Danger in Paradise (1977) - full transcript

A young man has to battle his greedy stepmother for control of his father's huge estate.

[muttering, laughter]

[talking in unison]

Just a second.

One moment, please.

Just a little...

Beautiful , oh.


[Adrien] Hold it!

Who found him?

I did.

- Who else?
- [Barrett] Steven,

don't speak
to your mother that way.

[shutter sound]

Ah, thank you very much.
Thank you.

I'm sorry, Mr. Adrien.

My husband knows a great deal
about ranching,

but not very much about art.

Now, let me point out
some of the people

I want you to photograph
for the album.

Over there is Barrett's cousin,
Carson Fears.

[Adrien] Yes, Ma'am.

- [shutter noise]
- [Marla] Father of the groom.

And, uh, the groom.

[Marla] Bobby, Carlson, son.

[shutter sound]

And, let's not forget
the bride.

Reva, a local belle.
Much pursued and,

almost always caught
on my head.

[shutter sound]

And, over there,
the maid of honor.

[Marla] Karen Fears,
Bobby's sister.

[shutter sound]

And the gentleman with her?

Oh, that's our foreman.
Oscar Callahoughney.

Needs a whole story
in itself.

[shutter sound]

And wasn't there
another son?

Barrett's son, Mitch.
He's not here.

Didn't I read something
about him in the paper?

Oh, I'm sure.

Mitch was always good
for news. Ever heard about him?

Ballroom brawls,
breaches of promises.

He takes after the wild side
of the family, I'm afraid.

Mitch left five years ago
and we're not expecting him.

[Barrett] Marla, would you
come here, please?

Oh, yes, just a minute.
Thank you very much. Excuse me.

Thank you.

[shutter sound]

Probably never got
the letter.

Mitch never did stay
in one place too long.

Why wouldn't him
come home?

You know why.

[inaudible muttering]

[Reva] I wonder
where he is now.

- Mitch, I don't know.
- About what?

Well, I've been thinking.

Don't. You know
damn good it.

Well, when you start
ripping off guys

- like those guys--
- Blaine,

the time those guys
ripped you off.

- [Blaine] Uh, well, ain't it?
- Well?

Ok, when Candy comes down,
I call a room.

- That's all? That's it?
- [Mitch] That's all.

Just get me out of there.

I hope they find my act.

Already bought it.

Tonight, we get paid!


[Mitch] Woo-hoo!
Vegas, here we go!

[laughter, indistinct talk]

- Is it alright?
- [speaks in Hawaiian]



Let's go listen
to Bobby play.

You run along,
we'll be there.


A one, a two,
a one, two, three, four.

[live music]


Mr. Carson.

[Barrett] Well,
we can always hope.

Once Bobby has a family
of his own,

maybe he'll begin to take
more interest

in things around here.

Fine, he can have my job.

I gave him 6 acres
for a wedding dress.

- Bobby told you?
- No.

might like to build up

by the old homestead.

You worked that out with him.

That's very generous of you,

I hope they thank you.

What is it?

I don't know.

- Help me sit down.
- Woah!

Help me!

You better come quick.
It's Mr. Barrett.

Excuse me.

- What is it, dad?
- He got a stroke.

Oh, my God. Barry!

- What
- Uhh.




[speaks in Hawaiian]


Anyway, move aside.

Stephen, button your coat.

Go and make sure the guests
keep the party going.

You know what to say.

I do?

You better get used to it.

You might be in charge here
by tomorrow.

I'll be with Barrett.

we gotta find Mitch now.

- Ok.
- What made you think

I stopped looking, huh?




See, ya, it's getting
kinda hot in here.

Can we get
the cocktail waitress up again?

Give me the bar.

Dave? Barrio for a week.

[barman] Candy!

More rum for your buddy.

We go.

- Trouble calling?
- It's a mistake.

Let's do it more time.

don't cross me six.

Imagining is enough.

And I'm going to have
a scotch with soda.

I'll take a bourbon
and branch water.


Oh, I'm sorry.
You said "tall," didn't you?

Yeah, tall.
Thank you.

[Mitch] Me too. Call.


Man, it's getting rough!



Well, I guess that's me, huh?


Why don't you get yourself
an eraser?

Scotch and soda,
Tom Collins,

bourbon and

[phone rings]


This is the Las Vegas
Police Department.


One of you cowboys
belong to a cattle transport?

[man] The vehicle license
is 765-42?

That's me.

Las Vegas Police
must have pawned your rig.

You're traveling
with last year's plates.

[sighs, chuckles]

Sorry, guys,

gotta leave.

Another time, huh?


Space 20.




[man] Hey, hold up there!

How do you get
this damn thing started?

[engine starts]

[phone rings]

[phone rings]

[phone rings]

[phone rings]

[phone rings]

[phone rings]


- [Roy] Mr. Callahoughney.
- Yeah.

This is Roy Waters.

[Roy] Of the agency.

I found him.

- Yeah.
- Roy Waters.

- Room?
- Up ahead.

There he is.

When did he get here?

He left Las Vegas...

4:00 in the afternoon.

By Beverly Hills last night.

- Thanks.
- Sure.

We just bought three boats
from these people.

They did pretty
with the sexism.

Nothing like you, then, huh?

I'm the good-looking one.

[Mitch] You! You bonehead!

How you doing, man?

Good, good.

- I'm married now.
- You?

- Wait a minute, let me guess.
- Her name's Reva.

Oh, she's a girl from Mahina,
I think you know her.

Why, you got a picture?

- Ain't she cute?
- Yeah.

The old's one. She's...
She's a foreigner.


- Just unbelievable!
- Yeah.

Bobby and Reva,
they're married.

Bobby, huh?

Yes. It's been a week, though.
Ain't too late.

The kahuna, he still has
to make it official.

How about that?

Poet comes through.

Bobby's straight, now.

Reva's got him
writing music again.

Is that why did you find me?

Hardened detective.


Things ain't too good at home,

Your old man,
he's had a stroke.

Just hanging on
by a thread.

What do you want me
to do?

He's your father!

He might not make it!

It's not gonna happen,

I don't like him any more
than he likes me.

It ain't him, it's her!

[Candy] Hey, Mitch!

Come on in!


Can't we go somewhere
while we talk?

In your room or something?

Yeah, I got some business.
Be back in a while.


If your old man dies,
half the ranch is yours.

Then have Stephen
and the Dragon Ladies.

What more are you
waiting for?

She's already selling the White
Kailua Beach,

Stephen is
the executive director.

Nobody knows
what the hell they're doing.

Imagine that.
Sweet girl like that--

Now, wait a minute.

Don't you complain.
You handed Marla

her power on a silver platter
when you bailed out.

I'm not complaining.

You are.


[Mitch] Yeah, yeah,

- Yeah.

How much
this place sets you back?

Plenty. And it was rough.

Toilet's stopped up.

See, now, if you're back home--

If I was back home,

I'd have to go outside.

That's true.


What will you have?

I'll have about $12,000.

You didn't think you'd get away
with that, did you?

Ok, pal, take a walk.

[Lou] The cowboy and me
got some private business

to discuss.

What's this?

It's Lou Barrio.

Does odd jobs
for some people in Vegas.

Mr. Barrio,
my friend and I here

gonna have a drink, and I
don't reckon inviting you.

Take it easy, pal, or somebody
is gonna get hurt.

Uh, tequila lime, was it?

[Lou] Hey, I'm talking to you!



Let's get him
in the bedroom.

Hold it right!

You better rough up,

'cause I'm gonna get you.


[Oscar] Let's get outta here!

[Candy] Mitch,
where are you going?

I'll go back to the room.

Go home, I'll call you
in a couple of days.

Come on!

- I forgot something!
- Yeah, your pants.

No, my hat!

Airport International.

We gotta get the noon plane
at Honolulu.

- Honolulu?
- Well, where else

you gonna go,
dressed like that?

Hey, honey, will you hit me
and my friend again

when you get the chance?

He, uh, collects
the little bottles.

So enough about Nevada.
How's your mom?

She's great.
Never changes.

Thank god.

If this Maiwea deal
goes through,

- you lose a house, huh?
- Sure.

All the Paniolo family
would be down on the street.

Who's the buyer?

I don't know. Somebody called
the Crestfield Corporation.

Nobody knows
who they are.

Sure got a lot of money
to throw around, though.

Sweet Marla.

[Oscar] She speaks highly
of you, too.



Dad's not doing
too good, huh?

Nobody knows.

Marla's got him
locked out in a room

in some dude's garden
day and night.

That figures.

Karen's gonna meet us
at the airport.

[Oscar] Nobody else knows
you're coming.


- How's she doing?
- She's fine.

She's the best one
in the family.

Well, there is a problem...


[Oscar] That she thinks
you're terrific.

Hey! It's because
she's got class.

Big shot, huh?

You think you can buy

You gotta get Big Lulu
out first!

Who's the fat woman?

Oh, that's just Big Lulu.

She's the foreman's mother.

[Stephen] She found Oscar
in a basket of laundry

one day when he was
about a day old.

After she washed him,
she decided to keep him.

She gonna give us trouble?

I don't think so.

She's been
with the ranch forever

in one capacity or another.

[Marla] My husband

She took care of him
when he had a stroke, but,

I've dismissed her
since then.

We'd prefer to leave the matter

of relocating these people
to you.

Was the understanding
that we would

step in
under certain circumstances.

if that became necessary.

Most of these people
have lived here a long time.

Several generations,
in some cases.

Sometimes they forget
the houses belong to the ranch.

I guess we'll just have
to remind them.

Ok, let's go to the beach.

[Mitch] What time you got?

Five to ten.
Don't worry.

The connecting flight
to the big island

isn't until 11:00.

What about
the connecting flight?

I just wanna know
where the drinks are.

Reva and Bobby, huh?

I can see that
working out.

- Reva is a big girl.
- Tell me.

She knows what she's doing.

It's Bobby.

Hey, look there,
the big island.

Here we go.

[stewardess] $3, please.

I, you'll have to get it again,

I left my pants
at Beverly Hills.

Very nice.

One of the most beautiful
beaches in the world.

You know, there's a story.

The generations
of Hawaiian kings

use to come here
on their wedding nights.

[Carson] The locals
regarded it

as a ground
consecrated to love.

You seem to know a lot
about these things.

- I read.
- And, with a new airport

and hotel facilities
in Hilo,

the rest of the world
is only minutes away.

I still say, be nice to know

who are us supposed
to be selling this to.

I told you, Stephen.

The principals preferred
to remain anonymous

as a matter of policy.

The prospects have a list
of the board of directors

if you'd like to see that.

Thank you.

[man] We'll be in a bit back.

I have a check here for 2
and a half million dollars.


[P.A.] Hawaiian Air
has arrived.

Number 27 from Los Angeles

arriving at gate 4.

There he is!


sure is.

Hi there!

[Karen] I can't believe
you're here!

Aha, I didn't take
a long plane ride for nothing!


When did you grow up
to be so pretty, huh?

You're a liar.

I only gained six pounds
since I was 11-years old

and that wasn't one pound
a year.

Sure looks good to me.

[Mitch] Mr. Garfield!



- Are you ready?
- Aye!

How come the long face, huh?


Hey, we better hurry, ok?

Because there's Crestfield
people in here.

- What's the rush?
- Well, you'll know once

you look at the beach,
and they're probably backed up

by this time.

Oh, let's go!
Come on, come on!

Hey, Garfield,

they give you back
your license yet?

Not yet, brother.


[Marla] Mr. Fenton,
Mr. Hubbard.

Alvin Weather.

How you doing?

Alvin is the family lawyer,

distinguished member
of our estate assembly.

Of course.
We've been corresponding.

How's the ability to legalize
gambling coming along?

We're beginning to garner
local support.

Good. As you know,
the gaming aspect

is a vital part
of our operation.


I have a letter of agreement
here to serve

the attorney's
drawing up the contract.

And, here, a bank check
for the first installment

as agreed. 2.5 millions,
half of the purchase price.

Have you seen
this, Carson?

Looks fine to me.

You go along with this
very easily, Carson.

Why not?

That ranch
is your home too.

My father withdrew
all these people

up to his propriety
if it were himself.

This isn't my ranch,

My father sold his half
to your grandfather.

I only work here.

Don't object because he knows

the congress
in White Kailua beach?

This ranch isn't an acronym,

Real estate's interests
have been after us for years.

[Carson] And there comes
a point

when land development
is more lucrative

than raising cattle.

We've reached that point.

[Alvin] That seems in order.

If the principal
was kept aside.

Stephen, my darling.


How nice to be a principal.

One needs only sign
one's name

to acquire instant status.

Stephen, will you sign
the paper, please?

I don't believe it.

What are you doing here?

I live here, remember?

Hello, everybody.

Quite the family gathering.

All we need
is a Christmas tree.

Who's this?

He's my stepson, Mitch.

[Marla] Mitch is
the family's traveller.

Yeah, all true.

There's no place
like home, huh?

The house is
in the same place.

dinner would be served
at 7:00.

Now, if you'll excuse us,

we have some business
to conduct here.

Oh, yeah?

Who's that?

Hey, 5 million dollars.

[Mitch] It's quite a hunk
of money, huh?

Part of it is yours,
of course.

How you doing, Alvin?

[Mitch] My father knows
about this?

Mitch, your father
is very sick.

This thing ain't worth
the paper is written on,

until he's dead.

Mitch, your stepmother
has empowered the attorney.

- [Mitch] By whom?
- [Alvin] By your father.

Oh, yeah?
Try again, man.

Perhaps I've come
in a bad time.

Why don't you folks
take a day to work things out?

Crestfield Corporation

regards the sale as final.

[Fenton] Believe
our check with you

is evidence
of our good faith.

We'll make some time
next week.

Maybe you guys have a
in your head.

The propriety
is not for sale.

[Marla] I'm very sorry, uh,
we had no idea.

[Carson] He has a tendency
to make troubles.

Welcome home.

Where are you going?


Mitch, your father
is very sick

and very weak.

Why ain't he in the hospital?

He was.

Now there's nothing more
they can do for him.

He's dying, Mitch.

Quite upsetting.

I'm upsetting.

Just want to talk
to him.

Am I supposed to believe

your sudden burst
of filial devotion

after five years of silence?

I don't give a damn
what you believe.

If you wanted to help
your father,

the time to have done it
was five years ago.

He begged you to stay!

It's the only time
I've ever seen Barret Fears

beg for anything in his life!

And you spit in his face.

I didn't spit in his face.

I told him to go to hell.

You're just the same,
aren't you?

[Marla] You don't care
about anything!

You don't care about this ranch
or what goes on here!

You're right about that.

At least since my mother died.

I am married to your father.

Your father adopted Stephen.

[Marla] If you can't live
with that,

I suggest you go right back
where you came from.

I will.

Just as soon as I finish
what I came here to do.

It'll take the rest
of your life.

And it'll break you, Mitch.

You're not fighting me
or Stephen.

You're fighting progress.

This place is a dream!

But it's over.



What are you
so worried about?

I'm not worried.

I'm just...


Ain't worth it.


Reva is married now,
you know.


So everybody tells me.

Hey! Hey, you can't come
in here!

Here to see my father.

- Oh, so you're the son.
- Yeah, that's right.

Well, you still can't
come in here.

He looks dead!

You're supposed
to take care of him!

Don't get




Got you, you little creep!







Come on, come on,
get up.

Come on.

You! What have you done?


You never gonna learn, are you?
You ok?

Uh-huh, yeah.

Hey, man, can we...

Can we get your mother
over here?

They've just letting him die
over here.

That's a lie!

Dr. Turner has been here
every day!

Never mind. I'll just
take him to my house.

I'll go get Garfield.
You ok?

Oh, yeah. Come here.

My poor darling.

What have they done?

I wouldn't listen to Mitch
this time, Oscar!

If my husband dies
in your home,

I'll see that you're charged
with murder!

Yes, ma'am.

[Mitch] Let's turn him around,

Gotta get him
in the back

Let's give it another go!

Watch it.

- Easy, there.
- [exhales]

- I'll follow you in the jeep.
- Alright.

Hello, Mitch.

How you doing, Reva?

Have you seen Bobby?

[Mitch] Not yet.


They had a good
at the big house.

Why, you guys!


[laughter, speaking in unison]


- Kiki! Kiki!
- Again, again!


I can't stop!


I thought you'd never
call me Karen again.

Hey, what's the problem?

You know you'll always be
my Kiki.

Don't you, Karen?


[Karen] Gosh! I'll get you!


Hold on!

I'm fine.
Hey, who wants , huh?

- Come on, kids.
- Over there.

Come on!


Some kind of woman
you got there, partner.

She's got a sister.

A married sister!

[Oscar] Well, that never
stopped him before.

Why do you think
I'm in trouble all the time?

Hey, save some for me!

[Oscar] Yeah!

[Lulu] Mitch?

Hey, mom.
How's it doing?

- He wants to see you.
- You got him awake?

- Yeah!
- Good doing, Lu!

You know me,
I've got the magic.

One milk and gin.

You sure do.

He's pretty weak,

Just a couple of minutes, huh?

You bet.




How you doing?


I had a stroke.

Left side's all gone dead.

You know what they say.


Two sides to everything.


Oscar said things
are gonna rough around here.

Thought I'd might be
of some help.

Could have been some help
five years ago.

I couldn't stay here
on your terms.

My terms
are still the same.

She is your stepmother
and my wife.

And you will respect her
as such.


So, stepmother,
this wife of yours...

You'd be dead right now
if I hadn't brought you here.

Mitch, you have no right
to do...

That was an insult
to me, Mitch.

And to the woman
I'm married.

I'll be going back
in the morning.

She gave moral power
to an attorney.

Did she say I did?


Then I did.

You know she's using it
to sell Maiwea?

Like Kailua beach?


This house is right
on the middle of the package.

This house
where you are right now!

Damnit, you promised
Big Lulu

she could live here
till the day she died!

Did we get a good price
for it?

What are you telling me?

It's ok?

I'm telling you, Mitch,

it's all a little late.

That you have
no voice in the matter.


That's the way you want it?

I'll do it alone.

Hey, Mitch.

You can stay here, eh?


I'll take the room
over the stable.

Is that a...

A detective,
you hired to find me.

- Huh?
- It's any good?

Nobody else
could find you.


Give him a call,
will ya?

Gotta find who's behind
Crestfield Corporation,

- Sure.
- Thanks, bro.


Take care, huh?

♪ You showed me
the morning ♪

♪ And gave me today ♪

♪ I live by your body ♪

♪ And started to pray ♪

♪ Don't leave me,
My darling♪

♪ Be mine ♪

That's beautiful!

- Yeah. You like it?
- Uh-huh.


Well, I did it all
in 20 minutes

and I did it all for you.

I love you!


What's the matter?

I told you.

I promised my parents
I'd come home tonight.

I know if we keep this up,
I may not make it.

That's the general idea.

I would marry you, remember?


Please, honey, don't make it
harder than it is.

You know my father
is the kahuna,

and he wants to bless us.

But it doesn't make
any sense.

I mean, just last month,
we thought you were pregnant.

- For crying out loud.
- I know.

But it does to my parents.

And to me too, I guess.


In Hawaiian park.

And that's the only reason.


Your folks.

I mean, that's the only reason?


I'm not blind, Reva!

I saw you with Mitch today.

I said hello to him, Bobby.

I can't just pretend
he's not here.


I'm sorry.

I love you.

Hey, you know that song
I just played for you?

Well, it's only the first one.

There's gonna be a whole cycle.
And I gonna score for the band

and a full symphony orchestra.

That's all for you, Reva.

It's about you and me.

I got it all laid out
in my head.

Oh, Bobby.

It's beautiful.

Thank you.

But you've got me, ok?


I love you.


Hey, let's take this one

- and put him on a circle, huh?
- Alright.


Leave it!
Leave it down!

[Karen] Leave him down.

There he is!



When are you gonna give
this kid a job?

I want to find a place
for her in the bunkhouse.


Now that's a pretty fair
piece of work

for a little squirt,
why, ain't it?

You, big...
I'll take you down any day!

Oh, yeah?


You got a fella hanging around
these days, Kiki?

What kind of a question
is that?

I don't know. Just a question.

Why is everybody so concerned

about whether I have
a boyfriend or not?

Didn't know they were.

Mister, look at me. I mean,
I look like a boy.

- Because you wanna.
- Mitch, I got no chest.

Hey, that's just an excuse,
you know?

An excuse for what?

Just cause you've got
a kid's nickname

it don't make you a kid.

You're 18-years old now
and you're a girl.

Well, you love me,
don't you?

- You bet I do.
- That's all I care about.

Oh, yeah?

Pull it up, little bean.

Sorry, but I got nothing
to say about it!

[Marla] Oh, here he is.
Now we can get started.

Sorry I'm late.

Believe it or not,
I've been up on the phone

all morning with Barrett.

Well, that's impossible.

Apparently, Mitch was talking
to him last night.

It's a check for 2 and a half
million dollars

to cover the down payment.

The deal's off.

[Fenton] No, the deal's
not off, Mr. Walter.

This transaction was conducted
in good faith

under an instrument
of an empowered attorney.

He's rescinded it.

But it can't be!

Oh, yes, it can, Marla!


Are you tell me
this whole segment is

Well, I'm telling you
it's not.

But it's necessary we get
the doctor's certificate

this night.

Now, shall we proceed?

Under the circumstances
where we might consider

bringing in some
of our own people

to assist in the orderly
transition of the propriety.

And just what kind of people
would that be?

I wouldn't concern myself
with that, Mr. Fears.

[Hubbard] You'll probably never
even see them.

- Where is he?
- In the music room.

We haven't done anything
like this in more than a year!



Anything else?

He called the house last night

and found out
I didn't come home.

One of the kids
answered the phone.


Why did you have
to come back?

Go up there
and tell him you're leaving.


It's Mitch. Let me in,
I gotta talk to you.

Anybody talk to him?


He just...
[speaks in Hawaiian]

Everything will be alright.
You can go now.

Hey, Bobby?

I'll kick the door down,
it's all the same to me.

[Bobby] Only you, Mitch.
Nobody else, ok?

- Yeah.
- [unlocking sounds]


What's going on, man?

I didn't take them.

I was kinda worried
for a while, there.

I was gonna take them.

- But I didn't.
- Ok.


- You want to tell me about it?
- [exhales]

You already know all
about it.

Bobby, it's not the last--

Hey, you don't have to say
anything to me!

I know how Reva feels
about you!

I've always known.
Just like everybody else!

It's just that...

It's just that you were gone
for so long

that I conned myself
into forgetting it.



She loves you, man.

She really loves you.

She loves a lot of people.

I just happen
to be one of them.

But she belongs to you.

What you're trying to say?

I've been sitting here
since 4:00 this morning.

Really out of my tree,
you know?

And, finally, I said to myself:

"Hey, Robert,
what's happening, man?

What's going down?"

You can do all kinds
of crazy things

you want to do,
and it's not gonna change

the way things are.

The way things are.

It's Mitch and Reva."

It's always been
Mitch and Reva!

So that's it! Mitch and Reva!

[Mitch] Wait a minute.

What are you...? You giving up
to me, is that it?

I'm setting her free.

Don't tell me, man.

Tell her!

Hey, come on.

Get your clothes.

Let's go.

Go where?

[Mitch] I dunno.

How's downtown Hilos?

Heard they opened
a new bar, the Waiakea.

What for?

You really want her,
don't you?

Don't you?

I'm sure I want her.



Lop off your knees

before they catch up
to the ankles.

You really love her.
You gotta lay down the line.

You say: "Hey, woman,

you belong to me."

I can't say that, Mitch.

Doesn't sound like me.

There's more than one way
to skin a cat.

Put your shirt on.

All in love

Hey, come on!

She'll be here
when you get back.

When you get out there,

stay cool.
You know what I mean?

Stay cool.

He's fine, Reva.


Where are you going?

To Hilo.

Mitch and I
have some business there.

Are you sure
you're alright?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I'll bring you something.


I love you.


Carson's just not strong enough
to get the people to move out.

Well, I think you have
to proceed with your plans

to convince the plenty
of all those families

to vacate Maiwea.



I'll just leave it
in your hands.


Barret, my darling!

You're looking
so much better!

How good
that you came home.

You got the check?

I'm afraid they tore it up.



Two and a half million dollars

I don't think it's gonna be
that easy.

I have to be honest
with you, Barrett.

These people have
mafia connections,

and so forth.

There may be some trouble.

I'm not unaccustomed
to trouble.

I just can't get over
how you've improved.


What a shame
I had to be moved

out of my own home
to achieve it.

There's some ugly rumors
about that was

perhaps not receiving
all the care here

that I should have.

Well, that's ridiculous!

You know that's ridiculous.

Where's Ross?

I've fired him.


I assumed he impressed you

with the competency
he did not possess

I'm sure that if you
had personally been in charge

of my care,

none of these rumors

could have gotten started.


Of course, darling,
that goes without saying.


I'm glad you said that.

I had Garfield install
a buzzing system

between our rooms,
so we could

communicate directly
with one another.

Should be quite of a step saver
for you.

My goodness.

[loud buzz]

How professional.

What are you doing
in my room?

Waiting for you.

I thought Barrett
fired you.

I don't work for him.

Well, now I'm firing you.
Get out.

How come?

- How come?
- [Ross] Uh-huh.

I told you that no one
was going to have access

to Barrett's room except
Dr. Turner and myself.

No one!

All you had to do
is sit in a room

with a very sick man

and keep people out.

If you had done
what I told you,

none of this
would be happening now!

That guy Mitch came busting
in there. What could I do?

Your job, Charlie.

Your job!

Now get out!

No, wait just a minute,

you can't get rid of me
that easily!


Of course not.

Would that take care
of it?

And go to the apartment
and I'll call you.

I may not be there.

You'll be there.


[fire sirens]

Go! Go! Go!

Come on, hurry up!
Hurry up.

Get out of here!
Get over there!

Come on, go.

Come on!


Get over there!

Don't worry. I

just right now
around the agency.



Where are you going?

I'm a volunteer,

[Marla] Don't be ridiculous.


I said, don't be ridiculous.

There's nothing you can do.

Stephen, I want you
with me.


If you go,
then you missed the point.

[Oscar] Hey, Mitch.

They weren't trying
to hide anything, were they?

Looks like the Crestfield

is trying to tell us something.

I guess so, buddy.

Guess I'm just a louse
in this


Nicky's going to be in charge
of the building materials.

You can order whatever you want
from Manny's

and charge it to the ranch.

[Mitch] Everybody puts in
a couple hours a day

pounding nails, huh?

When we're together
we can get Maiwea rebuilt

before branding's over, eh?

Didn't know you smoked.

Remember that damn buzzer
around here?

You got to tell me
about the buzzer.

He's winning, you know?

Your father.

After all that buzz and alarm,

that sick old man
is the winner.

Some people tell me
he was dying.

Don't believe it.

He's in his glory.

And why wouldn't he be?

Everything is going
his way.

He's got us both
working for him.

I'm keeping him alive,

and you're protecting Maiwea
for him.

I'm not doing it
for him.

Oh, he knows that.

You know what he did

He told Carson to cut out
any further funds from Maiwea.

Can't do that.

We've only had finished.

You have a trust fund, right?

From your mother?

I've never touched it.

Well, you will now.

If there's no more money
from any other source,

it's so your father gets
Maiwea rebuilt

to have a price.

Not a bad bargain,

for a sick old man.


Yeah, well,
so what else is new?

You still don't see it,
do you?

He wants us against each other!

He wants us
to cross purposes!

He's told me
he wanst us to work together.

What your father wants,

is what he's always wanted.

He wants you to take over
the ranch when he's gone.

Oh, he hates you.

He hates you for your attitude
towards me.

He hates you for not finishing

For not going to college.

For being a bomb and drifter.

But he knows
you're the only one

who can run the ranch
the way he wants it run.

And he also knows

the only way to keep you

is to keep up the threat
on the Paniolo families.

And that's my job.

And Stephen's.

And when it suits
his purpose,

he helps us.

And when it doesn't,

he helps you.

Why do you think
he adopted Stephen?

Put that much potential power
into the hands

of someone so clearly incapable
of running this ranch?

To get you back.


He's using you, Mitch.

Just like he's using
all of us.

But at least you have
a chance to get away

before it's too late.

You really want to get rid
of me

in the worst way, don't you?

There is another alternative.

We could work together.

I mean, really work together.

And become very, very rich.

You and I don't want
the same things, Marla.

But that's why we make
a good team.

Meaning we each take care
of our own area of interest.

You see the ranch
is kept running properly,

until it was phased out.

You could see
that the Paniolos

were properly transferred
and recompensed.

Just as well be you
as anybody else.

Alone, you can't win.

But, with me,

you could have everything.

There's a bottle of bourbon
at the cabinet.

Why don't you pop yourself
a drink on the way out.

You're making a big mistake,

[telephone rings]

[telephone rings]


Candy, baby!
How are you?


It's an old friend.
She'll understand.

It's time you make
some new friends, Mitch.

Now, what's going on?

- [Mitch] Where are you?
- I'm in Vegas.

Please, Mitch,
can you come back?

- [Candy] Please.
- What's the problem?


A friend of Lou Barrio's.

[Roy] You remember Lou?

It seems you owe him
some money.

Well, I want that money here
tomorrow afternoon,

Or your waitress
is not going to have any arms


Come on, you can
just tell me

what I need to bring
and I'll be there.



, see what Mr. Barrett wants!


[angry laughter]


[angry laughter]


[knocking on the door]



[Stephen] You alright?


What's the matter?

It's alright, really.

Is there anything
I can do?

[sad chuckle]


You don't know what it's like
to be alone.

You've always had me.

I can't help you if you
don't tell me what it is.

That's just what I mean.

Oh, for God's sake.

Then I shouldn't have
to tell you!

That's just what I mean!
I have to do it all!

Even the explaining!

Oh my God! I get so tired of...

I don't think I can get
through another day.


What the hell
do you want?

Stephen, I have been doing it
completely alone!

Carson is spineless!

There's only one man
on this propriety

and he is the one
I'm fighting.

Just say what is it
that I'm supposed to do.

Oh, Stephen.

Be a little strong.

For me?

Take some initiative.

Give me some help.

How do I do that, mom?

I wasn't raised
to be strong.

I haven't had
any practice.

Everything is my fault!

Well, I doubt the self-pity

is going to improve
the situation much, Marla.

Oh, stop calling me Marla!

That's not strong,
it's just bitchy!

Well, it's basic, Mar...


Most of the time, the way
I am suits you just fine.

I mean, I'm clever
and I'm presentable.

Particularly in company,
that's when I shine.

"Little boy blue,
come blow your horn.

The sheep's in the meadow,
the cow's in the corn."


I still remember.

"Oh, Marla, he's just a love!

Where did you get
that cute little suit?"

Aren't you satisfied
with the way you are, Stephen?

Most of the time.

There's an occasional backlash.

I cry sometimes too.

Well, I doubt the self-pity

will improve
the situation much.

If I change,

you'd hate me.

Will you go to Mitch.

Talk to him for me.

About what?

Just let him know
that we're together.

That he has to fight two
instead of one, now

He's gonna laugh.

No, he won't.

He'll respect you for it.


I love you, Stephen.



[Oscar] With the time

should be there
this afternoon.

[Mitch] Just hope that nothing
delays the plane, that's all.

[Oscar] When will you be back?

[Mitch] I don't know.
Couple of days.

I'll let you know.

[Oscar] Mitch!
Couple of days, right?

Yeah, yeah,
couple of days!





[priest] And to your hands,
oh Lord,

we commend her spirit.

in thy everlasting mercy.


What are we going
to do now?

Nail Barrio.

What can you do, man?

Just wait and see
what the cops come up with.

I've got a pretty good idea
of what they'll come up with.

Why did they kill her, man?

I had the money. I was on time.
What else was there?

Maybe they didn't want
the money.

I'm Roy Waters.
I'm with the agency.

Maybe they wanted
something else.

Like what?

What happened?

I got on a plane and I flew
over here. That's all.

Maybe that's all they wanted.

To get you over here
and away from there.

Lou Barrio and a couple
of his buddies

took off
to the island yesterday.

Maybe that's the connection.


Yeah, I can see
this connection.

I fell right into it.

Well, what else
can you do?

There's something else
you might be interested in.

You know,
Oscar called me.

So I've been running down

the principals
of the Crestfield Corporation.

Mostly names of who
to expect.

Probably business figures.

A lot of them with interest
here in Vegas.

with underworld connections

either proved or unproved.

There is another name,


[Roy] Carson Fears.

He a relative of yours?

- [Mitch] Where's Carson now?
- At his office, I think.

I'll take you there.


come inside

- What--
- Where's Barrio?

...The ceiling.
What's the matter?

Barrio! Where is he?

Who's Barrio?

The killer you
and your friends hired!

I knew him in Vegas.

Oh, dear. Oh!

Now, where is he?

Look, I never wanted
to go this far.

All I ever wanted was

a piece of what was
rightfully mine.

The hell are you talking about?

My father was always
good to you!

Good to me?

I don't want charity!
I want what is mine

and my children's!

It's all perfectly legal.

Everything we did
was opened about, boy.

As far as I know,
murder has never been legal.

No, no, we worked it all out!

I insisted the only shooting
was to be at the cattle.

Cattle? Which cattle?


Karen, you take the jeep!

Round about all the Paniolos
you can find

and stay away
from Kailua beach!

Tell him to bring the guns!
Oscar's in trouble!

Can't come through here,

This is private propriety.

That's right.

You're trespassing.

You better get those cows
outta here

or you're gonna have a lot
of hamburger in your hands.

Listen, you gotta get these men
out of here, huh?

Cause that herd
is gonna trample.





Yeah, .
Look out!





Come on!




[cowboy] Sit down there.

[cocks rifle]

I'm won't blow your head off.

But I hope
that you bleed to death

before the cops
get you back to Vegas.


What are you doing?

Call Montana.

I got an opening
for a supervisor at the Bar 7.

There's nothing for you
in Montana.

I never said
I was gonna stay, Oscar.

Come on, this is your place,
you belong here.

I dunno what to tell you, man.

Why do ya?

I don't know!

Must be because I like it.

- Or something.
- Hey,

you were worried about Maiwea
and White Kailua beach.

Stopped them cold.

For now.

You leave, and Marla
is back in the saddle.

The old man is getting better.

He's gonna make it.

There's nothing for me to do

except hang around
and get frustrated.

The old man's running the show,
I'm just another cowboy.


I'm family,
so I don't get paid.

At least in Montana
I can do my job,

get paid what I'm worth.

I can look at myself
in the mirror

when I wake up every morning.

But the old man...

Either all his way, or...


Need a ride to the airport?


First one to see the kids

[tribal singing]

[shouting in Hawaiian]

- Good luck, you guys.
- Thanks, Mitch.


You know I don't want you
to go.

It's better this way, honey.

All that nonsense
I left behind

five years ago,

is still here.

But what about me?
I'm still here.

Why did you think
I stayed here so long?

We'll get you served
some , brother.

Well, pa'.
Guess I'll be saying goodbye.

The Air Force wants to buy
7,000 acres and Hilo

for a long-range
bomber base.

How you feel about that?

Not a difference.

I'm leaving.


You've done a fine job here.
You're good.

Too good to be somebody's
hired hand all your life.

I ain't gonna be
a hired hand.

I'm gonna be running the ranch.

You won't get out
of the airport.


Police are waiting there
to arrest you

in the event you persist
trying to leave.

Judge Colbert
called last evening

out of courtesy.

He signed a warrant.

You'll say I didn't
do anything, won't you?

Mitch, you killed a man.

The driver for Crestfield

Now, I had persuaded
the judge to release you

under my custody
until the hearing.

You won't be able to leave
the island, of course.

But, other than that,
you're free.

Well, never was one
to miss a good party.


Hey, Mitch!
Your lover!

Big Lulu just wanna squeeze
your sweet body!