Dance with Me (2019) - full transcript

Suzuki Shizuka is an office lady at a conglomerate who is treated by a hypnotist and left under the spell. Thereafter she cannot but sing and dance whenever she hears any melody whatsoever....




Tonight, beneath starry skies

If I can have one wish come true

Tonight, the treasures in my heart

Please deliver to my true love
who's far away

Across the dark, a rainbow

Please come my way

So don't close your window

Until the morning comes


Tonight with Martyn Ueda

Our much-loved hypnotist,

is now deploying his powers

You are now a famous conductor

When you hear music,

you'll just have to start conducting

He thinks our panel is an orchestra

And you...

You, too...

Conducting through hypnosis,
can it be done?

May I get by?

I'm sorry

This way

Good morning


There's that sweet face Murakami makes
when he's grateful

It's soooo cute

Doesn't it feel calculated?

Like he's making
a studied effort

- You think?
- Definitely

I'm so full

Me, too. The portions are huge

Murakami's new team
is up on the 42nd floor, right?

The girl he chose to join them, quit

The one who took all that vacation?

It was terrible timing, a real nuisance

Blew her one shot at a great job

What a waste!

So Murakami's looking
to get someone else on board

One of us, perhaps?

He surrounds himself
with favorites

- Maybe try on the glass slipper?
- Shut up!

"Fortune Land"?

What's that?

It's the boss. Run

Fortune Land

What's this?

Miss Suzuki, do you have a minute?

Can you put together the materials
for our big presentation?

You mean right away?

I want us all working from
the same documents. Can you help?

I'll do it

It's a lot of work. Can it be ready
by Monday?

This coming Monday?

I know it's a tough task

No, I'll make it work

I really appreciate it.
Can I get your number?

Sure. I'll email you later

I'm counting on you. Thanks


Mom & Dad

What do you want?

Hello, Shizuka?

You didn't come see us for ages.
How is everything?

It's not far, drop by sometime

Look, no news is good news.
Why are you calling?

Do I have to have a reason?

Listen, do you think
you raised yourself?

We footed your bills
all the way up to graduation

Hello? Are you there?

Hello, Sis?

I've got a reunion party near you

Can you look after my daughter
for the day?

What about Mom and Dad?

Didn't she tell you?
That was the reason she called

They're just going on a trip

Heck, I really don't want to

I heard that. What's wrong with you?

You always did everything you wanted,
the singing, the ballet, all thanks to us

I mean, in the end it worked out.
You studied hard and got a good job but...

Next, Shizuka Suzuki

Votes for the Lead Role

Shizuka Suzuki

Are we all agreed that Shizuka
plays the lead role?

Next is the 5th grade musical,
"The Kids' Island"

Shizuka, here's the mic



Hi. Open up

Hey there, Winner

Don't call me that

I'm so jealous

Me, the sad, single mother divorcee...

Things are so much smarter
in the big city...


Can I borrow this bag
and those shoes in the hall?

You're a size 8, right?

I might be out pretty late

Might get lucky

Some chance...

Be good, Nana

- Wait a sec
- I gotta go!

I've got work to do...

Mr. Murakami, here's the file

Done at last!

Want to go see a movie?

"Fortune Land" Free Admission

We'll get in for free

You like musicals?

I have to be in one at school

Is that still going on?
I was forced to do it, too went to my school?

But I never really enjoyed
that kind of stuff

Me, neither

Right? Don't you think musicals are odd?

People singing
right out of the blue

It's crazy. Like they're
mentally unstable

Musicals are for idiots

Fortune Land

Let's go

Don't run off, you'll get lost

Tarot Reader: 1,200 yen

Heck, there's nothing free about this place

Hypnosis is neither magic
nor the supernatural...

"Martyn Ueda's House of Hypnosis"

"Only 500 yen"

What a scam

You're going in?

I'll pay

Haven't I seen that face before?

I married into an onion farmer's family

But I hate onions

Okay, I understand

When I count to three...

That onion's going to be
a sweet, sweet apple

One of your favorite foods

You're right!

It's so deliciously sweet!

It's really good!

My mother-in-law
won't harass me any more

That's amazing

Thank you so much

500 yen's too little.
Please accept this

There's no need.
5,000 is way too much

- Please, I insist
- You really shouldn't

Thank you so, so much

The pleasure was mine

Sorry for the wait. Come this way

Take a seat, please

I hand these out
to my first-timers

It's called The Ring of Truth

It reveals your aura. Let me help...

There you go

- It's fantastic
- Glad you like it

Normally 2,000 yen each

But today I'll make it
3,000 for 2, okay?

Another cost?

You're at the doorway
to the world of hypnosis

See how the ring won't come off?

You're right

Is that glue?

So, what kind of hypnosis
interests you?

There are several kinds

To return to infancy
there's "regressive hypnosis"

To like any kind of food
we have "palate mastery"

- To change the way you are...
- That one!


I want to be good in the musical

I'm so behind in rehearsal
and I want to prove myself.

I totally understand

In that case...

Take a look at this

Okay, focus right in the center, please

You've arrived in the world
of hypnosis

From tomorrow you'll feel
like you're the star of the musical

Why not today?

When you hear music,

you can't help but to sing and to dance


Message: Ryosuke Murakami

It's Murakami. Thank you
for a great job on those documents

I'd like it if you could attend
tomorrow's meeting, too

Meet me in the conference room
at 10am

This ring's useless

No throwing. What's wrong with it?

100 yen store junk?

It's nothing

You're quite something...

What do you mean?

Joining such a prestigious company

I worked my butt off

You're not overdoing it?

Not at all

We'll miss our bus

Bye, then. It's not far
so come home sometimes

- See you
- Bye

It's Murakami. Thank you
for a great job on those documents

I'd like it if you could attend
tomorrow's meeting, too

Meet me in the conference room
at 10am

From tomorrow you'll feel
like you're a musical star

When you hear music, you can't help
but to sing and to dance

Miss, are you getting on?


Hold tight

Good morning

- What's going on?
- Don't tell me...

The first page of our website
tells the world who we are

Design-wise I wanted to keep
things simple...

Can you show us?


As you can see here

we're talking about
a drastic design re-think

And the video
will have this music track...

Beautiful skyscrapers,
Each and every one mine

Allow yourself to dream
Don't break the magic spell

Hear the sweet melody

Feel love's rhythm

Filling us up

And all around

We find our happy valley
Our sunny, happy valley

Where precious days await

There's always a happy valley

The past is microscopic,
the future, telescopic

We'll always find love

Because this is where we belong

Find us in the happy valley

The sunny, happy valley

Where precious days await

Find us in the happy valley

It's a timeless world, that'll never change

Around the world, we all find our own

There's always a happy valley

Get out of my way

Take me somewhere quiet

Close the door!

Somewhere quiet?

It's too noisy here,
just drive, please



Mental Health Clinic

I see...

It looks like "conditional
post-hypnotic suggestion"

Post-hypnotic suggestion?

It's written like this

Most people think of hypnotism
as part of a magic show

But in the West, hypnotherapy
is a legitimate form of treatment

Is that right?

The placebo effect
is a real medical phenomenon

If a respected doctor prescribes something
said to be 100% effective

even a candy pill
can still produce a cure

The power of implicit suggestion
is thus much greater than we think

Don't worry,
nobody's cast a spell on you

Speaking as a specialist,
this is no big deal

Let's get you checked out right away

This might sting...

You feel okay?

I don't see anything particularly abnormal

But I've never had a patient
in such a deep hypnotic state

I'd ask the original practitioner
to reverse it

The original practitioner?

People eager to stop smoking
are susceptible to hypnosis

but not if they don't want to quit

Maybe you wanted to sing and dance
all along?

Next is the 5th grade musical,
"The Kids' Island"

Shizuka, here's the mic

You still have next year


I'm never doing that again!

Idiots...are they really hypnotized?

Don't be stupid

They're just pretending
so they can be on TV

They're just paid performers

You got that right

Attention all customers

Fortune Land will close in 30 minutes

We know you're there.
Let us in, please!

Or we'll let ourselves in

Another one? How much
debt is he in?

Which company are you?

I'm from Cash Plan Inc.

He's from Sun Life and he's from...

Ito & Associates

Well, it's not like that...

You're looking for Martyn-san, too?

We can't get hold of him, either.
It's a damn nuisance

- We're coming in
- Hello?

There's nothing of value here

Another runner...

The old jerk
was just another scam artist

Magic rings: 50 yen

It's bad news for you, too.
Make sure he pays up


Wait up!

Open the window!

I won't give you any money.
I'm not a fraudster

But you were his decoy

I prefer you say "performer".
It's showbiz, you know

And you got
your money's worth

Can I go now?

Just wait a minute...

Wait, wait...

What is it?

Do you know where he's gone?

I want to know, too.
Can you get out?

- Let's go to the police
- No way in hell

Watanabe Private Detective Agency

Martyn Ueda?

What's your relationship with the old gent?

He ran off, after promising me
my moment on stage

He just made me eat onions every day

I didn't get a penny...

Martyn Ueda
Once Famous TV Hypnotist

How about you?

Did the little girl
become a musical prodigy?

As if...

I'd have happily taught
her how to dance

Fine. I sense you're not hunting him
on behalf of loan sharks

Some colleagues of mine
get tempted by the cash

But loan sharks are merciless
when they get their guy

I charge 8,000/hour, 9am-5pm

A full day is 64,000 yen

If it takes a week to find him...

- A week?
- You should count on that

The total is 448,000 yen

Count me out, thanks


Well? It'll be the same price everywhere

In that case, I'd like to proceed

When you find the old geezer,
let me know

For free?

And if I find him first,
I'll tell you, for free

I must admit, I was surprised

But thanks to you, I won the bid

Did you ad-lib? A sudden inspiration?

Yes, sort of...

What do you say...

Will you join my team?

I set up a new office
but one person quit

I'd be happy to

But there's one thing
I've got to take care of

Can I get a week's holiday?

You've got nerve, I give you that

Let's have you start next Monday


I won't wait longer than that


Welcome to "Music Voyage"...

Let's start with this one

Shall we go for dinner?


But only if it's a quiet place
with no music

You're an interesting one

Sir, we've been expecting you

Nice to see you again

- I've had plenty
- Go on

Sorry, work follows me
no matter where I go

I need my laptop from my car

Get another bottle of whatever you like

So expensive!

Hey, I told you not to call
any more, right?

I know it was my idea
you took paid holiday but...

I hate surprises

Happy birthday!

The whole world is just for me

Keep your eyes on the new me

I’m sure the glass slipper will fit

With this body I've sculpted

I should be a worthy prize

I bend back my bow

Aim my arrow for his heart

He's not getting away

It's a bullseye for sure

Quit pestering me, okay?

Those heaven-sent good looks

It'd be a sin to waste them

Only the best man in the world

is worthy to take these hands

That's her!

It's not what you think

I'm sure it isn't

Don't stand there,
start cleaning!

My skirt's ruined...

Look, I didn't do it on purpose

Yeah, sure. Your drunken high-spirits
went too far

I said I wasn't drunk, I was...

Ryosuke Murakami

If you cover the damage
I won't make a big fuss

Here it is, 7 bottles of wine,
15 glasses

8 plates, table cloths, a chandelier...

...and some other stuff

And the total is... here

Let me count the zeroes...
tens, hundreds, thousands...

It's not a small amount

It's morning already

You better make this right

This is Murakami, please leave a message

I'm sorry about last night

I wasn't feeling well
so I left early

I'll be at the office on Monday for sure

Back to work!! September 9th

I guess that's everything

What about this?

Forget it

Anything else you want to sell,
just give us a call

Watanabe Detective Agency


You found him?

I think it's the right guy

He's touring the provinces
as a magician with a new name

He's in this bar now

As a magician?

I'll send a photo of his poster.
Check it out and get back to me

You naughty boy

This old guy's clean broke

That's just newspaper

But if I do this...voila!

That's amazing!

Girls go buy whatever you like

Just for the girls though!

But you're special

Thank you, dear

Quit this place
and be my assistant

Just join me on stage
and help out a little

I'm not sure. Isn't it difficult?

It's easy-peasy. Watch!

I'll pick it up...

What a nuisance...

Tour Through a World of Mystery

So, did you see it?

It's him. Please grab him
and bring him here

I'm not the police
so I can't do that

Then hold him there somehow

If I talk to him
he'll go to ground

If you want to meet him
you need to get up here

"Up here" is where exactly?

That information
requires a contingency fee

I can't pay you any more

In that case I'll close the case


I'm sorry, so sorry!

Take a flyer, please

Take a flyer, thanks

Please! Thank you!

Here you go, thanks

Here you are

Wow, how gross is she?

A viewer sent us this video

Shot in a high-class restaurant
in Tokyo on Monday

The woman in question
had too much to drink

began singing,
then swung from a chandelier

and attacked the table settings

Until she was finally subdued
by security staff

All my female friends
can hold their drink

so I've never seen anything
like this...

Shizuka Suzuki

So you really were hypnotized...

I wouldn't be asking you
if it wasn't true

Stations, airports...they all have music.
This is my only choice


Next performance
Sept. 7th

The vital info's missing


So far North...

I never met anyone
he actually hypnotized before you

Meaning what?

Apparently he used to be amazing

As he got older he had to hire
someone like me

It was all bullshit to me

Oh, before I forget

What's that?

Gas receipt

I told you, I've got no money

Nothing at all?

So I'm driving you to Niigata
on my dime?

Arguably, it's all your fault

Me? What about the old hypnotist?

I don't have much money either

I quit. I'm heading home.

Wait up. Wait, will you?

Why should I?

Take a right turn there

I'm fed up

I need to ask you a favor

I'm home!

- Welcome back
- Hi, honey

What are you looking for?

Check book


You need to buy something?

A smart phone

Your mom said no, right?

Is this enough?

500,000 yen
Jumbo Coin Bank

This is perfect


Can I have it?

It's a loan, until I pay you back

I've been rehearsing tons.
Come watch me, okay?


- How come you're home?
- Let's get out of here


This is heavy enough to cover me

Expenses only. Money-grubbing cow

You've never had to worry
about money

I'm saving towards my life goal


I'll rent this place out already equipped

Sound-proofed, hardwood floors


I'm not decided yet but I'm thinking
either hot yoga or pilates studio

If you get fired, I'll employ you

You must be kidding

- Keep it. I've got a copy
- I don't want it

- Keep it.
- I don't want it

Look carefully

Keep it

Watch where ya' going!

You fat cow

Shut up, redneck!

What did ya' say?

Here they come...

Hey, stop the car!

Get lost, assholes!

That was scary

Next up, by special request...

What is it that you're looking for?
Is it a difficult thing to find?

Look in your bag, look in your desk
But we still can't find it

Do you want to keep looking?
Wouldn't you rather dance with me?

Wouldn't you rather come with me
Into a world of dreams?

"Welcome to Niigata"

- Where is it?
- There's the notice board

Here it is

September 7th
In Hirosaki

Hirosaki in Aomori prefecture?

I wanted to sort this out today

It's only 6 or 7 hours from here

We can easily make it by tomorrow night

Let's find a hotel...and get us some sake

What's going on?

It's just an oil leak

It's all your fault

Yokoyama Car Repair

I need a fix on my car

- What's wrong with it?
- It's leaking oil

- Where is it?
- I'm in that nearby mall

- I see
- Can you bring a tow truck?

- What make?
- It's a maroon Opti

I'll get the details.
Hold on a second

You hungry?

Hello, we'll be right there

I'll just leave the car here.
Can you take it?

You're coming with us

How did they know?

That's our tow truck

Get out

They'll chop us up
and bury us

Don't say that

I hear you disrespected us

What did you call us again?


Yes, you did

Out with it...


Red...necklaces are my favorite?

That wasn't it!

What's going on here?

Dragging girls into it now, huh?

You want to make something of it?

Bring it on

Come on, let's battle!

Oh no...

Hey wait...

You were the great!

We were pretty cool, huh?
Want to start a double act?

Don't pretend we're friends

I replaced the oil pan and filter

And I refilled your oil, too

It's mostly 10 yen coins

Don't tell me you knew
you were broke?

Maybe we'll find a wallet somewhere

What's up?

In his navy blue t-shirt

He's just so damn, so damn cute

I fell for a younger guy

He doesn't like to be alone
He's cheeky as hell

He drives me crazy
But I love him as well

L.O.V.E. Blow him a kiss

Do you really like me?
Make your feelings plain

In a pocket missing a button

A dirty, crumpled handkerchief

He so damn, so damn cute
I fell for a younger guy

He so damn, so damn cute
I fell for a younger guy

He so damn, so damn cute

I fell for a younger guy

Tips in here, please

Thank you, handsome

No money? Thanks anyway

We accept banknotes, too

You really don't want the money?

I was just after enough
to get me to Akita for a party

Perfect. Let's make a fortune,
the three of us

We'll drop you in Akita on the way

Thank you

Just double-checking.
You sure you don't need it?

He's always late for our dates

He always starts the fights

But he's so damn, so damn cute
My much younger guy

He's forgetful and selfish

He's a little mean but I like him

L.O.V.E. Blow him a kiss

Do you really like me?
Make your feelings plain

Like one glove lost from a pair

Like a shoe left untied

He so damn, so damn cute
I fell for a younger guy

He so damn, so damn cute
I fell for a younger guy

So you broke up the band
and broke up with him?

We didn't really break up...

We just needed to recharge
our batteries, you know?

I sure do

We were tired of putting on
fake persona

But being apart
has really cleared my head

I've decided not to hide from myself

Not to aim too high, just be myself

Why not sing with me at my party tonight

That won't work

Don't worry. We'll arrive at 4pm
and the old guy's show is at 8pm

It's the last thing I'll ask

Just for a while

But not dressed like this...

We'll rent costumes

Just for one song

I'm so glad

Costume rental, here we come!

It's 4.30pm...where is she?

What kind of party is it?



This way

It's narrow so watch your step

We're backstage now

Wait here, please. On cue,
step on stage and perform

Now we depart from the schedule...

A last minute appearance
from Naoyuki's old friend

with a surprise of a song

Do we sing now?

I've no idea

Take it away

Wedding Bells

Don't tease me, Wedding Bells

I was serious, Wedding Bells

Thank you

An organ quietly plays

Now it begins, now it begins

The Bride passes me by

What a pretty dress

So this is the girl you love?

I see her for the first time

I'm just prettier than her

"Congrats to the Happy Couple"

Stop singing


I dreamt of holding hands,
walking to the altar

What about the restraining order!?

Forced to sit alone, way in the back

As you show off your happiness

Allow me to say one thing

Go to hell! Ah...

That's right, you'll spot me soon

Show me that innocent smile

Then I'll say to you

"Long time, no see"

"Congratulations, she's a lovely girl"

"Thank you for the invitation"

This will be my blessing to you

"Go to hell! Amen!"

How do we get out?

It's this way!

Stop the car, please

Slow down

Stop the car

Let's take another route

Get out of the way

Back up!

Anything going on?

There's been an incident

This woman's been reported
running around with a knife

Take care, please

There you have it...

That hurts!

What's that for?

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

Tour Through a World of Mystery

Today, I'll show you
the mysterious world of hypnosis

I'll need a volunteer

Someone with courage
enough to join the experiment

You're eager, both of you

How about this lady, here.
Come on up

Just a regular member of the public...

You're shaped like an onion

- Which way?
- I don't know

- Here
- At last

Sorry, you missed the show

It's no use. It's all over...

Where are you from?

From Tokyo

You, too?

He must be so popular there

That guy was from Tokyo too, right?


He was disappointed
to have missed the show

You were that desperate to see it?

I shouldn't say so,
but it was no big deal

He chose one lady from the crowd
and tried it on

But it didn't work out

He ended up just doing magic tricks

Serves him right

Without me, that dirty old man's nothing

Did he say where's he heading?

I wonder...

Any posters left?

We already put out the trash

Might be something out back

There's nothing here

Wait, please!




He'll be in Sapporo tomorrow

Get the ticket out

To Hakodate

It's crowded

This'll take a while

Wait, wait! Stop

What is it?

You were about to get a flat tire

Thank you so much

Is this right?

Here's good

That feels better

It's gone

You can hold your drink

Don't forget you're driving to Sapporo

It's fine.
He said he'll drive us there

And I don't drink

What's going on?

Are you done?
We're doing karaoke now

It's our turn

I love you, I hate you, I love you

I hate you, when the petals fall

I love you, kiss me, I love you

Kiss me, right now...

Dear Chinese guests...

Please try to quieten down

We'd really appreciate it, please

It thought it was unusual
he was so into me...

When I woke up, he was gone

I'm just fed up!

Can't you ever behave?

You're all talk, you're sloppy,
everything you touch turns to crap

Has your life always been this shit?

No wonder Martyn ran off.
You can't be trusted

Attention, all passengers
must leave the boat at this time

I repeat, all customers
must leave the boat now

Please, give me a lift!

Please, stop!

"Must be in Sapporo by 7pm"

Thank you!


Just doing a solo road-trip.
Hop in

I've never seen Sapporo.
Sorry it's a rental car

Where in Sapporo are you heading?

You can't tip that out there

Welcome, folks

(In Mandarin)

What's going on?

They say I'm no fun as a guide.
They want you to join us


Bathroom break

Hakodate station

We've got to go all the way
to Sapporo?

Yes and I've got to head back
to Tokyo

So I'd like my fee

He'd better be there

Leave this jerk.
Let's get to Sapporo


He performs at 7pm
at the Sapporo Municipal Hall.

- Do we get a cab?
- Express train's faster

You really are a scumbag

Oh, yeah? Sometimes you stoop low
to make a living

Why are you still rushing around
after that old geezer?

That's because...

Come walk along

By the seashore

What's going on?

Remember our time

Once more

Were you and he...?

Of course not

I listen to the wind

Watch the clouds

Waves come rolling in

Along with the colorful shells



I don't care what they say behind my back

I just want to be with you

Xiè, xiè

Do you have Japanese yen?

I don't want that. Thanks, guys

Piece of cake. A few drinks
and she rolled over

Did she really believe
I was into her?

Wow, that's a top-ranked company

So I really need to break this spell

It'll be a disaster
if I'm not back tomorrow

Go faster, overtake it!

No, the limit's 50kmh here!

Damn it

Just get a move on!

We'll soon be arriving in Sapporo

Final Performance

So let's have her eat this onion

By the way,
you don't have false teeth do you?

What you're looking at is an apple

It's a sweet, sweet apple.
Go ahead

No, not like that. Take a big bite

It's an apple so just go ahead

That's it

This way

Tickets please

How much?

There's a vending machine there

Honey you want to join us?


Haven't we met somewhere?

Doubt it...

Do you have a ticket?

Not yet

Get another

It's fine. Let's go

Occasionally some people don't respond

A round of applause anyway.
You're very kind

Nothing in this world is 100%

I'm a true hypnotist.
Unlike some others,

I never plant decoys
in the audience

I'm not lying, it's true

You don't believe me, do you?

Who else would like to try
being hypnotized?

It seems I've no takers...

So let's switch it up
and see some magic tricks

We don't want a magician,
we want a hypnotist!


Hypnotize me!

It won't take 10,000 yen bills

Can you change this for me?

I can't open the till for change

Then just take this, I don't need change

That's not how it works

Fan: 1,000 yen, Cap: 5,000 yen

Do you like onions?

I must say it's not my favorite food

I could never eat a raw one

Your hypnosis works.
That girl's still totally affected

You remember her, right?

Let's do it

Let's have you eat this

On the count of three

You'll see this onion
as a very sweet apple

For you, it'll be an actual apple

How is it?

It's sweet. It's super sweet!

- Is it really?
- It's so delicious!

It's so sweet!

I'm not pretending at all,
It's great!

That's got to be fake, right?

Excuse me...

What the hell are you doing here?

Can you wait until the end of the show?

For free?

In that case...

For this

- Sure
- Hey, wait!

Shut up and sit down

Are you okay?

How else can we hypnotize you?

Think of whatever you like

- Really?
- Of course

Then I'd like to become
a great musical performer

Oh, I see...

When you hear music,

you can't help but to sing and to dance

But it's lonely up here by yourself

Any other takers?

You, too!


And you! You, also! You, too!

Tonight, beneath starry skies

If I can have one wish come true

Tonight, the treasures in my heart

Please deliver to my true love
who's far away

Across the dark, a rainbow

Please come my way

So don't close your window

Until the morning comes

Tonight, it's you I love the most

I never want dreams that will not come true

Your glow outshines them all

I don't want dreams
that won't come true, tonight

When the song ends
you'll all come out from hypnosis

Everything will be back to normal

It's you I love the most

I don't want dreams
that won't come true, tonight

Your glow outshines them all

I don't want dreams
that won't come true, tonight

The old jerk ran off again!

Hello, Watanabe here...


In Niigata, maybe?

Why's he even here?

You forgot something

This is pretty important, right?

Okay, then

You better get going

What's all that?

I'm heading that way

Sound-proofed, hardwood floors

Hey, wait!

Musical Studio "Dance With Me"
Opening Soon

If you love mysterious dreams
and ancient history

Turn the dial way back in time

Visit the Jurassic
and the world of fossils

The ammonites are napping,
T-Rex is out for a stroll

Head back to wonderful days of innocence

Or spend days in the age of cinema,
tap dance and romance

In a sparkling, golden age
when girls wore mink

Go crazy for Bogart's fedora
And dream of a ride in a Duesenberg

You can journey back whenever you like

Plunge down the spiral of time

Just plug the request
into your time machine

Ayaka Miyoshi

Yu Yashiro


Takahiro Miura


Akira Takarada

Written and Directed by
Shinobu Yaguchi

©2019 "DANCE WITH ME" Film Partners