Dan Oniroku shoujo mokuba-zeme (1982) - full transcript

A Nikkatsu Presentation

Nami Tsuchiya, 85 points.

Producer: Isao Hayashi
Screenplay: Takashi Ishii
Original Work: Oniroku Dan
Planning: Naoya Narita & Koji Okumura

- Next, Miss Tsuchiya!
- Yes!

Editor: Akimasa Kawashima
Art Director: Katsumi Nakazawa
Cinematographer: Kazuumi Sugimoto
Lighting: Katsunari Uchida

A rose you see, the invisible one. That...

Excuse me. I left something.

Assistant Director: Yasuhiro Horiuchi
Music: Fujio Sato
Audio Recording: Shin Noboru

Tsuchiya! I thought you already left.

I have been studying for
the Japanese history test.

I see. Good luck!


Serina Nishikawa / Shiro Shimomoto

Ah, one thing! Your English
reading earlier was good.

Megumi Anri / Yoko Ishido / Waka Oda
Ryoichi Kusanagi / Hideo Shirayama

Considering the results, I think
you can enter the school you want.

It's just that your accent
needs to improve a little. So...

Asami Ogawa / Kazuyo Ezaki

Directed by Fumihiko Kato

Oniroku Dan's
Girl and the Wooden Horse Torture

Tsuchiya! Wait!

We need to talk!

You pretend to be cute!

Who the hell are they?

You think you are cute, right?

Everybody, stop it!

Tsuchiya, are you okay?

I can see it.

- Mister...
- Water!

I'm home.

Welcome back.

You came very early.
Was there no club activity?

It?s because of the upcoming test.
It?s weird to see you like this, Dad.

It happens sometimes.

What happened?

- Your uniform looks dirty.
- Nothing.

What is this? It?s too early
for my period.

No way...

I can?t believe this...



How about you?

Mister! I can?t do it right now!

You are having your period early,
aren?t you?

You are dirty-minded!

I don?t know!

But it?s not what you think it is!
This is not menstrual blood!

I change my underwear every day.

Earlier, you pretended that
you had left something.

But you actually came to have
sex with me, didn?t you?

Okay! Come!

It?s not what you think!
I was actually...


I'll adore you!


Let me see it one more time!

It was a dream...



What?s wrong?
You like me, don?t you?

Confess right now or I will
put my dirty cock inside you!

Are you okay with that?



Forgive me...

You have such cute boobs.

Do you know a lot about men?

Stop it, mister!

I don?t know anything.



Not there!

No, mister!

Forgive me!

Let me see it.

It must smell good.

Answer me!


The color is pink and it is small.

How does it feel inside?

Does it feel soft and warm
just like mine?

You should?ve told us.

We could?ve helped you.

Nami, you're such a cute girl.

Mom, I'm sorry! Forgive me!


Stop! No!



Dad! Forgive me!

No! No!

Another dream?

What is this?

Isn?t she one of your pupils?

I didn?t know you liked
this kind of stuff!

You have lived with me while
thinking about this kind of stuff?

You are a teacher in
a girl?s high school!

Don?t you feel ashamed?
You are a pervert!

I feel disgusted by the fact that
I have lived with you for 3 years!

It?s ridiculous to compare you to
the woman who left me a divorce paper.


I feel like I am possessed
by you.

My everyday routine is...

to get drunk...

and to imagine a scenario
where I first punish...

and then comfort you .

- What?s up?
- What?s up?

Are you okay?

- Nami! Nami!
- Wake up!

Are you okay?

- Let?s take her to the school nurse.
- Let?s do it.

There's nothing wrong.

Professor Muraki?

Did you punish her again?

You like her, don?t you?

I don?t get why you are attracted
to this girl.

Are you kidding me?

I am not interested in girls
wearing stained underwear.

If I have to tie up a girl,
you are the best one for me.

You're right!

What a childish girl!

she can't even properly take
care of herself.

You are a doctor.

You need to wipe up that blood.

Or would you let me do it?


You surprised me.
Are you awake now?

Well... I...

You were brought here. Period.

Your painties were stained,
so I changed them.

Did you change them yourself?

We're both women.
Don?t worry about it.

- You saw it, right?
- I said...

Tsuchiya! What's wrong?

She saw the rope marks.

Get in!

Stop it!

You did it, didn?t you?

You reported it to the school,
didn't you?

You told the school that we
bully your precious Tsuchiya!

I heard you had sex with Tsuchiya.

Are you kidding me?
I'm not that kind of teacher!

What kind of teacher
are you? Huh?

Because of your report, we've
been expelled from school!

We kind of liked this school!

It?s the perfect place to have fun.

Don?t come near me!


Hey! I heard your wife left you.

Do you have some kind of problem?

Show me your dick!


Get off me!

What is this?

I thought we could help
a lonely grownup.

You don?t seem to fully understand
our intentions.

Tomoko, do it!

Actually, I?ve liked you.

You are handsome.



How is it?

It?s hot.

I like this kind of guy.

I don?t know what he's thinking.


No! Stop!

Mister! Stop!

Mister! Stop! Don?t do this!


It?s not what you think!
Miss! I...

Somebody help us! Mister!

It?s not what you think!
Ms. Yamada!

What's going on?


What is this?

Miss Tsuchiya?

Tsuchiya! You saw it, didn?t you?

You saw it, didn?t you?
Please tell them!

They are lying, aren?t they?

We are?

You are the one who's talking shit!

I didn?t know you were watching us.

How is this going to develop?

Tsuchiya! This is a trap, isn?t it?

This is a trap, right?


Are you trying to manipulate us?

His life is over.

You know that, right?

- I don?t care.
- Whoa!

I didn?t know you have guts.

Let?s become friends.

No, thanks.

What was that?

You bitch!


Stop it!

That?s enough.

Today was our last day of school.

After dealing with Muraki...

we were going to mess up
your face.

But I'll spare you.

Excuse me.

Why did you lie like that?

Did they threaten you?

That hurts!


But if you don?t tell the truth...

I will have to quit this school.

Also, I will get disqualified
as a teacher for life!

Even just now the principal
told me...

I didn?t see anything.


I know you are clever enough
to understand what's going on.

Do you hold a grudge against me?
If so, tell me!

Why don?t you punish me?


Please tell the principal the truth.

You saw it, didn?t you?


What did I see?

The most precious thing of mine.

What was it? Tell me!
I'll apologize!

You hate me, don?t you?

Then punish me!

I read the newspaper.

Isn?t that Nami?s school where
a student got raped by a teacher?

Nami should be fine, right?

Don?t be ridiculous!

She's no ordinary girl.

I can?t check it myself anyway.

Don?t talk like that.

Do you consider her a woman?

She has grown up already.
How is the situation down there?

She's extremely pure.

I don't think she knows anything
about sex.

She will look exactly like you
sooner or later.

I wonder how he is doing.

I feel bad about it.

But I had no choice but
to take revenge against you.

Had you tried to retaliate,
I would?ve helped you, mister.

I took him to the nurse?s office.

I think he had a heart attack.

He suddenly fell down.



I told you I didn?t do it.


The two culprits are suffering.

What are you doing here?

You're a doctor, aren?t you?

They are suffering terribly.

Fix them!

Come on!

They are not improving.


Does it feel good?



Thank you for helping me.

I took revenge on them.

Why don?t you let me thank you?

Not yet.

The female doctor considers
me as...

What's wrong?




I'm such a bad person.

Thank you for your time.

We will visit again.

Thank you.

We are experiencing
a severe recession.

We have to try harder
to put food on the table.

Idiot! What are you doing?

- Sorry.
- People can see us!

- What is that?
- Pick it up! Hurry!

You're such an idiot!
Pick it up!

- Sorry.
- Hurry!

There are ups and downs
in life.

I'll help you.

In the meantime, just follow me.


I got it!

Would you like to have
some fun somewhere else?

If we go back to the office now,
we will just get scolded anyway.

I know a place that ordinary teachers like you would have never imagined.

I know where we can
have sex for free.

Are you interested?


I think that works once a week.

That often?

Or I have something guaranteed
to work 3 times a week.

If you apply this cream to your pussy...

- Sorry for the language.
- How embarrassing.

I'm sorry.

If you apply this to your vagine,
it will become smooth and moist.

Isn?t this a scam?

I don?t lie.

I think I saw it on TV.

I am buying this.

I'll get my purse.



What are you doing?


Forgive me.

What did I do, Mr. Muraki?

Well, you did nothing.

No! Stop!

The cream must be working
by now.

You won't be able to resist.

Our product is very effective.

I'm here to take revenge.

Get out of here!

No! No!

Professor, help me!



Stop! You told me to do it!

What the hell is this?

It is falling down.

Two Years Later

2-Year-and-3-Month Jail Sentence
Sexual Harassment

Someone help me!

It's that man! Arrest him!


You hate me, don?t you?

I feel bad about it.

You saved me twice.

At first, I hated you.

It was only because I couldn?t
find anyone else to blame.

Why did you save me?

- You think I saved you?
- Why?

It?s because you're my
precious pupil.

You are lying.

I thought I would thank you
the next time I saw you.

- Thank me?
- Would you drink with me?

I don't have money for that now.

It?s okay. It?s on me.

Let me thank you by
doing that.

Are you okay, professor?

I'm fine. I'm not drunk.

That day you told me that
something was falling down.


I did? Yes, it was falling down.

What did you mean by
?falling down??



You liked me, didn?t you?

It?s not a rare thing at all.

Teacher and pupil...

People like you tend to
imagine young girls naked.


I've had so many dreams
where you rape me.

- Are you drunk?
- Yes, I am!

When I experience something...

I always dream of it.

In my dreams, you take revenge
on anyone who makes me suffer.


You always come to tie up
the bad people.

And then you try to rape me.

The dream always stops there.

Even now, it?s the same.

You are delusional.


I'm fine!

Do you want me to tie you up?

No! No!

No! No!


No! No!

Not yet!

Please torture me more
before doing that.

I am a bad girl who has
ruined your life!

You hate me, don?t you?


I do!

But I can't hate you fully!

I'm going to punish you!


Why did you lie?

I don?t know.

Because of that,
my life has become...

No way...

Am I your first?

Don?t stop!
I don?t want it to stop!

I won?t!

I won?t stop even if
I have to die!

No! I don?t want this!

Be careful!

It's so thick that it might
tear you up inside.

Are you still persisting?

How is it?


I will confess! Forgive me!

It?s too late.

I've already decided to rape
and kill you.





I feel like I ate something spicy.

Both the front and rear
are aching.

You did well for your first time.

I guess you masturbated a lot
when you were delusional.

I guess there was no heart attack.

Do you know what this is?

Nitroglycerin, a heart medicine.

It fixes the attack?

If every day is like this, I will
never experience a heart attack.

I could even die now.

I want to be with you like this
every day.


You are too young!

You have many things to experience
in your life from now on!

We have stayed inside
for three days, haven?t we?

The hotel folks must think
we are suspicious!

They must think we have
a lot of money.

It?s fine.

I can pay with my card.

You must be rich.

Mom divorced due to the incident.

She managed to get child support.

I am sorry.

You're a bad person.

You've become delusional again.





Professor? Do you remember?

You saw the stain on
my underwear, right?

When they threatened me,
you came to save me

You had a heart attack then.

I was so embarrassed.

Tetsuo Muraki, the only witness.

What should I do with you?


This is a dream, isn?t it?

This is also a dream, right?

The End