Dance Together (2019) - full transcript

Dance Together follows two teen girls brought together by a passionate need to express themselves. Holly, an injured dancer, and Alex, a shy girl who is Deaf, have a chance meeting that ...

Oh I love that
color on you.


I got it from this cute
boutique in Paris.

La Fleur Rose.

You guys probably
haven't heard of it.

Haven't heard of it?

That's where everyone
who's anyone from LA

shops while
they're in Paris.

I don't know. I think it
kind of washes you out.

♪ Go Holly! Go
Holly! Go Holly! Go Holly! ♪


What's going on?

Everybody, get to class!

Move it!

Good morning students.

This is your student council
president Kelly here.

There is a food drive being
held in the front foyer.

Please bring down all
non-perishable items at lunch.

I'm handing the mic over
to Linda with sports.

Hey, hey.

Tonight at the west field
the boys' soccer team is...

So, did you see Stan's video
that he posted last night?

Yes. And it hurt my eyes.

Are you kidding?
It was good. Come on.

It was good.
It was cute.

No. It wasn't cute.

I liked the music.


I am so sorry.

Watch where you're
going, weirdo!

What are you
still doing here?

I am so sorry about that.


You were a little
harsh back there.

He bumped into me.

I can't believe our first dance
comp is only a month away.

My solos isn't
even done yet.

And I love your
costume for it.

Almost as much as you
love our jazz costume?

What was Ms. Mindy thinking?

I don't know.

Honestly Tiffany, I think
that you should start

designing our costumes.

Yeah, you'd be
great at that.

You guys really think so?



Okay fine.

You guys are never going
to guess who asked me out!

- What?
- Who?


Get out!

Dead serious!

I heard from Tyler that
he was dating Amber,

but apparently Amber
was just spreading that

to get back at Zack. But Cynthia
told me that she's with Zack,

so he's completely over her
and Brian is back on the market!

Well not for long, if
this date goes well.

We're going to the movies.

Wow, another movie date huh?

So, what movie are
you guys seeing?

Oh, ah, that new
super hero movie!

I forget what it's called,
but I know he'll love it.

Awesome idea!

Okay, what are
you going to wear?

I'm styling you
for it, of course.

This is perfect timing
to bring out my cape.

What? Is that weird?


That's weird.

Five, six, seven, eight. And

And flex, and point. And flex,
and point.

Very nice.
And move to lunge.

Good morning.

And hold.
Straight legs up.

Zoey you can stand right here.

But five steps back.

Holly, can you go to center?


Let's take it from the top.

Great job today ladies.
I'll see you all tomorrow.

I'm going to pop out
for a second.

Holly go over you solo. We'll
run it when I get back, okay?

You okay?

Yeah I'm fine.

Okay. Bye.

Okay Holly. Let's go.

Okay. So then you're going to
run, run, side jeté.

What was that?

I can't really do the jumps full
out because of my knee.

Well what are you going to do
at competition? Huh?

You have to do it now like
you're going to do it on stage.


Okay. Then we're going to
side roll, side roll,

pas de bourrée and walk.

Yep, like that. There you go.

Is it still acting up?

I don't know what's
going on with it.

It's been killing
me all practice.

Well did you do
the jumps full out?

You know better Holly.

I can't disappoint everyone.

Okay, well, it's a
good thing we're seeing

the sports specialist
tomorrow morning because

then we can get Dr. Andrews to
clear a few things up for us.

Holly. Holly.

We're here.

The MRI shows that you have an
irreparable torn meniscus disk.

What does that mean?

It looks like you won't
be able to dance anymore.

Where were you tonight?!

Hey are
you ok? What's going on?

Um, why did you bail on us?


Hey. Holly.

Come on.
Come on.

Everything is going
to be okay Holly.

How do you know that?

I just...
I just know.

What does that even mean?

You know.
Everything will work out.


Okay calm down Holly.

It's fine. Okay.
It's fine.

Yeah it's...

Stop it.

Holly come on.

It's fine.

Just calm down, please.

Leave me alone, okay.

It's fine.

Listen. You can do
other things, right?

Dance isn't everything.

Dance is everything.
Don't you get that?

Dance is everything for me.


We heard about what happened.

You did?

The whole school has.

That sucks, but maybe
you could still

come to the comp with us...

Uh, anyway.

We have a rehearsal at lunch
today, so we got to go.

Oh okay.

Um... Sorry.
Dancers only.

Hey, do you mind
if I sit here?


You're not even going
to notice I'm here.

Look, there's
nowhere else to sit.

I'm Alex.

What are you doing
with your hand?

It's my name in sign.
I'm deaf.

And how do you understand
what I'm saying?

I can read your lips, so as
long as you're facing me

I can understand you.

That's so cool.

If you don't mind me asking,

how did you learn
how to speak?

Um... I learned
through the vibrations

of other people talking.

What do you mean?

Put your hand under
your chin, like this.

Say popcorn.


Now say thank you.

Thank you.

Popcorn. Thank you.





Are you going to class?

Oh. Did the bell ring?


It's official.
She's out.

I mean she wasn't even
that good of a dancer

in the first place.


And what was she
wearing this morning?

She's really let herself go.

I heard she had to eat
her lunch in the library.


It must suck to be her.

Five, six, seven, eight.

Five, six, seven eight.

What's going on?

I thought we started at 4?

What are you doing in my spot? I just thought...

You thought wrong.

I'm glad you
guys came in earlier.

We have a lot
of work to do.

Holly, I thought
your mom said...

No, I'm fine.
Yeah. It's all good now.

Okay. Good!

This team needs you.

Let's get to work.


What are you
still doing here?

Um... I just wanted to get some
extra practice in for my solo,

if that's okay.

Of course, love.

Good night.

I am invincible ♪

♪ You know

♪ My heart on my sleeve
is all I know ♪

♪ When I'm feel defeat

♪ When fear is around

♪ I move to the beat and they
can't bring me down ♪

♪ Because I am invincible

♪ Ooooo

♪ I am invincible ♪

♪ Invincible ♪

What were you
even doing there?

You know how serious
your knee injury is.

You had me worried sick!

Do you want to stay home
from school tomorrow?


I thought so.

I'd like to thank
our very gifted artist

for drawing a picture of
me with a happy face.

"Mr. F"? Noah?
Well the F stands for fun.

Because math is
three, two, fun.

Let's get back
to the lesson.

Linear equations, blue line...

Class dismissed.

I encourage you all to
study for this test.

Thank you.

Mr. Fisher.

I was just wondering what you
were saying about this formula.

Could you explain
it for me again?

Alex, you need to
pay attention.

I already went
through this in class.


I couldn't really understand
what you were saying because

I couldn't see your face.

Are you questioning
my teaching methods?

No, not at all.

I'm just trying to find
a way to make this work.

Alex, we both know you
don't belong at this school,

due to your...

You should go to a
different school.

Where they have
more time to waste.

Oh hey, sweetie.

Can you pass me
that lamp there?

Thank you.

I'm telling you, this place
is going to be perfect

when it's fixed.

Hey dad. Can you
sign this for me?

Yeah, sure. What's it for?


You're failing math?

But you're so good at it.

I don't know dad.

I've been trying
really hard,

but Mr. Fisher is still
turning his back to me.

Do I need to call him again?

No. He doesn't get it!

I've talked to him,
you've talked to him.

And he is obviously
not interested.

Maybe he's right.

Maybe I should just switch
to a school for the deaf

where teachers will
actually care about me?

No. I don't think
you should need to...

Don't be ridiculous.

You don't need
special school.

And people shouldn't
treat you any differently

just because you're deaf.

Yeah I know.

And you can't let one
difficult situation or

person define the
rest of your life.

Thanks Grandma.

But I need to
pass this class.

I know, sweetie.

I'll see what I can do.

Woah, woah, woah!
Not again.


Hey, aren't you
in my math class?

Uhh, yeah.

Yeah. That class blows!

Tell me about it!

I'm failing.

I mean, I could help
you out sometime?

Ummm, sure.

I'll see you in class.

Why are you blushing?

What? I'm not.

Yes you are!

And he totally
checked you out.

What, no!

Yeah he did.

Did he actually?




I'm Noah by the way.


Was that sign?

Class, today we will
be starting our new unit.


So, over here we
got a whole bunch of stuff.

We got the word hypotenuse which
comes from the Latin hypo

which means a large and...

Hey. Can you understand
what he's saying?

Want me to ask
him to face us?

He won't.

Is there something
you'd like to share

with the entire class?

Back to the lesson?

Thank you.

Why wouldn't he?

Okay! That's it!

Noah! Back to
your normal spot.

Come on,
come on, come on!

What do you think
you're doing?

Not so nice having
someone's back to you. Is it?



Wait, Mr. Fisher!

It wasn't his fault!

I should have known you
would be involved in this.

You can both explain this
to the vice-principal.

Take your things with you.


What are you laughing about?

Seriously, what?

Nothing, it's just...

It feels like you've
never been sent

to the principal's
office before?


Don't worry. Mr.
Fisher has no idea

what he's talking about and
all the teachers know it.

Plus, Ms. Jackson
is super sweet.

Okay. Oh!

Alex, how did I know

you were going to be in this!

Back to the lesson!

You're kidding me?

No ma'am.

Well Alex why didn't you come to
me sooner about this issue?

I don't know.

After talking to Mr. Fisher, I
just gave up, you know?

I mean my other
teachers are great.

They always do their
best to help me.

But for some reason he has a
weird problem with me.

I see.

Well there isn't a
lot I can do about

Mr. Fisher's teaching, but we
can look into other options.

Like moving me to a
school for the deaf?

Of course not.

I'll have a chat with
our resource teachers

and get back to you
as soon as I can.

And for now...

There's only a half
hour left of this period.

You guys don't have
to go back to class.

Thank you so much!

So, you can speak
sign language?

Yep. I'm fluent.

That's so cool.
Can you teach me some?

I guess I can try.

So, what all do
you want to know?

Ummm, how do you say Noah?

You have to spell
it out like this.

Whoa, whoa!
Slow down! Slow down!

N... O...

A... H.

Okay, I think I got it.

So, how do you say your name?

Like this.

How come you don't have
to spell yours out?

It's my sign name
my friends gave me.

If you hang around me long
enough, I can give you yours.

Sounds good.

So, umm...

How do you tell a
girl she's beautiful

in sign language?


Why'd you guys leave so early?

Okay, you'll never guess
what happened in math today!

Hold that thought.
I really need a coffee.

Hey, Holly.

I see you're hanging
out by yourself now?

Actually I'm here
with Noah and Alex.

You know that they're doing
sign language, right?

Obviously, Holly.

You always under
estimate me.

- Your order.
- Thank you.

Well, I guess I'll see
you at dance tonight...

Ooh, actually, I won't.

We all miss you.

So... I'm at the front of
the pyramid for Jazz now.



Sorry, did you
say something?


Hey! Where are you going?

Sit down and eat your food.

I need to see your
homework before

you leave the
table anyway.

May I be excused?

I have to get my homework.

Clear the table first.

Go for Paul.

No, yeah, yeah. Now's a
great time to talk.

Are you kidding me?

You're definitely not going to
get a scholarship

with these marks.

Mom, I'm trying.

Zoey, I'm on the phone!

Go upstairs and get
ready for dance.

I don't want to hear any
more out of you today.

You're a dancer.


So what happened?

Look, I don't really want
to talk about it, okay?


But look at this place.

It's obviously
something you love.

So, when did you
lose your hearing?

Oh, I was born deaf so
it's all I know.

So you haven't
heard music before?

Not the way you hear music.

What do you mean?

It's like the hand thing
but with my whole body.

So you listen to
music through your body?

I guess we're not so
different after all.

By the way, thanks
for inviting me over.

Oh it's no problem.

I'm so happy that everything's
going to work out

with you and your mean,
small minded, math teacher.

Yeah, Ms. Jackson
is awesome.

Which is nice since some
people get angry with me

for being born like this.

That must really suck.

Yeah, well it must suck
not being able to dance.

Yeah, dance was everything.

It was who I was.

When my dad died it was my
only outlet and now what?

I don't know.

I have this really cool place
that I think you'd like.

What is it?

It's a surprise!

No, you can't do that!

You have to tell me,
I hate surprises.

Oh my gosh!
Do you see that?

I wish for pizza!

With pepperoni.

And extra cheese.

I just wish everything
would go back to normal.

Seriously though.
Where are we going?

You'll see.
Trust me on this.

Hey guys! This is
my friend Holly!

She used to be a dancer
so she'll fit right in.

Hi Holly.

I'm Ms. Tanner.
Nice to meet you.

We've heard so
much about you.

This is Toby.

This is Stella.

And this is Riley.

He's a little bit shy.


I'm confused.
Why am I here?

Watch this.

That's all we have so far!

What'd you think?


We don't have a group name yet.

It's deaf poetry, kind of
like music but with the body.

It brought us all together.

Just like dance.

Oh, it's definitely

Alex mentioned that you
might like to join our group?


We have Regionals in a month
so we'll have to teach it

to you quick, but from what
I hear you'll catch on!

And we practice
every Tuesday!

You can help us with
choreography and stuff.

Holly, what's going on?


What? You're
too good for us?

We're not 'normal'
enough for you?

No. It isn't that at all.

Then what is it?

Look, it was really nice of
you to bring me here,

but no matter what, nothing
can replace dance for me.

It doesn't have
to replace dance.

Then what was the
point of all this?

I just thought you might
bring something special

to our performance.

Look, that's really nice,
but this isn't for me.

You know my grandma says
"Sometimes you have to help

someone else in order
to help yourself."

So what are you saying?

I should just move on and
completely forget about dance?

No of course not. I'm
just saying you may need

to let go of what you were to
find out who you really are.

I don't think I can do that.

I believe you
can do anything.

Look at me, I'm deaf
and I'm awesome.

Come here.

Come on. Let's go home.


Alex, you'll never
guess what I found!

What is this?

I wanted to help you
the way you helped me.

I'm confused?

It's called a
cochlear implant.

It's where you...

I know what it is.

Why are you
showing it to me?

Isn't it cool? You'll
be hearing in no time.

Are you telling me
I should become hearing?

Um... who doesn't?

It's not like you'd
want to stay like this

for the rest
of your life.

Stay like this?

Are you saying being deaf
is a bad thing?

No. I just thought you
would want to get it fixed.

I'm not broken.
I don't need 'fixing'.

I like the way I am.

So what happened
between you two?

I may have suggested
that she should get

a cochlear implant?


It's a sensitive topic.

I know. I messed up.

Yeah you did.

You can't just force something
like that on a person.

I didn't mean to offend her.

I just don't understand, like
you have a hearing aid right?

So then, why doesn't
Alex want that?

Not everyone wants
the same thing.

You have to respect
her decision.

I come from a deaf family.

So getting hearing
aids was natural.

Alex comes from
a hearing family

who doesn't
support cochlear.

Everyone has their
own perspective.

You can't go around
trying to change them.

I never thought
about it that way.

Look. I have a plan.

And I guess you
need my help.

Before that can happen,
you have to understand

where we're coming from.

What's the plan?

Okay. So I was thinking that...

So, are you ready
to talk about it?

Did you know I had to spend
my lunch in the bathroom?

It was embarrassing.

Hey. Come here. Come here. Okay.

The thing is, I thought she
would be different than all

of the mean kids, but
she's just the same.

No one at that school
will understand me.

Hey! From what I heard, she
was just trying to help.

She just made an honest mistake.

I don't know.

I just don't understand

I mean, I'm just
like everyone else.

It's only that I can't hear.

Maybe I should just get the
stupid cochlear implant.

Hey, hey. You, listen to me.

I don't want you trying to
feel like you need to change

just to please
other people. Okay?

You're not other people.

You're Alex.

And what makes you different
is also what makes you

very very special.

You really think so?


I know so.

Come here. Come here.

Dad, why are we here?

It's not even Tuesday?

You'll see.

I'm sorry.

Hey. All right? Okay.

Almost there.

There you go. To the left. To
the left. Everyone take a seat.

To the left. Around. Here we go.

Did you like it?

I loved it. Even the
part about the duck?

Was it really that bad?

Yeah, it was pretty bad.

But with a little
bit of practice,

I think you
could nail it.

So what are you saying?

I can join the group?

Hmmm, I don't know, I mean...

I don't think you'll pick up on
the choreography fast enough.

You're right!

I think we need to find someone
with a background in dance.

Holly, you're in.


Group hug! Come on!

Do you see her
outfit right now?

Who wears grey?

It's like a vomit grey.

She's so washed out.

Somebody should
really tell her.

I know, right?

So tragic.


So what are we doing
about costumes for Regionals?

We usually wear whatever.

Okay. This year we
should change that.

I could get the girl who
does my solo costumes to

work on costumes for everyone.

I don't know.

Maybe something
a little simpler.

Yeah, you're right.

We could always wear all black,
or all white?

Something like that?

That might work!

Let's bring it up at
our next practice

and see what
everyone thinks.

Yeah, that's good.

Speaking of practice.

- Okay, ready?
- Yeah.


Pythagoras had a theory.
But he also liked the letter M.

So he called it a theorem.


Another interruption.

Vice Principal
Jackson! Welcome.

To what do we
owe the honor?

Class, I would like to
introduce to you Mrs. Paxton.

My name
is Anne. You can call me Anne.

She is our schools very
first ASL interpreter!

If any of you would
like to learn sign ASL

you can come meet me anytime.

All right Mr. Fisher.
That is all for now.

You can continue
with your lesson.

As I was saying.
So pretend this is the house.


We're always solving
for C to get the angle.

Remember C is what we want
to find for the angle.

So we get A squared plus B
squared equals C squared.

That goes with each and everyone
of these examples, everybody.

Okay. Class it's time for
a pop quiz on this lesson.

Here we go.

Okay... Begin.

Okay. Some of you did well.
Some of you did not so well.

Alex, I guess I was
wrong about you.

Thank you.

You did it all by yourself.

Good job today, Alex.

Guess who just
aced her math quiz?



So smart! Wooo!

Thank you!


You certainly have gotten
fat since you quit dancing.

What? Just looking out for you.

Especially in that outfit.

Cat's got your tongue?

Honestly Holly.

You were never really that great
of a dancer in the first place.

Our team has improved
so much without you.


Oh yeah?

She's not even that
good of a dancer?

That would explain all
the trophies in her room.

Oh right.

Didn't she win Miss Teen Dance
two years in row?

For your information,

Holly is perfectly healthy.

So back off.

Zoey, what's going on here?

Mom, Dad? What are
you guys doing here?

Mr. And Mrs. Anderson.

Nice to see you.

Oh my gosh.

Why are her parents here?
She's so weird.

Zoey, let's go.

- But mom...
- Now.

Good job! Great job!
Way to go! Well done!

I can't believe
you just did that!

That was like the
bravest thing I've ever seen.

I don't know what
came over me!

That was so sick!

What you just did there,
standing up for Holly.

That was the coolest
thing I've ever seen.

It was nothing. I was
just being a friend.

Well, it was about time
someone stood up to them.

By the way, how'd
you do on that quiz?

I aced it!

I guess you could
call me a genius.


Oh no. I got to go.
I'm going to miss my bus.

Okay. See you!

Oh my gosh!
That was wonderful...

So. So now you're starting
fights at school?

Mom, that wasn't my fault.

Oh. Holly's the problem.

Oh! It's Holly, honey.
Holly's the problem.

You know what I think? I
think that if you acted

a little more like Holly maybe
your problems would disappear.


I honestly don't understand.
When you behave like this,

outside of the home,
that they'd even consider

giving you a scholarship!

I got the scholarship?

Is that all you care about?

I'm disappointed in you.

To say the least.
We've got to go.

No! Honey. I told you this
morning that we have a meeting.

You'll have to get
your own ride home.

Remember this conversation.

Yeah. You'll
remember this conversation.


Don't you think that
went a bit too far?

Yeah, I feel like we
really hurt Holly.

We've known her since
we were three.

I don't know why Zoey's
making us act like this.

It's not like we can ditch Zoey.
We dance with her.

Well. Maybe we should
stand up to her?

No, I don't think
that's a good idea.

She's scary.


We need a plan.

Holly and her deaf
freak are going to pay.


Come on you guys. I know you can
do so much better than that.

We really need to pull
it together as a group.

This routine, well, it isn't as
good as I know it could be.

I don't think that it's bad.

Face it. We're
just not that original.

Well, Regionals
are in one week.

We need to finish and
clean up the number.

I think I might
have something.

What are you talking
about Holly?

Something with an edge.

Everyone, meet Isaiah.

So this is it, huh?

I think we could
make this work.

Oh, I brought some friends.
I hope you don't mind.

See what you got!


Pop... Popcorn...

Popcorn... Yeah!

Popcorn... Popcorn...

Hands down, you guys have to
come up with a group name.

Hands Down!

Oh, I like that!

What! Yeah!

Uh... 8 a.m. tomorrow. Sharp!

Noah just said that
he can come tomorrow!

Are you excited or what?

Noooo! Are you crazy?

What if I mess
up, he'll hate me!

Where's this coming from?

You know the routine
better than anyone else.

I get really bad
stage fright,

especially in front
of cute boys.

Well. What do you
have to lose?

You know a wise girl once
told me that sometimes

you have to let go of
your fears in order

to find something
truly awesome.

Besides, at the end of the day
all that really matters

is the performance
coming from your heart.

Wow, that's some
really good advice.

Well, I have a
really good friend.

Girls, we're going
on a road trip.

What do you mean?

Those losers are going to
pay for what they did.

Zoey, I don't think
that's a good idea.

Yeah, we already tried that
and it didn't work, so...

Maybe we should
just stop.

Are you guys kidding me?

They embarrassed me.

I mean us, in front of
everyone, including my parents.


Okay guys. Let's go.

Zoey, I don't know.


Yeah. Maybe I'm going to
stay here with Tiffany.

Ugh, you guys are useless.

I have to do
everything on my own.

Stella. Ryan. Isaiah. Nicole.
Tully. Sasha. Alex and Holly.


You doing good? Okay, good.

All right guys!
Are you guys excited?


The bus won't start, ma'am.


The bus won't start.

I'm going to have to
go see what's going on

with the engine.

What do you mean the bus
won't start?

Hey, Holly.
Are you okay?

Okay. Drive the car,
we leave now!

Put it in drive
and drive the car!

This is wrong.

Are you okay? This was
the plan the whole time.


That's it.
I can't do this anymore.

Tiffany, I swear if you
get out of this car...

What? You're going
to call me fat too?

Ooh, I'm trembling.

Okay, drive the car.

Guys, look.

Oh my gosh.

Our costumes are all cut up!

That's messed up.
Who would do that?

It looks like someone
thought it would be funny

to put water in
the gas tank.

Are you serious?


We're stranded and if
we magically make it to

the competition, we
have no costumes.

Stella's right.
We're done.

Do you guys hear
yourselves right now?

We did not come this
far just to quit.

Stella and Toby. You're two of
the most caring people I know.

You guys helped me when
I really messed up. Remember?

Isaiah and crew, without you
guys we never would have been

inspired to take our
performance to the next level.



And Alex, you pushed me to
move forward with my life.

And that's what we
have to do right now.

We have to move forward
from this situation.

Guys, I believe that
we can do anything

when we work

Hands Down!

Holly, isn't that Tia's car?


They sabotaged our bus.

Wow! Not cool.

What is she doing here?

Part of their plan!

No! It's not.

I came to make amends.

Why should we trust you?

Look, I'm sorry.

Things went way too far.

Are there scissors
still back there?


I can help with
the costumes.

I trust her.

Besides do we really
have any other choice?

Not really.

Good news everyone!

The bus is up and running.
Let's go! Come on guys!

Okay. I need scissors,
glue, jewels...

And welcome
back to the fifth annual

ASL poetry

We hope you enjoyed the
brief intermission.

Excuse me. Sorry.

Please take this
time to turn off

all cell phones and
electronic devices.

And remember to remain seated
during the performance.

The auditorium lights will
be dimmed momentarily.

Oh, excuse me.

Now without further
ado, sit back,

relax and enjoy the final
performance of the night.

Ladies and gentlemen,

please welcome to the stage
Hands Down!

Ah, it's going to be great.

Um, Hands Down?

Well folks,

looks like we'll be
skipping straight to

the awards ceremony tonight.

Oh Wait...

Here they are, Hands Down!

Why are they all
doing jazz hands?

That's how we clap.

That was absolutely amazing!

Thank you!

I can't believe it!
That was like the best time

we've ever performed it!

I'm just so proud of you. And I
know your dad would be too.

I'm glad you've found
something as beautiful

and expressive as dance.

Me too.

I knew you could do it Alex!

You had nothing
to worry about!

Thanks gram.

Alex, when you were on
stage... And then...

What Dad?

I always said
you were special.

And now the whole
world sees it.

I'm going to go find Holly.

Okay. Sure.

Oh! Alex!



Your performance
was amazing!

Did you guys do that
all on your own?

Yeah pretty much.

We have a teacher,
but she really inspires us

to find out own voice.

Whoa, that was one of the
coolest things I've ever seen.

Yeah, I guess.

So, uhhh, I was just wondering
if maybe you wanted to go to

dinner, or a
movie, or... I don't know?

You guys were amazing!


You're welcome.

Look, I'm really sorry
about how we treated you.

Yeah, we really should have
stood up to Zoey earlier.

But, I loved the poetry.

I mean, it's a lot like dancing!

And the costumes slayed.
You're a genius Tiffany.

I know.

I've missed you guys.

Hold on. I have to
go do something.

Zoey, I know what you did.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Fine! Whatever! Tell on me or
something. I really don't care.

I'm not going
to do that.

I just want you to know
that I forgive you.

Okay, so I uploaded
a video of you guys

and you're
already trending.

You know what that means.

Oh right. I forgot.
You guys are new.

Pool party!

I have the most
perfect outfit!

I have to tell everybody!


Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!

Hands Down! Hands Down!
Hands Down! Hands Down!

Thank you.

Hey! I still can't
believe we won!

That's crazy!

You guys were awesome.
You obviously deserved it.

Alex, that dress
is super cute.

So is yours.


Umm. You guys were amazing.

I'm serious.

I guess I just always hear my
parent's voices in my head,

and I take out their
anger on everybody else.

And I mean, I know that's
not even an excuse,

but I promise I'll
be a better person.

Will you guys take me back?

I'm really sorry,
for everything.

Thanks Zoey.

And I got to say, you guys kind
of werked those ripped costumes.

Nothing could
stop your guys' talent.

Yeah, the costumes
were all right.

So Tia, how was that
date with Brian?

Well actually...
It was amazing!

So he liked the super
hero movie choice?


And what about the
super hero chic look?

Girl, you know it.

Oh and Alex, I heard that
Noah asked you out?


We're going to go to a new
restaurant in town tonight.

Oh! You're so lucky.
He's really cute.

Well... Yeah!


Okay, what are you
going to wear?

No? You don't know?
Okay, we're going to help you.

Let's go. Come one.

I missed you.

I missed you too.

We're... Number... One...


Hey! Guys!
Group photo! Come on!

Go all the way down there


Everybody in!

Okay, okay. Ready?