Dangerous Boys (2014) - full transcript

Two rival high school gang leaders square off in Bangkok over honor, school pride, a girlfriend and rock-n-roll popularity.

Yo, man! I got something to tell you.

You're looking at the
"Hernia Get-Tinkled" gang.

That skinhead in the front
is their leader, Ting.

We're rivals.

See that good-looking poser?
He's no stranger.

He's my little brother.

His name is Pang, the troublemaker.

Look at him.

Such a badass.

Is that all they've got?

How can I know? I came here with you.


I want you to ask him.

Is that all you've got?

We have enough to take you down.

Where's his brother?

I don't see him anywhere.

Dumbass! Ask him.

Where's your brother?

We can take you down without him.

"Aww" my ass.

He's insulting us.

Whack them now.


Hey, Dinner!

Go get them.

Hey, it's time.

What do we do?

We'd better back off.

-Hey, stop.


Calm down.

He insulted you.

How could you be so weak?

Do I have to tell you who this guy is?

It's me, Peng.

I'm handsome,

and warm-hearted.

Let's watch my story.



I heard you had a gang fight again!

Why did you do that?

Can anyone tell me why?

Puwadol, answer me.

For our school.

For our school?

If you died,
what would happen to our school?

Can anyone give me a better answer?

For friends and fraternity.

For friends and fraternity?

If you got hurt or died,

would they take responsibility
for your life?

If they closed down our school
because of your fight,

we all would be in trouble.

What would you do?

Think about it.

Give me a good reason why you did it.

I'd like you to meet Teacher Rose.

He is your new advisor.

If you have any problems, consult him.

That's it for now.

Class, pay respect!

Thank you, teacher.

Well, students. Hello.

I'm here to…


Give me black beans,
and I'll serve you coconut milk.

That's good.

A bowl of black beans is ready.

Where's your coconut milk?

Don't you regret what you did?

Don't you ever feel ashamed?

I'm so tired of you.

You're nasty.

I saw that!

You look like shit.
Still don't repent, do you?

Don't you have any good sense?

I feel embarrassed for you.

I want to tell you that...

Stop laughing. It’s not funny.

Your parents send you to school.

Studying is your duty.

Got it? You're students.

Students, not gangsters.

Look at your face.

Do you know how ugly you are?

You look like dog-bitten corpses.

Don't you feel ashamed? You're students.

Don't let me catch you fighting again.

It's unacceptable.

Put your brains to better use

than this stupidity.

Got it?

I have nothing more to say.

You always can consult me. That's it.

Class dismissed!

You know Kunathip often fights
with the other school's students?

Of course she knows it. She's his mother.

-I do.
-See? She knows.

Kunathip, why did you lead a gang fight?

Just because you dislike someone…

Yes, they don't like each other.

You sought revenge after you were
expelled from school?

That's right. Madness. Revenge. Expelled.

No, sir.

Then why?

Tell them, son.

He can't figure it out.

It's all right if you can't answer now.

I'll give you some time to think

and tell me later.

Just tell us. Your Mom needs to know.

The principal and I need to know.

So we can help you.

A stitch in time saves nine.

-Let us help you.
-Why don't you…

Why don't you tell him?

Why don't you stop?


Just want to help.


This time, I'll just give him a warning.

But if he breaks the rules again,

he will be on probation.

Thank you, sir.

I won’t let it happen again.

Oh, you can’t blame him.

It's your fault,
for not teaching him well.

Ma'am, speaking of which,
let me ask you something.

That's a fake Hermes, isn't it?

I knew it. I can tell from your long sigh.

You've got some nerve.

If Peng and I hadn't helped,

You would have been beaten up.

You're exaggerating. We could handle it.
Right, Gun?


You braggart!
There was a whole herd of them.

We're lucky we survived.

Check it out. Our clip on YouTube...

-has almost a million views.
-Lemme see.

Cool or not, look at what we do.

Awesome or not, let's give it a try.
Bring it on. Come see for yourself.

Let me see it.

They said if we got 1,5 million views,

we might be an opening band
at the big concert.

All right!

There he is.

However, please look out for him.

I will.

That's my Mom!

I don't wanna see her now.

Let's scram.

We'd be screwed if the teacher saw us.

What? Are you scared?


Why are you hiding?

Damn! You're so brave, stay then.

-All right.
-Let's go.

Let's go.

You pussies!

Shit! Wait for me.

I don't understand why you had to fight.

Instead of relaxing at home
with some booze,

I had to sit there listening to
those damn teachers.

Why did you pick a fight?

For the dignity of manhood.

Dignity of manhood?

Manhood, get me some booze.

Hurry up.

That bottle. Yeah.

Where's Pang?

Practicing with his band.

It's late. Why hasn't he come home?

Bring your brother home. Go.

Yes, Mommy.


What is it, Mommy?

Glass. Get me a glass. Over there.

Alcohol is bad for your health.

You might get cirrhosis.

My lips will stiffen up before my liver.

I needed it since that teacher
started preaching...

on and on.

Dignity of manhood.

I'd better have a drink.

Let's race.



Come on!

Can you beat me?

Can you?

Where are you going?


Come here, sweetheart.


Peng! Pang!

Whoop their asses!

Peng! Pang!

-Peng! Pang!
-Whoop their ass!

What do you want from me?


Come on! Come on! Come on!

-Come on!
-Come on!

Come on!

Come on!


The big daddies are here. Shit.

Turn around!

-Get outta here!


Peng, what is that?

-Focus in class.
-Let me see.

Jot things down.

So you do it then.

Oh, her picture.

We'll see.


Wow, watch your steps.

Can I walk you home?

So lame.

Have you even seen a good lame bitch?

Here they come.

Where's my brother?

There he is, Rung.

Sitting here with his foul mouth.

Maew, I'm going home now.


Can I walk you home?

All right. Let's go.

Come on.

I'm going.


See you at home.

Have a nice day.

Kiss, kiss.

Nampetch is cute.

I wanna tell you...

She will be my baby's mother.

This is my brother-in-law. Hello.

You're welcome, brother.

I love you.

Nampetch is my type.

Do you like anchovy?

But she's cute.

And handy in the jungle.

I'll walk her home. See you.

Don't eat that frog.

Do you think Peng will come?

A date with you, he wouldn't.

If it was me, he would.

There he is.




I thought you wouldn't come.

I told you I would.

Where are you going? I'll give you a ride.

Wherever you will go, Peng.


You're slutty.


Let's go.

What about me?

Just go home.




What about me?

Don't let me catch you, bitch.

How could you do this to me?

Bitch! You were with me.

Hey, stop, stop.

-Where to go?
-Follow that motorcycle.

Come on. Let's go.

I'm still here!

Let's go.

Get down!


You even flirt with a motorbike taxi?

Pang is Peng's brother.
He's in a band.

They have a clip on YouTube.
Got almost a million views.

Let me see.

I want to see it too.

They're awesome.

They are not awesome.

They're enemies. Turn it off!

I'm your brother-in-law.

I saw Rung getting picked up by Peng.

You are such a badmouther.

How could my sister go out with our enemy?

But I really saw them.

Let's find out.

You can't catch up. They're gone.

Damn it, Rung.

How was school today?

Fine. Too much homework, though.

You must be exhausted. Keep it up.

Of course.

Weren't you hanging out with friends?

No, I'd rather be with you, Movie.

Thank you.

My house is up ahead.

I don't want this walk to end.

I want to be with you longer, Series.

I'd better go now.

Series, I love you.

I love you too.

See you.

What's going on with Thai language?

You use words incorrectly.

What's this? "Twinkly" "Bubbly"

I thought it couldn't be worse.
Now it comes in rhymes.

Oh, dear. "Cushy Kitty's Bell,"

"Sparkling Measuring Tape,"

"Shining Clotheslining,"

"Amazing Tinker bell,"

"Awesome Elephant's Belly."

Here is my favorite.

"Super Trendy Coconut Crotch."

It's "Super Trendy Coconut Candy."


It's Coconut Candy.

Not Coconut Crotch?

Coconut Candy.

Can anyone give me
the meaning of these tags?


Tell me something.

Why so quiet?


You don't even know the meaning of them.

So, you have to find…

the meaning of these tags, all right?

-That's all for today.
-For real?

You can go home.
Dash back to your parents.

Help them with household chores.

Don't wander around.

I'm not pointing my finger at anyone.


Yes, ma'am?

All right.

Are you upset? You know what I mean?

All right, everyone. Class dismissed.

Thank you, teacher.

You were thanking me…

"tardily piccadilly." Lazy ass.

Let's go to Siam Square.
I want new drumsticks.

I want new bass strings too.

Let's go, guys.

And you, Pang?

Since you all are going, I am too.

Oat, are you going with us?

I can't go. I have a date.


Since when do you have a date?

You never told us about girls.

I'm going.

-See you.

Put away your chair, Gun.

Hello, Peng.


I'm going now.

-Bye-bye. See ya.

You go back home.

I’ll go to Siam Square with them.

Don’t worry about me.

Okay, don’t be back late.

Got it, bro.

Take care.

Go. Go.


How much did you bring to school?


-Good. Good.

Next time banknotes, all right?

Go home. Go.

Take it all.

Money? Give it to me.

I'll take it all.

Get out of here. Run

Wait. Where are you going?

-Let me see.
-Give me that.

No money? Get lost.

You're useless.

You've got money. Whoa!


Wait, girl. Do you have any money?

7-11 stamps, we take them too. Go.

-Red ones.
-One hundred baht.

We've got enough money.

I'm collecting 7-11 stamps.

Come on.

Ting's idea is brilliant.


We should do it every day.

Yep, we'll do this again tomorrow.

We could be expelled from school.

Shut it!

Go to Paragon!

Can our band handle this?

Of course.

We have Shorty as the guitarist.

-Have you transcribed a new song yet?


That's the Hernias.

Ting. Maew. The assholes are here.

Get them!

You're ruining our image.

What are you laughing at?

Go! Go!

Follow them!


You can't get away.

-What do we do?
-I don't know.

That is quite a lot.

What should we do?

Damn. Full throttle.

Bring it on.

Run! Come on!

Take them down!

Good. Good.

Hang in there, dude.

Are you all right?

You're drenched in blood.

What are you cleaning my face with?

Well, this.

Damn it!

Oh, man!

You cleaned me with a sock.

Come to think of it...

I am still angry.

We ran after Pang's gang…

but we were beaten by Peng.
So embarrassing!

Right. In front of girls. Embarrassing.

If Peng and Tos hadn't come,

those dorks would have been dead.

Save your words, Batt.

You're the first one who ran off.
How's that?

Fight in the middle of
Maboonkrong junction?

In front of everybody.

Our Hernia gang's name is ruined.

Moron, stop talking about hernia.

My balls are shaking
when I hear that word.

Ting, you gotta admit it.

You actually had a hernia back then.

Our gang's name came from you.

Hernia Get-Tinkled.

Are you cured yet?

Damn! I have been cured for so long.

My balls are exactly symmetrical.

Really? Let me see them.

Wanna see them? Here! Look!

No, wait!

Close enough?

-Are you close enough?
-Damn it. You disgraced me.

What kind of a person are you?

Mark my words.


…is not measured by ball size.

What counts is here.



It's the heart.

Oat, you should have come with us.

-What's the matter?
-Your drink.

If you had come,
you would have kicked their asses.

You big talker.

If Peng and Tos hadn't come,
you would have been flattened.


Gun, you're just exaggerating.

You are.

Damn you.

I'm sorry, Sui.

It's you.

I swallowed it.

Mister Sirapob.

Tell your mother to see
Teacher Rangsan this evening.

Yes, ma'am.

And bring your brother too.

What's this?

-A snack, ma'am.
-Give it to me.

It's mine.

I'm taking it.

Roti from Thai Airways market.

Why is he calling my Mom?

What for?

How could I know?

What happened?

Hold this. I'll call my Mom.

-What is the problem?
-I don't know.

Hello, Mom?

I just told you not to pick a fight.

And you did the opposite.

They're stubborn.

You never listen to what I say, do you?

They were bullying my brother, sir.

Yes, Mommy.

Why are you talking back?

That is the truth.


Ma’am, he leaves me no choice.

I'll put him on parole.

I can't compromise on this.

Teacher, can I ask for another chance?


No, you can't.

Next time he will be expelled.

So don't cause any trouble.

All right. We should leave now.


You two, let's go home.

Will they survive?

I don't know.
I'm worried about these young men.

Why hasn't he texted me?

What's wrong?


You miss him, don’t you?


Pang. Peng's brother.

Are you crazy?

But I...

miss Peng so much.

I really like him.

The other day I saw him on his motorbike.

My radiator wobbled like this.

Speaking of which,
I must go to the toilet.

Are you crazy?

I'm joking!

Every time I see Peng,
I wanna spread my legs.

What for?

To ride with him.

To ride with him.


I've got an idea!


Are you sure about this?

Trust me.

Where is he ?

Here he is.

Nampetch? Rung?

Open the gate.

Pang, is Peng here?

Yes, he is.

-He's here?

He's here! Hurry up!



Don't fly down, I'll go get you.


Peng. Peng. Peng.

What is it, Rung?

Rung had a fight with her brother.

I didn't know where to take her.

So I took her to see you here.

It's late, Rung.

I'll give you a ride home.

Come on.

Oh! It's raining.

It's raining.

We can't go out now.

Now that it's raining, well...

let us stay here a night.

Do you have any clothes for us?


Come on.

Come with me.


Why did you have a fight with them?

The day that I took a ride with you,

Ting and Maew saw us.

So my parents knew about us.

They didn't approve of that.

You and Nampetch stay here for a night.

I'll give you a ride tomorrow.




Pang! Wake up!

Wait a minute.

Pang, wake up. It's time to go to school.

Go to school.



We are going to be late,


Who are you?

Do you realize this is a boy's house?



-Who is this girl?
-What, Mommy?

What's going on?

Mommy, calm down.

She had a fight with her parents
and came to consult me.

It was raining so she couldn't go home.

You really think I was born yesterday?

-Don't you ever think before you act?

Why are you still standing there?

Mom, take it easy.


-Off you go.

Get out.

I'm going.

Don’t stand there. Get out.

-You stress me out.

So stressed!


Get me a drink now.

This early?

I drink whenever I want.

Go get it!

You too. Think before you act.

-You have a brain.
-Yes, Mommy.

What's this, son?

Hello, Mom.

What's that thing?

This ugly one won't have a chance
to see my willy.

How could you...

choose a girl like her?

Go. Don't touch my son.

-Yes, Mom.

Give it to me.

You two need to think before you act.

If something happened,
could you be responsible?

Why are you still standing?
Go get a shower.


Now I believe that guys
with big noses have big willies.

Have you ever heard…

Ting, nine inches.

Oh man! You're something.

Maew, three inches.

Our YouTube views are not doing well.

Let me check.

This band is so cool.

Mine is just three inches?

The guitarist is like…

Bank Clash, that famous singer.

Getting more views?


don't you want to zip up your willy?

Batt, get it done.

Such an attention seeker.

That is too big.

Humping move.

Great show.

Just mediocre.

What are you doing?

Zipping up your willy.

No, you're giving me a hard-on.

-It's stuck!
-I'm trying!


My balls!

In no time, we will...

reach a million views.

Check it out.

Good one.

A million for sure!


So lame.

They're lame?

You're lame.

What are they playing? So out.

Look at Batt.

He sucks.

-Totally losers.

It sucks.

What’s wrong?

Ting and his gang…

They clone everything we do.

Hi, ma'am. I'm Rose from school.

I'd like to ask you about your son.

Slow down. Slow down.

I can't catch up.

Oh yes, I'm from the school.

I need to know.

What is Puwadol like when he's at home?


He's a cute boy. Well-behaved.

When he sees an ant,
he lets the ant go first.


Parents’ behavior
can cause their kids trouble.

You should set a good example for them,

so they can model after you.

You should set a good example for them,
so they can model after you.

You're a drinker.
What will happen to your kids?

No, no, no... I don't drink.

Have you ever seen violence from him?

Like, kicking a neighbor,
killing a dog or cat?

Don't frame my grandson.

No. It's impossible.

He definitely wouldn’t do that.

When bitten by mosquitoes,
he only blew them away.

-Is that right?
-Yes, yes, yes.

You're pouring some more for me?

Well, if you insist.

Let me try another sip.

Cheers, for good luck.

You should not drink alone so often.


-Listen carefully.

Your son got in a gang fight again.

Don't frame my grandson.

It's impossible. Definitely not my boy.

It might be Puwadej or Puwanart,
but not my Puwadol.

Ma'am, I have to tell you this.

I am normally not a drinker.

I like making merit.

I usually wake up early to give alms…

go to the temple to free birds and fish,

and free myself during the night.

Life is made of Yin and Yang.

Good night, Rung.


Ting, are you still up?

Yes. I've been waiting for you.

Rung, where have you been?

Ting, are you drunk or something?

Did you go out with Peng?

Go back to bed.

How could you do this?

What about me?



Damn Peng… I’ll get you for this.

Dad, Hello!

Peng, it's late. Why don't you go home?

Your Mom will be mad.

I don't want to go home yet.
Let me hang out here.

All right.

How are you doing, Dad?
How is your business?

How was it?

Not too bad.


How did you meet Mom?

How I met your Mom?

It’s this pub.

Over there.

I was singing here, and your Mom came by.

Every day.

Listening to my songs.

And you hit on her right away?

It's me you're talking about.

Your Mom hit on me first.

I was embarrassed in front of customers.

But after talking to her,

we got used to each other.

We did it twice.

The result is you and your brother.

What's the matter?

Is it about a girl?


I'm seeing someone.

But I don't know what to do.

If you like her, tell her so.

If you love her, tell her so.

Be true to yourself.

The most important thing for men is…

take a shot if you have a chance.

-Take a shot?

Don't lose your opportunity.

How's your mother doing?

Same as every day.

She always gets drunk.

She never listens to me.

Please take care of her.

Your Mom and your brother.

Okay, Dad.

I'd better go now.


Can I kiss you?

What? You never change.

Come on.

All right.

-I'm going, Dad. Goodbye.
-All right.

Take care.

Hey, wait, Peng.

What, Dad?

It's important for us men. Safety first.

I don't need it, Dad.

I'll count to three.



Wait, wait, wait.


How could you do this to me?

Damn it. How could you?


What's wrong with you?

Why don’t you ask Maew?

Maew, what's wrong with him?


You see, Ting…

See what?

Last night...

I was on my knees, on my knees.

Ting, what did you say?

I was saying…

On my knees.

Oh, I know.

Ting saw Peng dropped Rung off
at home last night.

Then Ting was making out with Peng.

And he was trying to rape Ting…

Damn you. I didn't make out with him.

I'm jealous. I saw Rung and Peng together.

Oh, no. Peng was trying to rape Rung.

You need to say it right.

Yeah, that's what I mean.

Did you get that thing I told you, Batt?

What is he talking about?

I don't know.

Give it to me.

Ton, make a video.

What video?

There he goes.

WPP! huh?

You guys are WPP, right?

Hold it.

Peng, here's the flag
of the school you love.



Here! Here! Here!


Look. Your school's flag.

-Are you satisfied?
-Hey, bro!

-Are you satisfied?
-I am! I am!


My foot! The flag is there.

Why did you put your foot in my way?

Ting, why did you do that?

We have no reason and get nothing,

no matter what we do.

It's not us. Just you.

Yeah. It's just you.

I don't give a damn.

Keep it rolling.

How's that? See?

Peng, look at this. Look!

Ting! Ting! Ting!



Shit! That's so stupid.


What will you do next?

Beat them up anywhere.

Let's go.

Enjoy yourself.


Is everything okay?


Hey, Peng.

What are you doing here?

Hello, Dad.


I want you to meet my friend.

That girl you talked about?

What did you say?


Her name is Rung.


Did you use it?

All here.

-Safety first.
-Hello, Dad.

-All of you?
-This is my girlfriend.

-Hello, Dad.
-It’s not you. Go away!

Fai. Fai.

Oh, my son's taste!

Come in.

This is my girlfriend.

That's my boy.


Where's your Mom?

Perhaps she's drunk at home.

Make yourself at home.

Take care of your friends.

Come on, Rung.

Keep playing.

What did you say to him?

I didn't.

Let me go!

Let me go!

Come on!

Pang, look up to Dad.



Why don’t you come back home?

Why are you so irresponsible?

Hanging out with girls here.

-I've been waiting for you all day.

-Haven't I taught you about this?
-Hold it.

These girls have no dignity.

Didn't your parents teach you anything?

I have become like this, so stressed out…

because your Dad never came home.

You're exactly like your father,
an asshole!

Hey, you!

Why are you making a scene?

We have a lot of customers, don't you see?

A lot of customers…

What are you looking at?


Get out!

Get out!

We're having a fight.

Because of you.

Look at your sons.
They never listen to me.

They'll be bastards just like you.

You never came home.

Who would stay with a drunk Mom?

You! Shut up!

-Your Dad told you to come?

I'm leaving, Dad.

-Dad, goodbye.

Mom, goodbye.



Pang, honey.

It’s your fault.

You taught them to not respect me.

It’s because you're irrational.

Nothing to do with me.

You never came home,
and they're doing the same.

-You are babbling.
-You all are bastards.

I'm outta here.

You have never been here anyway.

Get out. All of you. Out!

Get out of here!


They're talking shit, right?

Cheers, Mom.

This is plain water.
Are you trying to kill me?

I'd better go now. Goodbye, Mommy.

-Go, bitch!
-I'm leaving.



Why haven't they come back?



How are you? Some more?


Cheers then.

Bottoms up.

Nah, I've been drinking all night.

Why don’t you come home?

It's because of this bitch, huh?

Messing around with my husband?

Don't you know our sons are waiting?

Why don't you come home?

She is a customer.

What are you looking at?
Never seen a couple fight before?

I'm leaving.


Here you are.

Calm down, ma’am.

The customers are freaked out.

Where have you been?

I've been back for a while.
Why did you just arrive?

Don't tell me you dropped those girls off.

If they got pregnant,
are you able to take resposibility?


I'm talking to you. Peng!


You're gonna be like your Dad.


Where are you guys going?

We're going to the Music Society.

They won the Fan's Choice award in Guitar.


So cool.

Yeah, whatever.

Just don't be late. Mom will be worried.

All right, Peng.

And don't cause any trouble.

I know.


Let’s go, guys.

Oat, aren't you coming?

Go ahead. I have a date.


He's so in love!


-See ya.

Cheers, guys. Cheers!

You're just an amateur, bro.


Is it funny? Are you amused? Great.

Just one game and you're bragging.

Whoa, it's a great party, Ting.

This round is on me.



Let me ask you.

Why did you run away when you saw Peng?

Yeah. Come here.

Actually, I wasn't running away.

I just run to get ready for a fight.

Got it?

That's the plan.



That's Pang. Peng's brother.

How convenient.

I'm itching to kick their asses.

Come on!

Come on!

I think this one is okay.

This one is perfect.

But I think this one… looks expensive.

Those are Ting's gang.

Should we have a go?

Have a go my ass, we're outnumbered.

Let's get out of here.

-Come on.

Pussy my ass. Run!

-Let's go, Gun.

Hey, they're getting away.

Why are you still here? Go after them!

Hurry up.

Hurry up.

Hurry up!

Come on!

They're coming!

Gun! Hurry up!

Hurry up.

Come on.

Shit! Dead end.

What do we do?

What are you scared of? Fight them!

Peng, when will your brother come home?

It's raining.

Let's wait for now.



Hurry up. Lay him here.


Where have you been?

Who did this to you?

Hernia gang slammed us.

There were a lot of them.

If we had more people, we'd have won.


Ting left you a message…

Never mess around with his girlfriend.

Tos, let's go.

Where are we going?

You guys, take care of him.

I'll be back. Don't go anywhere.

He's still in the shower.

-Too long.
-Late again.

Ting, you son of a bitch!

I know, just a moment.


Don't get close.

Calm down, sunshine. Don't rush.


Did you hurt my brother?



What are you doing?

What are you doing?


What's going on?


I'm passing out. Am I gonna die?

Let go of me!


Get them!

Come on!


Shit !

Hang in there, bro.

What do we do?

Peng, are you all right?

-Hang in there, bro.

He is a good boy.

My grandson always stays home. Am I right?

Yes, here is the thing, sir.

The black shorts came
to attack the blue shorts.

-Right, grandma?
-Yes, yes.

Oh, no. I said it wrong.
Let me start again.

The blue shorts came
to attack the black shorts.

Our kid is the black shorts.

What's his name?


Excuse me.

I'm bailing my children out.

-What's his name?
-Kunathip and Sirapob. Two of them.

Oh, you're their mother.

What kind of mother are you?

You let your kids hurt other people.

And this is my grandson.

Can't you teach your sons to behave?

I should have stayed at my shop.

Calm down. Calm down.

Hey guys, your parents came
to bail you out.

Peng, get up.

Take it easy.

Is Tongplew here?

It's me.

Tongplew, stay down. The rest, get up!

You have to stay.
No one's bailed you out yet.

Hurry up.


Don't be scared, Batt.

I'll find a way to help.

Don’t leave me behind.

Are you done talking?

Your parents are waiting. Come on.


Don't forget about me.


Here they are.


Look, he is such a good kid.

Look at you! Are you hurt?

I'll smack you.

Why did you fight them? I told you.

Why didn't you take care of your brother?

Why did you let him do this?

Why did you let him fight?

Why didn't you do something?

Excuse me, everyone!

Now that you paid the fine,
you can go home.

You may leave now.

I’ll take care of your wound.

Let’s go home, Mom.

We need to talk. It’s not right at all.

Tell your sons to behave.

You look pretty but don't know
how to raise children.

They need parent's guidelines.

Don't just dress pretty
but neglect your children.

It's useless if you can't teach them well.

A thousand baht fine each
for a gang fight.

A thousand baht fine each
for a gang fight.


Tos. Tos. Tos.


How are you doing?

Doctor said that I’m lucky.
It’s not on a vital organ.

I'll be out in a few days.


Tos, you don't have to worry.

Friends don’t leave each other.

-That's right.
-We won't.

Thank you.

You don't have to thank me.

Put your hand down. Take it easy.

I think we should stop
being a street gang.

I feel sorry for my parents.

Batt is in deep shit.

I feel sorry for him.

He doesn’t have bail money.

Batt has gone too far this time.

Now what? We're all in trouble.

And my Mom is going ape shit.

They're wasting their time and money
bailing us out,

instead of working to earn more money.

My date wants me to stop,
otherwise we'll break up.

All you care about is your girlfriend.

Does she really love you?


Well, we've come this far...

I won't back down easily.

Has it reached 1,5 million views yet?






Pang, take Mom to the hospital.





Mommy! How are you?

Don't worry about me. I'm all right.

Peng, adjust the bed.

Don't worry.

That's enough, sweetie.


I have one thing to beg of you.

What is it, son?

Can you quit drinking?


When you drink, you end up like this.

And if something happens to you…

How could we live?

Please, Mommy.

Yes, honey.

And can I ask you both one thing?

What is it, Mommy?

Will you quit fighting?

Stop being involved in gang fights.

Yes, Mommy.

And you, Peng?

Yes, Mommy.

Promise me.

I promise.


I'll quit drinking now.

So you promise me?

Yes, honey.

I love you the most.

I love you, Mommy.



I'm home.

Son, you're back.


My good boy.

Here's dinner. I made your favorite.

You have to eat a lot.

You should get some rest.

I'll go to bed now.

It's your favorite. Eat it up.

Good boy.


When will you stop hanging out
with those guys?


I don't wanna see you get hurt.

Your friend stabbed my friend
the other day.

Let me ask you.

Between your friends and me,

whom do you choose?

I'm tired.

We can talk about this later.


I love you.


Why are you screaming?
That'll hurt your throat.

We're the opening band for a concert.

That's right.

-We made it!
-I made it!

Don't shake me!

-Let go of me!
-I did.

You did?

Really? Why are you shaking me?

Tell me what it is all about.

We're opening for a famous band
at a big concert.

Big concert?


With a famous band?

I'm so happy for you.


You guys are good kids.

You're bringing a good reputation to WPP.

I'm so glad.

I can't keep this to myself.

I can't keep a secret.

I have to announce it.
I'll tell the principal…

You're going to play at a big concert.

Stop. Don't bother.

I can shake myself.

Hey, you guys!

Something good is happening.
Why don't you congratulate them?

Do it now!


So happy.

Ma'am, I have to expel your son.

He constantly breaks the rules.

First, he was warned,
then put on probation.

But that didn't stop him.

I'm sorry.

That's all right.

I understand.

Thank you.

I'll send you abroad
to live with your aunt.

How did you get in here?


As if I never lived here before.

I have a gift for you.

No, thank you.


I made a promise to our children.

I'm glad...

to see you change for the kids.

And for yourself.

You know what, since the day I left…

I've always been thinking of you.

From now on...

let's put the kids first.

Can we still be friends?



Are you not sleeping yet?

Dad told me you went to bed.

Why are you here?

I'm not sleepy yet.

What's wrong? What are you thinking?

Do you remember…

that you asked me why we fought?

Yes, honey.

I couldn't give you the right answer
back then.

Now I can answer that question.

I thought the most important
thing in my life...

was dignity.

But it's actually not.

It's just the rage, the hormones…

the madness of teenage life.

Now, I know

what the most important thing
in my life is.

It's you and Dad.

I love you.


Everything I ever did that made you upset,

I'm sorry, Mommy.

That's all right, sweetie.

It's all right.

I was never mad at you.

My good boy.

Hello? What's the matter?

Yeah. All right. Wait for me.
I'll be there.

Movie, I have to go out.

Stay here. I'll be back.

Can you not go?

No. They're waiting for me.

Please, not today.

Have you heard about Pang, Peng's brother?

They're the opening band at a big concert.


Don't you remember, Tan?

You showed me the YouTube video,

and it had almost a million views.

Now they've got 1,5 million.

1,5 million!

1,5 million!

I have a plan.

What plan?

I'll wreck their concert.


Are you wrecking their concert?

There are too many people.

How would we know who our people are?

Yeah, how would you know?

Here, our gang's symbol.




Like this?

That's quite okay.

Here comes Series.

I called you for hours.
Why have you just come?

Sorry, I have just talked to my partner.

We might have to break up.

Maew, I saw Rung came around at the door.

I asked her to come in, but she refused.

She said your Mom wanted you to go home.

Mom wants me to go home?


What's that all about?

Peng, is your wound healed?

It's just a scratch, no big deal.

It didn't come even get close to my heart.

Peng, you're leaving so soon.

Who is going to support me?

Do your best, bro.

My brother is awesome.

I'd like you to stay anyway.

Pang, while I'm not around…

Don't fight with anyone.

You promised Mom, remember?


Enough with the teenage gangster life.


What's the matter?

Can I have it?

I'd like to keep part of you.

You too, Tos.

Don't pick a fight with anyone.

Take care of my brother.

All right.

Take care of Mom.

Study hard.

Don't let her down.

If we were to part tomorrow

I'd cherish those tears

And joy in my heart

There are so many people in this world

But there are few true friends

Those who don't hurt us

‪Those who see us through

Those who stay the sam
And don't change with time

Friends never leave one another

For better or worse
We'll stand side by side

When you are in trouble
No matter where you are

Don't ever think you are alone

Because you are not alone in this world

We're friends

Different dreams we have
Different paths we take

Even if our lives will not be the same

We all have to go through high and low

There are so many people in this world

When you get there,

be a good kid. Don't make your aunt worry.

Hey, are you guys ready?

It's about to start.

I’ve been ready since yesterday.

Pang, what's wrong? You look upset.

It sucks.

Peng is going abroad today.

He doesn't get to see us play

Cheer up. We have to do our best.

The show must go on.

You bet.

Please take care of Pang.

Don't worry. I’ll take care of him.

You just behave, Peng.

Don't cry, Mom. You've gotta be strong...

Like me, you know?

I love you, son.

I love you too. Don’t cry.

I promise that I'll be good.

It’s about time.

You'll miss the flight. Go.

Smile, Mommy.

Don't cry, all right?

I'm leaving.

-Rung, you go ahead. I’ll catch up.
-All right.




Where is she?




Come on. They're calling.


I've heard Ting and his gang

are going to wreck our concert.

What should we do?

What are you afraid of? I'm here.

Let’s go.

Come on.


Don't cry.

Go find Dane.


Dane, thank you

for helping me today.

Don't worry. It's ok.

Here I am. I'll take care of you all.

You and I, we're kindred spirits.

Beat those bastards up and off you go!

That's how I roll.

You can say I'm the roof
of your little house.

The tiles are paved so tight
just like our brotherhood.

You can count on me.

But don't call me Dane.

I changed my name.

Call me the Bastard.

-Say it.

Yes, Bastard!

Yes, call me a bastard.

-Good job. Do it again, boy-band style.

Can you all show me how?

Yes, Bastard!

All good in the hood. That's awesome!

I'll take care of you.

Bastard, can you
take care of it down there?

I'll handle it up there.

Sure thing. You can leave it to me.

I can take them all down myself.

If anyone crosses you,

I'll kick their ass.

That's how I roll. Okay?

-See you, bro.

Thank you.

You've gained a lot of weight.

Brilliant, I can hear the bass line.

-It's time to move.
-Sure, bro.

-Are you ready?

If you're ready, meet me at the square.

Yes, Bastard!

Oh shit! That stings my ears.

Are you guys ready?

Yes, we are.

Let's do our best.

Are you excited?

Of course.

My hands are shaking.

Do it for Peng.

-All right. Of course.
-We will.

Let us hear the sound of Thailand!

All right! Here's another song.



Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight.



Come on.

Come what may, we're all macho men

Come hell or high water
Wanna join?

Real men are fighters
We're rough gangsters

An eye for an eye
Wanna join?

You are not going on the stage.

Don't get your hopes up.

You think you're something?

They will bail me out tomorrow

Do we have a deal? All right?

OK, right? Fight, fight fight!

Fight like a buffalo
Act like a macho dog

We already cleared things upstairs.


Hey, Batt.

How did you get out?

My parents bailed me out.

And you are here?
Your parents may be in trouble.

It's their problem, not mine.

I thought I was quite a bastard myself,
but you're worse.


You got me stuck in jail.

Fight, fight, fight, fight

Fight like a buffalo
Act like a macho dog

It's a shame you're born as a human
Fight, fight, fight

Dragging your folks to hell
What's wrong is with you?

Stupid as a buffalo
Fight, fight, fight

Fight like a buffalo
Act like a macho dog

It's a shame you're born as a human
Fight, fight, fight

Dragging your folks to hell
What's wrong is with you?

Stupid as a buffalo

Batt, finish them.

Bring it on
We're bold

We'll put on a show


A real man has dignity
That's a good word

Lead your friends up there, Pang.


You bitch!

Come here!

You stinking slut.

Tan, wait for me upstairs.

Why are you standing here?

Take them!

Guys, stand back.



You bastards fight like cowards!

He said we were cowards, Ting.


Who cares?

-Go get them!

Maew, no!

Maew, no!

Get away!


Fight with me.

Hey, stop!

Ting. Maew. Enough.

This has nothing to do with you, Rung.

It's between me…

and Peng.

Rung, stand back.


You only live once
Do it wisely

Do good and keep the ball rolling

Cool or not. Let's give it a shot

Awesome or not, we can prove it right here

We bow to no one

Bring it on and see who the boss is

No calling off, No backing down
We're bold and we're proud

We fight to the end

Oh, I thought you wouldn't come.

How could I miss this?
I want to see his success.

He's doing a lot better.

Let our name be spoken
Since we are

The short-pants gangsters.

Cool or not. Let's give it a shot

Awesome or not, we can prove it right here

We bow to no one

Bring it on and see who the boss is

No calling off, No backing down
We're bold and we're proud

We fight to the end

No bouncing, barge in
We live for fame

Let our name be spoken, since we are

The short-pants gangsters


Peng, fight him back.


Why doesn't Peng fight back?

He will. Hit him.

Why aren't you hitting me back?



Ting, enough!


You told on me so I'll be expelled?

You're an amateur.

Don't hurt Peng.

You want this too?

Are you not afraid?

I didn't do it.

I didn't do it.

I didn't tell on you.

I didn't tell on you.

-Let me go.
-I didn't do it.

Let me go.




I told you to stop!

Kunathip, you picked a fight again?

I didn't do it, sir.

Peng punched me, sir.

I didn't do it!

We don't want a gangster. You're out.

If one day…

I can't keep my promise…

Would you be mad at me?

It depends on the reason
you break the promise.

I only have you two.

And I love both of you a lot.

If you do something to protect yourself

or the ones you love,

and it doesn't put anyone in trouble,

I won't be mad at you.

Let me go.

-I'll help Ting!
-Calm down.



What do you want?

Over there.

Go get them!

Go get them!

Take him down.


Don't come near me.

Oh, brother.


Don't come closer.

Fight him back.

Don't let him go.

I'll call the police.

-Get in there.
-Punch him!

Come on!


Let him go.

The police are coming!

Hurry up.


I have nothing to do with this, just him.

Here we go again.

Spend a few months in the military camp.

That'll make you behave.

Love each other just like these two.

You too.

You are the police…

Can't you talk nicely to civilians?

Peng, did you slap my head?

It’s me. So?

Got a problem?

Damn boys.

People always asked why
we stirred up gang fights.

For the sake of winning. For dignity.

For friends. For the name of school.

I really don't know why we did that.

They said we needed to
learn to love ourselves

and care for the love of people around us.

Recklessness. Impetus.

That's what might happen
in our teenage days.

Someday, when we're mature
enough to understand it

and know an answer to our question.

After that fight, we were arrested

and sent off to a boot camp.

We were trained for months to change
our attitudes and behavior.

However, my story didn't end there.

Ting and I still have one last fight.

But this time it will be different.

‪-...my girlfriend

‪Cut. Bad for your image.



‪Why are you standing there?

‪Nothing to do with you, Rung.

‪It’s about me... and Ting. Ting?

‪-So you didn’t get to see...

‪-to see...
‪-Cut again.

‪-So you didn’t get to see us…

‪Didn’t get to see our concert.

‪Sorry, sorry.

‪I am satisfied. I am satisfied.


‪Why can’t I?


‪Kiss on her cheek. Big breath in.

‪Not put your face down like that.
‪Camera, ready.


‪Oh, it’s raining.

‪-Who is snoring?

‪Hey, who is snoring? Wake him up.

‪Speaking of which, let me ask you.


‪Is that a real Hermes?

‪Just tell me if it’s fake.

‪Don’t try to evade.
‪Just wanna know.

‪Wait. Let me do it again.