Dangerous Afternoon (1961) - full transcript

A boarding house run by a former criminal who's made ammends since she's become paralysed is home to a group of older women - all whom also have criminal pasts. Word soon arrives that a former associate of the ail housemistress is looking for her - with plans of blackmail.

(Dramatic Piano Music)

(Whimsical Music)

yes that's the one I want. 
i'll wrap it for you. thank you.

get your medicine mrs roberts oh thank 
you how much will it be mr brown? A schilling.

look out here she comes. hello mrs sprule. well my 
dear here i am again hope i'm not too soon no

it's just ready for you oh that is nice we were 
always so quick. 86 please thank you thank you

what a nicely arranged counter 
this is isn't it? yes isn't it?

thank you i'll just get your medicines

that's a pretty box of soap isn't it?

yes isn't it? here we are. thank you goodbye i'll 
give you two and six please. thank you so much.

lovely weather isn't it? yes lovely. the sun's 
so good for old people like me you know

puts new life into us

here we are thank you so much goodbye bye-bye

well what did she pinch this time? bottle of 
midnight ecstasy 2706 our ring miss frost

(Whimsical Music)

don't it look lovely? it ought to. trouble 
arctating with it yeah get me some more water

william it's a good thing she ain't having no 
candles on it you'd have to be three times as

egg she had you say that you'd get your ear 
clipped you'd have to catch me first you'd

best get on with your work mrs call we'll find 
you where you will catch it might be nothing new

maisy hello hello what mom i should think 
so indeed what are you wasting your time

here for go and shake the hall mats it 
should have been done hours ago all right

all right what all right mom cheeky sausage 
baggage that needs our bottom tanning

hmm you've done a nice job there eddie 
good enough for an old mole buzz like her

yeah no picking i like a bit of sugar

you look down today what's the matter i 
suppose you've forgotten what day tomorrow is

tomorrow ten years since poor old dan 
took the nine o'clock walk so it is

put a damn they did not have anged him if 
you only hadn't gone out that night after

the welbeck sparklers he might have been with 
us now we both told him to leave his gum behind

i could have got my hands on the rather that 
turned to me now these guts out i bet you would it

was always the savage one there nice surprise for 
tea when she gets her presents if she does get him

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louisa louisa yes dear i saw you come here i was 
just going up to my room dear come here yes dear

where have you been just out for a little walk 
dear that's all it's such a beautiful day did you

go to any shops oh yesterday i went to have my 
indigestion mixture made up they made it up for

me straight away it was nicer than they're always 
so obliging i'm going upstairs now to take a dose

i've had a little pain across my left shoulder and 
that always means i've eaten too quickly i do eat

quickly you know it seems something i can't help 
it's a habit i cannot break myself off it's not

the only habit you can't break yourself up what do 
you mean dear you'll know quite well what i mean

did you get anything else beside your medicine 
anything else oh no dear where's your bag my back

oh i must have put it down somewhere go and get it

does it matter dear very much go and get it 
i don't expect it's very far away round here

devon blast here it is shut the door

i don't know how i came to leave it outside 
give it to me oh really dear give it to me

nothing else eh it's a very pretty bottle did you 
pay for it i'm sure i must have the shop doesn't

think you did oh but i know i intended to you're 
a wicked old woman and i'm very angry with you

i shall return this to the shop and if it happens 
again i shall think seriously of sending you away

altogether after all it was only a little bottle 
of scent i see i suppose a little bottle of scent

may not seem much to one who used to run her own 
troop of shoplifters but that's not the point i

spend my money giving you a good home for the 
sake of old times on condition that you behave

yourselves and cut the old stuff out as i've done 
where would you be now where would you all be if

it wasn't for me one of these days instead of 
bringing me up the shops will send to the police

and you'll go back to clink and deserve to i 
won't do it again i won't really i promise i won't

something seems to come over me and i don't know 
what i'm doing it's no good trying that stuff

on me you know perfectly well what you're doing 
you're as artful as a wagon load of monkeys and

your old fingers are still as quick as lightning 
here's your bag i shall stop a shilling a week

out of your pocket money for a month to punish 
you and you're not to go to any shops without my

special permission it's only a week since 
i had to pay for those stockings you took

now go to your room and think over your sins i 
won't do it again i won't i won't i won't i won't

oh mr brown this is miss brown speaking yes 
yes i found what you were asking me about

(Upbeat Music)

i'll have to take this back and get another one

oh that's better


oh i wish you'd knock before you come in knock 
me foot had quite a busy morning haven't you

we should go away i won't take a minute i'll 
have this no you won't put it down it's just

what i want to take down i'm sure she'll 
like it i won't have you in my room again

don't be absurd i won't play patience with you 
anymore oh yes you will you want to bob yesterday

oh oh go away this'll do nicely what 
are you giving her dear go to the devil

both of you i'll write her a 
nice little note so shall i oh


excuse me can you direct me to eldon road 
please elden road you're set straight over

the level crossing and the second on the 
right thanks very much uh i'm looking

for a house called primrose lodge oh yes 
that's the boarding house for old ladies

it's right at the end on the left 
thanks very much goodbye goodbye

would you like to cut your cake 
miss castle oh isn't it pretty

may have my presence first of course

but how charming thank you so much not at 
all it's from mrs judson how good of her

and i got you this i'm so sorry i didn't have 
time to wrap it up thank you so much mrs pruer

it's wonderful oh you've all been so good 
to me isn't it wonderful miss frost yes very

louisa oh you and i must have 
another little talk later on

oh dear had a postcard from spike this morning 
it was remembers my birthday oh poor spike there

wasn't another con man in the same street with him 
he had the surest eye for a mug i've ever known

what a combination we made my looks and his 
charm but that 10-year stretch finished him

he never got over it yes maisie it's a gent to 
see you miss gent what gent well he wouldn't

give his name he sent this note and he's 
waiting in the hole excuse me thank you

i'll see him in my room if you liz will forgive me

good afternoon good afternoon oh i stick

oh thank you i hope there's nothing wrong you 
never can pick up anything from her face i

sought a seven-year sentence without batting 
an eyelid sentences oh hello mrs johnson

thank you so much for the book i i am looking 
forward to reading it so glad you liked it i

thought you would when i first saw it perhaps 
you'll lend it to me when you're finished with it

so and so mr burling man

hello butch you're looking well retirement 
on the land seems to agree with you

not butch um not emma butch george 
burling now the tissue of roster

sit down crofton farm west selby wilts and so 
butch barrett is now farmer george burling of

wiltshire the honest countryman of the 
life have they made you a church warden

as a matter of fact they have i'm so glad i always 
felt that was your ultimate destiny do you help

to count the collection i used to uh vicar does it 
himself now i see and what has lured you away from

the safety of wheelchair i've come to tell you 
something yes george what jane henton's out oh yes

it's almost time isn't it i only heard a couple 
of days ago she's been out a month and the first

thing she did when she got back was to ask 
after a certain person me yes thank you butch

that's where she's living i thought you might like 
to know thank you it's fine seeing you again emma

edition we've had some times together you and me 
we have george you were wonderful often think of

it now nothing too dangerous for you nerves of 
steel you had even the boys were scared of you

do you remember that night you dodged 
the dicks but walking a six-inch girder

a hundred foot up with five thousand 
quids worth of sparklers in your hands

i wasn't a [ __ ] then you haven't changed 
and spin it i can see that i shouldn't like

to be in jean hinton's shoes if she tries any 
tricks on you perhaps she won't notice he's wise

if you ever want anything done or organized

for the sake of old times let me know my phone 
numbers on that paper i gave you thank you george

and now if you ring the bell 
maybe i'll bring you in some tea

comfortable all the houses yes 
i bought it three years ago

you bought it to make home for myself and some 
of my old friends who fallen on lean times

by the way you better keep an eye on 
your wallet while you're here my wallet

it's gone has it who have you seen since you 
came in only the maid and an old woman who came

through the hall when i was waiting she dropped 
a stick and i picked it up for it you don't mean

the sheep i'm afraid so she's over 80 but lifelong 
habits die hard you know catching me of all people

theo i'm afraid years of honesty 
have rather blunted you george

never mind i'll get it back for you after two

then that's settled there's only one thing uh 
can you get out there by the end of the month

jack oh yes sir i can manage that all right good i 
can't thank you enough sir all the ball for giving

me this wonderful chance we think we've made the 
right choice now it's up to you to prove we have

i shall certainly do my best sir what about your 
girl uh what's the name freda i'm gonna marry

her and take her with you well that's the general 
idea sir we've got a whole fortnight ahead of us

that's newspaperman talk girls there's a rule like 
more time than that to prepare for the great day

i'm not frieda sir she's very sensible that's 
blended it's not as if she had any real ties she's

on her own oh she's a painter really what does 
she paint uh well she's a pre-impressionalist uh

i'm not quite sure what that is but i think it 
means painting things before you see them i think

yes yes i do understand at least i think 
i do but well what is it oh it's the first

split second impression of a mountaintop oh 
yes yes of course but where's the mountain top

oh it's there but you can't see it now the brain 
hasn't had time to sort out what it thinks it

ought to see from what it actually does oh 
oh that explains it then how very clever

it's called pre-impressionalism it's what 
you see before you know what you're seeing

oh danny don't see what that is

hello western double five double three oh 
hello jack no this is june just a minute

hello darling oh what's the matter you're not 
ill or something are you no i never felt better

in my life now listen i've got some wonderful 
news i can't tell you the telephone but i must

see you tonight you're not going out are 
you of course not if you're coming around

yes we'll be alone just you me and a couple of 
kippers is that all right okay darling see you

i wonder what's happened to him he 
says he's got some wonderful news

well i'd better go and do some shopping or joan 
dear would you come and help me oh yes of course

oh i better bring out letty promised 
i can't see you this evening

well dear i'll be off oh george 
pass the telephone will you

hello oh hello darling i see yes of 
course i understand give my laptop

my side absolutely fine yes see you tomorrow bye

well george thanks again for everything very 
friendly of you don't be daft you thanking me

don't forget anytime wait i'll have to 
get you wallet back that's the least

i can do or george be a pallet in that door for me

anyone else want any more coffee me bring 
me a cup thing must we we'll break the spell

all right don't untangle yourselves 
i'll do it here's the cups

that's it thanks dude did you show the bunch yes

come on let's down this record's divine knock out

do you mind

oh no jack

darling these horrors only dropped in for a minute 
or two they're going now are we yes you are i told

you when jack came we got to clear out yours 
and yours you can go and cuddle somewhere else

no one else will have us i'm not surprised come on 
are you sure you wouldn't like us to stay outside

sorry about the washing up wait send it on don't 
worry see the margin thanks for the hospitality

well done if i haven't said turn that thing on 
oh all right do you like the big sweetie no not

yet let's um let's talk first oh of course 
now what's this wonderful news they've made

an assistant news editor on the canadian daily 
post what do you think about that darling that's

marvelous you'll be chief editor in no time 
well i wouldn't go as far as to say that but

they won't be out there by the end of the month 
so we'll have to get married in a fortnight

you know what in a fortnight was a philip 
asked me if we couldn't of course i said yes

oh did you now are you telling me you're prepared 
to take to the altar a girl dressed in a fortnight

you look just as lovely to me dressed 
in less than a fortnight well let me

tell you something no frieda you're not going back

i'd marry you tomorrow if you ask me

i don't know what aunt lett is going to say only 
last week she was saying she hoped we wouldn't

get married in a hurry we can't i don't let it 
stand in the way she isn't even your real art

i mean it's only a courtesy title i know 
darling when you think of all she's done for me

ever since my parents went down in that boat when 
i was two she's cared for me and provided for me

and she was just their best friend i know she's 
been wonderful even when she went away for a

long time for seven years she left money for my 
school fees and for my training i owe her a debt

of gratitude well it isn't as though she was 
hard up and couldn't be properly looked after

that means she's got the house and all her old 
friends around her look i tell you what let's take

a run over there tonight and tell her all right 
how do you think she's gonna take it oh come on

oh maisie be at the end poster says 
right away for me thank you ma'am

unless freedom idea and jack to what a 
lovely surprise how are you i'm very well

i'll come sit down by the 
fire oh an army thank you

i didn't expect to see you tonight but it's 
very pleasant well we just wanted to see you

that's right well i can see you're both bursting 
with excitement so perhaps one of you would better

tell me what it's all about jack's been offered 
a wonderful job on the new canadian newspaper

this opening in montreal but that's splendid 
congratulations jack thank you shall i save

your breath by guessing the rest they want him 
out there as soon as possible and you've got to

get married right away is that it in a fortnight 
why not that's plenty of time there i told you sir

but luckily when i spoke to you you were anxious 
for us not to hurry oh i'm afraid i was just being

selfish but it's your happiness and jacks that 
really matters it's the idea of leaving you and

going so far away oh you mustn't worry 
about that i should be perfectly all right

so that's settled now if you'll hand the 
drinks darling we'll celebrate the good news

yes good afternoon my name is miss 
berry i telephoned this morning about

a room oh yes so good afternoon 
miss betty do come in thank you

your room's quite ready amazing this is miss betty

afternoon miss take a bag up to a room paula 
yes mom if you come upstairs miss betty i show

you a room i'm sure you like it i hope so if 
i'm comfortable i may stay indefinitely how

nice jar dear

oh thank you dear

as i was saying vicar i should be only too charmed 
to do anything i can to help thank you i was sure

you would i told my wife before i came out we 
could rely on primrose lodge always glad to help

you certainly are nice to enjoy my wednesday cup 
of tea in this quiet congenial atmosphere yeah you

can't play that can't believe what you know quite 
well what i mean that oh can't i i didn't note no

but i did i'm sweet aren't they yes aren't they 
no now tell me uh what exactly is it you want me

to do well we hoped you would again take charge of 
the lucky dip you know under your management last

year it took four times as much as it has ever 
done before oh very gratifying yes you have if i

may say so no financially green fingers uh natural 
genius for extracting money from even the most

reluctant of pockets yes she's always been able to 
do that i'm sure she has a very happy thought well

now my dearest castle if you're already perhaps 
we could get on and uh see the plan for the stalls

well i'll put my hat and coat on and meet you 
in the fall oh vicar i have something for you

this is the small contribution i promised you 
for the sunday school outing i dare miss frost

you really are the most wonderful person good 
work seem to come naturally to i wish all my

parishioners will actually that might be a 
rash wish figure i'd take my chance on this

oh no you don't that's fiddling what take 
it back all right i'll play that one oh no

that i don't know ladies ladies these little 
bickerings cannot possibly add to the enjoyment

of the contest she fiddled i didn't no no no 
we must have no more quality huh you know the

game will be far more pleasantly played in 
atmospheric tranquility king on the queen

thank you vicar that's very good yes well now 
your quits i won i'm not going to play with you

again oh come come now we mustn't mind losing some 
time i don't mind losing but i do not like being

oh all fiddled then she didn't fiddle 
though what else she calls is i don't

know what will the thicker think of 
you well we must all make an answer

sometimes now mr spool and miss berger 
i'm sure you'll have another game tonight

now come along now kiss and be friends i 
wouldn't kiss it for the five pound note

as i was speaking metaphorically i am going 
to my room i think you'd better miss burst

it is difficult for us who are so much younger to 
have patience or the little tantrums of the aged

but we must do our best mustn't we poor oh dear 
yes we must that's right well goodbye mr austin

thank you once again goodbye baker oh would you 
mind opening that door for me before you go oh god

ah i think i'll go for a walk all this excitement 
you know yes of course and now remember allowances

for the old monty you can afford to yes yes 
you're quite right yes thank you the government

good afternoon vicar good afternoon 
mrs coleman is our new guest

miss berry mr porcelain vicar how'd you do miss 
betty a new addition to this happy little fold

i hope you'll be very comfortable thank 
you i hope so i'm waiting for this cattle

oh i see i show you the lounge and i'll 
bring you some tea thank you please

this is the lounge oh yes we shall do our 
best to make you feel at home thank you

if you'll excuse me now certainly

so you found me yes i found you why are you in 
that thing i was knocked down by a car my back

was hurt they say i shouldn't walk again your back 
was hurt when you dropped over the prison wall

lucky for you your pals were waiting to get you 
away you didn't stop to help the one behind you

it was each by himself i know that's why 
i'm here you haven't ordered much heavily

how did you find out where i was just luck

i had an anonymous tip off did you no doubt 
you've been thinking you were pretty safe

tucked away here under another name but you must 
have known i get you sooner or later i suppose

nice comfortable little hideout do yourself 
well don't pity having it found out

there you are thank you just made

how much have you got salted away not much 
don't give me that i know better it's true

there was that notting hill 
job worth quite a lot that was

at the grove gardens the last one before 
they pulled you in you must have got quite

a slice out of that how much that's my 
business the business has been enlarged

you've got a partner it'll bit company for you 
think of all the talks we can have about old times

i don't want to talk about old times they've 
gone it won't do you any harm to be reminded

from now onwards it's halves so you're putting the 
blank on me you're surprised what did you expect

i could give the police a 
nice little bit of information

not that they'd know the name of frost but there's 
another name they'd know and be glad to hear it

some time ago i would have been a dangerous person 
i've tried that on but i've changed since then i'm

not like i was i'm very gentle and kind gentleman 
kind my foot the leopard can't change its spots

now i come to think of it i saw a woman in the 
hall i couldn't help thinking i'd seen her before

look here what is this place what do you mean

there's something queer about it i believe it's 
a genuine boarding house who owns it you yes

i own it i see i run it as a home of rest for 
some of my old friends who've fallen on bad time

very charitable now we know where we stand 
i'll be seeing a lot of you miss frost

i enjoyed our little chat

i think it's going to look a treat very nice the 
only thing that gets up my nose is that old sour

guts is going to have any of it only what she does 
evil choker yes keep stirring this for me milby

it's not eating little choker two bottles 
of whiskey went up to a room this morning

that's her bell if she thinks i'm going 
to answer it she'll find out she's wrong

why she anyway she ain't one of us we don't 
take real borders i'll tell you something

i was only doing what i was told to do tell to do 
miss floss told me if anyone named berry phoned up

i was to give her a room yeah i'm ready for 
that man i'll tell you something else eddie

i believe she's just waiting 
until all this is over

i came on unaware the other night and i 
haven't seen that look in our face since

well you know when it always meant 
danger daisy that's her again

where's that slap of a girl what's your 
calling where's my tea what's in there i

told you to bring it up to my room if you 
want to brought up special you've got to

wait till i've done all the ending rounds my 
key comes first and i'm going to have it first

oh hello amazing me hello where's my aunt she's in 
her room miss would you like me to bring you some

tea oh i'd love sweet all right bring it in get 
my teeth first do you hear i could not bear in the

way you're shouting if i have any more source from 
you you'll get a week's notice don't worry maisie

there's only one person in this house who can give 
you a notice what did you say i said there's only

one person in this house who can give anyone 
notice and that's miss frost oh it is is it

we'll see about that oh hello aunt letty 
hallelujah soccer young madam good thing

when she's out of the way she's not the only one i 
should think really aren't letting she's the limit

that [ __ ] of a maid's got to go media is not 
a [ __ ] she's a kind-hearted hard-working girl

you're my own business now listen to me miss 
berry the way i'll letty let you speak to her

is her business but if i were in her place 
you'd be out on the street before you know

how you got there oh i should should i well just 
ask your aunt letty wire not out in the street and

see if she tells you go on oscar frida ah letty 
indeed what do you mean by that peter please go

you've got a lot to do come back again earlier 
tomorrow morning but i hate leading you like

this it's all right please do as i say i'm sorry 
you've had the journey for nothing very well

you think i don't know no what how old is she 21

good looking fellow benny harmon wasn't he you 
disappeared after he was shot in that gang fight

two years wasn't it before you 
came back into the game again

never fancied another man afterwards did you what 
do you want i'll tell you what i want and what i'm

going to get i'm going up to my room to write out 
a little agreement giving me a half share in this

place and i'm going to bring it down here after 
dinner for you to sign i see or else or else your

daughter might get to know things that would 
be a nasty shock to her and to mr jack loring

well do you sign

yes i'll sign good always best 
to know when you're beaten

there you are daddy thank you you don't mind 
about one or two of the girls and boys coming

in for last drink do you no of course not you 
look rather worried what's the matter oh it's all

i wish i knew what was happening 
that woman gets worse and worse and

aunt let he just submits to it all oh 
perhaps she's got some sort of hole over her

how could she have i don't know i nearly lost my 
temper this afternoon she said something that what

well she came into our letter's room and 
made a scene and i said i didn't know how

unless he put up with it and she said aunt 
letty indeed in a nasty sneering sort of way

or aren't you look most upset i 
never seen her look like that before

and then she told me to go as quickly 
as possible never mind darling

you'll soon be away from it all that's 
what worries me the idea of going away

oh i wish i knew what was happening 
don't have to worry anymore

let me take your coat hello jack hello bunch 
hello jacob okay sweetie well we've brought

you something that bunch has made specially for 
you she was too bashful to bring it by so oh how

sweet of you i thought you might like a nice piece 
of sculpture wherever you're going to live there

it's mother love oh thank you darling

there you are i've written it out 
twice you sign one i sign the other

i see half the money in the bag too eh taking 
your panda flesh so would you in my place

i suppose here's the pen

come on you know the alternative suppose i let 
you take it don't try bluffing me i reckon i'm

being pretty reasonable you know you give 
every penny you've got to keep that girl

from knowing the truth i suppose if i've got 
to i've got to i'll make the best of it hmm

that's the sensible way of looking at it you've 
got [ __ ] just where i want you very well

it is

give me the pen

you up here's your half now how about having 
a drink with me to celebrate the partnership

all right get me a glass from the sideboard

nothing like a drop of whiskey no only 
old fergie's gone to bed eh yes there's

no one up at you with me other night's 
young there's another bottle upstairs

cheers partner cheers geez

well now we're all happy and comfortable 
and just so as you can't pull any tricks

i'll tell you what else i've done what else 
i've written two letters one to scotland yard

and the other to miss freda mayberry or mrs 
jack loring as the case may be and i'm going

to post them to a friend of mine in the morning 
they're to be sent off if anything happens to me

i see so it'll be in your 
interest to keep me alive and well

my friend's going to telephone every monday 
just to see that i'm all right a very good idea

draws your teeth all right there's 
only one thing wrong with it

what's that you should have done it before 
it'll do now it won't look at me gene

what for i want to look at your eyes

why yes it's all right why why are you 
looking at me like that what's the matter gene

oh what have you done to me if 
you don't sit down you'll fall

that's right you're a fool jean you won't 
have known me better you've done done me

your whiskey while your back was turned getting 
the glass no you was trying to move you can't

you thought you were being very clever when you 
got that tip off where i was booking a room under

the name of berry and coming along here to take me 
by surprise you see you didn't take me by surprise

i brought you here you you you brought me yes that 
tip-off came from me and you fell for it hook line

and sinker you walked right into it i thought i'd 
rather have you here under my eye than going about

looking for me if you've been sensible and not 
pushed me too far you might have got away with it

but you signed your death one this 
afternoon when you threatened freda

the partnership is dissolved no one in 
this house will know what's happened

this is bushy double four six eight one i 
want west celeb wheelchair nine five three

is it true


well is it true macy told me she went in with a 
morning tea and found her things all gone on the

bed hadn't been slept in then miss frost said 
that there'd been a telephone call last night

about somebody being ill and she pecked up at once

then someone called for her in the car and 
took her ball oh she's gone she's gone crazy

you and i aren't talkers hetty you 
bet we're not we just take things

to the [ __ ] doesn't do to talk or even 
think sometimes i have another cup of tea

we both slept well last night didn't hear 
anything did we not a thing you know she

said a strange thing to me the other day oh did 
she what she said if anything happened to her

she'd made all arrangements for you and me 
to carry on with this place she said that


yes a head-on collision no doubt both going 
too fast one car turned right over man and

woman killed the driver of the other car taken to 
hospital badly injured in concussion oh yes sir

the dead man was george burling croton farm west 
selby i've checked up on him sir very respectable

church ordinance and cyprians sir nothing whatever 
to show who the woman was well medium height

late 40s dark haired dr sporting will be over 
soon so to make his report i'll ring you back

very good sir he's a doctor now 
well goodbye chief constable will

be over soon i think she might get the 
council to widen that corner after this

hold up uh-huh got some time for a cover oh joy 
good to talk to some people yes sir uh no thanks

well we've checked up on burling uh the owner 
of crofton farm west selby warden of the parish

church highly respected oh was he well perhaps 
you'd like to do a bit more checking up well done

on how your highly respected church warden came 
to be driving about with a dead body at that time

of night dead body yeah that woman wasn't killed 
in the crash she was dead when it happened

was she now i've been on dr feldman the 
county pathologist he'll be along at once

probably want to open her up meanwhile i 
should make a few more inquiries about mr

george burling if i were you i'll do that 
all right well that's your luck no thanks

miss freighter my gray yeah that's us 
could you put them down here please

someone here please

thank you oh it's wonderful news aren't litty 
but what happened she had a telephone call

packed up and went straight off in a friend's 
car do you know where she's gone i think so

oh but don't let's talk about her anymore 
come in miss it's come i just took it in

i'll miss can i have just one little peep you can 
come and help me try it on oh miss may i thank you

then i'm gonna show it to 
the old dears in the lounge

my dear it's quite beautiful turn around oh it's 
perfect doesn't she look lovely i've smothered

i can't help the you paul spike spike caroline

i'm sorry

my dear we want you to accept this little wedding 
present from the four of us with our love and best

wishes for your happiness oh how sweet of 
you thank you very much i must open it now

oh it's lovely look at letty isn't 
it lovely yes beautiful thank you all

very much now go and take that dress off and 
then come to my room all right i won't be long

louisa yes dear will you just 
push me to my room please austere

what's the matter with you i 
might have worn a dress like

that if the spike hadn't gone to clink go 
to blazes with spike oh sorry dear sorry

dare dear thank you louisa yes dear that was 
a very nice little present you gave to freda

i'm so glad you liked it where 
did you get it let me get it

let me look oh stubs in china 
yeah you are paid you paid for it

well of course dear how else do you think we 
could have got it that's what i was wondering

we've been saving up on the quiet ever since they 
were engaged so as to have enough my dear louisa

i see right thank you goodbye it was murder all 
right there's no doubt about that she had enough

of the stuff inside her to kill two people we sent 
their fingerprints along to the yard inspector

cranes just had the results yes george burling 
was really ned barrett and the barrack gang was

smashed ten years ago the woman was gene hinton 
who was leased in prison two months back gene

hinton sir wasn't she the woman in that escape 
business yes that's right with them randall one of

the smartest jewel thieves in the business climb a 
wall like a cat and she got away but hinton didn't

and got an extra sentence now we know where she 
went when she was released but three weeks ago

she disappeared and there hasn't been a sign 
ever since then looks as though she was trying

to blackmail this fellow burling or barrett and 
that he arranged to meet her and then killed her

and was trying to do away with the body 
probably going to bury it on the farm

sounds all right but what we've got to find 
out is where she spent the last three weeks

thank you music

yes mad in your eye same deal 
dear come on you battle eggs

louisa iron is the voice of the turtle i 
don't have oh but why not i like it it's

lovely you've had quite enough already oh but it 
makes me feel so young that's what i'm afraid of

goodbye darling i'll write you as soon as we get 
there and thank you for everything goodbye my dear

and may you always be happy

say goodbye to everyone darling be good jack 
keep her close to you always whatever happens

i promise i will i know how you've 
loved and cared for her all these years

i called in at the offices of the green 
funnel line the other day and asked to

see a list of the passengers on the 
princess delphine when she went down

the two names i was looking 
for weren't on the list

i'll take care of them come on

mr porsche to see you mr pawson but 
this time he says it's very important

very well show him in of course

good morning vicar this is nearly cool miss 
frost have you seen the paper not yet then you

don't know no what about miss berry miss betty 
my dear vic what are you talking about sister

thank you then you don't know that you've 
been harboring a criminal in this house

criminal really vic listen to this miss rust 
it has been established that the woman whose

body was found in the wrecked car after the 
collision near marshmallow last week did not

die as a result of the accident but had been 
poisoned several hours before she has now been

identified by her fingerprints as gene hinton who 
had been released from holloway prison six weeks

ago after serving a sentence of several years 
well well the there's a photograph this hinton

was in fact uh miss berry oh really baker i don't 
believe that there's a picture i see for yourself

oh i admit it's like her but of course it's 
not the same woman i don't agree with you miss

frost i think it is the same there are one two 
other points other surprising facts have come

to light the owner of the car george burling of 
crofton farm west sultan butcher who was killed

outright in the crash was in reality an ex-gang 
leader by the name of butch barrett and both he

and the dead woman hinton had been associates of a 
notorious woman jewel thief by the name of randall

who'd escaped from prison five years ago and 
was never caught the police think it is possible

that after release gene hinton might have made 
contact with randall and anyone who recognizes

his photograph and remembers seeing her within the 
last weeks is asked to communicate at once with

the police really miss frost even if you don't 
believe miss berry was the woman i consider it

your duty to inform the police my dear vicar i i 
really don't want to be bothered with this at all

even if miss berry was gene hinton she's dead 
now and he couldn't do any good letting the

police know she's been staying here it'll only 
cause a lot of unpleasantness but someone is

about to tell them i mean she must have 
been seen about you no she never went out

i'm sorry miss foster cause you any unpleasantness 
but if you refuse to inform the police i consider

it my duty as vicar of this parish to do 
so myself why well they want to know where

she spent the last weeks they think that 
she may have tried to make contact with

ms frost

why did she come here to this house 
was it to find to find emma randall

you know i never said emma 
that was a slip a bad one

you it was blackmail i suppose yes 
well what are you going to do nothing

the next steps are up to you i shall not take them 
so far as i'm concerned i shall seal this with

a seal of confession i realize of course that if 
nothing is said you may escape the judgment of men

but there is another judgment 
miss frost that no one can escape

i leave you to act as your conscience dictates


yes? there's a lady 
asking to see you sir lady

name of frost she's in a wheelchair 
she says it's important. all right show her in

now the inspector will see you m'am

morning madam what can i do for you? 
i have something to tell you inspector

(Dramatic Piano Music)

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