Danger Close (2019) - full transcript

Late afternoon August 18, 1966 South Vietnam - for three and a half hours, in the pouring rain, amid the mud and shattered trees of a rubber plantation called Long Tan, Major Harry Smith and his dispersed company of 108 young and mostly inexperienced Australian and New Zealand soldiers are fighting for their lives, holding off an overwhelming enemy force of 2,500 battle hardened Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers. With their ammunition running out, their casualties mounting and the enemy massing for a final assault each man begins to search for his own answer - and the strength to triumph over an uncertain future with honor, decency and courage. The Battle of Long Tan is one of the most savage and decisive engagements in ANZAC history, earning both the United States and South Vietnamese Presidential Unit Citations for gallantry along with many individual awards. But not before 18 Australians and more than 500 enemies are killed.

Take cover, gentlemen!


- Where's your weapon?
- Getting it now, sir!


I want all three platoon leaders
to get me bearings

on where those mortars
are coming from.

Roger that.

HQ says they're 61s
coming in from Long Phuoc.

Well, tell HQ they're wrong.

They're 82s and they're
coming in from Long Tan.

Yes, sir. I shall inform HQ
of the error of their ways.


Four call signs, this is 4.

Request urgent sitrep
on mortar bearings. Over.

We're under attack,

and your first instinct
is to get me a cup of tea?

Get the hell out.
Leave that!

See you brought
your tortoise, Morrie.

He's a turtle. He's my mate.

Your only mate.

- Come on, Murray!
- Oh, fucking hell!

Is it incoming or outgoing?

Platoon leaders are working
on the bearings now, sir.

Three minutes.

Maybe tell them to hurry
the fuck up. How about that?

All four call signs, this is 4.

We need those bearings now!

I fold, boss.

All right?

I'll see your two.
And I'll raise you five.

That fire is incoming,
Lieutenant Sharp.

Keep your pants on, Sarge.

Can't you see
we're in the middle of a game?


Private Grice,
call Major Smith.

Tell him we have a bearing
of 54 degrees

from 11 Platoon HQ
on those mortars.

Right away, Sarge.

we are under enemy attack.

This could well be a move
to take the base.

I suggest you order
11 Platoon to stand to.

Just give us a minute, Bob.
I'm cleaning up here!

All of you!

Get your weapons, man your
positions, and stand fucking to!

That means you, Lieutenant!


Need accurate
triangulated bearings

on incoming mortar rounds to
be able to direct return fire.

Who keeps leaving the pins
in my map?

I mean, honestly,

is it that hard to clean up
after a briefing?

Any soldier not manning a radio,
out now!

Senior officers excepted,

♪ No, I wouldn't tell a story ♪

♪ No, I wouldn't lie ♪

♪ Oh, yeah ♪

We're all good, mate.

You know, the Kiwi artillery

is going to light up
the jack bastards

as soon as they get
a fix on 'em.

No. We're under attack.

Not here, we're not.

Go on.

Besides, if your number is up...

may as well get a buzz on.

♪ Uh-huh... ♪

Sir! I have a bearing
for those mortars.

Congratulations, Dave.

You're the last platoon leader
to get it done.

Take a bow.

Triangulate those bearings,
then call it in.

Isn't that
the base gunner's job?

No, Morrie, it's yours.

You find the enemy and you
direct the artillery onto them.

Yes, sir.

You going to
the concert tomorrow?

Maybe. Who's playing again?

Cole Joye and the Joy Boys.

They're flying in
tomorrow morning.

- You like Cole Joye, don't you?
- Not really.

Hey, what about Little Pattie?

You've got to like
Little Pattie.

Yeah, she's an angel.

The way she sings
that "Surfer Boy" song.

God, she's flying in tomorrow.

- Little Pattie is?
- Yeah, you wanna meet her?

- What, you know Little Pattie?
- We're like this.

He's just running
through the bush! Over there!

Find out what idiot did that.

Yes, sir!

3, this is 3-4.
Fire Mission Battery.

Read you, 4-5-9.

It's 6-7-1. Over.


Fire Mission Battery.

Bearing: 1-9-1-0.

Range: 2-9-0-5.

Bearing: 1-9-1-0.

Range: 2-9-0-5.


Have some of this, you bastards.

It appears the enemy
knows exactly what he's doing.

He's targeted our guns,
our task force headquarters.

The count is one dead,
23 wounded.

However, artillery
have driven him back,

and now we're going after him.

One Company will move out
beyond the wire

and they'll patrol east

into the rubber plantation
at Long Tan

where the enemy mortars
came from.

We're calling it
Operation Vendetta.

Delta Company volunteers
to go, sir.

Yes, thank you, Harry.
This will be Bravo.

Noel, you leave in an hour,
so prepare to stay overnight.

Colonel, I've got 48 men
due for leave tomorrow.

Well, just send them back
in the morning.

That will cut our strength
down to 32, sir.


Thank you, Noel. I can count.

Got 108 men prepared
to stay out there all week, sir.

There are other companies in the
battalion besides yours, Harry.

Not trained by me, though, sir.

As commanding officer
of this battalion,

it is my decision
whose mission this is.


♪ You keep sayin'
You got something for me ♪

♪ Something you call love
But confess ♪

♪ You've been a-messin' ♪

♪ Where you shouldn't
Have been a-messin' ♪

♪ And now someone else... ♪

- Private Whiston?
- Yes, Sarge.

- That makes you Private Topp.
- Yes, Sergeant.

You blokes are with me
in 11 Platoon.

♪ One of these days
These boots ♪

♪ Are gonna walk
All over you ♪

Delta is the best
company in the battalion.

We work harder, march further

and shoot straighter
than anybody else.

We're proud of that fact.

Major Smith as tough
as they say?

Tougher. The Ratcatcher fought
Communist and guerrilla forces

in Malaya in '56,
so he knows this brand of stink.

Trained with the commandos
in Melbourne,

now he runs Delta
to commando standards.

That means you'll have
your shirts on at all times,

your sleeves rolled down,
your fronts buttoned up.

Silence your dog tags
with electrical tape.

Put your kit bag where the book
says it should go.

And no coughing
or farting before breakfast.


Welcome to Hotel Nui Dat.

Private Large, sir.

Ah! Come in, Private.

Mind if I take a look?


You prefer this over the SLR?

She's lighter than the SLR.

Doesn't hit as hard, though.

She jams a lot.

- You a good shot?
- Real good.

Yeah, I grew up hunting rabbits
out the back of me house.

The back of your house?

- Where are you from?
- Coolah.

- New South Wales.
- Yeah, I know where it is.

There's good farm country,


Well, how come, then,
if you're such a good shot,

how did you miss
that enemy soldier last night?

Well, it was dark.

And he was running...

really fast.

You think this is funny,
don't you?


What kind of funny?

Funny like, eh,
Bugs Bunny funny?

Fart funny?

Or more like
Lucille Ball funny?

I think you're funny.

Tell you the truth...

I think you're a fucking joke.

- Sir, I can't breathe.
- That's because I'm choking you.

I'm cutting off all the air
to your worthless lungs,

doing everyone a favor.

You see, there's a thousand ways
to die in a war zone.

Nobody asks too many questions

when another grunt gets listed
killed in action.

Now, funnyman,

tell me the truth.

And if I hear
one more bullshit lie

about you shooting
at enemy soldiers,

I'll send you back to Coolah
in a wooden fucking box.

I fucked up.

Private, what do you think

is the most important element
in a firefight?

Killing the enemy, sir.


You have to trust the man beside
you and he has to trust you.

My mates trust me.

Well, when you fire your weapon
off without meaning to,

they don't.

Now, do you think you can pick
that up without shooting me?


Reckon they'll try us
again, Paddy?

They were probing us.

Testing our reaction.

It's what you do before
you launch a full-scale attack.

Can't overrun the base,
can they?

Ever heard of Dien Bien Phu?



Thirteen years in the army,

I've never seen any company
trained half as hard as Delta.

You really put these boys
through it,

and you're still pushing them
to the point of punishment.

I've gone along with it
because I've seen this shit.

I know it could save
their lives one day.

But I'm not sure
that's why you're doing it.

They're not commandos,
but they are your men.

They've done everything
you've asked of them and more.

They deserve
your respect.


Zero 1, this is Bravo 1.

Have completed our search
of the Long Tan area.

Located six mortar base plates,

22 recoilless rifle
shell cases, and body parts.

Enemy is Kilo India Alpha.

Say again.
All enemy is Kilo India Alpha.

There's nothing out here.
Bravo 1 out.

Copy that, Bravo.

Sending Delta out
in the morning to relieve you.


A word please, sir.

Keep the mosquitoes out,
would you?


No, thank you, sir.

The place is like
a bloody furnace.

You get used to it.

Is that how it was
for you blokes in Malaya?

Wish I'd been able
to join you for that one.

Heard it was
a helluva good show.

You've got two minutes,

Sir, I'm a soldier.

My father was a soldier.

And it is a profession
that I hold dear.

It is sacred.

I should be in command
of other professionals,

yet I find myself here,

breast-feeding a bunch of kids,

Frankly, sir, it's a waste
of my experience and my skills.

I need to be elsewhere.

You were a conscript yourself,
weren't you?

I did my 90 days. But then I
signed up for the regular army.



Didn't you want
to go to Duntroon?

Not all of us have the, eh,
educational requirements

to get into Duntroon, sir.

And yet somehow you still feel

that you have the right
to come in here

and ask for a transfer.

To what? Something better?

Nothing personal, sir.

Where do you want to go?

Special forces, commandos.

Back with your old unit?

Back with commanding officers

that understand and appreciate
the services I provide.

Unlike, say,
Colonel Townsend?

You don't like
Colonel Townsend.

Ask me if I give a shit.

He's your commanding officer
and you will follow his orders,

just like he follows mine,

because that's the way
the army works,

in case you haven't noticed.

Was there anything else,

Zero 1,
this is Albatross 1,

on approach with
the special package.

Copy that, Albatross 1.

Clear to land. Over.

What's your name?


Thanks so much, David.

- What's your name?
- Mark Walsh. Thank you.

Thanks so much.

- See you.
- Cheers.

- Miss Pattie!
- No talking to the talent.

I'm Private Large.
This is Private Grimes.

We've been assigned
to base entertainment liaison.

Brigadier's orders.

Priority Alpha.
Go and help the Joy Boys unload.

What the hell is Priority Alpha?

Did you hear me,
Private? Go!

No Priority Alpha,
is there?

Imagine his face
when he realizes that.

This is, eh, Private Grimes.

He's probably your biggest fan.

Oh, so sweet!

Coming to the concert?

Wouldn't miss it.

He's, eh, been struggling
to find enough motivation

to do his duties
for Queen and country.

Just wondering
if you'd be able to...

help him?

- One kiss.
- Oh!

One kiss, cheeks acceptable.


- Motivated now?
- Very motivated.

Thanks, Miss.

Uh, Pattie, this has been...
this has been fun.

Good luck with the show.
Maybe give us a wave.

We'll be down the front.


We're heading to Long Tan.

We'll be relieving Bravo,

who's been out there all night
with exactly zero enemy contact.

Now, we're a day late
and a dollar short.

But if there is something
out there, we will find it.

We move out at 1100 hours.

Questions, queries,
doubtful points?

Guess we're not going
to the concert.

Looks like we'll be missing it.

Yeah, looks like we'll be
the only ones missing it.

Colonel's got the shits
with the major

- and we copped the short end of the stick.
- Oi!

We're not here to fuck spiders.
We're here to fight a war.

♪ If you wanna be happy ♪

♪ Come along with me ♪

♪ Oh yeah, uh huh ♪

♪ I wanna hold you close
Beneath the bamboo tree ♪

♪ Oh yeah, uh huh ♪

♪ We'll take a vacation ♪

♪ Go away to stay ♪

♪ Where there'll be no work ♪

♪ There'll be nothin' but play ♪

♪ Walk down to the river
To a baby nook ♪

♪ Make love like they do
In the storybooks ♪

♪ Well, I... ♪

Why do they call the major
the Ratcatcher?

Because when the rations
get scarce,

that's what he fucking eats.

Language, Paddy.

I heard that he burrows out
the innards of enemy KIA,

then lays traps inside

all the blood and the guts
and the intestines.

Thank you, Sergeant.
That'll do.

He doesn't give two shits
about us, does he?

That's not his job, Private.

It's ours.

What's out there, Mr. Sharp?

Maybe a VC platoon.

Oh, it's all right.

Just your typical
shoot and scoot.

We're not gonna find anything.

With any luck, Lieutenant.

Looks like artillery
was spot-on.

Where do those blood trails go?

North towards the hills
and east towards Long Tan.

North has footprints,
but east has bullock cart tracks.

You want a fight, sir?

Catch up to that bullock cart.

Typical. You blokes can go
home and enjoy the music,

while we have to stay out here
and face it.

Lieutenant Sharp.

You're the new lead platoon.

Gonna keep heading east.

There's bullock cart tracks.

Follow any trails.

Yes, Jack.

11 Platoon! Form up on me!

Pull your head in.

Show me you're a leader.

Cocky little prick,
isn't he?

If he listens to me,
he'll be all right.

Keep your eye out
for wascally wabbits.

4. This is 4-2.

Contact! Contact! Contact!

Six enemy. Green uniforms.

100 meters to the right.

They've retreated east. Over.

4-2, this is 4.

Chase them.
Keep me advised. Over.

4-2. 4-2 out.

Lucky 11?

- We're going after them.
- 11! Extended line.

Eyes open. Move fast!

♪ Come on, little Sandy
Get goin' ♪

♪ Come on, little Sandy
Get movin' ♪

♪ Well, I got my beach towel ♪

♪ And I'm headin' down
To the sur-ur-ur-urf ♪

♪ Gonna see my Johnny ♪

♪ Gonna meet him down
At the sur-ur-ur-urf ♪

♪ We're gonna
Shoot the breakers ♪

♪ Gonna stomp in the sand ♪

♪ I'll look in his eyes while
He holds my han-an-an-an-and ♪

♪ 'Cause he's my blond-headed
Stompy-wompy ♪

♪ Real gone surfer boy ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Oh, the gang from the club ♪

♪ Will be surfing and stomping
Too-oo-oo-oo ♪

♪ Riding their boards out on
That sea of blue-ue-ue-ue ♪

♪ While the summer sun
Is beating on down ♪

♪ I'll be stompin' and a-surfin'
All arou-ou-ou-ou-ound ♪

♪ Oh, with my blond-headed
Stompy-wompy ♪

♪ Real gone surfer boy ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪


- Contact front!
- Contact front!

- Everyone down!
- Down!


Gricey, radio!

4! This is 4-2.

Heavy contact.


- Three!
- Three.

Three machine guns!

Put Delta 1
on the speaker.

Enemy strength,
my call sign. Over!

We have a fight.

4-1, this is 4.

Move to support 4-2. Over.

Roger. Move to support 4-2.

10 Platoon!

Drop packs and move out.

11 needs help.

Sounds big.

11 Platoon is in the shit.

12 Platoon!

We're pushing up
to reinforce HQ!

Let's move!

Get me the Brigadier.

Bing! Eggie!

Get that bloody thing
on the right flank!


4. This is 4-2.

Fetch Sheldrake. Over.

Call it in.

3. This is 3-4.

Fire Mission Battery. Over.

Fire Mission Battery. Over.

Stand by
for grid reference. Over.

Grid reference:
4-8-4-6-7-2. Over.

I read 4-8-4-6-7-2.

Five rounds, fire for effect.

Fire Mission Battery.

Stand by for coordinates.

Fire Mission Battery!
Number 1, move!

Bearing: 1-7-2-0.

Range: 4-7-5-0.

Bearing: 1-7-2-0.

Range: 4-7-5-0.

Bearing: 1-7-2-0. Set!

Range: 4-7-5-0. Set.

- Aim!
- Fire!



Drop 50!

- Drop 50.
- Aim!

- Set.
- Aim!


Thank you so much, guys.

Hurry up.
Come on, move it.

We just wanted to thank you for
the job you're doing here, guys.

Please know that all of us
back at home are...

- Hurry up.
- Come on, mate. Let's go.

Boys, boys,
move, move, move!

Bugger me.

These blokes don't take a hint.

Stay down!

I've got to see
where the shells land.

You won't see anything without
a fucking head! Now, stay down!

- Get me up to speed, Colonel.
- Sir.

Delta Company is here,

about five kilometers away
in the rubber.

11 Platoon
are 400 meters forward

of the rest of the company.

And they're pinned down
and they're taking casualties.

10 Platoon is here,
and they're trying to get to 11.

Company HQ...

and 12...

are about 200 meters
behind 10.

The enemy is here and here.

And they're flanking 11
on all sides.

Enemy strength estimates?

Uh, Major Smith says
it might be a platoon, sir.

Well, Delta can handle
a platoon.

Suppressing fire! 2 o'clock!

80 meters!

I've been shot!

- Agh!
- Eggie!

You good?

4, this is 4-2.

Enemy strength much bigger
than I thought it was.

4-2, this is 4.

Be advised, help is coming.

Sit tight. Over.

4-2 here.

We're not going anywhere.

4-1, this is 4.

How close are you to 4-2? Over.

4, this is 4-1.
Gunfire is close.

100 meters. Over.

Fight through!
Fight through!

Rifle group, go!


Front group!
Scout group, go!

Get me HQ.

It's buggered, sir!

Now we hold here.
We can't move without comms.

Buddy, sort the wounded.

Yes, Mr. Kendall.

Watch your back!

- This is 3-4, 1.
- Oh, shit.

Stop dicking about. Get up.

I can't plot artillery strikes
while we're moving.

We have to get to them.

I've got to control the arty.

Major, if I make one mistake,
you will lose men.

Stop here.

You happy now?

3, this is 3-4.

Fire Mission Battery. Over.

Fire Mission Battery.

Grid reference:


I read 4-8-7-6-7-6. Over.


This is 4-2.

Walk shells closer
to my position. Bye.

Just stay down!


4, this is 4-2.


- This is 4.
- Running low on ammo.

At half strength.
Need more artillery.

Gordon Sharp's dead. Over.

Get 11 more artillery.

3, this is 3-4.

Fire Mission Regiment. Over.



Everybody in.
Keep your heads down.

Let's go.

This is Albatross 1.

Evacuating special package
to Vung Tau. Back in one hour.

Radio, Grice.

4, this is 4-2.

Sheldrake did the job. Over.

Roger that. Over.

12's here.

- What's the plan, boss?
- Set up base here.

Movement front!

Don't shoot. Don't shoot.

It's Hornung from 10.

I couldn't raise you, sir.

Radio is buggered.

We were taking wounded
by the second.

Is 10 withdrawing?

Too much fire.

Can't move without comms.

You'll be right.

There's hundreds of them.


You get any of them, mate?

We got a lot of them.

Before we got hit,
we got a lot of the bastards.

- You all right here?
- Yeah.

No news from 10.

Must be copping it
as bad as 11.

Where you going?

I'm going to find a way through
to 11 Platoon, OK?

- What?
- Just cover me.

But, Largie...

Largie, get back!

- You wanted to see me, sir?
- Delta is in trouble.

How many APCs
have you got available?

12, sir. But the tracks on two
of them aren't operational.

- Prepare to move out.
- Very good, sir.

Wait one on that order,


Bravo! Where's the rest
of your section?

They're all gone, sir!

go give Robbo a hand.

Yes, Sergeant.

Get onto the right flank.

Ainslie, get a head count
on the wounded.

Contact rear!

Sniper in the hut!

Eggie! Rake the hut!

Rake the hut!


They're all around us!

4, this is 4-2.


Enemy attacking
from three sides!

Estimate enemy strength much
greater than your call sign!

Repeat, enemy strength

much greater
than your call sign!


Zero 1. This is Delta 1.

New enemy size estimate.

Greater than your call sign.

I repeat, enemy size
greater than your call sign.

A battalion.

That's 700 or 800 men.

We need reinforcements.

Send out the APCs. Over.

Also request
Uniform Sierra air support.



The Americans should have
something up nearby.

Well, you're in charge
of air support. It's your call.

Get me US Group Command.


Cease fire!
All guns cease fire.

Cease fire! Cease fire!


Smoke grenade!
Who's got smoke?

Justin? Richmond?

McCormack's got one!

Tell them to throw smoke.

4-2, this is 4. Throw smoke.

Throw the smoke!
Throw it now!


This is Blue Leader.
I've got nothing up here.

No visual on smoke.

Blue Leader, acknowledge.

I've got
to bail out, guys.

I'm being called
to another contact. Sorry.

That's... That's all the air
we have available?

Unload east of Long Tan Road.


Will do, buddy.

Dropping one. Heads down.

Rock 'n' roll.

Hope that spooked them.

Good luck down there.


Cease fire!

Boys, boys!

11! Behind me!

Sound off. Ammo count.

Heslewood. Out!

Magnussen. One round!

Eglinton. About 10 rounds!

Meller. I have one shot!

We're not going to make it!

3-4, this is 4-2.

We cannot move.

Almost out of ammo.

Request target on my location.


This is 3-4. Say again. Over.

I need Sheldrake
to drop on my position.


He wants me to target
his position.

This is 4. Say again. Over.

4, this is 4-2.

We are being flanked
on all sides.

About to be overrun.

Target my location. Over.

This is 3-4. Negative.
I can't do it. Over.

If you don't drop in the next
30 seconds, we'll all be dead!

Do you understand me? Over!

Sir, we can't allow this.

Major's the commanding officer in
the field. He'll make the call.

Call it in.


I am not taking
the responsibility.

I'll take the bloody

Now, call it in.


4-2, this is 4. Over.

4-2, this is 4. Over.

4-2. Acknowledge. Over.

4-2. Acknowledge. Over.

Bob, can you hear me, mate?


- He stabilized?
- Yeah.

I'm more worried
about the ones still out there.

That last drop sounded close.

Yeah, the major brought it down
right on top of 11.

I've found a way
through to 11 Platoon.

There is no 11 Platoon.

Major Smith called in artillery
on their position.

You fucking prick!

- Private!
- You fucking bastard!

You don't give a shit
about any of us, do you?

Just say it!
Just fucking say it!

What about trust?

What about all that shit
you told me

about your mates
trusting you?

Stand down, Private.

How can we trust you now?

I said stand down.

- Ugh!
- Arggh!

- Get down!
- Contact right! Contact right!

Keep an eye out for invaders.
12 o'clock.

Morrie, radio!

Zero 1, this is Delta 1.

Enemy fire on my location.

Where are your reinforcements?

Sir, I can have Alpha Company
loaded onto my APCs in 15 minutes.

No. They're up against an entire
battalion out there, maybe more.

It's a trap.

They're luring us out
so they can attack the base.

What about 11 Platoon, sir?

11 Platoon is dead.

Delta 1, this is Zero 1.

No reinforcements available
at this time.

The mission has changed, Major.

Return to the base
immediately. Over.

Delta 1, this is Zero 1.

Confirm new mission orders.

Do you read, Delta 1?

Withdraw at once
and fall back to base.

Those are my orders. Over.

Zero 1, this is Delta 1.

You can go
and fuck your orders.

Say again, Delta 1. Say again.

We all come back,
or no one does.

Delta 1 out.

Get control of
your man, Colonel.

Delta 1, this is Zero 1.

You are ordered
to return to the base.

What are you
smiling about?

I'm always smiling, sir.

New plan?

Find 11.

Rescue any survivors.

And hope to hell
there are some.

I found a way through to 11.

- What are you talking about?
- I can show you.




Private Large is gonna take you
to 11 Platoon's location.

Leave one section here.
Go, boys!

Paddy! 12 is moving out.
On me. Let's go.

keep your section here.

We need to know what's happening
with 10 Platoon.

They still have no radio.

Akell! Get here.


I need you to get that radio
to 10 Platoon.

You reckon you can
do that for me?

- Yes, sir.
- Attaboy.

Good man.

All right.

Run as fast as you bloody can.

Go, lads! Go on! Go!

Run like hell!

Let's go and see
what's happening, eh?

Zero 1, this is Delta 1.

Request ammo resupply. Over.

Delta 1, you are again ordered
to return to base. Over.

Zero 1,
if you do not send ammo,

you will lose
the bloody lot of us.

It's that simple.

In this weather,
with no secure LZ,

I'm afraid
I can't authorize that.

You don't have to
authorize it, Captain.

I'll go on my own accord.

Nobody's leaving the base.

I'm in charge of air support,
sir. It's my call.

It's mine.

I'm the commander
of my aircraft.

I have the right to make
tactical decisions in the field.

You're not in the field.

In 10 minutes,
I will be.

Lieutenant! Lieutenant!

Mr. Kendall! Mr. Kendall!

Over here!

I've got a radio
for you, sir.

Where the hell
did you come from?

- Company HQ, sir.
- Good one, Yank!

4, this is 4-1.

10 Platoon's back on air, sir!

The kid made it!

4-1, this is 4. Sitrep.

We're pinned down
by enemy fire on three sides.

Taking casualties.
Running low on ammo.

We can't proceed to 4-2. Over.

All right, withdraw with your
wounded to my location. Over.

Roger. Withdraw.


10 Platoon! Withdraw to HQ!

Fire and move!

First section!
Rifle group, move!

- Move!
- Let's go, let's go.

Scout group! Scout group!
Go! Go!

Let's go, boys!

Let's get this ammo
on the choppers, now!

Come on, let's go!

- It's a suicide mission.
- Yeah, well, nobody has to go.

Volunteers only.

Answer me honestly.
Do you reckon we're gonna get shot down?

Honestly? Yep.

Jesus, mate.

You could've at least
lied to me.

This is Albatross 1.
Clear for departure.

Delta 1, this is Albatross 1.
Ammo is on its way.

Ammo's coming!

- Grab a section!
- Yes, boss.

Cease fire! Cease fire!

Cease fire! Cease fire!

Large, how much further?

200 meters.

- Contact right!
- Contact right!

100 meters!
12 o'clock!

- Pick your shots!
- 80 meters!

Jesus Christ!

Albatross 1,
this is Delta 1.

In position. Over.

Delta 1, this is Albatross 1.
Throw smoke. Over.

Roger that.
Popping smoke now. Over.


10 o'clock!

Delta 1, this is Albatross 1.
I see red smoke. Over.

Affirmative! Affirmative! Over!

Approaching drop zone now.

Copy that, Albatross 1.



Jack, get out of there!

Albatross 2, you're on.

Copy that, Albatross 1.

Albatross 1,
you bloody beauty.

- Spot-on, mate.
- Good luck, Delta 1.

Zero 1, this is Albatross 1.

Ammo drop complete.
Returning to base.

Separate 5.56
from the 7.62.

Let's get these first-aid kits
and the blankets to the wounded.

Double time, gents. Let's keep
our boys in the fight!

Make sure everyone gets ammo.


Get the artillery back up. Go.

Willy, on me!

Don't shoot the hut.
11's up there somewhere!

Arggh! Arggh!

Oh, shit!

Kev, mate, can you crawl
back to HQ?

Ha! Crawl? I'll fucking run!


Come on.

Come on. Head out.

Double time, boys.

Three mags each,
then we're on our feet.



You got a smoke grenade?

Yes, sir!

Where do you want it?

Up towards 11.

If any one of them
are still alive up there,

they'll... they'll know it's us,
they'll know where to come.


I'll need this to be a bloody
long throw, you hear me?

Mr. Sabben, I reckon that's the
first time I've ever heard you swear!

Not the last.

Cease fire!

Cease fire!

I reckon they've gone, Skip.

Wave your hats
if you're Australian!





How are you, mate?

How are you?
Give us a smoke, Paddy.

Thanks, mate.

What about the others?

Contact left! Contact!




Give me the radio.

4, this is 4-3.

We've got 11. We have 'em.

Good work, Lieutenant.
Bring them on back.

Zero 1, this is Delta 1.

11 Platoon is secure.

I say again, 11 is secure.

Request you send APCs
to our position immediately.


Sir, request permission to lead
the APCs out to Delta Company.

If I lose my APCs,

I will have
one infantry company left

to protect
this entire base.

That's 100 men
defending 300 support staff.

And my intel reports tell me

there is a second,
full-sized enemy regiment

moving in on us
from the west.

Sir, there's a chance
to save Delta now.

Delta is down to
less than half strength.

Delta is finished.

I'm sorry, sir,
but you're wrong.

If Major Smith can hold

and the APCs
can break up the attack,

then I can secure the base

by taking the fight
to the enemy.

History will judge us,

- Send out the APCs.
- Yes, sir.

You put on
a good show, don't you?

A show?

Do you think I'm going to let
you duck the fallout from this?

Sir, I'm needed in the field.

You are needed
where I say you are needed.

And right now,
that is here by my side...

as we lose
an entire company of men.

Withdraw to HQ!

11, on me, go!

- 11, go!
- 11, go!

12, go!

12, go!

12, go!
Fire and move!

12, go!

3 Troop! Start up!

- Sarge! Get it moving!
- Yes, boss.



Thank God you're alive.

That would've been
bloody embarrassing.

Thanks for doing
what I asked.

If you hadn't,
none of us would be here.


My blokes can still fight.

We're gonna need them to.

The enemy's
gonna come for us,

and they're gonna come hard.

We killed a lot
of their mates today

and they're gonna want revenge.

We can't travel our wounded,

so we're gonna
have to hold tight.

Conserve your ammo.
Make sure your men are focused.


Where's Gordon Sharp?

He's dead.

Let's make sure
we don't lose any more.

- Let's go.
- Sir.

This is 3-9 Alpha.

We are leaving
the base perimeter.

Copy that, 3-9 Alpha.

Delta 1, this is Zero 1.

APCs are on the way.

ETA one hour.

Can you hold?

We don't have a choice, do we?

Delta 1 will hold.

Gentlemen, listen up.

I want every rifleman,
clerk, cook, pilot and engineer

in a defensive position
around this base.

And I want them there now.

All units stand to.

Repeat, all units stand to.

Prepare for enemy attack.

Private Large.

Sit down.

So what do you reckon's going
on back home, back in Coolah?

Wh-What? My place?

What time do you reckon
it is there?

I don't know.

It's late.

Mum and Dad would be
just watching telly,

you know, like always.

Having a smoke and a beer.

And maybe my sisters
are home for dinner,

their little kids running
around, causing strife.


maybe Noelene's there.

Who's Noelene?


Getting married, huh?

I just want to get out of here
and go home,

get married,
and forget all this.

Come on. Back to your post.

There! 1 o'clock!

- No, wait! Cease fire!
- Don't shoot, you bastards!



- Is that you, mate?
- Cover me.

Me ankles are buggered.

Why didn't you tell the others?
They would've carried you back.

Ah, I didn't want
to be any trouble.

- Oh, you silly galah.
- Hey, Buddy.

Have a look there.

Oh, that's Bravo Company boys.
Don't worry about it.

Well, they must've changed
their uniforms, mate,

because they're
all in black.

Oh, shit.


You'll be right, mate.
Hang in there, OK?

Under his shoulders,
on three.

One, two, three!

Down, down. Gently down.

Thanks, Jack.

Oh, blood.

Oh, bugger. I'm shot.

Bastards got me.


Get off my fucking legs! Jesus!

Some bloody rescuer you are!


This is 3-9 Alpha.
Crossing the field now.

ETA at Delta, 45 minutes.

Roger that, 3-9 Alpha.

Permission to check
on base defenses, sir.

If you must, Colonel.

Private, you're with me.

Get me 3-9 Alpha.

3-9 Alpha,
this is Zero 1 Sunray.

Return to base and pick up
Colonel Townsend. Over.

Negative, Zero 1 Sunray.
Have to relieve Delta.

Time is critical.

Lieutenant, you will
turn around.

And you will come
and pick me up right now. Out.

Roger that, Zero 1 Sunray.
Sending one transport back.

Gary, return to base.
Pick up Colonel Townsend.

Copy that.
See you in the rubber.

Here they come, boys.

Add 400, right 200. Over.

Wait for the arty. Wait.





Cover me, boys.

Don't fucking shoot me.

All call
signs, watch your spacing.

This is gonna be tight!

Correction. Drop 100.
Right 200. Over.

It's been over an hour.

Where the hell are the APCs?

I don't know.

3-9 Alpha, this is
Zero 1 Sunray. Sitrep. Over.

Just reached the northeast
bullock cart track. Over.

Tell them to wait for me
at the track.

And do not go without me.

3-9 Alpha, you are ordered
to hold at the track

and wait for the Colonel.

- Confirm. Over.
- Driver, halt.


Joey, stay here
and wait for the Colonel.

Catch up to us later.

Driver, advance.

Forget the bloody map!
We know where they fucking are!

Bring it in, quickly.

It's only 100 meters out.

And them bastards
are closer than that.

3-4. Drop 50.

Danger close! Over.

Negative. Unsafe. Over.

Give us the fucking guns
where we want them

or you'll lose
the lot of us!

Drop 50.
Danger close. Danger close.

Fire for effect!

Fuck! Everyone load!

- Drop this thing!
- Load!

Come on! Fire!

No! Wait! Stop!

Too close! Cease fire!

Cease fire!


Cease fire. Cease fire.

Cease fire! Cease fire!

- Cease fire!
- Cease fire!

- - Christ.
What's going on?

- Anyone hurt?
- Good, boss.

We're good, Major.
Few brown trousers, but we're good!

- Shrink the perimeter!
- Shrink the perimeter!

Shrink the perimeter!

- Shrink the perimeter!
- This line.

Contact front!



Why is it so quiet?

Fuck, I hate it when it's quiet.

- How you going, sheilas?
- Hanging in there.

Reckon you got enough in you
to fend off one more wave?

Yeah, I reckon so.
They're not getting through us.

So when's the wedding?

Fishing for an invite,
Major Smith?

Maybe I am.

Hey, you... you've got
to bring somebody.

Just to prove
that you're human.

That's Kath.

And the little rats.

The Ratcatcher has a heart.

I accept your invite.

Speech time.

Listen up, fellas.

You've trained for this.

You've sweated for this.

You've bled for it.

Remember who you are.

You're Delta Company.

Now stay strong.

Protect your mates.

Make every shot count.

Yes, boss!

We're not
gonna make it, are we?

3, this is 3-4.

Fire Mission Regiment. Over.


I've got Delta
back online, sir.

This is 3-4.

3! This is 3-4! Over!

Send coordinates. Over.

Grid reference: 4-8-4-6-7-5.

Number 1, load!


1-8-5-0. Set!

8-5-5-0-0. Set! Aim!





Grant, help Magnussen!

Aim, breathe.

Aim, breathe.


All call signs, cease fire!

All call signs,
cease fire!

Cease fire!

Zero 1, this is Delta 1.

The battlefield is secured.

I think God was shining
brightly on us here, Harry.

I really do.

So will the history books.

Well done us, eh?

Private Ainslie.


- Private Branch.
- Sarge.

- Private Carne.
- Sarge.

Private Drabble.


- Private Drinkwater.
- Sergeant.

Private K. Gant.

K. Gant.

Private E. Grant.

E. Grant.

Private Grice.


Private Halls.

Private Heslewood.

Private Houston.

Private Jameson.

Private A. McCormack.

Private D. McCormack.

Private Meller.

Meller! Meller!

Private Mitchell.

Private Richmond.

Doc! Doc!

Hey, mate. Come on.


- On his side!
- Got an entry wound.

Back's a mess.
Hey, mate. How are you?

Private Salveron.

Private Thomas.

Private Topp.

Private Whiston.

Second Lieutenant
Gordon Sharp.

I'm sure the brass will
want a debrief, sir.

Why don't you head back?
We'll handle this.

I'm staying right here.

♪ Mum and Dad and Denny ♪

♪ Saw the passing-out parade
At Puckapunyal ♪

♪ It was a long march
From cadets ♪

♪ And the 6th Battalion
Was the next to tour ♪

♪ And it was me
Who drew the card ♪

♪ We did Canungra
And Shoalwater ♪

♪ Before we left ♪

♪ And Townsville
Lined the footpaths ♪

♪ As we marched down
To the quay ♪

♪ This clipping
From the paper ♪

♪ Shows us young ♪

♪ And strong and clean ♪

♪ And there's me ♪

♪ In my slouch hat ♪

♪ With my SLR and greens ♪

♪ God help me ♪

♪ I was only 19 ♪

♪ From Vung Tau
Riding Chinooks ♪

♪ To the dust at Nui Dat ♪

♪ I'd been in and out ♪

♪ Of choppers now
For months ♪

♪ And we made our tents
A home ♪

♪ VB and pin-ups
On the lockers ♪

♪ And an agent orange sunset ♪

♪ Through the scrub ♪

♪ And can you tell me
Doctor ♪

♪ Why I still ♪

♪ Can't get to sleep? ♪

♪ And nighttime's ♪

♪ Just a jungle dark ♪

♪ And a barking M16? ♪

♪ And what's this rash ♪

♪ That comes and goes? ♪

♪ Can you tell me
What it means? ♪

♪ God help me ♪

♪ I was only 19 ♪

♪ On a four-week operation ♪

♪ When each step could mean ♪

♪ Your last one on two legs ♪

♪ It was a war
Within yourself ♪

♪ But you wouldn't let ♪

♪ Your mates down ♪

♪ Till they had you
Dusted off ♪

♪ So you closed your eyes ♪

♪ And you thought about ♪

♪ Something else ♪

♪ And then someone yelled out ♪

♪ "Contact front!" ♪

♪ And the bloke
Behind me swore ♪

♪ We hooked in there
For hours ♪

♪ Then a God almighty roar ♪

♪ Frankie kicked a mine the day
That mankind kicked the moon ♪

♪ God help me ♪

♪ He was going home in June ♪

♪ And I can still see Frankie ♪

♪ Drinking tinnies
In the Grand Hotel ♪

♪ On a 36-hour rec leave
In Vung Tau ♪

♪ And I can still hear Frankie ♪

♪ Lying screaming
In the jungle ♪

♪ Till the morphine came ♪

♪ And killed the bloody row ♪

♪ And the Anzac legends
Didn't mention ♪

♪ Mud and blood and tears ♪

♪ And the stories
That my father told me ♪

♪ Never seemed quite real ♪

♪ I caught some pieces
In my back ♪

♪ That I didn't even feel ♪

♪ God help me ♪

♪ I was only 19 ♪

♪ And can you tell me
Doctor ♪

♪ Why I still
Can't get to sleep? ♪

♪ And why
The Channel Seven chopper ♪

♪ Chills me to my feet? ♪

♪ And what's this rash
That comes and goes? ♪

♪ Can you tell me
What it means? ♪

♪ God help me ♪

♪ I was only 19 ♪