Dangerous Attraction (2000) - full transcript

Two very different guys have upset Allison Davis's life. She met the first, Neil, in a nightclub; he is arrogant but so sexy. The other called Dan is a colleague from work; he is quite nice and very polite. Curiously she is attracted by these two extremes and is playing a dangerous game...

(dramatic orchestral music)

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- My mind should have
been on the road,

but no, instead I was thinking
about my breakup with Phillip

and my pattern of
attracting needy men

when suddenly a car door
opens right in front of me.

I couldn't stop.

I flew right over
the handlebars.

So, I'm lying there,
looking up at this guy

who looks a lot like Phillip.

He's being really nice

and he's offering to
give me a lift home.

I wouldn't even take his hand.

I can't go down
that old road again.

I don't know, it's
like in that moment

I realize that every
relationship I've ever had

I've always known the
end at the beginning.

It's just so predictable.

- Well, that's why I'm letting
you come out with me tonight.

You need a change of scenery.

- Oh boy.

- There'll be lots of those.

To going public?

- Mm.

I have that proposal for
the Hamilton Project.

- Ooh, goodie.

- It's just a preliminary.

All right.

(phone rings)

Hi, I'm not here
to take your call.

You know the routine, thanks.

(phone beeps)

- Allison, pick up.

I need to talk to you.

I know you're there.

I know you think
I'm bothering you,

but this is important, Allison.

This is very important.

Please stop avoiding me.

- I have a surprise for you.

Put this on.

- Ooh, what, are we
going to a costume party?

- No, it's a little different.

- I can't wear this,
it's way too revealing.

- That's the point.

- No.
- Oh, come on.

You need to loosen up.

You're too conservative.
(phone rings)

- Oh, I'm not conservative,
I'm practical.

It's the same thing.

(phone beeps)

- Allison, pick
up, it's Phillip.

Allison, it's me, pick up.

- Put that on before
he gets over here.

- Oh, he's not gonna come
over, he's just hurting.

- Oh, don't tell me you
still have feelings for him.

- I think I might.

- Right, get that dress on.

Let's go out and
that's an order.

(slow ethereal music)

- (laughs) I don't know how
I let you talk me into this.

- What?

- This thing is wrapping me.

It leaves nothing
to the imagination.

- That's the idea.

500 each, 1,000 for both
and that's just dinner.

- Okay, just come on.

- Yeah, you interested?

(upbeat club music)

- We don't have to
do anything, right?

Just look.

- Of course not.

- But my friend is.

- Mind you, mind
you, don't look.

You were singled out.

(voices chattering)

I just had somebody
nibbling on my heel.

Very sexy.


- No more 'cause
we work tomorrow.

- Yes, but you work for me.

Look at that.

Right there.

- It's a woman.

- It's a man.

- It's a woman.

- Who cares?

- Oh my god, that's my dentist.

Dr. Davidson, I
don't believe it.

- That fat guy?



It's the guy from outside.



Go, go, go, go, go.


(voices chattering)

(woman laughs)

- Why are you here?

You look lost.

- I am.

- I could have you right here.

Right now.

One on one.

- Excuse me?

- I think you heard me.

- Beautiful.

Could you excuse
me for a second?

Don't move.

- Do you know what he had
the nerve to say to me?

- What?

Come on, tell me.

- Nah, I just wanna go home.

- You wanna go home?

You're all dressed
up, you look fabulous.

Come on, the night is
young and I'm having fun.

Where were we?

(voices chattering)

- Water, please.

You see that guy out there,
the one in the black?

- That accounts
for most of them.

- No, the one in the
black leather jacket.

- Neil?

- You know him?

- He's in here every night.

- Allison.

Look at you.

You never used to
dress like that for me.

- You following me now?

- Well, if you returned my
phone calls, I wouldn't have to.

- Hey, look, you're
drunk, go home.

- Don't do this to me, we
had such a great connection.

- Hey, do what?

- One of the guys in
the office, isn't it?

One of the schmoozy
salesman guys, isn't it?

- Phillip, go home.

- Goddammit, Allison,
we can make this work.

I love you!

- Phillip.

(car door slams)

(car engine rumbles)

(slow ominous music)

- Allison!

(glass shatters)

(voices chattering)

- Okay, let's get started.

So, with the company
going public,

I've decided to make a
few changes around here

and one of them is that I'm
going to be promoting someone

to be head of retail
from this department.

I'm sure it won't be a surprise

to any of you who I've chosen.

Everybody, your
new head of retail.

Allison Davis.

(people applaud)
- Ah, congratulations.

- Good luck.
- That's good, Allison.

(phones ringing)

- We can't decide which one
for the 18 to 24 graphic.

This one's snappier.

- Yeah, but I think you
should change the typeface.

- Yeah, and I think
this one is it.

- Yeah, it's good.

- Table for three?

Jeez, I don't know about you,

but I'm sending out my resumes.

I can't have Allison
Davis as my boss.

- I hear you.

You sleep with the boss and--

- You definitely get ahead.

- Thank you.

- Here's Michael and Trevor.

- Oh great, speak
of the witches.

What do you think, Dan?

Think they're, you know?

- What?

- Lesbians.

(both laugh)

- Who?

- Ann and Allison.

- Guys (laughs).

- I think I should
go talk to them.

Hi, excuse me, could you please
put that table on my tab?


- Oh great, here she comes.

Hey, Allison, congratulations.

- Yeah, you deserve it really.

- Listen, guys, I know
we've had our differences

in the past, but I thought this
would be a great opportunity

for us to build a stronger team.

- Yeah, sure.

Oh, I'm, how rude of me.

Allison, this is Dan.

Dan, Allison.

- Hi, Dan Paterson,
nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you,
have we met before?

- Uh, I don't think so.

- Dan works with us now.

- Oh, so that's
probably what it is.

- Well, yeah, I just
started actually.

I don't really work in
the creative department.

I'm in accounting, you know?

Who knows, maybe we've passed
each other in the hallway.

- That's probably it.

Well, it was very
nice meeting you.

- It was nice meeting you too.

- Yeah, and I'll see
you guys at work.

- Yeah, see you at work.

- Dan, Dan, Dan.

How do you ever get laid?

- What?

- You have got a lot to
learn about women, my friend.

- Well, I know enough
about women to know that

girls like that, they
always have boyfriends.

- No, girls like that
always have a girlfriend.

- Shut up, Michael.

Now listen, I heard that
she just dumped some loser.

She's probably at
home just crawling

off the walls she's so horny.

- What he's saying, Dan,
is opportunity just knocked

and you weren't even home.

What do you figure he's got?

60 seconds to straighten it out?

(man laughs)

- I should go ask her out?

- Better go.
- No, don't do it.

- Tiger.


- Hey, excuse me.


Listen, I know we just
met and I just wanna say

on your promotion

and look, would you consider
having lunch with me tomorrow?

Or coffee the next
day or whatever.

I mean, if you're not busy.

- Tell me something, why do
you hang out with those guys?

- I tell you, it's educational.

See, I just watch and
listen to everything they do

and then I just pretty
much do the opposite.

- Actually, I have a
lunch meeting tomorrow.

- Oh, sure, sure.

I just thought that--

- Um, but how
about the next day?

Or whatever.

- Sure, great.

That'd be great.

I'll see you the
day after tomorrow.

(Allison chuckles)

- I'll see you later.

He's accounting.

- No way.

- So?

How'd it go, Danny?

- Yeah, did you get
any freezer burn?

- It went really well.

- What?
- You're kidding.

- No.

I asked, she said yes and

(chuckles) it went really well.


(man sighs)

- You're really proud of
yourself, aren't you, Danny boy?

Well, do me this favor.

If you two ever get together,

give her a little kiss from me.

- Ow.

- I'm sorry, did that hurt you?

- Ow.


(phone dialing)

- Hi, it's Dan, I'm
either away from the phone

or on the other line.

Leave a message,
I'll call you back

as soon as possible, thanks.

(phone beeps)

- Hi, Dan, it's Allison calling.

Listen, I can't do
the lunch thing,

but how about we do dinner
at my place instead?

Give me a call, okay.

(buzzer buzzing)


- Hi, Allison, it's me.

- Who is this?

- It's Dan, Dan Paterson?

- Come on up, Dan.

- Okay.

(door buzzes)

(ominous music)



- Hi.

- You move fast, Allison.
(suspenseful music)

- Hi.

- Phillip, what
are you doing here?

- We need to talk.

- We have nothing to talk about.

- You still got some of my CDs.

- You took them.

- Um, should I go?

- Yes.

- No.

Please, please come in.

- Allison, just
give me a minute.


(Allison laughs)

(soft music)

- So, you mean to tell
me that you've been here

for six months and you
haven't dated anybody?

- Well, no.

See, the thing is,
the women I like,

there always seems
to be a boyfriend.

So, what happened
with you and...

- Phillip.

He started out
sweet and charming

and then you saw
what went wrong.

- Yeah.


Well, you know what they say.

They say that women
tend to choose men

who remind them
of their fathers.

- Oh, I go far out of
my way to make sure

I don't date men
anything like my father.

- Ooh, that bad, huh?

- Yeah.

My father left when I was young

and I've hardly seen him since.

He was selfish,
completely irresponsible.

I don't know, Dan.

Sometimes I think
everyone's crazy.

Men, women.

You know where
the big bucks are?

Therapy, everyone could use it.

- Do you?

- Yeah, don't you?

- Therapy, no.

I haven't, I mean,
but you know what?

I'd like to, I think.

Just to, you know, just
see what it's all about.

- So, let's get this
over with, Dan Paterson,

before this goes any further.

I want all of your
baggage out here

on the table for me to inspect.

I wanna know about your
relationship with your mother

and I wanna know about your
past relationships with women

and how they went badly
and how that scarred you.

- Oh boy, you wanna
know all that?

Well, okay.

- Just kidding.

(Dan laughs)

- Good.

Boy, you know what?

To tell you the truth,
I travel pretty light.

I think I'm kind of a one bag,

like carry-on bag kind of guy.

I don't know, not
a lot to inspect.

(watch beeps)

Look, I gotta get going.

- Oh, but it's early.

- I know, but with the
company going public

and the audit and everything,

I've just got a
ton of work to do.

Thank you.

I had a wonderful time.

- Aw, I did too.

And you did all the work.

- Oh, well.

I'll see you, okay?

Are you gonna be okay
here by yourself?

- Oh yeah, I'll be fine.

- All right.

Good night.

- Good night.

- Good night.

(phone rings)

- Hello, Ann.

- Hey, what are you doing?

Whatever it is, it
can't be more exciting

than going out with me.

I'm gonna come by in 10 minutes.

- Oh no, no, I'm sweaty

and I'm still recovering
from last time we went out.

- Allison, this
is getting boring.

I'm not gonna ask
you out anymore.

- Oh, Ann.

- Don't oh Ann me.

I know what this is.

You get asked out by Mr. Ooh,
can I call you at the office

and you lose your senses.

- No, I do not lose my senses.

- You're sick and boring.

- He's sweet.

- Sweet?

- He's an accountant.

I see repetition here.

(phone beeps)

- Fine.

(slow ominous music)

(upbeat music)

- You look lost.

I could have you right here.

Right now.

- I could find you right now.

(upbeat club music)

Tequila, please.

- Cheers.

- That was my drink.

- So?

- So, you're one of the
rudest men I've ever met.

- Yeah, but you can't quit
thinking about me, can you?

I mean, that's why you're
here right now, isn't it?

- Two more, please.

- Let's see.

You came here tonight
to tell me off.

What you really want is
to get under my skin,

same way I got under yours.

Isn't that right, tourist?

- Maybe I just
came here to dance.

- Put those on my tab.

(slow music)

(phone rings)

- Hi, I'm not here
to take your call.

(phone beeps)

- Allison, it's Phillip.

I think I know how,

I know where we went wrong,

but, well, I know how we can
fix it and make it work again,

so I think, I think I
should just come over there

right now and work
it out with you.

Okay, what do you think?

Call me and let me know, okay?

(phone beeps)

- Where are you taking me?

- Trust me, all right?

(Allison yells)

(Neil laughs)

(Allison laughs)

- Oh my god.

- Let go.

- Let go?
- Let go.

Let go.

I got you, trust.



I got you.

(Allison laughs)

(cars honking)

- Don't be shy, make
yourself at home.

- Why'd you fake it?

(siren blaring)

- What?

- I mean,

I don't particularly care.

Just a little
curious, that's all.

- Don't smoke in here.

Go on the bed.

- All right.

That's a little
conventional, but--

- Alone.

- Okay.


Well, if there's nothing else,

well, you know where to find me.

(people cheering)

- Here comes Adam
with two hard blows.

(voices chattering)

- Why can't we find women
that wanna watch the fights?

Like the waitress.

Oh, she's perfect.

She watches the fights.

She brings us beer.

No stupid question
about is she fat

or has she got any wrinkles?


You know, women should
be just like us.

- What are you saying?

- Well, I'm just
saying, you know?

Like buddies, you know?

I don't have to buy you flowers,

you don't call me at
2:30 in the morning

and wanna talk
about relationships.

- (laughs) Yeah.

Why can't it be just you and me?

- I know.

And not look like us.

- Oh no.

Your legs are too damn hairy.

- And you got ugly sideburns.

- Oh, just shut up.

- Come on, come on, that's it.

Come on, come on, yeah.

Yeah, that's it, come on.


(ominous music)

- Don't fucking touch me.
- Come on, what are you?

(men grunting)

- We gotta go, man, we gotta go.

- I'll kill him.

- God, I gotta take a leak.

(car door slams)

(car alarm beeps)

Oh man.


What the?

(phone ringing)

(door buzzes)

- Nice try, fucker.

(scary music)
(man grunts)

(tires squealing)

(alarm ringing)

(slow ominous music)

(siren blaring)

(phone ringing)

(phone beeps)

- Hello?
- Where are you?

We had a meeting at nine.

- Oh, the alarm didn't go off.

I'm so sorry, I'll
be right there.

(phones ringing)

- Where's Trevor?

- I don't know.

- Doesn't anybody
work here anymore?

Want coffee?

- Yes, please.

- Peter, can we have
two coffees, please?

(cars honking)
(siren blaring)

You're lucky it was Michael
and it wasn't a client.

It's been rescheduled.

- I am so sorry, Ann.

- You should be, Allison.

Don't let me regret
promoting you.

Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

I just didn't sleep.

- Not the accountant.

- No, the other
guy from the club.

- Ooh, rude boy.


Did you?

- I came this close.

- Oh.

- I'm not sure how I feel
about the whole thing.

It was violent.

- Violent?

When can I borrow him?

- God, he made me do things
that I would never do.

I was so turned on.

Then I just wanted
to strangle him.

He was such a bastard.

- Oh, auto asphyxiation.

Very sexy.

(person knocking)


- Trevor's dead.

- Is this a joke?

- Somebody killed him.

I just found out.

(slow ominous music)

- Oh.

(phones ringing)

I can't believe
this has happened.

- Look at Michael, poor guy.

- Poor Trevor.

I keep thinking this is
one of their sick pranks.

- I just heard the news.

I am so sorry.

Do they have any
idea who did it?

- Guess not, that's why
they're questioning us.

- He gave me a ride
home, then he left.

It says he gave me a ride home.

(Ann groans)

- This day is shot.

- God, his poor family.

I can't imagine.

- Can I go, can I just go?
- My condolences.

(voices chattering)

- All right, who's next?

- Allison, you go ahead.

I'm gonna make a
few phone calls.

Remember, don't say anything
without a lawyer present.

That's true.

- I'll call you later.

- Oh, okay.

- So, Miss Davis, you're
kind of making it sound

like almost anybody
could've killed Trevor.

- Oh no, I didn't mean that,

but did everyone
have issues with him?


- Everybody?

Everybody in the
office, including maybe
the boss out there?

Ann Rich?

- That's for you to
take up with her.

- So, they didn't have a
good working relationship?

Is it true that you had an
affair with Trevor at one time?

- Did Michael tell you that?

- Did you or did you not have
an affair with the deceased?

- No, I did not.

It was a rumor.

- So, why was there a rumor?

- Because he asked
me out many times.

I always said no.

- Did you have a boyfriend

at the time of the
alleged affair?

- Yes, Phillip.

- Did he know of the rumor?

- Yes.

- So, what happened after that?

Did you guys stay together?

- No, we just recently broke up.

- So, where were you last night?

Between one and 1:30?

- I was at home alone asleep.

- You were alone?

- Am I a suspect here?

- I gotta ask you
these questions.

It's my job.

- Look, I came here voluntarily.

If you're gonna continue
to give me a hard time,

I want a lawyer.

- You're free to go.

Thanks for your patience.

That's my card.

That's for your lawyer.

- We're investigating.

- I'll see you guys later.

- Hey, Ron.
- Hi.

- Usual?

- Yeah, but with an extra shot.

- Usual it is.

(soft music)

Don't you got any
computers at work?

- Yeah, but the coffee sucks.

- Love Monkey's
playing tomorrow night.

You wanna go?

- What happened to Nick?

- Gone.

Moved to Hawaii for
the mating season.

- (chuckles) Meghan,
I'm still the same guy

I've always been, all right?

- I know, I know.

The cop who works
24 hours a day.

- That's right.

- Still like Love
Monkey, don't you?

- Yeah, I do and I'd
love to go, but I can't.

I'll be working nonstop
on this new case here.

- Okay.

So, why don't I just
stop by your place later?

- All right.

Pound hard, I might be asleep.

- I always pound hard.

(slow ominous music)

(person knocking)

- Hello?

Is that you?

(person knocking)

That's it, Phillip.

I'm calling the cops.


- Baby, you miss me?

- Oh, you scared me.

(Neil laughs)

- You're a psycho.

- Mm-hmm, and what else?

- You're crazy.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.


- Mm, what else, yeah?

- Thanks for asking.

- Listen, listen,
what else, what else?


- You're amazing.

- I'm a big boy.
- Yeah.

- Keep telling me, what else?

Yeah, big loser.

- Mm-hmm.

- What else, hmm, hmm?

- You're...

- Hmm?

- You're yummy.

You stay right there.

Hurry up.

- And do what?

- Strip.

- Oh.

So fast.

(slow ominous music)
(siren blaring)

- Mm, what are you
doing in there?

- Well, I thought maybe
we'd give the bed a try.

- I like you better
on the floor.

- So, how come you weren't
at the club tonight?

- Why would I be?

- Well, because that's
where you'd find me.

- Well, why would
I wanna find you?

- Why would you wanna find me?

Shoot, you just proved
why for the last hour.

- Mm, you are not even my type.

You're such a jerk.

- Yeah, but I'm the
jerk that gets you off.

- Next time, call first.

- Why?

Was there someone here?

- Yeah.

- Don't you fucking
play games with me.

If you play games
with me, you'll lose.

(phones ringing)

(voices chattering)

- I'm sorry, Mr. Broger.

Allison's still in a meeting.

Hi, Gillian, if you'll
follow me please.

(person knocking)

- Hey, Dan.

- Michael, I am so sorry.

I know that he was
your best friend.

- No, he was more than that.

He was like a brother to me.

You ever lose a brother?

I got something
I wanna show you.

(slow ominous music)

- Jesus Christ, Michael,
is that thing real?

- You're damn right it's real.

- What are you
gonna do with that?

- What do you
think I'm gonna do?

If Trevor had had one of
these, he might still be alive.

- Yeah, and he
might still be dead.

Look, you got a better
chance of hurting yourself

with that than
hurting anyone else.

- So, what are you saying?

That I should sit
back and do nothing?

- No, just let the
detective do his job.

- He is not doing anything.

- You don't know that.

- Yes, I do know that and I
think I know who killed him,

but I need you to back me up.

Now, are you with me or not?

- No, no, I am not with
you, you know what?

You're scaring me here, Michael.

I don't like guns
and I don't like--

- Well, what the hell
kind of a friend are you?

You know, Trevor was right.

You're nothing but
a spineless bastard.

- Okay, fine, you know what?

I'm a spineless
bastard, that's fine.

Just let me have the
gun until you calm down.

- Michael!

- I was just saying
goodbye to Dan.

- Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

It's no big deal.

(phones ringing)

- Michael.

Michael, please stop.

- What, what?

- I know you're upset,
we are all upset.

Why don't you just
leave that gun here

and take some time off?

- I don't need any time off.

- Michael, just--

(suspenseful music)

- You shut up.

- Don't you dare touch her.
- Mike.

(Michael grunts)

- You okay?

- He touched you,
nobody touches you.

(slow ominous music)

I'm gonna kill that
son of a bitch.

- Are you okay?

(car engine rumbles)

(suspenseful music)

(man grunting)

(gun fires)
(glass shatters)

(upbeat club music)

- How you doing?

Look, Meghan, I'm just gonna
stay for one drink, all right?

I've gotta get some sleep.

- Aw, you gotta play
bad cop once in a while.

- Can I do that up at the bar?

- Hey, two red hots,
make them stiff, huh?

Hey, how's it going?


- Excuse me.
- Sure.

Meghan, I'll be
back in a second.

- Hey, pal.

You're not my type, all right?

(slow ominous music)

(glass shatters)

- What the hell you doing, man?

- I'm sorry.

I'm just, what are you doing?

Just get a room.

- Hey.

Did you hear me before?

You're not my type.

Now get the fuck away from me.

- You got it all wrong,
it's just I thought that--

- You little shit.

Busting in on us like that, man.

- Stay back.

Stay back.

I'm a cop.

Meghan, I gotta go.

(car engine rumbles)

(slow ominous music)

(Allison gasps)

- Oh, get off me!






- Freeze, police.

(Neil laughs)

I'm sorry.

Is everything all right?

Miss Davis?

- Detective?

- He's a cop.


- I'm really sorry.

I just, I saw him breaking
into your apartment

and I thought I heard...

(Neil laughs)

You know him?

- Yeah, I do.

- Really sorry.

I'll just let myself out here.

- What was he doing here?

- I don't know.

He must have followed
me from the bar.

- Why would he be following you?

- I don't know, Allison,

but he sure seemed to
know you now, didn't he?

And why's that, huh?

You been fucking him too?
(ominous music)

- What?

- I think you heard me.

- Get out.

Get out.

(both grunt)

- I told you not to
play games with me,

but you play really well.

We're gonna play a little
game of tell the truth

and the truth is I could
still have you right now.

I could have you
any way I wanted to

and you'd hate me and you'd
fight me, but you'd still come

'cause as sad as it
is, I'm what you need

and you're gonna keep coming
back to me as long as you can.

Oh yeah, one more thing.

Nobody else.

Nobody else but me.

Hey, partner.

She was good.

She was real good.

(water running)

(slow ominous music)

I'm what you need.

I could have you
any way I wanted to

and you'd hate me and you'd
fight me, but you'd still come.

Nobody else.

Nobody else but me.

(phone dialing)

- Yeah?

- Ann?

- Hey, what time is it?

Are you okay?

- Yeah, I just need to talk.

This guy's really scaring me.

- Who is he?

(suspenseful music)

- Allison, Allison.

- Phillip, what
are you doing here?

- All right, I'm
gonna call the cops.

(siren blaring)

(car door slams)

- What have we got?

- Detective, we found this
in the backseat of his car.

- Is that Phillip?

- Yes, sir.

- And he's a suspect in both.

- With the break
and enter as well?

- That's correct.

- Really?

I'm gonna run that
over to forensics.


(slow piano music)

- I already told them I
don't wanna press charges.

- Yes, she does.

He's been stalking
her, he's a creep.

- Ann.

- I'm afraid your
friend, Phillip, here

may be up for a little more
than breaking and entering.

- What are you talking about?

- A colleague.

Michael Galvin.

He was murdered tonight.

Phillip's a suspect.

- Oh my god, Michael.

(phones ringing)
- Allison.

Tell them I didn't do it.

You know I wouldn't
kill anybody.

- Yeah, we know, buddy, come on.

Keep moving.
- I didn't do it, Allison!

- I still don't believe that
he actually killed someone.

- Why not?

He's got the motive, you.

He's gone after everybody
who ever touched you

and Ann told me about that
incident at work the other day.

- Well, then why
didn't he go at...

- What, after the
guy I saw you with?

- Yeah.

- He'd make a mistake.

That guy looks
like he could take

Phillip down in a heartbeat.

Who was that guy
anyway, what's his name?

- It's Neil, why?

- Neil what?

- I don't know.

- You don't know his last name,
even though you guys were--

- Yeah, yeah, even though
we were having sex.

- Oh.

- So, why were
you following him?

- Well, I thought I
recognized him in a club.

I went to talk to him.

He kind of got strange and
bolted, so I followed him.

- That's all I know.

- All right, thanks.

Hey, Miss Davis.

You want me to let you know
what I found out about him?

- Keep me in the dark.

(phones ringing)

- Hey.

Thought you could
probably use it.

- Thanks.

- Listen, do you wanna get
together tonight after work

and I don't know, see
a movie or something?

- Oh, after everything
that's happened,

I think maybe another time.

- Sure.

Sure, I understand that.

Sure like to cook
you dinner again.

- I'd like that.

- Hey, tell you what.

In case you change your
mind, I will be at home

and you can just call
me or just pop by.

Here's my number and my address.

- Okay.

Probably not tonight, but soon.

- So, how soon is soon?

- Soon, Dan.

I got a lot of work to do.

- Hey.

Are you seeing someone else?

Shoot, you know what?

Forget it.

I'm sorry I asked
that, that's stupid.

I'll let you get
back to your work.

I know you're busy.

- Okay.

I will call you.

- Sure.


(slow ominous music)

- This is my car, thank you.

(suspenseful music)

- Guess who?

Hey, baby.

Hey, you ever done it in
the back seat of a car?

(Allison grunts)

(Allison yells)

- Somebody help me, please!

Please, somebody!

- How dare you run.

- Don't hurt me.

(slow ominous music)

- I'd never hurt you, Allison.

I need you as much
as you need me.

You're my angel.

Oh, Allison.

Allison, don't cry.

I'm doing this because
I care about you.

- I care about you too.

- You're mine.


I didn't mean to scare you.

(phone dialing)

(Allison screams)



You lying bitch!

You call the cops and your
boyfriend is gonna get hurt.

Do you understand me?

Do you understand me?

(slow ominous music)

(phone dialing)

Hi, it's Dan.

I'm either away from the
phone or on the other line.

Leave a message, I'll call
you back as soon as possible.


(buzzer buzzes)

- Oh, come on, Dan.

Come on.

(car honks)

- Yes, sir, we intend to
be completely compliant.

Thank you.

All right, goodbye.

Hey, how's it going?

- Tell me about your roommate.

- What are you talking about?

- Your roommate, your
brother, whoever he is.

What are you guys, twins?

- How could you know about--

- 'Cause I went
to your apartment.

- You went to my apartment?

- Yeah, I went to your apartment
and I saw him going in.

What are you guys, a tag team?

- Allison, I don't know
what you're talking about,

but you couldn't have
possibly seen my brother.

- Just stop lying to me.

You have a brother named Neil.

Yes or no?

- Yes, but--

- I don't ever wanna
see your face again.

(phones ringing)

(car honks)

(upbeat club music)

- Hey, Ryan.

Thanks for the other night.

Wow, you really know
how to charm a girl.

- I warned you
about me, didn't I?

- It's okay.

I found another
guy who's amazing.

I didn't know you could
do that in the shower.

One more chance, Ryan.

Don't fail me.

- You know I can't
make any promises.

(suspenseful music)

Yeah, well, now you
covered that already.

I'm telling you, man, something
smells about this arrest.


For a start, why does the
guy sit for hours in his car

with the murder weapon
in the backseat?

- You guys need ethernet, man.

This is like watching paint dry.

- Ryan, you are totally wired.

Do you know that too
much caffeine can
make your heart stop?

- Yeah, well, actually right
now it's keeping it going,

so I'll take it.

Come on.

(phone rings)

Detective Bell.



No, sorry, sir.

I completely forgot.


No, I'll be there
in five minutes.

Swear to god, five minutes.

Yep, yep, okay.

Search for physical likeness.

Expand search.

Hey, Meghan, do me
a favor, all right?

I gotta run.

Soon as this thing
finishes searching here,

you print up whatever
comes out, all right?

- Okay.

- No looking up old boyfriend's
records and then log off.

- Oh.

- I'm sorry about the
other night, all right?

I'll make it up to
you, I promise, okay?

- Okay.

- Don't lose that printout.

I need it, it's important.

- You're not seeing
someone else, are you?

Nobody else.

Nobody else but me.

- Listen, I don't know
what you're talking about.

You couldn't have
possibly seen my brother.

How could you know my brother?

- You call the cops and your
boyfriend is gonna get hurt.

(slow piano music)

- I don't ever wanna
see your face again.

Just stop lying to me.

- Having some soup tonight.

(slow ominous music)

That sounds good.

- You are pathetic,
you know that?

You are pathetic.

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm
sorry, I didn't mean that.

I didn't mean that.

- Just grow up, why
don't you just grow up?

How much longer do I
have to keep doing this?

- God.

Soup is good.

Eat your soup, that's it.

Just eat your soup.

- You're really proud of
yourself, aren't you, Danny boy?

- You are nothing but
a spineless coward.

- Ow.

- Oh, I'm sorry,
did that hurt you?

- You have a brother named
Neil who lives with you.

Yes or no?

- You stop it, Dan.

Do you hear me?

You stop it.

She'll never hurt you again.

(upbeat action music)

- I'm a loser.

I'm going crazy.

I'm a loser.

- You are not a loser
and you are not crazy

and I will never let
them hurt you in the end.

I'll teach them that.

(person knocking)

- Allison?

It's Ann.


- You were right about Neil.

- Oh, honey, look at you.




Come on.

Come here.

Sit down.

This is better, isn't it?

All this stuff was so scary.

I'm so sorry, baby.

- Thanks.

- I hate when something
like this happens to you.

You're so sweet.

And so beautiful.

You know, I think
the world would be

a better place if
we didn't have men.

- Mm, no kidding.

- Do you really think that?

- I think I do.

- Allison.

I love you.

- I love you too.

- No, I love you.

- Hey.

- What?

Like you don't feel this way?

- No, I don't feel this way.


I just needed a friend tonight.

- Why did I do this?

(slow ominous music)

- Michael Galvin was
murdered tonight.

- Ow!
- You shut up.

- Trevor's dead.

- Don't you play games with me.

You lying bitch.

- Possibly seen my brother.

I'm kind of a one bag,

like carry-on bag
kind of guy, you know?

Not a lot to inspect.

- The world would be a
better place without men.

- Allison, tell
them it wasn't me.

You know I wouldn't
kill anybody.

(Ann gasps)

- Where's Allison?

- Who are you?

- What the hell you
doing in her bed?

- Oh, rude boy.

- Where is she?

- I don't know.

You're not supposed to be here.

She says she doesn't
wanna see you anymore.

- Yeah, well, from
the looks of it,

she doesn't wanna
see you either.

- Get a life.

- Hey, hey, hey, wait a second.

Look, I didn't mean to
scare you, all right?

Want a cigarette?

You want anything?

This conversation's feeling
a little one-sided to me.

You know, so what happened
between you tonight anyway, huh?

- Wouldn't you like to know?

- All right.

We clearly got off
on the wrong foot.

What do you say we just stop?

We'll both put our
guards down a little bit

and we will just have a
little man to man here.

- You know, when
I first met you,

I thought you were gay, but
now I just think you're stupid.

- Well, see, there
you go again now.

You hurt my feeling.

(Ann laughs)

- Just the one?

- You like to flirt, don't you?

You flirt with me, you
flirt with Allison.

What else you do with her?

- It's none of your business.

- What do you say I make
it my business, huh?

- Oh.

- If I make it my business,
you might like it, huh?

- You're not my type.

- Oh yeah, is that right?

Let me tell you
something, you know what?

- Rude boy's getting
a little rough.

- I can't even get rough, huh?

Let me tell you something.

I can smell her on you.

(suspenseful music)

(slow ominous music)

(radio blaring)

(phones ringing)

- Where's Ann?

- She's not in yet.

- Jesus.


Did you turn my alarm off?

(Meghan chuckles)

I'm so late.

How'd you get in here?

- Came in through the window.

Tried all sorts of
ways to wake you up.

You liked it too.

- I gotta go.

I gotta go.

- You never came by
for your printout.

- You got it?
- Yeah.

- All right.

- You said it was important.

- It is very important.

- First a kiss.

- Thanks.

(slow ominous music)

(phone dialing)

Yes, this is Detective
Bell in homicide.

I'd like to find a
Neil Paterson for me.

I'll send over the stats,

but if you can't find
a listing for him,

check hotels, credit
cards, that kind of thing.


Thank you.

Yeah, see you.

(upbeat action music)

- Dispatch to Detective Bell.

- This is Bell.

- A call just came in
for you, Detective.

A 187 downtown on
Washington and Main.

- Copy that.

Anything on that listing
for Neil Paterson?

- Nothing yet, sir.

- Nothing, huh?

All right, then
get me an address

for Dan Paterson right away.

We've got him on file.

- Yes, sir.

(slow ominous music)

(voices chattering)

- Is this the man
you saw her with?

You're sure 100%?

Thank you.

All right, get an
APB out on this guy.

That's a Neil Paterson.

Send a couple cars over
to his brother's place,

Dan Paterson at 1796 Maple
Street, Apartment 108.

Proceed with caution, this
guy's armed and dangerous.

(water running)

(phone ringing)

- Hi, I'm not here
to take your call.

You know the routine, thanks.

(phone beeps)

- This is Detective
Bell, Miss Davis.

Neil Paterson's
suspected in the killing.

I'm coming over right
away, all right?

You call me when you get
this message, thanks.

(siren blaring)

(tires squealing)

- It's the police, open up.

- This is Neil Paterson?

(siren blaring)

- Hi, I'm not here
to take your call.

You know the routine, thanks.

(phone beeps)

- Miss Davis, this
is Detective Bell.

If you're there, please pick up.

It's very important,
I need to talk to you.

It's about your friend, Neil.

He's very dangerous, you
need to avoid all contact.

Please call me at 555-1111.

- Detective?

- Oh, thank god you're there.

Now listen.

I've got some bad news.

Your friend, Ann Rich, she was
murdered last night by Neil.

- What?

- Yeah, we've got an eyewitness

who saw them walking together
near the crime scene.

Now listen.

He's also wanted for the
murder of his parents.

You may be in
serious danger here.

Did you hear me?

- Yeah.

- Now I want you to
stay in your apartment,

lock the door, and don't
open it for anybody but me.


- Okay.

- I'll be right there.

(phone beeps)

(Allison gasps)

(suspenseful music)

(Allison screams)

- Maybe it wasn't supper.

You know, if we hadn't met you,

none of this would be
happening right now.

(door buzzes)

You expecting somebody?

All righty.

- Allison, it's Detective Bell.

- Shh.

I don't think we'll
talk to him right now.

Come here, come here.

(Allison yells)

Don't you move.

Don't you move.

- Allison.

It's Detective Bell.

- Now shut up.

(person knocking)

(glass shatters)



(both grunting)

(Allison yells)

Where do you think
you're going, huh?


- The police are gonna
be here any second.

- Oh, I don't think so.

What did he say?

He said lock the
door and stay put,

but he didn't say anything
else about the cops coming.

- Does Dan know
you're doing this?

- Don't you say
my brother's name.

- 'Cause Dan wouldn't
want you to hurt me.

- You shut your fucking mouth.

What did I just tell you?

What did I just tell you, huh?

Don't you talk about my brother.

He loves you.

He loves you, Mama, and
all you did was hurt him.

Well, you are gonna stop
hurting him, you understand me?

Stop hurting him.

(Allison sobs)

Did your daddy
beat you, Allison?

My daddy beat us.

He beat us like goddamn dogs.

I tried to protect Dan, but
there was no way I could

and then my father took
it too far with me.

Then Dan,

Dan set him straight.

Dan set both of them straight.

So, we will not allow a whore
like you to break his heart.

Now get your sorry ass up.

Get your goddamn ass up.

(Allison grunting)

- Stop it.


- Allison?

- You don't wanna do this,
Dan, 'cause I love you, Dan.

- You shut your fucking mouth.

Get over here.

Get over here.

- Ow.


- What do you say, Daniel, huh?

Should we have
her one last time?

Or just go ahead and kill
her and get it over with?

- Screw you.

- You screw me?

All right.

See, my job is to
protect Daniel.

I don't mind hurting
people, all right?

Especially people
who deserve it,

like you and your
yuppie little friends.

(Allison yells)

Goddamn, you're gonna
like this, aren't you?

You like this.

And your little yuppie friend.

(Allison yells)

You like that, don't you?

- Yeah, you like that?

(Neil groaning)

Okay, let's finish it.

- No, Allison.

(both grunting)

- You couldn't get me,
you son of a bitch.

(Neil chuckles)

- I'm gonna break every
bone in your body.

(glass shatters)

(slow ominous music)

- Allison?

What happened?



You did this.

Oh no.

No, no, no.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I never meant for any
of this to happen.

I didn't.

- It's okay.

It's okay.

- Nice.


No, let's not.

- Dan, no.

- I loved you, Allison.

(Allison screams)

(wind whistling)

(glass shatters)
(car alarm ringing)

(slow melancholy music)

(man coughs)

- (grunts) Okay.


All right.

- It's gonna be okay.

- Yeah.

- It's gonna be okay.

- Okay.


All right.

- I'm gonna get some help.

- Well, after that last
assault from the parents,

Neil probably tried to protect
his brother from getting hurt

and was paralyzed
in the process.

Then he must have
been unable to accept

that his brother was for all
intents and purposes gone,

so in order to give him back
his life, he became him.

Well, at least part of the time.

- God, but they
were so different.

- Well, what's really
fascinating is that

the Neil of his personality
seems to have disappeared.

Maybe Neil died in the fall.

Or maybe it's due to
his feelings for you.

He's been asking for you.

Yeah, go on.

He can't hurt you.

(slow melancholy music)

- Dan.

- Allison?

Neil's dead, Allison.

He's dead.

We killed him.

- It's okay, Dan.

- You saved me from him.

I love you.

I always will.

(suspenseful music)
Get off me.

(Allison screams)

(tense music)

- Close your eyes and relax.

(ominous music)

- Can you try again please?

- It's a waste of time.

- I don't care.

Can you please just try?

- Yeah.

Oh, right there.


- No.

I'll never move again, will I?

- You're lucky to be alive.

- Am I?

- Yes, you are.

(Dan laughs)

(upbeat action music)

(slow orchestral music)