Dancing at the Blue Iguana (2000) - full transcript

Angel is a dancer wishing to adopt a child. Stormy is a dancer with a secret with her brother Sully. Jasmine is a poetess who falls in love with Dennis. Jo is a dancer who became pregnant and Jessie is a woman fighting to survive in Hollywood. The link between them is the fact that they dance at Blue Iguana, a strip-club managed by Eddie. Their personal dramas are the theme of this movie.

Yes, I'll hold.

Uncle Neil.

Hi. It's Jessica.

How are you?


Yeah. I'm in Hollywood.

So what have you been doing

for the past 5 years?


I miss you.

A lot.

When can I come and visit you?

Well, can you come and visit me?

I'd love it if you came
and visited me.

I don't care about that.

It doesn't matter anymore.

I just want to see you.

OK, I'll try.

Are you ready?

♪ Amazing grace

♪ how sweet the sound

♪ that saved a wretch like me ♪

♪ I once was lost

♪ but now am found

♪ was blind, but now I see ♪

Yes. OK.


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Hey, Heather, can I get a beer?

You got money?

I do.

Haven't seen you around
in a while.

Ain't been around in a while.

I've been keeping my eye on
the cover of rolling stone.

Ain't seen you there either.

Keep watching.


Excuse me.

Mr. Black cloud.

How you doing?


How are you?

I want to talk to you.

I want to talk to you, too.

Hey, Bobby.

Look at this one that
Paulina showed me.

I don't know how to get
into it very gracefully.

Yeah, that's... that's real sexy.

I like that.

You do?

Make sure this guy pays you

before you show him
any tit, though.

Are we open?

Yes, ma'am, we are open.

We are?

Look at the difference
between that eye and that eye.

That's like a half
a centimeter more.

And you can't put that out.

Anybody seen Jo?

No. I think she went outside.

She's probably out
sucking some guy's cock.

When she shows up,
you tell her to come in the office.

Tell her yourself.


Simone's going up for me.

Hey. Whatever happens outside
this club's none of my business,

but what happens in here
is my business.

If he gives you any shit,

I am in control.
I'm just trying to get unstoned.

OK. Hurry up.
You're up.

Hurry up
and get dressed, please.

Oh, fuck.

I'm getting signed
right now, so...


Like it's finally
turning around.

That's so good because
I need some money

because I need to be
able to get things

for the little boy that...
Or the little girl...

So, listen.

I really want
to party, you know?

OK. Could you just not party

for, like, a couple of days

because... and if we
meet with this lady

and you're not high
for a little while,

then she'll think that
we're both stable,

and you can tell her that
you're gonna get a deal

and you're just gonna
make a lot of money...

Am I gonna sign something?

Well, you might

but you could probably
use a fake name

if you know
the social security...

OK, wait.
So I sign something,

and you're gonna get
a full-grown child?

No. He would be,

like, a 6- or 7-year-old

I'll do it.

Thank you, Charlie.

Check this out, Bobby.


Yeah, Carrie Crawford?

Eddie hazell
from the blue iguana.

Right. Well, we'd like to get Nico in

for a party that we're
having down here next week,

and she would be,
she would be a great addition

to our program,
having her as a featured dancer.

She has time in her schedule?

Yeah. No.
We're real happy.

Well, look.
Why don't you give me a call back?

My number's 937-4444.

Eddie hazell.
Blue iguana.

OK. I'll talk to you then.

♪ Baby

this ain't gonna be cheap.

I ain't worried
about cheap, baby.

She's getting
300, 400 guys a night.

There's a reason why.

My my, we got us a full house.

How y'all doing?
Good, good.

Hey, girl.
How you doing?

That one's for you.
Come to my office later.

I got to talk to you.

That's for you, sweetie.

Thanks for your help.

I think she went outside.

Hey, baby.

Hey, Eddie.

What do you mean,
where the fuck have I been?

I'm right here.

My shit is here. What?

Thank you for the flower.

Where's my flower?

Your flower?

Jo, don't you think
it's ever gonna be

that easy.

You come in here late.

You come in here
acting up, smoking...

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

You can come get it
later on if you good.

I was sick, Eddie.
I was sick, OK?

Shut up, shut up,
you fucking hyena.

By the way, I would appreciate
it if you didn't, like,

get all over that black guy.

The black guy
with the jheri curl?

That's one of your regulars?

Oh, my god!
He's such a fucking freak.

You know, I would appreciate it

if you took that guy back

because he's just an asshole.

Let me give you
a suggestion, sweetheart...

She has to get to her locker.

You should get a tit job.


Give a big round of applause...

Shut up, you fucking psycho!

Get up.
Come here.

Is Jasmine.

I think I threw
my vertebrae out.

You know what.
Just take that money you...

Shut up.
Shut the fuck up!

I will suspend both of y'all.

Don't call my bluff.

Thank you.
It's just jealously.

♪ I wish I was a hunter

♪ in search of different food ♪

♪ I wish I was the animal

♪ which fits into that mood ♪

♪ I wish I was a person

♪ with unlimited breath

♪ I wish I was a heartbeat ♪

♪ That never comes to rest ♪

Here's your drink.
Thank you.

No, no, no.
It's on me.

Thank you.

♪ I wish I was a stranger

♪ who wanders down the sky ♪

♪ I wish I was a starship... ♪

Dude, do you believe that?

♪ In silence flying by

♪ I wish I was a Princess ♪

♪ With armies at her hand ♪

♪ I wish I was a ruler

♪ who'd make them understand ♪

I got my own.

Dude, right now,
I'm gonna show you

how it's done, all right, boys?


Here you go.

It's 10 minutes past 3:00...

And you're listening to L.A.'s
choice for today's sound.

A mellow 78 degrees...


Oh, fuck.
What time is it?

No. I forgot.

OK, I forgot.
No. I have it.

I have it.
I have it.

no. I'll be there.

I'll be there
in, like, 10 minutes.

All right.

Hey, Johnny.

Hey, how you doing?

You've got the money?

Yeah. Here you go.

What the fuck is this?

I told you 40.
I told you 40.

No, you didn't tell me 40.

You all right?

You all right?

I'll give it to you next week, OK?
See you later.

Fuck it.

♪ I just want you home again ♪

♪ ...has come and gone at last ♪

♪ I just want you home again ♪


You got them from in there?


$2.00 each.

You dance at the blue
iguana, right, right?

I just saw you there.


Jasmine, right, Jasmine?

Hi, Jorge.

Nice to meet you.

Good to meet you.

Yeah. I should be
there soon. Yeah.

Can I have my books?


Bye, handsome.
Say hi.

I will.

I didn't know you went
to strip clubs, man.

What are you talking about?

She's a stripper.

She comes to my poetry readings.

No. She dances at the blue
iguana, though, man.

She's a stripper.

Why don't you go
in the back and stack?

All right.

She said that
I was handsome, man.

Hey, it's a big day.

Yeah, this is Eddie hazell
from the blue iguana.

Right. I just wanted
to invite you down.

I got your card down here,

and I wanted to invite you down.

I'm Jessie.
Hey, Jessie. I'm Bobby.

I'm here for the audition.
Hi, Bobby.

Yeah, you're late.

I'm sorry.
I like your hair.

Definitely want you here.

Come on by and just
ask for Eddie hazell.

OK. Thanks.

Hello, Mr. Hazell.

Who are you?
My name's Jessie.

I'm here for the audition.

All right. Nice.

I like your glasses.

Thank you.

Fill this out.

Thank you.

Yeah. I danced at
cheetah's for 6 months.

Do you got a pen?
Here we go.

You got I.D.?

Actually, I don't have it on me.

It's at the apartment.

We're gonna
need to see some I.D.

We got all kinds of vice
people, a.B.C., coming in,

were you planning on
stabbing someone tonight?

It's just a joke.

This is soft.


Where'd you get this?



Put it on.

♪ You or I
could tell the story... ♪

Hi. I'm OK.
And you? Good.

♪ But attention fell

♪ before the lights
came on again ♪

♪ Without the sense of hearing ♪

♪ My thoughts are disappearing ♪

♪ And all time will tell

♪ is that anyone

♪ can decide

♪ I lost the fight...


We open up 7:00.

I'll put you in the lineup.

Don't forget your I.D.

Thank you, Eddie.

I'll see you tonight.

We run
a pretty tight joint here.

No drugs, no hand jobs.
No blow jobs, and no fucking.

You are so handsome.

Thank you.
Did anyone ever tell you that?

Yeah, I get it all the time.

Brad Pitt's got nothing on me.

I think you're a doll.

The word angle

is spelled a-n-g-l-e,

whilst the word angel
is spelled a-n-g-e-l.






How many nights?


It's 30 plus tax.

That is $34.20.

L.A. paper.

Listen and check your answers.

Practice saying them.

He wears a uniform.

He wears a uniform.

She's a pilot.

She flies all over the world.

She's a pilot.

Peter has two children.


In winter, Alice goes skiing,

and in summer, she plays golf.

Bernadette lives
in a flat in Paris.

Ladies and gentlemen,

she fell from the sky,
the celestial angel.

Portia, you got my negligee?

- You know, hi.
- You know, excuse me.

You're sitting
in someone's seat.

It's angel's seat,
so why don't you sit...

Yeah, sit in Jo's seat.

I'm Jessie, by the way.

Hi, Jessie.
I'm Jasmine.

You have beautiful lips.

Do you use collagen?

No. They're natural.

Hanging outside
in a green Cadillac?

I saw him.

Did you see him?

We ought to talk to Bobby about
that, get him to...

I saw him twice last week.

Stormy, did you see him?

Did you see him?

Is he there now?

Don't you remember
that guy last week

who followed me home?

Don't go out there though.

Don't go outside.
Just tell Bobby.

Just talk to him.
Tell him to fuck off

if he's there.


I don't fucking believe this.

New girl, Barbie,
you're sitting in my seat.

This is my seat.

You might notice that there's

stuff in front of it,

there's a jacket
on the back of it.

how could you let this girl

you have to find your own
space, sweetheart.

If youse find your own space,

we're all gonna get along.

Fucking guy's back again.

No way. He's back?

I'm telling you.

you know that guy who looks like,

who looks like colonel Sanders?

Which one?

Hey, bitch, you're up.

I just came offstage.

No, not you, cornflake.

I'm talking to Jasmine.

Jasmine, it's
your turn to go up.

I'm not going up.
I'm not even ready.

I have to let my rubber breathe.

It's Jo.
They're saying Jo.

What? They're not saying Jo.

I can't go up now.
I'm not ready.

I'll go.

You will?

You'll go for me?

You'll do that for me?

Hey, you're a really sweet girl,

you know that?

She's a new addition
to our dressing room.

She gets along with everybody.

We love little Jessie
here at the blue iguana.

Go on. Go on up.
You're gonna miss your... yeah.

And now making her stage debut...

She's young, she's
beautiful, she's perfection.

Ladies and gentlemen,
put your hands together

for Jessie.

♪ So here we are

♪ this is the time

♪ take off your clothes

♪ just like I'll take off mine ♪

♪ Lie down with me

♪ look in my eyes...

Just wondering.
Did you ever get her I.D.?

Yeah, I know who she is.

Talked to Billy.

♪ Angel

hey, man, that call
come from Nico yet, man?

Come on, Bobby.
You said you were gonna tell me, right?


I'm telling you.

♪ I waited many moons for now ♪

♪ I know you well

♪ let me show you how

♪ don't be afraid

♪ it's only me

♪ just close our eyes

♪ and be what we will be ♪


♪ Angel

Hi Eddie hazell, this is Nico.

So it looks like we're on, baby.

I'll be there.

You have my numbers. Bye.

- OK?
- Yeah.

You doing OK, kid?


Yes. Don't you worry.

My glasses?
My glasses.

Yeah. Why don't you
take them off?

We'll put them right here.

You can find them afterwards.

You can see OK without them.

All right, sweetie.
OK. How's that?

You want to see the bad side?

All right.

Here we go.

Oh, god.



Got any plans tonight?

Let's go.

♪ I'm the one that can't hide ♪

♪ Go step inside

♪ to make a mess

♪ I found wings tied
to your arms ♪

♪ No one's charms...

I don't have any money for this.

I'll make an exception.

♪ Make me overcome

♪ all fears

Listen to this.

That's not the message I saved.

"I realize our ancestral humor

"goes to common
longing and resistance.

"I know the efforts
you will not make

"until you are ready to accept

I am not a war."

That was great.

Great job.
Thank you, Fiona.

You know, I forgot
to mention earlier.

We put some fliers on the chairs

referring to the upcoming
poetry slam

as you know,
it is the most important poetry event

so be sure to
check it out, all right?

Now, without further ado,

I'd like to bring up
Sophie delvaux,

whose latest collection Autumn sopranos,

will soon be published by
the hubcap poets library.


Dream boat.

"Sleep is a boat moored
in this room at night

"and again at dawn.

"In between,
it journeys over the world,

"travels inside the skin
of things,

"moves out over the stars,

"comes sailing into port,

its cargo images..."

You never read.


So what's that on your paper,

your laundry list or something?

Well, maybe you should come
and read your laundry list.

"And places, palaces, faces."

Maybe not.


Hey, baby.

Hey, stormy.

Don't know a Marie
Hughes, do you?

Marie Hughes?
Ring a bell?

I don't know.
Some attorney type dropped it off...

10 minutes ago.

Said make sure she gets it.

I'll give it to her.

I'll give it to her.
Do you know who it is?

Yeah. It's it's me.


Fan mail?

Use your stage name,
not your real name.

You hear me?

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

I think I'm pregnant.

No, you're not.

Yeah. Look at this.

What the fuck is that?

That means that it's right
when you're pregnant.

Where did you get this?

In the bathroom.

I was peeing in the bathroom,

and I found it
beneath the toilet.

Did you piss on it?

Well, I was standing...
I was, you know, hovering

because the toilet is gross,

so I was peeing,
and then I looked down,

and I saw this right
beneath the toilet,

and I... I think
I might have, like,

dribbled on it or something.

There's piss on it,
and I might have been...

I might have dribbled
on it because...

Who you fucking?

Well, nobody right now, but i...

I heard on the discovery channel

that sperm can live
a really long time.

When's the last time
you fucked anyone?

Like 6 or 7 months.
It's not yours.

No, honey.
That's not mine.

See? It's mine.
No, it's not. It's not.

Girls, this isn't yours?

Ange, honey, you know what?

You know, you didn't piss on it.

Well, I've been wanting
to get pregnant.

Hey Jessie, is this yours?

Get your hands off of my shit

for one minute, Jessie.

I'd appreciate it.

Jasmine, it may have piss
on it or not because i...

That's the thing!

Ange, don't.
Why do you want to keep it

if someone pissed on that?
It's not yours.

OK, kids, going uptown!

Stormy, what do you get
for a blow job?



Why? Just make it...
Just give it to me.

Jo, is this yours?

What is it? Look.
Hello? It's a...

What do you think it is?

I don't know what
the fuck it is.

What is it?
It stinks.

Get it away from me.

Sit down.

Sit down.

Are you pregnant?


Are you pregnant?

Do I look like I'm pregnant? No.

I'm not pregnant.
What's going on?

Because angel found it,

and she thinks it's hers,

but it's obviously not hers.

Well, if angel found it,

it's probably hers.

Angel, honey, are you pregnant?


Jo! Angel!

You'll make such a good mother.

Just don't leave
the baby in the park, OK?

Jo, sit down.

Will you look at me?
Are you pregnant?


How late are you?

I'm not late.

I'm not late. I'm not late.

OK. So she's not pregnant.

Will you just leave your
hands off of my pills?

What the fuck is the matter
with you people?

How late are you?

I'm not late, OK?

All right. I got...

Can't... give me this.

All right.
What's that mean?

It means you're pregnant.

It's a... it's a plus.

That is a little blue
plus sign right there.

All right, sweetheart.
I'm not a moron.

I read the box, OK?

All right.
It's a plus sign, OK?

Are you gonna keep it?

No, I'm not gonna keep it.
I'm gonna throw it away.

That's disgusting.
What do you think?

No. You know I think,
what happened is I got a defective e.P.T.

Because it was in my...

It's so beautiful.

Honey, they have
a doctor in culver city

that can take care
of it, all right?

OK. Yeah. All right.

Can you make
an appointment for me?

Because I don't want
to carry it around.

It's OK. It's OK.

Hey, Bobby.

Bobby, have you seen Charlie?

Yeah, I've seen him.

He gave me a tip.

Fucking asshole.

I have to arrange
something with him.

You really want to know?

Yeah. Why?
What happened?

Come on. Let's go for a smoke.

Why? What happened?

Asshole! God!
The motherfucker!

I mean,
what am I supposed to do now?

He told me that he was gonna
come to the meeting with me.

I get him something,
and then he was gonna be my fiancé,

and he made me a promise.

He told me to my face.

He said, "I'm gonna
come with you,"

and then he goes off with
the first fucking little...

Well, you need the leech?

Here. Here.
Calm down.

Oh, fuck, and I need him
to show that I'm, like,

you know, a whole person who's gonna
get married and stuff so that...

Sit down.
Sit down. Sit down.


You can do a lot better
than Charlie.

Some kid's gonna be real
lucky to have you as a mom.

See, he wasn't even
gonna be there with me.

He was just gonna go
to the interview.

Now what am I gonna do?

Give me that fucking tip
he gave you.

What the fuck you doing?
That's my money.

That's my money!

That's Charlie's money.

You can have this.


Tell you what.

And I'll give you
a ride home, all right?

I'll love you
a long time, Bobby.


Miss Willow?
You can come in now.


Miss Willow,

why do you want
to foster a child?


because I really love children

and I really feel
that I could give them

a safe and happy place to be

while they're waiting
for their parents

to get out of rehab or jail.

These... sometimes
the kids do come

from very disturbed backgrounds,

and it's important to have a
safe and secure environment

and someone with an open mind.

Yeah. I have a very open mind.

It says "the hand of
friendship has no color."

Like, I don't look
down on Michael Jackson

for changing the color
of his skin.

We have people in my building

that are... there's 3 lesbians

living in one apartment,

and all of them sleep
in the same bed,

and they're, like,
the most normal people

they're... even though
they sleep together,

they're so nice.

I'm sure they...

Actually, you live
in the same building,

so this is an apartment on...


No. It's right around
the corner from whitset.

That was the direction.

OK. So...

OK. And so, how long have
you lived in Los Angeles?

6 years? And where
did you grow up?

So you moved here from Oklahoma?

Well, no, i...
I was in las Vegas.

What were you doing in Vegas?

I was engaged.

Did you get married?

I would have,
but he didn't want to marry me

because I...

He was a very wealthy man,

but he had some character flaws.

Some char... well, like,
what kind of character flaws?

He liked really young women.

I can't imagine him finding
someone more younger

or attractive than you.

Well, thanks,
but when I turned 25,

I was just kind of kicked out.

Do you have
a significant other now?

That Charlie.

He's my fiancé,

and he was gonna
come with me today,

and I know you might be
worried that he's not here,

but he has a big record deal,

and they needed him in New York

because he might be doing some
music with yanni

or some other people.

That's very...
That's very soulful.

It's very soulful.

What do you...

What do you fear most in life?

What does that bring up for you?

Not being able to live.

And what about the most
pleasurable thing?



Miss Willow...

What do you think...

What do you think
you can give a child?

Well I have a Teddy bear

that I had when I was a kid,

and i... i... i...

I make a really good
fluffernutter sandwich.

You are... you're...
You're very charming.

I want you to
understand something.

Fostering a child
is not a hobby,

and it's not like an activity...

Oh, no. I know.

It's very... it's serious.

It's an occupation,

a commitment that
you're gonna make.

I... I have too many
hobbies already.


Jo, would you look at my ass?

There's something in it.

It stinks. Is it
warts or something?

No, it's not.
No, sweetheart.

You just cut your
asshole, that's all.

You should just put
a little solvent... wait.

You might feel sorry for me

because I only made one dollar.!


Jesus, angel.

Way to go.

Put some aloe Vera
on that, Jasmine.

I've been thinking
about little Jo

because I think it would
be really easy to remember

because it's like your name.

And it would be good
for a girl or a boy.

♪ Don't take my soul

♪ not from me now

♪ don't send no roses

♪ my penance is due

hey. Can I just
get your attention?

Hello, Tiffany.
Party at my house.

Big party at my house
day after tomorrow

and sometimes people
can piss off people,

and the thing is...

For my foster kid the
day after tomorrow.

I'm gonna make a map for
everybody so everyone knows

how to get to my apartment, OK?

Remember these glasses?

I was wondering if

maybe you could hold them

while I...

I straighten it out
with the landlord.

Straight it out?

Those are... those were my wife's.

She loved them, and

it's the only memento
I got of her.

That's stormy.

Eddie, Harry left his
binoculars here for you.

Harry left these?



Hey, Desiree.


You OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Hi. It's room 208.

Yes. No, I am not going.

Yes. I stay one more night.

♪ Lift me like an olive branch ♪

♪ Be my homeward dove

♪ and dance me

♪ to the end of love

No problem.

Hey there.

You want me to get out
of your way?

You want me to go?

No. I ain't got nowhere to go.

Light me one, will you?

Yeah. Sure.

He's here, Bobby.



Your brother?


He wants me to go see him.


He's staying
at the sunset Hilton.

You know where that is?

Yeah. Yeah.

He's getting married.

He's gonna be a daddy.

You're gonna be an aunt.

Fuck you.

Fuck, no. I don't
want to see him.

How'd we do tonight?

Did all right.

Want some advice?

Wait till Christmas.

You buy them all
nice little gifts.

You go home.
You hug them.

You take a picture.
You go home.

I don't want any advice.

I want to see him.

'74 fleetwood.

We drove across the
country in that car.

I always wanted to do that.

Best memories of my life.

He's right there.

Right there.
My brother.

How do you know?

I know.

I know he's on

on the left side of the bed,

and he's smoking a cigarette,

and he's thinking.

I'm not going up.

I don't want to go up there.

You want to go back to my place?

No. Just, you know, take me back

to my car, all right?

All right.

OK. This is an excellent
guitar, so...

Thank you.

Baby, come here.

Here. Here.
Let me tell you.

You hear that sound?

Yeah. This is a '59
Gibson les Paul.

This... there is more history
behind this instrument.

You got to hold it
like a precious baby.

Oh, baby.

Think baby Jesus Christ.

Got the goods.

I am so proud of you.

Cash or...

Oh, cash.

It's cash.
Take that.

OK. Excellent.

Are you happy?

Thank you, honey.

♪ Dance me to your beauty ♪

♪ With a burning violin

♪ dance me through the panic ♪

♪ Till I'm gathered safely in ♪

♪ Lift me like an olive branch ♪

♪ And be my homeward dove

♪ and dance me

♪ to the end of love

♪ yeah, dance me

♪ to the end of love

♪ let me see your beauty

♪ when the witnesses
are gone... ♪

Ange, I got all this
really, really great stuff

at the 99 cent store,
and I thought... wake up...

And I got this really,
really great snorkel.

The kid can use it as
a snorkel in this pool.

That's so cute!

Where's Jo?
Where is everybody?

I think that everybody

had an appointment or something.

I haven't heard from anybody.

OK. You know that guy

who throws that shit up onstage?


So I think that we should
smoke it right now.

Yeah. Because
we need to organize.

We need to concentrate.

Oh, my god.
Did you move the couch?

Yeah. Because I'm working

on the feng shui.

What the fuck is feng shui?

It's... aren't you
from, like, Asia?

No. I'm from Seattle, honey.

Well, feng shui is like
the ancient oreal...

Oriental ritual of
decorating your house

where you move all
of your furniture

so that the chi...

Oh, my god.

Energy can go through the house.

It blows from one end
to the other.

OK. We can work with that.

- Ange...
- What?

It's a fucking sty in here.

I know.
I'm gonna...

I'm gonna... I'm
doing it right now.

I was just waiting for
everyone to get here.

Yeah. Well, where's
the kid gonna sleep?

He's gonna sleep in here,

and I'm gonna sleep
out on the couch.

He's gonna sleep on a
fucking heart-shaped bed?

I was thinking I would
turn it upside down,

and it would look
like a spaceship.

And you got to get rid
of this sheet.

Get him spaceship sheets.

Good idea.
That's a good idea.

Oh, my god. And you
have to fix this hole.

I'll tell Bobby to fix
this fucking hole.

We should make a list.

OK. Dictate.

Fix the hole.

Buy wallpaper.

Bobby will know where
to buy wallpaper.

He will?


Fix the air conditioning.

It's so fucking hot in here.

Well, I can't fix
the air conditioning thing

because there's some
rats living in it.

Angel, you can't live with rats!

No. We got to get rid of them!

Jasmine, don't.

What am I gonna do?
I'm not gonna kill them.

Yeah. You have to kill the rats.

We'll get Bobby
to kill the rats.

She's not gonna
let you keep the kid

I'm not... I won't keep the rats.

I'll put them at your house.

I am not keeping rats!

And we can just put it at
your house for the time being.

No, no! The kid needs
air conditioning,

she's not gonna let you keep
the kid if you have rats.

Well, I'm against killing them.

Sacrifice the fucking rats.

I'm hungry.

Maybe we should work
on the list outside,

and we'll work on our tans.

Do you want some pizza?


What kind do you want?

Because Mr. Sherman...
That, like,

100-year-old man always
looks... who's that?

That's my... my dad.

Your dad is Adam west?

Well, he's who I like
to think of as my dad.

But don't you think he
kind of looks like me?

Like, look at his jaw and
his mouth... it's just...

Even his whole nose and everything.
It looks...

Look at the... look.
If I stood this way?

You don't look like him.

It's OK. You don't
have to look like him.

Don't tell the lady
that your dad is Batman.


Ellen. Ellen Taylor.

And we'll call you
when we're ready.


Your name's Ellen?

That's what we want
to name the baby

after my husband's grandma.

It's kind of
an old-fashioned name,

but it's so pretty.

Excuse me, Ellen,

you can't smoke in here.

There's no smoking in here.

I'm sorry.

Because it's a doctor's office.

You know, you should probably
really seriously consider

stopping smoking
at this point, you know?

Well, I mean,
it's really bad for the baby.

I'm sorry. Ellen...

You might be able
to smoke outside,

but you can't smoke
in here, and it's...

Like I said,
it's really bad for the baby.

You know, a girlfriend of mine...

She went for acupuncture...

You know what?
I don't give a fuck

about the girlfriend
of yours, OK?

Everybody doesn't
have a happy, cheerful,

chirpy life like
you do, all right?

OK? Everybody's not here
to have a baby.

Some of us... fuck you!

Fuck you, bitch!

Some of us are here
to have abortions!

Did you ever think of that?

Did you ever think of that?

Did you ever think of that?

Did you ever think of that?

No. Because you don't think.

You just rattle on and on

about your happy little husband

and your happy little
grandmother named Ellen,

and you don't give a fuck

about other people!

You have a problem, lady.

You think you're the only person

with reproductive organs?

I'm gonna have
this fucking baby.

I'm gonna have this baby,

and my baby is gonna sell drugs

to your baby on the playground!

You know that?
You fucking bitch!

Oh, my god.

What the fuck is that?

Oh, my god.

Who are these for?

These are for angel.

Who are they from?
Is there a card?

Well, the driver said
he wasn't allowed

to tell me who paid for them.

What are you...

What are you talking about?

They're from a funeral parlor.

They're for... I'm not dead.

But they look like they're big.

These are so beautiful.

Nice, angel.
You scored.

Oh, my god.

Well, who are they from?

Driver said
he wasn't allowed to tell me.

Did they give a card?

Jimmy, did they give a card?

No, no, no. I don't
know nothing else.

They're... I bet
they're from Dale.

You know, the guy
with the bald head.

The really sweet big man.

He's, like, kind of nerdy.

Yeah. But sometimes
those nerdy guys...

You don't know, they're,
like, from silicon valley.

He's a poor nerd.

No, no, no.
He's just poor.

Well, I'll see you later.

Angel, it's, like, 200 bucks.

Like, 300 bucks.

So I have, like,
an independently wealthy secret admirer.

Maybe they're from Charlie.
You never know.

His record deal
might have come through.

Just kidding.

Just kidding, sweetie.

Oh, my god, I can't believe it.

I know. It's, like...
I'm, like, so lucky.

We're gonna kick it
into the next gear right now

because coming to the stage
is our resident wild child.

It's Jo!

Come on, girl!

Yeah, do it!

Get on that pole!


Right here!

Get on that pole!

Jo, it's enough.

Dave, Dave, get over here.

Get her off the stage!

What the fuck
is the matter with you?

What the fuck
is the matter with you?

What the fuck
is the matter with you?

Get her off the stage!

Jo! Jo, get off the stage!

Get her off the stage now!

Get her out!

Get her off the stage!

Angel, get out onstage!
Get onstage!

I think you need
to calm down, all right?

Angel to the stage.
Angel to the stage.

Get on now!

All right.
OK. Here we go.


Oh, fuck!

What the fuck?!
Get off me!

Take your hands off me!

What the fuck
is the matter with you?

Is this her shit?
Is this her shit?

Is this her shit?

Get the fuck out!

Get out of here!

You're a big man, aren't you?

You're a big man!

Get your hands off me, you shit!

You shit!
Let her go!

All right, Dave.
Keep her out of here.

My stuff!
I want my stuff, Jessie!

I want my stuff!
Give me my stuff!

Here's your bag.

OK. This one's from me.

"Pale shades of gray

"left the clouds
above the bed have filled.

"There is no smile in this room,

"no laugh during love.

"A pall gently descends
over the space

"once a sanctum,
now a hollow shape

"as the sun rises

and my eyes fill with black."

Thank you.

I've got a very special
surprise for us today.

I decided to bring up
a special mystery guest,

and it's someone who's
actually never read before,

I want you to give
a really big encouragement.

Let's hear it for Jasmine.


Come on up.

You don't want to read?

Come on up.
Give it a try.

Let's give her
encouragement, guys.


We've all been there.

My name is Cathy.

"If, in the skylark tonguing
afternoon a drift of hair,

"it's only love but gone
in the way of everything.

"If, in the morning of your soul

"a brush of tenderly
imagined lips,

"it's only love but gone
in the way of everything.

"If, in the messy cocktail dregs
of a midnight glass

"a teardrop falls,

"it's only love but gone
in the way of everything.

"If, in the singing
twilight of the dawn,

"you give your heart unwanted,

"it's only love but gone
in the way of everything.

"Then what in the hours
of your life is love?

"It's here and gone...

And gives its name
to everything."

All right.

Well, that's it for today,

so we'll see everybody
next time,

and thanks a lot.

Why did you call my name?

I didn't ask you
to call my name.

I don't even know you.

That poem was really great.

Cathy, i...

It was really great.

I don't know what to say.

Yeah, well, thanks.

Look, have you got any more?

You got to get up and read.

I mean, that's all.

You got to get up and read.

Because you're good.

I hate to disappoint you,

but you're really good.

Who is it?


It's me.

It's you?

Yeah, it was sitting
around my apartment.

That's me.

This woman I used to
be with... Maria...

She's beautiful.

She was a painter.

She painted that thing.

She was north African.

She had this pretty
heavy accent, man,

and lived in Paris, New York...

And she had me sit 5 weeks...

5 weeks to do that thing.

You sit still for 5 weeks?

You can't sit still
for 5 minutes.


And she would talk to me.

She would talk about...

Shapes and colors...

Light, shadow...

All the stuff, you know...
Painter shit, you know?

And then she would
use all of that,

and that's what
popped this thing to life.

Like, she could
look at your body,

and she would paint you,

but she would bring out shit
that you never, ever see,

you know what I mean?

She was a wild girl, too, man.

When she got tired
in the afternoon,

she'd say, "Eddie, want to eat?"

I was alone in this room,

This apartment

with this guy I used to
live with in Seattle...

So I would just, you know,
sit and read all day,

and one day,
I just couldn't stand it any longer,

and I, you know,
shut all the blinds,


And I was, like,
bawling my eyes out,

and I wrote it.

I tore it up.

I can't believe you
want to hear this stuff.

Were you stripping then?


Yeah, I was working
up in Seattle.

This kid who works for
me said he saw you dance.

Oh, yeah?

In this dream I had last night...

That I got in a fight with
down in San Diego?

I don't remember him on purpose.

My hand just cutting him,
cutting him, cutting his face,

man, blood just
getting on everything,

blood getting all over.

Then I couldn't wash my hands.

Remember that phone call?

The girl crying I played
for you the other day?

Erase it.

No, I would have
erased it last week.

I would have said
"fuck the bitch," man,

but... I don't know.

This week,
I can't say fuck the bitch,

you know what I mean?

You got some herb with you?


Why don't you roll us a joint?

So do you... do you
go to strip clubs?

Yeah, you don't
seem like the type.


What's the type?

Yeah, there's this
kid who works for me...

Oh, yeah. He's the kind
of kid that goes.

Yeah, he said you
were on a billboard.

Yeah, the blue iguana
has a couple.

I'm only on one of them
since my tits are small,

but I'm going to get them done.

So are you the kind of
guy who likes big tits?

I'm not really used to
that line of questioning,

to tell you the truth.

Do you have any other
writers at your club?

You know, maybe we could
change the whole venue.

I don't know what
you're doing with me.

You should be with,
like, that French girl.

She's a good poet.

I really want to kiss you.

No. I really want to kiss you.

I want to kiss the poet.

Do you have a problem
with me dancing?




I have something for you.


Oh, my god!

What is it?

Open it up.


My gosh!

That is lovely.

Look at that.
Look at that.

My god.

Yes, it's jewels.

And look...



Hey, baby!

What a minute!

Guess what!


They don't want me.


Want to know why?

Because I hang out
with skanks like you!


Please stop it!

You're hurting me!

Aren't you pretty?
Just fuck morals!

Charlie, I'm sorry!

Come here!

I'm sorry, Charlie.

I'm sorry, Charlie.

I met someone.

OK. What's his name?


Dennis, and...


And I think... I don't know.

He's a poet.

He runs that thing
at the coffee ground,


He likes my poetry, so...

So you're gonna go to San
Francisco with Dennis?

Yeah, he invited me up there.

There's this big slam, and...

And you're gonna
support him stripping?


I don't know. No.

I thought we'd just
kind of write together,


Does he know what you do?

He's, like, totally
fine with it.

He really fucking
loves my poetry.

So he thinks
that I can, you know...

I don't know,
get published or something, you know?

Does he love you?

I just met him,
like, 3 days ago.

I think that you should go to San
Francisco with Dennis the poet,

who you met 3 days ago

and write poetry
and support him.

I need some more
fucking cigarettes.

Bad! You are bad!

You are very, very,
very, very, very bad!

Very bad! Very bad!

I've had a bad week
and been terrible.

I don't care about your week.

Do I give a fuck
about your week?

I don't care about your week.

Are you hungry?

Yes, mistress, starving.

All right, there you go.

Bless you, mistress.
Thank you.

It's time to take the
little wormy for a walk.

Get down on the ground and crawl!
Crawl! Crawl! Crawl!

Crawl like the subhuman
creature that you are!

You're a fuck...

All right, you just
stay right here, OK?

I'm fine.

Jessie, what are you doing here?

I just thought...
it's 3:00 in the morning.

I just thought that maybe
you needed a little company.

Well, sweetheart,
you thought wrong.

I have company.

Who is that?

Jessie, I'm right in
the middle of something.

Can't you tell? I have a life.
Can you go, please?

Angel said you might
need some company

on account of the baby and all.

Company is the last
fucking thing I need.

You've got to go.


All right. Don't talk to him.
He's being punished, OK?

Anyway, he doesn't exist.

He's just a little,
pathetic worm.

Get down on the floor!

Did I tell you to sit up?

Get down on the floor!

I don't need any
conversation from you.

Jessie, come on.
Get up off the floor.

I have, mistress.
I've been terrible.

All right. Stop!
Stop, all right? Stop!

You, don't talk to her.
Don't talk to her, OK?

Can't you see we're in
the middle of something?

Jessie, come on. Here.
Sit down. Sit down.

Does this pathetic thing look like
something I would have fun with?

This is not a friend of mine.
This is a client.

Do you mind if I stay?

Shut up!
Get down on the ground!

Right away, mistress.

Are you hungry, worm?

Oh, yes.

Drink! Drink the fucking vodka!

Keep your head on the...


Don't you drink that.
It's dirty. Get up.

No, you are not having
two mistresses this evening.

Jessie, that does it.
You've got to get out of here.

Go on, go on.
Get out of here. Go on.

No. No, Jo.
Please let me stay.

Jo, I have nowhere to go.

Let's not get all melodramatic.

All right. Come here.
Get up. Stand up.

Do you mind if I stay tonight?

See, he doesn't mind if I stay.

Your opinion does not count.


What the fuck is this?
Who did that to you?

No, I just want to
have a slumber party.

Do you want to have
a slumber party?

Can you stay out of this, OK?

I want to have a slumber party.

Don't. You don't know
where he's been.

You need to lie down
and sleep it off.

This is not a place for kids.

Come on, Jo.
I want to play.

You can stay here,
but you can't stay here

for more than one night,

because I have, frankly, a life.

But I want to play, Jo.

No. No. You lie here
and be really quiet

and don't bother me when I'm doing
my business with the nice man, OK?

Just when you get back...

♪ there's this girl Cecilia ♪

♪ Who was a sweetheart

♪ as a child


Officer, could...

Could you help me
take a picture of my...

I want to take
a picture of myself

in front of this billboard.

Is that you?


I'm a lot smaller in person,


I think I'm only getting my hat.

You realize you're not
supposed to be down here?


I'm gonna leave as soon as i...

I just wanted to
get a good shot of my...

All right.
My picture.


Is it ready to go?

Yeah. There.


Could you just take it
a little wider?

You mean back?

How's that?

I got it all.

Ready? Cheese.


Thank you.

Did anyone every tell you
look a lot like Fred gwynne?

You know, the guy
who was Herman munster.

No. No one's ever
told me that before.

You do.

I really liked him.

He was, like, the great... fuck!


I fucking locked
my keys in my car,

and I've got to be at work.

Oh, no.

Damn it.

Do you have a hanger?

This side's open.

Will you unlock
this door for me?



This right here.

This is the lock right...

Ma'am, is this marijuana?

It's just... it's
an herbal cigarette.

You want to step around the
side of the car, please?

I... I did not inhale.

Step around the side of the car.

This will only take a minute.

It's probably just oregano.

You should probably
have it examined

because I don't
even feel stoned.

I will have it examined.

It'll just take a second, OK?

Do... do you have to handcuff me?

But you can find me at the blue
iguana, like, every day.

I'm really a good person,

ma'am, I'm just gonna
ask you to stand still

just for a few minutes, OK?

I'm just gonna
take a look in the car

OK, but it's just that
I have responsibilities

and children that I might
need to be a role model for,

and if I get a record,
it would be really bad.

Where... is this your purse?

Yeah, that fuzzy... the pink...


is there any way you could maybe...

I got an extension on
it, and I'm gonna...

It's the one that says
"bad motherfucker" on it.

Did you ever see Pulp Fiction?

Well, you know, John Travolta's
career came back after that.

I was sick when
they took that picture.


A lot of bills, ma'am.

Yeah, they're all ones, but...

You can have some.

What are these?

They're my friend Jo's vitamins

for her pregnancy, I think.

Is there any way that officer,

that maybe you could
forget about this,

because I'm really
a good person.

You know, you could come
down to the blue iguana,

and they let L.A.P.D.
In there all the time for free

because we're
a really clean club.

And Eddie gets mad...
Our manager...

Sometimes he can't even
get them out of the club

and my friend Jo, she works with
a lot of L.A.P.D. Guys, and...

She's really beautiful.
I'm sure she'd...

I'm gonna ask...

Well, I'm happy to hear that.

I'm gonna ask you
to stay by the car

while I go run the license
and registration, all right?

But, officer is this gonna be,
like, on the news or anything?

No, no, no, no, no.

Because I don't...
I really can't...

I don't...
I've always wanted to be in the enquirer

but not for, like,
getting arrested.

I thought maybe if I had,
like, a handsome hunk

or a nice dress or something...

Is there... is...

It won't take a minute.



Hi, Eddie.

Where's Jasmine?

She wasn't feeling too well.

Are you OK?


♪ Dance me to the wedding now ♪

♪ Dance me on and on

♪ dance me very tenderly

♪ and dance me very long

♪ we're both of us
beneath our love... ♪

Oh, fuck!

What's the matter?

Fuck! Fuck!

You have to go to work?

You want me to call your boss?
No, no, no.

No. I'll call him.
No. Fuck off!

No. Don't call him.

Fuck off?
What's his name?

OK. I'd like to talk
to Mr. Nothing, please.

No! Stop it!
No, no, no.

I want to stay here.


But I want to smoke.

You have a great ass.

I don't want to hit it.
I want to kiss it.

You want to kiss my ass?

Thank you.

♪ Lord,
I love you in so many ways ♪

♪ Lord, I love you
each and every day ♪

♪ But now is the time
when I must ask you why ♪

♪ Why must you live
and why must you die? ♪

♪ Well, I'm
looking for answers ♪

♪ Looking for answers
that nobody knows... ♪

Hi, Eddie.

Sorry I'm late.

Better make it good, girl.

I know. I had really bad cramps.

You had really bad cramps?

I'm here!

What the fuck, you're here?
You're here late, goddamn it.

Where the fuck were you?

You couldn't call?

I need v.I.P. Night off.

Goddamn, you're priceless.

I can't work anyways.
My fucking cramps are so bad.

Your cramps are killing you?

It doesn't matter.
I was talking to Jo and angel...

How long you worked here? A year, right?

When was the last time you
got off for cramps? Never!

What the fuck is your problem?

My problem is I want you to just
don't tell me a goddamn lie!

I'm just saying, Jo and angel
have, like, 3 other people...

This ain't about Jo and angel!

I run this motherfucker.

I'm asking you what the
goddamn deal really is.

I didn't ask you
about no goddamn period,

so don't tell me about
no fatherfucking period!

I can't.
I can't. I can't.

I'll work all the
rest of the week.

I need the weekend off.

Tomorrow night, you're dancing.

You're one of my star girls.

I need you in here,
so don't fuck with me, OK?

You come in here late and
gonna ask for tomorrow off?

What is the big fucking deal?

The big fucking deal
is I need to know.


The truth.

The goddamn truth!

Don't fuck with me, Jasmine.

You tell me what's up.

I can't. I can't.

What the fuck do you care?

What the fuck do you
care about anyways?

You can get anyone else in here.

I care because I care,
goddamn it!

Don't treat me like no trash!

I am not. I am not
treating you like...

I was telling you that
I have a fucking life

you ain't got no fucking life!
This is your life!

You got that?

Because two minutes
after you walk out of here,

one of your
double-crossing friends

is gonna come in here
and snitch on your ass!

Don't fuck with me.

I fucking quit!

Goddamn you!
I'm sorry!

Eddie, you know, you have your
life, and I'll have mine, OK?

You ain't got a life!

Miss Willow?

It's Sarah.

Miss Willow?



Dennis, on machine:
Hey, it's me.

OK let's see.

I've taken care
of the registration.

And I got our names,
you know, signed up,

so I put your name up there
for the open read.

There's a lot of people in it,

and there's strength in numbers.

It's gonna be really good,

so call me back

so I know what time
to get together with you.

OK. Bye.

Jimmy, what's your favorite?

And god spoke.

You got this place looking
a little different, Jimmy.

Hey, Eddie.
What it is?

All right.

OK run out to my car

and get a couple boxes
I left in there.

Sure. No problem.

Hey, Bobby...

Start things up with this.


Oh, yeah...

Yeah, call Jo.

I'm not calling her, man.

If you want to call her,
you call her.

All right.
I'll call her.

You're bringing her
back in here to work?

So anyway, you got to rent
behind the green door

because the trapeze scene
is so fucking hot.

You seen them glasses
that were on my desk?

I saw them last night.
They were sitting there.

They ain't here now, man.

Well, I don't have them!

Motherfucking broads!

Hey, maybe the girls
went to the opera

and had to borrow them.


Hey. How are you?

Well, baby...

That's OK.
Don't worry about it.

No. I can pick it up
until next week

because they're... hey, Eddie.

Nico, why don't you
sit right there?

That used to be angel's seat.

Bobby, that's angel's stuff!

You need anything,
you just let me know.

You had too much to drink.

No. Just lie down
and sleep it off.

OK. There we go.
Careful. Careful. Careful.


Excuse me.

That's angel's seat.

Eddie gave it to her.

Hello? Porn star?

This is angel's seat.

Jo, mind your own business.

Get back to work.
Don't start with me.

This has always been
angel's seat.

Angel has seniority.

Get your ass out on the floor!

Fuck you, Bobby.
You should take care of this.

Everybody takes
advantage of angel.

Thank you.

That's so sweet.


All right.
I'd like to see Jasmine, please.

Is it important?
We're a bit busy tonight.


I'm a friend of hers.

Give it up, everybody.
That was Jessie!

Hey, shama lama,
you up next, girl?

If you want a chance
to get your picture taken

with the adult film star Nico,
it's only $10...

Hey, Jasmine.

I got a Dennis out front.

Want me to toss him?

No. I'm up next, aren't I?

Give him a good seat.
He can watch me.

I'll throw the little
boy to the lions.

All right, ladies and gentlemen,

let's please welcome
to the stage Jasmine.

♪ In my dreams,
I'm dying all the time ♪

♪ As I wake
its kaleidoscopic mind ♪

♪ I never meant to hurt you

♪ I never meant to lie

♪ so this is good-bye

♪ this is good-bye

♪ Tell the truth

♪ you never wanted me

♪ tell me

♪ In my dreams,
I'm jealous all the time ♪

♪ As I wake,
I'm going out of my mind ♪

There something I can
do for you tonight?

How much for a blow?

Hundred bucks.

I can handle that.

Look at... look at me.

Look in my eyes.




Do you want to sit down?



I'm so sorry.

No. There's nothing
to be sorry about.


There's nothing
to be sorry about.

I'm looking at this room
with you in it.

I feel safe.

I feel safe now.

Make love to me.

I can't. I can't.


I'm getting married.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

♪ She floats like a swan

♪ grace on the water

♪ lips like sugar

♪ lips like sugar

♪ just when you think
you've caught her ♪

♪ She glides across the water

♪ she calls for you tonight

♪ to share this moonlight

♪ you'll flow down her river

♪ she'll ask,
and you'll give her ♪

♪ Lips like sugar

♪ sugar kisses

♪ lips like sugar

♪ sugar kisses

All right!


Yeah. Is Harry goldberg in?

It's ed hazell.

I'm a friend.

Well, has he gone away?



Yeah. Thanks a lot.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the fabulous Nico!

The one and only!

Ladies and gentlemen,

the heavenly...


Are you angel?


I think you're up.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, shit.

Oh, fuck.
Never mind.

OK. Never mind.
Fuck it.

♪ ...crashin' on your doorstep

♪ your smile in my head

♪ you always walk away

♪ every time I look at you

♪ I can't believe
I'll ever love again ♪

♪ Didn't mean to make you cry

♪ or make you love so hard

♪ didn't mean
to make you say good-bye ♪

♪ Or fall apart tryin'

♪ shakin' on the floor

♪ come on and steal my soul

Thank you.

All right.

♪ I'm wishin' I could
make you understand ♪

Hey, fellas.
How's it going?

Excuse my breasts.
I'm lactating.

♪ You always walk away

I can't get too excited

because then my rubber rolls up.

♪ I'll never love again

♪ no

♪ you know
you've got to trust me ♪

♪ Even when I'm goin' wrong

♪ you know you gotta love me

♪ over and over again

♪ till it's gone

Yeah, baby!

♪ I'm crashin'
on your doorstep ♪

♪ Your smile and kisses
on my head ♪

♪ Don't you walk away

oh, god.


Don't move.

It's you, isn't it?

Dave? Don't move.

Dave, can you help me
with my money, please?

Could you...
Pick up...

Show her your love.
Angel, everybody.

Come on.
What do you say?

It's the one, the flower...


Jasmine, it's the...

The guy... the flower
guy is out there.

He's the most dreamy
thing you ever...

You know, the guy with
the red dress, Jasmine?

Do you have anything
to straighten me out?

Oh, fuck.

♪ It's 3 miles to the river

♪ that would carry me away

♪ and two miles
to the dusty street ♪

♪ That I saw you on today

♪ it's 4 miles
to my lonely room ♪

♪ Where I will hide my face

♪ and about half a mile
to the downtown bar ♪

♪ That I ran from in disgrace

♪ lord, how long
have I got to keep on running? ♪

♪ 7 hours, 7 days, or 7 years?

♪ All I know is,
since you've been gone ♪

♪ Feel like I'm drowning

♪ in a river

♪ drowning

♪ in a river of tears

♪ drowning in a river

♪ feel like I'm drowning

♪ drowning in a river

♪ In 3 more days

♪ I'll leave this town

♪ and disappear
without a trace... ♪

What? What?

What are you going away for?

Wait a minute!

♪ Where no one knows my face

♪ I wish that I could hold you

♪ one more time

♪ to ease the pain

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my...

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god. Ha!



I can't sleep.

Are you OK?

Do you want to come join me?


Sing something.

♪ River running deep

♪ carry me in my sleep

♪ I want to escape this night ♪

♪ And wait till
the calm daylight ♪

♪ 'Cause tomorrow

♪ will be

♪ a good thing

Do you have a light?

Yeah, I have.

Thank you.

You can go home now, you know.


Can I?


What time is it?

I don't know. 3:30.

Why are you still here?

Why are you still here?

Good fucking question.

Who knows?

I guess I fell asleep.

Is that what happened?

You were asleep for a long time.

Could be worse.

You have pretty hair.


I for... I forgot your name.

So do I.

It's... Nico.



What are you writing?


I'm just trying
to keep you here.

I hate this part.

Going home?


It's an awkward fucking
transition, you know.

It's like...

It's just 3 more hours
till sunset... sunrise.

Where's your next gig?

Travel around a lot, right?

Yeah. Yeah.

So, where do you, like, live?

Hotel. Hotels.

Where do you...
Where do you live?

I lost my house.

No big deal.

What are you writing?


You write, right?

That's what you do.
You write.

Yeah. You're a writer.

It's so fucking funny.

I mean, it's, like,
writers, you know,

you all write, and then you never
want to read what you wrote.

So, you strip all night here,

and then you sit
back here and write.

Yeah, I'm safe.

I won't remember it tomorrow.

Is it...

Is it a song?

No. I don't write songs.

Is it... Is it a story?


I write poems.

Oh, poetry.

I have a friend... I had a friend

who used to write poetry.

He used to call me,
and he'd read them to me.


He wrote really good poems.


Yeah, he did.

Yeah. It's hard
to write good poems.


It would really...

Be nice to hear a poem again.


"When light shattered
across the floor

"and briefly there was
a thunder between us,

"if your eyes had held water,

"it would have not spilled,

"and when we peeled
aside the dreams,

"the skin underneath
was still young.

"You smoothed aside
the words and said,

"it's there, the light.

When you want it,
it'll be waiting for you."

"A certain peace
came into your eyes...

"That this was no different,

"that this was so different,

"yet every bit the same.

"And your hands stilled
with satisfaction.

"You did this without touch...

"Your hands stood,
shaped like shelters.

"All around me, there was room,

"the hallways outside
were like caverns.

"And around the corner
and down the stairs,

"there lurked,
as always, light...

As ever, light."

Is it about a guy?


Is it about you?



I'm sorry. I just had a bad day.

Do you have a light?


What's it about?

It's about...

It's about...

You know how...
You know how, like,

when you're in here,

and it's always dark.

It's always, like,
1:00 in the morning.

It's about, you know, morning...

Stuff inside you.

Stuff inside you.

Me, too.

It's a nice poem.

Thank you.

You know what
a cryptographer is?

I never paid attention
in school.

It's a code breaker.

During the war...

That's what Harry was.

There are only two or three
of them in the whole world,

and Harry was one of them.

He was the best, man.

That shit's gonna kill you, boy.

Hope so.

Want to get something to eat?


You know, I'll give
that old Jew one thing.

Hope to god when I'm that old,

I still love pussy like he does,

even if I've got to use
binoculars to see it.

Have you ever sang?

Yeah, like in public,
in front of people?

Yeah, a long time ago.

You did?

Did you get nervous?


Yeah, because

Jessie's going over to
dimples this afternoon.

You know, the place over
in Burbank... karaoke...

And a bunch of the
girls are going,


What, our girls?

Jessie said everybody can sing,

so I thought, you know,

what the fuck?

Our girls can sing?



This Russian
motherfucker got shot...

And some shot.

Right through the heart,

in the window of his house
over in woodland hills.


Quick way to go.

So, I thought,
if you weren't doing anything,

if you drop by, we could, like,

do it together, like a duet,

a frank and Sammy kind of thing.

What time is that?


No, man.

I'll be asleep.

♪ With eyes of fire

♪ no one can see

♪ the smoke
from the sweet grass ♪

♪ Covers me

♪ I am drawn

♪ I am drawn

♪ to her

♪ like a moth to the flame

♪ she leads me down

♪ unbound

♪ unbound

♪ Unbound

♪ I am lost

♪ I am lost

♪ has anybody seen me?

♪ I am lost

♪ nothing is forgotten

♪ only left behind

♪ wherever I am

♪ she leads me down

♪ unbound

♪ no borders

♪ no fences

♪ no walls

♪ no borders

♪ no fences

♪ Like a moth to the flame

♪ she leads me down

♪ unbound

♪ unbound

♪ no borders

♪ no fences

♪ unbound

♪ no borders

♪ no fences

♪ unbound

♪ unbound

♪ unbound