Dangerous Charter (1962) - full transcript

A fishing boat discovers a deserted luxury yacht at sea with a dead body on board. They claim the yacht as salvage, not knowing that a drug smuggling ring has hidden $500,000 worth of heroin on the boat.

[music playing]

[SINGING] The sea is my woman.

My lovely.

My queen.

Sometimes she's tender.

Calm and serene.

I was born to be with her.

No one else could I crave.

But the sea is my woman.

And I'm her slave.

[music playing]

[music playing]

Want me to takeover, Kick?


Let her East a little.

There ain't any
fish around here.

I ain't never seen
them this scarce.


We're wasting time and gas.

I thought I saw
some birds working

over there by that ship.


Let's have a look.

[music playing]

MARTY: Very pretty.

But she won't bring a
dime at the cannery.

Hey, what an idea!

Canned women! [laughs].

Better still, instant women!

Just add water and
stir! [laughs].

Hey, Marty.

Tell me a thing.

Why does it say this
girl is good for farming?

Send 25 cents in stamp or
cash, and we will send you a 9

by 12 photograph of
this beautiful model

suitable for farming.


Framing, not farming you cluck.

Any one who'd frame a girl
like this should be shot.

I do not frame for
a lovely Senorita.

I carry her close to my heart.

Another day, another dollar.

Only no dollar.

How's the gas?

Oh, plenty to get back on.

But not enough to get
out again tomorrow.

Don't worry, I'll
get you enough.


Leave it to me, can't ya?

You're borrowing from
June again, aren't you?

That last tank, that was
her money too, wasn't it?


Well, she's my daughter and it's
all in the family, ain't it?


I told her I wasn't going
to take any of her money,

and I won't have you
taking it either!

Take over, Joe.


Hey, Marty.

I know how you feel,
and so does June.

Are you sure?

Now, why don't you
two kids get married?

You keep putting it
off and putting it off.

We all know it's just
a matter of time.

I won't marry her
until I can support her.

I told her that, I'm
telling you that.

MARTY: Marty, you know I know
June a lot better than you do.

She's just like her mother was.

Did I ever tell you
how we got married?

Well, I didn't have a boat.

I didn't have much of anything.

I was on the beach.

And I kept putting it
off and putting it off,

just like you are.

One day she came to me
and she said, "Kick,

you come along with me."

So we went down to
City Hall, and we

got our marriage license.

She paid for it herself.

Right up until the time
she died she used to say,

"Kick, I think you're the
best investment I ever made."

And that's the way
June feels about you.

JOE: Hey, Kick!


[music playing]

JOE: Look.

Yeah, she's
drifting, all right.

Give her the horn.

[horn sound]

MARTY: Do they got
anyone on deck?

KICK: Naw.

Give her the horn again, Joe,

[horn sound]

They think it's a round tour.

[music playing]

Maybe they're below,
working on the engines.

KICK: Naw, they need
somebody topside.

Make out a name?

MARTY: Yeah.

M- E- D. No, it's M-
E- D- U- S- A. Medusa.


That's a new one on me.

Give her the horn again!

[horn sound]

KICK: [yelling].

Ahoy, there!

Ahoy, Medusa!

Ahoy, there!


[music playing]


Ahoy, there!

[music playing]

KICK: Ahoy, Medusa!

[joe blows horn]

[music playing]

KICK: Ahoy!

Anybody on board?

[music playing]

[music playing]

Tie her up at stern,
Joe, and come aboard!

OK, Marty!

Ahoy, aboard!

KICK: Hey, they've got a
big diesel part down there.

A real big mill.

Hey, look.

One of the boats is missing.

It sure carries enough
equipment, even radar.


Hey, here's something.

Their last position
was off the Coronadas.


That's 80 miles East of here.

[muffled radio sounds]

KICK: Radio is OK.

[music playing]

[music playing]

JOE: No one back there!

MARTY: Hey, check
that hatch, Kick.

I'm going below.

Hey, Marty.

What do you think happened?

Your guess is as good as mine.

[music playing]

Anybody home?

[spooky music playing]


[spooky music playing]

[spooky music playing]

Mondo dios.

What kind of a woman
has snakes for hair?

That's Medusa, the lady
this boat was named after.

JOE: Medusa?

A nightmare Alice.

There was a legend about Medusa
that anyone who looked at her

was turned to stone.

Rock me baby. [laughs].


MARTY: What are you doing there?

There was a cruise
course back here.

I heard somebody
knocking, so come on.

Get me out of here.

Hey, this is real nice.

It's cozy, huh?


This guy was prepared
for everything.

There's something I
always wanted to wear.

How do I look in that, Marty?

Like a fish out of water.

[everyone laughs]

Hey, what's that?

You're a legend.

Snakey-locks and
the three bears.

Who would want anything
like that in this bedroom?

Come on.

Let's get out of here.

This is the gallery!


This is better than
what I've got at home!

Wait until you see
the dining room!

Be my guest!


Something else I found!

Well, what do you know?


From 1898.

That's older than
I am. [chuckles].

Oh, this is too
rich for you kids.

It would spoil you.

To the Medusa!


We've got company!

[music playing]

[music playing]

KICK: Wherever he is,
he didn't die easy.

MARTY: Yeah.

KICK: Hey, look at this!

See the way he had that tied?

JOE: Upside down!

KICK: It's a distress signal.

He was probably running
it up when-- Hey, Marty?

Maybe he had the plague.

Or the cholera.

Well that'd answer it!

This is a plague ship!

He'd have radioed, wouldn't he?

Yeah, unless whatever
they had hit them so fast

they didn't have time!

Yeah, he didn't have time
so they all drop like flies

and then obligingly
got up and walked

themselves over the side,
except that guy there,

he didn't have time.


Well, we better find
another Coast Guard.


But that just yet.

Listen, now how much do you
figure this yacht's worth?

150, maybe?

Oh, easy.

Well, listen, if we bring her
in, then we can claim salvage.

But if we call the Coast
guard, that's no salvage.

Now, I figure salvage
would bring maybe $20,000.


Well, do you think we
could tow it in ourselves?

How do you know
we can't run it?

Well, they can't kill
us for trying! [giggles].

[music playing]

OK, baby.

Let's go.

[engine starts]


Hey, listen, Joe.

You're going to have to
bring in the Olympia.



The boards are
working over there!

Looks like blue fin!

Will you stop acting
like a fisherman?

For the next three hours,
we're the idle rich.

[music playing]


Give them a blast on the horn.

[kick blasts horn]

[music playing]

[music playing]

Hello, Mark.


Mr. Edwards of the FBI, Mr.
Blake of the Federal Narcotics

-How are you?

This is Commander Todd of
the merchant marine inspection



Well, there she is.

Whoever she is

What do you mean?

There's no Medusa listed
in any yacht registry.

She's a shady lady, Mark.

The health officer
is aboard now.

Hey, Doc?

Is it the plague, or cholera,
or something like that?

Is this where you found him?


Right there.


And we covered him up too.

That can be pretty
risky at times.

A plague.

It is the plague!
I knew it!

Hey, Doc?

You can go aboard
now, gentlemen.

And you fellas
can stop worrying.

That man on the boat
died of the mumps.

Mumps and cephalitis,
to be exact.


The mumps!

Magda mamia!

What's the matter with him?

Doesn't he speak English?

Sure, I speak English.

I just happened to
think of something.

I never had the mumps!

What's the story, commander?

Have you traced the owner yet?

All I can tell you is
the yacht has no registry.

There is no papers.

Someone has obliterated
the official numbers

carved on to his main beam.

There's no point of
origin on his stern, just

the name Medusa.

What about the dead man?

He has no fingerprint record.


Have you any idea
what happened, sir?

Investigation has
just begun, boys.

Give us time.

You have a mystery out here,
isn't that enough for a story?

Could we get a shot of
the men who brought her in?

That's up to you, McMahon.

I have no objections.

It's OK with me!

Hey, Blake?

What about these men?

You want them held?

I have no reason to
hold them, Commander.

What's your theory, McMahon?

What do you think happened?

How do I know?

Well, the guy that was--

I'm sorry, boys.

No more questions.

Maybe by tomorrow we'll have
this whole thing cleared up.

Morrison, show the
press to the gates.

We didn't get enough
to have a story.

I don't see why he couldn't
give us a bit more time.

Can we leave now, commander?

Yes, you can go now.

But I'd like you to stay
ashore for a few days

so you'll be available
in case we need you.

Yes, sir.

But one thing.

How do I go about making a
formal claim for salvage?

You're officially logged
as having brought her in.

Don't worry about it.

We stand a chance
to make $20,000,

and he says don't
worry about it.

The Coast Guard pay must
be higher than I thought.

Well we'll see you
in the morning.

McMahon, and this goes
for the rest of you,

the reporters will probably be
waiting for you at the gate.

I'd rather you wouldn't give
them any more information.

Well, I'm no publicity
hound, but why the mystery?

That's just the point.

It is a mystery.

[music playing]


You mind just a few
questions, McMahon?

Sorry, boys.

What's it like on board?
Pretty classy, huh?

I'm sorry.

No more questions.
[honking sound]

JUNE: Hey, Pop!

Pop, I'm over here!


Give us a break, will you?

It will only take a minute.

How about a shot of the girl?

Let's get out of here?

Just one shot!

Give us a break, here.

It will only take a minute.

Just one shot, huh?


Can I trouble you for a light?

What do you boys make
of this business?

Coast say whether they
were on to anything?

And you ask for a light.


Maybe I could buy you a drink.

Now, why are you so
interested in all this, Mister?

Oh, curiosity.

I'm a curious man.

Also, I pay for my information.


It's a deal.

I'll tell you everything I know.


Three hours from now, you go
over to the Times building.

You'll find a kid outside.

You hand him a, dime and
he hands you a paper.

That way you save $19.90.

[chuckles] Smart.


I just saw on the board, and
I told them it was OK as long

as they kept in radio contact.

Blue fin.

I wish that all I had to do for
a living was out-smart a fish.

Commander, have you
ever seen a fisherman

with ulcers who had to see
a psychiatrist for anything?

I guess we're in
the wrong profession.

Is there anything
you can tell me?

Did you ever know a
fella called Anselmo?

He probably uses a
dozen other names too.

He's a big-time smuggler.

Diamonds, watches, cameras.

Narcotics too, most likely.

We've been working on him, but
we haven't come out with much.

Is there anything to
tie him in with Medusa?

No, not much.

Oh, there's one thing.

You know there aren't
many people, that

is the right kind
of people, who claim

that they've ever seen Anselmo.

The descriptions we
get are the usual.

He's tall, he's short, he's
fat, he's thin, he's light,

he's dark.

But there is one thing on
which they agree, one point.

And that is that this Anselmo
is a very nifty dresser.

The kind of guy who
never wears the same suit

twice in the same month.

Changes his clothes three
or four times a day.

You know the kind.

Well, not right off hand.

If Anselmo owns the Medusa,
he's not apt to walk

right in and claim her, is he?


Not likely.

On the other hand, I
can't see even Anselmo

giving up a $200,000 yacht.

Of course, I may
be way off base.

It's just a hunch.

Oh, what's this?

I see our fishermen didn't take
very long filing their claim.


What's the joke?

I was just wondering, Commander.

I was just wondering
if a fisherman

had ever been used for bait.

[music playing]

How's the fishing been?


McMahon, what would you do if we
turned this craft over to you?

I'd pinch myself and wake up.

Answer the question.

You're serious?

Well, I'd go into
the charter business.

I'd charter out for, say,
$200 a day for a boat.

You wouldn't think
of selling her?

Sure, if the price were right.

But how often do you get a
buyer for a craft like this?

Besides, there's a lot of
money in the charter business.

Well, get ready to
pinch yourself, McMahon.

I just record his
transfer of the Medusa

to the three of you, in
payment of your salvage claim.

I don't know about you two
boys, but I'm not sleeping.

Is this on the level?

She's ours?

No strings attached?

Just one.

I've prepared an ad to be placed
in all the local Los Angeles


Yacht Medusa, available for
charter, and all the details.

Now incidentally, I'll see
that the ad is paid for.

Just one thing.

I want you to inform me
if it gets any replies.

That's fair enough.

More than fair, I'd say.

Buy why is Uncle Sam
going to pay for all this?

Price of bait.

What's that?

Well let's say
it's compensation

for all the time you've lost.

You can say that.

But I don't believe you.

Not that we won't take the boat.

[music playing]

[music playing]

OK, that's got it.

How about some chow?

Anything but chili.

JUNE: Hi, Marty!

Brought you a customer.

Marty, this is Mr.
Cain, isn't it?

Martin McMahon, my
father, and Joe.

Dick Cain.

How do you do?


I was afraid he might get lost
trying to get here by himself.

Believe me, I would have.

Say, she's a beauty.

JUNE: Mr. Cain is
looking for something

he can charter for ten days.

Well, it may be for more.

How long does it take to
get to La Paz and back?

La Paz?

Gee, that's quite a ways.

That's clear around the
tip of Baja, California.

I can check it on
the charts for you.

Later will do The
point is, that's where

I've got to pick up my boss.

I guess I better explain.

It's a little complicated.

Well, in that case,
let's go aboard.

There's no point in us
standing out here in the wind.

Kick, lead the way.

KICK: Thank you.

Where did you meet this guy?

He phoned about the ad.

Oh, Marty, wouldn't
it be wonderful?

A ten day cruise to La Paz!

What makes you
think you'd go along?

Oh, what makes you
think you can stop me?

I can't see anything
wrong with this.

Why, she's clean as a whistle?

Want to look her over?

What do you think of it?

What do I?

Well, I think she's the most
beautiful, comfortable--.

That's good enough for me.

And I'm sure it would be good
enough for Mr. Monet too.

That's my boss.

Would you have
a seat, Mr. Cain?

Thank you.

Would you sit, Miss Smith?

About Mr. Monet.

Oh yes, well, two weeks ago,
he flew to La Paz on business.

And he hates flying.

Loathes it, in fact.

He was sure his heart couldn't
stand another plane ride.

And I was to charter boat
nothing sort of the Queen Mary.

Perhaps I should mention
this, but price is no object,

You shouldn't have
said that, Mr. Cain.

Well, I do have the
figures quoted in your ad.

$100 a day for a fair boat.

What does that mean exactly?

No furniture if you
take these chairs off?


That means without crew,
without food, without fuel.

That's no good.

I thought you came with it.

Well, we do, for a price.

By we, I mean Kick here
and Joe and myself.

And little old me
to do the cooking.


Mr. Ken, I'm the best cook
between here and La Paz.

I don't care if you're the best
cook between here and China.


You haven't the only
say, Marty McMahon.

My father and Joe have as much
right to decide as you have.

Is she a good
cook, Mr. McMahon?

Well, yes, she is a good cook.

Well, then that settles it.

And after all, why not?

And let's cut out the formality.

Look, I don't want to
ride all the way to La Paz

back here talking to myself.

You mean you're going
to be our only passenger?

Until we pick up the boss.

Well, that's all
right, isn't it?

I mean, you don't insist on
a minimum number of people,

do you?


That's just fine, as long as
your boss can stand the tariff.

And speaking of that,
it's customary to get

a little something in advance.

Well, how about $2,000?

Will that be enough?



Oh, and by the way, Mr. Manay
is very particular on food--

the best of meats
and everything.

Champagne, caviar, steaks.


Now, how soon can you be ready?

I can be ready in an hour.

The Madusa is considerably
larger in the fuel tanks.

We'll be ready at 9
o'clock in the morning.

I'll be here.


Can I drop you off, Ms. Smith?

Oh, no.

I have to start on
the grocery list.

Do you like fish
stroganoff, Mr. Cain?

I'm mad about it.

You know, that's
one of my specials.

We'll match recipes.

It's a deal.

Hey, Marty, let me
see one of those.

Ah, what a good faith
this man has, huh?

It's suitable for farming.

Hey, listen, now, first thing
we got to do is get a list.

We got to go and get
provisions, fuel, water--

Oh, wait a minute.

Don't forget to notify Blake.


I'll do that when I go into
town to get the provisions.

Oh, you better come along, too.

Beef stroganoff.

Is that all of it?

Yeah, this does it.

--[inaudible], can
I see you a minute?


Here, take this, Kick, will you?

Maybe we ought
to step over here.

There are one of two things I
think you're entitled to know,


After you called me today,
I did a little checking

on this passenger of yours.

As far as we know,
he's all right.

But this Sydney Manay, for
a man who hates to fly,

he certainly has
logged a lot of hours

in the past year-- four
flights to Mexico City and one

to Paris.

Well, maybe that's it.

Maybe he got disenchanted.

Well, it could be.

You know, I have a
hunch that whoever

abandoned the Medusa would
like to have her back again.

Well, she's ours now.

The court awarded her.

I know.

She's legally yours.

But supposing the owner is
operating outside the law--

supposing this charter is a
pretext, for instance, to get

the Medusa back at sea again--

You mean Cain is just
fronting for somebody?

Well, let's admit
that's a possibility.

On the other hand, everything
might be strictly above board.

But you don't think so.

Well, at the moment, I haven't
a shred of proof to go on.

Well, if we're going to be
suspicious of everybody who

wants to charter
the Medusa, we might

as well give up right now.

Give up?

Do you want to give
her up right now?

Give her up?

Not so you'd notice,
anyone who wants the Medusa

is going to have a
fight on his hands.


That's what I hoped you'd say.

Now, I want you to listen to me.

I want you to
listen, but I don't

want you to breathe a word
of this to anyone-- anyone,


What are you doing, Marty?

Hand me that box
there, will you?

What's the idea
of the artillery?

There's another one just like
it under the head of my bunk.

Well, that should
be nice and cozy.

You mind telling me what for?

Just remember it's
there, just in case.

MAN: Hi there.

That must be Cain now.

MAN: Good morning.

I'll take that.

Isn't it great?

Hey, [inaudible].

She sails for Hawaii tomorrow.

Let her.

I'd rather be right here.

You know, I came back
on a Mariposa once.

Worked my passage home.


Doing what?

Ship's orchestra.

I play a pretty mean guitar.

Or at least I used to before I--

Before you what?

Caught some shrapnel in Korea.

You want to see it?

Looks like a horse's
head, doesn't it?

That's a strange sort of
a luck piece to be wearing.

Well, I'm lucky I
didn't lose my arm.

Isn't it about time we started
thinking about some lunch?

Aye aye, sir.

But don't make
it beef stroganoff

the very first day, huh, honey?

Beef stroganoff.

Very, very funny.

I thought so.

So I'm saying to
that guy, seasick

before we're an hour at sea.

Hey, Marty.

You want any more?


Well, you might've
left some for Kick.

Have you seen Mr. Cain?

No, not since--

He's not in his cabin.

He's not on deck.

I can't find him anywhere.
-Have you tried the--

He's not there.

I've looked at all the
cabins up on the boat deck.

Pop hasn't seen him either.

Now, look-- don't get excited.

A man just doesn't
suddenly disappear.

Oh no?

What happened to the last owner?

Shut up.

You tried the after deck.

How about the bow?

Pop would have seen me.

Have another look around, Joe.

Come on.

Let's move forward.

Have you tried the engine room?

He wouldn't be down
there, sick as he was.

He's gone, Marty-- overboard.

It's OK.

He's down here.


You gave us quite a scare.

We thought you were overboard.

Gosh, I'm sorry.

I was fooling around
with my radio,

and this knob came loose.

I figured I'd try the
screwdriver down here.

It works now.

Quite a power plant down there.

Diesel, huh?

How do you feel?



Those pills you gave
me worked like magic.

They must've.

I'm hungry.

How's Kansas for lunch?

Oh, come on.

Anything wrong, Marty?

I don't know, Joe.

I just don't know.

I'm over here.

Too early to turn in.

And they don't give refunds
on a night like this.

A little mood music.

You like "The Sea Is My Woman?"

[SINGING] The sea is my
woman, my lover, my true.

I was born to be with her
my whole life through.

I was born to be with her,
no one else could I crave.

But the sea is my woman,
and I'm her [inaudible].


What are my chances
for a cup of coffee?

That's one thing
we never run out of.

With one lump, right?

Good memory.

I know I let you
kiss me last night.

I wanted you to.

Well, I admit I
got that impression.

I was mad at Marty, that's all.

It was just a way of
trying to get back.

Well, are you sure
that's all it was?

I sort of hoped you were
beginning to like me a little.

I do like you, Dave, very much.

But that isn't--

Never mind the buts.

I'll settle for the first part.

What I'm trying to
tell you is that--

Don't argue.

What's the matter?

It's a boat.

Come on.

[speaking spanish]

She is one beautiful day, no?

Shear off there.

The first thing you know,
he'd be running into us.

What's on your mind, friend?

You like to buy some fish?

Very fresh, very nice.

No thanks.

[speaking spanish]

Lobsters, meaty.

[speaking spanish]


Oh, Marty, let's get some.

How much are they?

For you, senorita, a price
special-- $2 for one dozen.

How many you want?

We'll take two dozen.


$2 a dozen?

Do you know how much
they cost at the market?

Lobster salad for lunch.

How does that sound?

It sounds very good, senorita.

What is this?


Well, if you know my
name, that answers it.

Thanks a lot.

I hope we haven't kept your
friends waiting too long.

How is Mr. Manay these days?

Is he still airsick at La Paz?

You wouldn't happen to
be Manay, would you?

What's he talking about?

OK, Fidel, let's drop it.

You'll find a gun stashed
under his bunk up forward.

He may have others around.

Thanks again.

You have other guns?


Sure, I got them
all over the place.

I asked you polite.


Stop it.

Let me go.

I don't want to see you
get hurt either, Marty.

But for your own
good, you better

listen and tell the truth.

There's another one
in the wheelhouse.

There's two.

That's all.

Oh, what's the use, Marty?

They'd find it way.

That's being smart, pop.

Don't you call be pop or I'll--

You'll nothing, none of you.

First wrong move
and she gets it.


I'll got get the other gun.

[playing guitar and singing]

Your move.

How can I move when I
can't even see the board?

Give him a hand, Richard.

Now, careful with
this one, Ortega.




That seems to be everything.


Small bonus.

Buy something for your wife
an all the little Ortegas.


Muchas gracias.

Those horrible little Ortegas--
what he ought to buy for us

is a small gas chamber.

Richard, dear boy,
how well do you look?

Fresh air and sunshine, and no
doubt, this charming company.

How do you do, Mrs. Smith?

Pity anyone so lovely has to
have such a commonplace name.

But I'm sure you'll be changing
it for something better.

Magman, isn't it?

You'll have to
admit, it isn't much

more distinguished than Smith.

I'm willing to admit it
hasn't got the class of Manay.

You are Manay, aren't you?


You went expecting
anyone else, were you?

Supposing you
and I step inside.

Suppose we get some
answers outside.

As you were saying,
suppose we step inside.

I can see that we're going
to get along, Mr. Magman.

After you, my friend.

Let's get down to cases.

Right now, you're guilty
of piracy on the high seas.

My, my, how romantic.

The image it evokes-- walking
the plank, the jolly roger,

hidden treasure.

Yes indeed, hidden treasure.

Not to mention hanging
from the yard arm

on today's market, maybe 20
years in a federal prison.

Oh, your boss didn't
tell you about that?

Oh, come now.

Let's not get too legalistic.

In point of fact,
I have no intention

of retaining the Medusa.

She's yours.

In that case, get off my ship.

I shall be delighted
to once you transported

me safely to Catalina.


Yes, Santa Catalina, that
delightful little island you

can see from Los
Angeles on a clear day.

Just take me to
Catalina, Mr. Magman,

and I shall trouble you no more.

And as a further
recompense, I shall

pay you the sum of $10,000,
over and above the price

of your charter.


I'm tired of playing
games, and I'm not

one of those donkeys you
get to go places by dangling

a carrot in front of his nose.

Now, either you come
up with some answers

or get your muscle
boys to work me over.

Sit down, Mr. Magman.

Very well.

What are your questions?

Well, first of all, why
did you abandon the Medusa?

A comedy of errors, but
I'll be delighted to tell you

that story another time in full.

Well, all right, I'll pass
that for the time being.

Now let's get on to
another question.

You say that the
Medusa was yours,

and yet you didn't come
forward to claim her.

Then you go to a lot of
trouble to get her back,

and now you say you have
no interest in keeping her.

I can understand
your confusion.


I'm supposed to pass that, too.

Mr. Magman, what would you
say if I were to tell you

that we're sitting on
half a million dollars

at this very moment?

I'd say you're crazy.

Nevertheless, it
happens to be the fact.

You can believe me
or not as you please.

You mean there's
something on board

here, something that the
federal boys in the Coast Guard

weren't able to find?


So you see, it's the cargo, not
the yacht, that interests me.

And now that your
curiosity satisfied up

to a point, what's your answer?


In exchange for conveying me
to Catalina, keeping your mouth

shut, and seeing that
your friends do the same.

You're staking an awful lot on
our keeping quiet, aren't you?

No more than you, perhaps
not even as much if you

see what I mean, my friend.


I see what you mean.

One last question-- what if
I say no to your proposition?

Oh, come now.

I give you more credit for
intelligence than that.

The Medusa, and extra $10,000,
and my good will against what?

I suppose you tell me.

No, I get the picture.

I wouldn't like it.

I'm sure you wouldn't.

Shall we drink to
a pleasant cruise?

Why not?

To Catalina on a clear day.

[music playing]


You're up early.

I didn't sleep a wink.

Marty, what are we going to do?

Keep doing just what we're
doing-- heading for Catalina

and hoping we get there.

Marty, the radio.

Maybe we could get through--

Forget it.

The first thing they did
was strip the transmitter.

Now, take it easy.

No one has been here so far.

Let's just keep it that way.

Excellent advice.

First things first at all times.

And speaking of that, my first
requirement of the morning

is breakfast.

Mrs. Smith, do you think
you can manage an omelette?

I could manage a lot better
without that fish-eyed

character hanging around.


Of course, Mr. Sam [inaudible].

You couldn't have
described him better.

I'll speak to him.

--[inaudible], I was curious
about how the Medusa

came to be abandoned.

Well, as I told you last
night, a comedy of errors.

Have you ever been told suddenly
that you're on a plagued ship

where one of the crew,
presumably bitten by a rat,

is deathly ill, his throat
swollen, his face purpling,

his-- I don't need to go
into the lurid details.

I saw him die over
there on the deck.

Well, what would you have done?

Well, I might have thrown him
overboard or tried to fumigate,

call the Coast Guard.

I was in no position
to call the Coast Guard,

and no means of fumigating.

As for touching and playing
victim, no thank you.

So you lowered the boat
and left everything,

including your half million
dollars worth of cargo?

What's the quotation?

Fear makes cowards of us all.

I was rather annoyed when
I read that poor Miguel had

died of nothing
worse than a rather

virulent form of the mumps.

It's quite an amusing
story, isn't it?


Except for one thing.

Poor Miguel was alive
when you abandoned ship.

We found him up on the
boat deck, not out there.

God knows how long he lasted
after you deserted him.

Is that a fact?

Well, well-- now I expect
my omelette is ready.

This sea air gives
me quite an appetite.

[music playing]

Thank you, my dear.

Are you sure you
won't take a hand?


I don't play.


Not very lucky here, Richard.

Any better fortune
with our charming cook?

Look, she's a nice girl,
and she's engaged to McMahon.

That still doesn't
answer my question.

You think I haven't noticed
the way your body tenses

every time she comes near you?

I'm going below.

I think I'll take a nap.

I know what you'll take.

Oh, go ahead.

Go ahead.


Better let me have your gun.

Just for safe keeping.

You don't trust anybody, do ya?

Not even myself.

[music playing]

June, be careful around
Dave, and keep out of his way

as much as possible.

That's some advice
coming from you.

Don't make it obvious,
and don't give him the idea

you're scared of him.

He likes that.

And if he tries anything--

Well, well, such
a touching scene.


Come, Richard.

A word with you.

I was just going below.

Yes, I know.

We'll both go below.

Excuse us, my dear.

[music playing]

Wait outside, Fidel.

Sit down.

Now, what were you
saying to the girl?


Nothing at all.

Amazing-- a man who talks
and yet says nothing.

What did you say to the girl?

Look, I only mentioned I was
coming down to take a nap.

That's all.

You're lying, Richard.

That displeases me.

All right.

I'll give it to you straight.

I only told her to
be careful of you,

and I didn't say
any more than that.

I didn't tell her some of
the things that I might have.

I didn't tell her about
that 14-year-old--

Don't you dare talk
about me or threaten to.

Go on.

I don't care.

Only you'll have to
kill the rest of them,

too-- McMahon, her father.

Go on, kill us all.

Run the boat yourself.

Take it into Catalina alone.

You have more courage
than I gave you credit for,

or else you're a bigger
fool than I imagined.

Fidel, our Richard has decided
to take the cure, Fidel.

Look in his guitar case, he
keeps his medicine there.

Boss, I'm only kidding.

Fidel, he's only kidding.

Boss, tell him
you're only kidding.

Come on.

In 6 hours, Richard, you'll
sell your own mother, no less

that girl you scarcely know.

6 hours and you'll come begging.

Boss, I'm kidding.

I promise you, I'm kidding.


Now, why don't you
take that little nap?

Please boss, I'm only kidding.

I promise you I am.

Half past 3.

[dramatic music]

guitar, lonely and blue,

I know the reason
you're lonely, too.

You've been beside me.

You travel so far.

Shed all my troubles and
worries, lonely guitar.

I love the woman.

[dramatic music]

Dick, what is it?

What's the matter?

Is there anything
I can do to help?

He's had these attacks before.

Why don't you go below, Richard?


You'll feel better in bed.

Come on, let me help.

I'll go get his bunk ready.

--[inaudible], please
give me something.

You must be taught
your lesson, Richard.

Give it to me!

[dramatic music]

Take him alone.

Lock him up.

What happened?

Your throat, it's bruised.

Good night.

So then it's 60 hours since
the Medusa's last radio contact.

Yes, that's right.

And no report of her from the
Mexican coastal patrol, either.

A boat that size just
doesn't disappear.

Maybe we ought to
put out a call.

[phone ringing]

Commander Todd speaking.


What's that?


How long ago?

Thank you.

The Medusa was spotted
by one of our helicopters

half an hour ago.


Heading straight for Catalina.


Get me the harbor
master at Catalina.

Get him on the radio.


[dreamy music]

[jazz music plays]

Put the radio there,
Fidel, Just a little louder.

Now, I shan't be gone
long, an hour or less.

And when the shore
boat comes along side,

I want you all to be
happy and smiling.

I'm sure you brought
along a bathing suit.

Put it on.

A yacht at Catalina
without at least

one pretty girl on the
deck in her bathing suit

is unthinkable.


Ah, the shore boat.

Big smiles, everyone.

Oh, good heavens,
Put that grin away.

Nature never intended
you to smile.

Here we are.

Good morning, good morning.

A beautiful day, isn't it?

The bathing suit.


Come on.

I'll go with her.

Suit yourself, Bob.

Hi there.

I'm the harbor master.

From the Medusa, aren't you?

You wouldn't be
McMahon, would you?

That's right.

Marty McMahon, yes.


I was just going to run out.

I had a call a few minutes
ago from Commander Todd.

Is everything all right?

All right?
What do you mean?

Commander Todd was
wondering because you hadn't

been reporting regularly.

Oh, that.

The radio went out.

That's one of the
reasons I put back in,

to pick up a new transformer.

So that's it.

Well, I won't hold
you any longer.

Oh, no trouble at all.

And thank Commander
Todd for me, won't you?

I'll do that.

[dreamy music]

[groaning sounds]


Dick, answer me.


What's the matter?

Pop, listen.

[groaning sounds]

Open it.

Open the door or
I'll kick it down.

This boy's in bad shape.

How long has be been this way?

How do I know?

Where are you going?

To get a doctor.

You don't need a doctor.

What're you going to
do, just let him die?

He ain't going to die.

What's the matter with you, Pop?

Where you been all your life?

He's a junkie, a mainliner.

There's nothing wrong with
him a good fix wouldn't cure.

Only he ain't getting it.

Now get out of here.

Go on, up on deck.

Yeah, fresh air.

Give them a smile, Cheesecake.

So now we know, don't we?


And we're bringing it in.

Not yet we haven't.

Here comes the boss.

Big smile now.

Smile or I'll break your arm.

Well, well, quite a reception.

Where's McMahon?

Saw him a minute ago.

Mr. Manet, you've got to
do something about Dick.

He'll die if you don't.

Oh please, you
can't be so inhuman.

I don't know what he's done or
what he's being punished for,

but he can't stand much more.

Very well.

Oh, and then get everyone
together on the afterdeck.

Hey, what are you
doing down there?

Come on up.

What's the idea of the flag?

Is this the 4th of
July or something?

Well, you're supposed
to fly the flag

while you're in harbor.


The boss wants to see you.

Well I got to
run this up first.


[mischievous music]

Come on, get a move.

Come on.

[triumphant music]

A new transformer?

Just a minute.

That doesn't make
sense, Commander.

You could just as
well have picked up

a transformer at Ignacio
or any one of those ports.

Describe McMahon
for me, will you?

Medium height,
very fancy dresser?

Yachting jacket?

Attention, attention.

95305, man your boat.

95305, man your boat.

Attention, attention.


All these eager, smiling faces.

Well, I'll not
keep you gentlemen.

In precisely 2 hours,
we shall up-anchor

and start across the channel.

10 miles out, we
shall rendezvous

with a small cabin cruiser.

Into it we shall transfer
ourselves and our cargo.

And then as four weary and
sunburned fisherman hurrying

home to our wives
and our barbecues,

we shall take our final
leave of your company.

And not without
a certain regret.

And not without
turning over to you

these little souvenirs
of our cruise.

Howard Hill called for us
to take you to Catalina.

It didn't go beyond that.

Now, now, let's not quibble.

Another 10 miles shouldn't make
that much difference to you.

But it is an essential
safety margin for me.

I still don't like it.

Besides, I didn't know
your cargo was narcotics.

I haven't said it was.

You didn't have to.

Your pal Dick said it for you.


[bob coughs]

Maybe it's a little
late in the day for me

to take any high
moral tone, but I

happen to think
that there's nothing

dirtier than dope peddling.

Anyone who'd traffic
in narcotics--

Lower your voice, sir.

--is the scum of the earth.

Don't give me any
of your sermons.

Ahoy there.

Ahoy there, the Medusa.

Ahoy there.

What's the matter
with you landlubbers?

Don't you know you're
flying a distress signal?

You got your flag
on upside down.

[dramatic music]

Hey man, look at all those
fellas with only one girl.

Maybe she's in distress.

Are you in distress, honey?



Stupid of us.

Thanks for coming by.

Seriously though, you
better hope the harbor

master didn't catch that.

You'd have a little
explaining to do.

Well, so long, [inaudible].

[dramatic music]

Forced me to change
my plans, McMahon.

Now get forward, all of you.

And if there's the
slightest trouble,

I'll have this
pretty little face

carved, so that not even you,
Mr. Smith, will recognize her.

Start the engines.

Get ready to bring
up the anchor.

I don't see any
activity over there.

Wise guys.

Ought to be smart.

[engine starting]

[triumphant music]

No, put it in the speedboat,
along with the rest

of my things.

$500,000 my dear, nearly
all of it clear profit.

No income tax.

Just think of the
things it would buy.

Pretty things.

Sable stole, emerald earrings.

Huh, you're cold.

Bet you'd like to go
and put on a wrap.

Oh Richard, go with her.

I wouldn't want you to
end our little cruise

by catching a cold.

Hand me those fishing
rods, will you?

You want the rest of this?

Yes I do.

Hey, I could use these goggles.

Give them to me.

OK, OK, I was just asking.

No harm done.

You like fishing?

I hate fishing.

That's why you are not a
happy man, you know that?

Why do you think so many
of the Lord's disciples

were fishermen?

Fishing is food for the soul.

Get out of my way.

[mysterious music]

[dramatic music]

Oh, just in time, my dear.


What were you doing
in the engine room?

Oh, well, I was just
taking a last look

around before we say goodbye.

All right, McMahon.

This will do.

Now bring her around
and lay to while we

put the speedboat over.

Mr. Smith and Joe
will help with that.

And so, all things
come to an end.

The speedboat should get us
to shore in less than 2 hours

before you put it.

And then in 2 hours, we
shall be gone with the wind,

never to meet again.

That suits me.

And as for the $10,000--

Forget it.

I intend to.

You had your chance.

I never give a man or
woman more than one.

Ah, Richard, just in
time for last goodbyes.

And don't make the
farewells tedious, please.

I'd like to leave
you something.

My medallion.

Please take it.

And good luck.

Don't waste any time--
getting married, I mean.

Nothing like a good loser.

All right, kiddo.


[dramatic music]

Pop, there's a time
bomb in the engine room.

Who said so?

Dick left a note.


[YELLING:] [inaudible],
will you get away from there,

all of you?

Just get them away from there.

Get back on the [inaudible].

Marty, let me come
down there, will you?

Why don't you do as I say?

It's set to go off in 5 minutes.

[engine shuts off]

BOB: Can you hear us?

Will you shut up?

[dramatic music]

Do you hear it?

Will you shut up?

How much longer, boss?

Any moment now.

Maybe something went
wrong with the timer.

Be quiet!

This could be quite a spectacle.

If he hid the bomb where he hid
the dope, we'll never find it.

Marty, come out of there.

Shut up.

It's ticking.

I can hear it around
here somewhere.



[suspenseful music]

Hit the deck!


Head back over.

Head back, what for?

Well, that was the
thermite bomb, you fool.

The Medusa should be blazing
from stern to stern by now.

Look, you saw it
go off yourself.

Yes, over the side.

Go on, go!


They're coming back.

Let's get out of here.

[dramatic music]



Get back, you idiots.


They're coming back!



Closer, you fools.


Here they come again.




Turn, you fools.



They're coming back.

Hit that switch and
get out of here.

Look at your Medusa, Manet.

No Richard.


Richard, no!


No, no, no--

[crushing noise]

[slow music]

We're dead.

We're dead.

Oh Marty, he did it on purpose.

I saw him.

Yeah, I know.

What do we do now, Marty?

Well, I guess we better
go back to Catalina,

notify the Coast Guard.

You won't have to.


[triumphant music]