] I'll walk you
to your stop.

I don't think so.

[Joe] I wasn't talking
to you, Little Lady.

You know you're doing a
wonderful job with the
kids, Kaye.

Yeah, Joe.

[Beth] Okay, here it comes.

Goodbye, Joe.

Bye Joe.

So long, baby.

[knife flicks]

-[stabbing sounds]
-* [menacing music]

-Oh, my God! Stop! Stop!
-[Kaye screaming]

Stop him!

[bystander] Someone call
the cops!

-[Kaye grunts]
-Oh god! Oh god!
Get an ambulance.

-[Kaye] It's so cold.
-Get a coat.

[Kaye] It's so cold.
[deep breathing]

[Kaye] I knew it...

I knew it...

I just couldn't fight him
anymore. I couldn't do it.

Don't be mad Beth...

[Beth] Shh

Don't be mad.

Oh god! [crying]


-* [church organ music]
-[speaker] Kaye,

wherever you are,
we'll miss you.

[people crying]

Why didn't I just go ahead
and call the police?

You can't blame yourself.
She just gave up.

What's going to happen to
Bonnie and Greggy?

Kaye's mother is gonna
take care of them.

[Beth sighs]

How do they get over a
thing like this?

[Group Leader] You're just
saying the same stuff you
did last week.

Talk about it.
Keep going.

[phone ringing
in background]

[Bob] There's me, this
big surgeon

out there in the world

saving lives and
feeling like a god.

And then there's
an other me...

And who's that?

The ordinary guy who feels like
an idiot trying to talk to his
kid's teacher.

He sleeps with a
night light on

can't get on an airplane without
wondering if this is it.

[Group Leader] It's easier
to play the hero than be

I could keep
myself a secret

from the world.

But not from the woman
I lived with.

She knew me.

[Group Leader] So you beat
her up to keep her quiet.

I'll never fix
what I did.

I'll never have
what I lost.

But at least I'm ready to
stop lying to myself

and the world

about who and
what I am.

[Saunders] It's just
over here.

[office sounds]

Is that him?

-[Saunders] Take him away.
-[intercom] Okay.

You'll be getting a call from
the D.A.'s office.

[Beth] Why?

Well they want your
testimony for the trial.

I can't do that.

My husband is looking
for me too.

If it got in
the papers--

Beth. You witnessed a murder.
They can subpoena you.

It's out of
the question.

You don't have
a choice.

Tell them to talk to
Nancy Boyle. She's at the
Domestic Violence Center.

She can explain
it to them.

* [dramatic music]

I sure I'm the last guy that
you want to see,

but I've got to talk
to someone.

[door closes]

I'm going out of my
mind, mom, I can't
live without her.

Is that group
therapy helping you?

Oh that's the best thing that's
ever happened to me. I'm a
different man.

I don't have to
be some god.

It doesn't matter if I feel like
an idiot when I'm talking to
Laurie's teacher or

if I sleep with a
night light on

or if I'm afraid to get on an
airplane without thinking,
"This is it."

I'm ready to stop lying to
myself and the world about
who and what I really am.

I suppose.

[Andrew] Alice?

[Alice] I better go.

[Alice and Andrew
indistinguishable chatter]

* [dramatic music]

[car door closes]

What do you want?

-Hi. I'm Tim Williamson, I--
-I know who you are.

-[Tim] I'd like to speak
with my wife Beth--
-[Nancy] She's not here.

[Tim] Look this uh, this isn't
what you think it is.

The police are
on their way.

-You're trying to protect her.
and I appreciate that--
-[Nancy] Don't come any closer.

Would you just tell her,
tell them both, that I
love them.

You have a
great day.

* [dramatic music]

[car speeds away]

How did he get
the address?

Well, you must have
told someone.

[Beth] No one except
my family.

[Nancy] Beth I said
no one.

Pack a bag. I'm going to put you
and Laurie into another shelter
for a while.

I can't do that again Nancy.
I just can't!

I'll be there in
twenty minutes.

[Detective Brice] Police
department. Detective Brice.

[car speeding up]

[Beth] Nancy, I know how
to be careful.

[Nancy] You can't
stay here.

[Beth] I am not going to put
Laurie through anything
else. It's too much.

[Nancy] I'm going to put you and
Laurie into a shelter outside
the city.

[Beth] No. No
more changes.

[Nancy] There is nothing to
debate! You have got to protect
yourself and your daughter.

Nobody knows this address.
There's no way he could find
us here. Think about it.

Think what you'll be
doing to that child.

Exactly. And I'm not
going to apologize
for it, either.

[Beth sighs]

[knocking on door]

-[Beth] Who is it?
-[Policeman] Police!

Beth Williamson?


This is officer Nash and I'm
officer Bivens with the
Metro Police Department.

Where's your
daughter ma'am?

[Beth] In her room.

What? Wait a wait a minute
you can't just walk in
here like that!

[Officer Bivens] We have a
court order ma'am

Court order?
For what?

To place your daughter into
protective custody.

-[Officer Nash] Sorry to do
this, ma'am.
-[Beth] Hey! You can't do that!

-Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
-* [dramatic music]

-[Laurie] Mommy!

[Laurie] Mommy help me!

Let me out! You can't
just take her!

-[Laurie] Mommy help me!
-[Officer Nash] Easy.
Easy sweetie.


-[Beth] No don't take her.
Please. Don't! No!
-[police siren]


-[Beth] Where is she?
-[Nancy] Juvenile Hall.

-[Beth] I want her back.
-[Nancy] Get into a safe house
or a shelter.

-[Beth] Alright. I'll pack up
some stuff--
-[Nancy] No.

Just make a list of
essentials and clothing,

and I will send someone else
over there and they will
pick it up.

I let my
guard down.

Yes, you did.

I can't do that.

No you can't.


* [sad piano music]

[children talking]

Sweetheart. Oh honey!
Oh god.

Oh baby I am
so sorry.

Next time, I want you to
stop them.

There won't be a next time.
Mommy's going to be sure that
never happens again.

[Beth sighs]

[Beth] Didn't you explain my
situation to him?

[Nancy] I tried.

[Beth] [sighs] Well
I'm not going.

[Nancy] Beth. You have to Beth.
The D.A. subpoenaed you.

You didn't tell them where
I am, did you?

I had to.

All right then. I guess I'm
gonna have to go and talk to
him at least, but I will not

stand up in a public court and
make a target out of myself. I
just won't.

[Melchor] I understand your
situation Beth. But your
testimony is crucial.

If you ignore this subpoena the
judge can hold you in contempt
of court.


First you have my daughter put
in juvenile hall because I
won't go into hiding

then you threaten me with jail
for trying to protect myself
and my daughter.

[Beth sighs] Well I'll
tell you something

if you're gonna put me in
that kind of jeopardy,

you have to do something to
guarantee our safety.

She'll probably have to hide
from her husband for the
rest of her life!

Look I'm sorry, but we don't
have a case without her.

So unless you want to
let the man go free...

You have a witness
protection program.

What's that?

I guess I can talk
to the judge.

But it's damn
expensive proposition.

And it's not
easy either.

It means assuming an entirely
new identity and no contact
with your past.

Absolutely none.

For how long?

For as long as
it's necessary.

And that could be for a
very long time.

It may be the
only way to go.

Are you sure that's
what you want?

Look I don't know much
about the law but,

I do know that I haven't done
anything wrong here.

So I guess you better
just tell the judge that

if he can't do
this thing then

he'll have to put
me in jail.

[phone rings
in background]

I'll see what
I can do.

[crowd noise]

-Beth Williamson?

Hello there, you
must be Laurie.

I'm Mark Atkinson. I'm with the
U.S. Marshals Witness
Protection Program.

I have a feeling you'll
be be very sick of me
before long.

Sounds good to me.

-[Mark] This way, please.
-Come on sweety.

Okay. From now on you're Jean
Barrett. And Laurie, we've come
up with the name Shelly for you.

Why do we have to
change my name?

To keep us
safe, honey.

You'll be given new ID'S. Social
Security and Driver's License
when you get to Kansas.

Now this is Jean
Barrett's background.

You were a flight attendant.
You're divorced, it's all here.

[Mark] You're also gonna have to
change your appearance.

[knock on door]

-Can you take her?
-[baby whining]

-[Terri] Oh Beth...
-[Beth sighs]

[Mark] Five minutes.

[Terri] Hi sweetie. Hi.

Oh, God, I've missed
you so much.

Where are they
sending you?

I can't tell you.

[Terri] How can we reach you?

You can't even try.


-[Beth] Here.
-Mom's ring, you keep that.

I want you to have it.
I do. Please.

I love you.

I know. [cries]

[Terri] I love you, too.

Go on now. Go on.

* [sad piano music]


Oh, sweetheart.


* [happy music]

[engine stops]

[car door closes]

[Beth] We're going to have our
own house again.

-I'll just get the luggage.

[trunk closes]


you'll be under regular
surveillance by patrol
cars six times a day.

And this is
my card.

You can reach me
twenty-four hours a day

and I or another Marshall
will be here within five

-[Laurie] Wee! That's fun!

Well. What do you think?

* [happy music]

Oh! Do you like it? Do you like
it? Do you, do you, do you, do
you, do you, do you, huh?

-Do you like it?
-[Laurie] [laughing] Yes.

[kissing] Good. Oh honey...

[Beth sighs]

We who are about to
die, salute you.


Oh, my gosh, Mommy.
What happened?

[Beth sighs]

I dyed my hair.

Do you like it?


Me, too.

You've had red hair
since we moved here.

-Mm hmm...
-Should we make
my hair red too?

What a good idea. Let's see,
maybe red with green streaks.


Yeah why not? You'd like
that, wouldn't you?

[Laurie squeals
with delight]

[car door closes]

[Tim] She ran away from me. She
took my baby, she disappeared.

-You shouldn't
have gone after her.
-[Tim] I'm not myself.

I think maybe you are.

-Mom, please. Please would you
just tell me where she is.
-[Alice] I don't know.


It's the truth.

You wouldn't know the truth if
it hit you in the face!

[rattles on the door]

Just let me in.

-No no no. I know he's
not here. Open this damn door!

-Now! [kicks door]

Just get out of here, Tim.

[door locks]

[Laurie] Why can't I
go with you?

Honey I'm going to be very busy.
I have business I have to take
care of.

[Laurie] What kind
of business?

Grown up stuff.

-[Laurie] About daddy?

But you're scared
about it.

No I'm not.

I don't want to stay at Jenny's
house. I want you to stay home.

It's just for a
few days.

What if something
happens to you?

[Beth] I'm gonna have a
policeman watching me
the whole time.

Policemen makes mistakes.

* [dramatic music]

Sweetie, there's nothing for
you to be afraid of.

Yes there is, cause when I
was playing with Bonnie
and Greggie

and a policeman came, he
said Auntie Kaye was in
the hospital

and she'd be all right,
then she died.

The policeman made
a sad mistake.

Well, if they make a mistake
about you, then you'll be dead.
I don't want you to die.

Honey, I'm not
going to die.

Are you sure?

[Beth sighs] Of course
I'm sure.

Have you got it or do you
want to run over it one
more time?

I've got it.

I'll go see if the
judge is ready.

Wait a minute...

"The former roommate of the
slain woman is expected to
testify against the killer..."

What's wrong?

He'll find me!

It doesn't mention
your name.

It doesn't have to.

Beth, we've got police stationed
all over the courthouse.

Why didn't you tell me about
this before I got on the plane?

Number one, you don't
know he's in town.

And number two, if he really
wanted to know when this
trial was,

all he'd have to do is make a
couple of phone calls.

Oh you didn't tell me about
that either, did you?

I jumped through hoops to get
you in witness protection.

Now I need you
to calm down.

I want you cool on
that stand.

So let's just forget about this
for ten minutes, okay?--

Yeah Kaye Ferrar forgot
about it for ten minutes.

[Mark] Showtime.

[Marshall clears throat]

Did Kaye Ferrar share her views
of her husband with you?

Sometimes, I guess.

[Marshall] She did?


[Marshall] Did she ever tell
you she thought Joe Ferrar
was disturbed?


Do you have any idea why she
would lead him on,

knowing his precarious mental
and emotional state of being--

[Melchor] Objection! !

[Judge] Sustained.

[gasps from everyone]

I'll rephrase.

Mrs. Barrett, in your deposition
you said, and I'm quoting now,

"Joe Ferrar is an
extremely sick man."

Now did you think he was
sick the day he showed
up at your apartment?


Why didn't you
call the police?

He seemed okay. He
acted calm.

Well which is it? Extremely sick
or calm? You're contradicting

-Objection, your honor.
-[Judge] Sustained.

[Marshall] But you say he acted
sick and yet you did nothing?

Wait a minute. I'm not the one
on trial here. He is!

How dare you try to muddy Kaye's
character? How dare you point
fingers at me?

[Judge] Order!

He hunted her down and
he killed her!

-[Judge] Counselor...

-I'm sick of hiding!

I'm sick of wondering when
or where it's going to
happen to me.

And I'm sick of people like you
doing nothing about it!

Counselor, control your witness
or she'll be placed in contempt
of Court.

They hunt us down. We hide.
They find us.

We go deeper into hiding. They
find us. We run. It happens over
and over and over again.

And all the time in the
back of your mind

you're terrified that the
day is gonna come

-when there won't be
anyplace left to hide.
-* [sad piano music]

You fight that with
everything that's in you.

But the fear
wears you out.

[crying] Kaye just wore out.

[airport chatter]

You did a lot of good on
that stand today.

Kaye would have done
the same for me.

I was really
proud of you.

Thank you.



-Goodbye, Nancy.
-Goodbye, Mark.

[Beth] Thank you.

I can't wait to get home.
I miss Laurie so much.

* [menacing music]

[doorbell rings]

Who is it?

[Mark] It's Mark.

Hi. Come on in.

[Mark] Thank you.

Want some coffee?

[Mark] No thanks. I can't stay.

Oh. You want to sit down?

[Beth] What's wrong?

I have a new assignment
effective tomorrow morning.

[Beth] Oh, really? Oh that's too
bad. We're going to miss you.

They're closing your file,
Beth. You're out of
witness protection.

I thought I was in it as long
as it was necessary.

Joe Ferrar was
convicted this morning.

But I risked my life! I thought
I got protection in exchange
for that.

Yes, but you knew it
wouldn't last forever.

But I still need it!

If he find us,
he'll kill me!

[Mark] No one directly connected
with Ferrar's case poses a
threat to you.

-Look, I agree it stinks...
-[Beth sighs]

We were just starting to
like it here too.

I can't believe that I was
finally sleeping nights.

I talked to the lead officer at
your precinct. They're still
going to keep an eye on you.

-[Beth sighs]
-We've arranged that
you can keep the house.

You'll have have to start
paying rent in a few months.

I'm sorry, Beth, I talked until
I was blue in the face to get
your protection extended.

[Beth sighs]

I don't blame you. But I'll
tell you something.

My little girl is going to
take ballet. And she's
going to her prom.

And she's going to
graduate from college.

And I'm going to do whatever it
is that I have to do,

in order to be around for her
for a long, long time.

[throws towel]

[Beth sighs]

[Laurie] Please, Mommy, I
don't know.

You're getting colder.

[Laurie] Tell me.

Look up around
the porch.

[Laurie] I don't know!

Honey. The porch light is on and
it's still day time.

Oh. "Run next
door for help."

[Beth] Right! Good girl.

[Beth] Now, we can have
our hot chocolate.

[Laurie] Thanks mommy.

[thunder clap]

[doorbell rings]

[door opens]

Hi, uh, I'm Jean Barrett. This
is my daughter Shelly. We live
across the street.

Osgood don't like for me to let
people up on the porch when he
isn't home.

I understand. All I'm asking is
that you call the police if you
see this man.

Or if you see my front porch
light on during the day.

We have reason to believe he
may want to harm us.

I don't know
you, honey.

[Beth sighs]

Well, that's the
whole block.

Yeah, hi. Is this the Board
of Education?

Good, listen, I'm new in town
and I have an eight year-old
daughter who's uh,

very talented
at art.

I was wondering, do you have any
special public schools

with a curriculum
geared towards art?

Oh, great.

In terms of safety, one of the
most important things you can do

is to phone into your check-in
partner on a regular basis.

Those calls should be
made every three hours.

Excuse me, I'm new in this area
and I don't really know anyone,

so I don't have a
check-in partner.

[Leader] Any volunteers?

I'm Lois Banks. I think we live
in the same neighborhood.

How do you know?

I've seen you at my
daughter's school.

I think your little girl is in
the gifted art program, right?


If she ever needs a ride
home or anything...

Oh, thanks.
That'd be great.

It's so hard starting over
in a new place.

Do you ladies mind
if we join you?

[everyone laughs]

* [happy music]

[sound of children playing]

-[Laurie] Bye, Mom.
-[Beth] Bye, sweetie.

* [menacing music]

[car engine starts]


[car door shuts]

[sound of vacuum]

[Osgood] Hey, you! What do you
think you're doing?

[Tim] I happen to be the
owner of this house.

My tenant is a little
worried about security.

Her ol' man's after her or
something. So I'm just uh,

checking around.

You got a problem
with that?

Oh, no I guess not.

[vacuum turns off]

[dialing phone]

[Lois on phone] Hello?

-Hi, [Lois]. It's me.
-[Lois] Oh hi.

1:05 and I'm still alive. I'll
talk to you again at 4.

[Lois] Listen. I can pick
Laurie up after school.

-[Lois] Sure.

Oh god, that would
be great.

Yeah, if you pick her up, I'd
have just enough time to get
to the store.

[gate closes]

[door closes and locks]

[flicking sound of lighter]

[Tim] Little Red
Riding Hood.

You got a cool beer in that
ice box, honey?

[children talking]

[Lois] Hi, honey.

[Laurie] Hi. Mrs. Banks

[Lois] Hi, Shelly. Oh I'm taking
you home today. Why don't you
hop in front here.

[doors close]

[flicking sound of lighter]

[Tim] How's Laurie get
home from school?

[Beth] She gets
a ride.

[Tim] What time?

It varies.

What time?

[Beth sighs]

After three.

Good. That gives us a little
time to celebrate this
reunion, huh?

-Have a drink with me.
-[whiskey pouring]

You know I
don't drink.

[Tim] Well I've been waiting for
this toast for a long time.

Make an exception.

To us.

You know, it's cold in
here. I'm going to go
get another shirt.

[Tim] Sit down!

All I ever wanted was to care
for you and Laurie.

You still could.

[laughing] Do you think
I'm that stupid?

You know she's doing
really well in school.

I should show you some
of her drawings.

Would you just sit
there and shut up.

Beth. All I ever wanted,
all I ever wanted in
this whole world

was everything you
took away from me.

[Tim] Beth! Beth!

What are you
doing Beth, huh?

-What are you doing, huh?
-I told you--

I told you I
was cold.

Just get over there
and sit down.

I said sit down!

[Eula] Here you are.

[Osgood] Oh thanks.

Say when did Sip Johnson
sell that house?

[Eula] I didn't
know he had.

Well, he did. I saw the new
owner. Not too friendly.

He was checking the side
gate for his tenant.

I almost thought he
was a burgular.

[Eula] Hmm...

Tim, we could work it out.
You, me and Laurie.

Oh don't you worry Beth. We're
going to be together, the
three of us


* [somber music]

Oh, God, please...

Oh, God, please...

She's your little girl...

And you took her
away from me!

-[Tim] Aaah. There she is.
-* [tense music]

Bye, sweetie, see
you tomorrow.

Bye, Mrs. Banks!

[car door closes]

* [music intensifies]

She's much prettier than you
ever were, Beth.

Don't hurt her, Tim.
Don't please. [crying]

* [dramatic music]

Call the police!
Oh, my Lord!

Little girl! Little girl!
Little girl! Don't go in there.

Don't go in there.
Don't go in there. No, no.

Oh, you can't
stop fate.

Please don't hurt her.

No! Don't go in there. Don't go
in there. Come here to me,
honey. Don't go in--

Come to me, honey.
Come to me.


[Eula] Just do like I say.

-[Eula] Come on dear.

What the hell
is going on?

Oh, God, it worked.

-[Laurie] Mommy!
-[Osgood] You come
on in the house.

-* [menacing music]
-What'd you do, Beth, huh?

Beth What'd you do? What do
you think is on the other
side Beth? Huh?

What do you think is out there?
You think maybe we'll be
together, huh?

-[Beth] Hell.

-[Beth moans]

What'd you do, Beth, huh?
What'd you do? Huh?

-What'd you do?!
-[Beth choking]

What'd you do? What'd
you do? Huh?

Huh? Huh?

[brakes screech]

How should I do
it, Beth huh...

[hammer cocks]

How should
we do it?

A bullet to
the heart?

Or maybe just a quick shot
to the head. Huh?

-Huh? Look what you made me do.
-[crashing noise in background]

[Tim] Look what you
made me do now.

[Officer 1] Drop the gun!

Get out of here!

[Officer 1] Come on.

Get out of here!

-[Officer 2] Put it down.
-[Beth groaning]

Drop it!

I got time.

* [somber music]

-[Beth drops on floor]
-[gun drops]

[Beth coughing]

[Officer 2] Alright. Let's go.

[Beth coughing]

-[Eula] There she is.
-[Laurie] Mommy!

[Beth] Honey. Oh god. Oh,
baby, are you okay?

[Laurie] Yeah.

Oh, thank you.
Thank you.

[Beth sighs]

-* [somber piano music]
-[paramedics talking]

* [dramatic music sting]

* [slow piano version of
"Blaster Master" theme]

[car engine starts]

* [happy clarinet music]

* [Multicom Entertainment
Group jingle]