Dancing in the Dust (2003) - full transcript

When forced to divorce his wife by family and social pressure because her mother is a prostitute, Nazar (Khodaparast) works double shifts to pay back the loan he took out for his impulsive wedding and to pay some ongoing restitution to his sweet jilted bride, Reyhaneh (Kosari). When he falls behind in the payments he flees the police and ends up in the desert with an uncommunicative old man (Gharibian) who catches poisonous snakes for their venom. These two are forced to coexist in the desert, because Nazar is unwilling to return to the city and wants to catch snakes to make enough money to settle his debts. His verbose, chattering annoys the reticent old man until Nazar's life is endangered.

In the name of God.
This is me, that's you. Our heart is together but we're far from each other.
- How many times should put them in order?
Put them in a way that it he good in every respect . We he together too.
Give a marriage loan, sir. - Do you have a guarantor?
Turn it down, your dad came. - Come and sit down.
I'm late. -Why have I hired these ?lms and systems?
We are here till morning.
First, I should go to class. Second, my mom is alone at home.
Firstly your mom isn't a kid, is she? Secondly, how you
want to work even if you take your licentiate's degree?
Love is this. They are dancing on broken glasses.
Can you do such these actions? - Getaway! I can't dance.
Don't dance. Would you walk on glasses because of me?
- By shoes, yes!
[Call m prayer]
Why don't you open the door?
I-Ii. - I-Ii, hi.
You sulk at this age. Surely your praying is accepted!
I swear by Koran if you go to paradise. - Yes, you go to paradise.
?Thy not?! Now you sulk forever
I hope that the food you eat here may not enjoy it.
Don't eat free of cost. work too.
bring money to your home, may not enjoy it
It's unlawful. I don't eat.
- Don't behave in a way that your father curses you.
He curses me, I curse him. He wants to go to paradise.
He's your father. - I'm his child too.
Now go to the court. God willing his behavior will become good too!
I don't divorce. -Don't do something that I curse you like your father.
Everything is unlawful at this home! Milk, bread.
That's good that I didn't eat your milk more that two months.
So why did you take time from court? - I don't divorce.
Don't you like me at all? - Why don't you understand what I say?
Her mom is bad, she is good herself. Do you believe in God?
Come and read Koran to see what has been written in.
Prophet "Nouh" was good, his mother was good too...
Why was his child had? Is he had because his son was had?
They're not related to each other. Take and read it, take.
I made a mistake that I fell in love. That one who curses me...
Doesn't say that what happens if divorce this girl He becomes unlucky, unlucky...
What should I say to God in hell that why Mr
."Nazar" you divorced her to become unlucky?"
What should I say? I-Ia?
Say because of my mother's milk. God forbid!
You instead of God is this answer convincing?
You will he sent to hell too. - I curse you if you don't divorce her.
Go to hell if divorce her. go to hell again
if don't divorce her. So what should say?
Don't cry.
Tell "Reyhaneh" to come. - What for?
She knows herself. - She should repent for his silly act.
Why do you answer in this way? I didn't insult you, did I?
Do it. -Why? I say tell Mrs. "Reyhaneh" that I want to talk with him.
What do you ?rant from her? - ?rant to take her somewhere
Cinema. -Specify her situation instead of going to cinema.
She has no situation.
So what's this court subpoena?
I empty one room for you to live here. - we don't live here.
Live wherever you want. - We live no where.
Can you give her marriage portion? - No.
Come and live. When you worked and had money to give her, then divorce her.
Now call her
I don't let that you deceive her and divorce
her with out paying his marriage portion.
Don't let tomorrow. Now isn't tomorrow. Now is now.
She's still my wife. I want to take her to cinema.
Open the window.
What do you want me? - I'll tell you.
Now say - say.
It's a private thing, here is noisy.
We go to cinema and eat a sandwich, then we talk together.
What about?
"Reyhaneh", you're my wife.
believe in you more than others. Say that...
Are the things that people say about your mother true or not?
How many times do you ask? - You answer once.
You don't tell me what they say. - It's had. I can't say.
Is it true? "Reyhaneh", look what I say. - I should go.
I want to talk with you. I don't know what
to do with this paper. You instead of me.
My parents are your parents. Your mother is my mother...
Upon "Reyhaneh?s" life I do everything that you say...
If you say divorce, two days later we'll go to court. If not tear it here.
Be quiet. -What would you do if you were instead of me?
I-Ia, what would you do if you were instead of me?
Would you divorce? -No.
Would you marry? So what about your parents?
Do you like that they die from hectic fever?
No. - Why don't you understand what I say?
You're good yourself. But I can't close my eyes
and don't hear anything forever. People say...
Her mother dresses up and cars pick her up.
Stop, sir. I get off.
Then they inject snakes poison to a horse and
it produces antitoxin in horses blood that...
Is for our treatment.
They have injected poison to this horse and it's shocked.
Don't scatter ?rater - OK, OK.
Take it in. - "Sir", Control it.
How are you, Mr. "Nazar"? - Hi.
OK, I'll come now.
[Azari Music]
Don't spoil yourself.
Let him sing. I'm heavy hearted. - You're heavy- hearted unduly.
You divorced your wife. So what's the matter again?
- I didn't divorce.
You didn't?! So why have you left here for a month?
"Reyhaneh" is good herself. - Her mom had been good too.
Ask me.
When you divorced her, give her mom's address.
I would meet her when I want to leave.
How old is she?
What's the matter with you?
Go out. What's the matter?
Go out.
Where, You didn't give her mom's address.
I-Ii. - I-Ii. Did you come?
You said yourself. - Where is your Mom?
I came softly. - You mean that you want to divorce?
?Thy don't you say anything?
- It's impossible, "Nazar". How can we live together?
What about your parents?
If you don't divorce me now, you'll do it later.
"Reyahaneh", come and sit here. Now that you came late, thought a lot
Sit here. I don't divorce. Just on one condition. -What Condition?
All of these problems are because of your Mom. Aren't they?
Promise that you forget her. - She'll die from solitude.
So my Mom will die if l don't divorce you.
Listen to what I say. Let's go to another country.
Another city, somewhere that no one knows us. Is that good?
What about my mom?
She's my mom.
You know that I love you. So why do you annoy me?
I go. - What?! Sit and listen what I say.
I'm a human being too.
Be quiet.
- ?That?! Wait " Reyhaneh ". ?rant to talk with you
What's the reason of your divorce?
It's private. - We don't have any private thing here.
Last time you said that you don't understand each other.
Yes, you're right. - What about you?
I don't like her, Mr. Haji.
Don't you like her?!
I don't like him too, Mr. Haji. - What about your marriage portion?
He can't give. - You mean that you don't want?!
Yes, she wants. You want it.
So ?rst pay it then come. - I don't have.
So what's your problem? - Can't pay by installments?
Do you want that I give you time to think.
Then come and see what you want to do.
No, Mr. judge. - So your last decision is divorce.
Only it should be paid by installments
Sir, come and sit in front of the car that this lady sit behind. Get off.
Did I make a mistake, Mrs. "Reyhaneh"?
How do you want to pay your installments? -I work.
Come, dear.
We go if you let.
I want to come to work hut the engineer didn't accept
I divorced her.
I enjoyed.
You have divorced, haven't you?
- Yes, Mr. Engineer. It has been written in the paper.
So what's that in your hand?!
You can't come to work if you he absent next time.
- Can I work here at nights too, Mr. Engineer?!
Both day and night. - I've given you one job forcedly.
But have to give my marriage installments and
pay divorce installments to the court too.
If work both day and night, can only pay my divorce installments to the court
Come this time regular. Can I stay here at night, Mr. engineer?
Mr. Moradi, come to building number two.
Take them and put them in the box then put it behind the car.
Me?! - So why did I told you come here?
[Voice of singing melody]
Amri, Amri.
So why aren't you at work?!
If the engineer sees you this time, he'll
- Did you hear?
Amri, Snake sellers are rich too.
If they stay alive, yes.
How much does each snake cost? - They are different.
From 5 tomans to 40, 50 tomans. Why?
Amri, how many snakes can we take each month?
You can't do it. That time I took you to the snakes
room from behind the window you were so afraid...
Now do ?rant to take the snakes in the desert?
- can pay "Reyhaneh's" installments with the money get here.
Don't worry for her. Her mother's income is more than taking snakes.
Do you have "Mr.Nazar Moradi"? I have his arrest order.
"Nazar Moradi" to guarding.
I don't know "Mansoor." - So how do they have your arrest order?
"Mansoor"? - Aha.
Aha, "Mr.Javad." - Who is he?
He is my relative. - So why has he come to take you?
He's the one who stood guarantor for my marriage loan.
How many of your installments haven't you paid?
All of them. How should pay?!
Because of that, they've come to take you.
- You haven't paid and they have taken from him.
Don't know how they found here! - Give up these things.
If the engineer understands, he will dismiss you.
- Go and tell him. Go.
He doesn't go.
- Go and say I'll pay it till the ?rst day of next month.
He had come once to our house with an officer.
My mom besought a lot till he went.
This time he'll take me. - So why didn't you tell me anything?!
I thought he can't ?nd here I don't go
home at nights that he doesn't come there.
What do you ?rant to do now'?
- Who will pay "Rehyaneh's" installments if go to jail?
You made us mad with your " Reyhaneh".
Where? - I have to go with them.
Do you want to go to jail?!
I swore to pay his money. He has a family too.
You can't pay his money if you go to jail. You stay here.
- I can't work here in this way too.
Come here...Come here...
Escape! - No, it's not true.
Is it true if you go to jail?! Can you pay his money in this way?!
Let's Go.
" Nazar Ali Moradi" To Gaurding.
Will you sell this ?lings to us to put trumperies in it?
I go home with it at nights and come hack in the morning.
Won't stay alone in this desert at nights
Shall I assort its money?
What do you say " I love you" in Turkish?
- I love you?
I love you is 3 kinds, one is the way that Turkish people say
There's one kind that people who have come to Tehran say...
High-class people say: " I love you."
What do you say? - Me, I say I love you a lot.
Ouch! Why do you hit?! You've made a
mistake What have I done that you hit me?!
So what's going on now? Have I stolen anything from you?
Go and search!
These are my pockets too.
What's the matter with you? How stupid you are!
You brought me here yourself, Why do you hit me?!
Where shall I go?
Follow the car and get off - With this foot. In this desert?
It's dark half an hour later... so reach me somewhere.
How crazy he is!
Let me stay here till morning. I'll go myself when the sun rose
[ Song]
Do you see these things? I'll give you all
of them instead take me near the road.
I'm dying from cold, "Haji."
Aren't you a human being?! I made a mistake, you excuse me!
You forgive me. You set me free in this desert. I'm dying from fear...
Come out and see how cold it is!
Open the door that I come in.
Made a mistake. I'll go tomorrow. Dear " Haji...
"Haji" The fire is quenched. What shall do
Only its pair he like each other. These are pairs.
These are pairs too. These two are here too.
How much is it? - 30 and odd tomans
Both of them? - So all of them?!
Two of them.
Don't you have anything that both of them cost 20, 25 tomans?
Not gold. - So what do you have?
Silver. - There's no difference between its gold and silver.
Only I want them to he the same.
Is it beautiful? - It's loose for me. It wants a belt.
Haji" Do you sell belts too
"Haji ", What's the matter with you?
Oh, God.
- You don't feel good. I know driving a little.
Do you want to go to a doctor?
Why don't you go home at nights?
Haji", This is your match..
"Haji"! Your match.
" Haji ", "Haji"...?!
" Haji ", "Haji"...?!
" Haji ", "Haji"...?!
" Haji " '3!
Why do you hit when I say something?
I came to give your match hut you were not.
said maybe you've died. Because you didn't feel well last night.
I said maybe something has happened for you.
Or you've gone to desert and wolves have torn you.
Did I make a mistake that I followed you?
Now only tell me how go. don't ?rant to stay here. Where is here?
How far is the road? Which side should I go when I reached the road?
I broke your car window to see where you are.
Don't follow me and hit me now too...
I'll shatter if you move. Listen carefully
talk for five minutes then I'll go...
I have nothing to say. I only want to stay here.
You pay money for the glass. Then you go.
- It's certain that I pay...
But have no money now.
I'm not userer. I'll come back one day and give your money if go now...
Don't boil that egg unduly too.
I don't eat it till I don't pay its money...
Why Should I go?
I stay and work here. I take snakes and
give your money hack I-Ia? What do you say?
?Thy do you boil only one egg?
Sell me two eggs too.
I haven't eaten anything from yesterday... I'm hungry too.
Boil two eggs for me too.
This is its money.
Didn't come here myself "Haji God ?ranted that come here.
Otherwise, would be picked up by another one's car..
You don't like me. But you like God. So make me happy.
You believe in God, don't you?
It's true that you don't pray. But know that you believe
Of course I won't pray too. But I have a private problem here.
I'll pray later if it he solved.
Isn't a bathroom near here "Haji?
All say that I'm an interesting man.
All the people laugh when I talk in the street...
If stay here, you won't be alone
won't come back if my private problem gets solved...
I swear by Koran, Upon "Reyhaneh's" life, I'm here its next day.
What's your name? I'll ?nd a good name for you if you don't say it yourself.
I tell you that I don't feel lonely here.
You are like my father too.
But he talks more than you. His name is "Mr. Heydar".
"Mr.Heydar", let me tell you my last word.
Then Iwon't go from here too.
You have understood it yourself.
Do you know what love is? You don't know?!
It's not certain that how many years you
have seen snakes in this desert till now.
Because of that you don't know what love means
hut I'll say now in order that you understand.
I love my wife, Of course my ex- wife.
But what the difference is?! I still love her!
So do anything to pay her installments
I can do only this thing for her.
So won't go from this desert. You'll teach me
how to take a snake Don't try to answer me too.
From now on, we are each other's friend and partner
Excuse me. I thought it's water.
"Mr.Heydar"! Drink your tea not to get cold.
Don't go Haji. It'll come out now.
You spent a lot of opium for it since the noon
"Haji"! Don't 8
It came out "Mr. Heydar." I took it "Mr. Heydar."
This one is for you Mr. Heydar.
Wait! Don't leave me here.
I go from here. I made a mistake Mr. Heydar.
You take me to the road yourself.
What have I done with you?! Why do you annoy me so much?
You forced me to divorce my wife. I went to work.
You caused me to escape. Then you sent me here.
w I'm here, in the desert. What do you want from me?! Let me g
You made me unlucky... I know that I'll die here
tonight Why don't you kill truly if you want to kill?
Why don't you kill, "Heydar?" What had I done with him?
I gave him tea too.
You haven't known me yet.
Let me see you.
why did you return?!
You've made a mistake that I go from here. You go yourself.
Don't talk nonsense. Tomorrow morning I'll take you near the road myself.
I'll put two snakes on you if you come here.
- Don't frighten me from a snake...
I took that snake that you couldn't take it. That's there.
A dead snake is good for your mom. - Do you want to he beaten again?!
Come and take the snake that is in the car.
But don't come here again.
What do you think? I'm not a begger.
I take ten snakes here and give them to you free of cost.
I've spent a lot of opium for them. Then you want to kill them?!
Don't cast your opium money in my teeth...
Don't look ad me this ?ray.
I'll go and tell all that you have opium if get mad
I'll kill you if you touch my snakes.
- Oh, So you can kill people too! What else?!
I've killed a person that I'm here. - You're telling a lie.
See "Reyhaneh", when God is like this, its slave is like that...
That who would order its prophet to he kind
to people, is more cruel than others...
Why is it alive? To serve us out.
Excuse me.
Thanks "Mr.Heydar". Thank you...
Bravo "Mr. Heydar." I said that it will knock you out now...
I've learned how to take a snake..
Only I didn't memorize that part that you sang. Sing again.
Where were you last night?
- It's surprising "Mr.Heydar". You asked about our health.
So you want to stay.
Rent your trumperies. How much should pay?
"Mr. Heydar." IfI don't take one...
swear by Koran, Upon "Reyhaneh's " life, I'm not
a man if don't go from this desert before night
Thank you Mr. "Heydar." I'll pay your money when I sell my snakes.
I take snakes from this large desert...
You didn't say one thing "Mr. Heydar." Where
should I take snake from in this large desert?
That is a sin to it. I think it's female.
Can you tell me the place of another snake?
I swear you to come near. Don't disgrace me. Come near.
"In the name of God."
I took it "Mr. Heydar."
I took it. I took a snake "Mr. Heydar" I took.
Oh, my hand...my hand is burning...
Oh, my hand...
Oh, my hand...
Oh, my hand...oh my hand...
Oh, my father...oh my hand...
Oh, my hand...
Oh, my hand...my hand...my hand...
Bring your hand down that its poison doesn't enter your blood.
Oh... - Close your eyes!
What do you want to do?
Its poison will go to your heart and you won't
stay alive more than 10 minutes if don't cut it.
Where are you going?
- Wait some minutes. You'll fall and die there.
I don't want to die. I don't want.
So come that I cut it. - No, no...
"0 Ahol-Fall", "0 Ahol-Fall"!
Come and Cut it.
What did you do to my ?nger?! What happened for my ?nger?
Oh, my ?nger is so painful...
Oh, oh, oh, oh, my ?nger. Oh, my father. Oh, oh...
Oh, my ?nger. My ?nger, oh...
Eat to he quiet!
When do we reach, "Mr. Heydar?"
It's painful. It's burning. - Don't pay attention to it.
How? - Say something.
What shall I say?
Tell me about your wife.
What was her name?
"Reyhaneh". Did you suffer pain because of her?!
Yes. - Who is this daughter?
Does she know that you're here because of her?
- No.
So why do you do such actions? - I like her.
I-Ia? - I like her.
What does that mean? - It means I like her.
You've divorced her. She's not for you. - What's the difference?
Doesn't it differ when she isn't for you?
-No, What's its difference?
You're telling a lie. - No.
What about if you go and see she's married?!
Then you'll understand whom you're sacri?cing for!
I hope that she marry a good man, not like me.
Do you rave? - My hand is so painful. Go faster, "Mr. Heydar." "O Ahol-fazl"!
Why did you divorce her? - They forced me.
Who? - All.
Because of her mother. - What was her mother's problem?
People would say that she wasn't a good woman.
They would say or she wasn't good?!
It's good that you divorced her soon.
I knew from the beginning. - Since when?
Before our marriage.
It's dying.
Hell with it! - Why did you bring it?
It's necessary in the hospital.
Do you really want to take me to the hospital?
Rst, ?ranted to put you in the road. But now I'll take you myself
Why? - That you don't die.
Does it differ for you?
l-lave you really killed any one?
who has said? - you, last night.
Can't do it? - yes!
So certainly, I' I've killed. - have you killed a person?
You' re not like a killer - So what am like?
to your behavior
Whom have you killed? - A person.
I suffocated him by rope.
'Why? - don't remember why
Is it possible to kill someone then we don't know why we have killed?!
Is your hand good? - Don't remind me.
Was she beautiful? - Who?
Very. - Did she love you?
Yes. - What had she liked about you?
Didn't understand myself. - You would ask her.
Asked once, she didn't answer - ?Thy?
Women are like this.
Do you have a wife?
I had. - Did you kill your wife?
No. - So where is she now?
Don't know. - ?That does it mean?
I'm unaware of her - Is it possible?!
When ?Pas sentenced to eternal imprisonment, didn't see her .
- So why are you free now'?
I escaped.
Wish you would let me die
I'm tired of this world
You shouldn't kill yourself how much you're tired -?Thy did you kill him?
Because of her. - What had he done?
He expected to my wife.
Only this?
Yes. - Did you like her?
At ?rst, yes. - What about after that?
No... - So why did you keep her picture?
Was she treachery to you?
No. . . - So what?
I killed someone because of her. But she left me when I went to prison.
Hell with it!
It's the first time that see a finger should be cut because of a snake sting.
I could only do that for him in that desert.
Know that snake. - How many hours is it?
It's 2 or 3 hours. - Take him to hospital very soon
Madam, freeze this ?nger.
Is it possible to connect his ?nger? - It depends to doctors diagnosis.
Mr. "Azhdari" to surgery one.
Sir, turn it off.
Are you his attendant? - Yes.
Here is private. can't pay your child's costs of surgery.It's a lot
You don't have money to pay too.
- How much time do have to prepare its money?
Hi, "Zakeri". The patient you sent for grafting
of finger doesn't have money to pay...
They say how long they have time
Madam, Madam...
I have pain.
Didn't see her when went to prison
don't like her
Divorce her whenever you worked and had money to pay her marriage portion.
Her mom is bad, she's good herself. Do you believe in God?
Where? You didn't give her mom's address
What about your marriage portion?
From where? - Does it differ?
What's the matter with you?
I have pain.
Be careful, I go and say they come and put your name and address in your file.
Say his name and speci?cations.
Don't know anything, I' I've come to say that you
come upstairs and ask him everything you want.
Aren't you his father? - No.
Go upstairs . I' ll come now.
See that isn't he in toilets?
Where are you sir? Where is your patient?
Hi "Nazar", are you OK?
Is your mom home? - No.
Come, take.
What' s this? - Your marriage portion
What about your tailoring diploma? Did you take it?
I' ll take it
Come and take it and buy a sewing machine with it.
Work well and earn money for spending for yourself.
Have you bought the car recently? - Why?
Don't you know where could find its owner?
I haven?t seen him around here for along time.
Tell him that you wanted to come and take trumperies of taking snakes...
You didn't come, so we threw them here
If you see him, take these things there.
Haji, ?Pas a photo In these trumperies?
Maybe he?s taken it himself.