Dan Oniroku nawazeme (1984) - full transcript

Produced by Nikkatsu Inc.

Suck it with your lips.

Lick it with your tongue.

Don't let me feel your teeth.


Are you stupid?

I said I don't want to feel
your teeth!

How many times do I have to tell you?

Useless cunt!

You know how many women
like you I can get?


We've been married half a year...

and you still haven't given
me a child.

Why do you think I got
myself a young woman?

My previous wife failed too.

I need an heir urgently
for the Kobayashi Bank.

Sir, your car is waiting.


Red impatiens flowers...

are blossoming in my garden...

on a hot summer day.

Indifferent to the heat...

a beautiful young lady...

is painting her nails.

Excuse me...

What is it?

You shouldn't.

People have no manners.

They play and forget
to clean up after themselves.

That's young people nowadays.

But you are very young too.

Sometimes I forget.

You see, this is my summer job.

I'm Tomoya, I'm a student
at Jouhoku University.

Papa, welcome home.


You're so late.

Although my boss sent a car for you.

It's expensive from Ginza.

Entertainment expenses...

I'm allowed 20,000,000 yen
per year...

so don't bother me with
the details.

Look at you, ready for action already.

You have a young wife
so obviously you're vigorous.

Keiko, right.

She's useless.


You are more attractive.

Attractive? Where?

Here? Or there?


I need honey from your body.

You're blossoming at your peak...

while Keiko is stuck in the bud.

Tell me, Papa...

When will you open my club?

I dream of owning my own club
in Ginza.

If you neglect me,
my love will cool off.

Red impatiens flowers...

are blossoming in my garden...

on a hot summer day.

Indifferent to the heat...

a beautiful young lady...

is painting her nails.

Red impatiens flowers...

are blossoming in my garden.

Towards the end of summer...

the autumn winds start to blow.

The impatiens release their seeds...

and send them into the distance.

Ms. Keiko.

Wife of the owner of Kobayashi Bank...

You played such a naughty trick
on your husband.

Who are you?

Do you need to know?

What were you doing on the beach
with that young man yesterday?

Are you planning to see him again?

Madam, a letter for you.


Have you received the photos, Madam?

As you see they are very explicit...

and I have many more like them.

Your husband could also see them...

if you don't pay 5,000,000 yen.

5,000,000 yen?
I don't have such an amount.

The wife of a bank manager
can find it easily.

I give you 5 days.

Meet me on Tuesday at 2 PM at the
cafe in front of Yoyogi station.

You're Keiko Kobayashi, right?

Did you bring the money?


It's impossible, I can't come
up that much.

I could only pull together
1,000,000 yen.

That's a problem.

Then you'll only get
1,000,000 yen worth of photos.

This is all I have after
selling my mother's jewels.

Please give me the photos.

I wish I could help...

but I'm only the delivery girl.

You can look now.

So you could only come
up with 1,000,000 yen?

In that case...

I have no other choice but
to inform your husband.

What a scandal.
Everybody will know.

All that for a one day fling.

We'll see what that turns into.

You still owe us 4,000,000 yen.

You'll have to pay with your body.


You're an unfortunate rabbit
who fell into a trap.


- What are you doing?
- Don't move!


Please stop!

What a nice body.

For me, your body is a treasure.



Don't do this.

It will take me a week.

Just a week to tame you...


Accept your fate, Madam.


You see?

Sit down there.

Lose the towel.

Open your legs.



I received a strange call at the bank.

Someone saw you with a young man.

What are you doing?

Sit down here.

Maybe it was a prank call.

But to be sure...

I don't want you to see any man.

What are you...
Stop this.

- Please stop.
- Don't move!

Today, your father...

came to the bank again,
begging for 5,000,000 yen.

Poor old man, I pity him.

If it wasn't for me, your
family would be homeless.

He always manages to get
his financing through me.

Your husband told you
I called him at the bank.

How can you get out of
that trap we set for you?

I'm afraid you can't, Madam.

Tomorrow, at 1 PM.

I see...

You are married.

Forgive me.

I had no intention to hide it.


These guys are despicable.

Tomoya, I didn't want
to worry you with this.

I'm so lost now...

No! I'm responsible as well.

When do you meet them next?


What are you doing to Keiko?

Who are you?

You are ruining Keiko!



Please stop!



I wish this all went away.

I wish I could be only
with you, Tomoya.

Keiko, let's run away!

I can't.

I doesn't matter what happens to me.

But I don't want you
to get involved, Tomoya.


I don't want them to harm you.

I'll kill them!

Are you OK?

This won't stop me.


Please, don't confront them.


You don't want a woman
like me to ride with you.

Those girls are more fit for you.

What are you saying?

We should stop seeing each other.



I'm glad you came, Madam.

I knew you'd be a good girl.

You got rid of the young brat.

Stand up.


You even shaved?

You are well prepared, Madam.


Please stop!

How about that, Madam?

Look at these two butterflies
playing in paradise.

At first they were shy,
just like you, Madam.

And you, Madam...

will be another butterfly
added to their game.

Step over.

Backwards now.

Squat down.

You can enjoy it.

You can shout.

There's nothing to be ashamed of.

You can shout, Madam.

That's it for today.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

I'll give you an enema.

Nothing to fear.

This way, you'll be very clean.

Then, you'll be in paradise.

- You'll see a wonderful world.
- No!




You are using your voice now.

I'm asking for a little patience.

Soon you'll be in paradise.

Come on.

The enema has worked now.

You can let it go.

Just squirt it out like
a little baby.


Let me go.

Go where?

To the toilet.

No way.

You'll do it here.

Please, let me go.

No way.

Come on.

How was it?

It was good, right?

You had a glimpse of a new world.


Now the aphrodisiac.

When it is applied...

especially applied right there...

you won't be able to hold back.

You will crave a man's embrace.

Feel it?

Your body is warming up.

Soon you'll need a man.

Feel how wet you are?


That expression of pleasure
on your face...

On your beautiful face...

Don't you love it, Madam.

You're warming up inside.
Your womb is warming up.

One more day...

One more day and you'll
have become the slave I want.


Look how wet you are.

You know what your husband said?

That you were a flower
stuck in the bud.

Are you surprised?

You see, I'm your husband's mistress.

His pillow talk...

is about how useless
you are as a woman.

Maybe he is the useless one.

He failed to bring out
your sensuality.

He can't help a woman
to unleash her potential.

Look at you.

Feel how you're blossoming
deep, deep inside.

I can't wait.

It's my turn.

Move aside!

You? No, it can't be!


You all set me up from the start.

Surely you can't hold a grudge now.

We were all working
in this club once.

What's the angry look for?

The boss took me in when I was 15.

I've had so many women,
sometimes even I'm disgusted.

I've sucked on too many tits.

Hung them on ropes like swine.


You think you're special?

You're the pig.

You fucking bitch!
Get out of my sight!

Don't ever come back here!




Don't touch my treasure!

Leave her, boss.

Hey. what?

But she's such a fine woman.

I would have left everything for her.

Are you out of your mind?

That damn banker
turned down your loan.

You came up with this
plan seeking payback.

You're lacking focus, boss.

Let's do it.
Just you and me, Tomoya.

I told you not to call at the bank.

But I found a great video.

Papa, I'm sure you
won't contain your joy.

Now I'll give you an enema.

You'll be very clean.


After that, you'll be in paradise.

- You'll see a wonderful world.
- No!



I'm sure you know that face.

Papa, look! That's your wife!

She seems to enjoy it too.

With her little stuck-up face...

she won't resist.

What? Where did you
get that video?

We have a present for you.

Isn't your wife great in that video?

Who are you?

What is this?

What happened to my wife?

We want 50,000,000 yen.


Is this guy with you?

Yes, he's with me, Papa.

Had you been more generous,
it wouldn't have come to this.

How often did I tell you
I wanted my club in Ginza?

I need those 50,000,000
by any means.

Why don't you finance our club?

If you want the tape
in exchange, Papa.

You're out of your mind...
I refuse!

You think you can refuse?

You'd rather have that video
made public?

How will you keep your
manager's position?

Cool off and think it over.


They want 50,000,000!

Because of you,
they want 50,000,000!


What a depraved woman!

What kind of behavior is this?

I don't care anyway!
you'll earn the money!

Rumi said she was your mistress.


I'd rather file for divorce now.


We can't do that!

The scandal...

that would be the end
of my career!

I'll kill you!

What do you want from me?

I can't forgive you!

You think you can destroy me?

What do you think you can do?

Did you actually love me?

Are you showing me rough love?

All you bitches in heat
are the same.

Let me see your beastly nature
once more.


It's 50,000,000 yen!


How do you like that?

Isn't your wife beautiful?

He's dead.

It's not my fault!

It was an accident!

I don't want to know about this!

I'm a victim here!

If this goes public...

Untie my ropes.

This is bad!

What should we do with the body?

You too! Do something!

Tell me, what are you doing?

We'll store the body in the fridge.

You're right.

What? He has a hard-on!

See? He really liked you, Madam.

The 50,000,000...

This is my price to cover up
your murder.

50,000,000 yen...

They went up in smoke!


Keiko, wait for me!

Hey! Keiko! Please wait!


Hey, Keiko! Wait!

That's right.

Right there.


Be a good boy.

You're all wet.

It's shining.

It's sparkling.

You've stared at it long enough.

Now lick it good.


You're useless.

I told you I didn't
want to feel your teeth.

You're so useless.

You know how many men
like you I can get?

Producer: Koji Okumura
Planning: Tetsuya Yahiro
Original Novel: Oniroku Dan
Screenplay: Masahiro Shimura

Director of Photography: Teio Noda
Lighting: Seisaku Kimura
Audio Recording: Masaji Hosoi
Production Design: Katsumi Kaneda

Editor: Jun Nabeshima
Assistant Director: Kenichi Ikeda


Miki Takakura

Kaori Takahashi

Kazuyuki Senba
Hajime Inoue
Nobutaka Masutomi

Miki Mori
Naoki Nishiyama
Yae Ozaki

Directed by
Ikuo Sekimoto