Dangerous (2021) - full transcript

A reformed sociopath journeys to a remote island to investigate the mystery behind his brother's demise, but soon ends up facing off with more than he bargained for.

Hi, D,
happy birthday.

I wish we could
celebrate it together,

but just a few more
months and your parole is done

and, hey, you can
put your past behind you.

You're going to
love Guardian Island.

The Pacific
Northwest is so beautiful.

I really think I've found
what I've been looking for.

Susan and Freddie say hi.

Your little brother,

How are we doing today?

Hey, D,
Happy Thanksgiving.

It's damn cold
here on the island

and I'm trying to
finish these renovations

before the holidays.

I really think I'm in
over my head this time.

I sure wish you were here.

I really could
use your help.


I'm so sorry.

Sean's funeral
is December 8th.

I wanted you
to know. Susan.

Don't do it.


Bedroom's clear.


Got something.

Fucking hell.

Oh, Jesus,
he's warm.

Get him down.
Somebody call EMS.

Dr. Alderwood.

Looks like we lost him.

Sorry to keep you
waiting, I wasn't...

Dr. Alderwood,
Special Agent Shaughnessy, FBI.

May I?
That's a really small badge.

Special Agent,
do you feel special?

Do you
mind if I come in?

- Please, please.
- Thanks.

You have a patient who goes by
the name of D... Dylan Forrester.

Who's that now?

Dylan Forrester, the man
you prescribed these for.

that D. Forrester.

that D. Forrester.

He's one of my most interesting,
most promising patients.

When was the last
time you spoke?

Yesterday. Why?

He broke his parole.

Do you know where he is?

Has he done something?

Well, if by something you mean
attempted murder, then yeah.

Attempted. Well,
that's progress in a strange kind of way.

Are you sure it
wasn't self-defense?

He beat a man into a coma and then
left him hanging in his bathroom.

Like a towel.

I've been working...
Well, D and I have been working together

to help him put
his past behind him.

Yeah, well, he's not doing
a very good job of that.

There are signs of
torture on the victim.

Torture. It just doesn't seem the
kind of thing that he would do.

It was, uh... It was me who put D.
Forrester in prison

for murder,
eight years ago.

I'm quite clear on
what he's capable of.

You know
him better than I do.

- Perhaps you and I should have a session?
- No, no, I'm good.

- It's on the house.
- No, thanks.

D has paid his
debt to society.

I mean,
between aversion therapy

and my behavioral
modification techniques,

he's got a full bag of tools
to reintegrate into society.

Live a
relatively normal life.

A normal life?

There is a big
difference in what's normal

for D and everyone else.

Come on,
Dr. Alderwood. Hmm?

You know you're obligated
to contact the authorities

if you suspect one of your patients
might do themselves or others harm.

Yes, I'm very aware
of my responsibilities.

I don't know where D is.

I'm sure you understand that
confidentiality is the basis

for trust here
and what we do.

D is a changed man. He's proven
that sufficiently time and again.

People don't change,

I'm sorry
you feel that way.

Well, then unless you
have some kind of court order,

I feel I can
help you no further.


Here you go.

I will hunt him
down before he kills again.

I don't need a
court order to do that.

Huh. You
seem determined.

Obsessed even.

D is in a kinder,
healthier place.

I assure you,
he's not a threat.

- Shaughnessy.
- Spill it.

So D's younger brother,
Professor Sean Forrester,

is some
big-brain history scholar.

Suddenly quits his
job a year and a half ago

and moves to some
remote island off Washington.

He's opening an inn.
Like a bed and breakfast.

cut to the chase.

He's dead.
The funeral is tomorrow.

Place called
Guardian Island.

Guardian Island.
Get me someone

in the
Washington State Police

and a plane and a boat.

You got it.

I'm gonna be heading
back to the mainland

while there's
still some daylight.

Were you close
with the deceased?

He was my brother.

I'm sorry for your loss.

The cook,

- His name is Hugh.
- Oh, I'm sorry. Hugh, your new shiny object.

- That is bullshit.
- Honestly, Jo, I think he's a little weird.

- I think he's trouble.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- I feel like you're just threatened

- because he's younger than you, aren't you?
- Are you kidding me, Jo?

I'm trying to
look out for you.

Oh? U-Um...


D. D Forrester.

Sean's brother.

I'll put you in room 12.

We weren't sure
you were going to make it.


So they're all in
the back with Sean.

If you wanna join them, I can
take your stuff upstairs and...

- No.
- Okay.

I need to
use my room first.

how about I show you up?

Here's your room.

Sorry it's a bit dark.

Sean wanted to
keep the steel shutters

from when it
was a navy base.

Here's your key.

Okay, one, say,
"I'm sorry for your loss."


I'm sorry for your loss.

Sorry for your loss.

give hug.

Three... Oh, yeah. Is
there anything I can do to help?

pat shoulder.

Pat shoulder. Here we go.

Pat shoulder.

Sean, you couldn't tell
that son of a bitch anything.

Am I right?

He already knew it.

science, anthropology.

Brain like a
goddamn elephant.

Bring it down.

- Show some respect.
- Sure. Sure.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Don't touch me!

You got a lot of
nerve coming here.

The announcement said
said friends and family.

And which category do
you think you belong to?

I'm sorry?

You already said that.

Is there anything
else you want to say to me?


That's just perfect.

He fell
from a scaffolding.

Hugh over there found him.

You got my letter.

I didn't know if
you would come.

I'm really
glad you're here.

Sean always said
nice things about you.


Sean was the nice one.

I am so
sorry about Linda.

She's just upset.

Why is she upset?


because her son just died.

I thought it
was days ago.

Is there anything
that I can do to help?

you just let me know, okay?

supposed to say that.

You were a little hard
on D back there.

Hard on him?

On D? He
can't feel anything.

That's the whole problem.

You have no idea what
I've been through, Susan.

What that thing
has done to my family.

How many cops
came knocking on our door

in the middle of the night,
waking us up.

Waking Sean up

while he was
studying so hard,

doing his best to be
good enough for two sons.

So if you don't mind, and with all
due respect to my daughter-in-law,

just pour it and shut it.


To Sean.

I'm Massey.

Massey, Sean's
friend from college.

- Yeah.
- Archaeologist.

You want a drink?
It's a wake after all.


I don't drink anymore.


- Sean's brother, huh?
- Yup.


I'm at a friend's
wake. Guardian Island.

The FBI? No shit.

They sure it was him?


Shoot me the details.

- Alderwood.
- Hey, it's me, D.

Oh. D,
how are you?

You said that reconnecting with my
family would be essential to my recovery.

Oh, yes, that's correct,
but you can't expect...

I just
saw my mother.

Oh. And how did that go?

She told me that
I should leave.

I'm so sorry,

But that's an
understandable initial response.

It's gonna be
hard for a while.

It's gonna
be hard for you.

Are you doing the exercises
we practiced, the breathing?


Good. Remember all the
hard work we've put in.

And D, take those lithium pills
too, all right? Don't forget.

They'll help.

You may even start to
have feelings or emotions.

- Okay.
- Okay.


is there anything
you need to tell me?

Anything that may
have happened recently?


Okay. You're not the
same man you used to be, D.

You show them that,
all right?

I will.

Good. Anything else?


All right,
well, call me anytime.


You're my uncle D,
aren't you?

You must be Freddie.

says you're insane.

I'm not insane.

I have antisocial
personality disorder.

What does that mean?

It means a pervasive
pattern of disregard for

and violation
of rights of others.

What does that mean?

It means I don't
care how people feel.

- Oh.
- Ever.

I also don't have
the capacity to feel fear.

Neither of
which make me insane.

They don't?

No, I just see the world
a little differently.


What do you have there?

It's a submarine.

Me and my dad were
building it together before he...


Oh, shit,
that's him.

Sean always saw something
in D that wasn't there.

Until today, I haven't
heard from him for years.

I know he went to jail.
I knew he got out. That's it.

- Yeah, your dad was a really smart guy.
- Yeah.

- What did he tell you about this submarine?
- My dad said that...

Freddie, can you
go upstairs? Now, please.

- Bye, Uncle D.
- Bye, Freddie.

You don't belong here.

I'm Sean's brother.

That's the
category I fit into... family.

You gave up the right to call
yourself family a long time ago.

I'm not the same person
that I was back then.

I'm seeing a therapist now

and he's got me
doing breathing exercises.

And I'm on medication.

That won't change
who you are, D.

Wh-Why not?

Because you're insane.

Don't move. I'm sorry,

You're under arrest
for attempted murder.

You know the routine.

Hands behind your back.

Hands behind
your back. Now!

Spread 'em.

The feds are on the way.

Let's go.


I'll hold him
down in the bunker.


Right here.

Don't even think about it.

Go ahead and have a seat.

So who all'd you kill?

Oh, you'd have to be
a little more specific.

You must
be pretty happy.

The sheriff's got the psychopath
locked up in the bunker.

Every family has at least
one nut job. Right, Jo?

I'm taking the sheriff and
the psychopath some coffee.

Hey, Jo...

I knew Sean.

We go way back.

And not once did he
ever mention having a brother.

A murderer?

We was just on
the phone talking,

and he kept saying to
me he wants me to come here

and see him.

He said that he wanted
to talk to me about something.

Now he's dead
and you're here.

It's a little strange,
don't you think?

What is that?

I need to take my pills.


I can't reach 'em.

They're in
my front pocket.

You see my finger?

Step in.

Don't budge. Be smart.

What are these?


Help me
control my impulses,

deaden my
response to stimuli.

They make me more normal.

Open up.

Thought you might like
something to warm you up.

Thank you.

Would you
like some coffee?


Thank you.

Well, if you
change your mind...


I didn't expect the FBI
to be here so soon.

I'm gonna leave this big
boy on the table right here

if he gets crazy.

Good evening,

I didn't expect to
see y'all out here tonight.

Sheriff, what are you
doing all the way out here?

We got the call.

We came out.
We handled it.

You handled it.

Okay, well,
we'll see about that.

Why so many of you guys
for one dude?

You're in charge?


What field office
are you boys with, huh?

You can't be the FBI.

Not exactly.

What was that?

Nine millimeter.

What was that?

Um, w-we should
do something, right?

- Get the gun.
- What?

You can trust me.

- Or you can shoot me.
- What?

to the lighthouse.

We search the house first,
then fan out.

And Pike,
recon the island.

look in there.

- Lock it down.
- Yep.


Who the hell
are you people?

Where's the sheriff?

I know who you guys are
looking for, all right?

He's down the hill. He's
in the bunker with the sheriff.

Well, well, well,
what have we here?

Don't move.

Really, does it look
like I'm going anywhere?

Cell phones.

you all heard the boss.

Every one of you is
gonna put your cell phone

in my lovely
little bag here.


Thank you.

Listen to me,

I just told you
where he was.

cell phone.

- Hands.
- Cell phone.

Hey, I got
a pretty young thing

locked up in a
little cage down here.

Don't call me that.

No one dies until we
find out what they know.

Copy that.

Hey, we're good.
Rest of them looks clear.

I've been thinking,

why did that guy
ask if we were the feds?

Because the FBI are on
their way here right now.

Plan stays the same.

Now, why would anybody
lock you in a cage?

I'm not sure. Why don't we
open the door and find out?

What did you do?

I knocked him out.

you didn't kill him?

No. I don't kill
people anymore.

shouldn't we?

He's a bad guy,

- Up to you.
- What?

Asshole. Jeez.

Please, let me kill him.


Okay, go find out what's
going on with him. Go. Go.

hey! Upstairs, no surprises.

All right.

How was your flight?

Being a canned sardine.

If the weather holds,
I should get to the coast

in about three hours.
Any word from the sheriff?

Nothing yet,
and no answer at the inn.

- Goes straight to voice mail.
- Keep trying.

How's our
friend from the shower?

Still in a coma.

It doesn't add up.

D knew that
removing his ankle bracelet

would trigger a response.

In all my years of tracking D,
he never left a body or a witness.

So why leave this guy
alive in his own apartment?



Where is it,

You really fucked up,
didn't you?

I had to.

He was onto me.

We'll talk
about this later.

what's taking so long?

Run, Hughie!
Run fast, you little prick!



Hugh, stop,
you fucking coward!


Come on!

Take him.

my God!

They killed Hugh.

They fucking killed him.

They'll kill you too.

It's okay.
Go sit. It's okay.

Come on. Come on.

So now do you understand what
happens when you don't help me?

I hope that makes
things a little bit clearer.

buddy boy.

Holy shit, what happened?

What in the hell are you
doing in here by yourself?

Hey, we got a situation
in the bunker.

Jesus Christ, someone
fucked up Whymper real bad.

get down here now.

Get down here!

So there are three guys and it
looks like they have a lot of guns.

- Shut up.
- Are you ever nice?

- Freddie!
- Mom!

You watch 'em.

You're gonna come with me.

but wait for me.

Where are you going?

What did you do,
you idiot?

You know, there is
so much about you

that I don't like.

Just thought
I'd tell you that.

Shut the fuck up.

Do not move!

What now?



Now, what is a pretty lady like
you doing with a shotgun? Hmm?

My name...

- You cut me.
- I needed a scream.

What the fuck
is wrong with you?

Goddamn. This is bullshit.


He's here.

My man didn't get it done.

Of course, he's here.
It's his brother's funeral.

Guy's a psychopath,

You remember
Lansing and Harvey? Bogotá?

Fucking Missoula.

He killed everyone
while we just watched.

The guy's
fucking dangerous.

Here's what I
don't get though.

Why didn't he finish off
Whymper when he had the chance?

Prison make him soft?

No, it's more like a tiger
trying to change its stripes.

Hey, hey, you okay?

Yeah, it hurts boss.

it hurts. Oh. It fucking hurts.

- What the fuck.
- That felt good.

Let's get to
work. Come on.

- He's in a mood.
- Let's go!

let's move!

All right, whoever kills D
gets Whymper's cut. Good?

- Good.
- Good.

Uncle D!

Those steel shutters.

How do you
close this place down?

The lever
behind the lamp.

shutters are all closing.

Hey, Blanchard's
still in there.

Well, then Blanchard's
in deep shit.


Find me a way back in.

- What happened? Are you okay?
- Yeah, he cut me.

You bring this here now
during Sean's funeral?

they're here for you?

They're not here for me.

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, right, right. This is just a coincidence.

We need phones.

Any of these work?

I'm really
struggling here.

- Yeah.
- It's so hard not to

fall back into old habits.

Well, yeah,
I know.

I know it's hard.
I know it is, D.

You're not the only one to have
trouble with that, believe me.

I wanna do some of
those things so bad.

No! D,
you're different, okay?

It's an act of will.

Use those new pathways
of behavior we've created

in your brain.

But what if there are things
that, um, I need to do

to protect myself?


Well, now, that's your
animal brain kicking in.

Flight or fight,
you know.

But just stop, count to 10,
count to 100 if you need to,

and ask yourself
this simple question...

These things you
feel you need to do,

are they things you
think you'll be proud of later?


probably not.

Well, then you
probably shouldn't do 'em.

I'll consider that.

Well, call me anytime.

These pills,
they make my hand shake

when they
start to wear off.

Why are you here?

Fuck you.

All right,

You know how much I'd
love to cut your eyes out

and feed them to you?

I don't... I don't do that kind of
thing anymore though, Blanchard.

What'd you do to him?

We spoke.
It was disappointing.

my God, you killed him?

- Watch the doors.
- Yeah, I'm watching the door.

I'm watching you too,

What are you gonna do, huh,
huh? You gonna go after 'em?

No. There's four
of 'em out there.

Oh, I thought you'd
killed two of 'em.

I didn't
kill any of 'em.

That's enough. I want you out of
this house and off this island.

Get out and take
those people with you.

he saved us.

No, no, no,
he saved himself.

That's the only person he cares
about and it always has been.

We wouldn't even be in
danger if it wasn't for him.

Isn't that right,

- Maybe.
- What'd you do, huh?

Piss someone off?
Steal something?

Maybe you
killed the wrong guy?


Did you really
kill people, Uncle D?

- They were really bad people.
- Freddie.

Guardian Island.
They should call this place Murder Island.

Shoot the bastard!

Just shoot them already!

- Holy shit!
- Oh, my eye!

He shot my
fucking eye out.

I think I got him.
I think I got him.

Shoot the one
with the shotgun.

I can't see
into the house.

Then shoot through
the fucking wall!

The whole thing's

Now we
know he's watching.

They're gonna get
in here eventually.

They're just testing us.

They're looking
for you, not us.

I want you to leave,

before you
cause any more damage.




Turns out Sean,
D's dearly departed brother,

had racked up
some pretty sizeable debt

for a history
professor in recent years.

But not so much debt
that he couldn't buy an island.

The plot thickens.

It used to be a navy base
back in World War II.

It gets weirder.

He bought it for
almost twice the market value

with the help of a
mysterious wire transfer.

Wow. Must be
some special island.

Seems like being
insane runs in that family.

Find out who that mysterious
benefactor is, will you?

- I'm on it.
- All right, later.

This is your best bet.

How did Sean die,

He was restoring
the lighthouse.

He worked on it every day
until dark. That's when he fell.

He was working on the
lighthouse when he died.

I kept telling him
just to hire someone.

He was so stubborn.

Hugh went out to take him dinner.
That's when he found him.

How long had Hugh
been working here?

Just over a month.


Just curious.

Okay, follow the trail
behind the inn.

It sweeps around the trees

and leads about a
half a mile down shore.

D, I think you're
doing the best that you can.

He's gone.


How are they
gonna know that?

Yeah, seriously, how are
they gonna know he's gone?

We'll have to tell 'em.

Get that machine off the boat.
Start searching near the inn.

We need to get
back inside that building.


you read that?

It says D is gone.

The boat.


we still got the other boat.

Try not to lose that one,
you fucking moron.

Copy that.

my ass.

You keep an eye out
of those windows, Cyclops.

I got nothing,
just rocks.


Dr. Alderwood,
hey, it's me, D.

Oh, D,
are you okay?

- Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.
- Oh, good.

You're still
with your family?

yeah, I'm still here.

I was gonna leave and then,
well, they needed my help

and they're
still my family, so...

Oh, good for you, D.
Good for you.

You stick with it.

It's just that trying to
do my best here and I...

Don't be too hard on
yourself. Nobody's perfect.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I know.

I'm a little afraid it
could get a little messy

when I get back inside.

I just still got
a lot to deal with.

Oh, is there a way you could
deal with one problem at a time?

Just one at a time,
instead of all of them

at the same time
like we talked about.

Yeah, yeah,
I could do that.

Usually easier that way.

it is.

Yeah. You're the D we
need you to be, all right?

Keep at it,

Thanks for the advice.

Okay, good, call me
whenever you need.

Oh, for God's sake,
don't kill anybody.

I can't see shit.

All right, let's
try the other side.

Oh, my God, that guy
with the big teeth

is just
standing out there.

Hello! Can you guys
hear me in there?

- Yeah, we can hear you!
- Asshole.

Sooner or later,
that door is gonna open

you like it or not.

So when that
door does open,

I want you to,

I want you to
remember one thing.

Just go away.
What do you want?

I don't need
any of you alive.

But if any one of you happens
to be able to help me find

what I came here for,
well, then...

maybe we'll be able
to work something out.

What do these guys want?

D's not even
in here anymore.

Maybe D was right, maybe
they're not here for him.

Maybe not, but if
they don't want D,

we need to find
out what they do want.

Did you find me a boat yet?

closed till tomorrow,

but here's something,
it might be nothing,

but a 36-foot luxury
yacht was reported stolen

from a marina about an
hour down the coast yesterday.

Was it D?

a local boat captain

from that same marina
says he dropped off a guy

to the island today
who matches D's description.

All right, send me the
address of the marina.

I need to get on
that island yesterday.

- You got it.
- I'll talk to you.

Fuck this,

Where are you going?

The only way we're gonna find it is
by getting one of them to tell us.

You know that.

There's gotta be
another way inside that place.

Fuck it.

Seismic testing. What the
hell are you looking for?

What the fuck
is going on here?

Jesus, Blanchard,
hey, hey, hey, hey.

What the fuck
happened to you?

He fucking shackled me.

- Hey, you good?
- Yeah, yeah.


Where are you going?

- Hey!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Fucking son of a bitch.

You little...

I hate you.

Hey! All right,
you little prick.

You want me to shoot
you through the door, huh?

Don't move.

Are you crying,


go downstairs.

You know,

I embarrassed
myself in front of you

down in that cellar,

so I'm gonna have
to make it up to you.

you son of a bitch!

- Mom! Mom!
- Freddie! Freddie!

What's the matter?
What's the matter? Are you okay?


Hey, back the fuck up!

- Hey, back the fuck up!
- Hey!

hands up now!

you know what?

It's just as well
that the boy left.

My friend Ethel
here is gonna join in.

Who doesn't like
a threesome, huh?

You, put the gun down.
Put it down or I'll blow her brains out.

I'll do it.

Just don't hurt her.

- No, no.
- Good.

Round two?

You know, D,
I feel...

I feel that you
wanna cry right now.

What do you think,

Are you gonna
beg for your life, huh?

Get the fuck up,
you son of a bitch.

Come on, D,
you gotta give me something.

Not much point.

And why is that,

Okay, okay,
I get it.

You are going
to try and stab me

with one of these here
broken mirror pieces, huh?



Submarine. Japanese.

Femoral artery. You're gonna
wanna put some pressure on that.

Too late.

Oh, my God,
I really enjoyed that.

Let her go.

Are you okay?

- I'll shoot her.
- And I'll shoot you both.


Are you okay?
Are you okay?

Oh, God. Oh,
my God.

You almost
fucking killed me.

good thing you moved.

He killed Blanchard.

He shot my fucking arm off,

You came back.

What did you do,
huh? Huh?

What did you do upstairs,
you sicko?

Did you kill him or what?

Mom, I've been giving
this a lot of thought

and I think that I
deserve a second chance.

my God! What?

What did you do?


...that I can explain.

D, come out.
I wanna talk to you.

Just stay
away from me please.

I can't... I can't...

That was the worst
thing I have ever seen.

Hello, D.
It's been a long time.

I, uh... feel like
you've been avoiding me.

I have.

What happened to you,


You used to be
the best at what we do.

The absolute best.

Now, you're in the system,
all drugged out,

therapy three times a week to
get in touch with your soft side.

So what's he call it,

sociopathic disorder?

Or current
psychopathological behavior?

moral development?

Come on, D, these are
just fancy ways for these people

to call you insane.

calling you insane.

You know me,

I-I don't believe in insane.

You're not insane. I think it's
just different points of view.

You taught me that,

You got a
point to this shit?

I got a point to this.

Are you just gonna keep pretending
for these fucking people,

or are you gonna
accept what you really are, huh?

Because what you
are is awesome, bro.

That's why you're here,
right? Hmm?

Sean must have told you

what's here on the island,

That's why
he's fucking dead, D.

Oh. You don't know.

Take him.

Take him!

Seriously, you
didn't kill him either?

After what you did to that guy
upstairs, what's the problem?

- Oh, Jesus.
- What did he say?

He said
there's something...

on this island.

There's nothing here.

There's a couple hundred dollars
for groceries, some antiques.

No... something here.

Sean was
trying to tell me.

He was trying to tell me
something before he died.

Sean. Come on,

You know Sean. He couldn't have
been involved with that evil...

You're not listening!

They were in
business with Sean

and they are
here to find something.

What is it?

Hmm? What
aren't you telling me?

You said that Sean died while he
was working on the lighthouse.

I don't think he fell.

you said Hugh found him, right?

Yeah, Hugh, Hugh. The son of a
bitch, he was talking to 'em too.

There was something. It
was like a moment that they had.

- Okay, shut up.
- All right.

He was one of Cole's men planted
here to keep an eye on Sean.

But he was
working on something.

There was... engine
grease underneath his nails.

He's right.

D's been a lot of things, but
stupid was never one of them.

Where's Sean's office?

The cellar.

Felix, we're gonna
try over there.

Come on,
Sean, talk to me.

Come on. What
were you working on?

It's not this.

that sound again.

I wanna go after him.

I wanna go after him.
That freak tried to kill me.

If D wanted you dead,
you'd be dead.

I can sneak back in the window like before.
They won't even know.

Then maybe you should.
It'll save me a bullet.

Where's that door go?

That's the wine cellar.

He spent two months restoring
it when we first moved in.

You have the keys?

Yeah, I know
where the keys are.

A footprint.

From the boot.

No way.

What the hell?


A hidden door? Really?

I never drank the merlot.
I... I...

- Flashlight.
- Yeah.

- Cool.
- Freddie, come here.

But it's the...


What's down there?

- I'm coming down!
- Jesus.

you down there?




What do you see?

The video's pretty bad,

but we captured a still frame
on one of the yacht thieves.

I just sent it to you.

Wow. It's Cole,

- Who?
- D's former employer.

A high-level fixer for the
criminally rich and infamous.

D started working for Cole
right after he was discharged

from the SEALs for almost
killing his commanding officer.

D was Cole's
weapon of choice.

And now,
here they are,

D and Cole together again.

Goddamn it,

I thought we'd see
the island from here.

Look, I'm sorry.
I've tried everywhere.

No one is
willing to sail tonight.

I'll call you if I come up
with anything.


Is everything
all right, ma'am?


Can I help
you with something?

As a matter of fact,

You sure you know
what you're doing?

Oh, me? No, I'm
just fucking around.

I mean,
I'd let you try,

but it's best if
you have both eyes.



Down here!


What is this place?

fucking don't leave me.

D could've been
halfway to Hawaii by now.

Maybe he
really has changed.

gonna get lost in here.

How far does this go?

This is insane.


What the hell?

Let's hit the lights.

Holy fuck.

Holy shit.

It's a submarine.


World War II.


my God.

what the fuck is this?

whoa, whoa, hold on.

I think I found something.

That looks like a tunnel.

It goes from the inn...

Holy shit.
To the lighthouse.

Fuck yeah. Jackpot!

All right.

You guys
find the entrance.

I'll meet you down there.

Come on,
let's go.

He never told me
about any of this.

Fuck me. That's why
I never heard about this.

D. Look.

It's the Yamashita gold.

The Yamashita gold!


It's what he wrote about
in his books.


What's that?

you scared the hell out of me.

What's going on?
Where did D go?

Where did Massey...

Move. Come on.

It's right here.
It's fucking real.

I thought Sean was
full of shit back in school.

This is crazy!

That what he was trying to
tell me about in his letters.

He said, "I think I've found
what I've been looking for."

Oh, fuck!


Jesus Christ!


- Come on down!
- Damn it.

- See 'em right there!
- Get 'em from the other side.

Can you move?
There's only one shot left.

- Hey?
- Yeah.

Keep up,
follow me.

Where are you going?

- Come on, take him!
- Shoot him!

I got the bastard!

Shit! Shit!

What are you doing?

You have a cell phone?

of them's down.

Are you making
a call right now?

- Shut up.
- Are you serious?

- They're shooting at us.
- Shh.

- Screw you!
- Stop.

- Hello?
- Hey, it's me.

what time is it?

- Uh...
- Can you see 'em?

Three-ish. Sorry.
It's late. I know.

I just have one
question for you.


If I have to save myself, uh,
could I go back to my old ways then?

I guess I'd have to say

that you really wouldn't
be saving yourself at all

if you give up on all that
great work that you've done.

There he is!

What the hell was that?

5.56 mm semiautomatic
machine gun.

You're being shot at?

Oh, yeah, they've been
shooting at us for a while now.

- D, listen to me, listen.
- Okay.

Do whatever it takes
to save your ass.

Whatever it takes?

Whatever it takes.

Fuck. I'll lose
my fucking license.

Jesus Christ.

Please work,
please work.

Kill 'em!

Fuck me.


- Where are you going?
- Shh!

- D!
- Stop! Stop right there.

So you've found it,

I knew I
could count on you.

Wow, your brother
kind of undersold it, didn't he?

It's too bad that he's not
gonna get to enjoy any of it.

Stop right there.

I still need you alive.


Shoot! Oh,

No, no,

listen to me.

This is so stupid,

Let's just grab as
much of this gold as we can

and let's get
the hell out of here.

'Cause when the feds show up,
they're gonna lock your ass up forever.

I didn't come here
for the gold.

I just want
my family back.

Well, then,
you got a deal.

You carry my gold and I'll
give you your mommy back.

Come on,
let's go.

It'll take days to
get this out of here.

You don't have the time.

neither do you.

But you're a good,
strong, strapping lad.

Let's grab it. Hurry up.

All right,
give me two ingots, uh,

for what your
dead brother owes me.

That's it.

Atta boy.

Two more for
interest. Come on.

That's it. Hurry up.

And, uh,
you know what,

why don't you just give
me two on top of that just, um...

I don't know,
just for the fuck of it.

That's it.

There he is. That's it,
strong guy.

Come on,

Atta boy.

Pick it up.

There's no
rest stops. Let's go.

- Whoa!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

get up.

Come here.

Come here. Come here.

Come here.

All right,
get up.

Pick it up,
or else your mom goes flying.

Game over,

You're making a fatal mistake,
Agent Shaughnessy.

Where's Cole?

He's right here.

Pick up the gold.

Pick up the fucking gold!

That's it. Good boy.

Hey, D,
what are the odds? Huh?

While you
were rehabilitating,

your straight-as-an-arrow
brother decides

to borrow money
from the wrong people.


he knew that sooner
or later that I'd show up.

You know how it is.

And now here
you are.

Oh, D, I gotta tell you, thought
I'd be happier to see you.

But you're just so
goddamn sad to me now, huh?


You used to run this shit.

You know why
he's doing all this, huh?

He's doing this for you,
mama. That's right.

You don't
have to do this, D.

- Shut up.
- He's gonna kill us anyway!

Shut up.

You're right.

I don't.

You're fucking insane!

Fucking insane!

You're expending so much energy trying
to hide who you are, what you are.

You're a fucking monster.

And I'll constantly be
that voice in your head,

reminding you that you're
never gonna fucking change!

I'm not insane.

You're not gonna die here.

Um... I'm sorry.

saying you're sorry.

Sorry for your loss...
for Sean.

When I think back
to all Sean's letters,

it's clear now that he
was dying to tell someone

what he discovered,

but to keep his family safe,
he knew he never could.

When he became obsessed

with the abandoned naval
base called Guardian Island,

I figured he was
just writing another book.

He must have
been pretty damn sure

of what was under that island,
the Yamashita gold,

war loot taken by Japanese
Imperial forces during World War II

and smuggled out of the
country in small submarines.

Sean put
together the clues,

but needed help
buying Guardian Island.

He borrowed money
from Cole's associates

and before he could pay it back,
Cole came after him

and it cost
him everything.

Looks like Sean wasn't
so perfect after all.

Nobody's perfect,
but he didn't deserve to die.

They're gonna come
after you, you know.

Well, I've been hunted
before. I can handle it.

What about Sean's
family, your mother?

They'll be okay.

I'll make sure of it.

What about you?

I might try being
myself for a while.