Danger Zone III: Steel Horse War (1990) - full transcript

An outlaw-biker named Reaper battles an ex-lawman named Wade Olsen while searching the desert for a cache of gold buried by renegade Confederate soldiers.

FATHER: Jonathan, you doing that

I'm doing it.


All right.

NARRATOR: When Wade Olsen's
girlfriend, Donna, was shot

by the nefarious biker lord men
called the Reaper,

he thought she would pull

But when she died on the
operating room table,

a part of Wayne Olsen died with

Some men say the best part.

Now he rides alone, tormented, a
solitary figure of justice.

One civilized man adrift in the
danger zone.


Reaper, what kind of name is

You know, Wyman, like Death.

The Reaper, like Grim.

That so?

You the Grim Reaper, boy?

Killed his cellmate two days
before the poor son of a bitch

got his parole.

Sounds like a fucking animal to

Heard the guy had a fortune hid
on the outside.

You hear about that Reaper?

Hell, we could stop and pick it
up for you, Reaper.


How's your brother holding up?

Ah, he's getting over it.

Course, she got the house and
the kids.

She got the gold mine and he got
the shaft.

He still seeing that Mary?

He finally figured out what a
tramp she was.

Hell, after we dump this
garbage maybe we

ought to stop by and see her.

Bet you had some little punk
smoking your pipe

in the joint, huh Reaper?

County crew ahead.

Ah, shit.

Probably working on the damn
highway again.

Morning, boys.

WYMAN: What's up?

They had a quake out here last

Fault line runs right under the
highway up the road here.

WYMAN: Jesus.

We got a six inch crack right
through the blacktop.

What you have to do is take this

road here for about a mile and a
half, you'll be all right.

WYMAN: Thanks.

Who you got back there?

WYMAN: The Grim Reaper.



You know those county sons of
bitches start at $27,000?

Ah, wouldn't want their job.

Bull shit.

All they do is fix shit.

We gotta catch it and haul it


He's talking about you, Reaper.

Why would a federal prosecutor
call you in to testify anyway?

I needed a vacation.

Look at this.


Look at his leg.

Call it in.

This is transport unit 47 to

Transport 47, come in base.

I can't get through these hills.

I think he's still alive.

I'm going to check it out.

I don't like this Don't like


Get back in the car.



Get back in the car you idiot.


Son of a bitch.

Thanks for reviving me, ese.




Desert's been dead without you,


[INAUDIBLE], Reaper.

Now we're even.

Let him die, man.

Let him die slow.


What do you think I am?

Some kind of animal?



Excuse me.


This is a crime scene.

Hey, dickhead.

You can't be here.

There is a police line around
the whole area.

I don't see one.

Well, it's what you call

I'm waiting for the evidence

You can't be here.

You can't be here!


Hey, relax, man.

I'm a cop.

It doesn't matter if you are.

You're not local, and you can't
be here.

What the hell are you doing?

It's not blood.

Theatrical makeup.

See that grease?

Got a bike on its side here.

Yeah, so what?

So they staged a fake action to

these two guys out of the car.

Make sure they check that print
real good.

Hey, who are you?

How'd you find out about this?

Where are you going?

I got a date with the devil.


(SINGING) They'll make you

They'll make you cry.

They'll cut your spirit just
before you die.

They don't know right.

They don't know wrong.

Just grab you hard where the
devil's on.

They'll take your money.

They'll break your pride.

Don't try to run.

Ain't no place to hide.

Another storm is coming down.

Saddle up.

We're headed southbound.

You don't wanna stare 'em
straight in the eye.

You don't even wanna try to pass
'em on by.

A white lady has stolen all
their senses.

Now it's time to die.

Said bad man riding, riding with
the wind.

Bringing in the storm from

Yeah, I said bad man riding,
riding with the wind.

Bringing in the storm from

That's the way it goes.

Sit still.

I was at my sister's wedding in
Santa Barbara.

And I met this really cute

We hit it off.

You know, and I was thinking--

Come on, sit.

Sit still.

I was thinking, you know, now,
there is a chick, man, that I

could spend some time with.

You know, my old lady wouldn't
mind it.

This chick was beautiful, man.

We hit it off.

Next thing I know, she starts
talking about giving me head.

And I said, hey, listen, just
climb on the old chorizo, huh?

You know, it could have been a

great relationship, something I
really liked going for.

But-- aw, man, Jesus, you're
fucking me up, man!

Ah, Jesus, man!

Hey, Harlan.

How are you doing, Harlan?

I'm gonna ask you a few
questions, all right?

OK, man, all right.

It all right if I ask a couple
of questions?

- Yes, man. - Where's Reaper at?

Reaper? Who, man?

Yeah, Reaper, Harlan, Reaper!

OK, man.

I-- I saw him in San Quentin two
weeks ago.

San Quentin, huh?

- All right, all right! -
Where's Reaper!

All right!

OK, man, I saw him just


I saw him yesterday.



Where did you see him?

Man, do I look like a-- like a
crystal ball or something?


Fuck, man!

Where's Reaper?

He went back.

He's in the desert somewhere.

Where in the desert? Where in
the desert?

Oh, man!

You're fucking me up, man!

Where in the desert?

I think the first stop was
gonna be at some White

Power camp in Quantrill.

I swear to God.

I don't-- I swear to God I don't
know anything else.

I don't have a loyalty to that
son of a bitch.

I got a wife and kids too.

I got a job.

I got a studio.

You're official effects makeup
artist, aren't you, Harlan?

Yeah, man, how did you know?

Because you're dirty in this
reaper thing, man.

And they're checking your prints
at the station right now.




Hey, I'm riding back to town.


Come on, Reaper.

This is bullshit.

We've already ridden over a
hundred miles.

You haven't told us where we're

Hey, life isn't like this

What about loyalty?

Fuck loyalty!

I got a job starting tomorrow.

I think I speak for the rest
when I--

Hey, speak for yourself,


Leave me the fuck out of your
shit too.


No shit.

You know what's wrong with you,

You're gutless.

Like I said, gutless.

Tomorrow, we leave for the Hopi


What for?

The Hopis were spiritual

the Indian soil holds the key to
our future.

We ride at dawn.

Far out.




Oh, yeah, he's in the workshop.

He's expecting you.



How you doing, Roger?

Good, good.

Who's the girl?

My niece.

Keeps trying to get me to

Why don't you?

And do what?

Watch football, get fat and die?

As long as there are rich
executives afraid of the dark,

I'm in business.

Hey, why don't you leave this to
the force?

They'll take care of it.

As long as Reaper's involved,
it's my business.

Now, the best defense is a good

Try these.

I made them for you.

I already got shoes.

Not like these.

Simply put your foot down.

The right heel, see.


You've heard of steel-tipped
shoes, haven't you?

[CLICK] Here.

Now, this is a very special gun.

When the safety is on, it fires

But when the safety is off, it
fires backwards.

Straight at whoever pulls the

Hey, here.

These will come in handy.


How do they work?

Well, you need this to go along
with it.

This little button here, it acts
as a detonator.

It's good for 300 feet.

Hey, thanks, Rodge.

This stuff ought to do me a lot
of good.


Thanks a lot, buddy.


Times are changing, Reaper.

Hell, half the bikers are
married, got kids.

Riding free's a thing of the
past, man.

Here, maybe.

America is lost to three piece
suits, air surveillance,

and 55 miles an hour.

Where, then?

Seems like there's no place

Imagine a city of our own, a
biker city, with me as king.

And no laws except the laws of

Yeah, none of them wanna be
righteous pigs.

No helmet and all the drugs you

Reap all day, fuck all night.

I can dig it.

Justice for bikers.

A city built on gold.


Hey, that's my stuff in there,

Hey, get out of there!

Hey, all right.

Go ahead and take it.

I don't like that stuff anyway.

Hey, boy.

You got a little problem, huh?

Yeah, let me take a look at it.

Come on, let me see.

Easy, boy.

Easy, boy.

Let me take a look at this.

Come on.

You gotta be still.

I know it hurts.

There it is.

Let me get it.

Be still.

It's out now, boy.

Looks like you owe me one,

Hey, boy.

You better walk yourself out of

You can walk now.

Go on, make it.


Go on.


I'm riding alone on this.


That's my bike.

What bike is that?

The bike your fat ass is
sitting on.

It's mine.

Oh, this bike.

Hey, this is a great bike.

How much you want for it?

It's not for sale.

You see, the problem here is,
Buford and me,

we've been riding double.

We don't wanna be riding double
no more.

So take a bus.


I got about 400 bucks.

My final offer.

I told you, man.

The bike's not for sale.


Sure it is, cowboy.

I'm gonna cut you good.

Get him off!

Get this mutt off of me!

Get him off!

Get him off!

Get this mutt off of me!

Come on.


Aw, shit!

Get him off.

Come on.

Get that thing going!

Go, go.

Go, go, go!


Thanks, boy.

Thanks, boy.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

SONG: Bad man riding, riding
with the wind.

Bringing in the storm from

Yeah, I said, bad man riding,
riding with the wind.

Bringing in the storm from

Why don't you invite your
friends out?


We're all on the same side here.

What side's that?

The outside.

Grayden, that's the Reaper,

What's the Reaper?

He used to be bad news.

You know a biker named Catfish?

He's somewhere between here and
Hopi Land.

We all know Catfish, man.

He was through here about a week

I told you, I do the talking

This mean anything to you?


What do you want from us?

I'm looking for a fortune, and
Catfish can help me find it.

Anyone want a cut?

We got everything we need here.

We don't need you or your money.

Well, you've got high ideals
and a lot of balls.

Might makes right.

Why don't you just ride the fuck
out of here, Reaper.

That your final word?


So much for having balls.

We can all die here right now,
or you can ride with me

and get rich.

The man who finds Catfish first
will be

able to finance his own army.

I thought you'd see it my way.

Let's ride!

You like that, huh?

How about another one?

I'm getting tired of these

You eat 'em up.

I can't believe it, boss, a
rainstorm out

in the middle of the desert.

Here, boy.

Hey, here, boy.


So how'd you find me?

Your energy's strong, easy to

You see a dog around here?

Yeah, he ran off as I rode up.

He had business somewhere else.

What brings you out here?

RAINMAKER: I'm looking for work.

My reputation isn't what it used
to be.

What's the matter?

Losing your touch?

The sky is different now.

Yeah, it's full of pollution,
even way out here.

And little pieces of earth gone

Yeah, rainmaking is like

chemical warfare these days.

You know, there's black sky all
around you?

Yeah, I know.

I'm gonna try and blow that sky

RAINMAKER: The Reaper, huh?

When I first met you two years
ago, you were pissed off.

But your soul was clear.

Now it's dark with fury.

You sound like a fortune

Just reading your cards, son.

That's all.

We got a lot of riding to do.


Anybody here?

Someone's here.

But they're in pain.


Good God.

Ah, Reaper shot me.

Hey, bud.

Let me.

It hurts.

Reaper shot me.

Quiet now, son.

Now, breathe deeply with me.
Come on.


The pain is going away.


Where'd Reaper go?

South, Ciudad del Spectro.

Took a bunch of my skins,
promised 'em big money.


You rest now.

HORATIO: It's hot.

OK, Come on now, girls.

Girls, girls. Sex.

Come on, Andy, give me a little

Thanks, Bridget. Great.


That's it, Angie.

You're getting there.

Sex, both of you.

Pout a little bit.


Hey, girls, we're getting

OK, let's have a reload.

Come on, Angie, pick it up a
little bit, all right?


How you guys doing?

It's so hard for me to be sexy.

Just think of Axel Rose.

That's what works for me.

He's disgusting!

Have you seen Monica since she
had her surgery?

They cost her three grand.

Well, they're great, though.

Damn well better be for three

For three grand, they should
take out the trash

and do the dishes.


Oh, did you see the ones
Michelle got?

Oh, they're awful.

They're not that bad.

You could open bottle caps with
those things.

Oh, God.

Well, that's all right, as long

rotate 'em every 50,000 miles. -
At least.


OK, come on, girls.

Let's go, back to work.

Yes, sir, Master Horatio.


Come on, guys.

We're trying to get a job done.


I've seen those two guys

Let's get them.

You know what work is, don't

You've heard the word, haven't


These people are gonna need
some help.

MAN: Do we look like we work?

Why don't you assholes hit the

Come on, we're trying to focus.


Focus on this.



Come on.

So who wants to be first, huh?

Who wants to grease old Cupid's
love pipe?

Oh, no!


How about you, babe?

Bet you'd be the sweetest thing
I ever tasted, huh?

How about a kiss?

I said, kiss me, bitch.

Kiss me, bitch!


Didn't you boys wanna settle
that fight?

Hey, why don't you back off,

Or the girls are history.

I brought you boys something.

Happy 4th of July.

Check it, it's dynamite!

Come on!

What are you doing, man?

Piece of cake.

Ah, damn, I hate to waste a
whole frigging road flare.

Let's help you up there,

Rainmaker, come take a look at

Oh, you'll be fine, son.

It went clean through.

And, girls, I need something to
stop the bleeding.

I don't have anything.

Hey, that's-- that's thread

That's fine.

Come on, he's bleeding.

Oh, yeah.

these ought to do the job.


This can't be all of it.

What's the next move, Reaper?

I wanna find Catfish.

Take two men and comb the hills.

Who the hell is that?

That's Buford and Ira.

Let's move out.

Ah, Reaper, am I glad to see

Ran into some trouble.

What kind of trouble?

Some big, blonde asshole.


Was he alone?

He was the first time.

Then he had that Rainmaker freak
with him.

Did he follow you?

No, Reaper, I swear to God.

Hey, come on, look.

I swear to God.

Pounder, take a couple of men,
find Olsen and the white

hair and stop 'em dead.

Yeah, you got it.

Pete, Dino.


Reaper knows we're coming!



OK, punk, I'm gonna ask you a
few questions.

Tell me the truth and you're
outta here.

You lie to me, and you stay here

You got it?

Where's Reaper?

South of the border.


Down in Mexico.

- Where? - I don't know.

What's he doing down there?

I don't know, man.

Come on!

For Christ's sakes, dude, he's
got a hundred men with him.

I don't know.

That's all I know.

He went south.

That's all I know.

All right.

Get outta here.

Hey, dickhead!

You wouldn't find Reaper in a
hundred years!

Hey, why'd you let him go?

We're coming back for you and
kick your fucking ass!

And I'm with him!

Liar, liar, pants on fire.



He said Reaper is south?

We ride north.


Here's Catfish, boss.

Find it?

Well, I'll be a son of a bitch.


Reaper, look, don't be pissed
off, OK?

The money I took I invested.

I screwed up, you know?

Who cares?

It was only 30 grand.

After tomorrow, that'll be small

I thought you were going

What are you doing riding with a
piece of shit like this?

He's a nice guy.

I wasn't talking to you.


Search him, Tester.

Strip search this one.

I was hoping you'd say that.

What do you want, Reaper?

I'm your new business partner.



I know you're lying to me,

You don't know shit.

I know more than you think.

I was Hangman's cellmate.

I know you were gonna meet him
here two days after his parole.


That's today, asshole.

I know you have the other part
of the map.


I know you think I won't really
kill you.

Fuck off!


SKIN: Reaper, stop!



I'll give you the map.


Skin, don't!

Promise me you won't hurt him.



Of course.

Catfish honey, are you OK?

Get away from me!

Catfish, I just saved your

You sold me out.

What do you wanna do with the


Reaper, you said you wouldn't
hurt him.

And I won't.


Son of a bitch!

Let me down.

Let me down.

Shut her up.

Let me down, you piece of shit!

Come on, Catfish.

I'll buy you a drink.

We better split up tomorrow.

We're near an old abandoned
Navajo reservation.

Reaper could be anywhere around

Wade, I meant what I said
before, about the blackness

in your heart.

You know, the more hate you

the more you have to give.

That sounds like a warning.

Listen, the more hatred you

at Reaper, the more hatred will
come into your life.

You put yourself in danger.

And why do you wear that

That's my aumakua.

Auma what?


You see, the Hawaiians believe
that every person

has a guardian that takes the
shape of an animal.

You know, like a shark or a bird
or whatever.

Mine happens to be a monkey.

Well, if I had one, I guess it
would be a mangy dog.

Could be.

Could be.

There's an old mining camp near

I'm gonna check it out in the

I want you to look around the


What's yours is mine!

Reaper, they never came back.

Pounder and them.


Well, that's all right.

Least they'll slow 'em down.

Professor up yet?

No, but he said he wanted to
get an early start.

You wanna help me with this

You take the hills.

This could be dangerous.

Yeah, so's crossing the street.

You still hanging around?

Catfish, I'm giving you a

Ride with me and take a share
like everybody else,

or I'll let you and the bitch

Count me in.


Catfish, you prick!

Fuck you, Reaper.

Tried it, Skin.

It wasn't worth the effort.


Son of a bitch!

Catfish, come back here!

Don't worry.

Somebody will come and keep you

A coyote, a mountain lion,

You're just gonna leave her
here, Reaper?

She knows an awful lot about
what we're doing.

She's bait.


What's your secret?

Man, this is history?

I know.

I thought it'd be all dusty
books and old newspapers.

You guys, don't worry about it.

This could do more for our

than anything after graduation.


Are you kidding?

If we find anything, the

will prove his theory.


So, dingle, then he writes his
book and we all get credit.

That's what.

We'll be published before we
even graduate.

Wow, cool.

Sometimes when I think about
the Civil War,

I can't even believe it.

Hard to imagine slaves in

WOMAN: It's not hard for me.

Deeper, girls.

Don't give up.

Hey, I got something!

Let's see.

Clean it up.

This is it.

This is what's been missing!

What is it, Professor?

This is a buckle from a
Confederate officer.

This proves that this site was
used by a civil war unit.


Professor, what would a
Confederate unit

be doing this far west?

Well, that's the question,
isn't it?

Keep digging!

Let's find out!


We're looking for a cave.

Two shares to the man who finds
it first!


Professor, it looks like
somebody's coming.

Visitors from the real world.

Maybe they know who won the
World Series.







Got him smack in the middle of
the head, man.

Nah, just grazed him.

Where'd that old guy go?

Fuck him.

This is the one Reaper wants.

All right.

Looks like we're gonna get your
bike after all, asshole.

You should have taken the 400


Where's your dog now, asshole?

What's wrong with you, badass?



Come on, let's get outta here.

Oh, hey, man.

Hey, I'm sorry.

Look, once you get up, we'll go
a little bit slower.



Let's go.



Come on, pretty boy.

Here we go.


Hold on.

Having fun?

Having fun back there?



Oh, yeah. Hold on.

Hold on tight!

It looks like you could use
some help.

Who are you?

Folks call me the Rainmaker.

You're the Rainmaker?


I've heard of you.

Are you with Reaper?

I made that mistake once.

I'm looking for him with a man
named Wade.

Wade Olsen?

He was here.

They shot him.


Well, they just grazed him, and
he's OK,

but they took him away to meet

Which way now, man?

Well, he said between the two
tallest peaks.

I guess that'd be those two up
there on the left.

I guess so.

They all look the same to me.

Let's get the hell outta here.

All right.

What the fuck is going on?

Jesus, he's got it wrapped
around a rock.


Get him.

We're gonna kick his fucking

You stupid--

Son of a bitch!

You're dead, asshole!

You are one dead asshole.

I'm dragging back a corpse.


Good timing, Rainmaker.

What did you bring her along

Reaper could be anywhere.

Nice to see you again too,

Hey, I'm glad to see you. It's

That's all.

RAINMAKER: Looks like they drug
you halfway across the desert.

SKIN: Are you all right.


I was really worried about you.

WADE: Yeah, I'm fine.

I enjoyed being a surfboard.

RAINMAKER: Hey, Wade, what's the

Reaper's not far from here.

I think we can reach--

Hold it right there.

Hey, come on, man.

Just be cool and put that thing

Hey, just stay back, asshole,

Come on, just show us some
mercy, and we'll show you some.


Who do I look like to you,
Florence fucking Nightingale?

Hey, man, don't say I didn't
give you a chance.



I gave him a chance.

You're not too smart, you know.

SKIN: I tried, Wade.

I invested the money I took from
Reaper, but you know the score.

Some brokers got yachts off of
me and I got shit.

And then I met Catfish.

You know me.

There's something about me and a
man on a bike.

Oh, yeah.

That means a whole lot.

I thought he was a good guy.

I really did.

He treated me better than
anybody else ever did.

Oh, now, look, this is breaking
my heart.

But what the hell's Reaper doing
out here?

Where is he?

Well, you ever heard of
Quantrill's Raiders?

Sure, Confederate guerrillas.

Black souls, they were.

SKIN: Well, the story is that
somewhere along the line

they came west to stash a bunch
of gold

that they stole from a Union

They hid it with the Hopis,
intending to pick it up

after the South won the war.

Only, the South lost and
Quantrill's Raiders

were killed. - So what happened
to the gold?

The gold was never found.

Now we know what Reaper's

Then about three years ago,
Catfish and Hangman,

his running partner.

were going through Hopi burial
sites, looking for jewelry.

Huh, this nice guy of yours is
a grave robber.

Give me a break, Wade.

He's a prick.

I know that now, OK?

Anyway, they found a map, and
they took it to a Hopi

in the city to be translated.

And what did it say?

It said "horse soldiers gold."

Go on.

Well, Hangman got busted for
crank and did time.

And then they divided up the map
and set a day

to meet after Hangman's parole.

Let me guess.

Hangman didn't make it.

He was Reaper's cellmate.

Who do I ride with?

Why don't you take a Greyhound
back to Nebraska?

Very funny.

You're not gonna leave her here.

Skin, this could be dangerous.

What do you care what happens
to me?

Look, you're a nice kid, that's


Wade, have you looked at me

Hey, just go ahead and do
whatever you want, all right?

I will!


That's enough!

Who are you?

Leonard Bowen, professor at

Professor of what?


What are you doing out here?

It's a field trip.

Navajo Nation--

Have you found a cave?

A cave?

A cave!

Look at this.

Have you seen this cave?


There's no caves up here!

Reaper, let us have the
bitches, man.

When we're finished.

Come on, that's bullshit.

There's no cave.

We followed you halfway across
the desert.

There's no cave.

There's no gold.

Let us have the bitches.



I said, when we're finished.

Where the hell is it?

If my guess is right, this is

What do you mean?

Give me-- give me your map.

I don't think it's a cave.

I think it's a marker.

REAPER: Meaning what?

Meaning, your map leads you

to match those black shapes.

From here, you have to read both
maps together.

Yeah, yeah, so go ahead.

Well, there's a lightning bolt
on both maps in the corners,

unrelated to anything else.

Your map has 15 marks.

Just marks, nothing else.

I thought the gold would be
buried 15 feet deep.

The gold?

My God.

You don't think Quantrill's
Raiders brought the gold here?

I don't care who the fuck
brought it here.

I'm the one that's taking it

Maybe the marks on your map
means miles

and the squiggly line on the
wall indicates a river.

The tepees are 15 miles

An Indian camp or something.

And what's the lightning?

We'll find out when we get

Get where?

There isn't a river within 100
miles of here.

Not anymore.

So what are we gonna do?

Keep the girls here a couple

in case this doesn't work out.

I don't want you touching 'em.

Then what?

Catch up to us.

And what do we do about them?

Whatever you want.

Move out!

What's gonna happen to us?

You heard them.

You saw them.

We're all gonna get killed.

Look, the Professor has a
pistol in the rover.

We just have to get to it.

Are you crazy?

Look, he just killed one of his
own guys.

She's right.

We're all gonna get gang-raped.

God, we're gonna be famous, all

We'll be all over the news when
they find our bodies.

Oh, bullshit!

Both of you, shut up.

Shut up, everybody.

Leonard will get us out of this.

I know he will.

He has a way with people.

My bike looks like shit.

Mine too.

All this dust out here.

Need a good wax.

You know what I mean?

What about Reaper?

He said to leave the girls alone
for a couple of hours.

All i heard Reaper say was,
don't touch 'em.


All right, ladies, nap time's

No, no!


You can't do this.

You heard what Reaper said.

Mr. Reaper was called away on

I'll be operating in his stead.

You saw what he did to the
other guy.

He'll do the same to you!

Reaper's not here anymore,

Who wants to go first?

You, mama, I want that bike

Come on, do it now!

I have nothing to use.

Use them rags you got on!

Do it!


All of it!

All of it, baby!

All of it!

I won't do what you want.

Why don't you do as you're

Come on, ladies.

We got bikes enough for all

Come on!

Get to work, now!




Let's go.

Fellas, we're gonna go on a date
tonight to the movies!

Hey, Jefferson, come on!

Yeah, now, polish!

Come on.

Use them rags, baby, use 'em!

Come on, do it!

Come on, turn around and clean
the bike!

Do it now!

Come on, move!

Come on.

Shine it.

Shine that chrome, honey!

Do it!

Polish it! - Yeah, ladies.

Polish it.

Three blind mice.

Three blind-- polish!

Come on, move it!


Come on.

Polish it, honey.

Yeah, yeah, come on.

Come on, do it, baby.

Do it for me.

Do it for the reptile, honey.

Yeah. Come on, baby.

Shine it.

Move it more.

I don't wanna see anymore dust
on it.

Come on, move it, move it.

Harder, harder!

Do it.

Yeah, look at these ladies!

Mr. Jefferson, are you happy?

Your motorcycle's looking mighty
fine today.

Yeah. Yeah.

Come on, ladies.

Are we having fun now?

Come on, honey.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Do it.

Come on, honey, do it!

Come on! Come on.

Jefferson wants his bike clean!

Now, do it!

Come on, bitch.

I don't see you moving anymore.

Let's go!

JEFFERSON: Don't miss no spots.

MAN: Don't miss no spots!

You heard what the man said.

He's second in command here.

I don't know if I can control
myself with all

this jiggling around here.

I think I'm gonna get ready to
break Reaper's rule.


Yeah, I'm starting right now.



Take cover!


Take this.


Oh, Wade, hold on tight.

Hey, Wade!

God dang.

Surprise, asshole.

I'm really gonna enjoy this.



SKIN: All right!




Sweet Jesus.

Skin, I want you to ride back
to LA with the girls.

You can't tell me what to do.

I'm not telling you.

I'm asking you.

This thing could be dangerous.


Look, just ride back to LA with
the girls.

I'll look you up when this
thing's over with.

Sure you will.

You'll find the gold, and I'll
be just another bimbo memory.

I'm not after the gold.

Reaper, I found it!

Start digging where the
lightning bolt points.

It won't be too deep.

When they buried it, they didn't
have much time.

Neither do I.

Neither do I.

I'll handle this.

You go after Reaper.

All right.



Come to papa, sucker!




What the hell is this?

What the hell is this darn
thing, anyhow?


Hey, asshole.

Drop the gun.

I said, drop the gun.

Aw, come on, kid.

You wouldn't shoot an old man,
would you?


Yeah, I think I would.

Without a fair fight?

You think you're a real cowboy,
don't you, grandpa?

Could be.

Well, then, let's draw.


Dig it out!

Dig it out!

It's here.

It's gold.



Yeah, this is it.


After all this time.

All this time.


Reaper, I thought we had a deal.

Partnership's dissolved.


We never could have trusted him.

Now we won't have to.

Master, we're taking the gold

Start the road.

Get away from my gold.

My gold too.

Come all this way with you.

I'm not sharing this with
anybody, especially

some two bit grease monkey.

What about loyalty, man?

Fuck loyalty.




They won't help you this time,

The ones I didn't kill, you did.

We'll go 50-50.

I have a lot of gold here,

Gold ain't worth where you're
headed, Reaper.

God, you get a small mind,

Go ahead, then.

Take me back to prison.

Not this time.

Where you going now?

I don't know.

Maybe Mexico for a while.

How about you?

Nah, I'm off to Hawaii.

I wanna thank you for riding
shotgun with me on this.

My pleasure.

You know, Hawaii this time of
year is worth a visit.

Yeah, there's an old, old man

Sort of a Rainmaking kahuna.

I owe him a visit.

Why don't you come with me?

Nah, think I need some time

You won't ride alone for long.

What's that, another fortune

Well, let's just say a--

a premonition.

God be with you, son.

Hey, boy, come here.

Good to see you, pal.

Good to see you, pal.

Good to see you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're a sweet

You're a sweet guy.

I was just sitting there and he
came out of nowhere.


Where you riding to?

Nowhere in particular.

I was just headed there myself.

Mind if I ride along for a

For a while.


You know me.

Something about a man on a bike.


Come in.

Hey, your dinner's ready.

How you doing with this

I'm just about finished.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!


You're gonna eat your dinner.

Then you're gonna do this
homework, all right?

- OK. - Huh?


You telling the truth?


Let's go, come on.