Dance with a Stranger (1985) - full transcript

Ruth Ellis lives with her 10-year old son Andy next to a night club. One night she meets David Blakely, and they start a love affair. However, for David with his upper-class background it is impossible to uphold the relationship. He breaks up with her, something which makes Ellis, obsessed by him, very upset...

I still believe

We were meant for each other

I still believe

That you're mine and no other

It can't be right we should part this way

With our love all aflame

Forget who's to blame

Our love cannot die

I still believe

We shall soon be together

I still believe

This is our stormy weather

I live again

And I love again

When I'm holding you in my arms

Though my heart is breaking

I still believe

[ laughing, chattering ]

♪ [ crowd chattering ]

[ continues ]

♪ [ crowd counting loudly
] one, two, three, four,

Five, six-- good
Evening, Mr. Cussen.


[ counting continues ]

[ crowd continues counting ]

Now will you go out to supper with me?

[ continues ]

[ tempo slows ]

[ chattering ]

You've brought us to a den of vice, Desmond.

[ man ] you should feel at home then.

These places are glorified brothels.

And who are you?

The glorified brothel keeper.

Uh, David Blakely, Ruth Ellis;
Ruth Ellis, David Blakely.


[ David ] you're a dark horse, Desmond.

I wouldn't have thought a sink of
Iniquity like this was quite your style.

[ man ] Cliff davis.

Will you dance with me?

[ tango ]

♪ [ laughs ]

Any complaints?

I want a pianist.

What's wrong with the record player?

Nothing, but we should have both.

People like pianists.

It will pay off, morrie. Don't
Be stingy. You know me, Ruth.

Part of the fun of having money
Is the pain of parting with it.

Do we get a pianist?

Give it a try. [ sighs ]

And we should have book matches printed
With the club's name on it to give away.

It's all publicity and costs nothing.

Here, look at these.

The clue club. The embassy.
Everybody gives them away.


We're attracting a different
Class of customer now, morrie.

They're all punters. The toffs
Like a bit of spit and sawdust.

[ scoffs ] well, they're
Not getting it in my place.

[ thumping, girl laughing ]

Going at it a bit vigorous, aren't they?

I'm not planning to stay
Here forever, morrie.

I want to work for myself someday.

Don't cross the boss, Ruth.

All right, go ahead and
Order your book matches.

They'll bring the ceiling down at this rate.

[ bedsprings squeaking ]

[ couple moaning, laughing ]

[ turns radio on ] shut up, you dirty
Devils ! [ morrie ] they're working.

Andria will be home from school
Soon. I don't want him hearing that.

If he's brought up in this place,
He'd better start getting used to it.

He isn't going to be brought up here.

When the toffs want to get rid of
Their nippers, they send them to eton.

[ chuckles ]

Would you dance with a stranger

On a night made for love

Would you dance with a stranger

'neath the starlight above

And in the shadows

Far away from the crowd

In one sweet moment

Would a kiss be allowed

There's a thrill that comes stealing

[ continues, indistinct ]

With the compliments of
The gentleman at the bar.

Hmm. It's that pompous little
Pillock friend of yours, Desmond.

Would you dance with a stranger

Do join us, Mr. Blakely.


I hope this is the real thing.

The drinks in these places
Are usually watered down.

Watered or half-inched, darling.


Where are you going?

[ Ruth ] I must attend to my customers.

[ conga ]

[ continues ]

Are your eyelashes real?

Everybody says they'd look better on a girl.

I think they look very nice on you.

Where do you live?

Over the shop.

Can I take you home tonight? Yes.

[ sighs ] I love you.

Everybody does.

Why should you be different?

I want you to love me.

Oh, yes. [ laughs ]

I wish you didn't work in this place.

You talk too much, Mr. Blakely.

Has Desmond ever slept in this bed with you?


Come to think of it,

He must be the only man in london who hasn't.

[ laughs ]

Some people have no shame.

Some people have enough for everyone.

Do you know a mrs. Ellis
? Yeah, upstairs, mate.

Sign there, please.

Thank you.

[ engine whining, brakes squealing ]

[ Ruth screaming ]

David ! Come on, David ! [ laughs ]

David !

Wouldn't you see more if
You wore your glasses, Ruth?

Men don't make passes at
Girls who wear glasses.

It would drive me mad. What?

You must miss so much, Ruth. I'm vain.

[ Ruth squealing ]

[ engine accelerating ]

Now, Ruth, you'll have to go down a bit.

No, up a bit, up a bit.

Lovely. David, down.

Cut your legs off. Thank
You. [ snaps shutter ]

[ Cliff ] smile, please. Watch the birdie.

Kick the squirrels. [ laughing ]

[ shutter snaps ] lovely.

Come on, Carol. You can do better than that.

This is fabulous grub. No
Doubt, but I'm not hungry.

You cold? No. Is my nose red?

You'd be warmer sitting in the car.

Thank you.

[ girl in distance ] David ! David !

Who's that?

- Oh, the kind of girl my mother would like me to marry.
- Come over here ! Come on.

[ engines revving ]

Are you really interested in all this?

I'm interested in having another drink.

You do a great picnic. You must have been
Up all night rattling your pots and pans.

You're a smashing girl, Ruth.

I'd really like to fuck
You. Do you know that?

Don't let David see you
Flirting with me, Cliff.

What if he does? Will he
Hit me? No, he'll hit me.

Shall I wait for you, ma'am? [ laughs ]

You can get pinched for
Impersonating a cabbie, Desmond.

Look, it's all right. The meter doesn't work.

I prefer the zephyr.

[ taps on counter ] excuse me.

I want two dozen red carnations
Sent to Mr. David Blakely,

Assistant catering manager, the
Hyde park hotel, knightsbridge.

Dear Mr. Blakely,

Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage.

Please return front door key immediately.

[ David ] you can keep your
Bloody flowers, mrs. Ellis.

My front door key, and don't shout.

Andria's asleep. "andria's asleep."

What am I doing mixed up with a divorced
Nightclub hostess with two children?

If you don't like it, David
Blakely, you can lump it.

You won't find another one like me.

You're all the same.

The key.

No... I'm keeping it.

I'll call the police if
You don't leave me alone.

You can call the brigade
Of guards for all I care.

Shall I put them in water?

They cost a fortune.

Who told you I was engaged?


I didn't think you'd care.

You should have told me.

I... Thought you'd send me away if I did.

I fancy you too much.

Come on, des. Shake it
Around a bit before you go.

What are you doing tomorrow, Ruth?

I'm going to see my sister.

Would you like a lift? Oh, would you mind?

No, my pleasure. I'll ring you.

I worked in a london bank

- respectable position
- [ David ] one more, christine.

[ christine ] the bar's closed.
I'm not just any old customer.

Stand and deliver.

Put it on the slate. No more
Booze and no more credit.

Look, squire, the lady said the bar's closed.

- [ grunting, laughing ]
- [ women shrieking ]

[ David continues laughing ]

[ stops ] all right, mate. Sorry, mate.

It's okay. It's okay.

Everything all right, gentlemen?

Some of your customers are a
Bit short on manners, Mr. Conley.

It won't happen again, roy.

Have a drink at our table, roy. No, thanks.

See you, gentlemen.

Do you want me to lose my job?

It's not my fault. Ask
Her. I only wanted a drink.

Here, take this. I'm going.

Sit him down before he falls down.

[ sighs ]

If he thinks he's spending another night
With me, he's got another think coming.

[ christine ] sure.

Is your horrible appearance the
Result of having a good time?

Can I go upstairs now?

For a minute.

Could you come with me?

I won't be long.

[ opens cash register, sighs ]

Looks nice. I think I'll
Cash up in the morning.

Have you seen my glasses anywhere?


Don't get snotty with me, christine.

You take him too seriously. I
Don't take any of them seriously.

They've still got their mother's
Milk dribbling down their chins.

Why is it that you can drink all
Night without getting sloshed?

I'm a professional. Hmm.

And now I want to sleep, so will you
Shift yourself and go home to your mother?

I can go in the morning.

Go now.

I can't sleep without you.

They were looking for the fish.

Did they find it?

I've got to take a packed lunch.

You've got to stop
Causing trouble downstairs.

The customers don't like it...

And neither do I.

I'm a privileged customer.

I don't mind high spirits,

But yours have a knack of turning nasty.

Anybody would think we were
Talking about the ritz...

Instead of a tatty little
Drinking club for deadbeats.

You wouldn't be allowed to
Drink on credit at the ritz.

You spend too much time with Cussen.

He's a friend.

He's after you.

So what?

Not that he'd ever dare
Do anything about it...

Except follow you around like a little dog.

You know what they say about
Still waters. [ laughs ]

His waters aren't still, they're stagnant.

Leave me alone, mrs. Ellis. Go to sleep.

It's late...

And you've got another busy day tomorrow.

That's more than can be said for you.

[ sighs ]

I want my dinner money.

In my bag.

Have you had something to
Eat? I wanted porridge.

I haven't got any.

I know.

I suppose that's why you wanted it.

Andy !

[ turns water on, off ]

Wake David and give him this.
[ water bubbling, spilling ]

I've combed it once.
Once a year isn't enough.

I'm not a baby. Yes, you are.

[ turns water on, off ]

Do you think it's good for andy
To live over a gin palace...

And under a knocking shop?

I have nothing to do with
That side of the business.

You're an awful mother.

I'll have a proper home for
Him soon... And georgina.

I think it's unnatural for
A mother to give her baby up.

George is her father.

Why doesn't he take andy?

He doesn't want andy. Andy
Isn't his. [ David scoffs ]

God, your life's so complicated.

Then get out of it.

I'm going to France.


Le mans.

What's that? A 24-hour
Race with sports cars.

You'll never be as good as your
Other racing driver friends.

Oh, don't talk to me about
Things you know nothing about.

You don't work hard enough
At it, and you drink too much.

When is this race?


If your fiancee thinks anything of you, she
Should start getting you into proper shape.

Otherwise, you won't last five
Minutes, never mind 24 hours.

Leave her out of it. [ scoffs ]

Poor cow. Somebody should have warned her.

Somebody should have warned me about you.

If you really feel like that, then
Leave me alone and get out of here.

I'll send you a postcard from France.

France isn't far enough. Out.

Next time you see me,
I'll be rich and famous.

[ Ruth laughing ] he's happy.

[ both laughing ]

Thank you.

So is andy. Look.

So am I.

Are you sure?

You've made the sun shine
For the first time this year.

Like a banana?

No, thanks. Don't blame you.

They're terrible things, aren't they?

Let's have one for the album.

Andy ! Andy !

Look at the camera !

[ Desmond ] have you thought about what's
Going to happen to him when he gets older?

[ Ruth ] I want him to go to boarding school.

Yes, that's probably the best thing...

If you're gonna go on working at the club.

Can't see me giving the club up.

Can you afford a boarding school?

Not at the moment.

If you're strapped for cash,
You know I'd always help out.

Thanks, des. Come on.

Happy snaps.

He may be camera shy, but I'm not.

[ Ruth chuckling ]

[ Desmond ] you're good at this. I like it.

I picked it up in my camera
Club days, [ shutter snaps ]

But we had to show a bit more than leg.

[ shutter snaps ]

That's when I came to the
Conclusion that all men are mad.

They never had film in their
Cameras. [ shutter snaps ]

Have you?

[ bells ringing ] [ Desmond ] ah, you see?

You have a go. No, I'm
Never any good at these.

All you've got to do is put
The money in. Any more pennies?

[ indistinct ] [ drops coin in machine ]

[ Ruth ] what's that? "cuddlesome."

[ both laughing ]

Did you mean what you said? About what?

About sending andy to boarding school. Yes.

I'll pay you back. You don't
Have to worry about that.

[ shot fired ]

You're a good shot.

Will andy mind being away from home?

Whenever I've asked him about it,
He seemed very keen on the idea.

Then we ought to start getting
Some information together about it.

If he can find a decent place,

He could start next September.

Shall I have a go?


Hold it way into your shoulder.

Pull that back. Take aim. That's it.


- [ shot fired ]
- [ both laughing ]

[ fanfare ]

[ rooster crows ]

[ newsreel narrator ] fifty-eight entries
Make a quick getaway at the start...

Of the le mans 24-hour
Grand prix sports car race.

This year it promises to be a battle royal...

Between the Ferraris and the British Jaguars.

[ engine roaring ]

Among the 300,000 spectators
Is playboy diplomat Rubirosa...

And the fabulous Zsz Zsa Gabor.

Night falls and still the race goes on.

The three ferraris are going well,

But the jaguars have had trouble
With sand in their petrol.

Sterling moss is out of the race.

In driving rain, gonzales and his
Codriver, continos, hold onto their lead.

Then the british leylander
Skids into trouble.

Eric thompson and dennis
Ball are out of it now.

The 24 hours will soon be up.

The jaguar draws nearer GonzalesIn a desperate all out bid.

But it's the ferrari that comes in to win...

Only a hundred and five seconds
In front of the british car.

♪ [ engine revs ]

Too bad britain couldn't quite pull
It off for the second year running.

[ andy reading ] "an interesting
Point was the presence...

"of four generations of
One family at this party.

"otherwise, there were very few grown-ups.

"there were Caroline's lovely
Mother, miss oliver fitzherberg,

"her grandmother, miss harold hague,

And her great-grandmother,
Miss tennyson shafto."

Try something else.

"I was interested to hear that
Other young girls finishing at--

At les--"


I don't know that word.

Oh, it's french... I think.

Les ambassadrices.

What does it mean?

It's the name of a finishing
School in switzerland.

What do you do there?

It's where young ladies go
To finish their education.

They learn to cook and sew and fill
In divorce papers. Did you go to one?

[ laughs ] no.

Can I stop now?

Yes. You read very well.

[ sighs ]

Gorgeous or gruesome?

Gruesome. [ laughs ]

I've told you not to
Tell lies to your mother.

[ sprays perfume ]

[ kisses andy ] I've got to go now.

Is he gonna be there? Who?


He's making a racing car.
It's called the emperor.

How discreet.

Who is he?

I want a pair of goggles.

Not the toy ones, real
Ones. For christmas, can I?

[ door closes ]

[ second door opens, closes ]

[ Ruth, indistinct ]

[ Ruth giggling ] let's go.

[ final note ]

[ crowd applauding ]

I thought he was still in France. So did I.

But there's always a great deal of difference
Between what David says and what he does.

How's your rumba? As good as yours.

[ rumba ]

Have you been here before? No.

We should try it sometime, see
If it's as good as they say.

[ gasps ] you're getting very
Bold, suggesting a dirty weekend.

I'm sorry. [ laughs ] only teasing.

Don't be embarrassed.
You're so shy sometimes.

Is that another way of saying I'm boring?

I calm down when I'm with you.
You always seem calm to me.

Ah. I've never lost my temper with you. No.

You're lucky. It's not a pretty sight.

Whenever I lost my temper with my
Soon-to-be-ex-husband, we always ended up fighting.

[ Desmond ] he hit you?

[ Ruth ] sometimes I was glad he did.

I used to hear myself going on and on at him,

And I wished I could stop because the
Sound of my voice was driving me mad.

He asked for what he got.

Poor old george. He's as
Glad as I am that it's over.

But he's come out of it worse than I have.

[ Desmond ] he's got the little
Girl. I'll get her back one day.

But he's belting the
Bottle worse than ever now.

God knows why he's still
Employed as a dentist.

He's better at knocking teeth out these
Days than he is at putting them in.

Whenever I'm with you, Desmond,
All I do is talk about myself.

You must get sick of it.

You should tell me to shut up.

[ laughs ] [ stops ]

Glad you made it. Hello, Ruth. Drink?

[ resumes ] um... See you later.

Oh. [ laughs ]

How much is that doggy in the
Window would you like to dance?

- [ crowd ] woof, woof
- [ singer ] the one

With the waggly tail [ Desmond sighs
Heavily ] a bottle of champagne, please.

how much is that doggy
In the window woof, woof

I do hope that doggy's for sale

I must take a trip to california

You dance like an ape. [ continues ]

When did you get back? Weeks ago.

You stayed away this long. Why spoil it now?

I suppose I must miss you.

Your mother wouldn't like
To hear you talk like that.

I saw you dancing with her. Hmm?

Very touching. [ laughs ]

I can't wait to invite her
To one of my coffee mornings.

[ cork pops, Ruth laughing
] oh, that came out easy.

[ Cliff ] what are we
Celebrating? My divorce.

[ band resumes ]


[ singer ] I still believe

We were meant for each other

I still believe

You belong to no other

Has your divorce really come through?

It can't be right just wishful thinking.

We should part this way

With our love all aflame

Forget who's to blame

Our love cannot die

I still believe

We shall soon be together

I still believe

This is our stormy weather

I'll live again

And I'll love again

when I'm holding you in my arms

though my heart is breaking

I still believe

[ rings buzzer ]

Bounce my brains, look who's here.

What do you think you're doing? Get out.

Good baby-sitters are hard
To find. I'm one of the best.

I suppose you picked the
Technique up from your nanny? Yes.

Maybe your nanny should come and work for me.

I'm afraid she's still got her
Hands full looking after me.

I see you helped yourself to the scotch.

It's all part of your villainous employer's
Generous home entertainment allowance.

It still has to be paid for.

We're neither of us working to
Support the idle aristocracy.

You exaggerate my social standing.

I don't give a fiddler's fuck
About your social standing.

You've no business letting
Yourself in when I'm not here.

On your way.

At least andy was pleased to see me.

I'm going to teach him to
Drive when he's old enough.

You won't be around that long.

Don't play the fool. I don't
Like being without you, Ruth.

Go and say that to your fiancee.
I don't have one anymore.

You callous swine. I love you.

You've got a funny way of showing it.

Well... It's never happened to me before.

Well, what are you going to do about it?

I'm flat broke, Ruth.

Have you squandered your inheritance?

What's left of that's got
To go into the emperor.

I'm paying ant a tenner a week to work on it.

I thought your tycoon stepfather
Was sorting that out for you.

He's interested, but he won't put
Any money into it. I don't blame him.

You lost the french race, didn't you?

You know we did.

Do you really think you're
A good driver, David?

You've seen me race. I've never seen you win.

Do you think I should chuck it in then?

I'm not saying give it up altogether,

Just keep it on as a hobby.

I only care about cars, Ruth.

The emperor is not just
Going to be a race winner.

It's going to be a prototype of car
That could sell for a thousand each.

Are you panicking? Yes.

I know the feeling.

I want to come here and live
With you. Don't be silly.

You can't run away from home
Just because your parents...

Want you to stand on your
Own two feet for once.

Prove to your stepfather
That you're serious...

And capable of sticking to one thing,

And he'll start coughing up again.

You can't live here anyway.
Morrie wouldn't like it.

He'd start charging me rent.

Couldn't you go back to tarting for him?

Don't call me a tart.

I hate everything you did before you met me.

Take two aspirins and tell me
How you feel in the morning.

I'm going to bed. I've got a business to run.

I want you to marry me.

Why? Are you pregnant?

I shan't have any peace until we're married.

I've never had any peace.

I think about you all the time.

[ sighs ] we have to be together.

It's not fair.

I don't want to quarrel with you.

[ sighs ] just wait here
A minute, will you? Why?

I want to check my mother isn't there.

Wouldn't her car be parked outside...

If she was knocking back the
Gargle with the village idiots?

Sometimes they walk to the pub.

If you think I'm sitting here while
You warm your ass in the inglenook,

You've got another think coming.

You said you wouldn't make
A fuss if I brought you here.

If you're going to meet my mother, I've got
To break you to her as gently as possible.

Now we both smell the same. Run along.

I'll talk to the turnips till you get back.

[ horses approaching ]

[ talking, indistinct ]

All right.

Would you like to see the house
Or are you still angry with me?

Take me to see the house. [ starts engine ]

Well, do you want to see inside? No.

Your mother would fall on a shooting
Stick if she knew I had been in her house.

Do you want to see the garden? No.

What do you think?

I was expecting something more on
The lines of the palace of versailles.

[ laughs ]

Does your mother like the way you smell?

You asked me to bring you
Here, Ruth. And that you did.

Take me back to london.

Give it a chance. Just drive, David.

[ piano ] [ phone rings ]

Hello? [ continues ]

Yeah, okay. [ hangs up receiver ]

Andy wants you upstairs.

We're here.

That's it. Straighten that.

You look very smart.

All my clothes have got my name in them.

[ chuckles ]

[ Desmond ] oh, look at that.

Hey, I need everything.

This is my new school uniform. Is it?

[ andy ] this is my trunk.


[ laughs ] I need a drink.

Anyone else? I must get back.

Make sure he puts everything away
Properly, won't you, Desmond?

[ David ] when do you
Go? [ andy ] tomorrow.

[ David laughs ]

You can't take this. Why?

They'll pull his legs off, and yours.

Did they do that when you
Were at school? Mm-hmm.

[ Desmond ] he's teasing you,
Andy. [ David ] new pen?

It's got a gold nib.

[ David ] good. A present?

From uncle Desmond.

Take your uniform off
Now and hang it up, andy.

[ woman ] he's grown up.

You look so nice. All my
Clothes have got my name on them.

Still working on the emperor?

[ David ] it's all I ever do now. Most
People think I'm flogging a dead horse.

[ women continue fussing over andy ]

He's a good mechanic, findlater.

When do you reckon she'll be
Ready to race? I don't know.

In the spring, maybe.

It will be worth it when you win. If I win.

Can I come and watch you win,
David? [ Desmond ] no, andy.

You'll be at school.

[ laughs ]

♪ [ laughing ]

[ crowd laughing, chattering ]

[ continues ]

[ Carol ] you already owe
Him three weeks' wages,

And he hasn't said anything,
Has he? I don't need reminding.

Then don't talk about him as
If he's some kind of sponger.

- [ baby fussing ]
- [ anthony ] what's up?

[ David ] Carol's nagging me again
About bringing Ruth and owing you money.

I'm with her on both
Counts. [ continues fussing ]

[ shushing ] come on. Oh. Oh, come on.

[ crying, shushing continue ] I
Think she'd like me to marry her.

[ screaming ]

[ laughs, continues shushing
] [ continues screaming ]

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, dear anthony

Happy birthday to you

[ all cheering ]

It's a lovely party, Carol.

Happy birthday, anthony ! [ laughs ]

Darling. Darling.

Darling, first slice.

[ Cliff ] how long has Carol
Been off her food, ant?

She eats like a bird. My son told me...

Birds eat twice their own weight every day.

[ David ] did they teach
Him that at his new school?

[ Carol ] must be such a relief not
To have him under your feet anymore.

He loves it. It's worth every penny.

[ laughing ]

She's only sorry Desmond can't
Afford to send him to eton.

You despicable little shit !

How dare you mention andy's school fees.

You're so fucking disloyal, betraying
Me in front of that po-faced cow.

I bet she wasn't so high and mighty
When you were poking the ass of her--

[ slaps Ruth, slams car door ]

[ piano ]

Would you dance with a stranger

On a night made for love

Would you dance with a stranger

'neath the starlight above

And in the shadows

Far away from the crowd

In one sweet moment

Would a kiss be allowed

- there's a thrill that comes stealing
- have a good evening.

'neath the soft violins

What a wonderful feeling

Here's where romance begins

If you'll pardon the question

It's a lovely suggestion

Would you dance with a stranger

She sounds like a cockatoo with
A cleft palate. I've heard worse.

I wish she'd give me the sack. I'd
Like to have a sense of grievance.

You were born with a sense of grievance.

She's the one who'll get the
Sack if she doesn't watch it.

She's making a real fool
Of herself over lover boy.

Who's his piece tonight?

It's not his sister. [ laughs ]

If anyone's a fool, it's old droopy drawers.

Can't he see she's stringing him along?

I'd like someone to adore me
That much. I'd despise them.

You despise everyone. [ chuckles ]

Your yank isn't throwing around
Much money tonight. He's broke.

Don't talk so daft, barbara. There's
No such thing as a penniless yank.

I suppose we'd better get our busy
Little tits back into the bullring.

Come on, wilf. Cough up.

I was a conscientious
Objector. Oh, well--

[ indistinct ]

I see you're not wearing your
Campaign medals tonight, mrs. Ellis.

We weren't decorated for the
War work I did. Munitions?

Service corps. [ both laughing ]

Have you see the state
Of this record? What?

This record I gave
You-- look at it !

Scratched to hell ! It's worn out
Because I play it all the time.

[ David ] I suppose every bloody
Customer has been handling it.

Oh, for god's sake, what
Did you want me to do?

Put it in a safe deposit box in the bank?

It's the only bloody thing
You ever have given me !

Stop behaving like a spoiled brat !

[ gasps ]

You stupid little swine !
[ David breaks record ]

[ gasps ] out !

[ sighs ]

I'm sorry.

Give the gentleman a drink.

A word, Ruth.

I-- do me a favor.
Don't say you're sorry.

It's the bloody booze. Stop drinking.

And you.

[ sniffs ] it must be something in you.

Every man you get your
Claws into ends up like this.

I mean... [ sniffs ]

The mad dentist didn't turn
Violent until he married you.

[ scoffs ] you must like it.

I love it. I love it, I love it !

I've lost my bloody job because of you.

I'm going to sleep.

Not in my bed, you're not.

You get out of here,
And you don't come back !

[ whimpering ]

You always say that !

All of you.

And whether you like it
Or not, I always stay.

[ liquor pouring onto floor ]

Good morning, arthur. Good morning.

[ knocks ]

[ Ruth ] won't be long.

Come in.

Why don't you let your hair
Go back to its natural color?

No, I'm a blond now.

I didn't know you wore
False eyelashes. [ laughs ]

I'll wear anything that improves on nature.

What? Be still.

[ laughs ] [ laughing ]

Are you wondering about my teeth now?

I know they're real because I've
Seen your toothbrush in the bathroom.

Oh, that's just to fool you.

Can I shave your moustache off, Desmond?


[ cars honking ]

Are you sleeping with him? Yes.

You're disgusting.

It's cold, and I want to go home.

We could go to a hotel.
I can't sleep without you.

I can't. Is Desmond home?

He's away till tomorrow.
We could go to his house.

That's really low.

I know...

But can I come?

Where is his bedroom?

I always feel like a
Refugee when I'm with you.

Does he want you to marry him?

I think so.

Well, has he asked you?

He won't ask.

Why not?

He's too afraid I might turn him down.

Get the eiderdown.

Come on then.

Come on... If you're going to.

[ tv announcer ] they are in town tonight
With eight members of their family,

All pearlies, with close on a quarter
Of a million buttons between them.

Congratulations, bert and beth
Matthews, on their golden wedding.

Hampstead must have been a very
Different place when you married in 1905.

[ tv continues ]

[ Desmond ] hello ! We're back.

[ closes door with foot, clears throat ]

What were you doing in there? Nothing.

Were you looking for
Your christmas presents?

Hungry? Yes.

What about you, des? I need a drink.

[ laughs ] and me. I suppose you'll want gin.

[ Desmond ] brandy for me. In there.

[ tv continues, indistinct ]

[ groans ] knackered, des?

Yes, I am. It's all that
Shopping. [ chuckles ]

Would you like a cigar?

Yes, please. [ tv continues ]

Big or little?

Uh, big one.

[ tv continues ]

[ over tv ]

[ "the first noel" ]

[ Desmond sighs ] thank
You. [ puts down lighter ]

[ continues ]

[ humming along ] [ continues ]

[ continues ]

[ car engine running ]

[ grunts ]

[ Desmond ] you've been with Blakely.

He brought andy's present.

He hit me. He was blind drunk.

I had to get him away before he upset him.

Have you seen a lot of him
While you've been living here?


And gone to bed with him?




And here when I've been away?


And he hits you?

[ sighs ] you know what he's like
When he's had too much to drink.

He doesn't know what he's
Doing. That's no excuse.


Desmond, you've been so good to me and andy.

Don't tell me how good I've been.

I should never have come
Here when I left the club.

I asked you to come.

[ sighs ] I'll move out anyway.

Where to? [ sighs ]

The way I'm going, I'll end up in the
Salvation army hostel if I'm not careful.

[ Desmond sighs ] you look terrible.

So do you.

Here's my card. Thank you.

I am mrs. Ellis's closest friend. Oh.

Now, if there is any problem,
Like illness or anything,

Then you must get in touch with me. Yes.

You'll find my office and home
Phone number there. Right, right.

[ knocks ]

If there's anything you need, miss
Ellis, you know where to find me.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

I'll leave you now.

I'll see you later, Ruth.

[ Desmond ] I'll probably
Be 'round a fair bit,

Just to see how you're getting on.


Are you going to monopolize
That machine much longer, dear?

Excuse my mother, ma'am. She's
Not used to doing her own washing.

[ woman mumbling ]

Why aren't you at work? I wanted
To see you, so I drove down.

If you keep doing impulsive things like that,

You'll end up the way I did
And get sacked. [ laughs ]

We could go to the pictures
Or we could go out and eat.

Can't we afford to do both?

How much money have you got?

Not a lot.

What's up? Are you
Missing andy or something?

A bit. He seems very little
To be living away from home.

I'm pregnant.

Shall I have an abortion?

No. Why not?

One more won't make any difference now.

Don't talk like that. [ starts engine ]

Oh ! What on earth is going on?

This is the only place I don't get nagged.

Don't count your chickens. Do you
Realize you owe me five weeks' wages?

You know you'll get it.

Sold any cars this week? Two.

This bloody thing.

I'd be finished by now if we
Didn't have to work on it part-time.

She's coming along. She's
Not coming along fast enough.

I've entered her for a race.

Oulton park, April 2.

She's not ready for that,
David. She'll have to be.

What's panicked you? Nothing.

Is it that bloody woman again?

She's pregnant.

[ David ] you and Carol are the best friends
I have. I don't want to quarrel with you.

So long as you're involved with that
Woman, you'll be quarreling with everybody.

[ anthony ] it could be cussen's
Kid. Use your common sense, David.

You're not stupid enough to let her fool
You with the oldest trick in the book.

- [ David ] she's had a rough life.
- We've all had rough lives.

If you marry her, she'll drag you down
To her level because she's incapable...

Of rising to yours.

You've only got to look at
Her. I like the way she looks.

What should I do? [ anthony ] look...

You've entered the
Emperor at oulton in April.

Worry about that, not her.

I thought I'd either find you in
Here drinking yourself stiff...

Or hiding up your nanny's skirt at the
Ancestral home, you gutless cretin !

You thought you were safe in here,
Surrounded by all these toffee-nosed twats...

Who think the sun shines
Out of your porthole.

I suppose they're all under
The false impression...

You've got a shred of decency in your body.

You cowardly, treacherous,

Two-faced mockery of a man.

If you don't want to have
Anything to do with me,

I wish you had the nerve
To say it to my face.

Then I wouldn't be so ashamed of ever
Having had anything to do with you.

I'm sorry about this. [
Man ] who's with this lady?

You only care about number
One. Let me get her out of here.

[ Ruth ] when you're in trouble, you
Expect the whole world to rally 'round.

You turn my stomach !

Everything about you stinks
Of hypocrisy and fear !

I don't know which smells
The most disgusting !

You're devoted to her, aren't you, Desmond?

You bring her all this way just
So she can make a fool of herself.

You know what you'll be doing next? You'll
Be making her dresses, bleaching her hair.

For now, you chauffeured her
Here. You can chauffeur her back.

Ow ! [ hits Ruth ]

All right, all right. No, no,
Leave her. Leave her, David.

Leave it. Leave it.

Leave it. Leave it !

[ car door closes ]

- [ starts engine ]
- come on.

[ compact ]

[ sighs ]

[ continues ]

[ traffic passing slowly, horn honking ]

[ running man ] hey, taxi ! Thank you.

How did you get here? I followed your scent.

Did you drive?

[ Ruth scoffs ] that drunk? Who cares?

Everybody's as blind as
You are in this weather.

I wouldn't have come out if
I'd known it was for this.

You know exactly why
You came out, mrs. Ellis.

Don't walk away from me
When I'm talking to you.

Would you like to hit me again?

You ask for it. Yeah, and I
Damn well get it, don't I?

I keep hoping you'll
Change, and you never do.

I can't help it.

A good luck charm.

You're still wearing yours.

It's to protect me...

Against devils and vampires.

I can't see your face.

I don't want to be seen.

[ Ruth gasping ]

[ engine accelerating ]

[ engine whining, thumping ]

Oh... Thank god he's all right.

I completely forgot he was coming home.

I was so involved with georgina,
I missed the train back.

How is she?

She's beautiful, des. I could
Hardly bear to leave her.

You're a liar, Ruth.

Andy's headmaster phoned your landlady...

To find out what's happening
To him in the holidays.

And she phoned me because,
As far as she knew,

You and your husband, Mr.
Ellis, had gone to the races.

I'm sorry.

Why in christ's name
Doesn't he leave you alone?

He's only interested in himself. He
Doesn't give a damn about anyone else.

What about andy? Hmm?

He'd have been alone all
Night if I hadn't been here.

Doesn't Blakely think
About things like that?

A child alone all night?

The whole thing's filthy.

He's treating you as though you were a tart.

A kid's left to fend for himself.

It isn't right.

When David asked me to watch
The emperor race, I just went.

Nothing else mattered? No.

Not even your son?

I forgot.

I'm sick of seeing you on your knees...

To someone who treats you like dirt.

Has he been hitting you again?

I don't know.

Surely even you must know
When someone's beating you.

Please, don't.

You look like a ghost.

Where will andria sleep?

I've arranged for a camp bed...

With the landlady.

I feel like my brain's
Trying to jump out of my head.

[ gasps ]

[ gasps ]

[ knocking ]

[ David ] are you all right now?

I'm still bleeding.

Otherwise, I'm as fit as a fiddle.

Why are you here?

You've been trying to get hold
Of me all week, haven't you?

So your friends did tell you I phoned. Yes.

But you didn't try and call me back.

Well... I was busy.

I'm sorry about the baby.

Weren't you interested in knowing how I was?

I didn't like thinking about it.

Was it a boy or a girl?

I don't like talking about it.

I'll wait until my
Tranquilizers start working.

Why are you taking
Tranquilizers? To calm me down.

I've been asked to drive for the
Bristol team at le mans this year.

Is that good? [ laughs ]

It means I've hit the jackpot as a driver.

This is the official team photograph.

I got one for you and one for my mother.

You should have seen their
Faces at home when I told them.

All of a sudden, they've
Got to take me seriously.

You've got to come to France with me.

After the race, we could have a holiday.

You've never been abroad, have you?

What will you do with the emperor?

It's not important now.

We can probably sell her for scrap metal.

Let's go out tonight and
Celebrate. [ door opening ]

Hello. Hello.

How's school? It's nice.

There's an easter egg, but you
Can't eat it until Sunday. All right.

Would you like to go to the fair
Tomorrow afternoon? Yes, please.

What time? [ David ] um... Half past 3:00.

I'll pick you up later.

[ door opens, closes ]

Still engaged?

They've taken the phone off the hook.

I'm sure there's nothing
To worry about, mrs. Ellis.

He said he'd be here.

Would you mind looking after
Andria while I try to find David?

Of course. I'm sure your
Husband's all right, mrs. Ellis.

Anything could have happened to
Him. He might have had an accident.

He stood you up, Ruth.
Nothing is the matter with him.

Look, des, if you don't want to take me
Over there, say so and I'll get a cab.

[ knocking ]

[ continues knocking ]

[ banging on car ] this has gone far enough.

I'm entitled to smash this thing up.

I paid for half of it !
You want to get arrested?

[ Ruth ] go home, Desmond ! Not without you !

Now for god's sake, stop
Making a fool of yourself.

I know you're in there,
David ! David ! Ruth. Ruth.

[ Ruth ] is the au pair dropping
Her drawers again for you, David?

[ officer ] I don't want to run
Her in, sir, for a lovers' tiff.

[ officer #2 ] did you
Damage the car, madam?

I'm entitled to. I paid for half of it.

[ Desmond ] Ruth, it's not
Worth it. Think of andy.

It's andy he's let down !

He promised to take him to the fair.

[ officer ] who's andy?
Is he the boyfriend?

It's her son. I'll take her home.

You thinking of buying it, blondie?

Yes, I might.

[ engine starts ]

[ laughing ]

Let me put my arm around you
For support. [ girl giggling ]

Ten minutes at the most.

Now don't worry. He's a very
Good driver. [ girl laughs ]

[ footsteps, laughing ]

[ car door closes, engine starts ]

Your chauffeur, madam.

It's the au pair. I was right.

Ruth, I'm taking you home.

Andy's been on his own long enough.

Has he had something to eat?


That vile pig, David Blakely,
Promised to take him to the fair.

Is andy at your place or mine?

Uh, he's watching television at mine.


[ laughs ] how did I get here?

I brought you and left you.

I see.

What happened?

There was a party going on. Where were you?

I was just up the road. I
Was just standing in the road.

There was lots of noise. Yes.

The window was open, and
Somebody was giggling a lot.

I had an idea it was someone I knew.

Ruth... It's midnight.

I kept walking away and coming back.

I know it's the au pair. [ shushing ]

He pulled the blind down in
Her room. [ continues shushing ]

You think Blakely's with her?

He's up to his old tricks.

Whatever he's up to,
You'll still have him back.

I know.

[ tv announcer ] the energetic
Champ with the jumps...

Is pogo stick expert charlie macy of sussex.

He's getting in a bit of practice
Before attempting to set a record...

By staying on the pogo
Stick for a half an hour.

That means 1,000 jumps.

[ tv announcer continues, indistinct ]

[ tv ]

[ tv announcer ] he's a
Professional golfer, really,

And rides this steel pole with
A spring in it just for a hobby.

Personally, we'd rather ride a kangaroo.

All the same, good luck
With the record, charlie.

That's enough. [ turns off tv ]

I'm sick of hearing it !

Go and play, andy. Where?

[ Desmond ] anywhere !

There was no need to upset
Him. [ Desmond laughs ]

Being upset is nothing new to andy.

Bad enough David let him down
Without you going on at him.

So now I'm as rotten as Blakely.

Of course not.

Oh, but I am, Ruth.

I could be worse than both of
You put together if I let myself.

You'd think more of me then, wouldn't you?


Yes. Yes. No.

[ struggling, shrieks ] get off me !

If I'd treated you like a
Punch bag instead of a woman...

You would have thought that baby you
Lost was mine instead of Blakely's.

It could have been mine.

[ sighs ]

Yes. [ laughs ]


[ both giggling ]

I'll go get andy.

[ Ruth ] I still believe

[ humming ]

Be together

I still believe

This is our stormy weather

[ engine running ]

[ chattering ]

[ chattering continues ]

Could you cash me a check, jerry? How much?



- [ David gasps ]
- [ Ruth fires again ]

[ David coughing ]

[ Ruth ] get out of the way, clive !

[ Ruth fires twice more ]

[ gasping ]

Will you get the police?