Dangerous Cheaters (2022) - full transcript

When star student Kaley gets suspicious of a group of underachievers' high SAT scores, she unwittingly uncovers a cheating ring and puts her life in jeopardy.

Someone's still in here.



I-is someone here?'

Hello, I'm still in here!
Hurry up!


- Ah!
- 'Ah!'


I am all the things
I have done

I am all the things
that I want

Got to think about it
got to dream about it

Got to find a way
to do the things

That make you feel alright

Got to think about it
got to dream about it

Got to find a way
to do the things

That make you feel...


Sometimes I feel
like a blind in the dark

Sometimes my fear
it's my head in the sand

But I don't care about it
I'm just there to..

- You got this.
- Come on, Kaley.

I don't think about time

Or maybe I'm just young


Or maybe I'm just young


Or maybe I'm just young..

- Yeah!
- Yes!

Oh but I feel

- Yes! Yes!
- Yes! Yeah!

- You did so good.
- Oh, my God..

Millie! That was insane!

Hey, Kaley. Nice game.

Uh, glad you could make it.

That's my girl!

Oh, honey, you were amazing.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks. It was a blast!

Well, of course, it was a blast.
We won!

Who wants to go celebrate?
Daddy's treat.

I can't. I have to study.
The SATs are this weekend.

It's my last chance
to bump up my score.

But your score
was so good before

like, hundreds better than me.

Plus, we just won regionals!

I know, but I-I just
got to get through this.

I got to know I gave it my all.

Suit yourself. Monica?

Oh, yeah,
I'm gonna have to study, too.

My junior-year scores were just
not where I want them to be.

- So..
- You guys are no fun.

Hey, Olivia, Sebastian.

I'm so excited.

- You guys ready to party?
- You're so good.

Let's do it!

- 'Oh, I'm so glad we could..'
- Oh, wait.

A little younger

- Oh, you guys..
- Hey, Sebastian.

No, you were just, just good.

'Seriously, you
guys did a great job.'

'I'm so proud of you.'

'I know how hard you worked.'

- Hey, guys.
- Mm-hmm.

It's ten o'clock.
Why don't you get some sleep?

Mom, the SATs are in two days.

And I promise, you will ace them

if you don't fall asleep
through them.

Just, uh, one more hour,
I promise.

Okay, honey. Goodnight.
Goodnight, you two.

- 'Drive safe.'
- Goodnight, Mrs. Parker.

'We will.'

Okay, I got to head out.

Kay, you have a 4.0.

Any Ivy League would be falling
over themselves to recruit you.

So stop stressing the test.

I second everything
that he said.

And I need to go to bed, too,
I don't think

that I'm retaining anything

Hey, Did you guys see
Millie's Pixa?

No. Why?

'Wow! Rich-girl
party time, I guess.'

- You okay?
- Yeah, it's just..

'Just what?'

Me and Clea barely talk anymore.

We used to be best friends
for six years

and then suddenly
one summer, boom

I'm out
and Millie is her bestie.

I can't compete with yachts
and Bentleys.

You don't need to compete
with that.

And you don't need them
when you have me.

No, I know.
I'm sorry. It's stupid.

I shouldn't even care anymore.

And, in a way, I'm glad
because it made us closer.

It did.

I just miss her sometimes.

- You know?
- I get it.

I mean, come on. Who cares if
Millie and Clea are on a yacht?

They'll never have the coolest
boyfriend on the planet.

Ryan Gosling?

- Next coolest.
- Yeah.

Well, you're a hundred times
more adorable than Ryan Gosling.

I'm just exhausted enough
to accept that.


Oh, love is so gross.
I need to go to bed.

- I'm done.
- See you tomorrow.


Don't stay up all night, nerd.

- I won't, nerd.
- Hm..

- Kay, I love you. Goodnight.
- Okay, bye. Love you.

You blocked me in, loser.
Move your car.

- Mn-mn. That'll be $5.
- I love you.

- Goodnight.
- Bye.


I need more coffee.

Calm down,
Fiona. It's gonna be fine.

Why are you being a freak?
There's nothing to worry about.

She's prepared.

She's got this. Breathe.
She's got this.

- Mom.
- Well?


I knew you were gonna do great!

I mean, I ran out of time,
so I couldn't recheck everything

but, yeah, I think I did good.

- I am so proud of you.
- Kaley Parker?

- Yes?
- You forgot your phone.

- Oh, gosh. Thank you so much.
- Who is that?

The proctor, he collected all
of our phones in the beginning

so that we wouldn't cheat.

he does not know my daughter.

Mom! He's the proctor,
he doesn't know anybody.

He's just there to... proctor.

my brain's officially mush.

Okay, honey,
let's go get some ice cream.


Ah! My hand hurts.

Who even writes handwritten
thank-you notes anymore?

Coach says it's a tradition,
all the seniors have to do it.


Wait. What time is it?

It's one minute till 5:00.

Oh, my God.
This is so stressful.

I cannot believe
that we had to wait two weeks.

'That's torture.'

Wait. Why do I care?

I don't even believe
in standardized testing.

I'm gonna be a stylist.

You don't need good SAT scores
to be a stylist.

They don't even use math
or geography...

- They're in.
- Okay.

No matter what happens, we're
really good volleyball players.

We are funny and smart and..

really cute.

I got a 1490.

- What?
- No way.

That's, like, really good,

'How'd you guys do?'

I mean, definitely not a 1490.

Hey, Clea?

'Oh, my God, a 1460?'

Told you that SAT prep course
is worth it.

what are you talking about?

Okay, whoa, calm down.

Look, we will talk about this
later, okay?

I'm in the middle of something.

Everything good?

Ugh! She's just freaking out
over whatever.

You know how dramatic Clea can
get. I just, like, can't deal..

I wanna throw a party.
I'm sure my dad will let me.

- Hello.
- Hey, dad? Big news.

'I got a 1490 on the SAT.'

That's my girl!
I knew you'd do great.

It's like a huge boost from last
year. You're proud of me, right?

Are you kidding?
I'm over the moon!

- So can I throw a party?
- Absolutely.

In fact, you know what,
I'll order the food right now.

'Ooh! Thanks, dad!'

- Hey! He said yes!
- Shh!

So is your dad gonna be there?

What? Just asking.

Hey! You girls made it.

- Hi, Mr. Gant.
- Hi, Mr. Gant.

The pizza's here.
There's plenty of sodas, snacks.

You girls just help yourself.

I'm gonna, uh, be in my office,
just doing my thing.

- And you girls have some fun.
- Okay.

- Well, thanks.
- Bye.

Oh, my God, is it just me
or does Mr. Gant get hotter

every time that we see him?

- I-I-I'll be back in a sec.
- '...my control? I'll be..'

- Mr. Gant.
- 'Millie, seriously.'

You are freaking out
over nothing.

I need it back, Millie.
It was my mom's. Please.

- No, Clea, we had an agreement.
- My mom knows I lied to her.

- I have to tell her.
- About what?

I have the proof.
It's on my laptop.

I mean, I wasn't sure.
I took notes, but...

But what?
You're not making any sense.


- I was just looking for you.
- Great, come dance.

I'll catch up, you go ahead.

I wanna be

- Hey, are you okay?
- No.

- Actually..
- Do you wanna talk about it?

Why, so you can guilt me about

what a terrible friend
I've been?

- No, Clea, I just wa...
- Stop! Okay?

My world is blowing up
right now.

I made a huge mistake
and I'm trying to correct it

but I really don't need you
to judge me.

Just leave me alone, Kaley.

- 'My arms are freezing in.'
- Bye.

Did you, uh,
did you girls have fun?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Good, good.
- Oh, wait.

I didn't say goodbye to Clea.

Oh, I think
everyone pretty much left.

Oh, well,
her purse is over there.

And I can see her car out front.

- So..
- I'll call her.

Voicemail. Although
we got into a fight tonight.

- So we might not be talking.
- Okay.

That's not like Clea
just to leave her car.

We should go look for her.

Yeah, okay. Okay.
Sounds good. Let's go.

Um, Steve!

- 'Clea?'
- Hey, Clea.

- 'Clea!'
- 'Clea.'

- 'Clea!'
- 'Clea!'

- 'Clea?'
- Clea?

- 'Clea, where are you?'
- 'Uh..'

'Clea. Clea.'

- 'Clea.'
- 'Clea.'



- 'Clea!'
- 'Clea!'

'Clea? This isn't funny.'

- 'Clea!'
- Clea?

Uh, what is it?
What is it? What is it?

What? What's happened?

They lied to me

Look what they've done..

Hello, 911.

'Yes. There's been an accident.'

How can I fly back?

How can I fly back
to heaven

Without my wings?

Oh-oh oh-oh

I am lonely I am lonely

What happened here?

What they've done to me?

You okay?

I overheard the paramedics
say that..

she probably died on impact.

- But, I mean..
- 'Oh, my God!'

Just how long do you think

she was lying there, alone?

Oh, my God!

'I know.'

She's acting like
nothing ever happened?

'Good morning,
West Brook Hill students.'

It is with a very heavy heart
that I regret to inform you

that one of our students,
Clea Braverman

died in a tragic accident
this weekend.

'A special memorial alcove has
been set up by the front entry'

'if you would like
to leave a note'

or a memory
or a message of hope.

'We will have staff of guidance
counselors available'

all this week
should you need them.

Please join me
in a moment of silence

to remember Clea Braverman.

The board seems really positive

about all the potential options.

Yeah, well,
you are the board president

so I'll take your word for it.

Just let me know what you need,
I'm here to help.

Alright, take care.

Kaley, how are you holding up?

I'm okay. Uh, thanks, Mr. Gant.

I'm so sorry that you girls
are going through this.

If you need anything,
just let me know.

- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.

So, how are you
really holding up?

I know Clea and you were close.

In middle school.

I'm okay, I guess. I just
don't really know how to be.

Grief is strange. There really
is no set way to be.

- Ms. Wells.
- Yeah.

T-there are rumors going around

that Clea was drunk and fell.

But she was allergic to alcohol.

They're doing an autopsy,
but I know that wasn't it.

And something was really
bothering her that night

and, and I just let her go,
and I..

Hey, Kaley.
It's not your fault.

If you ever need to talk,
I'm here, alright?


- Uh, I need those.
- Ah.

I have to give 'em to all
of the teachers and it's gonna

take me, like, forever.

- C-congrats.
- Why?

Your-your scores?

They're over 1400.
It's really impressive.

Thanks. Right? I mean..

Hey, you nerds can't dominate

'Eleven people got 1400.'

Millie doesn't
even seem affected

and she and Clea
were really good friends.

Honey, you never know what
happens behind closed doors.

I mean, people grieve
in their own way.

It just seems weird.

Clea got a great score

and she was devastated by it

Then she dies?

And then I just found out
that 11 people

scored over 1400,
including Sebastian.

- So?
- I saw his practice test.

He barely cracked a 1000.

How did he suddenly jump
400 points?

I think you need to be happy
for everyone...

It's just that I've wanted
to go to Bentonville since I was

like, ten, mom,
and it feels like

these other kids
just jumped the line somehow.

We come from different worlds,

And I like our world.

It's late nights and hard work
and messy sometimes

but it's real and it's ours.

And no matter
what those other kids do

you will always be my all-star.

Thanks, mom.

I like our world, too.

'Students, a
special lunchtime announcement.'

'We would like to extend

'to many of our students'

'who received their SAT scores
this weekend.'

A record number of SAT scores

came in over 1400.

'In fact, eight of our students
scored among the highest'

'in the district.'

This is a West Brook Hills first
and you should all be ver..

See, I told you
that class was fire.

Gotta say,
it seems totally worth it now.

I needed a bump like this
with my, uh

dips in performance.

Dips? More like massive craters.


- Hey, that hurts.
- I'm just messing.

Have you ever known
anyone sitting over there

to make the honor roll?

And they even passing
the AP classes?

No, but some people test
really well.

The last test that we took,
Olivia used the entire sheet

to blot her lipstick, so..

- Uh..
- I mean, really?

- They all scored above a 1400?
- They're loaded, K.

That could buy you some
pretty impressive prep classes.

Plus, it's a huge industry.

'It's turning those guys crazy.'

'Oh, my God! You're hilarious.'

Hey, we can just be
our own club.

The Destined For Greatness

Through Merit And Hard Work


- Okay, the name needs work.
- Yeah.

Hey, I know Millie and Clea
were in our test group.

But what about Seb and Liv,
did you guys see them there?

Yeah. Sebastian hums
when he thinks. I had to move.

What about..

these kids?

I remember Susan, Molly and Tim.

I'm not sure about the others.

- Any way we could find out?
- Yeah, it's pretty easy.

There should be a
log in the database for our test.

- What?
- Jax..

You know I never ask you
to break the rules, but...

- You're about to ask me.
- Yeah.

You want me to figure out
which kids

on this list
were in our test group?

Actually, I want you to find out
which of the kids on this list

were in prep class
and our test group.

I know Clea was in both,
and something was bothering her

about it.

I'm just having a hard time

that they would all
score so high.

- Kaley. Kaley.
- Kay, Kay.

Where are you going?

'Get back here!'

- Hey, Kay.
- Hey, you guys.

I guess I should be
congratulating all of you.

- Oh, thanks.
- She's being sarcastic.

Is she? Oh.

Millie, I, I got to ask.
How'd you do it?

- The prep class?
- Maybe.

Maybe I'm just naturally smart.

Sure, but..

Oh.. Harsh.

What are you saying?

Just seems like that course

was really worth it.

I guess it was.
What do you care?

Well, I'd wanna take it
if it's that effective.

I told you about that class
months ago.

So now that you see the results,
you're just all about it?

You know what, Kaley,
maybe I'm just smarter than you

and you can't handle it.

Oh, I can't even look.

For once you're not the best,
and it's killing you, isn't it?

I'm gonna go find chem,
if I'm not too dumb, that is.

Millie, that's not..

Just leave me alone, Kaley.

- Kaley.
- Hi, Mrs. Braverman.

This is
from the volleyball team..

Please, honey. Come in.

Thank you.

The Gants just stopped by
to, uh, drop these off.

They're beautiful.

Kaley, yours are beautiful, too.

Beautiful flowers
for a beautiful home.

- 'Thank you. That's nice.'
- Again, I'm so sorry.

Well, it's nice to see you,

Ella, we'll be back again later
this week

to check on you.

- Thank you.
- Yeah. Bye.

Let's go to
the garden, shall we?

It's much nicer out there.

I really hate that Gant girl.

Clea was disposable to Millie.

And worse,
Millie made her feel ashamed..

about me and about herself.

And that's the part
that I find unforgivable.

We got into a horrible fight
that day.


She, uh..

'She had taken something
from me.'

'What do you mean?
I mean, what did she take?'

'A ring.'

It was my mother's.

And it was this beautiful,
gorgeous green emerald

in a diamond setting.

I was saving it
for Clea's wedding day.

She'd been asking me for money
for months to take some class.

I just didn't have it.

And I hated disappointing her.

But I knew she was somehow
taking the class

because she was so secretive.

Was the class an SAT prep?

I didn't discover the ring
was gone until a week ago

that's after she'd taken
the course and her SATs.

And she tried to calm me down
by telling me that

she got this remarkable score.

But it was like
she didn't even seem proud.

It's okay.

I promise I'll get it
back to you as soon as I can.

'This is Jax. Leave a message.'

Hey, new favor. I have Clea's
laptop. Can you get me in?

Her mom and I have no idea
what her password is

but, yes, for this you get
to pick the next three movies.

Love you.

'This is Jax. Leave a message.'

Hey, it's me again.
I have a flat.

I'm headed home.
But if you get this, pick me up.

I'm headed up Chester Avenue.

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Help me! Help me! Help!

Stop! Help! No!

We have to go to the police,

And say what? It was dark,
and I can't identify anything.

- They just wanted this laptop.
- Then we have to tell your mom.

She's gonna notice
the spare tire.

No. Please, Jax. Come on.

She's just gonna lose her mind
for no reason.

Just tell her that I hit a nail,
or something.

I think it was Millie.

She saw me
looking at Clea's laptop.

She must have hung out,
and when she saw me

leaving with it, she freaked.

so she left Mrs. Braverman's

changed into all black
and then came back

just assuming
you had Clea's laptop?

So she put on a jacket
and a hat.

She's been giving me
death stares all week

ever since I confronted her
about her score.

Okay, okay,
that's a heck of a jump, Kay.

Come on, a bunch of kids

who have never
cared about their grades

suddenly get over 1400
on the SAT, including Clea.

Then she has a problem with it,
specifically, with Millie.

Okay, so, again,
let's go to the police.

Okay, but first
let's find some evidence.

I think there's something
on here.

Okay, well, this thing is dead.

I'll charge it and take a crack
at it tomorrow, okay?

For now, though,
I did get the names

of the 1400-plus kids
who were in our test group

and signed up
for the same prep course.

I knew you could it.

And for extra credit, the name

of the prep course they were all

signed up for is Gevest Prep.

I couldn't find anything on them
except for a one-page website

that they started this year.

The owner is Nat Gevest

but he or she
is completely invisible online.

No campaigns,
no advertisements, no websites.

I need another day.
I'm only one man.

You are the best boyfriend ever.

Take that, Ryan Gosling.

Here, airdropping now.

Okay, Millie, obviously

Sebastian and Olivia

Susan, Tim, Christian,
Molly and Clea

all attended Gevest Prep.

That leaves..

Kim, Leslie and Aaron.

The genius, the valedictorian

and the top scorer
from our tests last year.

- They all make sense.
- Exactly.

It's these.. These don't make
any sense at all.

Millie, what?

What are you doing here?

Getting a pass.

I'm leaving early,
my dad is picking me up.

Not that that
or anything that has

to do with me
is any of your business.

- Millie, can we just...
- Save it.

Hey, honey.
Honey, you're ready to go?

- Yeah, dad.
- Hey, Kaley.

Come on.

you have those copies yet?

- Uh, yeah. I'm working on 'em.
- Okay.

'Hey, mom,
practice is cancelled.'

'So I should get home
right after school.'

'Again, depending
on the traffic.'

'Okay, bye.'

'A nine-year-old
metro girl has a new lease of life'

'thanks to surgery at
the hospital for sick children.'

'Tracy Plumber
was given the liver

of a nine-year-old
accident victim'

'in a four-hour operation.'

'Plumber is in critical
but stable condition'

after such an operation.'

'Hey, mom. I'm heading home.'

'...52 degrees.
Clear tonight with a low near 41.'

'Tomorrow, more sunshine and
slightly warmer temperatures'

'with the winds from the south
at 17 miles per hour..'

'In sports, the National
Hockey League featured'

'a visiting Flyers... late
last evening.'

'The frontrunning Flyers
ripped the Sabres 14-3..'

- Hey.
- Oh.

Hey, honey. How was school?

Fine. Uh, how was your day?

I'm beat. I've been working
20 hours straight.

There's lasagne in the fridge,
but I'm gonna go to bed.

If you find me passed out
with my toothbrush in my mouth..

I'll take it out
and tuck you in.

- Thank you. I love you.
- Love you, too.


Who are you, Nat Gevest?

- Ah!
- I'm sorry!

I'm sorry. It's me.
I have ice cream!

I have medicine!

Come on. Hi.

After this past week
that you have had

I thought
that you deserved this.

- You are the best.
- Oh, girl, I know that I am.

There you go. Here's your spoon.

This is perfect. It's just
what the doctor ordered.

So how are you doing?

Other than being attacked?
Yeah, fine, I guess.

And you did not see their face?


But, uh, I'm pretty sure
it was Millie.

You think it was Millie?

- Do you have proof?
- Well..

I'm hoping
Jackson can find something

on Clea's laptop.

Do you really think
that she would attack you?

You didn't see Clea that night,

She was freaked out by something
and it had to do with Millie.

Something is up,
from what her mom said

she hasn't been herself
for a while now.

If there's anything to find out,
it would be on that laptop.

- Hey, Jax.
- 'Hey.'

- Anything?
- 'Nothing yet.'

There's nothing online
about Gevest Prep

or that guy, Nat, that runs it?

'No, but, uh, we can keep
looking tomorrow.'

That's so weird. Okay. Yeah, we
can check it out tomorrow night.

good. Alright, I gotta get some sleep.'

- Yeah, I'm headed to bed, too.
- 'Alright, sleep tight.'

- Love you.
- 'Love you, too.'

- Alright, see you tomorrow.
- 'Bye.'



So you're not sure if this
person was a male or a female?

Okay, well,
I will add that into the file

along with the text messages
and the threats...

I don't think you'll find
anything, I already asked

my boyfriend,
and he said that it was sent

with an encryption app,
it's untraceable.

The person in the driveway,
do you think that might have

been the same person
that attacked you?

- Friday night?
- Maybe.

I can't believe
you didn't tell me about that.

I know, mom. I'm sorry.

Look, we dusted the car
for prints

we're gonna put that in
the system, but that takes time.

'I would suggest
getting a security system.'

Okay. Thank you.

I know it's been a long night,
I'm sure you want some rest

but look into cameras

as soon as possible.
This feels personal.

And if your daughter's being
targeted, you can never be too...

- Safe.
- Exactly.


If you think of anything else

or if you're being harassed
in any way

or if you just want suggestions
on security options, call me.

Thank you.


Oh, it's okay, baby.

It's okay.


I'm gonna need you
to come with me, please.

- And bring your things.
- Ooh!

Uh, I'm not sure...

Kaley, I suggest
you don't say another word

until we get to the bottom
of this.



Please open your locker.

Get back to class.

Step away, please.


Is everything okay?

Ms. Molina..

Get back to homeroom.

Now, please, Ms. Molina.




Can you please tell me
what this is about?

I received a tip that
there were drugs in your locker.

You understand we must take
allegations like this

very seriously.

I understand,
but I would never...

I know,
but we had to follow through.

- Can I go back to class now?
- Of course.

I'm sorry to have..

- 'You got to be kidding me.'
- 'No, normally I...'

Kaley is a great kid.

We both know
she would never steal a test.

the evidence proves otherwise.

Clearly, it was planted.

She's a whiz at chemistry.
It doesn't even make sense.

All my work shows
how I proved everything.

That answer key
doesn't even show work.

I agree, it doesn't,
but there are consequences.

Just tell me what I need to do
to clear my daughter's name

because you know her
and you know her work.

First, you need to tell me
how you got a...

I didn't,
I wouldn't even begin to know

where or how I would even
get the answer key.

she's just not that type of kid.

She doesn't even need to cheat.

Normally I wouldn't have
considered it

but it's been
a very chaotic time.

Now, I know Clea's death has
affected you, with good reason.

Kaley, you seemed really upset
about the high SAT scores.

Maybe you thought
by having the AP test

it would give you a leg up.

Maybe the pressure caused you
to make some bad choi...

Principal Wells,
I don't know what's going on

but I swear,
I did not steal the test.

It does seem out of character.

Does anyone else know
your locker combination?

They don't need to.
It's been broken since January.

I asked Mr. Cleary
if he would replace it..

Look, Kaley,
this is your first infraction.

And the tip was about drugs.

So finding the test there
does feel a little like...

Like it was planted?

You're free to go.

Thank you.

'You're good, babe.
There will be new drama in a week.'

Literally everyone
will forget about this.

- Okay.
- Also, you killed it.

So don't get in your head.


- I love you.
- Love you.

- See you tomorrow, Mon.
- 'Bye.'

- Bye.
- Hey. How was volleyball?

It was weird.

It's hard to practice when
your whole team is ignoring you.

Oh, also there is a rumor
going around

that I cheated
on the AP chem test.

Listen, anyone who believes that

obviously doesn't know you
at all.

I guess, but still,
I'd rather a rumor going around

about my vicious spike
or my eidetic memory.

You can read minds?

I'm kidding.

I know you have a photographic
memory. I love my smarty-pants.

Sebastian! Stop!

Whoa! Whoa! Okay!

- Jax.
- Yeah. What now?

- That's what I thought.
- A tire iron. I..

It's just like the person
in my driveway.

- 'Are you alright?'
- I'm fine.

Well, you weren't the one
that was attacked.

- Okay? It was really scary.
- Come on. It's okay.

- Come on.
- Jax..


It's creepy, right?

I mean, she was standing
the exact same way.

Okay, slow down. Creepy? Yeah.

But, Kay, everyone
has a tire iron in their trunk.

And, come on,
why would Millie do that?

Power, if she figured out
a way to cheat

and shared it with the others,
they would owe her, right?

That's okay.

That's a lot to risk.
Why not just cheat on your own?

I have no idea.

- What?
- The proctor.

From the SATs,
maybe he saw something.

- Okay, how do we find him?
- He's a librarian.

There are six libraries
in the general vicinity.

How do you know that?
You're such a nerd.

Volleyball ghost party?

doing this. Volleyball.

'Okay, what are we looking for?'

'Let's just start with the'

'closest library.'

- 'Thumbs up with the proctor.'
- 'I don't know.'

'I mean, I guess maybe'

I'm reaching for straws'

'but I just wanna talk to him.'

'Don't worry, we'll find him.'


- Excuse me?
- Sorry.

This is our third library.

Okay. And can I help you?

You probably don't remember me,
but I left my phone

when I took the SAT,
I was the last one out.

- 'Kaley Parker.'
- Sure.

Anyways, I know this might sound
random, but do you remember

noticing anything weird
during the test?


I know that there is at least
two kids from our school

that received scores
that jumped a lot

'from the last time
they took it.'

Like, hundreds of points.

Also, there were an unusual
amount of scores over 1400

all from our school.

So what are you asking me?

Well, I guess
if you noticed anything strange

or suspicious, I'm sure that...

Look, I-I'd like to help,
but I really have no idea

what you're talking about,
also, if you are implying

what I think you're implying,
it's insulting.

- 'But I think...'
- 'Kay. Just come on.'

Ah, sorry to bother you.

What about Gevest Prep?
Or Nat Gevest?

You ever heard
of either of those?


Now, if you don't mind,
I have an actual job to do.

Come on. Come on.

He's hiding something.

We have a problem.

That should do it.

Hey, mom. Hey, detective.

Hey, uh,
Carl was just helping me

install our new security system.

- Carl?
- I should probably go.

Thank you, that was literally

above and beyond
the call of duty, and I...

No problem at all,
I installed my sister's system

and then I did my own.
I'm getting pretty good at it.

You are.
You should start charging.

That's right, I did. I forgot
to, uh, I forgot to invoice you.

- Gotcha.
- Mom, when's your day off?

Oh, um, uh, Tuesday. Why?

Detective Baxter,
my mom is free Tuesday night.

'Just in case you're wondering.'

Okay. I will call you.

Okay. Bye.

- What was that about?
- Oh.

I was overwhelmed
with how to secure this fortress

without going bankrupt,
so I called him for some advice.

Is that what they call it
these days?

Oh, stop it.

So, bells, whistles
and laser beams?

It's a basic video door cam.

Ah, we can see whoever's
at the front door on our phones.

So no more sneaking Jackson in
late at night? I'm kidding.

But he is coming tonight.
Is that cool?

Yes, honey, that's fine.
I'm gonna be so late.

And I'd rather you not be alone.

- You have homework?
- There's always homework.


Clearly it has to do
with the prep class they all took.

Clea tried to buy in
and it cost her everything.

What's her favorite color?

And her favorite number is 33.

I mean, aren't the SATs supposed
to be ironclad against cheating?

Also, why wouldn't the proctor
talk to us?

Because he wants
to keep his job.

I mean, look,
the guy was definitely intense

but you were also kind of
insinuating that he was shady.

He's hiding something,
I know it.

Any other ideas for passwords?
Nothing works with purple.

Scooby-Doo was her favorite show
as a kid.

- So Scooby-Doo?
- No.

Try "Ruh-ro Raggy".

I'm in!

Okay, what are we looking for?

I know she used to keep
obsessive notes

so try to find that
or SATs or Gevest Prep

or her mom's emerald ring.

Okay, slow down. One at a time.


Well, there's paperwork
from Gevest Prep here.

Clearly, Clea took the course.

Nothing on Nat Gevest.

Oh, there, there!
That's her notes.

"Course isn't what I expected.

"Seems the same
as you can get anywhere

"but four times the cost.

What am I doing here?"

Can you go further,
uh, latest entries?

- 'Oh, wow.'
- 'See?'

I told you
that proctor was fishy.

Do me a favor,
uh, go to her photo album.

- That's it!
- What?

Clea's mom's ring.
Millie's wearing it.

That means
that Clea must have used it

to get money
to pay for the course.

So? There's nothing illegal
about that.

Well, Clea wanted it back.
I overheard them arguing.

And she ends up dead?

Okay, you just went from
a stupid decision to murder.

Why did she take so many
pictures of whatever this is?

Weird. I'll run some software
to help see these better.

Gonna go in later.

Well, she listed
her test scores.

None of them were even close
to over 1400.

- It doesn't make sense.
- Hey.

It's okay.
I'm gonna figure it out.

it might take a minute.

What's a minute in hacker speak?

Mm, probably sometime tomorrow.

I can do some groundwork

Alright, well, I'm gonna
pass out. Do you have to go?

No. I'll stay here
till your mom gets home.

- Protect you.
- Thanks, Tarzan.

- Do you mind if I head to bed?
- No.

Go knock out. I'm on duty.

- Thanks. Love you.
- Mm, love you.

I need it back, Millie.
It was my mom's. Please...

No, Clea, we had an agreement.

I have the proof.
It's on my laptop.

I made a huge mistake
and I'm trying to correct it

but I really don't need you
to judge me right now.




Jackson? Jackson?

Jackson? Jackson?


'Dr. McKay,
is he gonna be okay?'

'We'll take good
care of him. Don't worry.'

That's it. Come on. Come on!

You got it.
You got it. You got it.

Yes, that was good!
Really good.

'I mean, I know you can do
better, but that was good.'

- 'Just gotta be...'
- The best.

- I know, dad.
- Hey.

What if
you just can't be the best?

I mean, there's always gonna be
someone better at everything.

Honey, honey,
look at me, look at me.

Money has afforded you
a unique opportunity.

The world is yours,
you just have to have

the confidence to own it.

I know.

But what if I'm not
strong enough

or, or smart enough?

You are, though.
Inside you know that you are.

You studied, you really applied
yourself in that class

and look at you, look at you
right now. You're amazing!

- Yeah.
- Yeah!

You made the most
of an opportunity

and you did your best.

I mean, I'm proud of you.
I'm so proud of you.

So what are you gonna do?

- Own it.
- What's that? I'm.. Sorry.

- What did you say? Yes!
- Own it.

That's my girl, right there.

Millie, trust me, if you
just keep charging forward

there's no stopping you.

- No stopping me.
- Never.

- No stopping you. What's that?
- No stopping...

That's it. That's my girl.

There you go. Great job today.

It's gonna be alright, sweetie.

I've known Dr. Browne
since med school.

Jackson's in good hands, honey.
He's gonna be okay.

Yeah, I know. Thanks, mom.

Mom, I didn't see Clea's laptop.

Whoever did this must have
taken it and ran out the back.

Okay, honey, I'll let Carl know.

Are you sure you didn't
recognize anything?

It was dark
and I was just so scared.

And then I didn't wanna
leave Jackson and...

Okay, okay, okay, okay, honey.
Okay, honey.

I got you.

It's okay, baby.

Look, look,
work gave me the day off.

I already called the school.

How about
we just go crawl into bed?

- Mm.
- Okay, come on.

We can worry about
everything else later, okay?

We could crawl in bed,
you could get comfy..

'We could watch a movie.'

- 'It's a duct tape?'
- 'Yeah.'

It was still there this morning.

Show it to me again.

They were obviously expecting
the camera.

Yeah. After I saw this,
I went back and took it off.

I mean, your camera is not
hidden, so they could have

seen it on the approach,
but they have

the duct tape ready like that.

That's premeditated.

And I was supposed to run
all the prints

and the tracks at the lab.

The person was wearing gloves.

They know exactly
what they're doing.

I-I-I can still run the tracks,
but, I mean, that's gonna take...

It could take days
for those to be processed

and for us
to get the results back.

I like my crime shows.

In the meantime,
I'd like to come by

and check things out myself.

I mean, if that's okay with you.

Honestly, I would
really appreciate that.

You know,
there's one more thing.

I think it would be a good idea
for you to share

your door cam link
with the station.

Just to be safe.


Oh, my God.
He sent this last night?

Hey, so I can't crack
her cloud account yet

but I think in a day or so.

Um, also,
I emailed myself the photos

so I can run an enhancer,
but it takes a while.

And I think you're right.
Thumbs up with the proctor.

And you know what, I can
hear you snore from here.

It's kind of cute.

City Library. This is Clark
Jenson. How can I help you?

Mr. Jenson,
this is Kaley Parker.

I came to the library
the other day.

- I have nothing to say to you.
- Please don't hang up.

I found something
on Clea's laptop.

I-I don't know who-who
you're talking about.

Clea Braverman died
because of something to do

'with the SAT
that you proctored.'

- Can we meet somewhere?
- Yes.

Yes, I'll, I'll figure out
a place to..

Uh, K-K-Kaley?

I'll get back to you.

Okay, so I've got a patrol car
that's gonna come by

every few hours
and just check on everything.

Thank you.

Kaley, are you sure
you don't want me

to take your laptop
into our forensics unit?

Well, how long will it take them
to check it out?

Wish you guys
wouldn't watch so much TV.

Um, by the time it's processed,
probably a few days.

No, thanks.
I-I'm gonna go see Jax.

- Can I borrow your car?
- Of course, honey.

I shouldn't be too long.

Jax, are you sure you're okay?

Jax? I-I think this can wait.
I shouldn't..

Kay, I need to do this.

This person threatened you,
attacked me

now hacked into your computer.

- 'I can do it, okay?'
- Are you sure?

- I would just rather keep...
- I need to, Kaley.

Good news is it's pretty
standard spyware. Easy to wipe.

I'm just trying to find
an originating IP

where it came from,
who installed it.

- Basically, catch the bad guy.
- Now, that I understand.

How long can you survive
without your laptop?

A day? Two?

Okay. It won't be that long,
but I-I do need...

I get it. I'm out. Alright.
Call me when you can.

I will.


Please be safe, okay?

I will. love you.

I love you, too.

Now let the maestro work.

Okay, creeper,
let's see who you are.

'Hey, mom, I'm on my way home.'

'Good. Carl has some news.'

Police autopsy report came back.

- What did it say?
- She wasn't drinking.

There's no alcohol
in her system.

I knew it. She was allergic.

There was also some bruising
on her upper arms

consisting with hand marks.

She was grabbed or pushed.

It means we can't definitely
rule her death an accident.

Whoa. No.. No!

Whoa, whoa!
I won't say anything.

Hey. Are you okay, kiddo?


You think I'm smart, right?

Of course. You're my kid!
Brighter than bright.

Like, 1490 smart?

You know, with the proper
support, like Gevest, 100%.

Hey, sweetheart..

the future is yours to claim.

Star volleyball,
perfect SAT, perfect dad.

Is that something
that colleges look for?

You know, maybe
in the essay portion, just..

Dad, I don't know
what I would do without you.


Love you.



Ooh-ooh-ooh ooh-ooh-ooh

Daddy didn't play no games

Wouldn't let her trade
her name for a fake I do

Oh you better know
what you're getting into


Is it just me,
or does this name seem weird?

Maybe I've just been
looking at it too long

or it's my handwriting
or something.

Oh, speaking of handwriting

coach wants us
to finish the thank-you notes

for the team sponsors
before the spring banquet.

So here's the full list for you.

- Oh, my God.
- 'What?'

- Monica?
- What? What is happening?

Monica, look,
Nat Gevest is an anagram.

Wait, Mr. Gant?

Okay, uh, I don't know.

I mean, it's just
a random assemblage of letters.

Really? There's no footprint
or info on Nat Gevest.

Millie's dad is rich,
and she just aced the SATs

along with
some of her other rich pals

just by taking a prep course,
the one that is run

by an anagrammed name
for her dad?

Okay, I-I mean, it is weird

but I just feel like
it's a coincidence.

It's not a coincidence, Mon.

Okay, fine.

'This is Jax. Leave a message.'

Jax, Nat Gevest is an anagram
for Steve Gant, Millie's dad.

- 'Call me when you can.'
- Kaley.

Clea definitely
knew something, okay?

So you have to be careful,

- I promise.
- Thank you.

- 'Are we leaving?'
- Yeah. Come on.

Let's get out of here.

- Hold on, wait! Oh!
- Come on.

I'm slower than you.

So what can I help you two
with today?

Are you aware that Gevest Prep,
the company that ran

the latest SAT prep course
is actually connected

to Steve Gant,
Millie Gant's father?

I am.

Oh, I didn't know
it was public knowledge.

If it's not public knowledge

how is it
that you know his connection?

I just, I did some digging

I'm pretty proficient
at the Internet.

If Mr. Gant is the proprietor,
how is that illicit?

- Are you kidding? That is tot...
- Kaley.

So you're telling me
that if I ran an SAT course

and my daughter
and her friends attended

that wouldn't be a problem?

Certainly not, as long

as it was an accredited course

by the college boards..

- It would be fine.
- Really?

You don't find it strange

that after taking
her dad's class

'Millie suddenly aces the SAT'

along with her friends
who don't normally...

It is not illegal for one of

our most active
and involved donors

to want his daughter
and others to succeed.

Kaley, it's only a test.

Your records speak for you.

Thank you for your time.

That's it,
I'm gonna get to the bottom

of this one way or another.

Hold on.
I have a message from Jackson.

'Hey, hope you're okay.'

'I am getting closer
to the camera creeper.'

'Shouldn't be long. I'll
call you super soon. Love you.'

I'm gonna call Carl on the way
home, give him an update.

I don't care
what Principal Wells says

Steve Gant's involvement
is a conflict of interest. What?

Tonight we have our game
against Parsons.

- I think you should skip it.
- Mom, I can't miss it.

That would jeopardize
my co-captain status. I can't...

- Honey, it's just...
- 'Mom.'

It's here, it's a home game.

- It's too risky.
- It's fine.

It's a huge game,
I'll be surrounded by people

and I'll text you
every ten minutes.

- Okay. Okay.
- Okay?

Hey, hey, what are you,
what are you, what..

So proud of you!
I'm so proud of you.

That was so good.

You're a winner!

What is your problem, Millie?

What are you and your mom
talking about my dad for?

His SAT class that you and
your friends paid big money for

you know, the one that got you
all over 1400.

Shut up! Just shut up!

I studied so hard for that test!

Why is it okay for you
to keep insisting

that I'm too stupid
to get a good score?

I can, you know?
I'm smart, Kaley!

There's just
too many questions, Millie.

It's too high for anyone,
not just you.

But you don't know everything!

You're just jealous and upset

that you didn't do as well
as stupid Millie.

You've always thought you were
so much better than everyone.

- No, I don't!
- Yes, you do!

And now you just wanna ruin it
for everyone else.

Millie, I really..

Watch it, Kaley.

Now do you believe me?

I'm telling you,
Millie is in on this.

She just freaked out
at the chance that I expose her.

We just don't know that
for sure.

You didn't see the
look in her eyes, Monica.

- She's dangerous!
- She is moody!

I promise you, babe,
it's literally all in your head.

You're gonna be fine. Do you
want me to stay here with you?

I'm okay, I'll be fine.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Hug me. I love you. Congrats.

- You, too. Mm..
- For winning.

Text me when you're home,


Um, someone's in here.





I-is someone here?

Whoever this is,
this isn't funny.

Hello, I'm still in here!

Come on. Come on, hurry up!

No.. Ah!

- Ah!
- No, stop!

- Get off!
- 'Kaley!'

I forgot my Calculus book.

Oh, my God, Kaley.
Wait, are you okay?

Someone here and he...

Okay, okay, I'm calling

an ambulance. You're okay?

No, it's okay.
I just wanna go home.

- Are you sure? So..
- I just wanna go home.

I-I.. Butt-dial, sorry.

Oh, my God, are you okay?

- Come on, I got you.
- Ah-ah..

Okay, I'm here. I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have left you.


Okay, alright,
I'm gonna get you home.

'I don't see
anyone. So we're good.'

- Okay.
- Ah!

- Here's your bag.
- Ah!

- Hm, come on.
- Hm.

Do you see anyone?

No, I don't see anyone.

- 'How are you feeling, honey?'
- I'm okay.

Nothing a few aspirin
and a bag of ice can't fix.

I talked to Carl,
and he agrees we have to file

a police report
first thing in the morning.

No, I-I'm okay.

Honestly, I-I can't
thank you enough, Monica.

I mean, if you hadn't have
been there, then...

But she was.
Mom, don't go there.

It's just,
I can't, I can't even imagine...

Then don't. I'm okay.
Bruised, but I'm okay.

And we'll spill everything to
the police tomorrow. I promise.

Millie and her dad are
not gonna get away with this.

Kay, it-it couldn't
have been Millie.

I watched her leave
before I came back to get you.

And Mr. Gant just wouldn't.
He's way too cute for that.

Okay, now I gotta go

but I'm so glad
that you're okay.

And police are gonna catch
whoever did this to you

before you even know it, okay?


- Goodnight.
- Oh.

- Thank you, sweet angel.
- Mm.

- I love you, guys.
- Love you, honey.

Love you, too.

- And it was a good game.
- 'Ha-ha-ha..'

- It was. You crushed it.
- Yeah.

So did you. Okay, text me
if you guys need anything.

- We will. Thanks, Mon.
- I'm here.

We will, honey.

- Night.
- Love you.

Honey, have you heard
from Jackson? How's he doing?

I don't know, I tried
to call him after the game

but his phone
went straight to voicemail.


Mom, wait. Uh, check
the door cam, just-just in case.

'Hi there. Here, you can..'



Is everything alright?

Mom, what?

- Great game tonight, Kaley.
- It's okay, baby.

- It's gonna be okay.
- Okay, you, sit down.

And you can do the honors.

- Mr. Gant, don't do this.
- Shut up!

You did this, Kaley. You just
couldn't keep your mouth shut.

Move! Start tying now.
There you go.

This could have been a whole lot
easier if you would just

'stop asking so many questions.'

- How did you...
- I saw the pizza guy.

Paid him off, gave him a big tip
for this uniform.

Tighter. Now sit down.


- It's okay, baby.
- Do not do anything stupid.

- Nothing. Either of you.
- 'It's okay.'

It was you. You killed Clea.

Clever girl.

Teenage girls at a party.

Anything can happen.

You really shouldn't have
left her alone.

Then again,
she brought it on herself.

I did what had to be done.

I protect my family.

Clea, what are you doing
out here?

I mean, everyone's downstairs.

Mr. Gant, I just want out.

Please, I'll pay you both back.
I just want my mom's ring.

'I had no idea
it was gonna be like this.'

What are you trying to say,

Everyone who took that
prep class scored above a 1400.

It's impossible,
I jumped almost 400 points

from my practice tests. Someone
clearly doctored our tests.

I don't trust the proctor.

I-I think he had something to do
with it.

It's a serious accusation.

One that ruins lives.

Look, I just want
my mother's ring.

I just can't do this.
Please, I won't say anything.

That's okay. Don't worry, Clea.

I know you won't say anything.

Thank you.

I don't got money
no I don't need money

No I don't need money
no I don't got money

No I don't need money
no I don't need money

No I don't need money

I don't do well with threats.

All I really wanted to do was
to scare you. That's it, Kaley.

But, apparently, for a smart
girl, you can be pretty thick

'cause I tried several times
to stop you

but you just
wouldn't stop digging.

- 'I get it. Okay?'
- Digging, digging, digging.

We want what's best
for our kids.

But the pressure was too much
and i-it probably

pushed Millie to cheat.

Yeah, that's right,
the pressure. Oh, it's intense.

But as a parent,
I need to protect her.

You know, the expectations
on these colleges

this is ridiculous.

- I get it.
- No, you do not!

And I do not need to hear
another word out of your mouth.

I gave these kids an edge.

- Nat Gevest.
- Oh.

Hm. That's very good.

We heard a lot through
your computer, Kaley. Please.

I provide a service
for the kids who don't have 4.0

and yet they can afford to pay.

And you know
what they get in return?

'A guarantee
that their test score'

is gonna be seen
by all the colleges.

They'll notice. You see there?

That's a little win-win
for everybody.

- Not just you, sweetheart.
- They cheated.

They rigged the system.
No one wins, not even them!

Yeah, well, except
they didn't know they cheated.

See, that's the beauty of it
right there.

See, Millie thinks
that she actually got that score

on her own merit,
so she owns it.

And you know
what's actually pretty funny?

She didn't do too badly in her
junior year, but she needed me

and I needed
to give her the edge.

- How did you do it?
- What?

I'm just curious
about the logistics.

- Oh, you're curious?
- Yeah.

I am.

I paid the
proctor. Simple, really.

Librarians make so little money
and I just found someone

who was easily manipulated.

The kids who took
the prep class were on a list

which Clark cross-referenced
with their licenses.


So Clark would easily know

which test to replace.

'Well, no one was the wiser.'

Oh, would have been perfect
if Clea hadn't gotten

all worked up about it.

I couldn't trust her
to shut her mouth

so I took every necessary step
to protect Millie

and I'll protect myself,
of course.

Then I heard the proctor
wanted to talk to you, Kaley

so I had to prevent that
from happening..

'cause I am all Millie has

and I will never let her down.

But unfortunately,
you two and that boy

just couldn't stay in your lane.

So now I have to clean
everything up.


I thought planting that test
in your locker

would just discredit you

make you seem bitter
if you did find something.

But you just would not stop.

But I liked you, Kaley,
I really liked you.

So I thought you were a good
influence for my little girl.

So I am truly sorry
about the horrible kitchen fire

that was caused
by faulty wiring.

That is a huge mistake.

- Huh!
- Oh! Oh, oh!

Get up.
Yeah, yeah, that's right.

- It is over, Steve.
- Okay. Okay.

Okay. Okay. You're not
gonna use that gun.

You'll go to great lengths
to protect your kid, Steve.

Imagine the lengths I'll go
to protect mine.

Oh, yeah?

You're okay, honey?


Kaley! Kaley!


I know you won't leave
your mother behind.

Come on, Kaley.

Come on. Just you and me.

Just a little chat, that's all.

Come on out and play,
just for a little bit

just a little talk.

Just like friends,
come on. Just..

There's nowhere
for you to go now, Kaley.

Kaley! I'm here.

I couldn't get here sooner.

- 'Kaley, honey, I'm okay.'
- Mom. Mom.

I'm okay.

- How did you know?
- Door cam.

Also, tracked down those photos
of the SUV.

Turns out, it was registered
to Nat Gevest.

You came alone?

I was already on my way
when I hit the panic button.

You okay? We're safe.

Thank you.

'Guys, come
in here, we got 245.'

'Suspect's down,
house is secure.'

'Get together. Get
together. Come on, picture.'

- 'Monica, put your cap on.'
- 'No, my bangs!'

- I'm sorry.
- Oh, you look so good!

- Amazing.
- 'From studying!'

'Hey, let's get
a mom-daughter one.'

- 'Jump in there.'
- Yeah, come.

Oh. Oh, I'm gonna miss you so
much when you're at Bentonville.

Well, you'll just
have to visit then. Both of you.

Of course,
and we're gonna FaceTime

like, three times a week
at least.

Mom! Keep it together, okay?

What? I'm so chill.
I'm so chill.

Monica, am I not so chill?

Oh, yeah, no,
she's totally chill.

Wait, did you guys hear,
Millie got into

Oregon-Dobson University.

- 'That's great.'
- Yeah.

Honey, how's she doing?

She's with her aunt, right?

Yeah. Yeah.

Her dad's gonna be in jail
for a long time.

But, yeah, she had to retake
the SATs, she got in.

She'll probably play volleyball,
so it's good.

- That's great.
- Yeah.

Too bad Bentonville's
gonna kick their butts.

Oh, wait till you play Duke,

Hey, well, I'm still gonna wear
my Team Kaley T-shirt.

- Oh, and front row center?
- Mm-hmm.

So jealous that
you're going to Alameda Bay.

You're gonna get to see Kaley
all the time

and I'm gonna miss her.

Your little young

- Aww..
- Yeah, see if you can take..

- Thank you so much.
- Oh.

Yeah, ready? Two, three.

- We did it!
- We did it!

Your little young girl♪