Dangerous Games (1970) - full transcript

Wild goings on in a private girl's junior high school.

A Dainichi Eihai Co., Ltd. Presentation

A Nikkatsu Production

Are you kidding me? There's
no money left for us in school!

Don't be ridiculous! 3rd graders
get the most of it every year!

A subsidy of 50,000 yen won't
do anything! Are you stupid?

The cost of living is rising!

Dealing with that part is the
specialty of you 3rd graders!

You just want us to be laughed at, right?
We have figured this out now.

Oh... So you run away even before
I prepare for the fight...

How can you behave as you please
in school despite being such a coward?

- What did you just say?
- Wait!

In that case, we have to show
him what we can do.

Huh? 50,000 is no big deal...

We will make even more than that.

- So don't ever forget!
- I get it. I get it.

Girls' Junior High School:
Dangerous Games

Everyone at home, this is
Shirobara Middle School!

We are here to collect old
newspapers, magazines and toilet paper.

This is Shirobara School!

Let's save the victims
of water pollution!

Please provide your support
to victims of water-pollution.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

Please give your support!

Please provide your support to the charity
bazaarat Shirobara School!

You are doing good!

- Thank you very much!
- Keep it up!

Please provide your support to the
charity bazaarat Shirobara School!

Please give your support!
Please buy our goods!

Please buy our goods!

- Your school building burned down?
- Such a pity...

We want to start studying
as soon as possible!

That's why we gathered all our study materials
and are selling theme to get some money.

- Right...
- Even one more yen can help save our school.

Hey, has everybody heard?
Hey, did you hear? Okay! I will buy it!

- Yeah! I will buy some too.
- That's right. Let's buy their stuff!

Hey! Who gave you bitches
authorization for this sale?


Hey, Ju! You Idiot!

Do you have to get involved
with their money-making scheme?

Are you going to undermine
my reputation?

- That's not it! I have a reason.
- What?

- What?
- That's why we became their decoys.

I see. Is that how it was?

Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Hey, girls!

Let me teach theme!

Watch and learn!

Their school burned down.

Just like a cuckoo with no nest,

They are broken-heartedly trying
their best to get their school back.

The result is in front of you.
So! So! How about it? Buy! Buy!

If you don't sympathize with these
poor girls, that's a shameful thing.

How about this fountain pen?
One for 30,000 yen!

Of course, it's expensive. Okay...

Of course, it's expensive. Okay...
You can have it for 300 yen.

You can have it for 300 yen.

- Wow! That's quite a lot!
- Of course!

With our skills, we can even make
200,000 or 300,000 yen, right?

Mr. Tameura, please keep it!

Yes, I will. Wow, you did a good
job earning all that!

Shirobara School Festival Fund

- Hey!
- What's this about?

I got the money!

Shirobara Private Middle School

Therefore, I would like to say thank all the students
who worked on this from the bottom of my heart.

I have no doubt that this year's school festival,
organized by you students, will be successful!

The middle schoolers here will
become high schoolers next year.

Still... the most important thing
is trust among people...

- Who's she?
- What a hipster...

Trust and harmony among people
are very important.

So, with this opportunity,
be united for this year's festival...

- What?
- What...

Be quiet! Be quiet!

...and move forward!
The end!

- I don't understand what he is saying...
- What an idiotic principal...


Running away with a bar-girl with
the money collected by our students?

What the hell?

I checked the bag after getting the phone call
saying that he would definitely pay theme back.

- And this...
- Stupid Tameura...

- Principal! Call the police immediately!
- No way!

The school's reputation will be
tainted if this becomes public!

Find him! Vice-Principal!
I don't care how much it'll cost!

Hire a PI to find out his location!
Right now!

- Who are you?
- I am Ryoko Henmei, a transfer student.

Ryoko Henmei?
Class A, 3rd Grade?

- Let's make a big arch with roses.
- Let's have a costumed parade.

- I will be Cleopatra.
- How pathetic!

- Yours will be so ugly!
- What did you say, bitch?

Be quiet! Flowers don't matter!

Everyone! Please be quiet!

This is Ryoko Henmei,
your classmate starting today.

Please be kind to her.

You can use this.
Everyone, hurry up!

I'm thinking about something big!

Henmei, what?

Let's ask Keiko Fuji or Saburo Kitajimea
to come to our school festival.

Keiko Fuji or Saburo Kitajimea?

It will definitely
raise the morale, right?

Are you against this?

What are you laughing at?

Do you think you can hire
top-class singers with 380,000?

Hey, newbie! Are you trying
to pick a fight with me?

- Just stating the obvious.
- What?

- She's bold.
- That's right.

Let's beat her up!

- What are you doing?
- Welcoming you!

That hurt! Shit!

Stand down!
I will do her by myself.

Kick her ass!

Have a shower!
Have a shower!

Tum on the water!

Hey! Let me through!
Stop it! Stop!

Leave me alone!
Let me settle this battle!

Shut up! Even the principal told
you to correct your behavior!

You are the head of the preparation
committee! Stop this madness now!

And you!
Fighting on your first day?

Do they deserve that kind
of treatment?

What do you mean by that?

The money collected
by you all is gone!


A teacher ran away with the money,
accompanied by a bar hostess.

No way! Don't tell stupid lies!

Why don't you ask him if it's true?

Is it true? Is it true, Mister?

Who was it?
Who did such a thing?

- It was Mr. Tameura...
- Mr. Tameura?

Shit! Everything we did
was for nothing!


Head of the preparation committee?
I refuse!

- Let's boycott the class!
- Boycott the class!

Be quiet!

Hey! Don't think you can
intimidate us by raising your voice!

Do you think I'm fine with a teacher
running away with a bar-girl?

I assure you that I'll take care
of the monetary matters.

So, please don't make a fuss
about this for now.

Got it? Are we done?

It's their fault in the first place.

I won't believe a teacher's promises.

That's right.

But he is kind of cool.

Hey, you have guts.

- Would you like to continue?
- Let's just suspend it until this evening.

Hey, I'm busy right now.
Just take this and eat out.

Hurry up!
That deck is no good.

What a beautiful woman!
Miss Kawasaki! You look like an actress!

- Stunning!
- You look 22 years old!

Isn't it too much?

Just for tonight...
About right...

And what are you going to do
with this speaker you brought?

Just wait.

Senorita came!
Is she your friend?

Shut up!

How are you going to settle the fight?

By seducing a teacher!

You said he was cool!

Tsukada! The one who
successfully seduces him wins!

Are you afraid? You can give up!
Just apologize to me!

- I can do it!
- Well, you have guts.

If I win, I will become the new leader.

What did you say?

She is already behaving like
a winner. Don't cry later!

Home Report

Ah, Masuda...
What's up this late?

Some food for you!

I felt sorry for what I did to you...
So, I'm here to apologize.

In that costume?

This is because I'm working
part-time at a pachinko parlor.

- Part-time?
- My older sister is currently sick.

- I'm covering for her. Just for 2 or 3 days.
- Don't tell stupid lies! You are the eldest!

It hurts!

What's wrong?

My stomach started to
hurt all of a sudden! It hurts!


- It hurts!
- Where?

It hurts! It hurts!

- Here?
- Further down.

- It hurts!
- Around here?

Stronger! Press stronger!

It hurts. Hold me!


- Around here?
- Right there! That feels good!

Masuda! Do you realize
where I'm pressing?

Good. Very good! It feels so good!

I'm pressing the opposite side
of what you told me.

Stop this pathetic joke!
I have no intention to play with you.

If you got it, leave now!

Thanks for the cigarettes.

Can you hear?

I have something to ask.

Okay. Come in.

Which part?

In Sakaki Naoba's hometown...

It usually reads kyu,
and the big one reads sei.

It means the elder of the sakaki plant.


Aren't you angry with me?


You have such a complex character.

Cold, cruel and elegant.
It drives guys crazy.

Just like a little devil.

Don't be so serious. Come closer.

Henmei! Can I sleep with you?

- You won't regret it, Henmei.
- Stop it!

- She did it!
- It's not confirmed yet!

Shit! It broke at the most
important point!

I'll stop here.

Do you think I'll fall
for your stupid jokes?

You bet with Masuda
on seducing me, right?

Stop this stupid joke now.

Your body is precious.

You can't use this one anymore, though.
Take it home as my gift to you.

Hey! What are you doing?
It's still wet!

Hey! Give it back!

How about that side?

I won.

It's his.

Don't believe it?

I got it. Let's make up.

Here it is... Take it home.

Guys are gross!

What's the matter?

This is marijuana.

You'd better not smoke.

- Are we making up here?
- Not yet.

- How tenacious you are...
- Underwear isn't proof.

- What are you doing?
- I'm going to check your body.

- Get over there! Stop fooling us!
- What are you doing? Stop it!

- Beautiful!
- Go ahead! Go ahead!

- Stop touching me!
- Shut up! Stop talking!

What are you doing? Stop!

Idiots! Stop it!


- What is that? Don't disturb us!
- What?!

This isn't a playground!

Hey! I rented this place for you to study.

But... But... you brought these girls here.

Our boss would make me cut off my fingers
if he found out. Don't you get it?

- I don't know anything.
- I don't know anything?. Idiot!

Wait, did you steal the inventory?

- Enjoy...
- Shut up!

Hey! See what you've
done to my brother?

Huh? Ridiculous!

What did you just say?

I don't have time for this.

Hey, Shingo! A light!

Yes, sir! Coming! Sorry!

Well, my bad.

Enjoy your time then. Got it?

If you get it, that's
fine by me. That hurt!

Shit! She got away just in time.

- You'll let her go like that?
- No way! I will take care of this mess!

- What?
- Sleeping with Mr. Tsukada is no big deal.

I'll avenge you.

I'll show you tomorrow.
So, just watch.


Go! Go! Let's win!

It hurts! It hurts!

It hurts! It hurts!

- Let's take her to the nurse.
- Are you okay?


She is pregnant.

No doubt about it.

She is about 4 months pregnant.

What should I do?

I will speak with her.

Please don't tell the students.

Toshie has a baby, right?

We know all about it.

Summer vacation, right?

I'm not angry.

Tell me honestly,
who is the father?

When we went to Shinshu.

Mr. Tsukada and I were
present during that time.

Did you run away while
everybody was sleeping?


Tell me who the father is.

A student?

Some hooligan?

Who is it?

Mr. Tsukada.

No way!

I'm not joking.

But he really wanted
someone to sleep with.

I said no, but he forced me.


Good riddance!

My revenge for you is complete.


I won't forgive him! Everyone!
Come with me!


Did you believe what
Toshie Mochizuki said?

But she ispregnant!

Are you pretending that
nothing happened?

She just gave my name, then.

- Are you saying you don't remember?
- That's ridiculous!

Are you suggesting I slept with
a middle-school 3rd grader?

It's not that I want to believe it...


Take Toshie Mochizuki and settle
the rumors among the students first.

Go now!

I don't think meeting her in
person is a good idea.


Are you sure you didn't
do anything questionable?

Go and make it clear!

I'm going! I'm going!

Students are causing trouble!


This is the evidence for what
Tsukada did. Listen, everyone!

Don't be so serious. Come closer.

Henmi! Can I sleep with you?

You won't regret it, Henmi.

Stop it!

You actually did it.

That's not true! It's not!

Did everyone get that?

Tsukada not only slept with Toshie
but also with Ryoko Henmei.

The school also tried to coverup
that Mr. Tameura ran away with our money.

We can't study at this evil school!

The school should take responsibility!

- That's right. Now or never!
- We can cheat and be late for class!

The school will take care of the money.

That's how the law works.

She is very clever. The law!

We have to deal with Toshie's baby first.

We can deal with their
responsibility after that.

Don't be naive!

Didn't I win the bet?

I'm the leader.

The bet is off.

You're such a coward.

Sleeping with a pervert
like Tsukada is weirder!

I'll pay you back tonight!

Until then, I remain leader!

Anyway, repeat after me!
Tsukada out!

Tsukada out!

Hey! What's wrong?

I agree with Henmei!


We'd better take it one step at a time
rather than making a fuss.

I disagree! We have to make
the teacher take responsibility first.

- What are you talking about?
- Responsibility first!

Shit! She totally ruined it!

How many times do I have
to tell you, Principal?

Henmei and Masuda bet on seducing me!

So you are saying you
fell for their trick?

No way! I just figured out
their trick and Meade fun of theme.

You mean they're framing you as the father
of Toshie Mochizuki's baby for revenge?

- There is no other explanation.
- Do you have proof?

If you doubt me,
make her have the baby!

A blood test will
show I'm not the father!

Don't talk nonsense!

Are you suggesting we let a student
give birth just to prove your innocence?

Think about my position at least.

I won't allow it.
I will never allow such a thing!

What about my reputation then?

You didn't even knock!

I'm here to return this.

I washed it.

Idiot! Why did you bring it now?

Mr. Tsukada,
what is the meaning of this?

- Please explain.
- In short, I don't care anymore.

Henmei! You took it home because
you lost the bet on seducing him, right?

Betting on seducing Mr. Tsukada...

Why would you do that?

The blood test will show
that it was not Mr. Tsukada.

That's right.

However you try to trick me,
I still trust Mr. Tsukada.

I don't care what
kind of tricks you use...

I will still marry Mr. Tsukada.


Tsukada! Ms. Natsukawa!
Is that true?

Yes. He held my hand
during the sports festival.

And when we separated after he
gave me a ride, he proposed to me.

It was because I was drunk
and you are attractive.

It was just a compliment!

Do you usually propose marriage
as a compliment?

Guys are usually...

- And I was in the mood...
- Unimportant talk for later!

- What is it unimportant about it?
- How dare you talk to me like that!


I was right!


I apologize for what my brother did.

I've wanted to ask you though... How
did you end up with those pathetic girls?

Such a shame!
It's like a pearl in mud.

You'll become like theme in the end.

Leave me alone!

Hey! What's wrong?

Hey? I didn't say anything
that's not true!

What are you trying to do this time?

The hair.

The first one who
gets her haircut loses.

Don't cut anywhere else.

Are you afraid?


- Idiot! Do you see what is happening here?
- Let me go!

Calm down!

If I don't wipe her out,
there'll be no place for me.


Is this about who'll lead?

I see.

I can't get in the way of your
serious battle, then.


Let me solve this!



Place your bets!

- Odd or even?
- What is even?

Even number or odd number.

- I'm for even.
- I'm for odd.

Let's see!

Even! You lose!

Until one's naked! The pubes of the one
who gets naked firs twill be shaved.


Let's see! Odd!

Let's see! Even!

- Even!
- Odd!

Let's see!

Odd of 5 and 2!



- Place your bets!
- Even.


Let's see!

Odd of 4 and 1!

Take it off!

I'll just accept my loss.

The yakuza code dictates that cutting
your finger won't be enough!


The promise was to shave your pubes!

Toshie! Are you betraying me?
I'm not going anywhere!

- This is an important process.
- Shit!


- What's up?
- Bro...

She doesn't have any.

What? She doesn't have any yet?!

I hate you! I'm the winner!

- Get dressed.
- Good!

This settles the fight.
Be nice to each other!

Fighting's not easy.
You're crying now.

You will leave bad memories
here with that.

Be a good girl starting tomorrow.

I'd like to have a girls' talk.
Give us some room.

- Henmei!
- Toshie!

Tell me the truth! Your baby's father
is not Mr. Tsukada, right?

Yes, he is!

- Can I trust you?
- I wouldn't lie to our new leader.

If you doubt me, I'll give birth.

I got it.

Teachers are all pathetic!

Of course!

In that case, I'll make theme suffer,
one by one.

Miss! Toshie...

- What's up?
- It's an emergency! Come quickly!

Where is Mochizuki?

Where is she?

Who are you?

Masuda! What is this about?

Stop this joke right now!

What are you doing?
Let me go!

What are you doing?
Stop it!

Stop it!

- What is it?
- I know.

- Know what?
- You and Shige at the ramen shop.

Did Shige do something to you?
I saw it.

You distracted our attention and gave
Mr. Tsukada's name in order to flatter Hanako.

But she's not the leader anymore!

- Rumei...
- And you lied to Ryoko...

But this has become too big
to stop lying now...

Ryoko is trying to take revenge
on all teachers based on your story.

If she finds out,
you'll be in big trouble!

Please don't tell her!
What are you doing?

I'll take this watch
for saving your ass.

- No! This is my sister's!
- Stop complaining!

I can't!

What are you doing here?


Does Rumei want to take your
watch for something you've done?

Ah, you can't tell me.

- I'll tell you for her.
- Rumei!

The father of Toshie's baby is not
Mr. Tsukada but a dude at the ramen shop.

Forgive me.

Forgive me! Forgive me!


You're an idiot!


Did you do it?

You bastards!

Henmei! Was this your plan?

Why? Why would you do this?

Are you jealous of Ms. Natsukawa?!

Why would I be jealous of her?

Nothing happened to me!
Don't worry!

Maybe she was trying to use me
in order to get revenge on you.


I believe in his innocence.

Why don't you believe in him, too?

Even if teachers believe in
each other, students can't!

I came here to stop theme.

There was a lack of communication.

Mr. Tsukada,
what are you going to do?

Do you discipline students
by doing nothing?

We can't arrest theme
and send theme to detention.

Lack of communication, right?

It's not that Toshie told you
a lie with other intentions.

Forgive her.

I don't care anymore.

We have to deal with her baby.

- Where do we get the money?
- We have to earn it by ourselves.

- Hey Mister!
- Who are you?

What are you doing?

Here! Hurry! Run!

We're the police!
You're arrested for gambling!

Collect the money!

Let us go this time!
We don't do this every day!

You can just let us go this time...

Wait! Mister! Show me your badge!

Don't you have one?

Are you kidding? What is this?

You're friends of Hanako's, right?


How dare you steal parents' money?

Ah, busted...

You are...

Shoplifting! Thief! Thief!
It's her! Her! Arrest her!

Special price! Half price!

This is a wedding dress
for a newly pregnant woman.

Please buy this!

These aren't fake!
Buy your stuff here!

Don't think too long!
Buy now!

It's not always this cheap.

We have underwear!
Don't rush!

How about it?

Your boyfriend will get
excited about this!

Please put the goods down.

Mr. Tsukada, is this how
you discipline students?

You not only shoplifted,
you also framed Ms. Natsukawa for theft!

What's so funny?

A charity campaign?

We didn't have any other
means to earn money.

Shoplifting is a crime.

You are guilty.

You're not allowed to do
anything for money!

I'd like to apologize for Toshie's lie
about Mr. Tsukada.

No, that's not what Ms. Natsukawa
is talking about.

What you did as students
of Shirobara School was...

What is shameful is the teacher who ran
away with the money collected by students.

- She's right.
- Yes!

I got it!

The school will compensate you
for the loss caused by Mr. Tameura.


And please lend some money
for Toshie Mochizuki's situation.

And you shouldn't do
things like this again!


Why should the school pay
for the loss incurred by students?

Am I right, Ms. Natsukawa?

No more involvement with
the students' problems!

Without money she'll give birth and
the problem will become even bigger!

Hurry! Get out! Hurry!


If you do this, they might leak
what Mr. Tameura did to the public!

Please provide your support
to victims of water-pollution!

You're doing a good job.

- Thank you!
- You too.

- But... Pachinko...
- Idiot! Pachinko is not for survival!

People are dying from drinking
polluted mud!

Please give your support!

Hey! What are you doing with that?

- Do it properly!
- Mister!?

This is 20,000 yen. Deal with it.

No need.

Henmei! Stop this fraud!

- Take it!
- This is a salary advance.

I don't want to get you into
more trouble.


I want to earn money too...
Money is such a complicated thing.

Tsukada was giving us money.
Why didn't you take it?

Toshie's belly is going to
get bigger very fast!

I have a good idea.

Let's use my brother's business.

Brother, eh?

I'm so popular...

I saw your hard work.


Look at my eyes!
I won't tell a lie!

This isn't dirty money.

I just borrowed it from the owner
of the theater without telling my boss.

Don't worry.
Just get an abortion.

Cleanse your body and learn
your lesson.

And teachers are all the same.

But students are supposed to study.

Otherwise, you'll end up becoming
scum like me.

I always skipped classes.

- Your parents are worried about you.
- Thank you.

I didn't mean to be thanked.

- But we don't need your help.
- How come?

We'll do our problems ourselves.

- How?
- There is no other way!

Hey, Mister. People are talking
bad about you.

We are having an important talk.
Please don't disturb us.

Let's talk.

What do you want to talk
to me about?

You're the one, right?
You make theme do bad things.

- What're you on about?
- Shut up!

Are you using kids with poor
judgment for your business?

You got the wrong guy, asshole!


I won't forgive you if you
do this again!

- Oh, done talking?
- Understood?

- Not a thing.
- What?

You know what to do.

You're having a fight with me!

I won't get involved with
a lowlife like you.


Wait! Me too.

That hurt!

That hurt!

That hurt!

- That hurts!
- Listen!

- Don't get involved with theme again!
- You have poor judgment.


I just told theme to study hard.

- Don't play innocent.
- Bastard!

What kind of older brother wants
his younger brother in trouble?

Kids with poor judgment don't do bad things
because they're influenced by others.

It's because they're in
their 2nd rebellious phase!

Me, I'm in the 8th phase.

You know nothing about theme!

You're just an idiot!

They just want attention.
That's why they do this.

You'd better not scream at theme
every chance you get!

It's rare that they like someone.
They like you.

Think about it.
Use your brain as a teacher!

How'd you become a teacher
in the first place with that brain?

Say something!
You're completely silent!


Go die! Idiot!

Where is he going?

That's the opposite direction.
How stupid!

Did you see all of that?
I'm screwed.

That's a foul.

I have a place to visit.
Let's go together.

- Welcome.
- Give me a counter please.

- Please follow me.
- What a place.

Welcome. Your order?

Juice for me. Order anything.

I was supposed to speak first.

It's my treat.
Drink as much as you like.

- Give me the mix.
- Huh?

- Shochu and pickled radish.
- Shochu and pickled radish?

- Why don't we go somewhere else?
- Why?

I came here in my work outfit.

Had you told me before, I'd be
wearing a nice suit. I have a pink one.

Wait here.

Take care of Mr. Oh's table.

Give me a brandy.

- Is your father okay?
- He is in the U.S.

- In the U.S?
- He's building something there.

So you stay alone in that big house?

I've always been alone.

Mama, Mr. Oh is...

I've been transferred.

Hana School was boring.

Where to?

- Shirobara School in Kawasaki.
- Kawasaki?

You have a strange boyfriend.

- He looks too old for you.
- He's my bodyguard.

I thought you'd raise some hell here.

Me? Why?

I have nothing much to do
even if you hate me.

I'm studying for you and dad.

It's not for me.

We've had no relationship
since my birth.

So I didn't want to come.

But I really needed money.

You saved me.

Come again.

I won't.


Wait! Ryoko! Miss!

So that's the story!
I knew you were different somehow.

I've never been this sentimental
for a girls' gang.

Is this first love?

Don't misunderstand me.

I'm a yakuza.

You are not supposed to be
attracted to a yakuza.

I'd appreciate your feelings, but it
would make us suffer in the end.

Love is not easy.

Be quiet!

Ryoko Henmi
Masuda Hanako...


It was inevitable.
This is the result of our meeting.

But you faked my absence.
That's cowardice!

The majority decides.
This is a democracy.

They are doing this is because
they're in the 2nd rebellious phase!

What rebellious phase?

It's not a baseless thing.

I was ashamed of myself
when I heard the word.

I haven't done enough to
understand theme properly.

Tsukada! If you let every single student
affect you, you can't run a school.

- Principal!
- There are a few bad apples.

Just throw theme away like kitty cats
and everything will be fine.

Considering Tameura's and Toshie's situations,
this is the solution the meeting came up with.

Listen, Everyone! We are 3rd graders
from the Shirobara Middle School.

Principal! The 3rd graders are on strike!

One of the teachers took the money
we collected for the school festival.

That's right!

And another teacher
got a student pregnant.

But the school is ignoring all of this.

We've been trying to earn
money by ourselves.

However, the school expelled us.

Hey, I'm from outside.
Strike! Strike!

We oppose the unfair treatment
we received from the school.

We want them to reverse it.
Everyone! Please join us!

Idiots! Everyone will believe it!

Tsukada! Do something right now!

We knew it'd get out one day.

That's after the education committee's

Everyone! The teachers took our money, got
a student pregnant and then expelled us!

Mr. Tsukada! Are you okay with this?

- This is our problem as teachers.
- I know that.

Then why?

You Meade things worse by saying those pathetic
things about marriage in front of theme.

Pathetic things?!

I see. The engagement is off.

- The engagement is off?
- I don't care about that!

- Do something right now!
- Will you reverse the expulsion?

No! Then our meeting won't
have any authority anymore.

What authority do we have left
after this year?

Tsukada! Use some other method
to calm theme down.

- Principal! Would you like to make a deal?
- A deal?

What? A strike?

Yeah, Ryoko is starting the movement.

What? Is Ryoko doing something
at school?

No, they're striking.

Ah, rebellion!

Then we have to join theme!

We have one heart!

Everyone, we are striking
against Shirobara School.

Please join us with your family!

Cute schoolgirls!

We are finally here!

Shintaro Sanada is here
to support you!

Good job! Everyone!

Ryoko! Where is Ryoko?

- Ryoko!
- Why are you here?

Of course we sympathize with you girls!

If you fight those cold-hearted teachers,
I have to join you!

The one who makes the first move wins.
Hey, do it!

- Huh?
- Huh what? Sing!

Are they striking right now?

I know! Just sing first!

Sing! These are for you.

What are these?

Candles for the light of hope...



I have something to tell you.

So do I.

Everyone! Do it properly!

- Are you already going back?
- Shintaro!

I would like to have a fun time
with you forever.

But... there is a thing called
time to quit.

Don't stop me, please.

- See you.
- Shintaro!

Please don't stop me.
Please don't stop me.

I know your feelings.

This isn't easy.

Let's go.

We won't go away until
the school listens to our demand.

I get that.


But even if we continue this strike,
the evil principal won't talk to us.

I want you to solve this situation,
since you know us better.

First, please settle for the money
taken by Mr. Tameura.

Second, please reverse the expulsion.

That's the amount Tameura took.

The school is giving it to you.


You did something, right?

There is no way the principal
would give this without conditions.

The expulsion has been
reversed as well.

You did some bad stuff, but the school
is responsible for it as well, and so am I.

Teachers beating students is terrible.

I'm not asking for forgiveness.

- Mister? You mean...
- Don't worry.

I'm telling you now before
going public.

I resigned.

That was the condition.

You resigned for us.

It's not only for you.

For the school...

And for myself.

What will happen with Ms. Natsukawa?

Are you going to throw her love away?

I was the one who got thrown away.

That's cruel! Cruel!

You just pretend to be a good guy
by taking responsibility.

What should we do, then?

There is nothing much for me to do.

I will return to you and Ms. Natsukawa when
I'm sure I've become a good teacher.

End the strike.

What's wrong, Henmei?

No way! Why are you crying?

You won!

But you won't be here tomorrow!

Take me with you!

Take me with you!

I want to study at the school
where you teach!

Idiot! Don't say stupid things!

I will go! I really want
to be with you!


Please, I'm totally alone.

I don't have anyone to talk to!

Take me with you!

It's in the mountains in the North East.

I don't care!

I don't care where!
Just take me with you!

Hey, Mister!

I heard. You're my brother
starting today. Agree?


You took responsibility for everything.

Way cool!

Things sometimes go up and down.

Why don't you have a drink with me?

For the society, for the people...

Take care.
Don't worry about this place.

I will take care of it.

And this is my humble present for you.

Please accept it.

Ryoko! Where are you
going this early?

Very suspicious! Are you going
to a date with Shintaro?


News! News! News!

A new teacher is here!


Look at us!

So cool!

Let's go!

- Where is the teacher's room?
- I will show you around.

- Follow me please.
- Thank you.


The sunglasses looks cool.

Ryoko! Are you still leaving
early after seeing the new teacher?

He's an easy target.

You said that! Let's bet on
seducing him tonight.

Running away?

I won't lose again.

Who won't lose?

This is Class A, 3rd Grade.

Your class.

Got something in your eye?

- Off with you!
- That hurt!

The End