Dancing in the Rain (2018) - full transcript

Please be healthy.


Quick. Let me fix it for you.

You have to fix your shoelace first.

You're all soaked through.
Come on in.

You are all soaked through.

Hey. My handsome boy.
My lovely grandson.

Since you are all grown up now.

You need to go to school.

Good boy.

Have you worn your clothes properly?

We have, Ma'am.

Come and stand in line, okay?

- Good Morning, Teacher.
- Good Morning.

Greet your teacher.

Greet your teacher, Dear.

So, he's Banyu Anggoro?

Yes, he is.

I hope you understand.

He's a bit hesitant around strangers.

That’s fine.

Come on in.

Okay, Class. Good morning.

Good morning, Ma'am.

Everybody, arms up

Arms down

To the front

Fold your arms and sit quietly



Let's stand up together, okay?

Everybody, stand up.

We'll sing a song together.



Please stand up
and sing a song with us.

Let's sing together.

One, two, three.

Mother's love

For me

Is something untold and endless

It's raining.

- Solely giving.
- It's raining.

- It's raining.
- Without expecting any in return

Like the sun
Lovingly illuminate the Earth

Hurray! You guys are great.

Now, sit down.


What is he doing?

- He’s watching the rain.
- It's raining.

Oh, he's watching the rain?



What are you doing here?



Banyu, where are you going?

Banyu, come sing with us.

You can eat later with your friends.

Okay, Dear?

You can put your meal back
in your bag, okay?

Bread at 9 o'clock.

Bread at 9 o'clock.

Bread at 9 o'clock.

Bread at 9 o'clock.

Bread at 9 o'clock.

- Okay.
- Bread at 9 o'clock.

- I got it. Banyu...
- Bread at 9 o'clock.

My grandson is very smart.
You got a star stamp.

You enjoyed your time at school?

Did you?

Look at me.

You're going to go to school
tomorrow, okay?


That way you'll know
a lot of things, okay?

All right.

You really are something.

I can't imagine
being in your position.

Raising a special kid like him.

All by yourself.

Despite my situations,

I have to be able to do it.

Sometimes it feels like
I fail as a mother.

My own daughter.

How could she.

She cold heartedly abandoned
her own child.

The reality is too harsh for her.

Where in fact, Banyu...

... is her flesh and blood, right?

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes

Knees, and toes





Let's sing and dance together.


Put away your Lego first.


The class is finished.

Hi, Beautiful.

Great, you got three stars?

- You're awesome, my girl!
- Yeah.

Does Banyu have any siblings at home?

No, he lives with me only.

What about his friends at home?

That’s the thing.
Banyu doesn't talk much.

He likes to stay at home
and doesn't go out much.

- He loves to draw.
- Well.

Well, Ma'am.

I think it’s better for Banyu
to see a child psychologist.

For consulting.

Before it’s too late.

It's for the better precaution.

Is there something wrong
with my grandson

that he has to see
a child psychologist?

I’ve observed him for a week.


Banyu is preoccupied
with his own world.

He doesn't even want to interact
with others.

You're going to play some games
with her, okay?

Let's play.

- Come with me, Dear.
- Follow her.

Let's play like we did before.

Come on.

- Please have a sit, Ma'am.
- Thank you.

What do you want to play?

How about playing with colours?

Sounds good?

What about rubrics?
What do you want to play?

After four assessments,

interviews, and observations
with Banyu,

we came up with a conclusion...

... that Banyu
has a psychological condition...

... called autism spectrum disorder.

This psychological disorder...

... has some common causes.

Based on our interviews,

I think...

... it's due to the mental pressure
Banyu's mom had to endure...

... during her pregnancy...

... because Banyu...

... wasn't expected.

The other cause...

... might be his irresponsible father.

He left them just like that.


... the lack of nutrition
during the pregnancy.

The other possibility...

... is chemical imbalance
in his brain...

... and it's stunting
his development as a child.

Let's tie your shoelace first.


Autism seems easy to diagnose.

But in reality,

it's relatively hard to diagnose.

There could be a different diagnosis
from different expert.

Starts from autism,
hyperactivity disorder,

short attention span, indigo,
to Asperger Syndrome.

Why won't you answer me?

Please pay attention
when I talk to you, Dear.

Don't you love me?

Come on, Love.

Eat first.

I will feed you.

It's okay. Just draw all you want,
but you need to eat.

There are many signs and symptoms...

... we could use to diagnose autism.

The most common
and obvious one is...

... their tendency to be preoccupied
with their own world.

Let we play by ourselves.

Continuous repetitive behaviour.

Bread at 9 o'clock. Their restricted
behaviour of daily activities.

Their persistent habit
on sticking to daily routine...

... and being obsessive
with their favorite items.

Often, when something happens
and interrupt the routine...

... or when their favorite items
are taken from them,

Bread at 9 o'clock.

they might have a temper tantrum,

behave uncontrollably,

or even do
some self-injurious behavior,

like banging their head on walls,

or biting their tongue.

- Bread at 9 o'clock.
- I'm sorry. I forgot.

Is there any cure for that?

We'll try our best...

... with therapy
and proper training for him...

... to make him more independent...

... at least for his daily activities.

Based on our observation,

it turned out
his intelligence is above average.

He also shows interest
in some things.

We will focus on that area...

... to help him improving
his intelligence.

As long as you commit...

... to support him in attending
his therapy and training regularly.

God willing.

It'll help him
to study in public school.

Honestly speaking,
we want you to encourage him...

... to make friends and socialize more.

I'll try.


Banyu. What are you drawing?

Tell her about your drawing.

What is that?

- What are you drawing? It looks good.
- Is that a person?

You're drawing person and fish.

- You are really smart.
- You're smart, aren't you?


I have something for you
and I bet you'll love it.

- Wait a moment.
- What is it?

How's that?

Excuse me, Ma'am.

Is Banyu alright?

He'll be fine, God willing.

I know he will.



- Do you want to buy another book?
- Water.




I'll buy some eggs
at the usual place. Wait here.

Okay? Wait here.

You want to see the books, don't you?

Just pick the book, I'll be back.
Stay here, okay?






Those eggs are still fresh, Ma'am.

- They delivered it awhile ago.
- Still the same price, right?


Excuse me, Ma'am.
Can I pick the eggs first, please?

Please do.

I think I saw you before
around the block.


You came here alone?

No, I'm with my grandson.

I do grocery shopping alone.

I don't trust the maid.

They are dishonest.

- Sir.
- Yes, Ma'am.

- Here it is.
- Okay.

- Thank you.
- Thank you. You're welcome.

I'm leaving now.

Praise be to God.

It's for luck.

- How is it, Ma'am? Have you finished?
- Yeah.

- Twenty thousands?
- Yes, Ma'am. It's cheap.

Here you go.

Thank you. Praise be to God.

You sleep all day
like you have nothing to do, huh? Hey!

Come here.

Turn off the lights.

Turn off the lights.

Turn off the lights during the day.

- What's wrong with you?
- Turn off the lights.

Do you want one?

Turn off the lights.

Turn on the lights at night.

What are you saying?

The lights is for the chicks
to stay warm.

So they won't get cold and die.


- Die.
- Stop it, Kiddo.

He's possessed. Stop it, Kiddo.

- What's wrong with this kid?
- Die.


Okay, Ma'am.

What are you looking at, Dear?

Excuse me, Ma'am.

All of the eggs are gone.

It's impossible. How come?

My goodness!

My goodness!

Look at that.


- Give it back.
- Give us the ball!

- Hey!
- Give it back!

Give it back!

Hit him! Come on!

- Hey!
- You idiot!

- It hurts!
- You idiot!

Who's throwing that? Let's run.

- It hurts!
- Let's run!

- It hurts!
- Come on.

It hurts.

- It hurts.
- Okay.

It hurts. It hurts.

- It hurts.
- Are you okay?

It hurts.

Why didn't you do something?

You should fight back.

I'm Radin.

What's your name?

Are you mute?


I'm Radin.

What's your name?



What happened to you?


It's Banyu, Ma'am.

Lord, forgive me.

What did you do?
You are such a mess.

Let's take a bath.

I told you to play with your friends.

Not to play in the mud. My goodness!

I know.

Look at this!

Look at this!

Take a look at his head.

What if it bleeds?

Can't you both
raise your son properly?

I apologize, Ma'am.

I'll talk to my son later.


Come here.

Say sorry to him.

He's the one who threw rocks at you?

Yes, that's him.

Hurry up, Radin.

I just wanted to help that poor kid.

Do you know the kid he talked about?

Tell your mom who was that kid.

You heard that, right?

The kid you helped before.

He has some mental issue.

Tell me why?

Why didn't you apologize?

He's the bad one.
Why should I say sorry to him?

Was it appropriate?

A kid with mental issue
ganged up on by five normal kids?

Am I right, Dad?

Sorry, Mom.

Don't make any excuses.

I don't want you to play with...
What's his name again?

That's enough.


You can play with anyone.

But not with an abnormal kid. Okay?

If you don't listen
and still play with him,

I'll talk to his parents.

- Tuti!
- Yes, Ma'am.

Delete your status on social media.

You say only get to eat
instant noodles here everyday.

Yes, Ma'am. Sorry, Sir.

Where's Banyu?

Once again. My name is Radin.

What's your name?

I'm Banyu.

I'm Banyu.



It's for you.

If anyone ever bully you,
fight them with this.


This is a catapult.

Just consider
those cans are the bad kids.

Here's how it works.

Here's the stones.

Pinch it right here.

Then, aim to the cans.

Pull it.

One, two, three.


That's how you do it.

Go on. Now it's your turn.
Here you go.

Hold the edge.


Pinch it.

Just like before. Pinch it.

Keep it straight.

Close one of your eyes...

... to help you focus.

Aim it.

One, two, three.



You got it!

You are so cool!

That's cool!

You got it.

Give me a fist bump, Champ!

Come on.

Give me fist bump.

Make a fist.

- Radin.
- Huh?


Radin is nice to you?

Do you know what it is?

What is this?

A catapult.

You're smart!

That's my smart boy!

Come on.

Cut it out!

My goodness, I dropped it.

Pick it up.

Catch it.

Give my bag back.

- Give my bag back.
- You shouldn't have told on us.

I'm sorry. I won't do it again.

Nobody will help you now.

- Give it back.
- No!

- No, I won't!
- Give it back!

- Give it back!
- No!


Who is that?

Who is that?

Let's go!

Thank you.

I'm Kinara.

What's your name?

Hey, wait up!

Wait up!

What's wrong with you?

I just want to say thanks.

Are you mute?

Let him go!

Let him go!

Don't even think about bullying him.

I won't.

I just want to say thanks.

But he didn't say a word.

Is that true?
She's not bullying you?

See? He won't answer us.

Banyu won't respond to you.

So his name is Banyu.

Is he mute?

That's none of your business.



Did he ever bullied you?

I know.

Are you helping him?

Just keep your nose out of it.

Who are you anyway?

I should be the one who ask you that.

Banyu is a genius.

Where's your house?

Over there.

I'm Kinara.

I'm Radin.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.

- Come on!
- Hurry up, before we are all wet.

- Come, Banyu.
- Hurry up, it's raining.

It was only drizzling a while ago.









- Rain.
- He likes to do that.



- Water.
- Come play under the rain.



Rain. Water.

Rain. Water.

Rain. Water.

Aren't you cold?

Same here.

Why did you play under the rain?

Drink this to warm you up.

- Thank you.
- So you won't catch a cold.

Drink this to warm you up.

Eat this too.

- Drink it up.
- Thank you.

You're welcome.

Kinara, what is that pill?

You are not sick, are you?

My mom said
I need to take those pills.

Please bring one more towel
to dry her up.

- Okay.
- She's drenched.

She could get sick.

- Three fried chicken?
- Yes.

Here you go.

Excuse me. This one is for you.

- This one is for you.
- Great!

This one is for you.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- Thank you, Sir.
- You're welcome.

Eat up.

He's not eating?

It's not the time yet.

He always eat on time.

That's how he is.


- Be careful with them.
- I know.

They are all small.

If we want something bigger,
we would sell turkey, not chicken.


- You need to chill!

- What do you mean?
- It's the chicken.

If they're bigger,
we will have more to eat.

Look at this!

I'm gonna cut it.

Cut it!

I'll cut off the head.

The chicken is dead.

Hey! What are you doing
with my chicken?

The chicken is dead.

Hey! That's my chicken.


I'm sorry.

- The chicken is dead.
- Banyu.

- The chicken is dead.
- Banyu.

Thank you, Ma'am.

Your son is a troublemaker.


Don't you remember what I said?

Stop playing with that kid.

Don't you have any friends...

... that you have to hang out
with a disabled kid?

Who are you?

Who is she?

Do you have autism too?

Good afternoon.

Please come in.

Banyu is my only grandson.

He's very attentive and smart.

I see.

He's smart?


If he's smart,

where are his parents, Ma'am?

Of course he has parents.

Excuse me.

But what brings you here?

You should know this.

I didn't say a word until now.

But I'm gonna say it now.

I strictly forbid Radin
to hang out with Banyu.

I'm sorry.

I can't oppose whoever my grandson
wants to be friends with.

Don't you get it?

Banyu is different from Radin.

He's different from most kids.

Maybe he's smart for you.

But for me,

Banyu is abnormal.

As the guardian
who should take care of him,

you should know best.

You shouldn't let your grandson
run around out there,

let alone hang out with my kid.

He's such a trouble.


My grandson is indeed different
from kids his age.

- He's different from Radin.
- True.

But it doesn't mean
he's bad and vile, Ma'am.


Once again,

I'm gonna tell you this.

I don't have the right...

... to oppose whoever my grandson
wants to be friends with.

Perhaps, you are the one
who should think about it.

Why Radin prefer to hang out
with my grandson,

the one you just called abnormal.


I have so many important things
I need to do.

My handsome boy.

My grandson.

The nice one.

Be strong, My Boy.

It's too long.
You need any help?

- Nope.
- Let me help you.

- Let me help you.
- I don't want your help.

Let me help you.

- Don't!
- Let me help.

What are you guys doing?

Look at your drawing!

His drawing looks great, Granny.

You're finishing a puzzle?

Radin keeps getting in my way.

I'm helping you out.

I lost my pencil.

You don't need to help.

Are you ready?


Go on.

Don't forget anything.

- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.


Distance equals speed
multiplied by time.

Distance equals speed
multiplied by time.

Distance equals speed
multiplied by time.

- Okay. The number is...
- It's eighteen.

- Yes, eighteen.
- Yes.

- Very smart.
- Yes.

- This way.
- Okay.

Miss, eighteen. Where's eighteen?

Eighteen is over there.

Thank you.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

The next step of this competition
is national and periodic selection.

I'm very smart.

Don't cheat.

- Don't cheat.
- The winner will be announced...

- ... three weeks from now.
- Don't cheat.

Don't cheat.

You can't cheat.

Don't cheat.
Granny said I can't cheat.

Very smart.

Very smart.

Go, go, Radin!



How was it? You did it well?


Go, go, Radin!

Don't hurt Radin!


Don't hurt Radin!

Banyu! That's fine.

That's okay take it easy.

- Take it easy.
- Banyu

It's me, Radin.

It's me, Radin, and Kinara. Okay?
Calm down.

- Be careful.
- Wait a sec, Sir.

Come on. Stay calm.

You rock, bro!

Give me a fist bump!

I almost forgot.

Here's a ticket for the grand final.

One for you.

One for Banyu.

I don't care
if the others can't make it.

But both of you have to be there.



- You're going to final?
- Yes, I am. That's cool, right?

You sure have a lot of fans.

I bet it looks like a male dorm
in there.

I'm gonna do it too.

I'm gonna text some girls.

Snap, I don't know any girls.

It's very dangerous.

The virus now have a chance
to attack faster.

I suggest that...

... it's better for Kinara
not to be stressed out...

... or go through any worse condition
that could affect her emotionally...

... and maybe her psychological state.


What is it?

Something's wrong.



What's wrong with you?

I notice
that you haven't smiled a bit.

What is it?

Look at my smile.

Where's your real smile?

I don't want to see the fake one.

You faked it, right?

- This is the real one.
- Stop it.

This is it.

Stop being so gloomy.

They have good books over there.
Wanna see some?

I'm going over there.

So it's around 77 years.

Thomas A. Edison
born on February 11th, 1847.

He died on October 18th, 1931.

At the age of 84.

Very smart.

Come with me.

Who are you?

- I want to see that.
- Babe!

Babe, help me.

- Come with me.
- Who are you?

Stop dragging my girl.

Sorry. He's my friend.

He didn't mean it.
I know he didn't mean it.


I'm so sorry. He didn't mean it.


That's fine.


Thank you.


How could you mistake her
for someone else?


Are we there yet?

Why are you walking sideways?

Stop right here?





One more thing.


- Kinara! Happy birthday!
- Come here.

- Blow the candles.
- Hurray!

Praise the Lord for his blessings.


Thank you for taking care of me
for the past five years.

What's with you?

He wants your attention.

I thought you guys forgot
about my birthday.

There's no way we forget about it.

Right, Banyu?

Let's slice the cake now.

Slice the cake.

Let's slice the cake right now

Let's slice the cake right now

I believe that you care about Kinara.

I do feel grateful and thankful...

... that you always watch over her.

But are you sure...

...to take the next step with Kinara?

I'm grateful that you make her happy.

But you know her condition.

Where are we going now?
Turn right or left?

Come on, Banyu.

Go, Banyu.


Let's race!

Don't leave me.

Don't leave me.

Of course not.
We won't leave you alone.

Why didn't you tell me?

About your last check up.

What did the doctor say?

My mom just met him today.

I see.

Are you scared?

You too, Banyu.

Why should I?

I have you two with me.

Kinara has Radin.

I have you too.


Wanna hear something?

Happy birthday, Kinara!

Come on.

I'm tired. That's enough, Banyu.

Come on.

My legs are all weary.

We'll take turns.

Let me drive. Hurry!


It's just like déjà vu.

Eyes on the road.


Steady. Hit it!

Hold on!

- Let me explain the rules first.
- Come on.

- He got it.
- That's just one.

If you manage to hit three cans,
you will get the panda.

If you hit five cans,
you will get the medium one.

How about the big one?

You need ten points.

- Ten points? It's easy.
- Go, Banyu! Get ten points for me.

- Banyu!
- Slowly. One.

- Two. Three.
- Hit it!

You guys need to go.

- One more time.
- He can't even play.

We got it!

- Great!
- See that!

- That's the shoot. See this.
- It's for Kinara!

I'll shoot you.

Thank you.

- It's so cute, Banyu.
- You got the doll, huh?

Can you carry it?

- Of course I can.
- Are you sure?

- Ouch!
- Banyu.



You punk!


Poor him.

Give me a fist bump.

Let's go, before he's after us.

Let's take a rest for now.

Are you guys hungry?

- Let's eat.
- Radin will pay for us?

- Come on.
- Okay. It's on Radin.

How was it?

- Look, there's a retarded kid.
- Where?

- That's enough, Banyu.
- What is it?

Look at how lame he is.

- Where does he think he's going?
- We'll play again later.

- They suit each other.
- Banyu, don't make a scene here.

Don't make a scene like the one
you did in the basketball court.

You promise?

Give me a fist bump.

Come here, Birthday Girl.

Excuse me?

We want to order please.

Don't answer them.

A retarded person shouldn't eat here.

What do you want?

- I want satay.
- Can he eat that by himself?

I bet they will help him out.

Let's eat outside.

- Come on.
- What do you mean outside?

- I bet his mom still feeds him.
- That's right.

Enough. I told you to eat outside.

- Come on. That's enough.
- What's the reason?

- Come on, Banyu.
- What's the reason?

- Why should we change place?
- The spaghetti...

- Spaghetti...
- Where should we go then?


Hey, be careful.

- Are you hurt?
- Are you okay?

Look how lame he is.

- That's enough.
- That's okay.

- Let them be.
- Watch over Banyu for a minute.


What did you say before?

I said that your friend is retarded.

He shouldn't be here.

This place is not for him.

- Totally lame!
- Let's go home, that's enough.

Watch him.

- Retarded?
- Yeah!


Radin! Help!

- Don't hurt him!
- Radin!

That's Radin, Banyu.



- Let's go.
- Don't fight.


This is outrageous!

It must be those two, right?

I really don't know what to say.

When will you ever learn?

Out of all your friends,

why the abnormal one?

Why would you be with Kinara?

You should play with normal kids
just like you.

- Just like most kids.
- Mom!

I'm a grown up man, Mom.

I know who I should be friends with.

As an adult,

you should know better...

... how to act and stand in
for your late father.

I'm tired.

Being angry over the same thing
for the past 10 years.

Hey! What are you looking at?

I'm sweeping the floor, Ma'am.

What did the Doctor say, Mom?


We already talk to the doctor
about your progress.

As you both know,

your daughter has suffered
from this illness for a few years.

She has meningitis.

It's the inflammation
in the protective membranes...

... covering the brain
and spinal cord...

... commonly caused by infection.

In a weak physical state,

the nasopharynx microorganisms...

... can penetrate
the blood circulation...

... and spread across
the brain membranes,

the joints, and all over the body.

What do you mean by that, Doc?

This is the result
from her immune system test.

It's gradually decreasing.

The disease is growing rapidly.

Is there any option for her recovery?

Any means necessary,

wherever it takes,

no matter how much it costs,

I'll do it.

Her condition is influenced
by her immune system

So, the weaker her mental
and physical condition,

the stronger the virus
to attack aggressively.

It can lead
to a very serious condition.

Kinara needs to undergo
the next treatment.


it'll drastically deteriorate
her condition.

I need to tell you the way it is.

Why are you crying, Mom?

You should know since the beginning.

One day, I'll go.

I can't avoid the inevitable.

I know it's about time
for this to happen.

I know.

I know ít's not as simple as
the docter said...

... about my condition.

I know the doctor would say
the worst scenario...

... that could happen to me...

... and the time left for me.

I'm ready.

I'm ready.



Hello, Radin!

There's something you need to know.

What do you want?

Aren't you satisfied yet?

Listen to me.

Radin doesn't need you...

... or Banyu.

That's enough for you both
to be a burden to him.

Ten years.

Ten years is not a short time.

Stop taking advantage
of your condition...

... to win his heart.

You got it, Kinara?

Don't you ever call him again.

One down.

One more to go.


Where's your employer?

He's inside.

- Tell her to come here.
- Okay.

- Now.
- Yes, Ma'am.

- Radin!
- Come here!

- It hurts.
- Come here!

I'm here to talk to you.

You should know your place.

Since you were a kid,
you've been a burden for Radin.

I... Hey!

I gave birth to him and raised him
not to be your guard.

Or even your friend, Kinara.

- It hurts.
- Don't act stupid.

Don't expect to meet him again.

Remember that!


Radin! She's bad!

Stay away!


Are you okay?

- She's bad.
- Now you see it for yourself.

He could hurt me.

- He could also hurt you.
- Radin. She's bad.

Open your eyes, Radin!

Let's go home.

Radin! Don't! She's bad!


She's bad! Radin!

I want to watch Radin play.

You were the rascal
from the last game, right?

No, you can't go in. Stay here.

Help Radin!

He's gonna be okay, right?

He's gonna wake up, right?

Wake up, Radin!

Please wake up, Radin.

Please wake up, Radin.

Wake up, Radin!

Wake up, Radin!

Half past two.

What is it?




It's Radin.

Hospital. Granny.

Say it slowly, My Boy.
I can't understand you.

It's Radin. Hospital.

He fell down.

- Hospital.
- Which hospital?




What's wrong, Mom?

I know it's not the perfect time.

But you have to know.

It's about Radin.

- I won't do it.
- Be patient.

There's a doctor already.

Radin fell down.

I'm looking for my son.
His name Radin.

- That's enough.
- Let's go inside.

Nurse. Is Radin's family here?

It's you again.


Please take your grandson away
from here.

Are you a relative
of a patient named Radin?

I'm his mom, Doc.

What's wrong with him?

Excuse me, but is there any history
of heart condition in your family?

My husband.

Ten years ago,
he died of a heart failure.

I see.
Based on this medical record,

your son had a heart failure...

... and he needs to get
an immediate heart transplant.

Come on.

I don't want to go out. Let's get in.

We better talk inside.

Please come in.

- Let's go home.
- Granny. It's Radin.

You want it? Just take one.

- Excuse me, Nurse. Sorry.
- Radin's sick. He fell.

Sorry, Ma'am.

It's better for your son to have
a heart transplantation right away.

Otherwise, it would be too late
for us to save your son.

That's why in the meantime
he'll stay in this observation room...

... until we get a matching heart donor
for your son.


It's okay if you want to cry.

Did you forget?

Back when you were a little kid,

you used to sleep on my chest,

then you would ask me
about the beat on my chest.

Thump, thump, thump.

You remember?

That means my heart is healthy.

Radin needs a healthy heart...

... just like mine.


Just like yours.

Healthy just like Mbok Tina's heart.

There, there.

Radin's heart...

is now dead?



There, there.

There, there.

It's okay to cry.

Just let it all out.

Let's sleep now.
I'm going to sleep here next to you.

Let's sleep.

That's alright. Let's sleep.

Sleep next to me.

Sleep now. Hug Radin.

Hug him, okay?

Hug him. I'll hug you.

I'll hug my grandson.

That's alright, Dear.

Close your eyes now and rest

There, there, stop crying

My son, my handsome boy

The sound of your crying

Fills a mother's heart with worry

Look, the moon is full and shining

As if the evil giant is restless

He's looking for a crying boy

- Everything is completed, Ma'am.
- Yes.

Thank you.

- Radin.
- Hi, Mom.

Thank you, Sir. Please, let me.

Let's go home.

Ma'am. You left something.

What's that?

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Sir, let's stop by at Granny's house.
I wanna see Banyu.







It's Radin.



Granny Widia.


Granny, it's me, Radin.

Granny Widia.

I want to meet Banyu.


As we all know,
Indonesian Science Council recently...

... organized a science competition
for public for the first time.

The third place
with highest score of 87,4 points...

... Is Sandy Sriwahyuni
from Surakarta.

In second place with 91,7 points...

... is Aldi Harra from Palembang.

The first place
with the highest score 98,9 points...

... is Banyu Anggoro from Jakarta.

Banyu Anggoro was more
than a person with autism,

he was also a heart transplant donor
for his best friend.


Oh God.

To my best friend, Radin.
I want to give my heart for you.

My name is Banyu.

Granny said since I was a little kid,
I love playing with water.

Granny said
water has a beautiful meaning.

Because water always gives life...

- ... to others.
- You are clean now.

Banyu means water.

So, Banyu will give a life to Radin.

He's fatally injured.

There's no possibility
for any medical help anymore.

But his heart still works healthily.

All of his organs were ruptured
due to the impacts and trauma.

For now, his life depends
on the respiratory support...

... to maintain the function
of his heart.

You may see the potential donor
and his family.

Help me, Ma'am.

I'm begging you.

Forgive me, Ma'am.

You are my only hope.

Help me.

It's not me.

It's Banyu.

He already gave it...

... even before you asked for it.

- Are you waiting for Banyu?
- Yes, I am.

You want to play with Radin?

Go ahead.

Be careful.

Granny, we're leaving.

- Thanks for the catapult.
- You're welcome, Granny.

- Be careful.
- We will.


The anaesthetic?

Is this your drawing book?

You do like drawing, huh?

Anyway, Banyu.

It's for you.

I'm going home now.

Make a fist.

Well. Thank you.

I'm going home now.

- We're leaving now, Granny.
- Yeah.


- Don't worry. I'll watch over him.
- Keep him safe please.

- Banyu.
- Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you.


Not now.

Let me do it. Take off your hat.

You should wear a helmet on the road.

Not hat.


Close your eyes now

And rest

My grandson

My handsome boy

- Dear.
- It's Banyu, Mom.

It's Banyu.

Forgive me.

That night
Banyu didn't hurt me at all.

I was the one who pushed him.

I'm the wrong one.

My grandson...

... will always be with you both.

Banyu look at that.