Dance with the Devil (1997) - full transcript

Rough girl Perdita and her demonic lover Romeo Dolorosa need humans to sacrifice following Romeo's religion before he can go on a mission ordered by mob boss Santos. They kidnap teen sweethearts Duane and Estelle and travel with them to Las-Vegas.

Want another? Sweetie!

Bring me another Bud. And for you?
- What would you like?

- Diet?

You fuckin' kidding?

You live in Mexico?
- Not exactly.

Hey, you heading out somewhere?
- Nowhere now. What about yourself?

Phoenix. 4 day software convention.

I'm a software salesman.

By the way, my name is Manny Flynn.
Half Jewish, half Irish.

What's yours?
- Perdita Durango.

Ah, that's a beautiful name
for a beautiful woman. Married?

Listen, Manny,

you want me to go to Phoenix with you?
You pay me way, you buy my meals.

I'll keep your dick
hard for 4 straight days.

While you're at the convention,
I'll do a little business myself.

Plenty of guys there, right?
I show some tit, milk a little cow.

Quick and clean. 50 bucks a pop.

I'll let you keep half of the profit.
How about it?

I gotta go.


Hands up! Hands up!

You're sisters?

Well, I had a sister, too.
Her name was Juana.

She had two little girls
that looked just like you.

You wanna see my sister? Yeah?

Open it.

That's my sister.
Her husband shot and killed her.

And then he took his gun

pointed to one

and then the other little girl
and he shot them both in the head.

Bang! Bang!

Thank you.

I need a drink.

Please stay behind the line
until you are called forward.

All citizens entering the
United States with goods to declare

please move to the red corridor.

Remain in your vehicle until
interviewed by an Officer.

Forget it.
- My little virgin,

I think today is my lucky day.
- But not mine.

Lo siento, but I'm in a
bad mood today.

Come on, everybody needs somebody.
Even woman like you, Srta. Spitfire.

My name is Romeo Dolorosa.
My grandma is a witch,

my father was a Spaniard,
and I have a Mexican ranch.

Do you wanna come with me?

Well, my name is Perdita Durango

and I don't know shit about my fucking
parents and I don't wanna know shit

about your fucking little ranch.

You remind me of someone.
- Yeah? Who, Doris Day?

Let me guess.
You're from Hollywood, right?

Probably think you can turn me
into a big star?

But by the way you're dressed,
you remind me more of a faggot

or an extra in a bad Black
Sabbath video.

I like it.

Well, the truth is, I'm a scientist.
- A scientist?

No, you're definitely a dentist.

I could tell from that stupid smile
on your face.

It's the truth. Science is everything.
Scientists need money,

like everyone else. They need funds
to continue their research.

So, that's why I'm here
on this side of the border.

I see. Well, you're looking to the
wrong person for a donation. So...

Don't worry.
We have plenty of donations.

Like 12.000 dollars I just received

this morning
from the Morgens Interstate Bank.

Keep quiet! Fucking hell!
I don't want one fucking move!

Don't move! Don't fucking move!
- Shut up!

If you keep quiet, nothing's
gonna happen, alright?

The money! Quick! Here!

Take off your shirt.
Come on, take off your shirt!

What the fuck are you doing, man?!
You're crazy!

Come on, show me your titties.
Keep going...

The bra... Come on, the bra! The bra!
- What the fuck you doing, man?!

It's not the time!
- Oh, Good Lord!

Come here!
- Do you hear me? Let's go! Shit!

Sweet mother of God!
Move! Move! Move!

Come on, Romeo! Are you nuts, or what?
Run! Fuck you!

Santero psychopath!

Ok, thank you very much.
Here you go, the mask of El Santo.

It will bring you good luck.
Thank you very much.

You had to do it your way!
Motherfucker! Son of a bitch!

It's the last time I'm working
with you, Cabron! Fucking clown!

Piece of shit, Santero. He had
to wear that fuckin' little mask,

you know, like El Santo.

Hey, man, how much did we get?
- I don't know, man! I don't know.

Maybe 20.000, maybe more.
- I hope it's more. At least 25.

One grand for each and the rest for
the mother-fucking Catalina!

Forget about Catalina, Cabron.
- It's scary, man! I'm scared shitless!

Last week, we owed him 20 grand,
and now it's 23!

If we don't pay him soon, he'll kill
us and make a belt with our nipples!

Y eso no es funny, no senor.
We shouldn't have borrowed

money from him, I told you,
I told... Romeo?



Holy fucking shit!
I'll get you, man! I'll get you!

Your luck is running out today, uh?
- Trust science, Perdita.

I have different plans of my own.
I get out of here. I'll donate my body

to science when I'm dead.
- You don't have to.

I already took care of that. Look.
- Are you fucking crazy?

C'mon trust in my science, Perdita.

Do you want to cross the border
with me?

So what the fuck are you?
A grave-robber or a bank-robber?

I do it all, my love.
I got a really busy schedule today.

Your papers, please.
- Yes, sir.

Anything to declare?
- Nothing, Officer.

All right. You may continue.
- Thank you.

Trust in science, Perdita.
Trust in science.

I come from the island Petit Caribe,
3 Miles long, 1 Mile wide.

When I was a kid, there were only
2 cars. And one day, of course,

they crashed.

Sooner or later,
it was bound to happen.

It was impossible for it not
to happen. That's how the world turns.

That's how you and I met, Perdita.

You'll be my Yalocha...
- What?

My High Priestess.

You can help me with the ritual.
Last night I dreamt about it,

I dreamt I was licking your body.

Stop! Stop!

Did I do this?

What the fuck are you talking about?!

I'm a sorcerer, Perdita.
Your Babalou.

It's rule of Ocha.
Santeria, my science.

Don't talk shit o me. You don't
believe in those things, do you?

I do believe in its power.

You want to see it or are you scared?

I wish you wouldn't do that.
- Why not? It scares evil spirits away.

I don't believe in voodoo bullshit.
I doubt if those people did either.

It's not voodoo. It's Santeria.
It's not the same.

Little magical tricks.
Latin bullshit.

But it works. You saw it.
- Yeah, but for how long?

You know, people are not that stupid.
- Yeah,

do you have a better idea, smartass?


you know what?

We should kill someone.
- What?

Yeah, we should kill them
and then we should eat them.

Fuck! Like animals, mi amor?
- That's right.

It'll be ingrained
in their brains forever.

Let's do it tomorrow.
- Tomorrow is not good.

I have a date across the border.
- A date?

Son of a bitch.
- It's not what you think.

It's business.

Being a kid in Caribe, I spent every
day in the port with my cousin Reggie.

There were huge ships, everyone going
to different places.

Panama, Mexico, Hong Kong, Lisboa.
Places that we couldn't imagine.

From the moment, I knew I would go
far into the world, beyond Caribe.

Yeah? What went wrong?
- What do you mean?

This isn't exactly Paris, sweetheart.
- Fuck you!

Fuck! I lived in Paris for 2 years,
mademoiselle, and 4 years in Madrid.

You know Madrid? Look at this...
Mira, mira. Esto...

I got this from a bull.
I was a bullfighter.

And this is fuckin' souvenir
from Beirut. The Marines!

The greatest travel agency
in this fuckin' wide world.

What are you thinking in that
little head of yours?

I'm thinking,

that if we're gonna do a kidnapping,
we should get a gringo.

A guero?
- It'll be impressive.

Adolfo, did you hear that?
- Killing gueros?

Fucking hell! Living with you
will be kickass!

(Song) Who can turn the world on
with her smile?

Coming! Coming! I'm coming!

Hello, Mrs. Satisfy.

Is Estelle here?
- Of course she is.

Come on in. Come on in. Estelle?

Estelle, honey, Duane's here.

Oh, please don't make him wait.
Now, come on down!

Hello, Mr. Satisfy.
- Hi.

I'll be down in a second.

Estelle! Don't you hear me?
Come down!

What is Duane gonna think
of us? Oh, she is the worst!


in this world, you have to be
in control.

It's the only thing that
makes us different from the animals.

Absolutely, Mr. Satisfy.
- Ah, you can call me Herb.

You know, when we were dating,
Glory Ann always called me Herb

after Herb Alpert, the musician.
You know?

The Tijuana Brass, you heard of them,


not really...
- What is that?

It's a free-form mobile, representing
the 4 basic food groups...

Here they come.
- Ta-ta-ta-ta!

Here she is!

You look beautiful.
- Ok, you two kids.

Go out now and have a good time.
- Estelle said you're heading to Susie?

Ah, that's where the young ones go
to have fun nowadays?

Yeah, well...
- Let's go, Duane, otherwise

we might never get out of here.
- Duane, remember what I told you.

(Together) Always be in control!

They haven't arrived yet.

No. Where is Perdita?
- Shopping.

My, God! Are you alright, Sir?
I could've killed you!

Call an ambulance! Call for help!

Alright, alright, alright!

Please, stop touching me!
Stop touching me!


Excuse me, Sir...

It's the Holy Bible.

You also have a letter.
Is it a secret admirer?

Oh, my God! Is my number one fan.
Is my grandmother Maria Jose, man!

I love her! I love that woman.
She always writes o me, man.

The oldest woman in Petit Caribe.
I mean, no one knows how old she is.

Whatever happened in my country,
she was there to tell the story.

She can't write, so she dictates her
letters to my cousin Danny Mestiza.

Even when my cousin Reggie and I were
in Beirut, she sent me a letter.

We got the money you sent.
Danny says thanks, and so do I.

I'm reading the Bible, looking for
the place where you're fighting.

Have you seen the Garden of Eden?

Did you see it?
- What, man?

The Garden of Eden.

Of course! Fuck, Adolfo, of course,
man! That's when I saw the Devil.

Garlic sprouted everywhere
he stepped.

There they are. Stay put.


- Reggie, man!

Hey, man! I missed you, asshole!

As elegant as ever. How's business?

I get by...
- That's over, man, that's over!

We're too big for this fucking border.

I'm changing your luck, Romeo.
You know Marcelo Santos?

Crazy Eyes Santos?
- Don't ever call him that!

He hates it. It pisses him off.
- Are you working for him now?

I told you, man, big business.
Big business!

Listen. You're my brother. My brother.

Mr. Santos wants to meet you.

He's here?
- In the car.

Mr. Dolorosa.
You like the jabugo ham?

It's illegal but delicious.
- Thanks. It's a pleasure

meeting you, Mr. Santos.
- I know it's a strange place to meet,

but I'm on my way to another business
meeting, and I hate to fly. Drink?

Yeah, thanks.

Your cousin Reggie,
he speaks very highly of you.

He tells me you send money back home
to your family. I like that.

Well, Reggie and I are very tight,

but he might have exaggerated
a little, Mr. Santos.

You don't have to be humble with me.
I need someone like you by my side.

Here's my proposal. It's very simple.
In 48 hours, a truck will arrive.

A refrigerated, semi-trailer truck
loaded with human embryos

for the cosmetic industries.

You make a skin cream with fetuses?
- Not a bad idea, although it's not

originally mine. You see, the Nazis
made bars of soap out of the Jews.

Yeah, and you adapted it to our times?
- More or less. People want to be

so beautiful nowadays, hu? You have
to give them that they want.

Sure, everyone wants to look younger.
- Anyway, we must get this shipment to

a secret lab in Las Vegas right away.
- Right. You want me to go with Reggie?

No, I have other plans for him.

They tell me that you know the area.
Can you do it?

Certainly, Mr. Santos.
I'm glad to help.

Muy bueno. Now I have 10.000 dollars
for you in old bills.

The driver will have an envelope
with your instructions.

When you arrive safely in Las Vegas,
your cousin Reggie will give you

another 10.000 dollars. You remember
always, that God and I are with you.

Hey, chica! Looking for someone?
- Where the hell did you get that?

I took it from a kid. Get in.
Get in!

Ow! You are a clown, you know that?
- A clown with a golden dick.


Look, preciosa, look.

Yes! You little devil, you!
So your date was with a bank?

No, something better. We have to go
on vacation, isn't that great?

And when we get there, there'll be
another package like this. Give me!

Sounds like a good plan.
- Yes. We'll leave tomorrow night.

We've enough time for our little show.
Adolfo is getting ready everything.

I thought with everything that's
going on, I thought you would probably

forget about that Santero.
- Forget about it? Are you crazy?

It's the only thing I can think about.
Now more than ever. We need a good

sacrifice to appease the gods.
- Well, this is the perfect place.

There's nothing but little fuckin'
lambs walking around here.

We just have to think about doing it.
- It's easy. Just stop someone and say:

I'm Palo Mayombe High Priestess.
Mind if I cut your throat and eat

your heart? Ok, what should we get?

I don't know.

How about something blond, tanned,


Are you gonna fuck him or eat him?

Maybe both.
- Ok.

Here's your man.
- He's no good.

What do you mean he's no good?
- From far away he looked different.

Esta fuckin' borracho! I hate drunks.
- What do I do with him now?

I don't know. Why don't you lave him
where you found him?

Who the hell are you people?

You crazy bitch!

Sorry, man. Who understands women?

What are you doing?
- Watch, wait and see.

Shut up! Shut up!
Fucking blow your heads off!

Come on! Come on!

They're gonna kill the kids! They're
the devils! I saw it in their eyes!

They're gonna eat them and come
back for more. Fuck all of you!

Excuse me, excuse me!
- Shut up! What're you trying to do?

Shh, it's ok, shh...

What's going on?

Well, if you're figuring on ransoming,
you know,

Estelle's father works in an office.
- Shut up! Do you wanna get us killed?!

And my father doesn't have any money.
- The world doesn't spin only on money,

pinche guero.

Estelle? Is that your name, princess?
I like it. Estrellita,

that's what we'll call you.
Estrellita. You like that, Perdita?

What are you going to do to us?
- Nothing you won't like.

Show you where the people live.
Be a place to tell about, if you get

a chance on the next family picnic.
- Too bad you won't live to tell it.

Please let us go!
- She looks like Barbie.

You would stick your dick in a fucking
keyhole if you had the opportunity!

Listen, I understand that your people

have been, you know, oppressed by our
country. Ok?

And I feel for you,
you know? I mean, I really do.

But it's not our fault.
It's not our fault! Ok?

Well, why?

Are you going to kill us?
- Oh, my God!

No, we're not going to kill you.
- Ok, ok.

It's gonna be worse. What do you
think about Christmas in fucking hell?

Oh, my God!
- Holiday in hell! Holiday!

A fucking happy holiday!
You make it right, sugar!

You're the best. I love you.

Come on! Come on! Don't look at me
like that! Come on, cheer up! Fun!

Get party, ok? I'm gonna put a song
on I know you're gonna like.

Come on, listen to this.

It's Herb Alpert!
- And the Tijuana Brass!

This can't be happening!
- It's a sign! It's a sign, Perdita!

No hay duda, they are the chosen ones!
- Listen, please. Please, please...

Please! Help us!
- Hey! See you around, pendejo!

- What now, Fed?

Somebody wants to talk to you.
- Does it have to be now?

Says he's from the DEA.
- I'll be damned! A big-shot.

Ok, gimme 2 minutes.
- Ok.

And shut the door behind you
on your way out, will you?

I'm sorry, Vicky.
We'll have to continue this later.

See you tomorrow?
- Yeah, I'll call you.

This way, sir.
- Thank you.

How ya doing? Woody Dumas, Special
Agent for the Federal Narcotics

Division up there in Dallas.
- Rip Ford. Sit down.

Tell me how I can help you.
What happend to you?

Nothing. Sure is hot in here.

That's Susie.
- Thank you.

So, are you up to speed
on this operation?

What operation?

I sent you a fax two days ago.
- Oh, yeah, the fax from Dallas.

Yeah, I have it here. You're after
that character, what's his name?

Romeo Dolorosa.
- Yeah, he's supposed to be

a witch doctor, or something.
- Santero, drug dealer,

bank robber, scumbag!
- Here it is.

I'll reckon he made it through
your ambush in Del Rio.

They say he disappeared like a ghost.
- Well, he was lucky.

Could have been magic, right?
Maybe this Romeo has a cloth doll

looks just like you,
stuck full of needles.

It says here his hide-out's
in Mexico.

Yeah, he's got a ranch on the border.

I don't see how we can help you.
It's outside of our jurisdiction

and it's out of your jurisdiction
too, Special Agent Dumas.

Yeah, I know it's outside of your
jurisdiction and I know you're busy,

but I followed this guy for quite a
while and I know he works both sides

of the border wherever the money is.
- It's a big border.

Yeah, it is. But unfortunately for
you, they're here in Susie 'cause

I just saw her a few hours ago.
- Her? There's a woman involved, too?

Perdita Durango. She's as dangerous
as he is, maybe more.

This woman that you say you saw
has she done anything illegal

in the State of Texas?
- It's not gonna take her long

to break the law.
- Sheriff Ford speaking. Yeah.

2 college kids you say? You're sure?
Ok. Yeah, we're coming right away.

Yeah, thanks for calling, Phil.
- You know, Ava Gardner.

I always loved her lips.

Welcome to Negrita Infante!

What's the plan, Romeo?
- Forget about the plan, Adolfo.

The future has already been written.
- Cool.

You're the boss!
- No, you're the boss!

You're the boss!
- I say you are the boss!


What's wrong with him?

This is crazy! Oh, my God!
Where are we!

Looks like another planet.

This cannot be happening to me!

Sleep a little, senorita.
- Please let me go!

Don't you know they'll kill us?
- I know nothing, senorita.

What? You're with them! Look,
I have 40 dollars and a VISA card.

If you let me go,
I'll give you my number.

Ok. I'll give it to you now.
It's 7-4-7-0.

You want a blanket?
- Say something!

You want a blanket?
- Why are you doing this to me?

You wanna kill us, too? Is that it?


I want to share something with you,

It's my treasure.

A sticker collection?
It looks interesting.


when I first saw these drawings,

I started looking for answers
to the big questions in life!

What the fuck are we doing here,

Why do we need to eat?

Why do we need to fuck
or watch TV? Tell me.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

You're not one of those kids who doesn't
believe in anything? Are you, Duane?


I believe in a superior energy.

Energy?! Energy?! Fuck energy, Duane!

No, no, no! Don't start with
that hippie bullshit, ok?

I'm talking about Gods!
Gods creators of fucking universes!

Ok. Ok, all right. I believe, ok?
- Good.


So Goldilocks wants to be a hero?
- Shut up!

I expected you to be a stupid-ass
white girl that depends on daddy.

I bet your biggest hope is to marry
some cocksucking cowboy, pump out

2 blond kids perpetuating the cycle
endlessly. Isn't that right?

Give me the gun.
- I don't know what this is about,

but I do not wanna die!
- Ok, then kill me.

Go ahead, shoot!

But if you miss...
- I know how to shoot a gun!

I'll give you piece of advice.

I don't need your advice.
- Lf you really wanna do something,

do it without thinking about. That's
the difference between you and me.

I would have killed you long time ago.
- For instance the Aztecs,

the old inhabitants of this land.
This people had this all figured out

thousands of years before
you and I were born, Duane.

See this guy? It's me.

And this here is you.

Food for the Gods.

How many men have you fucked?

I can't believe it.
You're still a virgin?

It's written all over your face.
It's ok. We've all been there.

Come on, this is stupid.
Gimme the gun.

That's good.

You know what they did to me at
school when I misbehaved?

They would whack my hands
with a ruler.

Kiss my feet! Come on!

Good girl.

You have to die to live.
- Oh, my God.


Think of Jesus Christ.

Why are millions of people coming
together each Sunday

and drink his blood?

Tell me...

didn't you know that one has to
sacrify to the Gods?

People forgot their religion.

I envy you, really.

Through your sacrifice
you'll be immortal

like Jesus.

Telling him a bedtime story, Romeo?

Well, just filling in a few holes
in Duane's education.

Well, my little intellectuals,
I have one or two holes

that I need filling, myself.

This way. Sit down.

Sit down!

Here, what are you doing?
What do you want?! Leave me alone!

Does it hurt, Estrellita?
Hm, Estrellita.

Light of my life,
fire of my heart.

I'm not going to do

I hate her!
- I think your friend Duane likes her.

Is he with her?
- I'm afraid so. But don't worry,

you're with me.
Romeo will take care of you, mi amor.

Put your hands up. Up! Up! Up!

Oh no!

Carajo! What the fuck is this?!
- What?

It's fake.
- Come on, Estrellita,

you don't need it. Leave it.
That's for the putas, Estrellita!



What are your goals in life, Duane?


What are your plans for the future?
Come on, Duane, goals.

All good American boys have them.
How often have you done this, Duane?


Looks like you start to like me.

I already worried about.

Tell me sweets.
At least, I'm a woman.

Oh, my God.

How many times?



Fuck! Once?


So, how was it?
- I'll never forget.

I'll make sure you don't forget,
'cause it'll be the only fuck

you'll have in your life.
Time's up, cowboy.


There's no TV here,
but there's something better

I want to show you.
Come on. Get up!

The two greatest pleasures in life
are fucking and killing.


I think it should be you who decides
who is going to be sacrificed.

You're the sorcerer.
- What about the gringo?

You chose him.
- Bullshit!

You're the one who started this!

You know all you wanted was that
little fucking blonde pussy, anyway.

The poor girl bled a lot, you know.

Just like caramel cream.

Well, too bad she's not
a virgin anymore, huh?

Wouldn't it have been
better for your little ceremony?

Yeah that's true.

Why didn't I think
about it before? Shit!

Too late now. Anyway, I'm glad we'll
take a trip after the ceremony

because they'll be talking about it
for a long, long time.

Everything is falling into place.
I'm a lucky man, bonita.


If you call me bonita one more
fucking time, I'll fucking kill you!

Ok, it's time. The show must begin.
Before anything, I want you to know

that it's been a great pleasure
knowing you both.

You see, Duane, they'll kill us!
- This can't be happening.

I mean, this can't be happening!
- I'm afraid it is, Duane, Cabron.

I mean, out there there's a bunch
of people that have come very far

for this and we cannot
let them down. So...

one of you will die.
- One? Only one?!

Yeah, that's right. Only one. I mean,
Perdita and I haven't decided who.

Best if we decide all together.
- What happens to the other one?

The other one gets a trip to Miami.
What's this here? A fucking contest?!

Ok. Ok. Who votes for Duane?
- I'm sorry, Duane.

Estelle, what the fuck are you doing?
- I don't wanna die.

But what about me?
- Relax, Cabron. Now you vote.

Let's see, whoever thinks, Estelle
should be the one, raise their hand.

You son of a bitch!
- You're the only bitch around here.

I saw you fucking him!
- He raped me!

That's bullshit!
I saw you moving your ass.

After 2 years of playing square,
I've the same right to live as you do!

When my father finds out what you've
done he'll chop your balls off!

Your father's a fucking joke!
- Shut up!

Ok. Perdita, what do we do now?
- I don't know.

After this fucking circus,
I think they both should die.

Excuse me,
the people are getting restless.

Ok, Adolfo, you decide. Which one?
- The gringa.

Who do you think you are?
Romeo, you're not listening to him?

I'm sorry, it's been decided.

Don't be scared, Estrellita.
Don't be scared.

Tonight, you'll be immortal.
You'll enter in the house of dreams

where you'll live forever.
Stop crying, Estrellita!


I was 10 years old
when they gave me the necklaces.

One for each god. Eleguä, Gemayä,
Changö, Obatalä and Ochün.

Since then, my necklaces have
protected me from evil.

Ache, ache, ache...

We live on a river bank.

That of the great light.

On the other bank
is the great night

where we find force to live!

If we return from the other side,
we'll have power,

power over others,
over our enemies.

Somebody help me! Somebody stop him!

We must triumph over those
who would keep us

in poverty and sadness!

This is the truth.

We must devour our enemies

before they devour us.
This is the Pinaldo.

The saint's born from death.

Don't you want to see Romeo eating
your girlfriend's heart out?

Just might turn you on.

You're a monster!
How can you do this?!

Don't blame me, guerito!

Don't you remember?
You voted for her, too. Huh?

Enjoy the show, sweetheart.

You little piece of shit!

Do you feel the fucking pain?


See if you fucking like it!


Only night gives strength
against the light.

No sainthood without death.
- Stop it! No!


You remember me, honey?
Remember the money we owe Catalina?

Well, forget it. Now it's too late.

I bring him your fucking head!
Party's over, santero!

Bitch! Bitch!

Get off me! He's alive!

Where's the other kid?


Get in the car! Get in!
Come on! Come on! Shit!

Are we gonna stay up here looking?
Plenty of them could've died!

They're a bunch of fucking killers!
- Hey! Forget about it, Fed!

Remember, we're not here.
- He's right. We can't do anything.

Who's this, a relative or something?
- My sister's boy.

Lucky you.

Go! Go! Go!

Fuck! No one says anything, or what?
- What the fuck do you want us to say?

Don't you wanna know who that was?
- What for? He's fucking dead!

All I want to know is what the fuck
are we gonna do with these two?

Give me time, Perdita, ok?
I'm trying to think of something, ok?

Stop it, please stop it! Stop it!
- Shut up! Shut up!

Stop it! Enough! Stop it!
- Shut up! Shut up!

It's ok. It's ok.

The meeting point is in Junction.
There, we will pick up the truck.

If we drive all night,
we could get there on time.

We can't be late, Perdita.

What's wrong, santero?
Did your gods abandon you?

You see? We lost 'em!
- Relax, he's right in front of us.

Just can't see him.
If I go any faster,

he's gonna see us.
- You sure? He could've disappeared.

They say Dolorosa' a nagual.

A nagual?
- A supernatural beast

that has a human head
and a jaguar's body.

Yeah, and a camel's dick!
- Best of all, he can make himself

invisible in front of his enemies.
- Well, that would explain many things.

Like how he get across the border?
- Yeah, with two naked and feathered

kids in his back seat.
- You must be kidding.

You believe that Mexican bullshit?
- The stuff works if you believe in it.

You know, one time I saw these guys
crash right into a brick wall 'cause

they thought they could go through.
- And did they?

Little pieces went through. The rest
stayed splattered all over the wall.

Should it be parked in the middle
of the road with those two inside?

Gonna wait.
You don't fuck around with Santos.

I promised Reggie I wouldn't.

True, you made a promise.

And a Spanish gentleman never
breaks his promise, right?

Even if it will cost him his life?

What do you want? That's how I am.

And you? What if I were killed?
Would you cry?

Hey, Skinny? Skinny boy? Hey, what's
are you doing, popsicle dick?

Come on, talk to me! Skinny boy?
What's going on? Come on! Come on!

I think he has to pee.
- No, man, he wants to suck your dick!

Are you a bit nervous, Pete?
- Nervous? What the fuck would I have

to be nervous about, Cabron?
- Shit, partner! Look at the truck!

You took 6 amphetamines, cafedrine,

Korean, American and Siberian
Ginseng, 16 Giant E-zees!

Vitamins to keep me young.

Yoo-hoo! What is it now, Mr. Fetus?

There it is!

Right on time.

Santos knows how to do things right.

Hey, Dolorosa!

Dede Paralta, Pete Amendariz.

Fuck's up?
- Right smack on time!

Mr. Santos will appreciate that.

Your instructions. In Las Vegas,
Reggie San Pedro is waiting for you.

I know, I know. He's my cousin.
- That doesn't concern me.

Mr. Santos'll be counting on you and I
hope you don't fucking let him down!

Look at you, Skinny, you're frozen!

Piece of shit! Ass-munch!
Fucking gringo cocksuckers!

Shut up!
- Go fuck a cactus!


I think it's the police.
Shh... shh.

All right, we got 'em. And those
other 3 assholes work for Santos.

We can't go in like this Dumas.
We gotta call in some back-up.

Get off me! Go back to your
fucking crossword puzzle!

Come on!

Who's that?
- My woman.

The two in the back? Nephews?
What's this? Fucking family picnic?

Shit! I hate working
with goddamned morons!

- Alright, assholes! D.E.A.!

Drop your guns! Put your hands up!
- Fuck you!

Son of a bitch!
- Dede, cover me!

Shit! Goddamned devil!
Just go ahead and kill me!



Now, you dumbfuck!


Fuck you!

- Stop the fucking truck!

Stop the fucking truck!

Your luck has run out, asshole!

Charly, take care of this baby.

Yeah. Thank you very much!

Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
Get off me!

No, sir, please don't move. Lay down.

Lay down, sir!


the bambinos. Great, great! Yes.

What do we do now?
- They're all dead. Marcello, Peralta,

Armendariz and fucking Skinny!
- They were all good men.

They didn't deserve to die that way.
- Who would have thought that Dolorosa

was going to mess everything up?
- He came highly recommended.

Seems like D.E.A. Was following
him for a while.

We must act quick to protect the
merchandise. I have to find that man,

what's his name?
- Woody Dumas from Dallas. I know him.

He's hurting us so bad.
- Everyone wants to get rid of him.

Even his bosses in Dallas.
- Who can we get?

It would be wiser to send an outside
representative to handle the job.

Why not send The Fist?
- Yes, Provino Momo The Fist.

I know him well. I'll give him
24 hours to deliver.

And tomorrow, we have one less worry.
- Man, my blessing goes with The Fist,

and may God be with him.

Girls! Hey!
- What do we do with Romeo Dolorosa?

He's as dangerous as Dumas.

Stop that thief! Call the police!

Hi, pendejos. I hope you like it.

The idea of driving 1.000 Miles
with Estrellita makes me ill.

What if I take Duane?
- He can take the car away from you.

No. He'll come with me in the truck.
- What if I tie him up?

Bad idea. If anyone sees him,
we'll be fucked.

So you'll do better with Estrellita.

You shouldn't smoke so much.
I only tried it twice, you know,

once, in summer before starting Junior
High, I had one of my father's Larks.

I only smoked half and I couldn't do
anymore because I started coughing.

The second one was at a party
at my sorority, you know,

one of the student clubs that they
have. Mine was Kappa Gama Epsilon.

This time it was a lot better,
it was sweeter.

Look, I know, I know,

I'm just talking, and you hate me.
You do hate me, right?

I'm sorry. I'm so nervous,
I don't know what to do.

I can't help it. Please,
are you ever going to talk to me?

Listen, you little cunt. If you don't
stop breathing down my fucking neck

you won't make it
to he next gas station.


My Dad used to sing this song to me
when I was a little boy.

Are your parents dead?
- They're on vacation in Europe.

They won a trip on one of those
TV shows for couples.

Was it one of those shows where Mom
tells millions of people

how she does it with Dad?
- They did 8 shows!

I mean, it was the worst 2 months
of my entire life!

Well, and now this.

It's not so bad. You're still alive.

Why are memories always so sad?
- Not always. Come on, I remember once,

when I was a kid someone brought
movies to Petit Caribe.

They showed them in my uncle's barn.

There I saw Burt Lancaster for the
first time in the movie 'Veracruz'.

Saint Burt Lancaster, man!

He had about 108 giant gleaming teeth.

Such a man I wanted to be combined
with the nobility of Gary Cooper.

It's a dramatic ending.
It's the perfect ending for a man.

The true path to Sainthood.


You're going to kill us when we get
to Las Vegas, aren't you?

Don't make plans. I hate people
who make plans, Duane.

Be best if we work things out
as we go along, amigo,

don't you think?
- I would appreciate that.

I think we should stay on touch, sir.


What's this?

Junction to...

Las Vegas.

Come on! Come on!

Yeah, Doyle! What did you look at
the map with? Your fucking asshole?!

They're going to Vegas. Las Vegas!

Hello? Hello?

Piece of shit phone!

What's that strange sound?
Speak more slowly, sir.

He's out of range.

Fuck you!

This is your Captain Romeo Dolorosa
speaking. Welcome aboard.

Please fasten your seatbelts
and try to sleep.

Thank you very much. Fuck you!

Ok, guys. I hope to help out
with your little romance.

Don't touch me, ok?
- Estelle.

Look, just fucking go fuck your
Mexican whore you like so much!

Come on, keep cool, Perdita.
Come on.

Never done it in a plane,
how about you?

Pick a card.
- Go to sleep, Romeo.

We have a long night ahead us.
- Precisely. Don't you want to know

what's going to happen tomorrow?
- I nearly forgot that you're

a crazy Santero.
- Every Santero uses his power

to predict the future. Even those of
us who are crazy. Pick a card.

Luck. Plenty off luck.
Anyone wanna try?

Come on, Duane.
The cards are sacred. They never lie.

Ignore him, he's making fun of us.

They are 18 cards and only
one of them is really bad.

But it's not this one.
You're still a lucky guy, man.

And now it's my turn.

Sir, we've spotted a group that fits
their description. They're in

a rest-stop just outside of El Paso.
- Follow but do not intercept.

If Dolorosa suspects anything
he's gonna kill those kids.

Call our people in Las Vegas. Tell
'em I want to find the warehouse

where they store those fetuses.
- That won't be easy, sir.

Start with all the cosmetic labs.
There can't be that many.

And tell them move their ass!
Hey, what's red and white

and goes 60 Miles an hour?
A baby in a blender.

Sons of bitches will never find her!

- Once they cross the border,

they can't ask for any favors.
- What border?

Mexican. I've to go after her myself.
Even if my wife thinks I'm crazy.

Sometimes it's better not to think so
much. Maybe you should read the paper.

No, no, no. That's no relief.

A man's gotta do what
his heart tells him to do.

You understand what I mean?
You can't always be in control.

Did you see what I just did?
It wouldn't have happened

if you'd been here. Think about it!

Some strange men came asking for you.

We said nothing.

They said you owed Catalina money,

but I know they were lying
because I raised you

to know the difference
between right and wrong.

I was not afraid, I have seen
so much, my grandson.

Even invisible things.
When you were born I knew

you were special that when you died,
you'd turn into a jaguar

and run along Caribbean beaches.

Everything ok?
- This place is like

an elephant graveyard.
Why are you awake?

Something's burning you inside.
- It's nothing.

It's your little girlfriend.

My head is ringing from 12 hours
of uninterrupted teenage bullshit.

You're jealous. I like that.

Hey! Hey! Wake up! Wake up!

Come her! Come here! Look! Look!
So, it's our chance to escape.

If we find another way out of here,
they'll never find us.

Estelle, you're crazy!
- Do you actually like that bitch?

No, I'm trying to keep us alive.
- You're fucking coward!

Second time you've called me that!
- Go ahead and hit me!

Deep down, you're just like them!


Come on.

I don't see them. Hurry up!


Go! Go! Go!


Hurry up!

Go! They're behind us!

Faster! Faster!

Faster! Faster!

I thought you were stupid, but it
didn't think you were a traitor!

I don't like traitors, Duane!
I don't like traitors! Understand?

Shit, Duane, I trusted you!
I fucking trusted you,

and this is how you repay me?
I'm going to fuck you over.

I'm gonna kill you, ok?
Do you wanna know how it's gonna end?

This is it, man! This is fucking it!
- Oh, God! No, no, no! Please!

It wasn't his fault! It was me!
It won't happen again. It was my idea!

Forget it, Romeo!
- You shut up!

Perhaps we can use him in Las Vegas.
Come on, this could bring us bad luck.

How things changed! Before, you wanted
to shoot them in the desert,

now you're defending them!
- Nobody wants to defend anybody, ok?

This is not the right thing here, now.
- Now I'm the jealous one. Ok, Perdita?

Estelle, what do you think?
Looks like they want to be alone.

It wasn't his fault, it was me.
- Fucking asshole!

You decide, Estelle, I finish him off
or I keep him alive to please Perdita.

Forget it, Romeo! You're getting
out of hand. Let's get out of here.

Stand up, gringo! Come on, Duane.

How do you do it, man? Some day
you have to tell me your secret.

Understand? You don't beat!

Reggie, my friend. Come in.

Have a seat.

You know why you're here?
- I think so, yes.

Is that a problem for you?

Ok. I know you're raised up
together in one family.

It takes a pretty long time
when se left Petit Caribe.

I don't object your cousin.
But he did some ugly things.

Even the Mexican Government wants
him to get off.

The Government is after my business.
Several of our associates are dead.

Mr. Santos, if I only knew this...
- Don't excuse yourself.

No one is accusing you
of doing anything.

Romeo is doing me a favor
by driving the merchandise

for which he'll be compensated.
When the delivery is secure

give him the money we agreed on.

Then kill him.

Money is no good to him, he's dead.

So you take it
for doing me this favor.

That's most generous of you.
- Generous?


Treason is merely
a tool of resourcefulness.

I know this will be hard for you
but I firmly believe

that man must live his life
according to his own terms

or not live this life at all.
- I'm sure you are right, Mr. Santos.

And I'm sure
you'll do a good job for me.

I figure my little ladies are
wondering where I'm heading.

I'll visit a friend in Nogales.
Estrellita, come with me.

What for?

I'm thinking of selling you.
Get in, pendejo.

Where the hell are you going?

I'm going to dance with the devil
under the pale moonlight.

Go fuck yourself, Romeo!
- What's wrong? It's from Batman.

Fuck Batman!

One hit, one dollar! You want a hit?
You wanna hit, man?

Fuck, yeah!
- One dollar.

Here's 10, kick my ass!
- Si, senor, for 10 dollars

I make your hair sizzle!
- That's a car battery!

Give it me, motherfucker!
- Very macho, man! Very macho!

Give it to me!
Give it to me, motherfucker!

Oh, fuck!

Electricity is cool, Estrellita.

I'm looking for Catalina.
I heard he is here today.

Catalina. About a debt.
- He's at the back.

Romeo Dolorosa.

Girls, I want you to meet
a real bandido.

- We heard you were doing a job for

Santos with your cousin Reggie.
- Fuck! You keep yourself informed.

You have to keep up with everything
in this business. When you don't know

what's happening, you're dead!
- Listen, Catalina, I'm here

to settle my debt.
I don't like owing anyone anything.

Well, you know that.

Did you hear that, girls?

The son of a bitch says
he doesn't like owing money to anyone.

So you came here to pay me?

Sure. Yeah. And this is half.

I'll give you the other half
somewhere were we can talk.

Where did you find this beauty?

That's what I wanted to talk
to you about. She's the other half.

Come to my office.

You too, sweetie.

Stay here! Stay here, girls!

I don't want any.
- How come? It's pure. Good stuff.

Come on, Catalina, she's not one
of those girls. She hasn't tried

anything stronger than a diet Coke!
- Bullshit, Romeo. Gimme that!

She's terrific. Innocent, clean.

And her pussy's pure gold, man!

You'll make triple what you make
with those dried-up cunts.

Where did you get her?
- Well, does it matter? We got a deal?

What are you talking about?
- Estrellita, Estrellita,

now this man owns you, ok?
And please don't make me look bad.

You can't be serious.
- You're right. She's great!

Let's toast.
- I hear you visited Petit Caribe?

No, no, no. I had no time.
I sent my associates.

They did a good job.

See, I don't like being owed money.
But you learned your lesson now.

You're all paid up. That's it.
Everything is forgotten.

No, Catalina, it's not forgotten.
- Then why the fuck did you come here?

To kill you, pendejo!

I'm dead so are you.

Santos will kill you.
- What the fuck are you talking about?

Your cousin sold you out,
you sick fuck! Everyone knows it.

You're lying!
- Reggie's gonna kill you

after you make the delivery.
I'll be waiting for you in hell.

We'll have a great time there.

See you later, amigo.


whatever happens, keep smiling, ok.
No long faces. Right?

Nothing happened in here, ok?

Dance! Dance!


Holy shit! He wasted him!
Son of a bitch!

You saved my life
back at the airplane junkyard.

Thank you.

Don't thank me.
Maybe what awaits you could be worse.

I bet sometimes...
you wish you never met him.



Listen. There's a lot of people in my
fucking life that I wish I never met

but Romeo is definitely
not one of them, ok?

You ever think about an animal
eating you alive?

I thought Romeo was going to kill me.
- I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about a wild animal
grabbing you an ripping you apart.

I don't think of things like that.
- That's why you're so boring.

Strangest people come up with
the most interesting ideas, Duane.

I've never met anybody like you.
- I know.

Let's go! Let's go!

Why do you follow Romeo? Why don't
you just take off and leave him?

Why don't you just shut up, please?
- Are you in love with him?

In love?

You sound like a fucking
Judith Krantz novel.

I'm just waiting for my money
and then I'll be gone.

There won't be any money,
it's a trap.

What the fuck are you talking about?!

I know there's someone named Santos
who wants to kill Romeo in Las Vegas.

A Mexican man told him before dying.
- Don't fuck with me!

What the fuck are you saying?

It's the truth.

What? No, no, no. Forget the cops.
They know less than you and me!

Don't cry, sweetie.

How would you feel if I started crying
instead of going out looking for her?


You cannot escape me!
You will be my love slave forever.

Turn it off. All that jumping
is making me nervous.

They jump so much because they have
super powers. Don't you understand?

Here. Cocksuckers!

Who the fuck is that!

They said you grew another arm from
drinking so much Tequila, cabron!

Fucking Romeo!

It's been a long time, man!
- A long time.

You came here? You need something.
- I do need your help like always, guy.

I want you to meet my friends.
The poor little Duane.

My sad princess Estelle and that's
Perdita Durango.

In the last 48 hours, I've had
2 near-death accidents.

Mexican Mafia tried to shoot at me.
Some fucking animal tried to rip

my fucking head off and I haven't
had breakfast yet.

Please, don't fuck with me today, ok?
All right? Just do you job.

I'm sorry, but I'm not paid to listen
to other people's problems. Hm?

No, you're right! But you are getting
paid to listen to my fucking problems

'cause I'm your boss and I own you,
you little shit! So do your job!

Oh, please, I'm so sorry. We're both
very tired, you understand

I'm also tired! I haven't been shot
at but I've had 2 consecutive shifts

sitting in front of the fucking
computer and I wanna go home to sleep!

Yes. Yes, but first...
- There it is!

That's the same fucking list!
- I told you.

Practically every company has some
type of problems with the law.

Fines, toxins, illegal animal trade.
Yes, rhinoceros horns, dog fat...

Shut up with the fucking animals!
Look at this! They're in Tucson

and they're gonna be here in
4 hours... And we have nothing!

Dick! Shit! Nothing!
- I'm sorry.

Ok. Print all the companies that
don't have any violations.


All the companies that don't have
any violations, that are clear. Print!

3 and one of them is still
under construction.

Estelle, what's gotten into you?
- Forgive me for calling you a coward.

Forget it.
- It was to get you to react.

It's ok. Really.

Estelle, they can see us.
- Great, let them see!

Oh, my God!

I can't believe it.
- Come on, Duane.

Estelle. My God!

This might be our last chance
to do it.

Anything wrong?
- No, everything is just dandy.

Did I miss anything?
- Life's a bitch, huh?

That guy just
got hit by a car across the street.

You lose sight for a second...
- Death came as a surprise to him.

There'll be many more surprises
when we arrive to that place.

Well, I don't like surprises.

Hey, you! Everything is ready.

I don't think this is a good idea.
- Don't worry.

They're good people, good friends
of mine. Doug was in Beirut with me.

What did he do, leave his arm there?
- Very funny, Perdita.

I crossed the battlefield with that
arm. It took me hours to get it

to the hospital. I got there too late,
though. It rotted.

Take me with you. Come on!

He only has one fucking arm!


Someone has to take care of
the kids. I don't trust Lilly

and Doug is an ex-marine.
- Don't fuck with me, ok?

I don't want you coming, period.
Is that good enough?

A piece of cake, Perdita. Drop the
merchandise, pick up the money,

and that's it. We'll be back before
you notice we're gone.

I don't like
leaving things half done.

I don't want to make my cousin
look bad.

Your cousin?


I wanted to fuck you one more time...

Romeo left these for you.

Where are the keys?
- What keys?

For the handcuffs.
- I have them.

Give 'em to me.

I'm sorry, I can't do that.
My husband said

no one leaves until
he or Romeo return.


Pick a card.
- What's this? A game?

It's your future.

What does it mean?
- Bad luck.


Where are we going now?
- Our little trip is over.

You're letting us go?
- That's right. I can't be driving you

around all the time, huh?
- You're going after him, aren't you?

It's your lucky day, sweetheart. Don't
blow it by asking stupid questions.

Now go! Go!

Bye, Perdita.

Doyle, I fucking hate you!
I hate your little TV

and I hate your glasses
and I hate your stupid fucking tie!

Did you say something, Sir?
- No, nothing.

Do you see anything?
- Not a thing, sir.

Everything's quiet, nothing's moved.

Motherfucker, you're not gonna have
this job much longer 'cause I'm gonna

tell 'em put you back in uniform and
right back out on the street.

As a matter of fact, when I get
through with you, you will guard

little shopping malls and put the
shopping carts back where they belong.

It's here! The truck! It's here!
- What the heck are you doing?

Right... Call the station.
And tell them I was right.

Right away, Sir.

Fuck it!


Bayou Chemical Industries.

Just opposite the Lock Shop
on Nevada Boulevard.

It's ok, Woody, all on their way.
All the units are on their way.

Shut up! And don't call me Woody!
'Cause I can't fucking stand it!

You understand? Don't call me Woody!

Hey, cousin.
- Hey, man. You've brought our pal.

Hi, Doug.
- You haven't changed.

Nothing's changed. Right, Reggie?
- Like always, us three.

Here's the money. Take it.

Count it.

I trust you.




I love you, Reggie.
Why are you doing this to me?

We are no longer in Petit Caribe,

I know.
- There's no other way out, man.

It's either you or me. What do you
ant me to do?

There's always another way out,

Look at me!

Look at me!

Oh, Romeo...


Hold it!
- Nobody move!

He's dead.
- Golly gee Mothercrist!

Look at his teeth!


What happend?

I'm tired.

I'm so weak.

And I'm lonely.

I hurt so much.
I feel it hard to explain.

I can't trust love.

Because it won't stay the same.

Wow! Tired!

I'm so weak.

And I'm lonely.

I need somebody...