Dancing Queen (2012) - full transcript

The story of Uhm Jung-hwa, who shares the name of the actress who plays her. In the film, Uhm is a girl who dreamed about becoming a singer when she was young but had to put her dream aside when she married Hwang Jung-min, who also uses his real name. Although Hwang is a lawyer, he is always worrying about paying the rent. One day, Hwang rescues a drunk man who falls off of a subway platform and becomes an instant hero. His heroic act even pushes him into the political arena and he decides to run for Seoul mayor. Things go along just fine until Uhm receives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the form of a proposal from an entertainment agency and she is forced to choose between her dream and his. It's not long before she realizes that she can't give up her dream and she decides to pursue both.

Executive Producer

Investment Executive
LEE Sang-moo

Produced by
JK YOUN, LEE Han-seung

Co- produced by GIL Young-min
Line Producer JU Seoung-hwan

Seoul 1982

Howdy, my name is Hwang Jung-min
I'm glad to meet ya

HWANG Jung-min UHM Jung-hwa
Howdy, my name is Hwang Jung-min
I'm glad to meet ya

HWANG Jung-min UHM Jung-hwa
I came all the way from Busan
and my dream is to become the president

I came all the way from Busan
and my dream is to become the president

Stop laughing kids
It's not nice!

Let's see
where should Jung-min sit?

Yes, you can sit right there
next to Jung-hwa

I object to him
being my partner

I think it is undemocratic
for him to sit next to me just

because the seat happens
to be empty

Oh, really?



How about you sit next to Jung-hwa
And Mi-jeong sits next to Jung-min?

I object

I don't think it is democratic
to change mates without consent

I second that motion

State your opinions

I think we should follow
the teacher's instruction

Spring of 1982 in Seoul

I encountered democracy
in a deeply meaningful way

why are you following me?


Stop follow me!

Just because I'm behind you,
that doesn't mean I'm following you

Then go in front of me

why are you following me?

I wasn't following you
This is my house


This is my house!

Hi, sweetie
You're back from school?


I heard the landlord has a daughter
That must be her

why are you forcing me against my will?
This is not democratic

Democracy my ass!

You're 7, if anyone asks
Got that?

Mom! It's hot!
My skin's gonna burn off

Count to 100 before you get out
That'll get you ready for scrubbing

Get in there!

I saw it very clearly
A cute tiny pee pee

A body part completely
different from mine

Oh, no!

Written and Directed by
LEE Seok- hoon


Seoul, 1992

Rebel of the sand, Kang beats Park 3 to 2,
defending his title for the second time

Although Kang took 2 points
early in the match

Park came back overpowering
Kang with his strength

Does that feel good?

Yes, it's good

Pinching and rubbing?

Excuse me?

You, pervert!

Are you nuts?

What are you touching?

You bastard!

You think my ass is there
for you to pinch?

Quickly to the police station!

Do I look like a person
who'd do such a thing?

Yes, you have exactly
the face of a criminal

Can you shut up?
You party girl!

Sorry but
I'm a straight-A student

Yeah, right

If you're a straight-A student,

then I wipe my ass with sacred
Buddhist Sutras

You're disgusting!

Korea University Law School?

And lady, you're Yonsei
social sports major

It's Yonsei-KU rivalry

You mean, KU-Yonsei rivalry

You're bullshitting us
This must be a fake student ID

How could a college
student look like that?

How are they supposed to look?

Not like you, at least


Sing the school song!


Sing the university song!

You should know
if you're a student

- Go on
- The university song?

Well, it's uh...

You see? You see?

And you call yourself
a student!

Do you know it?

Akarakacho! Akarakachi!
Akarachichi! Chochocho!

La la la! Sisboomba!
Yonsei lapola! Hey! Yonsei!

That's the cheer,
you dimwit!

You guys went to
the same elementary school

You've grown up well,
Hwang Pee Pee! I'm proud of you

Be quiet, you party animal!

Hey, law student

If you're studying the law
you need to learn it right

In the world, there are party
animals and straight-A students

Red kids, yellow kids,
and blue kids


We teach law to ignorant people
like you so you learn not to discriminate!

Still running your mouth

You still haven't learned your lesson
Get up!


Let's celebrate Hwang Pee Pee's
release from prison

Stop talking
about my pee pee

It's my pee pee, not yours!

Who knows?
It could become mine

Dancing queen!
Shinchon's Madonna is here

Please come on the stage

- My back! Slow down
- You'll be coming everyday

The Madonna of Shinchon?


Are you interested
in becoming a singer?

Give me a ring

This place is
a waste of your talent


Hi, Yong-pil.
Are you here? Where are you?

Cho Yong-pil?

Hwang Pee Pee,

I'm finally
gonna become a singer!

Singer my ass

He's a scam
Just look at his slanted eyes

Tear gas granades!

Shit, it's a riot squad

Let me go!
We're not protesters

Hwang Pee Pee!

"Student Hwang Jung-min
Leader of the Democratic Movement"

"Patriotic Student Screams
for Democracy"

"FiancĂȘ Writhes in Anguish"

"World Critizes Violence
Against the Protesters"

"Human Rights Watch
dispatch investigators"

"Police commissioner resigns"

"Shot of Hwang Jung-min
Wins Pulitzer Prize"

"Democratic Movement Reawakens"

"Jung-hwa is Watching"

"How Can You Sleep?"

"At age 35, Hwang Jung-min is
the Oldest to Pass the Bar"

Is she breathing?

What stink!

It's killing me

How can she do it
at the same time?

Let's eat

Can't you wake up early?

Is this breakfast for rabbits?

Daddy, are you sleepy?

I couldn't sleep
a wink last night

why not?

A stinky tank came into
daddy's bedroom

The landlord wants
to raise the rent

we can't borrow
from my dad again

where's the car?

It's getting fixed

Can't we buy a new car?
That car's so old

It'll last another 10 years

I think I'll die before then

Let's have a pleasant breakfast

Two! Three!


Where's my kiss?

Good morning!

How's it going?

Can they fire me
for dating a co-worker?

Of course not.

But the company is saying
you neglected your duties

And I'm here to prove
that is a lie

Yes, but the situation is a bit


Are you looking down at us?

Of course not

I wasn't like this
until I joined the army

- Honey, please calm down
- I see

I hate this situation

You guys make a good couple

You won a prize
but you want to sue?

What was the prize?

Trip to Jeju?

And what's the problem?

You live in Jeju

Please, no prank calls

To the side!

So you were reading a novel
and the male character died suddenly

You were so shocked that
you want to sue the author

where were you shocked exactly?

Male character died
of cervical cancer

You're that punk from Jeju,
aren't you?

She's all hyped up again

Looks like it

Ma'am, you need to
provide the evidence

that you live in this address

The building doesn't have a permit
So we couldn't write up a lease agreement

Yes of course
I understand

But we can't start a lawsuit
without evidence

what can we do?

We're starting something new tomorrow
So don't be late


What are you staring at?

Company dinner tonight
we have two new trainers

Look at that chest
way bigger than yours

I didn't grow taller
because my boobs weigh me down

Good for you

They're really spoiling my eyes

when I'm used to watching
a rotten squid at home

How's your squid?

Limp and wilted

Throw it out
It stinks!

For whose benefit?

Hello there

Two blackbean noodles

Noodles everyday
Did you bring a lot of radish?

How can you eat so much of this?

Doesn't it turn your shit yellow?

Are you giving me attitude?

Anyway, I need to collect the bill
since your business might go belly up

Belly up?

Who talks of such nonsense?

This guy said that

- well, I didn't mean...
- Shut up!

- Don't you touch the radish
- I'm home

Hi, honey!
What about mommy?

Bring Bring
Bring it to me

I'll do anything
Anything at all

Bring Bring
My fantasy

I'll take you for mine

why isn't she picking up?

It's squid

Your squid


What are you doing?
Not watching the kid again

A co-worker's family passed away

What? Again?

How come your
co-workers' relatives die so often?

I know...
It's heart attack

I'm hanging out with my classmates
I'll be a bit late


- Sorry, I'm late
- Take a seat, man

How have you been?

- Why are you pretending to be so busy?
- Be on time


Fancy badge to show
you're a member of the assembly

I need this or I get kicked off
They'll think I'm a peddler

Is this real gold?
Fancy stuff

You think they'll give gold plating
to the national assemblyman of Korea?

It's gold plating


Long time no see

I envy you

what the hell am I doing?

There's no fun, no motivation

I'll be 50 and then 60 in no time

why envy him when you got a hot wife?
Everyone know of the Shinchon Madonna

what Madonna?
Expiration date has long passed

She's Shinchon Madonna
I'm wangshibri Red Mesh stocking

People went crazy just to get
a glimpse of us

You were great

How about trying out
at Superstar K?

You're leading me on

She almost got casted
on the street

- where was it?
- It was nothing

- Blockbuster Entertainment
- Yes!

By the director of
Blockbuster Entertainment

Blockbuster Entertainment?
That company is famous

That director tried to cast her

But this idiot married squid
instead and screwed up her life

That's enough

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Hello. Dad?

It's me Can you hear me okay?

Do you have some money
by any chance?

Some 'money,' not somebody.

About 10 grand?

You don't have it

why don't you have any money?

That's right
Because I never gave you any

That's correct

Dad! I'll send you
some money tomorrow

Talk to you soon

- Your dad doesn't have any money?
- What the?

If you have no money,
you can't be a dad, huh?


You fucking bastard

what is he, your mom then?

- Someone fell down the platform
- There's a train coming

- Do something!
- Hey! Climb up here!

There's a train coming

Hurry up

Stop! Stop!


Who pushed me?

That alley is scary

You're free to enter
but not free to leave

what's going on?



What are you doing there?
Aren't you the delivery guy?

Little brats!

Get lost

Get lost?

Did your parents teach you to
talk like that?

We don't have any parents

No parents?

Who doesn't have parents?

Then did a pig give birth to you?

Watch your mouth, man

No, you watch it
Smoking at your age

makes your bones will rot
and you won't grow

Put it out

There are excpetions,
of course

But you have so much
to dream about

Dreaming is what you do
when you're sleeping

Don't come closer

I can hear you fine


You bastards!

Come here!

Come here, you brats!

Once an artist, forver an arist


You should follow your dreams
to live a meaningful life

what the hell are
you trying to say?

Aw, my hair

Here I was gonna try it on my own
but couldn't muster up the courage

Superstar K?

Oh, please

Are you nuts? How old are you?
You'll be a laughing stock

why not?

Madonna's over 50
and she's still a sexy diva

That's in America


What have we got to lose?
We owe it to ourselves

Come on
I love you

Crazy bitch

That's nice

who is it?

We're from Cho Dong Daily

I don't need newspaper delivery

who's doing a prank
on Saturday morning?

Aren't you Hwang Jung-min,
the subway hero? It's you, isn't it?

Well uh... Cheol!


What's up?

Open the door

Mr. Hwang!
Please! An interview!

How do you feel?
A comment please!

Think about it

You want to spend the rest of
your life looking after the squid?

What did Hiddink say?
I'm still hungry!

Dreams come true!

Shut up and eat

You think you're still
the Red Mesh of wangshipri?

We're old and washed-up

Then I'm going to enter by myself

I know you want it too

Is it a "go" or not?

Why did you jump down
despite the danger?

- I didn't realize it then
- Isn't that your husband?

- What?
- But when I went down

- Huh?
- He was drunk and so heavy

- It is him
- Thought I was gonna die

Why did you disappear so quickly?

I had to pee

He stands up for the helpless
in need like us

For free?

Uh... I think so

I was surrounded by 17 gangsters

But he appeared out of nowhere
and we fought them off

One (beep) and (beep) so (beep)

A civil rights lawyer shows
the light of hope for the discriminated

A real hero for our generation
who can't stand the sight of injustice

Mr. Hwang was sharing his love
with the world

without showing it off

YTM News

Park Jin-hyeon for KBN News

And people clapping...

Are you crazy? Why did you do that?
Could've gotten yourself killed

I told you Someone pushed me

Should've thought of your family

what if you got yourself killed?

You know I just can't ignore
a person in need

You got yourself into this mess
because you guaranteed your friend's loan

why bring that up again?

Because he is struggling
with rent payment

A lawyer can't come up
with 10 thousand?

I have it

I can get another loan

I'll get it for you
By when?

Early next week

No, daddy

Let's eat Yeon-woo
This meat looks good

Eat lots of meat

Don't you have any pride?

It's not like we're strangers

They think I'm enjoying a life
of luxury being a lawyer's wife

There you go again

You just wait and
I'll give you the lifestyle you deserve

with what? You save a person
and do we get anything out of it?

Civil rights laywer?

Our family's right is
in the shithole

That's enough

I had it up to my neck appearing
on the news and all the racket

I bravely save someone's life
and get no compliment from you

Don't save a stranger
Save your family!

Attorney Hwang!

You nagging wife!

Be quiet!

Sorry sweetie
Go back to sleep

Current mayor Im of the
Reform Party has 35% of the vote

Candidate Park of
Uniform Party has 20%

And candidate Kang of
our Democratic Party has 15%

Our party is nothing
but an also-ran

we continue like this and
it'll be the end of our party

So we need a special something
to draw the attention of the public

what are you talking about?

The current practice is
for party members to elect the candidate

If we get participation of the public

where the winning candidate is elected by the public,
we may get 50% of voter support

because that public nomination
will gather voters' interest

But we have no potential candidate
other than Assemblyman Kang

Then why doesn't the chairman
enter the race?

That won't work

why not?

Raise your hands
if you haven't falsified your residence

Lower your hands
if you have tax issues

Assemblyman Son


You got into a lot of shit
because of the sexual harassment accusation

The trouble I had to go through
to shut up the press

what's so funny? Didn't you avoid
army duties due to tuberculosis?

And you smoke like a chimney


Assemblyman Jang

Do we have anyone fresh?

Jung-min likes this
And this, too

Can I take this as well?

And this?
Butjust this much

Take it all


what's this, sweetie?
Your future dream?

Yes, it's homework

Your dream is to become
a civil servant?

Yes, government worker
is the best

How about something
more ambitious?

Like a pilot or
female president?

Life's no stroll in the park


Mom's dream was to be a singer
but look at her now

I don't want to live like her

Mom's dream was to be a singer
but look at her now

I don't want to live like her

Think about it

You wanna waste your whole life
looking after the squid?

What's that?

It's nothing!

Application for Superstar K?

- It's nothing
- what stupid thing are you doing again?

5 ft 5 in and 100 Ibs?

Lying about the weight
is the most pathetic thing

I'm going to lose it

why don't you lose it first?

Why don't you say you're single?

I was gonna do that

who'll think you're single
when you're so old and wrinkled?

Men still follow me
when I go out

- You don't know what you're talking about
- Follow you?

To say
"Do you believe in the way?"

Screw you!

- Superstar K
- Myeong-ae, it's me

- It's a "go" all the way. Alright!
- Who'll do the dishes?

Superstar K?
Who'll do the cleaning?

Am I your maid?
You wanna die?

Straighten your back

what? TV station?
The Solomon's Judgment show?

Throwing first pitch at the game?
Sorry but can't fit it into the schedule

For those that
cheat on their spouse

You need to file for a divorce
and petition for distribution of property

Hang them out to dry

Move the legs

Poverty and disability is
nothing to be ashamed of

Giving up is more embarrassing

"Civil rights lawyer,
the hero of subway"
Giving up is more embarrassing

Even when everyone says its over

"Hwang Jung-min
Fan blogs immensely popular"
If you don't give up,
then it's not over

You can start again
if you don't give up

Give it all you've got!

A tsunami of emotions hitting us

"Most popular search:
Hwang Jung-min"

what's the update?

Son is under suspicion
of tax evasion?

There's no one to run for mayor?

I understand


- I'm UHM Jung-hwa
- I'm LEE Myung-ae

Thank you for having us here

Your new dance

Riding the tune of

modern melody

Takes my heart away

Your mysterious eyes

in the beautiful light

And undying charm

takes my heart away

Graduated from Korea University
Law School Passed the bar exam in 2005

He worked for legal team
of the Unemployment

Office and started
his private practice in 2008

As for military service,
after enlisting in 1993

He was relieved of active service
after 26 months

I like that part

Married in 1999
and has one daughter

He lives in a rented 800 sq ft house
in Beon-dong, north of the river

Renting a place in north of the river?
I thought he was a lawyer

- That's correct
- Is he stupid or what?

Okay, I'm getting the picture now

But can a brave citizen get in
the ring with black belt politicians?

Do you remember?

The guy who filled the whole country
with passionate screams for democracy

Leader of the democratic movement
and courageous citizen, Hwang Jung-min

Once we get him to enter
our party election

the attention of 10 million
Seoul citizens will be on us

It's gonna be a TV drama
How about it?

I'll put up a fair fight
no matter who runs against me

I think we'll get a good rating

And what about his wife?

Rhythm everybody Rhythm

Your coolness overwhelms

Please don't stop

Feel the rhythm

Thank you

That was entertaining

You're not the youngest contestants

we think age is nothing
but a number

I'll say 'yes'


I think you have potential

She'll be 60 by the time
she realizes her potential

Ms. UHM Jung-hwa?


You wrote 5 ft 5 and 100 Ibs?

You don't look like it

Ms. Lee,
do you have to be a singer?

I think you're more suited
to be a comedian

Excuse me?

I'm saying this
for your own good

we were

born to be singers
And comedian with my looks?

We really wanna be singers


I'm sorry but I'll say 'no.'

This is so delicious


It's burning

Here, I'll do it

Our days of hardship is over

From now you can live a life of comfort
with all the money he's going to earn

Are you saying a woman's gottta
stay home and do housework?

Of course not
I meant you've been through a lot

Eat up

This meat should be cooked lightly

- Eat lots, sweetie
- Okay

Sweetie, what's eating your mom?

She didn't pass the audition
Said judges were full of it

I see

It's alright, honey!

The mighty Ms. UHM won't let
something like that bother her

Don't cry baby
Come here

My baby
That's enough

what did I tell you?

It's not that easy

when you got no talent

You were deceived
because people said you're good

So wake up and smell the coffee

You can't change a person's fate...

You'll meet your doom tonight

Five, six, seven, eight

Left, right, left, right

Up, up

Five, six, seven, eight

Hey, hey!

With debutjust around the corner
Just pathetic!

- Mi-ja!
- Yeah

How many times did
I tell you to lose weight?

What are you eating at night?
Look at your fat belly

Don't call me Mi-ja

It's Dorothy now

Get it right
if you don't want to be Mi-ja again

One more time
This time with rhythm!

Ok! Let's go
Move, move

- Dorothy! Dorothy!
- Hey!

Is she okay?

It's anemia which is
common during early pregnancy

Early what stage?

Early stage of pregnancy

4 weeks


You didn't know
I'll be on my way

How can you get pregnant
just before our debut?

Do you know how much
we invested on you?

Who's the bastard?

Director, I think uh...

Please forgive me

why are you apologizing?


- I love her
- You imbeciles! Love, my ass!

We're going to show you
a clip of Superstar K

We think you'll enjoy
Please run the clip

Superstar K Season 3
is talk of the town

There was group that didn't go through
because of the wrong partner

The splendid Ms. UHM Jung-hwa

Please try your luck again
next season as a solo act

The Shinchon Madonna?

Were you watching them?

They went behind my back
and secretly had an affair

Quiet! What are you gonna do?
Without our main vocal?

There is someone
I have in mind

Beggars can't be choosers

Bring her in!

Yes boss!

Madonna, how long has it been?

You haven't changed a bit

I saw Superstar K
And you still got it

I got dropped

It was like
a bunch of roses in bloom

Or gladiolus?

Glamor ripening into maturity

Thank you

I saw it 20 years ago
at the Shinchon night club

She's got something

I thought it's now time
for voluptuous girls like that

I still remember the days

You make me blush

Intensity is different

Entertainers' blood thickens
with time

So how about we burn
thick blood together?

Talentless groups in their
teens reign in the music industry

But we'll breakthrough
with talented mature adult stars

The Dancing Queens!

Can't believe it

what do you have I don't have?

I said we have to stick together

No doubt

So I should decline, right?

I didn't even tell him
I was married

I'll just say no

It's not right

You can't fool me

It's written on your face
You're dying to do it

It's not true

what do you do when you wake up
in the morning?

Get the kid ready for school
Send your husband to work

Then dishes,
cleaning and laundry

wrestle with
other housewives all day

The only happiness comes from
weeping while watching trashy TV dramas

Same shit everyday
Think anything'll change in a year?

Should I try it?

What should I tell him later?

Shit your load first
Then what's he gonna say?

Ask for a divorce?

What should I do?

Just pathetic
Get away from me

Come in

Perm in the middle

She's Lari as in Nalari,
the party animal

She's from Colorado

Came to Korea
about 3 years ago

One on the left is Eve

Because she went to a night school

On the right is Linda

She's always drawing her eyebrows

Is she really single?
She's got a belly

That's because I just ate

That's it?
Is she connected?

What do you mean?
She's got skills

Since we don't have a lot of time
Do we have to include her?

Do you think that
old hag can catch up?

Like Heinz?

Can she keep up?

Of course.
If I can give birth

I mean although
I haven't given birth

I'll give it all as
if I'm giving birth

That's the right attitude!

Okay then
Can we see that talent?

Come om! Baby!

Old hag!

Chore for the newbie

You need to exercise to
get rid of that belly

Exercise hard Squeaky clean



See you tomorrow

You too

Have a nice day

That's my replacement?

They were just dying to
kick me out

She and Director Lee
must be something

I won't back off

Then what are you gonna do?

I'll find her secret

I'll rip off her skin!

Today's first kick will be done by
someone who loves FC Seoul

Our hero of subway,
courageous citizen

Hwang Jung-min will do the honor

Get ready



Our Hwang Jung-min's grown up a lot


what's going on?

Did you see that?

Yeah, you suck at soccer

No joke
That was nerve wrecking

5 to 0

The mayor of Seoul?
Are you kidding?

The mayor's office is no joke

Do I look like
I'm joking?

You're pulling my legs

I can't do politics
because I'm not good with my fists

what does that
got to do with politics?

Didn't you get into a brawl
at the assembly

when they tried to pass the budget?

6 to 0

Please be selective
with your choice of words

Do you think we're gangsters?

Did I say something wrong?

Along with K1 and UFC

They call our politics
the third ultimate fighting

So why should I put my foot in
that bucket of shit?

Yes bucket of shit!

That's why politics
attracts shit flies

But is that the way it should be?

Then why don't you change it?

Your father was a member
of the assembly

You passed the bar on your first attempt
Youngest member of the assembly

what credentials!

I thought
I could change the system

But when I entered politics

I found it was
full of those people

who were intelligent
but have no heart

But you're different

How so?

You got a warm heart

You rose up from the bottom

You give people hope

Your life is inspirational

Aren't you tired after
doing aerobics all day?

I gained a bit of weight

You sure you don't want any?


Don't act immature and
say "please just one bite"

I quit ramen

You quit ramen?
More believable than a pile of bullshit

Shut up


Should've put an egg in there

Want a bite?


what an appetite


Do you feel hope
when you see me?



what are you talking about?

Just hurry up and eat

Please eat a lot

Thank you

Jung-hwa's complexion improved
because you're doing so well

- Really?
- Yes, dear

Pullling your weight for a change


You know that Ohsung Group
where my friend is the president

Yes, I've heard of it

They're looking
for an in-house counsel

I talked about you
and he showed interest

It's more prestigious work than
dealing with bums on the street

Daddy, he's not a street peddler

You're being rude

Though he passed the bar

And he's a bit famous now

But Koreans soon forget

You still think he's that little kid
living in the room we rented out

what are you doing?

That's right

But a lot of people
are asking for me


Well, the democratic party proposed
I run for a local election

You're giving up yourjob
to be a local district official?

So many people get washed up
after getting involved in politics

A bit higher than local district

Then city official?

A bit higher

County official?

Just a tiny bit higher


- City mayor?
- Mayor

- Daddy, meat
- Okay

Take a piece of meat
from the mayor

Just a bit higher

City mayor

Just a bit higher

City mayor

Just a bit higher

why were you hiding
something so important?

I wasn't hiding
I was gonna tell you

But your father is always busting my ass
So I overreacted

So what are you gonna do?

What do you mean?

A man's supposed be ambitious

It's not like
I never had it

when I was listening to Jong-chan

My heart started racing

I felt my heart flutter

You felt your heart race and
flutter and you didn't say anything?

Why talk about things like that?

You know

I have something to say to you

Are you against the idea

when 21st century
desperately wants me?


Did you fart?

I didn't fart

Yes, you did

- No I didn't
- Did too

- I didn't
- But I can smell it

You gotta do what you love

I told you to spill your guts

I was going to

But Jung-min made
his shocking announcement

what if he really gets elected?

Oh please!
He's a dragon from the gutter at best

Dragons on the clouds
will ignore him

why didn't you talk him out of it?

My husband
He has a dream again


Do you know
what my husband's dream was?

What was it?

Marrying me and living
happily ever after

That's very down to earth

He seemed lost confused
after we got married

For about 10 years

His dream disappeared

His eyes are sparkling again
His spirit reawakening

He's dreaming again

I'll just leave him to be

what if he fails!
He's still young

what about you?

What about me?

You seemed lost after you
got married For about 10 years

- who me?
- Your dream disappeared suddenly

and your eyes are
sparkling again

Your spirit reawakening
You got your dream back

I don't know
who cares if there's a setback?

It's not my problem

within our party, currenly candidate Kang
is leading with 45% of decided voters

That's the percentage of alchohol
in whiskey, isn't it?

But we have 7.5%

A bit stronger than beer
Just about rice wine

Much lower than candidate Cho
who's in second place with 24%

This situation must be changed

we gotta get the ratings up
and get to about soju level

we can make this a two-candidate
race with candidate Kang

what differentiates candidate Hwang
from other candidates?

Or what's the image
of Hwang Jung-min?

- Country bumpkin?
- You punk

It's youth

Yes, he's much younger than
other candidates

But look at him now

Does he look young?


we need a makeover

A makeover?

Won't this burn my hair?

It's okay
It doesn't hurt

I'll do my best
Give me a chance!

Looks neat

With the passion of leading
the democractic movement

Courage that saved
a fellow citizen

Expertise acquired
as a civil rights lawyer

Hwang Jung-min is a candidate

For the Democratic Party
mayor nomination

Mr. Hwang Awesome!


Don't do anything to stand out
You don't want them to take a photo of you

I think I'll stand out
looking like this

But this is the least you can do
as the wife of mayoral candidate


Let's see a gentle smile Start

Hi. I'm Hwang Jun-min Mayoral candidate
for Seoul Meetrapolitan City

I'm gonna go nuts

Metropolitan not meetrapolitan

Yes, meetrapolitan

Let's take one step at a time







why can't you say that right?

Meetropolitan Meetropolitan...
Can't do it?

That's right

Meetrapolitan! Meetrapolitan!

Sounds good
He can do it

Here comes our lady

- what's wrong?
- You don't look like my wife

This is the Beverly Hills look

I paid special attention to
details today

But we're going to do
charity work

Do you think people dress like that
for charity work?

People are going to be
paying attention to her

Is she going to a bee farm?

Or a funeral

That's the dress code
for an American funeral

Stop talking nonsense

She'll seem like someone who
sits around all day playing princess

what's wrong with everyone?

Alright I understand

Don't worry, Jung-hwa
They just don't have class

Especially you, bee farmer!
Don't know a thing about fashion

- who's that?
- I'm Jung-hwa's friend!

Bon appetite

Looks delicious

Let's take a picture


Thank you

This kid is not normal

These kids are heavy

They met five ducks of the family
How many?


what is this!

Play with the duck
That feels good, doesn't it?

Where's Jung-hwa?

Over there

Yes, Director Lee

My friend's mother
just passed away

I understand

These glasses are making me dizzy

when did you start college?

91, ma'am

80, in my case
I'll speak comfortably


where do you live?



Where is that?

Look here, Mrs. Hwang

Your husband is not a member of
the assembly. He's just a party member

You gotta be mindful
of trade ethics

Your husband is a just tool
to create momentum

It's candidate Kang's turn
this time

Mind your place

Is politics getting in line
to ride the bus?


One should do volunteering work
whether or not you're a politician's wife

Is it a crime to
give it all I got?

Are you lecturing us?

What ignorance!

Even people from other side of
the river should have basic knowledge

Beon-dong is located
in Kangbuk-gu

Population of 400,000

Half of which are over-20
and have the right to vote

According to the polls,
37% of them support the current mayor

Your husband, Assemblyman Kang
should give it all!

Let her be
She's that famously rude x generation

A secret kept from you

Is this look

Once a shinning star

Shines again effortlessly

Okay That's enough

Lari get ready for the chorus


Who only has eyes for me

I call out for you again
I call for you

To say what I couldn't say
Until the end

I got some phlegm stuck in my throat
I'm fine

You're singing like
an old lady

Sorry but can you make it sound
better with the machine?

Are you kidding?
You think this machine is a magic wand?

Cut down on smoking

Hey newbie!
You wanna try?

Who, me?

Why should this old hag
do my part?

Be quiet
Yeah, give it a shot Jung-hwa

what the fuck!

Girls from Colorado,
I tell you

Let's go with Jung-hwa
taking the part

Once a shinning star

Shines again effortlessly

Call upon you who

only has eyes for me

To say what I couldn't say
Until the end

I'm the queen tonight
Look close This is me

Yes, I'm the queen tonight
Come next to me

I never do this with
one of my artists, you know?

I see

we need a pretty name for you

How about Venus,
the goddess of beauty?


- Venus
- Yes?

What kind of a person
do you think I am?

A very nice person

I want to be a nice man to Venus

what do you mean?

Don't get me wrong

I don't want to abuse
my position to get you in the sack

In the sack?

No, no
what I mean is

Venus, I like you

I'm actually an innocent person

I knew it

I have to go
I'm sorry

Hey! Hey!
Where are you going?

Jung-hwa! Venus!

How embarrassing!

The other candidates
are seasoned veterans

So just do as we prepared

- I understand
- And relax

I'm so nervous

Be careful not to use
the dialect

I got it

- Metropolitan
- Metropolitan

Hello everyone
It's Select 2011

we'll start the 1st debate
for democratic party's

Seoul mayor candidate nomination

Respected Seoul citizens

I'm Kang Pil-jae, democratic party candidate
for mayoral office of Seoul Metropolitan City

Now is the global period for Korea

A capital notjust for Korea
but for northeast Asia

Not expansion in quantity
but expansion in quality

Improvement of lives
of Seoul citizens

Seoul citizens deserve to
live better

I request for your support

Lastly, a greeting
from candidate Hwang

then speech from all candidates

Oh, hello

Democratic party candidate
for Seoul Meetrapolitan

Seoul Meetra-politan

Metro! Metro!
After he practiced so much

Mayoral candidate for Seoul City

As far as I'm concerned

being the mayor of Seoul means

Even a mut on the street runs
to be the mayor

Respected candidate Kang,
regarding your military service

You didn't serve in the military
Isn't that problematic?

Oh, that

If it won't be too rude
I want to show you

that I'm visibly flat-footed

which means I can't walk
for a long period of time

But the reason for military exemption
is recorded as severe shortsightedness

Yes, I'm shortsighted
and flat-footed

Can't see and can't walk
So I couldn't serve in the military

Then how were you
able to walk here

Thanks to rapid progress

in medical technology
I receive LASIK surgery 10 years ago

Oh, surgery!
Since you got your sight back

Do you wish to fulfil
your military duty now?

Look here
You're trying to get media play

It's not media play

I want to inform the voters
of verified facts

Shouldn't talk like that

Let's calm down

Just pathetic
why fight within the family?

Let's get back to the issue

what's your view on
Seoul's unbalanced development?

Candidate Hwang?

I did my military service
at 2nd Division of Nodo Corps

we're done with that topic

Oh, I see

The topic is the inequality
in development within the city

Candidate Hwang?

The unbalance problem?

We should balance it out

How will you achieve that?

Uh... well,

The south side is affluent

North is a bit... um...

- Are you disparaging north areas?
- Look here Mr. Hwang

If the price of apartments falls,
are you gonna be responsible?

No, no

It was very sad
Audience were laughing at him

Sad but what can we do?

Could be better this way
May be he'll drop out of the race

what's the matter, mama?

I'll call you later

I'll send you the money
when I make it

I want to be there
for papa's 70th birthday

But what are the neighbors gonna say
when I go down?

I'm going to debut very soon

Yeah, debut!

No, de-but
Don't you know?

Not TV. Debut!

- I'm not a backup dancer anymore
- The director is looking for you

Goodbye mama

So stupid
what am I gonna do?

- Yo!
- Shit

You were great today

Did you see it?


So embarrassing

I did my military service
at 2nd Division of Nodo Corps

Nodo Corps is the hottest search
word on the net

Be quiet
Go way

Oh, bro!

Do you know how many times
I gotta go to collect the outstanding bill?

I go back again and
again until I get the money



you can start again anytime
as long as you don't give up

You said that on the TV ad

I was moved by that

wait a minute
was that written by some writer?


He is giving me a lot of pressure

Not home yet?


Seoul Meetro...

Is it ready?

You're home

That dress


It's not that but

I was gonna tell you


I really appreciate it

I had a rough day

was going to throw in the towel

Don't have to do it if you don't want to
You can quit right now

No, no

How can I quit when you prepared
this event to cheer me up?

For you,
I won't give up

Dance again


Dance again

Go on



That's right

This feels different

Shake that ass

Yeah, baby

Turn around

I'm gonna bite you

Please bite me

If people start having more babies
motivated by patriotism

we could solve
the low birthrate problem

we got to be patriotic

I will provide substantial
financial benefit

I promise to give 500 dollars
for the 2nd child

1,000 for third child 3,000
for the forth child

To motivate citizens
to have more birth

Please have lots of kids

Candidate Hwang,
what is your view?

Yes, we have low birth rate problem

because education is so expensive
tuition is getting higher

It's also hard to get a job
and the price of housing going up

It's painful to watch

Look here

This is the difference
between a pro and amateur

He has no solutions

Dear citizens

would you get in the cab with a driver
with 30 years of accident-free experiencee

or a driver who
just got his license?

Experienced or new driver
I just don't know


Policy to increase birthrate,
child support...

whether it's the assembly
or the president

I don't know about
all the policy they put out

although I'm sure very intelligent
politicians come up with the policy

Itjust doesn't make sense to me

They said 'have lot of kids'
but does that work?

Parents are working their asses off

when do they the time to have kids?

Do you know how much
a tin of baby formula costs?

Of course, $3.50

Are you kidding?
A bowl of noodles costs 4 bucks

- Candidate Cho?
- About 7 dollars?

At the neighborhood store
the cheapest one is 12 bucks!

Situation's hopeless

As they get bigger
they take a tin a week

Go to the mart

They got rows of them,
cheap to expensive

Do you know what

it feels like not be able to buy 20 dollar
Excellent formula?

Why can't you answer?
Please tell us!

Is that why the government
is recommending breast feeding?

Moms are not milk cows
You can'tjust milk them away

He's right!
What do the men know?

We talk about meals at school

Whether or not meals are free
is not important

The parents are both at work

So should we send them
to an empty home

to eat alone?

That's not right

Don't we have to let
the kids know

why the parents
are working so hard?

By taking care of them at school

That is, feeding them

This is hot meal is
from hard work of your parents

Do you know how hard your parents
are working so you guys can eat?

Salary stays the same
while consumer price and

housing price keeps going up and
interest on mortgage is accumulating

And they want us to have more kids?

That's hypocritical, isn't it?

I really don't know

what should we do?

Dear moms and dads who are
working so hard to make the ends meet

Do you have the silver bullet?

Do you?
Do you have the cure-all?

Then let's put our heads together

I'll get all the experts together

Get rid of those people who have
no idea what they're talking about

And you folks participate directly
so we can have a discussion

Daddy is so cool

Is he really gonna become the mayor?

Probably not

You don't want him to be mayor?

That's not the problem

Me being mayor's wife is
the problem

why is that a problem?

You tell me

It's Hwang Jung-min!

Best of luck to you

Thank you
Thank you

Thank you

"Rapid Increase of Hwang's Popularity"

Table has been turned

Hwang Jung-min!
Hwang Jung-min!

Are you doing any work?

Why is Hwang's popularity going up?

Candidate Hwang recorded 82%
in the recent poll

He has surpassed these
two candidates by a wide margin

what the?
Wasn't Hwang just a pacemaker?

You can't get elected
just on awareness

It's notjust awareness

According to our research,
he caught up

within 10% pts behind current
leader in the approval rating

what nonsense is that?

Let's do it this way

Politics is a show

This election will be some show

Oh, and candidate Hwang is
no longer a pacemaker

Let's see who wins


Mr. Chairman?


Attorney Hwang is not available

He's not an attorney
but will be the mayor

Attorney Hwang

Ma'am, what's the matter?

I brought this

we'll look at it later
Thank you

- Mr. Hwang
- I promise

I'll look at it later

I'll take this

One two three!

Keep it up!

Looking great!

That should be good

Do some photoshop and
make her chest look bigger

Her legs longer and thinner
Possible, right?

Oh, jesus

It's really happening

Is debut important?
We gotta be a big hit

If we pull off the event tomorrow
we can become a big hit

what event is it?

Event for the Democratic Party

Democratic Party?

I got some connections in politics

If our song gets picked
as the party's campaign song

we'll be a hit

Are we really gonna be a big hit?

That's what I'm telling you

Your husband will be there

what should I do?
He'll get pissed if he finds out

Your husband's not the only problem
You've been deceiving the whole country

Even though the world
has changed,

who'll accept the mayor's wife
shaking her ass on the stage?

You told me to give it a shot!
Now you're turning your back?

I told you to shit
Not give it a shot

You want a cup of coffee?

Forget it wait!


Trust me

The wife version

And dancing queen version

who are you?

Oh dear, Jung-hwa

who is this?

Let's hear it for
candidate Hwang and his wife

Great to meet you


I got a tummy ache
I'll run to the restroom

Hurry back

Dance with the rhythm

Overflowing with coolness

I've no idea what I'm doing

My hand is shaking

You wanna die?
Hurry up!

Look up

Good to see you...

Next we have a new girl group
The Dancing Queens

Please welcome!

Let's do this

A secret kept from you

Is this look

Once a shining star

Shines again effortlessly

Call upon you
who only has eyes for me

To say what I couldn't say
Until the end

I'm the queen tonight
Look close. This is me

Yes, I'm the queen tonight
Come next to me

If I only have you then

I got the chance tonight
I'll get you

Thank you

Did you shit a bucket?
What took you so long?

Just when I thought
I was done more came out


what's this crap on you?

Hurry up and eat

- Venus, where have you been?
- Good job

I got so nervous that
I got the runs

Sit down

That was great

Keep this up and
we might get TV ain'time next week

Are we gonna be a big hit?

You wish


Mi-ja, what are you doing here?

It's Dorothy!


I was gonna walk away

But there's a group member
who's been hiding her real identity

A scandalous secret
The media will have a picnic

The shameless bitch is

It's a misunderstanding

I'm sure no harm was intended

She must have desperately
wanted to be a singer

You think that will shut me up?

The shameless bitch is

That's right
I'm from the country

Is that such a crime, you bitch?

You should've
kept you mouth shut


Mi-ja, you can't do this to us
after all that we've been through

Shut up
If you show your face once again

You'll really pay for it


There's only one option left
Just trust me

Any ideas?

Who'll need this
information the most?

When I was in high school in Mokpo,
I got into dancing

and I ran away from home

Got deceived and used by
lying bastards in Seoul for 10 years

So I was gonna end it all

Then I met the director

I thought this was my last chance
So I lied and said I was from Colorado

Because he said he was looking
for someone from overseas

But why Colorado?

Because I come from
Jeolado Potato, potaado


Thank you for keeping my secret

And protecting me from that bitch

That was very moving, sis


Yes, I'm calling you sis from now

I'll call you sis as well

Me too

Then the team leader is settled


Cheers to Dancing Queens
and leader, Venus




what's this? Is she working at night
to make her husband the mayor?

It's their personal life

Adultery is a private matter

You wanna change the world
when this is your first term?

After this election, you wanna be
screwed at the next party nomination?

Assemblyman Jang,

I hold your competence in high esteem

If you don't want to be humiliated,
have Hwang resign by tomorrow morning

And I'll take care of you

So this is how trashy drama ends

Trashy dramas usually
get high ratings

That's right

Kang Phil-jae will go public
with it at tomorrow's party election

why is this a problem?

Tell me
This is my private life

It becomes a problem in politics

If that gets publicized

As a politician you
can't govern his own wife

You'll be a laughing stock

The media will be all over this

It will be hard for you
and your family to handle

So what should I do?


I didn't pull you in
for you to get hurt

Just for us all

Is that really for us?
Or for candidate Kang?

Then you'll go to party election
and get humiliated?

Or turn my back on all those
who supported me

because I'm scared of that?

Politics may be a shit bucket
But this is too much!

I started this for a reason!

If I only have you then

I got the chance tonight
I'll get you

we'll see you tomorrow
Thank you

we're on for a broadcast



I'm going nuts

It's M Countdown

Bring it on

Girls Generation!
Wonder Girls!

We'll be on the same stage

Oh, hello

why didn't you tell me?

Why didn't you tell me?

Is this why you sent Yeon-woo
to your mother's place?

I'm sorry
I didn't mean to deceive

Shut up. I don't need excuses
Just stop this nonsense right now

Do you realize that I've become
the laughing-stock because of you?

How could I do politics
when I can't control my wife?

Don't you know that
my dream was to be a singer?

What kind of a
bullshit dream is that?

Don't talk like that
It might mean nothing to you

but it's a precious dream for me

It's a dream I put aside in order to
look after you and our daughter

Must've been so difficult
to take care of me against your will

So I'll give you
a comfortable life

Just shut up live quietly


I don't want to live like that

while you live your dream,
my dream means nothing?

Why do I always have to give
in and sacrifice?

My parents didn't give birth to me
so I can sacrifice my life for you

You know what Yeon-woo said?

She doesn't want to live like me

Do you want our daughter to
sacrifice her whole life for a man?

Without any dreams or hope?

I don't want her
to live like that

You're right

In the end,
I'm the bad guy

I got the answer

You go your way

And I'll go mine

I'm sorry
I'll take full responsibility


It's a blockbluster


Everyone's gonna dig into
this scandal

Dancing Queens whose husband
is the mayoral candidate

How about it?
Isn't itjuicy?


Proceed with the broadcast
as planned

But that would be
too cruel for Venus

That's not for
you to worry about

Proceed no matter what
Can't get a better publicity stunt

Don't mess up

I tried hard to find evidence
but this is all we have

It's not a contract

But evidence that our family
has been living in

this neighborhood for many decades

If you become the mayor

Please think of the weak
and helpless like us

and help us

I'm not a backup dancer anymore

what happened to Hwang?
Did he resign?

I think he'll push ahead

He hasn't learned his lessons yet

Proceed as planned

Hold on tight

we don't know what they're capable of

Three, two, one. Go!

We're here at Democratic Party
candidate nomination

for Seoul mayoral office

we're counting on you

The candidates are
now making their entrance

with candidate Kang who
has a strong support base

and candidate Hwang with
overwhelming support

we expect a close match

There will be an announcement
from candidate Cho Myeong-gu

My beloved party members

For unification of our party
and upcoming election

I give support to the
respected candiate Kang

and hereby resign
from party nomination

No kidding!
What's gonna happen to Hwang?

My respected fellow party members

Before I make my speech

I wish to disclose
an important fact

Please take a look at this photo

This embarrassing character
is no other than

the wife of the respected
candidate Hwang

It was hard for
me to believe as well

- Camera 1 on Hwang!
- It's undisputable truth

Her group just released an album
and will debut as sexy singer-dancers

In a democratic country,
being a singer may not be a problem

But please take a
look at this photo

Number 2!
Close-up on the photo!

According to a source,
candidate Hwang's wife

is inappropriately involve
d with the director of her agency

This is what
I'd call a trashy TV drama

Hwang's wife is debuting
as a dance singer

and is having an affair
with her company's representative

May be she's coming here today

Next rehearsal

- Yes
- Please get ready. Up next

Next is Dancing Queen


They say "one must govern his home
before he can rule the country"

How can someone
who can't govern his wife

govern 10 million citizens?

Kang Phil-jae!
Kang Phil-jae!

Candidate Kang has
just concluded his speech

It will be interesting to see
how candidate Hwang

who's personal life has been
attacked will respond

Candidate Hwang will make a speech

Just read the script

Don't mention your wife

Hwang Jung-min!
Hwang Jung-min!

Hwang Jung-min!
Hwang Jung-min!

Hwang Jung-min!
Step down!



Get down from there!

Where do you think you're going?
Get down

Dear respected Seoul citizen
s and party members

I'm Democratic Party
mayoral candidate Hwang Jung-min

Bring your wife to sing!

As someone new to politics

Thank you for your advice
and warm support

Bring your wife!

The reason I want to run
for the mayor's office

is to speak out for complaints
of 10 million citizens of Seoul

what's that?

Grab him!

Get him!

Hurry and grab him!

Are you okay?

I'm sorry

I'm so sorry for dragging you
into this shit bucket

Candidate Hwang's speech has been
interrupted due to an attack

We don't know whether
he's been injured

But will let you know
as soon as we have confirmation

Let me repeat that

Candidate Hwang was just attacked
by an unidentified assailant

We don't know whether
he's been injured

But will let you know
as soon as we have confirmation

Start the engine

I'm fine

The reason I want to run
for the mayor's office

is to speak out for complaints of

10 million citizens of Seoul

Yes, it's true

My wife loves to dance and sing

During college she was known as
The Madonna of Shinchon

She is not an unfaithful wife
as candidate Kang has alleged

Although she looks
like a party girl

when I was hospitalized
after getting beat up by a club

She took my urine and feces

Cut the crap!
Just step down

Be quiet!

Let's hear what he has to say

And although I didn't make a cent during
7 years I studied for the bar exam

She didn't complain at all

She worked her ass off
at a gym to support her family

My wife's dream was to be a singer
A dance singer

But she couldn't realize her dream

Because she met an incompetent
husband like me

I now feel the pain of

not getting the support
or trust of a single soul

But I did the same to
my wife last night

"Don't embarrass your husband
Quit now!"

"I'll let you live comfortably
So just shut up and live quietly"

That's what
I said to my wife last night

My wife is a human being
before being the wife of a politician

She is not my belonging

How can I govern over Seoul citizens
when I can't govern my own family?

A family is...

A family is not something to govern

I believe the same goes
for Seoul citizens

They shouldn't be governed

But family to find hope
with while holding hands


I feel relieved now

Thank you for supporting me
until now

To become the mayor
I made my wife give up her dream

As a husband who is ashamed of his wife
who sacrificed her life for him

I don't think
I'm qualified as a candidate

How can I be a mayor
of 10 million

when I can't earn the trust
of my family?

Therefore as of this moment,
I declare my...


She's his wife

Close-up on her!

What the?

It's mom


Are you nuts?
What are you doing here?

Why are you giving up?
You gotta fight to the end

what should I do?

Continue shooting

You told me to quit

I didn't I said
let's do what we like

when did I tell you to give up?

Will you give up on me?

I'm doing this not to
give up on you

I won't give up on you either

So don't give up!

A guy weeping
How shameful!

I do whatever
my wife tells me to do

Like an idiot

But if I am an idiot

I want to be an idiot
who tries till the end

I'll fight till the end
Please give me your support

I'm Hwang Jung-min, candidate for
the mayor's office of Seoul Metropolitan City

She's my friend

what about the broadcast?

What happened to the show?

We can make it
if we leave now

This is chaos rather than
a party nomination

what does he think he's doing?

An election can't be this trashy

Trashy dramas usually
get high ratings

Love you

I love you

Though the world
may not be on your side

I'll stand beside you

Love you

I love you

Though the world
may not be on your side

I'll stand beside to you

when nobody calls
Song for nobody

Don't think sad thoughts

Everyone has scars

when you think you're alone

Remember that I'm here

when having a hard time

Call my name, oh

Don't hesitate

Call my name, oh

At least I love you

I love you

Though the world
may not be on your side

I'll be beside you

No one reaching out
Nothing visible in this darkness

Don't doubt yourself
Trust me and step ahead

when you want to throw in the towel
Remember that you're the star

when tired

Call my name, oh

Don't hesitate

Call my name, oh

At least I love you

I love you

Though the world
may not be on your side

I'll be beside you

Through this darkness

To give you light
The only

Always think of me

I'll believe in you

I love you so

when tired
Call my name, oh

Don't hesitate
Call my name, oh

At least I love you

I love you

Though the world
may not be on your side

I'll be by your side

when you're tired
Call my name

Thank you

I'll work my ass off for you all

Please step up candidate Cho

You must give
pleasure to our citizens

Number 2 candidate Cho Myeong-gu
Yeah, that's good

what the hell?
Cut this crap!

Candidate Kang

Please step in the middle